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Irene Adler (Sherlock) AU - Kingsman

“Being a Kingsman has nothing to do with the circumstances of one’s birth, Izzy. If you are prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform.”

“It’s not Izzy anymore. It’s Irene.”

There is an Adlock sequel of sorts for this, where Irene forms her own all-female intelligence agency of her own (here) Not my best work, but this is an AU of that AU

anonymous asked:

I just had an idea. What if we took UT & UF Sans, then US & SF Pap. They're the main 4 that are usually into Science or know about the alternate universes. What if they were working on something and the s/o walked in or were helping the skele with it and the s/os of the 2 Sans got swapped and the s/os of the 2 Paps got swapped. That would be interesting and probably pretty confusing for everyone involved. Cause the s/os are gonna be like why is everything so edgy/not edgy all of a sudden. (P1)

I’m always a slut for the multiverse! 

Okay, just for clarification…. UT sans react to an UF s/o and vice versa, US paps react to an SF s/o and vice versa. 

Just thought I’d mention, this ask calls for some description of S/O’s personality, and as you all know, my headcanons try to keep it as ambiguous and non descriptive as possible so the reader could project themselves onto it. Because I can’t exactly do that with this ask, I’m going to match some of S/O’s personality to the nature of the universe. 

Undertale Sans

Classic is….hella annoyed…and hella turned on…? Like, okay, you need to chill and stop your Edgy McGee shit you’ve got going on and your screaming and threats isn’t going to get you home any faster. But also, he never knew you could be so dangerous and some twisted part of him is a little excited by that. He wonders if he kisses you it’d be considered cheating. I mean, you’re still technically you…just from a different universe? It’s a bit confusing. 

It takes him several days to fix the machine and you are adamant about not being cooped up hidden away somewhere, so Sans lets you roam, on the condition that you act like his version of you and don’t let anyone catch on the fact that you’re from somewhere else. That…does not go well.  You’re rude, aggressive, and extremely jumpy to anyone that isn’t Sans or Papyrus. In fact, you seem to be interested to Papyrus the most, calling him “smol” and an “angel”. You follow him around with awe and you’re even outright over protective of him. 

Still he’s wary and keeps an eye on you until he gets you back home. No offense, but you’re not really his type. 

Underfell Sans

You’re just so…soft. Like, is this really you? An alternative version of you? He won’t hurt you of course, but Red gets so frustrated by your lack of self defense and toughness. He doesn’t know how long it’ll take to bring you back home, but if you’re going to survive in Underfell, you’re going to need to learn how to Fight instead of Mercy. Despite his frustration though, he can’t help but want to protect you all the time and just be around you. It’s not like he isn’t that way with his version of you, but he knows that his version can handle themself, but you can’t. 

Red tries to keep you hidden, but like his version, you get antsy when you stay in one spot too long, so he takes you out every now and then, but always stay by your side. Sometimes he wonders if you’d be up for a threesome with him and his version of you. He daydreams about it a lot in fact, and once, he even tried to put the moves on you, though you shot him down right away. He guesses that you’re in a relationship with your version of himself too. 

Either way, he’s getting you home no matter what. Even if his version is aggressive, sarcastic, and rude, they’re still his and he misses them. He won’t tell anyone this, but he might even miss you when you’re gone. You’re so different from everyone else here, it’s sad to see you go. But you must and he’ll deal with it. 

Underswap Papyrus

Please….stop trying fight him all the time. Or his brother. No, he’s not going to have sex with you. Please. Stop hitting on him. Or his brother. Stretch figured out that your universe must be darker than his, considering your personality and attitude, but you need to chill. You’re high strung and ansty, the complete opposite of his relaxed version and for some reason, you have this Royalty Complex where you subtly treat everyone like they’re beneath you. He could already tell that you would not get along with his friends. 

Yet beneath all that, you’re kind, Stretch could see it in you. Even if you’re kind of a pain in the ass, he has a soft spot for those moments where you help Blue train or help him relax when he’s working too hard on trying to get you back home. He comes home one day, and finds you crying in his bed, hugging your knees to your chest. Stretch can’t stand to see any version of you cry so he goes to comfort you, but you push him away, sobbing about how he makes it worse because he’s just like your version of him and that hurts. Stretch leaves you alone from now on, but he works his ass off to get you back to your universe. 

Not going to lie, Stretch is going to miss you when you leave. Despite being super edgy, you’re pretty much the same as his version, well, you two are the same people anyway. But before you leave, he plants a chaste kiss on your lips and tells you to take care of yourself. 

Swapfell Papyrus

Rus does not like you. Okay, well, he likes you because you’re an alternate version of his S/O, but it’s complicated. Whenever he’s around you, all he wants is his version back, you’re too nice to him and it’s been awhile since he’s the one who has to be the one in charge and figure out what to do. He’ll still protect you with his life though, because a part of him does love you. But he also doesn’t want you to be here. Like I said, it’s very complicated for him. 

Despite being from a pacifist universe, you actually get along very well with the people of Swapfell. Even Black has taken a liking to you because of your flexibility and your willingness to adapt to your environment. Black likes that about you, especially since it’s not something his version can do so easily. Rus allows you to cuddle with him, especially when you’re feeling homesick, but it makes him feel hollow, because you don’t carry the same love for him his version has, it’s not the same. 

Despite his feelings about you, Rus is glad to have met you in the end, but you need to leave so he could have his version of you back as soon as possible. 

a brief summary of Nana’s visit

her: So do you want to keep singing or … ?
me: We should probably do something else for a while
her: Yeah, we have been singing for about twelve hours
me: We took breaks!

*like two minutes later*

her: *starts singing*
me: *joins in with harmony*


Sometimes I feel like people are bored with my stories because they don’t involve lots of relationship drama and tension between the Doctor and Rose.

But that’s how I see them. Even before they were together, when the Doctor was working through his fear of losing her, I don’t think it was something they argued over. It was the elephant in the room, and Rose waited for him to be on board.

So, I’ve decided to try and experiment with my edits by following @tandembicycles ‘ tutorial for glitches (who has the b e s t edits for MHA. They look amazing and so professional! ⭐) and I have never been more than happy in my life for a simple gif. Even though, I said it before, thank you for the tutorial, it was really helpful :> 

Plus, Kacchan is BUFF! Hold me in those arms boy 👌😭

Tell me something about “drawing is easy” and I´ll freaking smite you with my glare

my hand hurts, my table is a mess and I´m pretty tired. And the best thing is this day I did coloring only.

and let´s not forget all the hours doing research on poses and what kinds of outfit might work with wings

I am very very very thankfulfor the help with background setting @chilling-in-the-hell <3 you´re a blessing