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May I request a Dutch/Tennie fusion?

I was gonna draw them doing the Electric Slide but for some reason I still associate Dutch with the Lindy Hop, SO

Their fusion would be super cute!  And have the maximum number of arms with which to make cutting-edge super-functional art installations.  Soft-spoken, but taking approximately -293% of peoples’ shit.  

Plus they would use all their arms to the fullest at all times?  They’re uniquely spectacular at using all four of their arms for four different tasks all at the same time. 

Can definitely do four different secret handshakes with four seperate people all at the same time.  Or build a four-armed jaeger to do it for them.

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It makes me feel bad to see that all this support (especially from the boys) for Zayn didn't happen. Although I'm so happy for niall.

Hi anon,

Me too. Its the saddest thing that publicly they couldn’t support Zayn and that some of this fandom took the opportunity, and still do to slag Zayn whenever they can.

I’ll never not be convinced the lads give Zayn all the support in the world privately and that the times the band (Sandy, Dan etc.,) have posted stuff relating to OT5 that’s a very subtle way of demonstrating that support’s still there.

I have faith that things will change and this way of being won’t be forever, small steps and all that and I hope that with a second album whenever that happens for Zayn, we’ll be starting in a different climate or moving towards that.

And yeah thrilled to bits for Niall.  I love the song.  Just like I want Zayn on Later with Jools and doing acoustic sets and intimate venues where they’re truly appreciated, I want the same for Niall. 

Being showcased and supported and thriving.   And that its not seen as some huge surprise one day when they all start showing up at each other’s gigs and at each other’s tv shows or films, or god knows what the 5 of them can do/are capable of.  Feels like a pipe dream currently but lets hope. 

Help? anyone?

Ok I’m so pissed right now. I’m sorry, I try to keep this blog only nice amedot (although this does involve amedot) but I’m just so mad right now. I just spent the past 4 hours writing a drabble ask about amedot and when I had about 6 more lines of dialogue the page reloaded and I don’t know what to do. Can someone please explain how to get my post back?


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