and it still looks like shit smh

Yo high key I’m always talking shit to Jinns. Like I’m always talking bout them. Tryna provoke them. Like saying jinn jinnn jinn. And saying how I’m not scared. Like ready to ouija board them and watch jinn videos. But low key I’m afraid they bout to strike back. Like bitxh you talking too much shit. You bout to get hit. Like driving alone at night got me scared!! What if they pop up in the back seat and I look in the rear view mirror and that mother fucker smiles and attacks me me!! But that fear still doesn’t get me to shut up about Jinns smh. But I Fasho don’t walk under trees past sunset. Those Jinns just waiting to jump and sit on my shoulders

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sometimes the fanon interpretation of sabo is so weird to me like?? how did he become this soft small flower child.. have y'all seen the look in his eyes when he's fighting marines smh. I mean ofc sabo is adorable but I wonder why so much of the fandom likes to ignore everything else about him.

lol well i certainly haven’t done anything to stop the spread of that fanon interpretation, though that’s less because i actually interpret sabo as being that way and more bc…..i just like pastels and flowers… fave could be literally anyone and i’d still draw cutesy shit of them with pastels and flowers bc that’s just My Brand ™

tbh it often seems to me like the fandom likes to split into two sides when it comes to interpreting sabo: either he’s an ultra nice goody two shoes sweetheart or he’s a sadistic murderous rage monster, when in reality…….both and neither are true, at least imo.  

sabo’s a good person who’s fighting for what’s right and what he believes in and is deeply loyal to the people he cares about, but he’s also rude and blunt and dorky.  he seems to take pleasure in fighting and threatening people and is quick to anger, but he also doesn’t needlessly kill people and is always ready to help those in peril.  

that’s kinda just… is always is with fanon, though.  people will take one aspect of a character’s personality and exaggerate it to meet their personal tastes.  i’ve talked about it before, but there’s also a level with both ace and sabo where people tend to interpret them as still being like their child selves (sabo is the ~nice smart~ one, ace is the  ~angry rude tsundere~ one) regardless of whether or not they’re actually like that as adults.

FUCK the blarkes who are using Lincoln’s death to throw shade at the Clexa fandom smh You pieces of shit really are low. You’re haters because your lil Bellarke ship still hasn’t sailed after three seasons. Be salty all you want but don’t throw the race card around as if YOU’RE doing anything about the problem. I’m an African American lesbian, my entire life I’ve watched not only characters that LOOK like me, but also characters I RELATE to, get killed off far too often. I just watched a lesbian and a POC get SHOT DEAD on the same show in the same month. I’m Clexakru, but that doesn’t mean I care more about Lexa’s death than Lincoln’s because she was lesbian, or that it doesn’t hurt my heart just as bad to watch another POC die. So this isn’t about what minority matters more, try being a POC AND LGBT. Blarkes sinking so low to use one character’s death to make a joke out of another’s death is just disgusting. You’re an EMBARRASSMENT to the Bellarke fandom. 

PS: @maria26us who reblogged talking shit COMPLETELY dodging the point, but is too scared to hit my inbox, fuck you too :) With your “atleast Bellarke’s ALIVE” shit on your blog… well atleast Clexa actually HAPPENED :D You’re defending the asshole who bullies his POC cast, so you don’t give a damn about Ricky/Lincoln/Linctavia, your reblog rant is irrelevant, have a seat bitch lol