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Okay so this took a lot longer than usual because I got very stuck with finding the plot. It is currently twenty to one in the morning and I’ve just finished so I’m feeling very sleep-deprived but accomplished. This turned out to be quite like “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” which is a book I’ve read recently. However I should pologise to the person who made the request because there’s a lot less hugs and a lot more angst than I was going for. Also it ended up being really long. Big thanks to sherlock-yer and connor-say-what for helping me over the hurdle that is writer’s block and an even bigger thank you to theunlikelyavenger for requesting the first Bucky x Reader one shot. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to- *collapses onto keyboard, snoring fiercely*.

Prompt:  In light of recent events I would like to request a Bucky one shot. I don’t even care about the situation as long as he’s happy and receiving lots of hugs. (Maybe he’d flinch upon touch at first, but eventually finds comfort in it?) I am a mess right now. Soothe me.

“Instinct” (Part 1)

Warning: Angst, Swearing

Today was the day.

The Avengers lined up in the training room, biting lips, clenching jaws or drumming their fingers nervously. Anxieties were high and the air was thick with tension because today the team was being introduced to the Winter Soldier. Steve had spent months tracking him down and, after finally doing so, was able to convince him of his identity. You’d received word last week that he was intending to bring the Winter Soldier back to the tower for the first time and since then, everyone had been on edge.

Naturally, Natasha was holding a grudge. Her hand grazed thoughtlessly over her hip where a scar resided and every now and then you could see her mind wandering, presumably to the day that SHIELD fell. Aside from Steve, she had gotten close and personal with the man – though not on the friendliest of terms.

You were also particularly nervous about meeting The Winter Soldier. Frankly, you didn’t think you deserved to be here. You’d only been in the Avengers for a few months and didn’t feel as though you were important enough to be included in such a huge event. Worse still, you were first in line, wringing your hands together. What if you did something wrong? What if you said something that hurt him or made him violent? What if-

The door slid open. You could hear everyone’s breath hitch – including your own. Steve walked in slowly and gave everybody a solemn nod.

Then he walked in.

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[ vampire jun, pt. 2 ]

hey everyone, take a look at the previous scenarios!

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Your fingertips scraped against the cotton fabric of the pillow you were holding tightly to your chest as a scary clip appeared on your television screen. At the same time your other hand was shoved into a bowl of popcorn grabbing a handful of the snack to shove in your mouth. It was a late Friday night with the gentle patter of rain bouncing against your apartment window which meant it was time for a horror movie marathon. Dressing in your comfiest sweatpants and hoodie you bundled yourself in a fluffy blanket and popped in a dvd.

Watching horror movies alone was an experience you wouldn’t recommend, however you weren’t particularly close enough with anyone to invite over. There was Joshua but he was more of a friend you partnered with at work other than someone you would spend your weekend with. So you settled for your pillow as a friend and cuddle buddy which you were currently squeezing the life out of. This week had been nothing but a spiral of unpleasant events with Alberts death and the bodies being snatched away from Churchill Cemetery.

But something that was taking over your mind more than anything was the young man you and Joshua encountered at the cemetery the day of Alberts death. Jun.

He seemed to have disappeared from sight just after sharing a short conversation with you, one that left an anxious feeling to bubble away in your stomach. You hadn’t seen a trace of the mysterious boy since leaving you to wonder if meeting him even happened. Another thing was the police men sharing a hushed conversation over the bite marks on Alberts neck.

Was it really an animal or could it have been something else? The sudden thrill of the movies horror music snapped you out of your thoughts your eyes intently watching the television screen with fingers digging into your pillow. That is until the screen suddenly blinked off to a flat shade of black, the apartment lights flickering for a few seconds before staying lit. Now you were really quite scared as your eyes darted around the apartment space. Maybe the weather was just getting worse so the power was turning iffy.

Instead you decided to get ready for bed by giving a quick brush of your teeth and splashing some refreshing water over your face. You sat on the edge of the bed elbows resting on your knees while you took in the blinking lights of the city down below. Though the day was always glum and dull the night was always sparkling with bright city lights and the patter of cold raindrops to lull you to sleep. As you climbed under the covers and flicked off the light you felt a sharp tingle down the back of your neck making you tug the blankets up to your chin.

You rarely ever treated yourself seeing as most of your money went towards keeping your apartment and buying essentials to just get by. So when you were munching on a piece of slightly burnt toast this morning and your eyes wandered to the pile of cash from your boss sitting on the counter you couldn’t resist.

Quickly chugging down your orange juice you tossed the plastic cup into the sink and swiped the money off the counter. Then you shuffled off to get properly dressed. Jumping up and down you shimmied into a pair of tight jeans and threw on your favourite top. Giving your hair a quick check in the hall mirror you grabbed a light jacket and made your way to the elevator.

As you shuffled inside you met with the cleaning lady who vacuumed the carpets every two weeks or so. She nodded her head in your direction as your fingers played with the cash shoved in your pocket. “Heading out?” She asked with a tiny smile while you bobbed your head in reply. “I earned some decent money so I’ve decided to spend it on myself today.” Your eyes turned into two crescent moons as you returned her friendly smile.

“It’s nice to see you treating yourself.” She replied as the elevator came to a stop on the cleaning ladies floor. When she rolled the cart off the elevator is when you noticed a black jacket draped over her arm, one that looked very similar to something you’d seen before. Without thinking a question popped out of your mouth. “Where did you get that jacket?” “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Your features scrunched up in surprise at her sudden change in tone. From something so sweet to something filled with mockery.

Squeezing your fingers against the money in your pocket you gave a shrug, brushing off her sudden change in attitude. Then you stepped into the lobby and hailed a cab to the mall. The mall was very big with it being one of the cities main attractions. Cars jammed up the parking lots especially on weekends when people would be free to shop for hours.

You thanked the cab driver and offered him a tip before pushing through the rotating doors of the entrance your eyes widening at the long bright hall that seemed the stretch out forever. The marble floors were shiny and pristine with perfectly chopped hedges as decor lining the halls. The sweet smell of food wafted from the food courts leaving your mouth already watering. A smile propped it’s way onto your lips as you began browsing the stores, keeping an eye out for anything that snagged your attention.

After shopping for about an hour a growl erupted in your stomach so you took a quick stop at the food court section for a sandwich. After settling down in your seat you unwrapped your meal and took a large bite savoring the tasty flavors that tapped against your tongue. It didn’t take long for you to finish, so quickly you were tossing the sandwich wrapper into the garbage can and preparing to go browse some more.

That is until your eyes caught sight of a little old lady hobbling around with a coffee in her wrinkled hand. She accurately resembled the old woman you spotted sobbing on the bench at the cemetery which is when it clicked inside your brain. You weren’t sure if you should ask her how she’s been doing seeing as it might dig up unwanted emotions. But at the same time you were thinking this you were also making your way over to her.

“Hello, sorry to bother you,” She turned to you with squinted eyes before dismissing you as a sales person trying to sell their overpriced merchandise. “No I’m not a sales person but I was at the cemetery on the day of your husbands death. I was just wondering if the police had told you anything or how you’re doing?” Her expression was sour for a few seconds as if pondering if you were worth her time but her bony fingers reached for your sleeve and tugged you aside.

“The police haven’t told me nothin’ but lies. They keep mutterin’ bout all these over the top situations that make less sense than a fish outta water.” You could hardly tell what she was saying her voice was so strained and dry but you could get the just of it. “What do you think happened to him?” You were interested in what she had to say for she spoke like she already knew the truth and she was waiting for the police to slap a bow on it.

Tugging you closer by the fabric on your shoulder the old woman whispered directly in your ear. “Urbem Lamia.” Taking a step back you looked at her with a slacked jaw and squinted eyes. “You think a vampire killed your husband?” You didn’t bother to keep your voice down as a few people gave you questioning glances. The old women snapped her fingers to silence you as she squeezed her coffee cup tightly.

“I ain’t blind. They think I don’t see those bite marks on his neck well I did so. Vampires been livin’ in this city for ages and it’s only a matter of time before I’m next.” You adjusted the strap of your bag on your shoulder while staring blankly at the shiny floor tiles. Ever since Joshua mentioned that the city had been named after their existence things seemed a little stranger than usual. Alberts wife was busy hobbling away while you probed your thoughts for something to say.

“Wait!” You called out as you leaped forwards setting your fingers over her shoulder. She hissed under her breath. “What do ya want now?” “Did Albert ever have anyone who helped him bury bodies? Like an assistant or something?”

Your fingers fidgeted with the hem of your shirt as you waited for her reply, hoping she would say the answer you were looking for. “As assistant? My husband looked after that cemetery all on his own, buried all those sorry excuses for bodies and shoveled all the dirt over em too.”

“It doesn’t make any sense Joshua, it just doesn’t.” The poor boy leaned back in his chair his head lolling in a tired circle as you babbled on about everything you'ed recently discovered. His fingers carved over the chairs arms as he smacked his lips. “Just leave it. The police act like they’ll solve the mystery then once everything quiets down they toss all the files out the window. Vampires don’t even exist, it’s just based on a stereotype that this city attracts them.”

However now you weren’t so sure. There was obviously something going around killing all these innocent people and Albert surely wasn’t the end of it. Clicking the end of your pen repeatedly you released a deep sigh and slumped off the office break room counter. “I need to find him.”

“Find who?” Joshua cocked his head up at you while dumping his cold coffee down the sink not having a chance to drink it from all the questions you’d asked him. “Jun.” Joshua released a scoff while his fingers raked through his messy brown hair. Leaning against the counter he crossed his arms over his chest and gave you the look. “I’m serious Joshua. I need to put a stop to these out of hand murders if no one else is going to do anything. Why would he say he knows Albert if he really doesn’t?”

“You know Alberts wife has always been a bit on the delusional side. Maybe he stopped by a few times to help him out.” Though you just weren’t buying it. It wasn’t convincing enough for you. However, how on earth would you run into him again in such a large city. Your chances were slim and it seemed like you were walking into this blindly. Pouring yourself a glass of tap water you returned to your desk with a mind as blank as a fresh sheet of paper.

The city of rain was known for its constant gloomy weather and depressing mood that hung over its citizens. It was known for showers of rain that either poured or sprinkled over the streets and for its crime rate. Murders here, robberies there, an illegal trade of drugs being negotiated off in some dark alley. But though the city was big a lot of it was deserted. Certain parts lacked any source of life and hardly anyone wandered them for any reason.

The buildings were tall and empty, everything left exactly how it was. If you walked into a cafe the chairs would be neatly tucked into the tables, old food stored away underneath the glass of the display case. The open sign hanging on by only a thread about to snap. Houses still had dishes in the sink and clothes in the laundry basket. Homework left on kitchen tables along with toys that were never put away.

Nobody really knew why certain parts were so empty. It just seemed as though everyone left without packing up or taking anything with them. But there was always one mischievous group of children who wanted to break the norm of no one ever visiting those empty parts. They hoped over gates with untied shoelaces and ripped jeans late at night. Flashlights bright and lighting up the sidewalks. You use to be apart of those children.

You had a hunger to explore where you could not go and solve things nobody wanted to solve. It was a part of you that still followed you everyday to now when you were rushing to work under a sheet of drizzling rain. But there was a reason you stopped visiting those empty city parts, a reason you stayed away because sometimes curiosity killed the cat

It was the night you were blindly stumbling around in the dark with your friends. The house was tiny and had a very distinct smell of fungus that made you think twice about entering. However once you were inside it was fun to shine your flashlight over the empty fish tank and box TV sitting in the living room. It was fun to explore the house and try to discover its story. But all that fun disappeared when a shriek of horror escaped your dry lips.

Tangled up in the floral shower curtain was a body. A lifeless body lying still and stiff. After that day you never returned to empty parts of the city because you didn’t want to be filled with that sickly horrid feeling, but now you were use to it.

“But satisfaction brought it back.” “Hmm?” You mumble while typing up another report for your boss. Joshua was clicking away on his keyboard beside you however he was online shopping. “You said curiosity killed the cat. Not a lot of people know that it doesn’t end there. Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.” Your fingers paused over the keyboard as you tugged your lower lip between your teeth.

It was getting late and you could feel the start of a headache throbbing in your skull. Whenever you were getting tired often you spoke your thoughts out loud without realizing it. “I guess that’s true.” Standing up from your computer you reached into the shelf above you for an aspirin but a sigh of disappointment left your lips when you realized the bottle was empty. So you settled for some water as you continued to type up your report.

A few minutes later Joshua was grabbing his coat off the hook along with his navy blue umbrella. He asked if you wanted him to wait but you just dismissed him saying you were fine to work alone. A pair of keys slid across your desk as Joshua rounded the corner. “Remember to lock up then.” Giving him a nod you returned to writing until your headache wouldn’t allow you to type another word.

Deciding it was better to head home than to try and finish the report in one night you fastened up your jacket and took hold of your umbrella. The fresh night air was crisp and cool leaving you to sigh in relief as you locked up the front entrance. A slight breeze ruffled the run away strands of hair and nipped at your heated skin. It felt nice to be outside and not cooped away in a tiny office cubicle. Your headache slowly disappeared as you shuffled down the damp sidewalk which you were very thankful for.

Just as you rounded the street corner you caught sight of your apartment building. Finally you could relax and get a good nights sleep. “We better hurry up, my parents will kill me if they see I’m not in bed.” “Stop being a baby Evan! There’s not even anything there, why do you think they call it deserted?” “I don’t know, what if we get kidnapped?” A group of 4 children strolled around the corner with their jackets pulled tightly up to their chins. One of them gripped a flashlight tightly in his palm as his brows knitted together in anger.

The one on the far side had a look of worry plastered across his face as he fiddled with his sleeves. “I can’t do this, I’m going home.” “Fine be a baby. Leave, we don’t care.” You paused to watch as the younger looking boy stepped away and began jogging down the street while the rest of the group mocked him for not being tough enough.

Giving your head a shake you press the stop light on the street pole and wait for the right moment to cross. Those kids better be careful if they know what’s good for them. Realizing you sounded like an old person you raise an eyebrow and got ready to cross the street.

There it is. That stupid chill that runs down the back of your neck.

Spinning around your jaw almost hits the cement when you see the young man you were talking about searching for. His outfit consists of nothing but black. A black jacket that spreads across his broad shoulders and black sweatpants that are tucked into black sneakers. What catches you the most is seeing those glossy brown eyes bore into yours from his place at the pole across from you. How long had he been standing there watching you?

Suddenly the loud blare of a car horn has you yelping in surprise. You turn your attention away from Jun to see an annoyed man glaring at you from his noisy pickup truck. “Are you going or not?” He calls to you angrily. Your mind freezes and suddenly you don’t know what to say. Gaping for words the man just shakes his head and speeds off followed by the stream of cars turning up mist behind him.

“Everyone in this city is so impatient.” Your face hollows as you slowly turn around, gazing worriedly at how Jun in now directly in front of you. His skin glows under the street lamp as two tiny balls of light reflect in his glassy orbs. Your body begins to heat up under his intimidating stare as you search for something to say. Thinking quickly you snag something off the top of your head. “It’s late people just want to get home.”

He tilts his head innocently to the side as a pout grows on his soft pink lips. “But the city is so much more thrilling at night, don’t you agree?” Blinking up at him you give your head a slow nod. You needed to ask him some questions but for some reason your mind wasn’t processing them. He digs his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants while his gaze flutters back to you. “Those kids certainly know what they’re up to tonight.”

His voice is so smooth and calming to hear that it’s like being in a trance. “It’s also dangerous. A lot of things can happen in one night.” You eye him carefully, not willing to peel your gaze away for a second. The young man just chuckles mostly to himself before he takes a step towards you, lips moving to your ear. By now you were completely gone, you could feel a sort of warmth radiate from his body as you took in his scent. It was slightly musky but you could also detect a hint of cologne.

“You want to ask me something don’t you? Go ahead, I don’t bite.” Then Jun pulls away, a cocky smirk painted on his lips like he knows how he affects you. Coughing into your elbow a few times you try to stand up a little straighter to appear more confident but that really wasn’t the case. Quickly you wet your dry lips before staring at him boldly. “I spoke with Albert’s wife a few days ago at the mall. She told me that nobody helped him bury the bodies.”

Jun’s features pulled a puzzled expression like he has no idea what you’re talking about. “She must be mistaken. I helped him many times.” His tone was confident and he sounded very sure of himself. It was hard to dismiss what he said as a lie. That is until a playful smile plays on his lips and he’s pushing his fingers through thick strands of black hair. “You think I killed Albert?”

“I think you’re a suspect.” His response is a couple of solid blinks as he reaches out his hand. Delicate fingers twine through yours as he gives you a gentle tug towards him, his gaze softening while his thumb strokes your skin. You want to pull away, to break free but you can’t. “Let’s go to your apartment hmm?”

You let yourself follow him across the street not breaking his soft hold on your fingers until you reach the front of the apartment building. “Your heart is always beating so fast.” His voice has a concerned edge to it but the way his eyes flicker mischievously tells you he enjoys knowing his power over you. Being so wrapped up in his aura you hardly realize that his skin is still cold as ice.

Licking your lips you bat your eyelashes up at him innocently. “Your skin is always so cold.” He releases a scoff while breaking his hand away making sure to give you one last solid stare before backing away from you slowly. 

“Goodnight.” He calls out with a smirk. “Also remember to give those keys back to your boss tomorrow morning.”