and it spoke of their story

The wind had picked up again, though she barely noticed. She was caught up in her own thoughts, in conversations that had long passed, hanging on to the strong words she wished she had said instead of keeping quiet. Instead of letting other people talk and walk all over her. But it was who she was. The quiet one. The girl who never spoke up, busy fading into the shadows when lately she’d been finding herself wanting to stand in the light. Just once. Just for a little while. As long as it would take to be noticed. As long it would take to matter. People walked past her with their hands shoved into their pockets and their collars turned up against the cold, easy laughters in their eyes and unspoken stories on their lips. With a deep sigh, she watched the grey clouds roll in. Upcoming storms always excited her. For some reason, she always hoped autumn would bring her new energy. More courage to shake off her bad habits that clung to her like dried leaves. A change of season always brought along a chance to be someone else, if only for a day or two, until everyone remembered who she was. The quiet one. The girl who had the rain at her back, not the sun. But as the first bolt of lightning struck the sky, she thought that maybe this time things could be different. When the first drop of rain hit her chin, she thought that this time maybe she didn’t have to wait for spring to bloom. That maybe this time she could stand in the eye of the storm instead of watching it from afar. That maybe, with a little luck, she would find the light within herself instead of chasing it. Autumn didn’t bring her new energy this year, it brought her something more worthwhile. It brought her realisation: no matter what kind of person you were - quiet or loud, closed off or outgoing, shy or confident - there was a whole universe hidden inside of you. There were people who did not care for concealed secrets, and that was okay. Because there were also people who searched the world to meet someone like you. And then there was you. You, who had not even discovered an inch of yourself. She smiled as the wind picked up and the rain began to fall, because there were so many words stored inside her mind. And when the storm hit, she released the scream that had been building up inside her throat. This time she would not be quiet.
—  the quiet one / n.j.
an excerpt

I was in a meeting a few days go. It was this huge conference call for like 300+ managers and other professionals, hosted by our VP. He’s an affable guy, and we have this call every month to get everyone on the same page on various initiatives etc. 

So he starts off with his usual joking tone (he’s a super nice guy) and goes over the agenda, then he says, “This next slide is sort of serious, but it’s something we need to talk about” 

#MeToo   #IWill

He spoke about how he hadn’t had any idea how widespread it was. He spoke about people he knew sharing their stories and how it had opened his eyes. He said that if you weren’t sure what to think of these allegations (and others that have come up in the past against other people), you should read through the tag too. 

He said, if you can read through that tag and still not believe the people speaking up, you should find a new job because we don’t want you at this company.

And then he spoke about what all of us can do to make sure that kind of behaviour doesn’t happen at our company.

It’s been three days, and I still can’t stop thinking about this. I already loved where I work. This just shows you why.

Why You Will Never Forget The Signs:

(And why you shouldn’t).

Aries: With them everything was easy. They had a strong, impulsive personality; one that made them look as someone who wasn’t afraid of anyone nor anything. They were honest and caring, and above all, they were always by your side no matter what. It’s normal to never forget an Aries… they were too special.

Taurus: They were too attentive. They didn’t give you everything at every hour, but when you least expected they appeared with that thing you were waiting for during weeks. Even when they were sad, they made you smile. And yes, you miss them.

Gemini: Every time you took a look on Gemini, you had one thing clear: they were one of the most expressive people you knew. They texted you just to know if you were doing ok, if you had arrived your home safe and to tell you that they missed you. They seemed to know exactly how you felt. They cared too much about you, and they weren’t even afraid to show it. You should call them.

Cancer: They were kind of complicated, especially with those mood swings… But when you discovered that they just needed love, you realized how amazing they were. They were the one who waited for you in the night, the one who texted you a million times just to tell you they were thinking about you, the one who looked for you everywhere because they wanted a hug. Maybe you don’t remember exactly when they left, but you do remember all the times they made you feel complete.

Leo: They’re just too hard to forget. Leo spent time with you, Leo made you feel soft, warm, loved. Leo was magic. Leo was the Sun, because when they left, it suddenly felt cold and dark. Everything changed. You told yourself you’re doing okay, but it’s not true. You can’t forget them because your life it’s not the same without them.

Virgo: You tried to find somebody like them, but you didn’t success. Virgo could listen to you talking about the same topic for hours and hours, and they wouldn’t complain. They didn’t tell you ‘i love you’, but they made you feel loved. Virgo was different, and, at the same time, Virgo was just like you.

Libra: They weren’t afraid to tell you how they felt and that they’d missed you, even when it wasn’t convenient for them. Libra believed in love, friendship, and everything pure in this world. And you admired them for that. It’s okay if you can’t forget them; nobody could.

Scorpio: They gave everything for you. They were there for you when nobody else was, they held you when you were falling apart, they told you not what you wanted to hear – but the truth, and now you realize that that’s what you really needed back then. They supported you, and now that they’re gone you feel as if they had left a hole in you. Well, … maybe you should speak to them again.

Sagittarius: You will never forget the excitement you felt when talking to them on the phone in the late, late night. Their laugh, their jokes, their stories. You will never forget them because they made you feel. You miss their energy and how they smiled when they spoke.

Capricorn: They had strength, they had bravery, they had character. Beside them, you learnt how to be mature, how to be a better person; to understand life. Perhaps it’s true that you didn’t miss them at first, but now they’re the only thing you can think about. Stop waiting for a sign. Call them.

Aquarius: It is quite complicated to forget someone who always tries to make everyone happy, someone who made you feel free and gave you all their love and trust, and that, my friend, is your case. You felt safe and sound next to them, and you learnt how to enjoy the littlest things in life.

Pisces: You will remember their generosity, their kindness, their patience towards others. Pisces was too special for you, because you always had that strange feeling of freshness with them. Probably they were your favorite person in the world. Maybe you won’t forget them in the near future, and maybe you shouldn’t try to.

A Hunter’s Field Notes Following Towerfall and the Red War

On the Cabal

  • Impressively large
    • Addendum: Also impressively ugly
  • Dislike being shot.
    • Addendum: Shoot them more.
  • Like dogs?
    • Addendum: Not dogs. Do not pet.
  • Wear bombs as backpacks. Not particularly smart.

On Allies

  • Almost punched Asher Mir today. Ghost transmatted me to orbit mid-swing. I do not believe he noticed.
    • Addendum: Will try again next time.
  • I enjoy being referred to as ‘Captain’
    • Addendum: How come Ghost never calls me ‘Captain?’
    • Addendum 2: Ghost dislikes this question.
  • Shaxx says I’m his favorite Guardian
    • Addendum: Ghost has informed me that Shaxx calls every Guardian his favorite Guardian. 
    • Addendum 2: I am not disappointed.
    • Addendum 3: Am mildly disappointed.


  • Have yet to find sufficient replacement cloak in wake of Cityfall
    • Addendum: speak to Cayde, find way to kill Gary again.
    • Addendum 2: Ghost has informed me that Cayde already tried.
    • Addendum 3: Spoke to Cayde. Exploring options.
    • Addendum 4: Vanguard not interested in resurrecting Gary for purposes of killing again.
    • Addendum: That is not water
    • Addendum 2: Have asked Ghost to teach me to swim regardless
    • Addendum 3: Based on creatures in not-water, interest in swimming has diminished. Ghost concurs.
  • Cayde’s pants are not lucky
    • Addendum: Find luckier pants.

- Cryptarch Records // Anonymous

If you’re going to embarrass me, just make sure I can’t embarrass you back..

When I was about ten years old, I decided to learn Mandarin Chinese as a hobby and future advantage. I was fairly good at it, but no one ever heard me speak it until one day…

One year my maths teacher REALLY hated me. I was accused of all sorts and they were never my fault but I never spoke up. One day she was ranting about me infront of the whole class, making me stand up while she insulted me. I can’t remember what I ‘did’ but all I can remember is feeling angry over injustice and the satisfaction that followed. I must have answered back to her insults because she pointed a finger at me and screamed “I don’t care if you talk back in Chinese! (Insert more ranting here).” I can now say there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the look of shock on her face when I turned to her and insulted her in fluent mandarin in front of a shocked class. I later found out that a boy had translated everything I said and told the entire class.

As an added bonus I decided that the best way to practise my Chinese writing would be to write her a thank you card. One she wouldn’t be able to read…


Submitted by: anonymous

Guy belittles me..I make him lose over $100K per year.

I am a Purchasing Manager for the city I work in. I have been doing this job for 11 years. We have contracts with various vendors but I want to talk about the company that does all of our dirt/gravel/limestone work. This story happened almost 4 years ago.

When I started we had a contract with this company. I spoke to the owner quite often and he was a pleasant guy. It was a family owned business that had only 4 employees but they were always ready to help the city when we needed. Every year, the owner would drop by and sign the contract before the new year began.

Well, the owner ends up passing away and his son takes over the business. His son had worked for the company right out of high school but ended up going work somewhere else. Came back to take ownership when his dad died. I never met the guy, didn’t know him, but my wife went to high school with him. On his Facebook page, he has pictures of his huge home, 4 vehicles, 3 boats(who the hell needs 3 boats), every ATV and toy imaginable. Just out of curiosity, I check all of the invoices from prior years and saw that we paid this company anywhere from $80K-$200K per year. In the time I was there, I figured out an average of about $140K per year.

So, we were in the middle of our contract when the owner died. I had some property that I wanted to put some mobile homes on so I would need some dirt hauled to my property. I decided to use the same company that the city uses. My wife called the new owner and set everything up for a Monday to haul the dirt and form up the dirt into a pad. It would cost me about $3,000. The mobile home was going to be delivered the Tuesday afternoon.

So, I’m at my property waiting for the guy to show up. Never does. My wife calls him and he says he can’t do the job. Too busy. I find out where he’s at(through connections at my job) and I show up to the site. I didn’t tell him who I was but asked what was going on. He said he had a bigger job to do and wouldn’t be able to get to it. I tell him that I have a mobile home being delivered the next day and I needed the work and had him lined up and he said “You know, what you would have paid me won’t make a dent in my pocketbook.”

I just looked at him and said, “Alright…” and left.

So, I ended up having to call a whole bunch of different places and eventually found a guy that could do the job for me. While him and I are talking, I tell him where I work and he mentions if he could possibly do work for us as a vendor. I get his information down and tell him I’ll be in touch.

I start researching at work and come to find out, we are supposed to holding a bid for that kind of work due to the dollar amount. We just never did because no one else was interested in doing the work.

In December of that year, the new owner calls me up and asks when he can come by and sign the new contract. I inform him that “due to regulations” we have to do a bid process. He seems kind of nervous but I inform him that it’s just a process we have to go through now and he shouldn’t worry because I told him that I doubt any one else would bid. He seemed more at ease and asked how the bid process went. Informed him that I would send him the information and he would need to fill out the bid sheet and come by and drop it off in a sealed envelope by a certain date.

I call the other guy that helped me out and tell him about the bid process. I also informed him that the company we deal with and the prices that they give us already(every information we have is public knowledge so I’m not doing anything wrong) and let him know that he should bid under that.

The day before the bid open date, the new owner of said company comes by and asks for the Purchasing Manager. He doesn’t know my name, but he knows my face. I come in the lobby and his mouth instantly drops. I extend my hand and tell him hi and that I was, in fact, the guy he needed to see. He asks if there are any other bids and I inform him that we didn’t have any others come in yet, which was a lie since I had the other guys bid.

No one comes in for the bid opening, which isn’t required, but the other guy who helped me out ended up winning the bid. I call the new owner to inform him that we had another bid come in last minute before the deadline and they were less so we would have to go with them.

He. Was. Pissed.

He was stuttering and stammering. Telling me that I’m going to be taking food off his kids plate, etc. I told him there was nothing i could do. He went to the public works office and they told him the same thing.

He has lost the bid process every single year. He no longer posts pictures of his “toys” on Facebook and I believe he downsized his home as well.
Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream
A cache of documents obtained by BuzzFeed News reveals the truth about Steve Bannon’s alt-right “killing machine.”
By Joseph Bernstein

On the 27th, now co-bylined, the story was ready for upper management: Bannon and Larry Solov, Breitbart’s press-shy CEO. It was also ready, on a separate email chain, for another read and round of comments from the white nationalist Saucier, the feudalist Yarvin, the neo-Nazi Weev, and Vox Day.

“I need to go thru this tomorrow in depth…although I do appreciate any piece that mentions evola,” Bannon wrote. On the 29th, in an email titled “steve wants you to read this,” Marlow sent Yiannopoulos a list of edits and notes Bannon had solicited from James Pinkerton, a former Reagan and George H.W. Bush staffer and a contributing editor of the American Conservative. The 59-year-old Pinkerton was put off by a cartoon of Pepe the Frog conducting the Trump Train.

“I love art,” he wrote inline. “I think [Breitbart News Network] needs a lot more of it, but I don’t get the above. Frogs? Kermit? Am I missing something here?”

Later that day, Breitbart published “An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right.” It quickly became a touchstone, cited in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the New Yorker, CNN, and New York Magazine, among others. And its influence is still being felt. This past July, in a speech in Warsaw that was celebrated by the alt-right, President Trump echoed a line from the story — a story written by a “brown-sounding” amanuensis, all but line-edited by a white nationalist, laundered for racism by Breitbart’s editors, and supervised by the man who would in short order become the president’s chief strategist.

The machine had worked well.

It hadn’t always been so easy.

The previous November, Yiannopoulos emailed Bannon with a bone to pick. Breitbart London reported that a London college student behind a popular social justice hashtag had threatened the anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller.

“The story is horseshit and we should never have published it,” Yiannopoulos wrote. “Reckless and stupid. … Strongly recommend we pull. it’s insanely defamatory. I spoke to pamela geller and even she said it was rubbish. We’re outright lying about this girl and surely we’re better than that. We can and should win by telling the truth.”

Six minutes later, Bannon wrote back to his tech editor in a fury. “Your [sic] full of shit. When I need your advice on anything I will ask. … The tech site is a total clusterfuck—meaningless stories written by juveniles. You don’t have a clue how to build a company or what real content is. And you don’t have long to figure it out or your [sic] gone. … You are magenalia [sic].”

(Geller clarified to BuzzFeed News in a statement that she believed it was “rubbish” that the London university characterized the threats against her as “fake.”)

On December 8, the New York Times published a major story about the radicalization of American Muslims on Facebook. Yiannopoulos published a story called “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy.”

That afternoon, Bannon emailed Yiannopoulos and Marlow.

“Dude—we r in a global existentialist war where our enemy EXISTS in social media and u r jerking yourself off w/ marginalia!!!! U should be OWNING this conversation because u r everything they hate!!! Drop your toys, pick up your tools and go help save western civilization.”

“Message received,” Yiannopoulos wrote back. “I will do a Week of Islam next week.”

“U don’t need that,” Bannon responded. “Just get in the fight—ur Social Media and they have made it a powerful weapon of war. … There is no war correspondent in the west yet dude and u can own it and be remember for 3 generations–or sit around wasting your God-given talents jerking off to your fan base.”

Over the next several months, Yiannopoulos began to find the right targets. First it was a continued attack on Shaun King, the writer and Black Lives Matter activist whose ethnicity Yiannopoulos had called into question. Next it was then–Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who Bannon called in an email to Yiannopoulos the “poster child for the narcissistic ecosystem.”

And increasingly it was enemies of Donald Trump. In response to a Yiannopoulos pitch accusing a prominent Republican opponent of Trump of being a pill-popper, Bannon wrote: “Dude!!! LMAO! … Epic.” And Bannon signed off on an April story by Yiannopoulos imploring #NeverTrumpers to get on board with “Trump and the alt-right.” (Bannon did, however, veto making it the lead story on the site, writing to Yiannopoulos and Marlow, “Looks like we have our thumb on the scale.”)

this story is a bit gossipy but it’s nice to know just how tight all these figures are (and how many are from the supposedly “liberal” media)

rockerangel9  asked:

Hey,Again I wanted to Resqust another Headcannon of Richie and Eddie. This one is Eddie is out as gay and a kid from school is hitting on him. How would Richie react

~ First of all, Eddie loves telling his coming out story because it is literally one of the funniest things that’s ever happened to him in his whole life and it for sure made the situation less scary and stressful. 

~ He impulsively announced that he had something to say when all the losers were packed into Bills car and he was sitting nervously on the passengers side. He wasn’t quite sure why but this felt like the moment. His mouth spoke before he could stop it. “I have something to tell you guys!” he shouted and instantly regretted it. 

~ He hadn’t even thought about how being packed into a car meant he’d have no way to escape if it all went south. He bit into his lip as his friends quieted to give him attention, even Richie. He swallowed….thinking of all the ways he could possibly back out. “I…well I just wanted to say-”

~ Suddenly, the radio that had been playing some soft song, burst with it’s new loud choice-

~ “I’m Coming Out!” Chimed the radio in Diana Ross’s voice. The car went silent as Eddie took the leap.

~ “That! I wanted to say that!” 

~ “That…you’re coming out?” Beverly asked, a small smile started at the corner of her lips. 

~ Eddie nodded profusely and everyone broke into laughter, Eddie was worried for what felt like an eternity until Bill pats his shoulder and reassures him that they love and support him. 

~With that over with, Eddie walks with his head a little higher in school. He feels so much better about himself. All of the losers notice instantly. 

~ He’s not quite sure why or how, but most of the school just knows too. Eddie notices the decrease in boys comfortably around him. It kills him. His own lab partner seems to have to make sure they sit as far apart as possible. 

~ What quirks peoples eyebrows is the fact that Richie Tozier seems like he hasn’t gotten the memo. Everyone gives him odd looks when Richie throws his arm around Eddie like it’s no big deal. Richie still pinches Eddie’s cheeks like many students saw in passing before. And Richie still sat incredibly close to him. 

~ Eddie secretly adored that he hadn’t changed. He didn’t really think his friends would but he was still thankful that Richie kept on teasing him just the same. 

~ The students though, couldn’t seem to process it. They watched it happen with confusion until Skippy Peterson supplied Richie with smokes in the bathroom. 

“Y’know, Eddie Kaspbrak’s gay right? Aren’t you worried he’ll think you’re flirting with him? What if he thinks he has a shot with you?” 

~ Richie flicked his lighter on and took a deep breath. “I sure hope he does. I’ve been flirting with him since we were like ten. He could’ve had me back then. We could’ve been holding hands at recess if he wanted.” and then he spun out the door, leaving Skippy feeling dumb. 

~ Richie left the bathroom just in time to catch some dude loitering by Eddie’s locker. Which was his job. He started strolling over until Eddie came into view…he could only just hear the conversation.

~ “Hey, Eddie right? I saw you with your friends the other day but I was a little nervous to talk to you then.” 

~ “Why would you be nervous Connor? I have those notes you wanted in my locker, if you would’ve asked I would’ve given em’ to you.” Eddie shrugged as he opened his locker. 

~ Richie rolled his eyes, a little glad that Eddie couldn’t be more oblivious to the fact that this Connor guy was flirting with him. 

~ As Eddie stood on his tip toes to reach, Connor took the chance to look him up and down. That was the last straw. Richie bounded over and slung his arm around Eddie’s shoulders. “How ya doin’ Eds?” he ruffled his hair and gave Connor a back off look. 

“Don’t call me that- Oh here you go, Connor.” Eddie handed him the notes and he looked like he might say something else to Eddie but then took another glance at Richie and decided against. 

“Huh, wonder where he’s going so fast?” 

~ “Probably to find some other guy to flirt with.” 

~ “He was not flirting with me.” Eddie rolled his eyes as Richie leaned against the neighboring locker, looking smug. 

“He had his eyes all over you, Eds. His flirting isn’t as good as mine though, Right?” Richie stuck his nose in the air. Eddie gave him a confused look. 

“How would I know?” 

~ “Because I’m always flirting with you… this not as clear as I thought?” 

  • me: man I love keith
  • vld crew: that's great! we do too
  • me: but I just wish season 3 would focus on the other characters and their back stories and insecurities instead of another season all about keith
  • vld crew:
  • vld crew: ......anyway.....
Orthodontist Fiasco Gets Fixed

just a heads up, this is gonna get really long

so I’ve always had a problem with my teeth. I have a really bad overbite that pushed apart my two front teeth so wide you could drive a truck through them. It was so bad that I was recommended to get braces as soon as my baby teeth all fell out. So by the time I was 12 I went to an orthodontist that my mom’s friend had spoke well of. The dentist and his staff were pleasant and did their job efficiently. By the time I was 15 (near 16) I got the green light to have my braces removed.

My parents were willing to pay for everything up front. They wanted my teeth to be right. Neither of my parents were able to have much quality work on their teeth when they were my age and they sincerely regretted it. They didn’t want me to be like that.

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and i look just like buddy holly

summary: eddie’s dragged to a halloween party

a/n: they are 17 in this story! this is a short story so i hope u all like it! the song richie sings is called “you’re so square” by buddy holly! based off of finn’s lip sync battle :’)

the group of friends parked a couple of houses down from their destination, due to limited spaces. this was the first of many parties eddie felt he would be dragged along to this month, and it was only the second week of october. it seemed like everyone in town was a halloween fanatic, besides eddie kaspbrak. sure, he liked sweets, but he could get those any other day of the year. he wasn’t fond of the gorey slasher films his friend, richie, picked out on fridays when all the losers met up at the rental store, because they lacked an actual story line. he liked carving pumpkins, but that’s because he normally did that with friends. over all, eddie couldn’t exactly figure out what the hype was.

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Ghost Stories, part one

“You’re not what I expected at all,” muttered Peridot.

Pearl paused mid-weld.  It had been a few days since Peridot’s meltdown, since she’d contacted Yellow Diamond only to have her faith in the Homeworld hierarchy shattered.  Garnet had spent a day calming her down, and they’d returned to working on the drill, so things were sort of back to normal, but Peridot had barely spoken to Pearl since.  No smug superiority, no plaintive whining about her ideas, no backhanded dismissals of her ability (which had actually been few and far between since the robot fight, to Peridot’s credit.  The little gremlin was trying, and Pearl appreciated that.)

No, Peridot had just…stared.

Not while she thought Pearl was watching, of course.  As soon as Pearl glanced in Peridot’s direction, she’d pretend she’d been completely engrossed in her work, but nobody had ever taught Peridot how to be subtle.  It had really started to grate, but Garnet had asked her to give Peridot time to adjust, and so…well, she had.

But now Peridot was talking to her again.


Well, might as well.

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In seventh grade a friend of mine was bring goldfish crackers to school every day towards the end of the year and for some reason she decided that it would be funny to put a singular goldfish cracker on the band directors music stand while he was out. She noticed it was still there so the next day so she added another one. Day after day, she added another goldfish cracker. Apparently the band teacher would look around suspiciously before every class. By the end of the school year there were around fifty goldfish crackers in a line on the music stand. The band teacher asked the class after the first twenty or so who was doing it and obviouly no one spoke up, but everyone who hadn’t know about it started leaving goldfish crackers in random places around the bandroom. I have never seen a teacher look so disgusted by goldfish crackers since.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is 'appalled and repulsed' by Harvey Weinstein allegations

On October 5, 2017 The New York Times published a story that reported that the movie producer Harvey Weinstein paid off sexual harassment accusers for decades. Since then, Weinstein apologized and has been fired, many have spoken out against him and in support of the victims (democratic politicians, actresses, actors and many other actresses, the list keeps growing) and one spoke in support of Weinstein (and she is probably regretting it). 

In the meantime The Guardian reached out to many actors and directors for a comment: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Colin Firth, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Russell Crowe, George Clooney and Ewan McGregor, Quentin Tarantino, David O Russell, Ryan Coogler, Tom Hooper, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Michael Moore, Rob Marshall, Robert Pulcini, Garth Davis, Doug McGrath, John Madden, Simon Curtis, Kevin Williamson, Martin Scorsese, John Hillcoat and John Wells. None of them replied immediately, leading to tweets like this  and this.

The publication has since updated the article with the statement/interview released by George Clooney and the response tweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The connection between Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Weinstein Co. is that the company is working on the production of the In The Heights movie.

EDIT: Lin-Manuel Miranda thanked the person who asked him to speak out. The tweeter apologized after being called out for focusing her attention on one of the few POCs on the list instead of the others.

EDIT 2: Lin-Manuel-Miranda and playwright Quiara Alegria Hudes, author of the book of the musical and the script of the movie, are calling on The Weinstein Co. to let them take the film adaptation of their show In the Heights elsewhere, “where I’ll feel safe (as will my actors and collaborators)”.

When I write, I take certain.. liberties. I had written Banshee in somewhere in the third chapter, used him as an example of how surprisingly fragile exo minds could be, especially the higher that number gets. I sat and unintentionally listened to Banshee-44′s dialogue, I was doing other things and that’s where I happened to put my controller down. And I noticed something.. odd. The way he spoke was disjointed, full of fragments of memories from previous wipes. Then, while preparing for a raid, I hunted through the tower to try to find a lounge or some points of reference to use in From here, the stars, I came across two interesting pieces of dialogue about Banshee. One of our Ghost telling us he asked Ikora what the number meant, and then this one too.

I guess what I’m saying is that I really love when I write something into a story and later find out it’s actually true.  

You ever wondered why the gunsmith stops mid-sentence sometimes? Why he picks up the conversation to himself that’s totally unrelated to what he was saying before? Or just says something to himself, corrects it, then keeps talking? Try it, go sit near him and just listen to what he mutters. His number is 44. That’s how many times he’s been rebooted. It starts to do some damage over time.” 

–excerpt from chapter 3, still a rough draft at this point

“What a nice story.”

          “…Let’s do it again.”

There were so many great moments to draw that it was hard to pick! But in the end, I knew which one spoke to me the most.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Vox Machina. We’ll never forget it.

By the Skin of her Smile

She had plenty of knowledge but little caution. She chose the name ‘Lorikeet’ to reflect her nature, this was a popular but unwise choice. Names that reflect the soul are but a step away from True.

She was a theatre major and so she knew and practised all the norm. She was a freshman and so she kept iron and salt in one bag, cream and gifts in another. This was where her caution ended.

She was just too kind.

She would see a girl with hair spun of gold weeping in the sidewalk and take her to the dorm that she no longer shared. She would ask the girl’s story over mugs of honey tea and give advice on whatever the girl would bring up. She had invited her in.

She would linger by the pool, seeing the girls with silver-toned skin lounging and accept their invitation to swim. “Only for 2 hours.” She would say, thinking it would protect her. It didn’t. Her protection came from her demeaner; she’d braid their hair, gossip about the swim team and when her time came the girls would allow her to leave.

She would laugh with the boys with too long nails and off-white sclera at parties. They saw easy prey, no worth to her. She would’ve accepted any offer they put forward. They would pass over her in need of a challenge, someone who would be conquered. She would not be asked to gamble as she had nothing worth winning.

Everybody who thought they knew her thought it wouldn’t be long until she was Taken.

She was not.

It would be a stretch to say that the gentry favoured Lorikeet, but they saw in her a small soul. She would be a side-character for all her life, she would marry a nice normal person and adopt a dog and take in one of her namesakes. They didn’t see the worth in Taking her, they wanted those that would make an impact on the world.

Then the storm happened.


She had always been energised by lightning in the air and thunder in her ears. She went to walk the grounds as it was a great time to run.

She ran straight into the Court.


The Court looked through her. (They saw her, of course, she was not hidden to them.)

The girl with golden hair, the girls with silver skin and the boys with too long nails and off-white sclera all felt a pull at their chests as their Betters looked upon this girl with not-distain. They shifted their weight as the Court off-handily sentenced her to death, not special enough to be Taken.


The Court spins their heads (only their heads, the necks and bodies do not follow) towards the girl with golden hair.

‘She has done many favours for me. Free me from her debt by sparing her.’

‘THAT IS NOT WORTH HER FREEDOM’ The hive-voice of the Court wafts through the air.

The silver skinned girls speak up, ‘She has kept our company for all her time here, bringing us kind smiles and fun stories. We want to know how they end.’


The boys from many a party step forward, ‘She treated us with warmth and acceptance in our Parties, never gambling anything not at her choice but because we did not wish her to lose.’


But the Court cannot think of another that has captured the hearts of their kind through so little. How could they, in a place where caution was the norm and the gentry were not to be trusted? All others who had trusted them were Taken or dead. She was neither.


Several bargains had been made but that morn Lorikeet was found sleeping in the theatre by her fellow thespians without the knowledge of her near-death.

And if after that day she decided that her new name would be Sonse, her friends didn’t mention it. And if from that day she only really spoke to the gentry (golden hair, silver skin and long nails everywhere around her) and that her eyes now shone pure white whenever lighting struck, well, no one could mention it.

She was still here, but she wasn’t quite Lorikeet anymore.



Summary: You are a well known female hunter who has always butted heads with the Winchesters in the past, especially Dean. Will this case go a different way when you see him in a more holy attire?

Pairing: Dean x Reader


language, sassy!reader, mentions of sex, smidgen of angst, is kissing a warning?

Song Insp; Steady as She Goes- The Raconteurs

*gifs are not mine*

Find yourself a girl and settle down

Live a simple life in a quiet town

Steady as she goes

Steady as she goes,’

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” Dean groaned as he set eyes on you sat at the bar, glass of whiskey in hand as you laughed at some poor unsuspecting guys chat up line. Of course you were wearing those damn tight jeans along with that black leather jacket you had on last time him and Sam had bumped into you in another town a few years back. Now, that was definitely a memorable weekend.

“Earth to Dean?” Sam cleared his throat, pulling him out of his brother’s thoughts.

Dean rubbed a hand across the back of neck, turning his body away from the direction of the bar, silently praying that you hadn’t seen them. “Let’s just go somewhere else, there’s another bar just out of town.”

“Oh come on, she’s not that bad,” Sam countered and Dean threw him a blunt look.

“Yeah, she’s a ray of sunshine,” he let out a short unimpressed scoff, rolling his eyes at his brother. “Up until she takes over our hunts and then steals the damn credit for ganking whatever it is,” he grumbled, the distaste clear on his face.

Sam tried to hold in his laugh as you appeared behind Dean, a smug grin across your face having heard a good amount of what he’d just said.

“Damn, Dean-o. Way to break a girl’s heart,” you held a hand over your chest in mock hurt as Dean turned to face you, his jaw clenched in frustration. 

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Reputation Secret Session, London: Our Experience

We have loved Taylor and her music since we were just 7 years old, and our biggest dream, something we wanted to happen more than anything else in the world, was to finally meet her

On Monday 2nd October, we received a DM on twitter from Taylor Nation. This was over a week before the event was taking place. They didn’t give any details other than that it was a ‘secret event’ and to keep it completely to ourselves and not share it with anyone or online. From then and on, we couldn’t stop smiling. We were told we’d be contacted with more details, then on the 4th on Wednesday, we were lay in bed and our phone started to ring. We immediately started SCREAMING then answered and tried to sound as normal as possible, even though we literally COULDN’T BREATHE. We said hello and she was like ‘how are you’ and I (Katie) just replied saying ‘FREAKING OUT.’ She told us her name was Ali (who we knew was part of TN!) and she spoke to our Mum and asked us questions, told us they knew how dedicated we are and wanted to reward us. Closer to the time they emailed us with further details. Honestly, since we received that DM on the Monday we couldn’t even eat properly it FELT SO OVERWHELMING. We had to keep things secret for so long, it was the hardest but most exciting thing ever. 

So on the 13th October, we traveled down to London from Manchester with our parents. We were at the meeting point, about to take Polaroids, then we saw OUR BEST FRIEND RUNNING TOWARDS US. We had no idea she (Kaz @ap0laroidofus) was also invited, because obviously we all kept it quiet, so when we saw each other it was the best feeling ever. 

We met with TN and everyone attending and we got on buses in groups to a secret location, with no idea of what would happen. Then, WE ARRIVED AT THE PRETTIEST HOUSE EVER, which is literally house goals, Taylor’s house! At this point Chloe was looking out of the window SO SHOCKED and Erica saw her and did a shocked face back and laughed. We met back up with Kaz in TAYLOR SWIFT’S KITCHEN and ate cookies and m&m’s that said ‘REP’ on them and drank coke etc. THEN we were just chilling and Tree (the prettiest lil angel ever) came and told us about the chicken tenders SO THANK YOU TREE FOR THAT. AND CHLOE PEED IN TAYLOR’S HOUSE!!! We went to get some and saw SCOTT SWIFT. HE SPOKE TO US FOR LIKE A FULL FIVE MINUTES. He told us stories about Taylor’s childhood like a story from when she was 11, whilst casually eating chicken tenders. Chloe asked him about the 10 minute version of all too well and he replied, ‘I say nothing, I keep my mouth shut!’ Then, of course as he is the king of guitar picks, he gave us some and was picking them all out like ‘1989 picks… speak now…’ HES PRECIOUS. (He dropped one and Katie accidentally saT IN HER BIN trying to pick it up. He also said that him and especially Andrea, would never have let Taylor or Austin go to a secret event when they were our age where they would have to leave their phones behind and get on a bus to a secret location, hahaha. He was also giggling and said it felt like he knew we’d won the lottery, but couldn’t tell us because he said he “knew so much” that we didn’t and then went on to joke about how we’d won the ‘Taylor Swift lottery’ because we were at her freAKING HOUSE.

Then we went into the room to HEAR THE MASTERPIECE OF AN ALBUM, and then she FUCKING WALKED IN LOOKING AS FLAWLESS AS EVER, came to the front, like RIGHT INFRONT OF US, and sat down and began telling us about how she stalked us for OVER A YEAR and has hand picked us then sent our accounts to TN so we could be invited. We heard the album, obviously alllll that info is confidential, but she SAW US and went ‘OMG TWINS.’ SHE ACTUALLY JUST RECOGNISED US out of like 100 people and smiled so big. We started crying and I (Katie) said ‘WE LOVE YOU’ and by this point even our Mum was SOBBING. She made eye contact with us so much throughout the whole thing it was so special. All we can say is, prepare yourselves. There is no album that even compares to rep, not even RED..

Then we were all sat waiting to be called up to MEET TAYLOR SWIFT. We were smelling her candles (SO NICE, OUR MUM WAS OBSESSED BY THE WAY @taylorswift ) and I (Katie) sat waiting in T’s chair. Andrea also came in to open the doors because everyone one was warm and she smiled so big at us and held onto Kaz’s dad so she didn’t fall hahahaha. So then, we got called to come to meet her by a member of TN and while we were waiting HERE COMES SCOTT SWIFT AGAIN. He came downstairs holding his glasses like ‘got my five minute dad nap’ (he’s so precious) and sat down on the stairs next to us and spoke to us and thanked us for coming. He was like ‘You got guitar picks, yeah?!’ so we laughed and said yes!! 

THEN WE WALKED IN TO BE GREETED BY TAYLOR. As soon as she saw us her face lit up and she was like ‘KATIE AND CHLOE!!’ WE SHIT YOU NOT OUR SOULS LEFT OUR FREAKING BODIES. SHE KNEW WHO WE WERE AND KNEW OUR NAMES, she seemed so genuinely happy to see us there. So we ran up to her and hugged her so tight then started talking to her. Then she said to Chloe how shes seen other people wearing her outfit at the event and she was like ‘WHERE CAN I GET THIS?!’ referring to Chloe’s dress and OF COURSE SHE WAS D E A D. TAYLOR SWIFT COMPLIMENTED HER OUTFIT LIKE HOW WAS THIS HAPPENING. So she (Chloe) told her it’s from Topshop. Chloe told her how proud we were of her which was such a special moment. She spoke to our Mum then and thanked her for bringing us and being so supportive then said.. ‘THEY’RE THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE’.. WE ARE THE LIGHT OF TAYLOR SWIFT’S FREAKING LIFE. At this point we were literally dead and seriously couldn’t even believe what was happening.  Then she held my hand SO tight (Katie) for most of the time we were talking WE LITERALLY WOULDN’T LET GO OF EACHOTHERS HANDS and she looked straight into our eyes and payed one hundred percent attention the entire time. She seemed so excited to ask and tell us things. She said she loves seeing us online etc. and that she loves our videos that we have posted on there.. SHE HAS WATCHED OUR VIDEOS. She also told us she made an exception so we could be there because it was supposed to be 18+ and we’re 17.. TAYLOR SWIFT made an EXCEPTION because she wanted to MEET US.  Then I (Katie) told her how we’d had a bad time recently but since we got the DM from Taylor Nation we had not stopped smiling. SHE WAS SO HAPPY THAT WE WERE HAPPY. Then Taylor said ‘shall we get a picture on the couch and we can be triplets?’ WE ARE TAYLOR SWIFT’S TRIPLETS. So we replied like ‘ Y E S!!!!!!’ We sat on the couch and T said ‘shall we do this?’ and put her hands under her chin and she looked SO PRECIOUS then we took the picture.We hugged her again and as we were standing up I (Katie) asked her if she’s coming to Manchester on tour and told her how we went to Fearless and 1989. She hugged us again so so tight and said we were adorable. Then she told us she loved us and we said that we loved her again and said bye.

As we were walking out Tree saw us to tell us where to go and she said we’re ‘BEAUTIFUL GIRLS’ which was so nice of her honestly she is complete sunshine. Then we had to wait downstairs for the bus (every time another group came in after meeting Taylor we were just like “HOW DEAD ARE YOU” and we discussed how much we loved the album- everyone was so nice, TS creating friendships as per) and we got given merch bags which had a t-shirt, pop socket, key ring, hat and a sticker inside which is so so lovely of her. All her team from security to TN were so so kind and her parents were literally so lovely they were checking on everyone like, WE LOVE OUR PARENTS

@taylorswift thank you for making that night the best night of our entire lives. We love you so much, we can’t even put into words how special it was you literally have our entire hearts. WE LOVE YOU, TRIPLET. We are honored to be the light of your life.

October Friday 13th 2017.