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i made a trailer in honor of my favorite fic

Stay In Place (Sing A Chorus) by SoloChaos

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So I went in to get my tattoo tonight and since it was a long session, my artist and I had time to talk about all kinds of things. Since part of my tattoo was a pride flag, he obviously knew I was gay if my appearance didn't day it already. He started talking about his daughter and how she was gay and she had a gf but he had never met her. When we took a break he showed me a pic of his daughter... It was my girlfriend... It was so crazy! I then introduced myself as his daughter's girlfriend.



Uuh, I don’t usually post my fics in Tumblr buuuuut I thought that posting one chap of the Chat Fic I’m making might be fun? So, yeah.

Er, it’s angsty?? But it also has fluff??? I dunno? I just know I worked hard on this chap so I wanted to share. 

Also; it’s based on that Au of mine where the gang is in a Radio Station and each of them have a show in it, well except Coran, he has a bakery. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me, sha la la. 


DBluePal >>> Voltron’s Five Limbs + Two Ears

[15:28 pm] DBluePal: lmao guys! Guess who was able to do a cart wheel with one hand?

[15:31 pm] SpaceDad: Hunk

[15:32 pm] DBluePal: Yes! Lmao, isn’t he the best???

[15:32 pm] DBluePal: also, you won’t guess what just happened to me this morning! So you know that vending machine on building fourth that is a little crocked but still functioning? Well! Today I bought something from it and I got thrice the product! Lmao, my breakfast was three muffins that might have been expired

[15:32 pm] DBluePal: oh my god and then! One of my professors did such a sick move! He was in the middle of the lesson and then he stopped and went like “ok, who wants to do a rap battle to have extra credit” the whole classroom when HYPE and the rap battle was SICK, I got like 30 extra points for that #bless

[15:33 pm] NotPokemon: shut up lance

[15:33 pm] NotPokemon: you are so fucking annoying

[15:34 pm] AlteaQueen: Pidge

[15:34 pm] SpaceDad: Pidge!

[15:34 pm] DBluePal: woah, little lady what’s wrong???

[15:35 pm] NotPokemon: fucking shut up ok? Jfc im so done

[15:36 pm] DBluePal: okayokay just

[15:38 pm] DBluePal: okay

[15:40 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge, are you okay???

[15:50 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge?

DBluePal >>> ThatElvisSong

[15:55 pm] DBluePal: do you know what’s wrong with pidge??

[15:56 pm] ThatElvisSong: no, I don’t

[15:56 pm] ThatElvisSong: I was about to text you actually to ask you the same thing

[15:56 pm] ThatElvisSong: u okay tho?

[15:57 pm] DBluePal: yeah yeah, im fine, I know she didn’t meant it

[15:58 pm] DBluePal: im just worried about her

[15:58 pm] ThatElvisSong: wait wait wait

[15:58 pm] ThatElvisSong: dude, today is that day

[16:00 pm] DBluePal: what

[16:00 pm] DBluePal: shit, today was her lab exam

[16:00 pm] DBluePal: with Mr. Sendak

[16:00 pm] ThatElvisSong: do you think something happened???

[16:01 pm] DBluePal: I mean, I don’t think so?? She probably nailed the exam, she’s pidge come on

[16:01 pm] ThatElvisSong: yah, but you know how Mr. Sendak pisses her off

[16:02 pm] ThatElvisSong: remember how she almost punched him when he poked at Matt’s leg prosthetic

[16:02 pm] ThatElvisSong: matt wasn’t even out of his coma and the Dick dared to poked at that

[16:02 pm] DBluePal: don’t remind me, it took all of me to hold her down and not punch him myself

[16:02 pm] ThatElvisSong: you at home?

[16:02 pm] DBluePal: no, im at the station

[16:02 pm] DBluePal: but im heading home now

[16:03 pm] ThatElvisSong: okay, I will talk to her in the meantime

[16:03 pm] DBluePal: okay that’s fine

[16:03 pm] DBluePal: I think we will need a cuddling session tonight

[16:03 pm] ThatElvisSong: I think yeah

[16:04 pm] DBluePal: im gonna pick some peanut butter muffin from Coran’s on the way

[16:04 pm] DBluePal: that might cheer her up

[16:04 pm] ThatElvisSong: got it

[16:04 pm] ThatElvisSong: drive safe

[16:05 pm] DBluePal: always my dude

ThatElvisSong >>> NotPokemon

[16:17 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I know I know I know

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I was way out of line

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I fucking suck

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I just …fuck!

[16:17 pm] ThatElvisSong: okay, firstly, I need you to take a deep breath

[16:17 pm] ThatElvisSong: and realize that none of us are mad ok?

[16:18 pm] NotPokemon: …okayok

[16:18 pm] ThatElvisSong: we just want to know whats up

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: it just that fucking professor

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: he can’t fucking deal with the fact that someone’s smarter than him

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: he fucking pokes at the students’ insecurities and make them feel less and it’s so frustrating not being able to fight back!!!

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: but fuck, hunk, I fucking lashed out at lance bc of that Dick, im sooo mad about that

[16:20 pm] ThatElvisSong: hey come on, I just talked to lance

[16:20 pm] ThatElvisSong: he’s just worried about you

[16:20 pm] NotPokemon: fuck, I fucking lash out at him and he’s worried???

[16:20 pm] NotPokemon: hunk he’s a fucking saint

[16:21 pm] ThatElvisSong: just apologize, pidge,

[16:21 pm] ThatElvisSong: I mean, I know he already forgave you but still

[16:21 pm] NotPokemon: yeah yeah of course

[16:21 pm] NotPokemon: im just waiting for him to come through that door

[16:21 pm] NotPokemon: I really am sorry, hunk

[16:21 pm] ThatElvisSong: I know pidge, and it’s okay

[17:34 pm] ThatElvisSong: my class is over

[17:34 pm] ThatElvisSong: im on my way to the apartment now

[17:34 pm] NotPokemon: okay, noted

[17:35 pm] ThatElvisSong: did you guys settled everything down?

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: ???

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: whatcha mean?

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: ??? u know, Lance said we were having a cuddling party tonight

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: didn’t he tell you?

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: lance hasn’t come home yet?

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: I though he was at the station?

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: no, he left a little after keith’s hour started

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: he told me he was at the library but was on his way to the apartment

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: …where is he then

[17:39 pm] ThatElvisSong: he’s not answering my calls

[17:39 pm] NotPokemon: oh my god, HUNK where is HE???

[17:39 pm] ThatElvisSong: let’s check with the others, maybe they know?

ThatElvisSong >>> Voltron’s Five Limbs + Two Ears

[17:41 pm] ThatElvisSong: hey guys,

[17:41 pm] NotPokemon: LANCE’S MISSING

[17:41 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge

[17:41 pm] NotPokemon: IM JUST REALLY WORRIED OK

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Aesthetic Things (Kingsglaive)

I’m serious I really want to write more for these guys lmao. Please forgive this lame attempt at being deep. All of these don’t even make sense rip.

Aftershave. Wiping the steam off a mirror. Lazing in bed. Light flitting through narrow blinds on an early morning. Words going in, one ear and out the other. Calm wolves basking in the sun. Zipped up jackets. Late nights with bright lights. Cologne that’s a little too strong.

Sweaters. Hugs. Reuniting with lost friends. Long walks under the night sky. Faint music in the background. Ice cream on a hot day. Mittens on a cold day. Laughing at past mistakes as if they were nothing. The scent of coffee. Laying on soft cushions.

Combat boots. Cigarette smoke. Looking through photo albums of long past times. Drives to the beach. Secret handshakes. Winged eyeliner and dark nail polish. Guitar solos in your room. Absentmindedly drawing stars on your hand. Laughing at fortune cookies with friends.

Curiosity. Late nights at work. Early starts in the morning. Typing really fast but erasing half your words. Faded letters on your keyboard. Stretching in bed after a hard day. The buzzing off an overheated computer. Spinning in your chair when you’ve got nothing to do.

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Are you accepting business? Some small things are going missing around my home, and I'd like a policeman karamatsu to keep an eye on things

This policeman kara is going to be the Dad of your other tinies! He will make sure they behave correctly in the house and with you, and put them to jail (aka The Corner) for a few minutes when they did bad things. He is kind of a nocturnal to check the house for any robbers so he might be a tad tired during the day. However you can always ask him to change his schedule patrol to match with your free time!


i was tagged in the bias selfie thingy by @parkminihyuk !! 

tbh i was hoping someone would tag me in this but then it took like an hour for me to get pictures of my face that i didn’t hate whoops

jooheon and doyoung are RUINING me right now pls send help

i tag @aestheticallyastro @yukheibf @hobismixedgf ! (if you’ve already done it or don’t want that’s ok sry carry on <3)

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Hi! This is a little out of the blue but because uv posted so much about the handmaiden, i finally got around to watching it and it is soooo good!!!! I too am a gaysian and this movie is just👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 so nice to see queer representation as well as asian women as the attractive main characters:) so thank you for inspiring me to finally watch this great movie

S O L I D A R I T Y ! ! ! !

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Question to the admin! In your opinion, how do you think Luffy would confess to Zoro without saying "I love you"? As in, how do you think Oda-sensei would hint it, if you were him?

(adm: Since I don’t think Luffy would just blurt it out out of nowhere, I kinda had to build a plot I thought would be good for them to have a moment!! It’s not entirely developed, though, so I’m going to have to ask you to use your creativity as to what happened during the whole thing!!)

(Warning: Long post!!)

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Me, getting around to watching the first season of Sherlock: Wow, I can’t believe it took me this long to watch this. This is so great.


im on season 3 and i am in love with this absolute dorrrkkkk. Captain Jack Rackhammmmm. I wanna doodle Rackham and Bonny but urgh, i haven’t drawn digital in a while. i feel like im going shitter by the minute. 

keep practising you’ll get better. im having a crisis rn and i dont know how to react to it. like sincerely do not know how to react so, im just like… here.

BTS before their date


“Ok, I need to get in shape, she likes my back and shoulders the most.”

*ends up his training after 3 hours*


*dresses up*

*eats more*

*looks in the mirror*

*eats again*

“Ye, now I’m irresistible even more than usual.”

*eats a bit more*


*wakes up earlier than he’s used to*

“Oh God, where are my eyeballs?”

*thinks a lot what to do so early in the morning*

*looks at clocks to be sure, what time is it*

*looks around him with suddenly blank mind*

*looks at clocks again*

“I think, I woke up too early. I’ll just go and sleep more.”


“This day has finally cOoOoOoOmEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE!” 

*since morning he’s energizer*

*screams all the time*

*jumps all the time*

*smiles all the time*

*laughs at things what are not funny all the time*

*calms down after he sees himself in some reflection*

*just now thinks about what to dress*

“Should I put some make-up on or no?” *happy-hysterical screaming-laughing in front of mirror* “She said, she doesn’t like, when I wear make-up…”


“Shit, I was so flurried that I didn’t sleep all night.”

*drinks coffee*

*drinks a lot of coffee*

*gets just too much hype*

*breaks every small thing, what is around him in range of 10 metres*

*trying to get in sense by listening to music*

*falls asleep*

*getting up too late*

*that late that his date was like 5 hours ago*



*calmly eats his breakfast*

BTS: “Jimin, do you remember, that you are going on date today?”

Jimin: “… what did you say?”

*running around like hes late for his date*

*sees, that he has much more time than he thought*

*spends 1 hour by enthusiastic running outside while thinking about that one girl*

*showers with his best smelling shower gel*

*tries to find good outfit*

*tries really hard*

*finally decides to go*

*stops and changes his clothes one more time*


“Its heeeereeeeee~”

*eats his favourite breakfast*

*drinks his favourite limonade*

*tweets, how happy he is*

*calls his parents to say, that he loves them and how hes grateful them for his birth*

*jumps around*

*sings his favourite trot*

*tries to rap*

*rather goes back to singing trot but with his own lyrics about his girl*

BTS: “Taehyung…”

Taehyung: “Yes?” *still very happy*

BTS: “Your date is tomorrow.”



“Oh my God, my face…”

*complains about his stupidity*

*tries to eat something*

*he is too nervous to eat so he goes to workout*

*cant workout so he goes to choose some clothes*

*cant choose any outfit cuz hes too nervous*

*asks his make-up noona to do make-up for him*

*looks at his reflection for a long time*

“Argh, even make-up couldn’t help.”

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