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Author: theroguesgambit

Summary: “You never graduated,” Stiles says, just to say it. To test it out in the open air. That’s… huh.

Stiles spends his senior year battling troll-gremlins, taking on an unexpected tutoring job, and definitely not falling for a certain sourwolf (even though everyone else seems to think he is).

Info: 18k | Teen | Canon, Fake Relationship, Pining

Notes: Derek never graduated and Stiles helps him get a GED so he can get a job as a deputy. It’s just really fluffy and it’s one of those fics that just give you butterflies in your stomach. -C

Sneak Peek:

“You never graduated,” Stiles says, just to say it. To test it out in the open air. That’s… huh.

He’s kind of surprised he’s so surprised by that, honestly. Derek had been homeless when he’d met him, then had spent way too many months seeming content to squat in a train car with a bunch of troubled teenagers. Nothing about that exactly screamed that he’d been pursuing academic success in New York beforehand.

“Tell your dad thanks,” Derek says again, and his tone is flawlessly polite, eyes focused on the trees around them for the not-a-gremlin.

Stiles finds himself falling behind, staring at Derek’s tensed shoulders through the darkness.

A Question For My Fellow Sherlollians....

Now that it’s officially been a year since the ILY Scene I wanted to ask who in the Sherlolly fandom believes that that our ship is canon and who continues to be apprehensive about it?

The reason why I ask is that speaking for myself, I WANT to believe that these two lovelies are canon, but there’s something that keeps nagging at me making me think that it’s not as cut and dry as it seems. That’s kind of the reason why I’m on the fence about the show coming back. I think it was just fine how things ended and that we shouldn’t mess with a good thing. Yeah, we SHOULD have gotten a resolution to the ILY Scene but I’m okay with not getting one. I’m just worried that if the show comes back although things may be different between them, Sherlock will still end up keeping Molly at arms length for reasons he may feel are justified. And as much as I love Moftiss I honestly don’t think I want to see that.

So what does everyone else think? I’d really like to know.

Okay guys for the sake of my ask box I need to post this.  There is a lot of debate as to what the team is dealing with and how the Time Travel all works.   With the most popular theories being:

  • Time Loop
  • Same TImeline
  • Multi Verse

All of these work, all of these end the same way, so you go with the one you like the best until canon confirms one or the other.  I personally like the Time Loop (this one snuck up on my list after chatting with @jessiecrimefighter this morning) and Same Timeline ones.

But in the end….it doesn’t matter which one it is because this will be the time they succeed.  Robin said she saw them saving the world, she just hadn’t LIVED it yet.  So she is about too.  When the team goes through the monolith this time they find that thing they were missing.   

It seems the thing they need to find/change will be very early/before the earth was destroyed.  And has to do with them not being seen together after the diner.  Looking for Coulson to be a big piece of this puzzle since he was the one who was missing.  And Deke since he’s going to me making the trip back.

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how do you think klance will get together in canon? keep it realistic.

OK TBH???????? i know the probability of klance becoming canon somewhere in the middle of the show or them doing smth to suggest they like/love each other (ie, gazing into each others eyes meaningfully before a mission, holding hands, kissing, etc.) is most likely out of the picture bc seeing as vld isnt a romance based show i doubt they wld go that far and probably stick to smth closer and safer like they did with korrasami ……….. but seeing as netflix has less restrictions than the network a:tlok was premiered on i guess it cld become canon in a totally less implied way and more in a “oh yeah they r totally in love” so idk …………………….

but again seeing as vld isnt a romance based show i feel like they wld make it canon at the end of its run. so idk maybe team voltron won……. the galra r defeated, lotor and zarkon r dead, galra girls had an redemption arc, shiros back, bla blah ……… and everyones back on earth maybe and everyones emotional and lance pulls keith into a hug that he reciprocates IMMEDIATELY and he pulls back slightly and looks at keith and says some profound shit abt how good they are together and keith smiles softly like yeah bruh and they lace their fingers together and look back off to the rest of their team like ‘we did it yeehaw’

the end

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No offense my guy but... seems you've kinda rushed your comic a bit. Aren't two of the afton kids dead by the time Charlie gets killed? You haven't even introduced the other kids. You've built up no suspense like at all. Why does William just suddenly kill her? There's no point. And you didn't make it clear Henry and William had only been working together a few months, I figured it was years. Not that they even seem that close because you haven't shown much of their relationship

Joooo I said it a million times at this point but I guess I can repeat myself one more time.

1. This is an AU y'all. I don’t care much about the canon storyline. It is so vague and open.

I wanted to kill off Charlie at age 7, Mikey is 5 at this point and Elizabeth and Kyle/BC aren’t born yet so I can’t introduce them. Hah.
It all fits in my timeline.

2. I work a full time job, January isn’t event over and I produced 24 pages of relativly detailed Comic. What more ya want?
Kinda rude.
I can’t and I don’t want to fill in all the blanks.

A few months are also more than enough as a build up, I think because William has such a huge crush on Henry and then was figurativly and literally punched in the face.
It’s enough of a motive for him.

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do you think the reason nicole always breaks the kiss first when someone interrupts is because her parents are homophobic and thats why she doesnt talk to them anymore?

I don’t think so, no. It seems to be a fairly popular fan-canon thing, though and of course, I could be very wrong but somehow I don’t think that’s the reason.

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You reblogging that pic of Kairi, Xion, and Namine makes me want to ask...who do/would you ship Roxas with? Xion? Or Namine? His amount of time spent with Xion and their relationship in 358/2 Days makes it seem like she'd be the obvious choice...but then going off of KH2 it makes it feel like he was more or less implied to be with Namine...Just figured I'd toss it out there.

…. (presses fingers together) Well.

This is a complicated question.

That I’m about to make even more complicated.

Short answer? Roxas/Namine has been my jam for 12 years. And when I played 358/2, I was more angry over the gameplay to take notice of ships. XD When I read the Manga? Heck YEAH Roxas/Xion, Shiro gave 0 HECKS ABOUT CANON AND WAS ALL ABOUT THAT SHIP, AND I’M PROUD OF HIM FOR PUTTING IT IN THERE…


… Roxas, Namine, and Xion are all, technically, a part of Sora, so shipping them becomes a complicated mess to me. 

Originally posted by windwaver


Roxas, obviously, is Sora’s Nobody. His darkness left behind after he sacrificed himself for Kairi.

Originally posted by afantasybasedonreality

Sweet, angelic Namine… Kairi had no darkness in her. None. She alone could not make a Nobody. Until her heart was safely tucked inside Sora during KH1, her heart had never been touched by darkness… So when Sora sacrificed himself to free her, the process also created Namine out of his “second heart”.

Originally posted by namiiswan

And sweet, sweet little Xion… Who is literally an empty shell stuffed full of all the broken memories of Sora. She’s technically supposed to be a second Sora! I mean… It hurts myhead to think too hard about, but… yeah, dude, she’s Sora.

Originally posted by namiiswan


i THEN HAVE TO SIT AND BE LIKE “do i ship Emo!Sora with Kairi!Sora or Memory!Sora” and then my head hurts after a while because dang why are these games like this.

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Finally watched more than like three episodes of BnHA, with friends. Been wanting to draw Denki, But was waiting to see if I would actually like him. x’D Design wise he was my favorite and going by my friends guesses, he was going to be one of my favorite either way. :P Thought it would be cute if Denki and my BnHA OC Kiyoshi would be friends, they seem like they would get along. NOT SHIPPING THEM. Just to be clear, I don’t think Kiyoshi will be paired with any of the canon characters, if at all. I may even make him asexual. :3 Also Kiyoshi with his hair more down.

Look friendos it’s canon Eggman tried to nuke a city, a planet, shoot a girl, split the earth apart, summon EXTREMELY destructive gods, and is a dangerous threat to society

Regardless of new writers

He’s the SAME person who did all these things and is much capable of doing them once more

Sonic Forces being an example - he brought the world to its KNEES

People seem to think time erases accomplishments - it certainly does not

Take the man seriously people


I was watching the Darkiplier vs. Antisepticeye bloopers again, and Mark had said, as Darkiplier, “It seems like a young upstart like you needs to be taught some manners.” And that poses the question, and I may be reading too much into this, but who would technically be older as an YouTuber ego? Darkiplier because he had a name before Anti? Or Antisepticeye because he was acknowledged by his counterpart first?

Let me know what y'all think.

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After a few months after Voids disappearance, the forests and open of areas of Alola lacked activity. However nearby, Pokemon were resting.

“Pew!” squeaked a young Cosmog, it seemed to be holding a flower.

“Hmph?” a large, tired looking Silvally looked down at the curious Cosmog.

“Fine Nebby, you can put the flower on my head again.” The Silvally spoke, he laid his head down while shutting his eyes.

“Pew pew!” Nebby squeaked out, it looked really happy.

“Now, isnt that cute?” a voice nearby spoke.

“You two go good together.” the female Bisharp said, she was fixing her bag as she sat with them.

will you approach them?

That one drawing of Alfonse captioned (yelling in Askrian) got me thinking: I wonder how languages work in the Fire Emblem universe?

Obviously they’re written in English/Japanese/what have you, but do the different continents/worlds have their own languages/dialects? Everyone you meet in the games seems to speak the same language, but I wonder if, say, Ylisse speaks a different language than Chon’sin or Roseanne.

And since it takes place in the far future of the same world, is Ylissean related to Archanean the same way modern English is to Old English, for example?

Askr would be totally wild if theres Heroes from all over the place trying to figure out what the others are saying, unless there was some kind of magical handwave like a universal translation spell or something.

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well, Imperio canonically makes the victim feel all happy and fuzzy, so I can actually see people having a kink for that and enjoying it in a consensual context. definitely edgeplay, though! or even in a consensual non-sexual context, like what if you had someone Imperio you to do some normally unpleasant/boring chore. seems like it could be addictive, even

Imperius curse: vanilla

Cruciatus curse: kinky

Killing curse: too kinky

All that shit the Weasleys pull on Dudley: much too kinky

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Hi, Phoenix! What do you think it happened between Zayn, Louis and Harry? It seems Louis and Zayn have contact again, but I believe the friendship between Harry and Zayn is totally over. It makes me a bit sad, because I think a strong friendship can survive if the friends talk about the problems they had... Some people think the bad/non relation between them is fake, but I can really feel Harry doesn't feel any friendship for Zayn anymore... Anyway, I love both of them!!!!

I’ve low key answered that here,  more under the cut! 

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How does Bertolt feel about romance? Does he fall for people easily? Is he affectionate? Does he like public displays of affection?

GOOD   QUESTION   ANON      !   i’ll start this off by saying that my bertolt is       DEMI-SEXUAL   /   DEMI-ROMANTIC      .   he does not fall for a person easily, he will not feel attraction to a person unless he has formed an  emotional connection   with somebody. as much as we all love ships   &.   crushes here, with bertolt it is quite  difficult   . with most of my ships for him, it’s never fully healthy. he’s a very      COMPLEX      character with a   lot   of guilt on his shoulders   &.   there would be a lot of struggle if we were talking about a relationship in a canon situation. with bertolt, it will never be a straight up nsfw relationship where there’s intercourse every 5 minutes or those riled up moments people seem to enjoy   unless you catch god-complex ridden bert probs   )  , it’s a lot of   talking   (   when he opens up to a person  )  , understanding   the person   &.  slowly developing a  deep friendship/trust    with that person that would lead to an attraction. in a non-snk au whereby he isn’t the colossus titan, falling into a relationship quicker is more likely. he doesn’t really have the idea of what romance entails due to his upbringing   &.   the fact his mind is quite twisted, the fact that he is somewhat emotionally compromised. when he does care about somebody though, he would pretty much do anything to ensure their safety when they are put in danger, for e.g. attempt to kill those responsible for threatening annie/reiner.

there’s none of that  “friend-zoned”   stuff with his connections though because he, like me, believes that there is  NOTHING      more important than when the person that he finally forms an attraction to romantically   &.  sexually considers him a  friend   , for someone to actually be able to regard him as someone so important to them   &.   to trust him like that is just kinda wow, i mean, he may get a little uncomfortable at first because he doesn’t understand why he’s considered so important to somebody but   ?   he just wants to be able to relax with the person he    LOVES   , someone he gradually realises he has feelings for that are different to his feelings for anybody else   ?  he wants to see his partners face   &.   for once he wouldn’t back away from the intimacy, he’d want them to see who   he   is while seeing who  they   are, feel admired for one of the first times, feel like something other than a      MONSTER      . even after they are close, they’re still learning to understand each other. 

if he likes a person he has a tendency to      STARE      at them from afar or even when close to them   &.   it’s way too obvious, literally   everybody   in the 104th knew that he stared at annie a lot, enough so that they could tell he possibly had an attraction to her. he would get a little embarrassed if somebody pointed it out though, he tries to deny it with frantic hand motions   &.   a panicky voice. when it comes to showing      AFFECTION      , he wouldn’t be upfront about it, it would probably involve gentle movements   &.   pauses as he gets the go-ahead from his partner to be honest,   &.   when he feels comfortable around them. i also hc bertolt as quite a respectable young man in terms of his mannerisms   &.   etiquette, also somebody who doesn’t like to attract attention so he wouldn’t be all over his partner in public. i think he’d be a more holding your hand kind of guy, pulling his partner in close   &.  giving them forehead kisses   &.  hugs from behind as he rests his chin on their head are personal favourites of mine. he likes to hold his partner close to his chest especially when they’re shorter than him which is most people  &.   just be snuggled but this takes time for him to warm up to with a person. i think my favourite thing though is his affection when he is falling asleep, he sleeps in all kinds of positions due to nightmares he gets, usually taking up the position of a corpse he has seen     person he has inadvertently or purposely killed, but i’ve always hc’d that when there is somebody with him, he wraps his arms round them, rests his head on their chest   &.   feels   secure   for once.  

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Isn't Feliciano, Ludwig, and Gilbert the same physical age in canon? So why are they different ages in Mafia World? Sorry if it seems like an odd sort of question to ask, but my curiosity gets me.

Because Mafia au has nothing to do with canon and real world. It’s a story “acted” by hetalia characters. That’s also why characters can die and are only human. There are a lot of “behind the scenes” stories as well which are funny and where the canon characters sometimes complain about what they’re acting and what was awesome and so on. XD

Also Canada is acting a role as a younger brother of America even thought he actually is older than America. And many other examples as well.

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So does Keith have parents in like any of your fanfictions??? Is he an orphan without a family until he's 18 and he can legally leave?? Does he find a family??? Sorry, I'm writing a book and I wanted your opinion lol😅


I guess it depends on the story I’m trying to tell. For the most part I try not to write any of the Voltron Families, simply because I haven’t had any fics that really revolve around them.

Brief mentions are well, brief.

As for Keith though, I think I either bounce between orphan or foster child from a young age, simply because in canon his father didn’t seem like he was an active part in Keith’s life, and his mom, as we know, was an alien so like…drama there.

I think the only fic I have with Keith’s parents if Love on the Battlefield, and now War of the Heart. Both his mother and father play important roles on his character development in those.

In most of my stories though, I like to have Shiro become a part of Keith’s life early on, most times with him being a legitimate sibling or an adopted one, and so Keith considers Shiro to be his family. I haven’t explored the possibility of Keith searching for his parents, or at least his mom, mostly because that arc has yet to happen in canon, and I’m not sure how Keith would go about doing it, or if he would even want to.

If anything, I think it would be Shiro, Lance, or even Pidge to promote the idea of him finding out more about his past, seeing as Keith had come to accept that he knew who he was well enough to activate the BOM. Either that or he will end up meeting his mother and not realizing they’re related for quite some time. 

And even if he did find out about her, I’m not so sure that Keith would have a heart-to-heart with her. I’m sort of imagining a similar story-arc as in Avatar the Last Airbender (the comics) where Zuko learns that his mother basically left him for someone else to love, wiping her memory of her past life and essentially abandoning him to a dreadful upbringing out of a selfish need (though her life was pretty awful as well. It was a complicated situation). 

So I don’t know if Keith will accept his mothers reasoning for leaving him alone/ why she didn’t take him with her/why she never thought to contact him. He’ll either be angry with her, or else indifferent (he’s grown beyond wanting to know her/doesn’t think it would make much difference now etc etc). Whatever the case, I’m interested to see what unfolds, but Keith is used to being on his own, and finding out his mother is still alive/meeting her after all this time may not be that big a deal to him. At least, not as big a deal as the others would likely think.

And to expand on that, I don’t even think being an orphan or a foster child is something Keith is bitter about. Like, I don’t believe he would be jealous of the others for having family and sharing such a strong connection with someone, simply because he doesn’t understand it. The only relationship he has some experience in is a sibling one, with Shiro, and I don’t think he’s actually seen a parent/child connection yet.

He’s heard Lance talk about his family, he’s seen Pidge’s determination to get her dad back, and he knows Allura misses her father as well, but Keith has yet to experience what those bonds look like in real life. Actually, I think the only person to have a parental figure still active in the show is Lotor, and I doubt Keith will sympathize with him on that matter either (’My dad is an evil overlord seeking galactic supremacy’ ‘yeah? well at least you have a dad’) But then again, it may go the other way, with him having an idea of what it feels like to be cast aside by a parent and growing up without them active in your life.

However, until Keith sees an exchange between a parent and child that is loving and caring, such as the reunion if they go back to earth, he will remain unknowing of those bonds. He knows what it’s like to have a brother look out for him, but what he needs is someone in his life to genuinely care about him. To coddle him when he’s sick and love him unconditionally. He needs the love of a parent, and having been deprived of that in his childhood, Keith is emotionally disconnected from the others. He’s missing a key piece that’s supposed to be filled at a young age by people who care about him immensely (again leading me to believe he bounced between homes and didn’t find a family to stabilize that part of himself).

In fact, for Keith, it’s more important (in my opinion) to focus on how growing up without a family around would impact him now. Simple things like playful banter, joking, giving advice, hugging even, are all things Keith struggles with. I think he was forced to grow up a bit too fast, and is only now realizing how much he missed out on when hanging out with the others. You can see him go through changes throughout the show where he becomes more comfortable with the paladins, though he still has walls up that prevent them from getting too close. 

He’s scared of rejection, having grown up knowing his parents abandoned him in one way or another. That shit sticks with you, and Keith is hesitant to let himself love and be loved because he’s anticipating the day when everyone leaves. He has been taught to expect the worst in those types of situations.

It’ll take time for him to come to realize these people have no intention of ever leaving him, but Keith needs reassurance on that matter: proof, if you will. In the meantime he’ll distance himself so his heart remains intact and try not to let himself get hurt in the process. 

Also, without an emotional anchor keeping him grounded, Keith is less concerned about his own well-being. I wouldn’t call him suicidal so much as sacrificial, and Keith knows that the others all have something back on Earth to go home to, whereas he doesn’t. To him, protecting the needs of his friends is more important that his own life, but I doubt he knows the error in his logic. Had he grown up with someone watching out for him consistently, caring about his actions and reprimanding him on his follies, then Keith would be less eager to give himself up for the sake of the others (he would be thinking of how his death would impact someone else). He would find different ways to save the ones he cared about (like running that ship into the shields but ejecting right before impact. Those things have ejector seats, right? They must.)

In Keith’s mind, there would be no one to miss him should he seize to exist (he’s very wrong, but he’s lacking that understanding). He needs to be shown, actively, that people care about him. The others likely assume that he already knows how they feel, but Keith needs to be told. Constantly. I’m hoping the rest of the team comes to realize this following season 4, and I really hope Dreamworks doesn’t skim over the near death experience. I will riot. 


With Keith, family isn’t so much a blood connection, which he takes time to learn. I think he’s come to realize that friendships can be closer than blood relatives, and that home is not so much a place as it is the people we give a part of ourselves to. 

So I guess to answer your question: yes. Keith has a family in all my fics. They’re just not the stereotypical definition of the word. 

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I read a random comment where sb said that Miura was asked once about griffguts and he replied that he just wrote two MCs passionate w each other and he didn't intend That. And I don't know if this is true or extremely paraphrased, or even if he lied? But now I'm??? I would bet my life that Griffith was canonically gay for Guts. Even het guys I know are certain of this. The Charlotte sex scene, his monologues, their 1st encounter. It;s 100% impossible Miura didn't intend him being gay, right?

Yeah I think I’ve read that interview, or one like it lol.

honestly… yeah lol. everything else aside, we know the subtext is purposeful because the characters talk about it in one of their first interactions. even without that scene, the idea that it’s totally accidental seems completely impossible to me, no one is that clueless about their own writing.

I guess the question is whether the subtext is only there to add more depth, chemistry and ~passion~ or w/e to their totally platonic relationship, or whether it’s something readers can and should incorporate into their interpretations of the characters. and if miura only intended the former, whatever (tho i have my doubts), but he can’t stop me from doing the latter. like if your method of making it clear that the characters have a strong relationship is heaping on the gay subtext, you can’t be surprised when people take that and run with it.


((In light of Danse leaving it goes without saying that Homecoming will not continue as it is now. Homecoming is the main canon of this blog and the abrupt end makes progress seem choppy. 

Before I get into that I would like to thank everyone who has expressed interest or enjoyment in the on-going rp, and apologize to all those that looked forward to seeing where the world took us. Your encouragement and patronage to the blog helped to keep us motivated when life got tiring or creativity was low. Thank you so much! It’s difficult for me to properly express my gratitude so I hope I am being felt.

Seeing as the universe Homecoming is within is the main canon of this blog, and this blog isn’t shutting down, the world of Homecoming isn’t actually over. The story will continue from where it was left off, absent of Danse. Consider it a bullshit season finale with a bullshit cliffhanger ending. The blog will progress from the following:

Renard and Garrett have been returned to the Citadel per their individual punishments. Their departure has cause animosity within some circles and created opportunities for others. The rumor stupidly started by Alton’s flub is prevalent but hotly debated, as are many of the rumors that surround the Elder. Paladin Danse and Knight Barriginer, while searching for clues to Recon Squad Artemis and closing in on Paladin Brandis, ceased communication and have gone AWOL. I hope this makes sense. 

Real talk.  Danse is an extremely popular character in the fandom and it is no surprise that my blog gained more traffic when the rp began. If the loss of Danse is a deal breaker then I would understand if you peace out. I get it. I just thank you again for interacting, sharing, or just following for the time you did. 

One last point because I know this a huge post, I am currently not interested in replacing my Danse rp partner. Not only is it too soon, but creatively I see an opportunity for…ya know…emotional storytelling. I want to make the best of what I have while I have it. 

I think that is everything I wanted to say. Thank you for reading and I appreciate your understanding.))

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Yo! I've always wanted to point this out but does it seems like anime!Cattleya seems much much older and more mature than novel!Cattleya? Then it makes sense if she and Claudia have a relationship in the anime. I still get this feeling that anime!Claudia and anime!Gilbert are younger than their novel counterparts. I really hate that everything in the novel age-wise is really ambiguous.

I’m not sure about looking older but she’s definitely more mature. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that she is mature while novel!Cattleya isn’t. The only thing mature about canon Cattleya is her looks, and the main point of her character is that she acts very childishly, in contrast with her body. She’s literally like a little puppy and I love her.

If I had to say who’s mature between the young members of CH, it’d be Benedict. He’s got good sense of teamwork and leadership skills in the novel, and everyone follows his orders and trusts him. It feels like the anime reversed their roles. Anime!Benedict is the childish one who is always complaining and gets cold treatment from most of the other employees, while Anime!Cattleya is the one that has authority over her co-workers.

She and Hodgins don’t seem to be dating in the anime. They just slept together. Novel!Hodgins was like that too. He’d sleep with people without compromise and sometimes get a short-term girlfriend, but he didn’t want a serious relationship with anyone ever. He just didn’t do it with Cattleya, as far as we know, and I think it’s obviously because he doesn’t want to hurt her, since she has great infatuation for him.

I honestly don’t think they are younger. Hodgins looks exactly the same and Gil looks even older than in the novel. I don’t know why KyoAni gave him so many wrinkles.

Rather than ambiguous, it’s just not said. XD There’s literally no age mentioned for certain.