and it took me forever to make ah

So, ah….this is an Underfell (AU of Undertale) thing, an idea concerning Flowey that I thought would be intriguing. I’ve seen other folks say something akin to this, and thought I’d put in my own interpretation of it here.

This took forever to make- X’D

Details as for what this is under the cut:

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“Oh well, oh well~ Look at who we have here, love. It’s your knight in bloody wings!” Crowley yelled as he held you in front of him with his arm around your neck, almost as if he was using you as a human shield.

“Crowley, let (Y/N) go please….I’m begging you.” Cas softly spoke with his hands raised in defeat. Cas slowly made his way towards you step by step.

“Ah, ah, ah! Make another move there and I’ll spill her bloody guts all across the room!” Crowley snapped as he pulled out an angel blade with his free hand, sliding it across your stomach ever so gently. 

“Crowley please….” Castiel pleaded. He was completely taken by surprise. His deep blue eyes were wide and filled with fear as he took one big gulp, afraid that he might piss Crowley off and lose you forever.

“Castiel, you giraffe…You BETRAYED ME! I thought we had a deal here! But no….no, no, no! Castiel just could not help but have things his way!” Crowley shouted in anger as he shook your body. 

“Crowley you don’t understand. Listen to me please.” Cas spoke trying to ease down the tension in the room.

“No! I am done listening to your filthy, meaningless words Castiel!”

“Don’t do this Crowley…..”

“Sorry angel but I believe you forgot who you were dealing with here….I AM THE KING OF HELL! I do what I want, when I want.” Crowley snickered then slit your throat quickly after.

“(Y/N)!” Cas cried.

“Have fun cleaning up…” Crowley laughed as he pushed you onto the ground and vanished into thin air.

Castiel rushed to your side and placed his hands on your throat to stop the bleeding. This was it….there was nothing he could do. He cried and cried and cried as he saw your soul slowly vanish from your eyes. He held you in his lap, hugging you tightly, sobbing into your chest. Blood was all over his hands and face. He looked at you, blood running down from your mouth and neck onto the cold, hard concrete floor. He had lost the love of his life and there was nothing he could do about it.

After all……he no longer had his grace.


It’s about redirecting. Evading. And actually caring about the welfare of your opponent. So you have to care about yourself. You have to believe your life is precious, that all life is precious. You have to redirect those thoughts, the history that tells you otherwise. What we’ve done, we’ve done. We evade it by moving forward with a code to never to do it again. To make up for it. To still accept what we were. To accept everyone. To protect everyone. And in doing that, protect yourself. To create peace.

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i probably forgot a lot of people ajfsghls…. also, i really suck at keeping in touch with friends, so i apologise to all my mutuals whom i didn’t talk to for months, i still love you ok :/ and my heart beats faster everytime i see you on my dash 💕 anyways, stay healthy, drink water, buy lion heart on itunes, and i hope that 2016 will be an amazing year for all of you !

Right so I’ve had this blog for a little over 3 years now so I figured it’s time to make a follow forever.

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