and it seems to be canon

Friendly reminder that you don’t need “proof” to headcanon a character as

• gay
• bi
• pan
• trans
• non binary
• autistic
• mentally ill etc

If you like a character there’s nothing wrong with wanting them to be like you. There never seems to be a debate when someone says their favourite character is clumsy or a morning person, even though there is no evidence in canon to prove it. So as long as you’re respectful and not erasing some important part of their identity (e.g. Hcing someone who is canonically gay as bi or vice versa) you should be able to relate to your favourite character without being harassed because “where does it ever say that bla blah blah”

@surround-sound-sugar-skulls, I think it has the potential to become canon eventually. I read an article just after “Just Friends” aired and they interviewed the directors of Disney’s “Moana” who expressed that they feel all it would take for LGBT representation in Disney now, is a team willing to push for it. We already know a few of the storyboard artists for “Star Vs The Forces of Evil” are pro-LGBT representation. So I feel there is a point on the side of Tomco there.

Also just in terms of canon content, if SVTFOE were to do a same-sex relationship within the main cast Tom and Marco seem like a good couple. They have great chemistry and have a relationship that already seems to be developing in a way that is heading in that direction. So personally I do feel Tomco has a strong chance of becoming canon at some point :)


“Are you having an earthquake?!”

An odd line of dialogue, very effective. S4 was an earthquake; everything rattling and unsteady. For me, it felt worse: I saw the entire BBC Sherlock universe collapse like a house of cards.

Still, an odd line. I did a little research. Britain isn’t known for earthquakes. It DOES seem to have a significant issue with SINKHOLES, though. Ahh. Sinkholes can open slowly over weeks, or gape wide without warning. Sinkholes can eat cars, houses and people.

“The roads we walk have demons beneath, and yours have been waiting for a very long time.”

Culverton Smith is the name of the bad guy in ACD’s The Adventure of The Dying Detective. But Moftiss have altered other names (like CAM); canon isn’t law. “Culverton” suited their purposes, so they kept it.

A culvert in the UK is an artificially buried watercourse.

Culverton Smith in TLD isn’t just a one-episode serial killer who got caught and confessed (and confessed and confessed).

I think Culverton Smith is a symbol for an insidious danger that has been lurking just under the surface of BBC Sherlock… Maybe since the very first episode.

Secrets have been slowly seeping, eating away in silence, creating empty caverns just below a thin crust of stability.

In the promo pictures: Maybe that’s why John and Sherlock sat in a slowly flooding 221b. Maybe their sinkhole started to swallow them up before S4 even began.

Ok... Here Goes Nothing... Ask Answers in a batch pt.1...

Such a long post. OMG.  So I’m putting it under a cut.

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Do you still think we're going to get canon bellarke this season? it seems they want to drag them a bit more.

yeah, I stand by my initial prediction. That they’ll drag bellarke out in order to give us a “big finale scene.” I predict a kiss in the end of the finale episode 

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What would human Coran and altean Shiro reactions be to thier canon counterparts and vice versa?

Human Coran would probably be very confused by how chipper Altean Coran seems to be. Likewise, Altean Coran would be very surprised at how bitter Human Coran is. Once they realize the differences in their lives however, it would be very easy to see where the divergences were, and they’d probably sort it out and be best old man buddies.

Altean Shiro would be surprised at what a literal baby Human Shiro is. Not like he’s a wuss or anything but oh sheraiz, he’s so young. So new! And… holy javalli hells, he was a Galra prisoner at such a tender age what the quiznak. Altean Shiro would become the literal most terrifying big brother to Human Shiro. No one touches baby bro on his watch, fuck all y’all.

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I'm so confused who is Essar I see posts mentioning her and I can't have missed that as canon??

Essar, Remelle, and Benson visit Mistward while Rowan trains Aelin in controlling her gifts from Mala. Rowan remarks that they all are not “trained warriors”. Fae nobility, these three dine at the fortress as a stopping point, in which Remelle and Benson looked down upon Aelin and the other demi-Fae as inferior. Essar, does not, however. 
Aelin describes Essar as having “a set of curves that even [she] found envying. Her light brown skin seemed to glow as if lit by an inner light, and her chestnut eyes glinted with genuine kindness…”, and both females share a love for chocolate. Most noticeable is that Mala also blessed Essar with the gift of flame, yet not on the same level as Aelin’s capacity. Fire-wielders, both females mold a somewhat strong connection during a short span of time.
(Remelle’s gifts consists of “mastering any language she hears, no matter how briefly.” Benson has “a knack for becoming invisible whenever he wants to…” Perhaps we’ll see them in the next book?)
During Aelin’s and Essar’s small talk in the kitchen, Essar admits that she “was involved with Lorcan…for a time. But - his lifestyle and [hers] [were] very different.” In short, Essar and Lorcan had a history. Like all doomed warrior relationships, theirs failed as Lorcan was blood-sworn to Maeve, and Essar refused to ever swear such an oath.
Essar also is quick and observant, realizing that Celeana, or Elentiya, is Aelin Galathynius, also bolstering Rowan’s opinion of Aelin towards the end of their interaction before deportation. Rowan even approves of Essar, “a beaitiful female - soft and inviting and clever - and he’d never understood why Lorcan hadn’t tried to keep her. She had been good for him. But Lorcan’s ruthlessness and cold ambition were his best tools and worst enemies. He had only seen the female for what she offered inside his bedroom.”
Thus, Essar had cared for Lorcan more so than he did for her. Yet when he meets Elide, he changes from these descriptions and clearly does not see Elide for what she offers in bed, which is a vital aspect in their interactions.
Other facts about Essar: she grew up in the countryside; her father owned “a vineyard in the southeast of [her] territory; has brown skin, and “silky, dark hair”.
These three characters came at the end of Empire of Storms in the Target Exclusive Edition. In the excerpt, we also learn that Lorcan and Rowan decimated Sollomere, an entire city, together, with mentions of their history entwining further.
In other words, I have not done her character the justice. I portray her as the “homewrecker” between Elorcan’s ship, which then places her in comparison to Ianthe. Know that she is not Ianthe, not in the slightest. In fact, she’s a respectable figure. But she’s the only figure that willingly displays interest in Lorcan other than desiring to rip him to shreds, so she sadly suffices.

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Hello! I am currently about halfway through season 3 and I can't wait anymore. Can you tell me if SilverFlint ever becomes canon? Cause it seems like it's going that way and man, I just want it to so bad.

it doesn’t. but it also does?? depends on ur interpretation

if u expect physical intimacy, then don’t hold your breath. but this relationship is so, SO MUCH MORE than that. more than a simple friendship. it’s unique. there is so much trust, respect, affection and love between them and it’s really compelling and beautiful to watch. personally, i don’t think they needed to kiss to make it a real romance because i already find their bond equally profound, if not more. it gets tested of course by the end of s4, but that’s when it becomes even more interesting. 

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All the sans you can do meeting the purple guy! Bonus: all the sans meeting springtrap

omg. This will be very odd because I have to try and follow the canon of FNaF. {Also, some Sans’ will be excluded because I don’t do the AU and Mod God’s not huge on FNaF} ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Purple Guy- He can’t get over how any of this. How he looks, how he smells, how he sounds, it all just doesn’t really make sense. Also, he can’t seem to read his LV??? Does he somehow know how to hide it? Is he not fully there? What is this? He’s on guard the whole time.

Springtrap- Still just… confused. “if you knew it was dangerous, why’d you enter it anyway?” It’s not like soul fragments manifesting have a huge amount of power without exposure to magic, so he was safer out than in. He’s putting air fresheners on the animatronic.

US Sans

PG- “ARE YOU ALRIGHT, HUMAN? YOU SEEM ILL…” He’s adorably concerned. He doesn’t know why the human’s in this condition, but wants to help.

Springtrap- He’s hiding. This robot shouldn’t be functional! It shouldn’t be able to move! It shouldn’t be sentient! And he shouldn’t smell like this! Nothing about this is good.

UF Sans

PG- He’s laughing his metaphorical ass off. He knows that smell. That’s the smell of rot. This human’s dying and yet walking around like nothing’s wrong at all. It’s funny to him. He wonders if simply tripping him would be enough to kill him.

Springtrap- “now that’s unnerving…” The robot rabbit smells of rotting flesh, which is all he needs to know that it’s a walking, sentient grave. He’s not letting him get any closer. Even if some attacks have to fly, he’s staying over there.

SF Sans

PG- He laughs a little to himself at first, but grows bored fairly quickly. He’ll then try to trip the dying human.

Springtrap- He’s… trying to recruit him. “YOU CLEARLY HAVE AN INSANE LEVEL OF PERSEVERANCE! THAT COULD BE VERY HANDY.” He doesn’t seem to realize that the spirit inside the robot is human.

HT Sans

His reaction to both is the same: “gross”

Error Sans

PG- Hoooooly crap. He knew all humans had some of each trait, but this guy should be dead. His perseverance and determination are off the charts! Let’s just get rid of him.

Springtrap- I hope springtrap likes being torn to pieces by magic strings, because Error’s not gonna think twice on this.

Ink Sans

He nopes away from both of them.

Fresh Sans


SS Sans

PG- He’s beyond confused. How did something survive this long when about to literally fall apart?

Springtrap- Honestly? No real comment. He’s just accepting of this.

Reaper Sans

Both have a similar response. He doesn’t get why he can’t seem to touch this guy. He very clearly needs to move on, but Reaper just can’t get to him.

FT Sans

PG- Hey, look an easy target. He’s deterred by the smell, though, and very unlikely to actually attack, but he can still stalk and scare the man. Then again, one pounce should kill him easy.

Springtrap- “why is this bunny bot even here?”

More on Feraltale

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Since you were talking about how people handle Shiro & Lance's relationship and often demonize it-- Given the number of fanfics that go the 'shiro bullies lance and makes him feel awful' route, what do you think are the Right ways to portray their relationship that manage to display the fact that they struggle to see eye-to-eye at time without making Shiro seem like an overt asshole?

the thing is, there is really no strictly Right or Wrong way to go about that. i personally am not against people making shiro more, yknow, human. he can have flaws. he can get stressed and snap at people. HOWEVER that being said there are definitely some big DON'Ts imo. these can be specifically shiro & lance interaction tips, or general writing tips tbh:

- dont have it be his default treatment of lance. thats just not how shiro is canonically. to anyone. like, period. it even took slav quite a while under very stressful situations to have shiro actually snap at him, abd thats cause those two just dont mix well. do not overly-skew characters’ base personality traits just so you can have an angsty fic.

- if youre gonna have them argue or snap at each other when thats usually not how they interact whatsoever, have it be a for a reason. build up to it as smoothly as you can. its okay to have conflict, but always ask: why?

- dont just leave it at that. people dont just fight and forget. im not saying make them hold a grudge (shiro probs wouldnt and lance is kinda petty but not THAT kinda petty), but show the aftermath. show how it affects them both. show how it is MUTUALLY RESOLVED at some point (even if you drag it out for suspense reasons). show how they go through an effort to either compromise, or help the other see they are being genuine. and probably most importantly: show how they BOTH learn throughout this experience.

- conflict and arguements dont have to be inherently or permanently toxic/bad. its okay to have them happen, but keep in mind how these characters react to each other in canon and how you can use the conflict to push the plot forward and/or let the characters grow.

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sheith is the voltron ship with the teenager and the adult

I’m sorry I didn’t know? I thought they were all college age bc u have to be at least eighteen to join the military and the garrison seems like that kind of place, and I had that in mind with shiro being like 19-21. As far as I know there aren’t canon ages but I will try to be more careful about what I reblog anon. Besides I’m just here for shiro anyway.

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Abt the Latino!Jason (which looks like it's shaping up to a discourse omg): I, as a latina person, am totally okay with people headcanon-ing him as Latino, as long as it adds to his characters, not as just some "see, he's latino, I'm not racist!" or just to make him speak Spanish because it's a "cool" language. That's v cheap and insulting. If you want to HC a character with another nationality, search said nationality and be respectful. I'm just tired of ppl doing it just to seem "cool".

Hey friend yeah I totally get you.

Culture/Race is NOT a costume, it’s not a singular trait that you slap onto a character and suddenly Jason is walking around in a sombrero and eating tacos all day. Like, no, that’s rude and not cool. But I like seeing people explore Jason being Latino and how that intertwines with canon and making it into something to explore.

Jason being very suspicious of Batman at first until suddenly the Dark Knight starts speaking rapid, fluent Spanish and Jay is relieved to talk in his own native tongue instead of staggering over English. Bruce would later teach him English proper but Spanish becomes their secret thing.

Idk, correct me if I’m wrong, but things like that that try and give the characters a culture and motivations influenced by that culture, make them actual people instead of characters, people who are happy, who struggle and suffer because of their skin color or life choices. That’s important man, I know that’s important for a lot of people. Plus it makes for some pretty interesting ideas and discussions.

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I have an RE7 canon question, and I don't know who to ask, so I was hoping you might know, or know someone who would know. The wiki says the Molded can infect corpses, which will then become other Molded. So, how do the Bakers become what they are? It seems that Jack got Marguerite infected somehow (forcing her head into that bathtub of nasty shit) and then he did something to Lucas. Is there any insight into this in the games/resources out there that I might have missed?

I think RE7 relied on a lot of implied canon to get it’s point across. So much is subtle or missed on your first, second and even third playthrough. I do know that the mold (Eveline’s vomit) can infect.

Infected bodies, or cooked parts like the kind the Bakers tried to feed Ethan, can also infect. How Marguerite went about infecting Jack? - I think she did something similar to him like what she does to Clancy if you get caught too many times in the ‘Bedroom’ DLC, where her bugs crawl out of her mouth and into his. So it’s more vomit and direct contact/physical ingestion. The same probably happened to Lucas, but whether it was his mama or the old man that did him in (I know Jack pulled him away and all, but who knows what happened behind that closed door) I think it had something to do with infected fluids passed between his parents and himself.

If I’d relate the infection process to anything I’d say it’s like Ebola in that it’s not exactly airborne, even if it’s called mold, but once it touches you or you ingest it you’re sort of fucked. Also, my first assumption was that the Healing Aid played a big part in infecting people as well, but I can’t remember if the game explains what that shit even is - if it’s like past games healing aids or if it’s something new, which in relation to speeding up the healing process, also infects you in a different way. For sure Ethan’s infected, but he’s not infected like the Bakers were. Perhaps it’s more direct when coming straight from Eveline rather than her mold/vomit leftovers.

I just had a nasty thought too, if it’s indeed a transfer of infected fluids, it could stand to reason it could also be passed along via sexual contact as well…

I wonder what other people think? It’d be cool to see if anyone has some other theories out there as to how exactly the infection spreads and the differences between how the Bakers, Ethan, Zoe and The Molded, are infected.

@ravenmorganleigh I get it, and I don’t want to talk you out of feeling uncomfortable with this, because it is uncomfortable, deeply so. I hope you don’t think I was condoning John’s violence toward Sherlock, or saying it was a good thing. I find it tragic. 

John loves Sherlock; John calls Sherlock his best friend; John beats Sherlock up. These things are all part of canon. I have always read John’s urge to hit Sherlock as sublimated desire. He doesn’t know how to get what he wants, he can’t let himself have it, so he lashes out instead. This is not okay, but up until tld, it seemed like maybe the show was saying it was okay–there were never any serious consequences for it. The morgue beating, however, was a tipping point of sorts, so awful and intense that I think we are supposed to sit up and take notice of it. 

I hope we’re not supposed to gloss it over. I don’t think we are. I don’t think we should. And–here’s the thing–I don’t think John does.  

I really, really don’t know if this helps at all, and I didn’t have the space or time to go into it in that teeny tiny meta, which was really only trying to make the connection between John and Eurus, but I do think that, if we follow the reading of Eurus-as-John-proxy all the way through to its logical conclusion, John feels like an unlovable monster precisely because his wires are crossed in this awful way. He casts himself in the role of virtual demon, because he has attacked Sherlock. He knows he needs help. He hopes Sherlock still loves him, despite everything he’s done. He believes Sherlock does, which is what that reconciliation scene at the end is all about.

I personally think the fact that they’re both in therapy (ish) is maybe sort of a bit hopeful. They need it. And no, this isn’t a healthy relationship as is. Thank god they’re not real people. I really hope no one uses this show as a measure of what is okay in a relationship. If there ever is more content, I hope the show addresses this directly. According to the reading of tfp as John’s tab, at least the way I’m reading it, there is already a partial acknowledgement of the fact that John has huge problems, and that his psyche is a very dark nightmare place. At the very least, this is a step in the right direction.

Nobody Jumps On The Bandwagon Like Gaston 

This seems to be the done thing at the moment, and it’d probably make it so much easier for me to navigate the vast new BATB rp community. 

So, please; Reblog if you’d be interested in interacting with a OUAT Gaston. Interpretation based entirely on show canon, with separate muses for both the season 1 and season 5B rewrites. Totally up for interacting with muses outside of the show.  I’ll give your blog a look-see~ 

the main things i’m taking from tonight:

  • everyone thinks Lucifer can’t step foot in a church
  • he mentions fucking in a church and suddenly it’s the Starving Games and everyone is Catnip Everclear.
  • scottish vampires seem to SEVERELY underestimate the siren call Tetris has on the Devil…
  • Adonai won’t kill by Divine Dicking, but every other plague is still okay.
  • there’s a rather decent group from my mutuals that are down with torture/gore threads 
  • using canon dialogue in context of not canon occurence is like borderline euphoric