and it took me forever to do


day 101: still don’t know how to take proper selfies
also waiting to found out if my soft prince even is okay

i was tagged by @jmesbarnes to post 2 selfies and tag 10 people and it took me forever bc i don’t usually post selfies here even tho i low-key want to

i tag @wandamsximoff @downfallofusall @nctaliaromanova @snowychris @jamesroqers @hoebarnes​ @saviourbucky @jollybarnes @atsebastianstans​ @sebastiianstaan


Tagged by the lovely @exo-official-lightstick for the bias selfie, thank you so much for tagging me hon! ^^

(This is the first time I ever do something like this so I feel rather awkward haha /)~(\ Ah, I know that’s a rather old photo of Minseok but it was the closest I could find that fit the concept ;-; I rarely take pictures of myself and there are so many of him that it took me forever just to find a “matching” one ._.)

I’ll be tagging @red–hero @basically-sehun @softbtob @risingseoul @yixingminseokjongdae @chaiiro @florabon if you guys are up for it and anyone else that’s interested! ^^


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the *moon* signs basically + aesthetic
  • aries moon: enthusiastic, challenging, impulsive and intelligent. a natural leader. at worst, aggressive, uncaring and rude. // police sirens and worn paint on cars. torn clothing, fingerprints on windows and oil paintings. power. violet. emperor's new clothes - panic! at the disco.
  • taurus moon: disciplined, practical, romantic and gentle. a natural protector. at worst, cold, materialistic and selfish. // dress sketches, fallen trees on forest trails. dollhouses, disco balls and hi-tops. affection. blue. play date - melanie martinez.
  • gemini moon: complex, kind, intuitive and thoughtful. a natural speaker. at worst, detached, snappy and indecisive. // late night texts, lips, shadows. bathtubs, eyeshadow and traffic-filled streets. communication. crimson. let it burn - jazmine sullivan.
  • cancer moon: devoted, insightful, funny, tender. a natural nurturer. at worst, insecure, dishonest and possessive. // pastel-dyed hair, knives, sunglasses. flowers, sunsets and teeth. thinking. fuchsia. sober - p!nk.
  • leo moon: ambitious, confident, especially talented with a natural dramatic flair. a natural entertainer. at worst, arrogant, stubborn and power-hungry. // the golden light focused on the stage. silver lipstick and glittering gemstones of dawn and dusk alike. glamour. tangerine. castle - halsey.
  • virgo moon: intricate, shy, caring, compassionate. a natural organiser. at worst, overly self-critical, skeptical and secretive. // rusted car keys, chalk on sidewalks, steamy showers. whipped cream, plants and fences. weather. white. green day - holiday.
  • libra moon: charming, sociable, family-oriented, strong. a natural friend. at worst, manipulative, ignorant and impractical. // crop tops, hands, cigarettes. pop art, cellphones and books. green. nirvana - sam smith.
  • scorpio moon: intense, interesting, attractive, bright. a natural comforter. at worst, gossipy, jealous and spiteful. // the ocean, candles, stuffed animals. carnivals, dimly lit rooms and smiles. fun. gold. marvin's room - drake.
  • sagittarius moon: free-spirited, adventurous, competitive, optimistic. a natural wanderer. at worst, impatient, prone to bragging and irresponsible. // gold chains, quotes written on public restroom doors, milk chocolate. ouija boards, dandelions and clouds. haunting. brown. fall out boy - centuries.
  • capricorn moon: productive, patient, responsible, mischievous. a natural learner. at worst, resentful, bottling up their feelings and having unhealthy habits. // veins, ice, dogs. ribbons, headphones and jackets. control. noir. crooked smile - j. cole.
  • aquarius moon: observant, idealistic, independent and motivated. a natural analyzer. at worst, stubborn, short-tempered and prideful. // baggy jeans, anime, heart monitors. bath bombs, silver guns and bubbles. individuality. grey. bohemian rhapsody - queen.
  • pisces moon: humorous, loving, empathetic, smart. a natural dreamer. at worst, easily hurt/discouraged, reckless and icy. // eyes, stargazing, potions. earrings, lovebites and tombstones. ignition. indigo. happy little pill - troye sivan.