and it took forever to find all these gifs

not too long ago, I made my first follow forever when I reached a milestone of 5,000 followers, but here I am making my second after hitting another big milestone, which I didn’t think would come so quickly

as a thank you for following my dumb ass constantly screaming, I decided to make a second follow forever after I swore to myself I would never make one of these again because it took too long the first time;; alas here I am again, making another.

it honestly never ceases to amaze me that so many of you decided to follow my blog, or the fact you guys find me interesting enough to message me or send in asks everyday to talk and know how my day has been going. these little things makes all the time I spend on photoshop making gifs worth it. speaking of which, I want to seriously say thank you to everyone who likes/reblogs the stuff I make, or those long written posts I make about me crying over namjoon or about how far bts has come

I’ve come to make some amazing friends on here, people I would have never otherwise met unless I talked myself into starting a bangtan blog

and lastly I want to say thank you to all those to @ me namjoon/yoongi posts whether we are mutuals or not, seeing the things you tag me in make my day and seriously just means the world to me

my first follow forever consisted of various kpop group/idols blogs, however this time I wanted to make it be only bangtan. what you’ll find is a list of basically every bangtan blog I follow, which post bts/mainly bts content 

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