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The Signs as Beautiful Words In English

Aries: Mellifluous (adj.) - a sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear 

Taurus: Ineffable (adj.) - too great to be expressed in words 

Gemini: Sonorous (adj.) - an imposingly deep and full sound 

Cancer: Serendipity (n.) - the chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way 

Leo: Limerence (n.) - the state of being infatuated with another person 

Virgo: Ethereal (adj.) - extremely delicate, light, not of this world 

Libra: Petrichor (n.) - the pleasant, earthy smell after rain 

Scorpio: Iridescent (adj.) - producing a display of rainbowlike colours 

Sagittarius: Denouement (n.) - the resolution of a narrative 

Capricorn: Vellichor (n.) - the strange wistfulness of used bookshops 

Aquarius: Eloquence (n.) - the art of using language in an apt, fluent way 

Pisces: Sonder (n.) - the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own 

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bite me | m

◇ “Chanyeol — bite me!

◇ Chanyeol x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ requested by anon; Good I please request a vampire chanyeol where you’re shy about your first time and he’s really sweet

◇ agshfjsj sorry ive been so mia!! Catching up on all the avengers fanfics ive missed while i was focusing on kpop lmao / also i tried to add a read more but i have no idea if it worked or not so——


“You don’t feel… pressured, do you?” He watches you carefully.

“No! Not at all, really…”

Contrary to your assuring words, your skin trembles with every second and you can’t meet his eyes; Chanyeol has only had the pleasure of meeting you and calling you his mate for 4 months, but when your index finger hooks around the thumb of your opposite hand and you rock back and forth on your feet, he feels pity blossom in his chest like an unwelcomed garden weed — he finds it easy to read you.

“If you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to,” Chanyeol reminds you quietly, stepping closer until you stand chest to chest, and despite the matter at hand, his close proximity only serves to calm your nerves.

You sigh deeply, before a smile, small and nervous, flickers onto your features. You look up at him reassuringly, modding your head. “I know. But I — I want to.”

Sex wasn’t a new concept to you, despite not having taken part in any form of sexual intercourse — it wasn’t why you were nervous. It isn’t why you were painfully aware of your pulse thundering in your ears.

The source of your wavering and quickly depleting confidence were the two glimmering, shiny white canines that were hidden in Chanyeol’s gums — his fangs, which, if everything you were told about vampire tradition was true, would most likely be buried deep in your jugular during your love making.

You had considered whipping up a quick painless potion just so that you wouldn’t have to feel anything, but that wouldn’t only take away your pain, it would take away your pleasure too — and you didn’t want to feel nothing while Chanyeol was making love to you.

“It’s gonna happen sooner or later,” you add with a shrug and a weak, uncertain smile, folding your arms and hugging yourself close.

“I don’t want you to do this because ‘it’s gonna happen sooner or later’,” Chanyeol shakes his head, reaching down and intertwining your fingers. He lifts your knuckles to his lips, murmuring, “I want this to be memorable. I want you to enjoy yourself, my love.”

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I knew I felt something more than the friendship we cultivated when I found myself hoping I could change your mind. You never said you were loyal and you never acted like you were, and I tried to fool myself into thinking that was a part of you I could accept. But when I couldn’t stop thinking about your hands on me, when my chest tightened like breath before a first kiss when I heard your sudden laugh that sounded almost too sweet to fit you, when I didn’t care who the hell responded to my texts when if it wasn’t you, when I heard your voice in songs about loving someone who was out of reach, I knew something had happened I couldn’t exactly reconcile. Something I didn’t exactly want to. I would’ve never thought you’d be a constant presence in my lungs when I first met you, never imagined I’d want to breathe in the scent of you more than I would my own home. You are everything I want disguised in everything I never saw coming. If you would give me the chance, I’d drop everyone else I act like I care about to distract myself from the fact that I want you. I want your corny jokes, your subtle arrogance, the way you I catch you looking at me when you don’t think I see you. I want you to tell me all of the shit you’ve never felt comfortable telling anyone else, and I want the chance to give you the world even if you may fill up the majority of mine. And hell, maybe I am possessive and feel too strongly too quickly. Maybe I dive in without looking at how deep the water really is and maybe I make desperate decisions in pursuit of the warmth of your gaze. Maybe I romanticize your brutal honesty and am hoping for something you can’t give me but there are no lies on my tongue when I tell you I don’t want you to want anyone else. You are as sudden as a summer storm and as mysterious as the shadows that come afterwards, but you need to only say the word and I’ll get myself drenched in order to stand in the rain with you.
—  ap (8.17.17) there’s something reckless about you and I have a habit of taking chances
Wrong number, right person

Steve x Reader
Summary You get a text message from an unknown number and it sets the ball rolling into what could be the start of something wonderful.
Warnings swearing, fluff :D
AN This was written for @howlingbarnes challenge (Happy birthday!). The word I chose was Forelsket (Norwegian/Danish) - The intense, almost unreal feeling that comes with the beginning of love; when you start to fall in love.

Your phone went off, startling you from your painting.

See you at 8!

Furrowing your brow, you panicked. Did you have plans with someone and forgot? You often did that, especially when you were in your zone. Quickly glancing at the contact you noticed that it was an unrecognized number. Breathing a sigh of relief, you texted back Wrong number! Sorry.

A few moments later, you phone went off again Isn’t this Cynthia?

Now you were getting annoyed No.

Your phone rang. Who actually uses a phone to make phone calls? “Hello?”

“May I please speak with Cynthia?” The voice was deep and not unpleasant.

“Sorry buddy, you’ve got the wrong number.”

“I see. And whom am I speaking with?”

Sighing heavily, “My name is Y/N. Who’s this?” Why would you just give this strange man your name?! What the fuck is wrong with you?!

“Y/N. That’s a really pretty name. I’m Steve. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

You couldn’t help but giggle, “Hi Steve.”

“Well isn’t that the prettiest sound.”

You could feel your face heating up with embarrassment and you cleared your throat, “So, um, Steve, this has been lovely but I’ve got to go and you’ve got to figure out how to get in touch with this Cynthia lady.”

He let out a chuckle, a low, deep sound that made you smile in spite of yourself, “You have yourself a lovely evening, Y/N. Talk soon.”

“Wait, what?” but he had already disconnected the line. Talk soon? Why? You shook your head and went back to your painting but your focus had been interrupted and you couldn’t get back into it.

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Best Friends? Part 3 || l.h.

Thank you to everyone who sent feedback and reblogged/liked part 2!

Again, get this part to 100 notes and part 4 will be posted!

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to call.” You admit, holding the phone between your ear and shoulder as you reach for your laptop on the night stand beside your bed.

“I know, I’m sorry. There were fans that wanted to meet and get pictures with us, so we stayed behind for awhile.” Luke says, and you can hear some shuffling in the background.

“Is that (Y/N)?” Calum asks, his voice muffled from behind in the background. “None of your business. I’m going for a walk.” Luke tells him, and noise erupts all around in the back.

“Guys! Luke is on the phone with (Y/N)!” You hear Calum yell before the noise goes away in a second.

“Sorry, we’re on the bus because management forgot to get us rooms at a hotel.” Luke apologizes. “Why don’t you stay at your place?” You ask, remembering that he has a place not far from yours. “Sold that awhile ago, sweetheart. The only one who has one near here is Ash, and his is two hours away. Plus, we leave in two days for a festival somewhere.”

You frown a little. “I forgot you’re on tour right now.” You admit. Luke chuckles. “Yeah, we just stopped here for a few days to record.” He coughs, and you hear cars in the background.

“Are you actually taking a walk?” You ask, giggling. “Yes. The boys are too nosey, I can’t stay on the bus and talk to you. They’ll all be trying to listen in.” He says, laughing a little. You giggle some more, and then it’s quiet, only the sound of you and Luke’s breathing behind heard on the line.

“I missed hearing your laugh.” He finally says, and you squeeze your eyes shut, because yes, you missed hearing his laugh too. He sounds so vulnerable and it physically hurts to hear him like that; to hear him sound exactly like he did after Vegas happened.

“Too far?” He asks, snapping you out of your thoughts. “What? No! I was just thinking.” You say, opening your eyes again. “About what?” You sigh. “Remember in Vegas when I was hungry at like three in the morning?” Luke chuckles. “‘Course I do, sweetheart. We had literally just got done messing around and you just sat straight up and demanded pancakes.” You smile. “You ordered me room service and the waiter guy was all mad about it being three a.m..” You say. “You left right after you finished eating.” Luke says quietly, and you bite your lip. The conversation is getting too serious, too fast and you’re not ready for that.

“I’d give anything for pancakes right about now.” You tell him. Luke seems to catch on to how serious that conversation is getting, because he says, “remember how Ashton tried to break into Calum’s hotel room that night?” You grin, sitting up in bed. “Yes! I could never forget that. You asked him why he was trying to get in Calum’s room and he told you it was because he wanted to make love to Calum.” Luke laughs, a sweet sound in your ear.

“Those were his exact words too, you said it perfectly.” He murmurs. “They’re totally gay for each other, I don’t care what anyone else says. I saw it first-hand that night.” You comment, which starts up Luke’s laughter again.

“Wait, hold on. Do you wanna know what the best part about that trip to Vegas was?” You ask, making him pause. “My dick?” He asks, stifling laughter. “Oh, shut up.” You laugh, shaking your head even though he can’t see you. “What was the best part?” He asks, chuckling. “When Michael rolled all the mattresses out of the rooms and tried to play dominoes with them just because he was bored and management wouldn’t let you guys out yet.” You can hear Luke’s grin on the other end when you finish speaking.

“You helped him!” He accuses. “You have no proof of that, Mr. Hemmings.” You can practically see Luke rolling his eyes.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”


“Come open your front door.”

“… Why?”

“Just do it.”

You get out of bed slowly, holding the phone to your ear. “You sound like a fucking Nike commercial.” You tell him, because he does. Luke scoffs. “Hurry up, it’s cold out here.” He mutters. “You’re outside my house?” You ask, walking downstairs. Luke laughs a little.

“Just open the door, (Y/N).” You cautiously open it, afraid of something jumping out at you. But the only thing standing in front of you is Luke. He’s holding a medium sized grocery bag. He lifts it up a little when he sees you. He ends the call, and you do the same.

“Pancakes.” He explains. You glance down at the bag. “You brought me pancakes.” You state. He nods, a small smile on his face. “You said you would do anything for pancakes, and I was on my way over anyway, so I stopped and got some from McDonald’s.” He explains. You smile a little.

“You gonna let me in?” He asks, raising his eyebrows. You bite your lip. “I want to.” You admit, “but I think that’s a bad idea.” Luke chuckles. “Alright, well how about this: I’ll come in and we’ll eat pancakes and chat for a bit, and when we’re done with our pancakes, you can decide if you want me to leave or not.”

You consider this, then pull the door open wider so he can step inside. Luke grins, walking in and slipping off his shoes. He follows you upstairs to your bedroom and sits across from you. You both start eating your pancakes, staring at each other.

“You wanna talk about what happened or are we avoiding that subject until tomorrow?” Luke asks. You hesitate, mid-bite. “We can talk about it.” Luke puts down his plastic fork, licking his lips slightly.

“Alright, well. I fell in love with you, (Y/N).” He blurts out, causing your eyes to widen a bit. “I see we’re not holding anything back here.” You mumble, causing him to chuckle. “How long were you in love with me?” You ask quietly, putting your fork down. “I don’t remember exactly what day I realized I loved you, but it was before Vegas. A long time before that.” You bite your lip.

You never said anything.“

“Would you have told me if you were in love with me?”

“Okay, I see your point. I probably wouldn’t have told you, either.”


Luke takes another bite of his pancakes, blinking at you from a few feet away. You avoid his gaze, looking anywhere but at him.

“(Y/N), you don’t have to be shy with me. Say whatever you’re thinking. I’m not going to be mad.” He says, after a minute of silence. You swallow hard.

“I had no idea. And you acted like I did.” You whisper, meeting his eyes again. “I know, and that’s my fault. I take full blame for that. I was only upset.” Luke says softly, pushing his pancakes aside so that he can move over beside you. “Ashton said you were doing better without me.” You admit.

“So, you talked to Ash, huh?”


“I was doing good. Really good. But after awhile, I noticed how alone I felt. You were always around to make me feel less alone, and then suddenly, you just weren’t there anymore. I was surrounded by crowds every night and I’ve never felt more alone.”

You look over at him, frowning. “Do you still love me, Luke?” You ask. He bites his lip. “I can’t answer that, because I’m not totally sure. But the one thing that I am sure about is that I miss my best friend.” He says, and you sigh.

“Alright, you can stay. You’re sleeping in the guest room, though. And we’re going to talk more about this in the morning, I’m not done yet. I’m just too tired to talk more now.” You say, yawning. Luke grins, kissing your cheek before hopping off the bed. He takes the empty pancake containers and the McDonald’s bag downstairs and throws it away, then pops his head back into your room. Your lying down now, and your back is to him.

“Goodnight, (Y/N). See ya in the morning.” He says, pulling the door closed and going to the guest room across the hall. You squeeze your eyes shut and will yourself not to say anything back, because if you do, then he’ll hear the tears.

And it’s so stupid that you’re crying, you’re sure it is.

Because how ironic is it that you’re falling for him when he’s not falling for you anymore?

Long Distance (Final Chapter)

This is our last chapter guys! Thanks so much for all the love on this fic, and for coming along on the ride for this thing. Love my readers.

Art as always by my favorite @latelierderiot – writing this with you has been so fun!!! thank you for such a wonderful prompt!

Long update- 3400 words– can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


Enjoy :)

{Group Text}

From Bucky– it pissed me off that there was only two of us in bed this morning when I woke up.

From Steve– it really did. I’ve never felt so unwanted in my own bed

From Bucky– whatever Steve, you rolled towards the middle of the bed and totally grumbled when you got my big ass instead of Tony.

From Tony– so Steve rolled over and grabbed your ass, Buck? And then complained? My god that’s rude

From Bucky– so rude. I was devastated

From Steve– Oh my god, you guys.

From Bucky– seriously though, sweet thing, after waking up next to you two days in a row– monday morning was suddenly about 10x suckier than usual because you weren’t lying next to us.

From Steve– it absolutely was. And I know we left some things unsaid when we left yesterday afternoon, but don’t worry about that. Whether you say yes or no to moving in with us won’t change a damn thing. We fell in love with you long distance, we can keep loving you long distance too.

From Bucky– look at the professor preaching truth.
        – long distance or not, we love every inch of you.
        – i might be more partial to particular inches over others, but still. Love them all.

From Steve– Bucky

From Bucky–hey we both know you’re the smooth one, Stevie. Nothing I say should surprise Tony anymore.

From Tony– No surprises here. I’m going to be out of contact most of the day, but we can talk tonight.

From Steve– alright honey, love you

From Bucky– love ya baby doll.

From Tony– Yep. Love you guys too.


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“I don’t like your little games.”
“The role you made me play, of the fool–”
“No, I don’t like you.”
“I don’t like your perfect crime.”
“You laugh when you lie.”
“You said the gun was mine.”
“Isn’t cool.”
“I got harder in the nick of time.”
“I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time.”
“I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined.”
“Look what you made me do.”
“I don’t like your kingdom keys.”
“They once belonged to me.”
“You asked me for a place to sleep.”
“You locked me out and threw a feast!”
“The world moves on, another day, another drama.”
“All I think about is karma
"Maybe I got mine, but you’ll all get yours!”
“I don’t trust nobody.”
“Nobody trusts me.”
“I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams.”
“I’m sorry, ____ can’t come to the phone right now.”
“Oh, cause s/he’s dead!”


“I am not your toys.”
“Built-in level raspberries.”
“He played the role of yam.”
“I am guilty.”
“You do not want.”
“I am not guilty.”
“He says that the dog was mine.”
“However, India –”
“But I have spiritual abilities.
"Part-time coaches will help me more.”
“Honey, I’m dead and I have been all the time.”
“A list of attributes in green have been emphasized.”
“Immediately I sprinkled her!”
“Oh, what am I doing?”
“What do I doi to me?”
“See what you did.”
“See what I did!”
“I do not like your royal buttons.”
“You locked me.”
“The next day in the world another play plays.”
“I think that action is everything…I think.”
“Then the world works.”
“Maybe my feet may know me.”
“I worked hard at a meal!”
“Are you the one who saved me?”
“___ is not a believer, nor does he have faith.”
“I will be a star in the sweet sounds.”
“___ cannot think. Too much thinking.”
“I want to activate your star.”
“Thank you.”
“You are now a TV.”
“No. Because you will die!”


As soon as you arrived home, you noticed Jongdae’s shoes beside yours and your heart immediately leapt to cloud nine. Rushing to kick off your painful heels, you dumped your bag and keys by the door and went in search of your handsome boyfriend who was home at a sensible time for the first time in almost a week. “Jongdae?” you called out, checking the lounge and kitchen, both of which were empty.

You headed upstairs, taking the steps as fast as you could in your restricting pencil skirt. “Jongdae?” you shouted from the top step, just as your ears filled with the sound of running water from the bathroom.

“Hey babe!” your boyfriend called back, his voice slightly muffled through the door. “There’s a surprise on the bed for you!”

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Part 1: Engaged/ Newlyweds 

A/N: I’m not relevant anymore but here’s part one of a possible series of a reader and Tom growing up, growing together, and growing old. 

Word count: 3,112

It’s like a scene out of a movie when you and Tom finally have a date: a streetside café bustling with New York natives, a wall of plants and flowers fencing where the sidewalk ends and the seating starts. A slight breeze cools the piping hot coffee you ordered, a gorgeous spread of food laying in your sights. Tom says something, but you can’t quite hear him over how loud everything is.

“Can you repeat that babe?”

“I said the back of your head looks really nice today.”

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luke sizemore/yungtown stimboard for @gooey-and-chewy! and myself

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Eddy Lee - Paving the Path in Hamilton and Beyond (Huffpost):

As the first Asian male dancer to get hired for the Broadway Production, what are your thoughts on this? Do you feel you have to represent the API community? Or are you able to be just you?

Well, it’s definitely crazy to think about. I mean I never thought I’d be the first of anything! Let alone the first Asian Male ensemble member of Hamilton on Broadway!! I mean that’s just crazy! I’m just so grateful that they saw something in me and gave me this opportunity to represent in this already incredibly different and diverse show. I definitely feel a sense of need to represent the API community. Especially after meeting that Asian boy Leo after my debut. It was so telling for me the power that representation has to bring hope and belief to those watching. But I also don’t know any better way to represent than being who I am haha. This show just resonated with me on so many levels and I think it was because of that that I caught their attention. If anything maybe I’m helping to represent the API community by letting them know it’s okay to be yourself.


As one of the most hard-working, sweetest, salt of the earth, performers I know do you have any words of advice for your fellow Asian-American performers?

Aww, you’re too sweet! Ummm it might sound cliche but I’d say trust in yourself. I think too many times we rule ourselves out before we’ve even given casting the chance to do so haha. Trust in your own talents, your own abilities, and your own gifts that you know you have and show it to the fullest! You had that wonderful challenge earlier in the year about hitting 100 auditions by the end of the year or something along those lines and I think that’s such an amazing goal! Even if we’re not “right” for the part why should we stop ourselves from gaining that experience? Auditioning is such a different beast and you can learn so much every time you get into that room. It keeps you sharp and on your toes and if nothing else it’ll show casting that the Asian and Asian-American Community are here and we’re ready!

I remember when you started going in for this show. You had quite the lengthy audition process. Can you talk about it? How were you able to maintain a positive attitude throughout it?

Oh man! Indeed it was! I think I went in for them 13 or 14 times over the span of two years! I mean I don’t have an agent so I just kept going into every required call they had. Even if I had gotten pretty far in the call prior I still went to the ECC’s every time. I even went to some of the EPA’s! I wanted to keep going in and show them that I was working and improving, and I wasn’t gonna chance them remembering me and calling me in for an invited call. And Ooooh Weee, let me tell you it wasn’t easy keeping a positive attitude toward the latter part of those two years. Especially after I was in final callbacks for the Angelica tour. It was the furthest I had ever gotten and I felt pretty defeated when I didn’t get it. I kept beating myself up and wondering what I did wrong, or what I could have done better, or if I just wasn’t good enough and they finally saw that. A whole plethora of negative thoughts rushed into my mind, and truthfully the only thing that kept me a float and kept me in the game was the unrelenting support from my friends and family. I can’t tell you the number of talks and phone calls I had where I kept beating myself up and they kept picking me back up. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be here without any of them and I need to thank each and every one of them for knocking some sense into me and for not giving up on me! I mean they must have been so annoyed with me always having to bring my spirits back up! Haha! But what became really helpful to me is from talking to everyone I realized that I had become too focused on Hamilton. By that point, I was thinking, “This is my only shot and the only show I’m right for!” (Having a hip-hop background and loving theatre I mean it just makes sense). I had forgotten that I wanted to be a performer before I even knew Hamilton was a thing! And that’s when I shifted my mind set from “How can I get into Hamilton,” to “How can I improve myself as a person and a performer.” I started to get back into classes and going to as many auditions as I could and doing workshops and readings and whatever I could do to improve. It seems like it worked out for me! But for sure having my friends and family was absolutely critical for me booking this job. I’m nothing without them! […]

& congrats for having made his debut as George Eacker yesterday!

lotus-eater: part 1

Summary: Maka should have known nothing good could come from making big life decisions on too little sleep. When she breaks her own promise and sings to Soul on his birthday, will this slip up bring them closer, or will her secret break their bond? modern siren au. Alsooo be ready for asexuality talk! c:

this was supposed to be a valentine’s day oneshot for @soundofez but now it turned into a multi-part thing that’s very late, as per usual, but it’s here now (and on ffn and ao3)! shoutout to @professor-maka , @the-brightest-fell , and @thefishywitchy for the support and eyes and patience :)

In the four am serenity, a solid blackness stares at them through the small window above the sink while a surreal yellow light surrounds them from above. It heightens everything, from the content exhaustion between them to the mess they’ve created. Spots of flour blanket the things Maka loves most - the smooth marble surfaces of the Evanses’ kitchen, her best friend’s fingers, the soft cotton of his shirt, and the curve of his eyebrow.

Even her lashes are coated with it. Flashes of white flutter in and out of her vision as she blinks and screws up her face at his request.

In response, Soul leans back to rest his elbows on the counter, the dollop of pink frosting she had painted over his dimple moving with his sheepish grin. “That’s my one wish. For you to sing me ‘happy birthday’.”

Instinct means Maka echoes him without thinking - leaning forward to stay close, hands splayed on either side of him for balance. They’re in sync, one never too far behind the other, but what numbs Maka’s mind right now is the view from here. Normally he towers over her, but at the moment he’s perched on the bar stool, ethereal in her shadow as she hovers over him, and it’s both intoxicating and humbling.

The sleep in his eyes is hypnotic.

“I don’t sing,” she says.


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