and it seems to be canon

Honestly, no matter how Mashima had ended the manga, this fandom would have done nothing but complain and insult the series and its author. We all seem to be forgetting something very important: Not everything is about the ships. From the start, fairy tail has been a manga about friendships - about the adventures of the guild members and the people they met on their journey. Yet, somewhere along the way, all this fandom started to care about was their ships. Even going so far as to insult and threaten each other and the author. Surely, I’m not the only one tired of shipwars and shounen mangas all ending with kids and timeskips?

lance to keith: hey man…
vld fandom: OMG K*LANCE IS CANON!!1!!! They love each other sO MuCH

keith: shiro is the only one who never gave up on me. I won’t give up on him
keith: shiro is not here anymore… and none of you seems to care
keith: without shiro we don’t have voltron anymore
keith: is emotionally and psychologically destroyed because shiro is disappeared and shows clearly how much he loves and needs shiro

vld fandom:

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Have u read the final ft chapter? Have u read the lack moments of Jerza??? Please, if u have time over can u make a comic of how the Jerza moment would have been in the final chapter? I'm desperate...

I’m actually working on it right now! And it wasn’t lack of Jerza. Jerza is canon, they’ve been canon for a while really but their lives are complicated right now so this ending is perfect if you look at the various perspectives of it. 

Always remember that the two do in fact love each other… after all…

And like…

I think it’s safe to say Hiro Mashima had to make an open ending like this because he knows how raging the fandom can get with a complete and absolute ending that doesn’t fit their desires (as seen from other complete shounen mangas)

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The thing with misha saying "except for dean" it's like he doesn't even sound like he's joking this time, but its misha. So he was either saying that for our benefit or he actually thinks it too. I wish we could ask Jensen about dean and Cas now since he claimed it didn't exist right before the destiel heavy episodes happened lol.

The cast, the crew, the writers, the editors, the directors… no-one seems to be that worried more recently about dropping hints like sledgehammers about Destiel…

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It’s all HEAD-canon for you, which is FINE… but it’s BASEless. = Pot meet Kettle

Damn it, I think you’re right anon! It’s all in my head. I must have imagined all that fairy tale imagery, all those classic romantic tropes… All of it must have been my own personal head canon…

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Hmm…Definitely no fairy tale imagery here…. NEXT!

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I don't suppose you've watched Steven universe have you? If so the how about head canons for McCree, S76 and Junkrat with a s/o who's a lot like blue pearl. Very fragile, quiet, smol and possibly blind because her hair always seems to cover her eyes.

I’ve seen a little of Steven Universe, I stopped watching about a year ago. I’ll probably start watching it again.


  • He’s a protective man by nature, not wanting anyone to hurt you when he could have stopped it. Your fragile nature kind of feeds this but he does hold back a lot of it, knowing that you’re an adult.
  • He doesn’t mind that you’re quiet, often just sitting with you in silence. He could practically cry when you lean your head against his, your hair covering your eyes shifting slightly.
  • He loves pulling you close, especially from behind. He just enjoys the way you fold into his embrace.

Soldier 76

  • He’s old and doesn’t want to lose you, so he gets a little overprotective at times. He does his best to reign it in but it’s hard when you look up at him with your frail hands in front of you.
  • He’s kind of glad that you’re so quiet, not really enjoying being around loud people anymore. He’s got to that age where he now appreciates silence.
  • He buries his nose into your hair almost constantly, closing his eyes as he breathes you in.


  • It took him a while to like you but when he did, he fell hard. He thought you were a bit ‘hoity toity’ but then realised he was mistaking your kindness for a manipulative sweetness.
  • After he falls for you, he’s protective of you. Growing up in the wasteland that’s the outbacks he’s always had to fight for what’s his, this trailing over to you.
  • He teases you about the long hair, suggesting a fire haircut like what he has.

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So my new manager is a young guy. He's very very good looking. Kinda built. Perfect face and everything. When one of my supervisors told me to help him out at the register. ( he's runs the register and I bag) While I was bagging there were tears running down my cheeks. I was crying because he was that beautiful. He actually asked me why in was crying and I got super flustered. It was super embarrassing. >///<

oh my god, that’s the literal “I saw a man so beautiful I almost cried??” meme brought to life hahahaha. I love it.

So I laughed really hard when I saw this, but I kept thinking “who would this fit?” and then I mentioned it to @longhairpidge​ and she straight up was like “This is Shance.” – SOOOO what do you know! This is my first ever attempt at Shance! :)

(Okay, I know in canon, Shiro and Lance seem to have only “officially” met for the first time in season 1 episode 1 but… just roll with it lmao.)

“Ugh, I can’t believe I was the only one who got caught,” Lance groans to Hunk when he arrives back in their dorm room. “You get away with everything.”

Hunk looks up from his book and shakes his head.

“Dude, I warned you about stalling in the corridors but nope. Ms. Quintana shows up and you had to stop and stare.”

“Thanks for your support,” Lance rolls his eyes.

“No problem,” Hunk says proudly. “So what did Iverson give you?”

“Just the usual disciplinary stuff,” Lance drones as he changes out of his uniform and into more comfortable clothes he can work in. “Cleaning out the engines in the east hangars today.”

“Oh. That doesn’t sound too bad,” Hunk shrugs.

“Says the mechanic,” Lance sighs. “Whatever, I should probably go now before Iverson finds more shitty duties to tack onto me. See you at dinner?”

“Yup. Good luck, buddy,” Hunk says, turning back to his book as Lance leaves the room.

Lance drags his feet in stubborn annoyance towards the hangar. When he arrives, the doors open to him and his breath catches in his throat.

Takashi Shirogane — THE Takashi Shirogane AKA Garrison’s resident Golden boy — turns to look over at him.

“Hello, cadet,” he nods. “You must be Lance.”

“H-hi,” Lance squeaks with an awkward wave of his hand. “Uh — what are you doing here? How do you know my name?”

“I was scheduled to supervise you today,” the Takashi Shirogane answers him. “Are you ready to get to work?”

Supervise?! Lance almost forgets to breathe. His hero, Takashi Shirogane, is supervising him? And Lance, a lowly cargo pilot, gets to be in his presence? For an extended amount of time?!

Lance gulps and takes a deep breath. Although the older man is just wearing his uniform, Lance can’t help but notice just how well the guy fills it out — especially in the arms area.

And not to mention, his face in general, and just, everything, is so damn handsome.

Don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out, Lance runs through his head. It’s too late, I’m freaking out, I’m freaking out. Shit, that’s what Hunk would say. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

“Are… you alright?” Takashi Shirogane asks with a polite tilt of his head. “It’s a pretty hot day outside, but we’re indoors, which is nice.”

It’s only then that Lance realizes there are quite possibly tears forming in his eyes. He’s only ever dreamed of getting to meet his hero in person, and being in such close proximity to him for several hours? Lance can hardly handle it.

“I know it sucks to have to do disciplinary work on your day off like this,” he continues, “but don’t worry. I’ll take it easy on you.”

“T-take it easy? On me?” Lance laughs nervously, fidgeting with the collar of his shirt. “S-sure. I’m fine with that!”

“Um, okay,” he replies uncertainly, though there’s a ghost of a chuckle behind his voice. “Well, if you’re ready, maybe you could start at the end of the line over there.”

He gestures with his thumb to the leftmost corner of the room where a bunch of hovercrafts sat.

“Let me know if you need anything, alright?”

“Y-yeah,” Lance stammers as he ducks his head and starts walking towards the vehicles of his duties. “I’ll probably be fine…”

Nervous and giddy, he picks up the cleaning supplies and bucket and gets to work. But not without stealing glances every now and then at the Takashi Shirogane.

Perhaps disciplinary actions weren’t all that bad.

stay  → min yoongi (1/?)

helloooo, marianne’s back with her angst and i decided to try something new. this is a series of stories revolving around the members of bangtan sonyeondan (featuring members of other groups too heh), a terror crisis, and you.

every story (note: not chapter!!) is connected, and this is the main story that’ll the whole series will revolve around. hope you enjoy this series! :)

loosely based on a dream that my friend had

stay → min yoongi (1/?)
main story ; NON-CANON au

word count: 2.3k

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Min Yoongi was infamously known as the school’s asshole. He was rude; he talked back to teachers, spoke rudely to others, usually flipping people off. He also had a potty mouth, slurs of curse words would be spewing out of his dirty mouth even for the smallest of things.

And he always seemed to be notoriously talked about by the entire school. You’d walk past the group of queen bees and they’d be talking about how good he was in bed (more specifically, how good his tongue was, but you’ll never let anyone know that you heard). You’d walk past the group of plain Janes, and they’ll be talking about how “cute” or how “handsome” he was. You’d walk past the group of nerds during lunch, and they’d be adoring his intelligence and dote on how “incredibly smart” he is.

With boys too, it seemed. The jocks usually complimented (or rather bitched about) his skills on the field.

Min Yoongi was always on the centre of attention.

But you, Y/L/N Y/N didn’t give two damns about him. Yes, you’ve heard countless gossips and rumours about the school’s heart-throbing asshole, but you couldn’t care less about the deeds he committed.

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@totallyaccurateaot replied to your post: “Seungbae is not in the right here”:

But like… He’s trying to catch a serial killer? He’s trying to catch a bad person?? If he doesn’t another innocent person might die????

Yeah he’s on the trail of a serial killer. We, the readers, know this. But lets consider the canon facts. 

Yang Seungbae has had three interactions with Oh Sangwoo. First, he was introduced to him by Officer Park. He gets a bad vibe from Sangwoo here and we see a few scenes later that Seungbae has looked over the case of Sangwoo’s parent’s murder and believe that he might have killed them. Because he thinks the break in looks staged. 

Second, he comes across Sangwoo after the car accident. He seems fine here until Seungbae realizes who he is. 

Third, when he sees Bum’s foot and gets into Sangwoo’s house. He finds nothing. 

So before this victim was found, the only proof he had of anything follows:

He thinks he saw a foot through the bottom of the door. He has camera footage of Sangwoo beating Bum up and carrying him back inside (Tbh im shocked he keeps going back to seeing bum through the door and not this footage). Sangwoo went to school with Jieun.

Sangwoo has no extended connection with any of the victims we know of besides Jieun(I’m not talking about Bum here, I’m talking about the victims of muder). And there is no body found for any besides the daughter of the CEO. 

So we have a body, and a missing person’s case. The man he killed hasn’t seemed to have surfaced, nor has anyone seemed to report him missing. Seungbae thinks hes a victim but theres nothing official.

 He has made a shocking jump with his accusations against Sangwoo with such a small amount of proof. He’s got a strange feeling but no proof. The CEO’s daughter had her legs ruined. He thinks he saw a foot through the door, to him this means that this person had their legs ruined too, so this is a killers MO. Except that this is two people, not enough victims to form a pattern, AND HE NEVER FOUND BUM. The CEO’s daughter has zero connection to Jieun but Seungbae has unrealistically linked them. He’s only casting accusations at Sangwoo because of her legs, which he shouldn’t be able to call a pattern. 

On top of how unprofessional it is to attack a civilian, especially one you think is a victim of a violent crime, realistically? Seungbae has nothing. He can prove Sangwoo committed assault against Yoon Bum and nothing more. He can’t link the victims, he can’t link the CEO’s daughter to Sangwoo. 

We, as readers, know that he is right. But to accuse Sangwoo and call him a serial killer (with only one body found) within the canon is paranoia. So yeah, I think Seungbae has gone way too far. 

I was going to make a post like this anyway, it’s not all directed at you, sorry if I sound harsh

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Hey, can I get a HC for Draco x female Gryffindor;who is particularly skilled in potions and defense against the dark arts-out of everyone in her class when it came to duelling she seemed to be unbeatable, but she means well she just loves those too subjects so she gets super passionate. How would Draco feel when he has to duel against her or about her in general? Also if its okay with you could I be added to the hp and black butler tag please, but don't worry if not :)

You’re added to those taglists, thank you so much! [If anyone else wants to be added or removed from any taglists, send me an ask or DM.] Tbh the reader reminds me of Hermione so these are loosely based off of their relationship in canon, hope you don’t mind.

How he feels about her

- There’s a lot of jealousy. How could a Gryffindor be better than he is, a Pureblood Slytherin, academically? It’s frankly ridiculous. 

- There’s also a lot of competitiveness, because Lucius is constantly drilling Draco to do better because really, you’re a Malfoy and you can’t let a lowly Gryffindor beat you.

- He would do his best to sabotage her in Potions and DADA. Professor Snape would disapprove but because he’s Malfoy’s Godfather and one of the inners in Lord Voldemort’s circle, he can’t intervene.

- He secretly admires her talents and tries to catch up, but he can’t. They’re always joint-first on exams and such, which both annoys him and makes him proud.

- He would shout out insults, remarks, find her insecurities and use them against her. Anything to tear her down and get her to think she’s worse than she is. Anything to give him that advantage.

- In studying her to find her weak spots, he’d begin to admire her more and might even fall for her…

When he has to duel against her

- Jaw and fists clenched, running through his best curses and spells. Analysing her stance, finding out where she’s weak…

- Plays it cocky, tries to downplay how nervous he is. This comes across as spiteful, which is almost true.

- Uses spells like Serpensortia to try to throw her off, but she just sneers, waves her wand and the spell is counteracted.

- Ends up on his butt being laughed at, Professor Snape staring down at him.

- Humiliated, his taunts become worse in the days after the Duel. Just petty behaviour tbh.

- He thinks back on it a lot and analyses what she did and applies it to his own, trying to get better for the next one.

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Dear klance shippers

I know it seems like exciting things are happening for us and that’s super great.
But remember to be on your best behaviour within the fandom.
Be kind to other shippers and DON’T harass shippers of other ships about how “they were wrong” or some shit.
We can be glad about whatever we’re given all we want but don’t deny someone else the right to enjoy fandom.
Non-canon ships are good, too.
My point is: be kind, please.

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Sorry if this is redundant but why do people think L@nce is bad or """problematic"""? He seems like any other randy-ass teenager to me and he's no more flawed than the other characters (excluding Hu_nk who is FLAWLESS), but I guess because he doesn't have an "uwu tragic history uwu" he doesn't get a pass?

Nah people just paint this pure uwu thing of him in fanon and then when they get reminded in canon that he’s actually not and he’s basically an average fuckboy they get salty and complain that the writers portray him badly like they’re straight up portraying him as your average teenage boy/ young adult male what the fuck do you want that’s legit how it’s been from episode 1

The cuit ending to dream daddy makes me really sad………no…..people stop saying its the true ending or canon because ive read a lot of people saying it has ruined there experience. It basically makes all the endings not worth it and depressing. Like it kinda makes sence with robert with him slightly pushing you say to get his shit together but literally everyone else doesnt know that the crazy cuit dad will try and separate them from the MC, needing to feed off of singe dads and to do any way he seems fit.

Like yeah, its cool and all but saying its canon is really scaring away a lot of people. I mean im not saying its not but if it is, i too may flee from this game as well.

People whining about their ship not ending up canon (minus Gajevy and Gruvia), what you don’t seem to realize is, for a shipping fandom like Fairy Tail’s, canonizing as few ships as possible is the best thing that could possibly happen to us.

Think about it: the manga’s over! There’s no more new material beyond this point! We’re free to give NaLu the friends-to-lovers story Mashima never wanted to write! We’re suddenly able to depict Erza giving Jellal the shot she wants to give him now that he’s been pardoned! We now have the ability to !show how we imagine Juvia opening up to the guild at large while looking forward to Gray’s return from the Hundred-Year Quest! We have the power to make Laxus as gay or as straight as we damn well please! We have free reign to decide how Gajeel and Levy’s kid(s) grow up!

Mashima gave us something better than canon ships! He gave us the freedom to dictate our ships, each on our own terms! And if you’re threatening your cat because NaLu didn’t kiss, then this ending - hell, this entire SERIES! - is completely wasted on you!

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I have a story idea that I'm working on. I originally had two key points to incorporate and I had a third until I realised that I couldn't fit it in. So now I suggest this. When Arkanis is attacked and Brendol and Armitage are to be rescued things diverge from canon. Armitage is young enough to work a innocent but vulnerable war orphan angle. Armitage is left behind on the planet and "rescued" by kindly Resistance agents. They don't think of checking him for devices. He becomes a child spy.

Oh my god, that’s BRILLIANT ✨ It seems like something Brendol would do too; exploit his son’s innocent to gain intel on the enemy

…does little Armitage befriend little Ben on a Resistance base????

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Natsu seemed kind of,, like a dick in this chapter. Like I get he's never been romantic and that's fine but that doesn't mean he's emotionless. So when Lucy's crying "thank you for changing my life I'm so glad I met you!!" and he completely ignores it I just ????? what?? I didn't care if they were going to canon and I'm kind of glad they didn't but this scene was still pretty poorly written in my opinion Also: where is Natsu's face scar?? Can Hiro seriously not handle even the slightest change?

I mean, he could’ve not been interested in Lucy, that’s fine. But she was hungover and crying on him and he immediately shut her down and dragged her outside so they could go on a job. He’s officially gone beyond oblivious and straight into dickhead territory.

The NaLu fans are angry Lucy got friendzoned? I’d be angrier that Natsu shut her down, didn’t let her finish the conversation and unceremoniously changed the subject without so much as a “you changed my life too, Lucy!”

(oh my god. the scar’s gone. what the fuck? what the fuc-)

Jerza was already canon before but now it seems that they are dating. It’s not enough story wise/ they weren’t given enough in the end, but I am glad my ship has been together and stayed like this.