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Hiiiiiii you did a really good job with that YouTube imagine thing heehee. So I was wondering if you could do one were ur really small and cute and u were likes gf and fans spot u on the street and start asking questions and taking pictures and u get all shy and adorable ?:p u don't have to if u don't want to but yeah :3

hey sweetheart i tried my best, hope you like it - also you didn’t write a name? so 4/4 x


“Oh my god!” Squeals of excitement echoed from the pavement opposite you and Ashton.

He started grinning as five girls ran across the road to greet him. You clung onto his hand nervously, you mostly avoided face-to-face experiences with fans and the thought was still quite intimidating to you.

“Hi Ashton!” They tittered, he replied warmly and asked them about their days as pictures were taken.

“Hi! Could I have a photo with you too?” A tall girl wearing a Joy Division t-shirt asked you shyly.

“Me?” You questioned surprised, pointing to yourself, she nodded, “Sure!”

She held her phone in the air and snapped a quick selfie of you two as you smiled into the lens, not knowing what to do with your body.

“Thanks!” She said, looking back over the photos.

“How long have you and Ashton been together? You don’t have to answer.” She said politely.

“No, it’s fine, we’ve been dating for around 7 weeks, right Ash?” You called to the boy who was attempting to take a selfie with 3 girls at once.

“Yep, 7 weeks and 4 days.” He replied, winking at you.

“He’s counting.” You explained to the tall girl, who was giggling at Ashton’s precise response.

“Bye!” Ashton waved at the girls who were now leaving, and returned to your side as you said goodbye to the tall fan.

“You were so good with them.” Ashton nudged your shoulder as you began to continue home.

“Really?” A note of hopefulness in your voice, maybe you were going to be okay with the whole interacting with fans thing.

“Really.” He clasped your hand in his once again and kissed your cheek in reassurance.


“I’ll only be a second I just want a new Playstation controller!” Michael tugged on your arm, intent on dragging you into GAME.

“You have four, Michael.” You retorted harshly, once he was in that store, there was no getting him out.

“Three,” He argued, “Luke threw one against the wall and it broke in half, remember?”

“Yeah,” You scoffed, “I remember you throwing a controller at the wall when I beat your ass at Mario Kart, don’t blame poor Luke.”

"Can we go in then?” He batted his eyes at you hopefully.

“Fine.” You gave in, letting the excited boy drag you through the shop doors.

You saw him disappear around a stack of Playstation games, and you started browsing the store, knowing that he wouldn’t return for a while.

“Hey, are you…?” A voice piped up from behind you. You turned and faced two younger girls faces lighting up when they saw yours.

“It is! I told you!” One blonde girl said to the other brunette.

“Are you fans of 5 Seconds Of Summer?” You asked the little girls, just checking they hadn’t mistaken you for someone else.

“Yes!” They both squealed, as you chuckled at their excitement.

“Could we have a selfie with you?” The brunette cautiously asked.

“Uh yeah of course,” You were a bit taken aback that they were as interested in you as they seemed with the band, “Hope you don’t mind my hair though, it’s a bit of a mess today.”

“Are you kidding? You’re stunning, I wish I could have hair like yours!” The blonde one almost shrieked.

“Yeah, you are so beautiful, no wonder Michael wanted to date you!” Her friend agreed.

You had no doubt that your face was bright red, these girls were being so nice, you hadn’t had an experience like this without Mike before.

“Thanks girls,” You grinned uncontrollably, “All the hate is worth moments like this.”

It was their turn to blush as you posed for their phones.

“Thanks so much!” The girls gushed as they left the store.

Immediately Michael appeared from behind a shelf, several games in hand.

“Were you there the whole time?” You asked Michael, shocked as to why he hadn’t come to say hi.

“You were amazing with them.” He nodded.

“Thanks,” Your cheeks returning to a flushed pink.

Michael grabbed your hand in his and stroked his thumb lovingly over your fingers, your eyes fell on the multiple games he was holding in his other hand.

“What are those?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Please?” His eyes begged you, but you knew you had to be stern or else he’d walk out with half the shop.

“Two maximum,” You said as he whined, “and you haven’t even found a new controller.”


“Pow pow pow!” You and Calum shaped your hands into guns and pointed them at random pedestrians, back to back, laughing loudly.

You had just exited the cinema, from seeing an action movie filled with spies and covert missions, and you both felt inspired.

“Calum? Calum oh my god!” You both straightened out and turned to see several girls and who you assumed to be a mother hurtling towards to two of you.

“Hi!” He greeted, a smile plastered on his face as you stepped behind him. You loved seeing him interact with fans, he was so gracious and made sure each and every one was happy before he left them.

“We didn’t interrupt a date or anything, did we?” The mother called over the shoulders of the girls. 

You smiled at her considerate worry and reassured her, “No it’s fine.”

“Hey can I get a photo with you two together?” One girl piped up, gesturing to you and Calum.

“Should be fine, right?” Calum glanced back at you to check you were okay with it before moving aside so the fan could stand in between you two as he took the photo.

“Could I have one with both of you as well?” Asked another voice.

“Me too?”
“And me?”

You shrugged at Calum who was glancing at you to make sure you were comfortable with it, as you bit your lip nervously and nodded shyly.

After every girl had had an individual photo, the mother suggested a group photo. Calum and you were arranged in the middle, three girls to the left of you and three girls to the right of Calum. You put your arm over their shoulders as Calums gripped your waist.

You suddenly became very aware of what you looked like, and started inwardly panicking about the placement of your legs, your arms and what your smile looked like. Calum must have seen you shifting and pushed his lips to your cheek. Your face relaxed and smiled involuntarily, as Calum knew you would. The flash went off and everyone untangled, thanking both of you for your time.

“It was no problem, honestly, we love meeting you girls.” You said truthfully.

Goodbye’s chorused as you all went your separate ways.

“I’m proud of you for that.” Calum said, squeezing your hand tightly.

“For what?” You blushed.

“Well, besides everything, I’m proud of how you handled the girls back there, I know you don’t like those sorts of situations.” He started swinging your interlocked hands as you walked.

“Thanks, Cal.” You said quietly.

“Plus do you know how hot you look in that skirt? I could take you right now.” His joking tone made you wonder whether or not he was serious. He crossed his arm over your head, wrapping both around you causing you both to waddle awkwardly before letting go and clasping your hand once more and managing to pinch your bum in the process.


“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Luke asked for the billionth time, he was bringing you to a radio interview and he knew there would be girls waiting for the band. He also knew that big crowds intimidated you and the last thing he would want is for you to feel uncomfortable.

“I’ll be fine.” You told him, and yourself.

You pulled up to a fancy hotel and saw barriers containing fans. A lot of fans. A lot of screaming fans.

Luke put his hand comfortingly on your thigh, and kissed your forehead gently before the van doors opened.

The noise was deafening and your gut filled with a feeling of dread and excitement. You exhaled loudly as Luke jumped out the car, holding his hand out for you. You swung your legs out first and slid out the seat, onto the pavement clinging onto Luke’s arm for dear life.

You saw Ashton and Calum already speaking to fans and observed them as Luke let go of your hand to take pictures quickly.

You turned sharply as you heard your name being screamed from the left at you, as you turned you saw a group of girls waving madly at you. You made the decision to leave Luke’s side and wondered over to them.

You were faced with loud screams of ‘I love you!’s and ‘how is Luke?’ and more intrusive ‘how is Luke in bed?’. You smiled kindly at a frizzy haired girl and posed obediently for her photo. She thanked you hysterically as more phones were thrust in your face. 

You calmed your panicking brain and began to work through the small hoard of girls that were begging for a picture.

You felt a hand around your waist and a collective ‘awww’ from the crowd as Luke whispered in your ear that you had to go inside now.

“See you guys!” He called as you waved timidly, a little self-conscious from all the flashing cameras.

Once inside, you fell into Luke’s arms, just wanting comfort more than anything, you felt exhausted.

“You were great out there.” He rested his chin on the top of your head, engulfing you in his arms.

“Thanks.” You murmured against his chest, breathing in his scent and calming down slowly.

“I love you.” He kissed the top of your  head as you sighed contently.

“I love you more.” You whispered against his chest.