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dancersofny "I auditioned for the national tour of Matilda and had all these callbacks. After the second to last callback, all my friends who were there started texting me that they had gotten a callback. I thought I did a good job and they liked me, but I didn’t get a callback.

On the day of the callback, I took off work and went to ballet class. After class, I was still bummed, so I said, “You know what? I am not done dancing. I was supposed to dance all day. I am going to go to a jazz class too.” After jazz class, I look at my phone, I have two missed calls, three text messages, and a voicemail from this New York number that I don’t know. I listen to the voicemail, and it’s someone from casting at Matilda. She says, “So we accidentally threw your headshot away in the no pile, but we really wanted you to be here today. Where are you?” I had no book, and I didn’t have appropriate dance clothes for the audition, but I went anyway. I was there for almost six hours, dancing, singing, and reading.

A month later, it was the day they were starting rehearsals for the tour or really close to it. I was sitting on the couch. My phone rings—and it’s a New York number I don’t know, which makes your heart stop. The casting director says, “Hi, Amanda, we just want to call and let you know that casting for the tour has been completed, and that’s going to be the end of the road for you there.” In my head, I am thinking, “Duh, they start rehearsals today, and I am not there.” But I say, “Thanks for letting me know.” Then she says, “But we have an opening in our Broadway company, and we want you to join us there instead.” I could not believe what she had just said because that was never on the table as far as I knew. I didn’t know that I was even being considered for Broadway. I had no clue. I have no idea what she said after that because I was in shock. I was getting up to leave, and I couldn’t even really put on my coat. I didn’t know what was happening. I got home, and I remember sitting in my kitchen just sobbing. I was supposed to start rehearsals three days later. My entire life got flipped upside down.“

15 random facts about me
1. I used to be a star in the girls fast pitch softball world and was considered the best pitcher in Oregon. I was invited to try for the Olympics, but I was burnt out and quit

2. I was a stripper/exotic dancer for several years, I met my husband there, we’ve been married 15 years

3. Every year I go to Oregon Country Fair, people always think it’s country like cowboys and shitty music, but it’s actually a Hippie festival in the woods. It is my second home ♥ and I feel so ME when I’m there.

4. I’ve have two abortions and I don’t regret either one even a little bit. Possibly the best decisions I ever made.

5. I took ballet classes from an old school, hard core, Russian ballet teacher. I was good enough to get a small part in a ballet with the world’s prima ballerina at the time. I was young and not so impressed, but my mom was! Although miss prima ballerina was kinda a bitch.

6. I haven’t spoken to my father in about 8 years and I don’t plan to.

7. I dye my hair so often my husband says he doesn’t know what color it is naturally

8. I am a fire dancer, I spin Poi. Mostly just in the summer.

9. I am happiest in the woods at the river with someone I love.

10. I moved out of my parents house at 16 and never went back.

11. I like having a fast car. My first car I loved was my ‘85 Mustang Gt, I now drive a Dodge charger with a 5.7 hemi

12. I almost never wear makeup or do anything with my hair. Party because my skin hates makeup, also I’m lazy, I like the way I look just fine without it.

13. I have been a vegetarian for 24 years. I am one of those that would be vegan except I love cheese.

14. Tori Amos is my favorite musician and Neil Gaiman is my favorite author. I love that they are good friends.

15. I named my daughter Saphira after the dragon in Eragon, it also happens that her birthstone is a sapphire so it is perfect.

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For the past two days, I have spent my entire time glued to my phone helping somebody who was once a stranger to me. Two days ago, a stranger privately messaged me saying that she wanted some help. I’m not going to go into her details, but something traumatic had happened and she hadn’t felt the need to breathe no longer. So, I stopped writing and postponed the fics that needed to be uploaded, and I spoke to her all day and all night. It took two whole days to convince her that her life was worthy and I do not regret a single second of it. I saved a life and it makes me so damn happy.

The point of this whole thing is to remind you that you are NOT alone and that I am ALWAYS here to speak to. Suicide isn’t something I like and it’s a tough subject for me to deal with, but I’ll push through my trauma just to make sure you’re okay.

As most of you know (if you have been following me for the ten months), it has taken me nearly five months to return to daily activities after losing my best friend to suicide in early November last year. It had hurt more than I thought it would when I found out because in early January last year I had lost my only cousin to suicide and my best friend promised me he wouldn’t leave me that way. I had only just returned to daily activities before losing him, too. Now, I’m just a clueless mess on where to start living with my life. Nothing has been the same without the two of them bugging me constantly.

If you think that killing yourself is the only way to end all the pain you feel—let me remind you that it isn’t the only way. If you ever went through with that, all that pain you feel will drift into those who love and care for you and let me tell you know, that pain it is not the best. If you ever contemplate it, please message me. I wouldn’t want to lose another precious soul who belonged on this Earth. You are worthy of every breath you take. You are worthy of your existence. You are loved and you are cared for. You’re a beautiful person and you shouldn’t allow that to become nothing.

Talk to me about anything—anything that is troubling you, anything that is hurting you, anything that is harming your life—just message me and I’ll be there to listen to you. Heck, I’ll freaking facetime you just to make sure you are okay and I’ll stay up all night to make sure that you stay okay. You are strong and you are capable of living. You matter in this world and there is someone out there who is waiting for your existence to be present in their life. That person is me. I love you and I don’t want you to leave this world behind. I want you to stay and be strong and hold your head up and ignore the negativity. I believe that you can make it. I’ll help guide you through hell, even if it means I have to open old wounds just to help you find your light. I’ll crawl through Hell over and over again just to get you all to safety.

So put down that gun, get rid of the rope, throw away those pills, flush down that blade, step away from the edge of the highest building, walk away from that bridge and turn off that stove. Whatever way you are choosing to end your life, get away from it.

Please, I’m begging you. Don’t throw your life away just because there’s bad in it. Keep breathing and keep crawling and you’ll find something good. This is coming from someone who has lost two amazing people to suicide and who has thought about it and suffers from depression herself. You matter to me and to the world.

Keep living. Keep breathing. Stay alive.
There’s good coming your way, just be patient, honeybee. I love you so much.

Remember; message me whenever you want. I am always here to listen and to help you. 💖


find yourself a lover who takes you on a first date like this

Tadpolehemmings’ Smutty September!

Thank you to the amazing Cat (@lattecalum) for this beautiful edit!

I’m so happy to announce the arrival of Smutty September! This is an event in which I post a new smut everyday of the month, including eight of each boy and two special items! 

I took inspiration from 5sexonds-of-smut’s 25 days of smut (it wouldn’t let me tag the blog), so full credit to them for giving me this idea! I started writing for this in May and I’m the worst at keeping secrets so I’m honestly surprised I’ve kept it this quiet for so long.

Anywayyy, this is going to be a masterpost where I’ll link each imagine with a little synopsis part. Please enjoy reading!!

Feedback/excitement would be appreciated! (pls come freak out with me)

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Well since pining Keith is a Thing™ now, gotta join the bandwagon and who am I kidding? I love pining Keith

-It’s already established but Lance is painfully oblivious like Lance is horrible at picking up signs when it comes to his relationship

-Keith hates every. second. of. it.

-Keith: Having a crush sucks. I’m gonna go die. *locks self in room and plays pining music*
Shiro: Keith, could you at least die to some good music?

-Ice-cream tubs mysteriously disappear in less than two days

-Shiro: *knocking on door* I know you took the ice-cream, Keith! Open up!
Keith: *raises volume to Mr. Brightside*
Shiro: KEITH

-Once Lance accidentally put his hand on top of Keith’s and Keith wouldn’t speak to him for a week

-Hunk: You should be ashamed of yourself.
Lance: Wha?
Pidge: Disgraceful.
Shiro: Unbelievable.
Allura: Keith deserves better.
Coran: Quite sad, indeed.
Lance: wHAT DiD i DOOOO????
*collective groans*

-You guys don’t understand how painfully oblivious Lance is.

-Lance: Hunk, I just realized something.
Hunk: Hm?
Lance: Keith is always really nervous around me. And he gets red all the time. He starts fidgeting and stuff.
Hunk: !!!!
Lance: Do you think…
Hunk: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lance: Keith is allergic to me?
Lance: Well, not me exactly. I started using some Altean shampoo Coran let me borrow so maybe-
Hunk: *looks into camera like in the office*

-Keith has done those crush things and love calculator on the internet. He got 95% BTW. He was grinning for weeks.

-Pidge: Don’t tell you actually believe those things.
Keith: *raises volume to Can’t Help Falling in Love*
Pidge: What are you, 50???

-He also checks their horoscopes, the dork

-He is so,,,,,,,in love with this boy,,,,,,,,you cannot imagine,,,,,,,the grin he gets,,,,,,,whenever Lance compliments him

-He kinda just hugs his pillow and thinks about it all night

-U got it bad by Usher

All For Show

Valentine’s Day Special #2

Pair : Steve Rogers x Reader

8. You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for your sisters couples dinner party. Requested by anon. 

Warning : Language

Word Count : 2,434

Three knocks, that’s all it took before Steve opened the door. He stood there, wearing a tank top and sweats, and his hair damped from sweat, which only meant he just came back from the gym.

“Hey, didn’t expect you here today.” He smiled, waving you in.

“I know, but I needed to talk to you.”

You walked in to his apartment, and plopped down onto his couch. His place was like your second home. You were always there, and if you weren’t, then you two were at your place.

“Beer?” He asked, walking to the kitchen.

“Nah, just water.”

Steve tossed you a water bottle, as he started back toward the living room where you waited.

You took a big swig of the water and felt the cold liquid trickle down your throat. Making you feel somewhat at ease.

“So what did you need to talk to me about?” Steve asked, leaning against the wall across from you.

For some reason you were feeling nervous. Which was strange. Steve was your best friend. You two were so close, you were able to talk to him about anything. He’s seen you in sweats with no makeup on. He’s helped you when you were a drunken mess. And yet, you were somehow nervous about this topic.

“Y/N.” he snapped his fingers, catching your attention. “You okay?”

You slowly nodded, running your hand through your hair. Something you did when you were nervous.

“So my sister is throwing a couples party tomorrow night, and when I RSVP’d a month ago, I was dating Jared-”

“The asshole.” He cut you off.

“Woah, language.” You teased.

He dramatically rolled his eyes and huffed. “Anyways, go on.”

“As I was saying, I told her I’d go and now she’s expecting me to be there.”

“So?” He drawled out.

You swallowed hard, meeting your best friends gaze.

“I was wondering if you can go as my fake boyfriend.” You slightly winced as the words finally fell from your lips.

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Never Have I Ever - A.I

Originally posted by inspiring-blog

Somebody stop me.  I shouldn’t be allowed to do this anymore. Also, I don’t like how this ends so I’m sorry for that…this also goes from 0-100 really quick

Warning: Spanking, choking, daddy kink

“Never have I ever choked someone or been choked,” Michael said watching as two of his four friends took a shot of tequila, Michael not surprised at all that y/n had, but was very surprised when Luke was the one joining her for the shot. They were seated in Ashton’s hotel room that he was sharing with y/n on her two week stay with the boys during their break.“Jesus christ, Luke.”

“What?” the youngest of the group asked laughing as he high fived y/n, neither holding shame in their eyes. “I wasn’t the one into it. I just aim to please.”

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These two pictures were taken just a little over a year apart. After looking at these you might think that a change like that would have made me super happy and satisfied with myself. But the night I took the second picture, I was not very happy at all. See, for that year my only goal was to loose the weight for other people. I never focused on what I wanted. I focused on how certain people would feel about me. Therefore the year was a complete rollercoaster. Back and forth, and that picture was taken at my lowest point weight wise, and self esteem wise. I was not accepting myself for the right reasons. I was looking at myself as only this lump thinking people actually cared about that.

Even though I had lost the weight I wanted, I was not satisfied with myself because I was always my biggest critic. I always wanted to be more fit. Until I realized that no one but me really cared that much about the way I looked. I started looking past my body and past my self esteem issues and started looking deeper.

The second picture is still me today. I am working now to maintain a good weight. But doing it the healthy way. I find my worth not in my outer appearance, But in ways I can be an encouragement to others, or some sort of motivation. Not a weight loss motivator. But a motivator to become the best person you can be in every way.

Birthday Bows

Originally posted by smiling-calum

Warning: light bondage.

Snow fell soundlessly from the heavy clouds above as you and Harry trekked home from his birthday dinner. He had suggested calling a taxi when you left his friends at the restaurant, mentioning that the two of you may have had a few too many and it was a bit chilly for a midnight stroll. But the second the first flake hit your nose and you took in the way the light from the street lamps reflected off the fresh fallen snow down the path toward home, you insisted on walking.

“It’s like a postcard, Harry,” you said hopefully, pushing him to concede. Your giddy smile and flushed cheeks are what got him to agree even though he knew you’d both be chilled to the bone by the time you got home. But for now you had each other and the alcohol in your bellies to keep warm.

You had both drank more than you planned, especially Harry. But the wine had been flowing and the conversation among friends was rolling; it was the most at ease you had seen Harry in weeks. Prepping for tour always got him a bit stressed, and you only had a few more weeks before he hit the road again, so you weren’t going to put a stop to the drinking and dampen the mood. You just hoped Harry would be up for all you had planned upon the return home; you knew how a wine drunk got him a bit sleepy.

But you were reassured that Harry was less drunk than he seemed as you cut through the park together and you lost your footing a bit on the slick footpath. Before you could tumble sideways into the snowdrifts, Harry’s grip on your hand tightened as he reached to steady you by the waist. He looked down at you, checking to make sure you were all right and as an amused smile broke out across your lips, he busted out laughing.

Laughter echoed through the empty park. You clung to the edges of Harry’s coat, burying your face in his chest as you continued to giggle. His hand caressed the back of your neck as he kissed your temple. “And I thought I had too much to drink, love.”

“Hey!” You swatted his chest playfully, causing him to put his hands up to defend himself. “I’m not drunk, the path is icy.”

“Sure, love.”

“Harry, really!” you giggled. “I’m not drunk.” He eyed you knowingly. It may have been dark, but you knew his eyes were shining as they always did when he was being playful. “Just a bit tipsy.”

“Just a bit tipsy,” he repeated, throwing his arm over your shoulders and continuing the journey home.

“Yes,” you said firmly before adding under your breath, “I needed to boost my confidence for later anyway.”

“Hmm?” Harry glanced down at you with intrigue. You gave him a coy smile and shrugged. He wasn’t satisfied, but he didn’t feel the need to press further. Home was close and he’d get it out of you soon enough.

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buy your kids books, guys.

  • i was very fortunate to have two parents growing up who MADE me read.
  • i was read a bedtime story every night until i was maybe 8 or 9 years old
  • from the second i learned to read my mom took me to the library every friday as a treat
  • after every doctor’s visit that i behaved well at, we’d go to the bookstore and I’d get to pick a book
  • sometimes my dad would randomly bring home a book he thought id like 
  • i was by no means a kid who even remotely got all the toys i wanted but if i wanted a specific book? id get it. even if i had to wait for my next birthday, but my parents would make sure that i got it.
  • the first thing my parents did when i started learning english at school when i was maybe 11 or 12 is buy me a book
  • any present, any treat - it was ALWAYS books. 

…. and all that paid off. If you want your kid to grow up to be an intersectional feminist, to be liberal and open-minded, buy them books to support that. books open minds and hearts. trust me. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do something fluffy with Maggie coming home to find Alex sick and being all protective and loving please?

Here you go. I hope you enjoy! x

It had all started with a simple headache. Wincing at almost any noise or amount of light, she had thrown herself out of bed and had padded into the kitchen. She had checked her temperature and seeing that she had no fever, she had taken some Tylenol and had gone to work. But now, as she was lying on the couch, wrapped in two blankets, freezing, coughing and sneezing, she wondered if that had been a smart choice. She heard a groan but it took her a good minute to realize if was her own.

Her throat ached, her chest felt heavy and like someone was stabbing it. She moaned and closed her eyes. Her head felt like it had been run through a blender.

She heard the sound of footsteps and a second later Maggie was looking at her, her eyebrows coming together. She looked worried.


“You’re home early…”, Alex said, warily. “Why?”

Maggie chuckled. “Someone may have told me that you’re sick and too stubborn to admit it.”

“I’m not sick!”, came the protest, and she bit back a sigh.

A wave of nausea passed over Alex and she breathed through her nose, closing her eyes and putting her head in her hands, trying so hard not to be sick. A look of concern showed across Maggie’s face. She hurried to the couch and sat down next to Alex, placing a cold hand on her burning forehead. Alex’s eyes opened and latched on to Maggie’s, causing her to give Alex a softly smile.  

“You’re burning up.”

Maggie brushed Alex’s hair out of her eyes and off of her sweat drenched forehead.

“What are your symptoms?”

“I’m fine. I’m not sick.” Alex ground out through her chattering teeth. Maggie raised an eyebrow at her and Alex felt defeated.  “Oh! Okay! I have this excruciating headache… And my throat and stomach hurt… And God, i have this pain in my back that is just…”

“Let me see”, Maggie said calmly and slid behind Alex on the couch.

She started massaging the back of her neck and then moved to her shoulders. Her hands were strong but tender, and Alex couldn’t help but close her eyes and moan.

“You have magic hands.”

“I’m gonna let that slip because you’re sick”, Maggie said with a chuckle. She stroke her hands down Alex’s face. “Why don’t you lie down and relax? I’ll make you some soup.”

“You don’t have to do this”, it was somewhat slurred, as though she couldn’t quite draw a full breath.

“I want to”, said Maggie simply.

Alex paused before nodding slightly. She lay down and curled into a ball again. She wrapped her arms around herself and she shut her eyes tightly. She wasn’t sure when she had fallen asleep but she was woken up later by Maggie placing butterfly kisses all over her face. She slowly opened her eyes and muttered something under her breath.

“Shhh”, Maggie whispered. “It’s okay.”

Alex stayed silent and slowly sat upright. She looked down at the food and picked up the glass of water, taking a small sip of it. Maggie was looking at her with those soft, loving eyes, and she was sure she had never felt more loved in her entire life. Neither of them said anything. Maggie took a spoonful, blew on it and held it across inches from her mouth. Alex moaned, the warmth felt good sliding down her throat.

“Delicious”, Alex managed to say and Maggie tilted her head and smiled softly.

After a few more bites, Alex wiped her mouth with a napkin and slid down a little, nestling in the pillows again. She couldn’t take another bite.

Seeing the nearly empty bowl, Maggie smiled. “Good girl”.

Alex melted under the weight of Maggie’s gaze. If she was to name the look in those beautiful, dark eyes, only love would do.

“Do you feel like a bath? Or would you rather just rest?”

Alex thought a moment. She coughed, then said: “I’m so tired.”

Maggie nodded and lay down next to her. She said nothing as she pulled the covers of both of them and wrapped Alex close. Alex hummed in her throat. It was so nice, just lying there in the arms of the person she loved.


“Yes, my love?”

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

“Always”, she answered easily and moved her thumb up and down on Alex’s arm in a soothing motion.

Alex curled and rest her head against the brunette’s chest. Maggie’s heartbeat was steady and soothing, it was going to cradle her back to sleep.

“See”, Maggie added to tease her. “Being sick isn’t that bad.”

Alex’s answer didn’t come immediately, and Maggie thought she’d already fallen back asleep. But then she heard a faint whisper coming from her girlfriend: “Mhhh… I’m not sick.”

Okay but does anyone realize that Otabek is probably the first person to acknowledge Yurio’s effort? Everyone else sees the genius with skating skills so far from his peers, but Otabek is the first one who see the Yurio who fights and most importantly HE’S THE FIRST ONE WITH WHOM YURIO SHARE HIS STRUGGLE DURING HIS MOVE TO ST. PETERSBURG (the boy was 10 years old for goodness sake). So yeah, I ship it because these two is another type of (ahem) friends who connect without many words needed. PLEASE DON’T F*CK THIS UP I HAD ENOUGH WITH JJ x YURIO BEFORE!!!



Poor Kuro, you didn’t even notice your own heart breaking for two seconds. OKAY GOOD LORD. It took me forever to introduce Sakuya for multiple reasons. 

1.) I had to figure out how to draw his freaking hair. YIKES. I’m still trying to figure out how to draw some characters that’s why they haven’t made it into age/human au yet.

2.) I also was like what personality would he have in this au?? :0 (he went from a class clown to kinda psycho in the actual series. jeez)

???? Kinda both I suppose. But I guess he won’t ACTUALLY be yandere since this is family oriented au. His role is probably more overly protective best friend lol the chaos. He’s also figured out that Kuro is slightly intimidated by him, and that’s the reason he does the “yandere” face. haaha

Welp. I’m off to answer some more requests in my inbox~

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“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” (Luke Hemmings Smut)

“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Summary: Luke gets mad at you, but you two make up with kinky make up sex.

Requested: yes

Warnings: Daddy kink, swearing, eating out, fingering, fucking, hickies

A/N: This is the first smut I’ve written, so I hope you all like it! Thank you to whoever requested it! Sorry it took my so long to post it, I was trying to figure out how to write smut!

Originally posted by coupleaims

“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” (Luke Hemmings Smut)

“Luke, calm down, it’s not that big of a deal.”  You say as Luke storms into your apartment.

“It’s not that big of a deal? Are you fucking kidding me?”  Luke’s voice booms as he throws the keys on the table.

“Luke nothing happened, I’m okay.”  You say reassuring him.

“No, it’s not fucking okay! You’re my girl and some fucking douche comes over trying to grind on you.  Grind on my fucking girl.”  Luke says throwing the keys across the room.

But as Luke keeps talking, you aren’t listening anymore.  You are too distracted about how sexy he looks when he’s mad.  His chest is rising up and down fast, as he talking, his biceps flexing, you keep growing wetter and wetter with every word his voice booms.

“Are you even listening to me?” Luke yells at you getting your attention.

You were about to say yes, but you like it when he’s mad so you answer, “No”, innocently.

“I’m thinking about the way that guy felt pressed up against me.  You didn’t dance with me all night, so all I can think about is him.”  You say walking closer to Luke.

“This isn’t funny Y/N.  This is fucking funny, I’m not in the mood.” Luke begins to say but you cut him off.

“The way he held on to my hips and grinding them onto his cock.  It’s getting me wet just thinking about it.” You say walking even closer to Luke.  “But right when I was getting so wet, you pulled me away from him.  What a shame.  I was so close, I mean you know how sensitive I am.”  You say smiling at Luke innocently.

Luke at this moment grabs your hips and pulls you close to him that your chests are right up against each other. “You are mine, not his. Mine.”

You feel the wetness pooling as he shows his possessiveness.  You look him straight in the eye and say, “Then prove it.  Fuck me.”

At that moment, his lips crash into yours, and you are up against the wall.  His hands move down to your ass, down your thighs, and he pulls you up so your legs are wrapped around his torso. As you’re wrapped around him, he begins grinding against your sensitive core, and begins kissing down your neck.  When he gets to right below your ear, he groans sexily in your ear, “You liked the way he grinded on you baby girl?”

You nod your head.  The moment you nod, he begins grinding on you harder and deeper.  You start moaning out, “Yes Luke, yes Daddy.”

“That’s it, baby girl.” He says kissing your neck.  “No one can make you feel this good like Daddy can.”

As Luke keeps kissing and sucking your neck leaving hickies down your neck to your chest, he pulls your dress up.  Your dress rides up to your hips, then slips your thong to the side.  He runs his finger up your slit and says, “Oh baby, you’re so wet.  Who made you this wet?”

“You Luke.  Please, please.” You say begging for his fingers.  

Without a pause, Luke sinks his middle finger into his wet core.  You moan at the feeling of his finger pumping in and out of you.  He then adds another finger and pumps them in and out.

“Do you hear that?” Luke moans in your ear.

You listen and hear the wetness of his fingers going in and out of you.

You moan in response.  As two of his finger pump in and out, he takes his thumb and starts rubbing your clit.  You moan out loudly and tangle your hand in Luke’s hair with one hand while the other is digging into Luke’s bicep.  

Luke kisses the sweet spot right under your ear, and continues fingering you.

“You’re close baby girl.  Just let go.”  He says quickening his fingers.

“Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke!” You voice gets louder as you climax.

After your climax, Luke, holding you, carries you to your bedroom.  Right when you get to the bedroom, you back Luke up so that he is laying on the bed.  He tries to stand back up, but you push him back down on the bed so he is sitting up watching you.  You stand in front of him and slowly strip down into just you bra and underwear and heels.

You walk towards Luke as he is sitting on the bed.  You stand in between his legs as Luke just keeps looking at your body, infatuated.  He puts hands originally on your waist feeling down to your hips looking at you with so much lust.  

You loved this part whenever you and Luke got romantic.  The way Luke looked at you made you feel like you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.  You feel safe, wanted, and loved.  

Luke stand up, brushes your hair behind your ears, and grabs the sides of your face and kisses you passionately.  His hands move down around you waist and he pulls you close to him.  After kissing, your hands move under Luke’s shirt which motions for him to take it off and he does.  As you two kiss more, your clothes and his clothes were off and you were laying on the bed with Luke hovering over you.

Luke first begins with making out, the starts leaving more hickies down your neck.  He stops at your breasts, and takes one of your nipples in his mouth and pulls at it.  He sucks on your breast until your nipple is perked, then does the same to your other breast.  As he sucks on your nipples, your hands tangle up in Luke’s hair.  After Luke was happy with the work of art he made on your chest, he kisses down your stomach, kisses up your thighs and opens your legs wide.
Luke first begins by licking up you wet core slowly, then goes down on you.  He licks and sucks on your clit, and you moan in response.  Your hands are running through Luke’s hair as he lifts your lefts so that they are hanging on his back. His tongue darts into your core feeling your walls.  He then replaces his tongue two of his finger pumping them in and out.

“Ugh yes Luke, yes.” You moan out tugging on his hair where he groans meaning he liked it.  

Luke’s fingers pumped in and out of core faster and faster, as he feels your core tighten around his fingers, he curls them and hits your g-spot.

“Cum for daddy, babygirl.  I want to taste you.  Come on baby girl, cum for me.” Luke says hitting your sweet spot over and over again.

You toes curl under, and you tug on Luke’s hair hard.  After you come down from your high, Luke tastes your juices and moans at your sweet taste.  When Luke lifts his heads up from between your legs, and when he makes eye contact with you, you grab his hand and suck his fingers.  He moans at the sight of this.

“Now, I’ve been pleasing you all night, now time for my pleasure.”  Luke lays down with his hands motioning for you to come over.  You know exactly what he wants.

“Daddy, you’ve been pleasing me all night, I think you deserve to feel good now.”  You say looking up at him with innocent eyes.  You pull down his boxer to reveal his hard rock cock.  You wrap your hand around his cock lightly, but not tight enough for him to get any pleasure from it.

“Please.”  Luke groans.

You pump your hand up and down for times, and lower your mouth on the head of his cock.  You swirl your tongue around the head, and then lower your mouth down.  You lower you head, then lift your head of letting his cock out of your mouth with a “pop”.

Luke grabs a fistful of your hair, and guides you head down on and up.  You begin to feel Luke getting close, but you take your mouth away.

“Babe, babe” Luke whine.

“Shh” You say kissing Luke while lowering yourself onto his hard cock.

You both moan in unison as you sink down completely.  

“Uh, yes, yes.” You moan bouncing up and down.  

As you bounce on his cock, you breasts move up and down, in which Luke grabs and kneads them.  

“Yes, baby.  Ride Daddy’s cock.“ Luke says as you ride him harder.

“Yes Daddy, yes.”  You scratch down his chest as you feel yourself coming close.

As Luke feels you coming close, he flips you two over and starts pounding in your relentlessly.

“Yes Luke, yes. Fuck me, yes.” You say as you start to cum.  Your nails scratch down his back, as you release.  Your legs are wrapped around him as Luke pounds into you through your orgasm.

You grab Luke’s head and pull his ear down to your mouth as your dirty talk him to his high.

“Come on Daddy.  Cum into my tight, wet pussy.”  At your words, Luke releases inside of you, his thrust become sloppier.

After you come down from your highs, Luke lays next to you, with his arm wrapped around you.

“You know you have nothing to worry about.” You say after a while.

“I know.” Luke says kissing the side of your head.  “But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” He says cutely.

A/N: Thank you for whoever requested this a while ago! Sorry it took me so long to write, I just wanted to get this right.  Thank you!! Requests are open.  I will be updating my stories soon, hopefully.

I deserve better || Theo (xStiles) Imagine

Request:Could you write something where the reader is madly in love with stiles but he tells her he’s in love with lydia. So the reader is heartbroken and keeps her distance from the pack and goes kind of dark with theo? c:

word count:2298

A/N:I really liked the request and I hope you enjoy it!It took me like five hours to write this but I feel like the ending is not the best.. let me know what you think and if you want a second part!

part two part three


You loved him.You always loved Stiles. From the day that you started at Beacon Hills High until now. The first time you saw him, there was just something about him that was so attractive to you. Over the years you two got to know each other very well and became very close friends. The closer you two got the more you fell for him . Every cell of your body wanted this boy, there was nothing on your mind but him.

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[9/100 days of productivity] 15.09.16 spent the last two hours making writing these notes which were from my introduction to photosynthesis lesson. I am actually really liking photosynthesis I think it is such a great topic! I am now going to re-write notes from the second photosynthesis lesson I had and I am all up to date! I provided a scan of the pages so you can see them as the photos I took of the pages individually weren’t very good. (however this means you can see my awful drawing more clearly so please excuse the diagrams!)