and it seems accurate to them like idk xd

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How would VIXX react to you, dancing to them "Like a Cat" from AOA? Idk, i just really like the song, and the dance is just amazing. BTW, LOVE YOUR RESPONSES! They seem so accurate...

Thank you anon!

N: Hakyeon would applaud you and cheer you on! He would be proud that you took the time to actually learn the dance. Once you’re done dancing, he would get up and give you a few pointers on how to dance ‘correctly.’ “That’s good! But let me show you how it’s done.” **sexy wink**

Leo: Oh gosh. Expect a LOT of blushing. Through the whole entire dance he will be blushing and even may let out a giggle or two. *inner thoughts* Wow…she’s good.

Ken: Ken would cheer loudly and even get up to dance with you! He wouldn’t know how to do the choreography, but he would be silly and make up his own moves. “Dance to the beat, baby!” you dork

Ravi: Since this is a sexy dance, Ravi would become really…uh… ‘excited’ over your dance so he would just stand and stare. Once your done, stuff will happen. *inner thoughts* WOWOWOWOW!

Hongbin: Just like Leo, Hongbin would basically just giggle a lot out of embarrassment and blush a lot. He would tell you after that he loved your dance, but in the inside he would never want you to dance again for the sake of the awkwardness. “That was…great!”

Hyuk: Hyuk would cheer you on nonstop! He would woot and cheer and jump up and down all over the place. Afterwards, he would tell you you did an amazing job! “WHOOP WHOOP! GO BABY GO!”

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