and it reminds me why i love emily


this is amazing and makes every part of my heart happy. it’s also mean because i don’t care that they’re making fun of romantic cliches: i would watch the full-length version of this, why is it so short??

Pailey quotes vs Emison quotes

You know what Emily has said about Paige. “What I had with Paige was genuine.” “I didn’t get lost I was looking for something” “I would look for guys like you”. “That night on my porch you told me what Alison did I fell for you hard”. Emily quotes about Alison. “I don’t think she knew how to love I think she collected love from other people” “She let me kiss her”. “She broke my heart. I could hear it crack inside me” “I am done with you Ali” “You need to figure out what you want Alison” Now please remind me again why people love Emison so much?

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"Remind me why I'm dating you again" for the sentence starter! :)

Spencer was only joking, but when Emily stepped forward, looking up at Spencer through her long, dark lashes, she realized that she’d only sealed her doom. 

“Because I’m cute, and I cook you breakfast.” Emily said, snaking her arms up over Spencer’s shoulders. “And you love me.”

Spencer sighed melodramatically, allowing Emily to guide them both upstairs. “Yeah, I guess.”

Emily kinked one eyebrow, and Spencer broke, smiling against Emily’s lips during the kiss that Emily pulled her into.

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Emily & Ed: Part 1                   Forever and Ever…A Love Story.

Title:       Ed and Emily - A Love Story
Author: @naughty-teddy-innit
Rating:  PG- No smuts, brief sexy texts, making out

Enjoy, and comments, Asks, Feedback and Reblogs are LOVE! Xoxoxoxo

There are certain moments in my life that I will hold tight and keep just for me, memories that are indelibly inked on my heart.   These memories, the building blocks of my soul, could never be adequately captured in a photograph or described in a journal, they exist only in me. They sneak up and trigger that waterfall of emotion that remind me why life is worth living.  The first time those beautiful, soft, perfectly pink lips found mine.  The first time his soft accented voice murmured the word “Forever”, and every single time after, because “I love you” was never enough.  The day I had to say goodbye to my grandmother, when my heart was broken and the arms I needed around me, to keep me strong, were halfway across the world and when I thought I couldn’t feel more pain, he was there, his arms around me, holding me up.  Christmas morning.  Walking into the living room to the glow of the lights from the tree lighting his face like an angel, and the sight of him down on his knee, pure love in his eyes, and my grandmother’s ring in his hand.  The smile on his face when I managed a “Yes!” through the tears. These moments are the ones that will stay with me, seared into my heart and spirit for as long as I live.  Today, the one instance that tops them all, the one that will stay with me until my life leaves me, is the look in his eyes as I walked towards him, down that aisle, to become his wife.  

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Sorry, not Sorry - Part 2

Part 1 

Word Count: 4397

The aching in my heart keeps getting more and more painful. My, hopefully, future, boyfriend is sucking face with another girl, beautiful girl for that matter. Maybe it’s painful due to watching them go at it for a good 2 minutes.

I was going to let them be and go back to my room, before Jennifer gets on top of Spencer and takes her shirt off. My eyes widen at her physique. I have never seen her stomach without clothes covering, so this is a first for me. Her body looks as if she works out every. Single. Day. Unlike mine, with my stupid love handles and cellulite.

Can she get any more perfect? I am so begrudging her right now. I need to stop.

I also need to stop them from fucking on my couch. However, Jennifer made it easier for me by looking up at me and noticing my existence. Her face flushing with embarrassment, she gets off of Spencer tilting her head my way.

He looks back at me and looks at me with a death stare. Looks like I gave “Innocent” Spencer blue balls.

I am so friend-zoned.

“I was going to go back upstairs but yalls timing couldn’t have been worse.” I snicker. He rolls his eyes and gets up leading himself into the hallway, purposely bumping on my shoulder. Jennifer follows him like a lost puppy.

“You can’t really be mad at me.” I holler, with a slight giggle in my voice. He turns around and flicks me off. I’m getting annoyed. I have caught him before. His reactions would be arch, not this bristling shit. 

I sigh dragging myself to the couch before plopping myself down on it. I look up at the ceiling and think. Would I really have a chance a Spencer? I mean, think about it. He’s a genius who is probably going to make it far in life and I’m still undecided. He’s attractive with a great body and the best personality. All I have is my personality. I can’t seduce anybody with just a wink or a simple touch. On the contrary, Spencer can. Just one simple touch and I’m jello.  

I can already feel his long bony fingers trailing down my arm, to my stomach, to where I need the most. Oh, the way his fingers will feel inside of me, the boniness being felt along my walls as his fingertips hit my G-spot. Good god. 

Holy fucking fuck. My mind just went to a whole other world, and I liked it. The images almost feel so vivid. Almost as if he were really doing it. 

The images shut off as I hear my phone ring. My heart starts racing when I see Emily’s name on the screen. 

“Hello,” I answer the phone. 

“I don’t really like knocking, Y/n.” 

I literally jump off the couch and run to the door, opening it. I haven’t seen Emily in so long and I’ve missed her so much. 

I open the door to reveal her standing in all her gloriousness. She looks better from when I last saw her. Her blue dress hugging her figure perfectly. 

When she saw me, we both took each other in before we both yelled out each other's name in unison, followed by the hugest hug. 

“Oh, my god. Emily! You look so good. I missed you!” My words were starting to become scrambled from my excited-ness. 

“Thanks love. So do you.” She said looking me up and down with a grin. 

I blush looking down. 

“Well, come in, come in.” I stand to the side to welcome her. She enters looking around at the decorative furniture and paintings on the wall. 

“Spencer is really into art.” 

She turns around to look at me with a smirk. “Where is the infamous ‘Spencer’?”  She uses air quotes around Spencer and I laugh.

I never showed her pictures of Spencer when I would obsess over him with her, mainly because, I knew she would think he’s cute and probably do the basic best friend thing and tell me that he’s too good for me, out of my league, etc. 

“He’s in his room,” I answer. “With his girlfriend…”  I look down so I won’t have to see the sympathetic look on her face. I really don’t want to be sad when my best friend, whom I haven’t seen in forever is here. 

I look up and see her smiling. She walks up to me and gives me a hug. “It’s going to be okay love. He’s going to realize what he has right in front of him.” 

I pull apart from her and give a toothless smile. 

“Spencer!” I yell. Why am i calling him? He’s probably finishing off what was happening on the couch earlier. 


“Well, he sounds like a charmer,” Emily smirks. 

I didn’t answer him, hoping he would come down. I look to Emily with a nervous look. I know she is going to think he is cute. I mean, if you think Spencer Reid is unattractive then you have to be blind.

As I had hoped, Spencer comes downstairs with his shoulders dropped and only wearing boxers. 

Holy fuck.

“What Y/n? Why do you keep bothering me?” He complains. 

“I want you to meet my best friend from high school, Emily,” I direct him to look at Emily. 

His eyebrows shoot up. “Best friend? I’m your best friend.” 

Emily laughs and reaches for his hand. He glances between her and her hand as if he doesn’t know what they are. 

“Oh, he isn’t a handshaking person.” 

She looks at him and he makes a frog face. 

Oh god. 

“Nice to meet you, Emily. Sorry, I’m in such a hurry. I was in the middle of having intercourse with my girlfriend so bye.” Without another glance, he runs off to his room.

Emily looks at me with yet another sympathetic look. 

“Well, if it makes you feel better, I didn’t think he was cute at all.” 

I look to her and mentally strangle her. How does someone think that Spencer is unattractive? It’s just not normal.

“So, I’m here… what is there to do in Virginia?” Emily changes the subject. 

I put my finger on my chin, as to think. 

“Look, we need to celebrate us reuniting. I wore this cute dress hoping we can go somewhere that involves cute guys and dancing.” 

I don’t know if I’m in the mood to go to a club. I’m still a little down about Spencer and I would rather be in my Pj’s and binge watch 80′s teen movies.

“I don’t know, Em,” I trail off. 

Then again, I can get my mind off of him by having fun with my Best friend. 

“To the club we go.” 

I didn’t take long to get dressed. Just this and I was ready to go.  Emily, However, took about four hours to prepare her makeup, even though she doesn’t even need it. 

Emily got to my house around 5 and we didn’t leave til 9. 

The night was filled with dancing, grinding on Emily, taking shots. Emily is being a little touchy feely with me, though she is on her 8th shot. Too many shots can make a person’s hormones go insane.

I, on the other hand, can still think straight with only taking 2 shots. I can see sweaty drunk people on the dance floor grinding on each other. I see guys going up to girls and flirting with them. 

Someone might find their soulmate tonight, who knows. 

“Y/n, come dance with me!” Emily slurs while gripping my arm and dragging me to the dance floor. I’m a little tired but I came here to have a good time. 

Now or Never by Trevor Moran was blasting through the speakers and I lost myself. I was dancing like nobody was watching me. Showing everybody I have no worries in the world. 

Emily was grinding on me and we just kept laughing the entire time she was doing so. So many memories are being made and they’re not with Spencer. 


He was just off my mind right now what the hell. Why must he crawl back in at the worst time possible? I’m trying to have a good time. being reminded of him and knowing he will never love me, makes me want to leave. 

I leave the dance floor and make my way to the bar. Emily looks at me confused before approaching me. “What happened?”

“Just tired. I think I want to leave soon.” 

She gives me the dirtiest look. “Is it because of Spencer? If it is I’m going to punch you.” 

I flush. I hate how she knows me so well.

“Look, we came here so we can celebrate our reunite. So you better get more to drink and forget about him!” 

She was right. I need to forget about Spencer and let loose. Spencer is going to be a lost memory tonight once I have about 10 more shots in me. 

Woah, I took more than 10 shots. My head is pounding and I’m stumbling over my own feet. I’m getting sweaty and I feel disgusting. 

Looking through the club to find Emily, someone jumps on my back without warning, causing me to fall. 

“What the fuck,” I try to get back up but my feet were just not obliging. 

“Y/n! I’m sorry!” Emily laughs. 

I roll my eyes and reach my hand out so she can help me back up. “Emily lets go already.” 

She nods and we exit the club. When we get outside I realize me and Emily are too drunk to drive, so we call an Uber. 

The Uber ride was filled with Emily and I telling the driver personal stories about our past. You can tell he really didn’t care but he just laughed along to be polite.

Once we get home, I grab my wallet to pay. “No, no first time free,” The driver smiles. 

“Oh, thanks so much. You’re so nice." 

He laughs. "Have a safe night." 

He drives off and I am stumbling to my door. 

Once we get inside, Emily falls on her face. I don’t know how or why, but she isn’t even reacting. She is just laying on the floor, no movements. I wish I could’ve seen her face when she hit it. 

I rush to her and poke her back. “Emily?” 

When she didn’t respond, I throw myself on top of her causing her to grunt. “Y/n, what the hell?” 

“You know you just fell right?” I laugh. 


I laugh even harder. Harder than I was supposed to. 

“C’mon lets get you up,” I stand up and reach my hand out for her. 

Well, looks like we both helped each other up tonight. 

“Thanks love.”

I nod my head before leading her up to the guest bedroom. “This will be your room for your stay.” 

She smiles and plops herself down on the bed. “Y/n come lay next to me.” She pats the empty space beside her. 

I walk towards the bed and lay down next to her. I remember times like these, her coming over to my house and just hanging out. Me and her having to share my bed and one of us falling off of it every time. 

I have more memories with her than I do with Spencer. I’ve known her for almost four years now. Senior year was honestly the best year ever and I would kill to go back. 

I feel her head turn towards me. “Y/n, will you ever get over Spencer?”

I turn my head to look back at her before turning it back to where I’m looking at the ceiling. 

I have never thought about that question before. Getting over Spencer? Is that possible? Every time I have a crush, I don’t get over them until a year or if I never see them again. And that’s when I haven’t even talked to them. So, just imagine this situation. I have never had a guy best friend before, this is difficult for me. 

I sigh, “I don’t think so, Em.” 

I see her frown from the corner of my eye. “I know what it’s like to fall for your best friend,” she mumbles

I furrow my eyebrow. Em has never told me about previous best friends. Is there something or someone she has not told me about?

I lift myself up with my elbows and rest my back against the headboard. I cross my arms waiting for an answer.

Emily does the same and scoots closer to me. She rests her hand on my thigh. As I’m waiting for her to answer, she starts to lean in. My eyes widen and my mind processes about what is going to happen but for some reason, I feel myself leaning in without thinking. I have no control over my body right now. 

Next thing I know, Emily’s, my best friend’s, lips are on mine. I have never kissed a girl before and I’m regretting that. Her lips are softer than guys ugly chapped lips. 

She moves her head to the back of my head and runs her hands through my hair. I groan and get on top of her, kissing her harder. I remove my shirt and throw it across the room. 

“Fuck Y/n.” She groans.

Her lips move down to my neck, sucking on my sensitive spots. Her hands are doing wonders on my body as she trails them up and down my back, toward my hair and pulling at it.

At this moment I realize I’m going to have sex with my best friend and I cannot be more excited.

“Y/n!!” My eyes flutter open to Spencer’s voice yelling my name from the living room. 

I groan and sit up, rubbing my eyes. I remove my hands from my eyes only to see that I’m not in my room. Why am I in the guest room? I look to the side of me to find Emily sleeping next to me. 

Oh, she probably wanted me to sleep with her last night, so she wouldn’t be lonely. She always wants someone to sleep next to her. 

“Y/n!” I hear Spencer yell for me again. 

“I’M COMING!” I scream. Why is Spencer yelling for me? 

Unless he realizes that I’m the one for him and he is rushing to tell me the feelings he has for me. 

You wish Y/n. 

I lift the covers from my body only to see that I’m naked. My eyes widen and I start to hyperventilate. Why am I naked? I look around to see my clothes thrown all over the place. Oh, no. 

I didn’t.

Please tell me. 

I put my head in my hands and groan. This is why I don’t drink a lot. I end up doing something I’m going to regret the next morning. 

Sighing, I get up and retrieve my clothes from the floor and quickly put my dress back on. 

I walk to the living room and see a pissed off Spencer. Oh, why is he mad this time? Is it because me and Emily were loud last night? 

Oh, why did you have to go there Y/n?

“Finally! Can you be so stupid?” Bam, I’m only here for 10 seconds and I’m hit with his hypercriticalness. 

“What are you talking about, Spencer?” 

“This morning I was about to go to the kitchen to only see the front door wide open,” His eyes are pouring out venom.

I form my mouth into an “O” shape. I don’t even remember how I even got home last night. The last thing I remember was taking my 8th shot and everything went black. 

I look down, abashed. “Oh, I-I.” I can’t even come up with an excuse right now. 

“You were drunk, I heard you and Emily having a laughing and lets-make-noise fest when you got home at 5 am!” Even when he’s upset he’s so cute. Sexy even. They way his brows furrow and his lips move so fast. 

They can move fast somewhere else on my body. 

“Yes, I came home late last night! and?” 

“I don’t care that you came home last night! I care about you leaving the front door wide open at night! Robbers, Rapist, even Murderers could’ve come in!” 

He was right. It’s a miracle that neither of those people came in last night. 

“You’re right. I’ll control my liquor next time.” I make my way toward the kitchen. 

“That’s what I love about you Y/n.” My eyebrows shoot up before I turn around to face him again. 


“I love how you didn’t say sorry and somehow made the conflict disappear.” 

My stomach is having butterflies right now. He has told me things that he loves about me but that was before I had a crush on him. 

Wait, I’ve had a crush on him for 9 months and he is barely telling me something he loves about me now. 

I smile before going to the kitchen to drink some milk. 

Spencer walks in after me and places his hand on my shoulder. “You look like shit by the way.” 

I scoff. “Not everyone can look good as you after a hangover.” 

His eyes go dark and I can honestly care less about my comment right now. 

“Well, I’m flattered.” he laughs, putting a hand on his chest.

I smirk and walk towards my bedroom to take a shower. On the way there, Jennifer walks by me in nothing but a cropped shirt and panties. 

She does know Spencer isn’t the only one living here right? 

I decide to dismiss the goddess walking by me because I just know my jealousy and my hangover are taking over my brain right now. 

Yeah, looking at her, I will never have a chance with Spencer. 

I make it to my room to only find Emily sitting on my bed. Fuck, I’m not ready to confront her about what happened last night. I hope she doesn’t remember. 

She is on her phone which means she hasn’t noticed me yet. She is also fully clothed, thank god. 

“Hey, Ems,” I don’t want to be rude and not acknowledge her. 

She looks up from her phone and looks at me with a lustful look. Fuck, she knows. 

She probably woke up naked and realized too. 


Fuck it, I’m just going to talk about it. I hate not discussing things with people. 

“So, last night… You know we did it right?” Can I be any more blunt?

She looks at me with a pleased and relieved expression. I can tell she wanted to bring it up but didn’t know how to. 

“Yeah…” She flushed. 

“Look, Emily I-” 

“No, I need to tell you something, Y/n.” She interrupts me. 

I get confused. What must she have to say? I don’t know how I feel about the situations going on right now. 

“Well… hmm how can I say this?” She takes a deep breath and looks me in the eyes. Her eyes are starting to gloss up, getting ready to cry. I go over to her and place my hand on her back assuring her to go on. She takes another deep breath. “Around a year ago, I started to become my true self.” 

Why is she being vague right now? I was going to ask her what she meant before she continues, “I realized who I was when I was just in middle school. No, Elementary. I wouldn’t look at boys the way other girls would. I would just look at them like whatever.” 

I know what she is getting at. I rub her back some more. “High school is where It got worse. Freshman year, I met this girl and we instantly clicked. We became the best of friends and I would always go to her house and hang out.” She stopped for a moment. Her head went down and I saw tears coming out of her eyes. “Well, I ended up falling for her but I couldn’t tell her. Her parents were major homophobes which made matters worse. They would say how lesbians and gays were disgusting and wish there was no such thing. So then one time we went camping together and we shared a tent. For some reason, that night, her mom wouldn’t let us sleep next to each other so she made me sleep on the other side of the tent away from her.” 

I didn’t know where this story was going but I kept my hand on her back. “After that, I never talked to her again. I know it was a bitch move but I couldn’t share the same room with people who hate me.” She starts sobbing. “But long story short. I have fallen for another one of my best friends and she happens to be right next to me.” 

I stop my hand from rubbing her back any further and remove it. I stand there in shock for a little bit. Emily, my best friend from high school, likes me? Why is everything getting so complicated in my life?

“Emily, I-I-” Why can’t I speak clearly today? Her eyes are disdained and I can’t help her.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to say anything.” She says bristling. She gets up and starts walking out the door.

“Emily wait.” I run after her. I grab her arm and turn her around to face me. 

“Y/n save it. I know it was a long shot for you to like me.” She was about to turn around but I didn’t let her. 

“No, you know what Y/n? You have no idea what I’m feeling right now! Pretending to be okay and be a typical best friend when you call me up about Spencer? It’s the worse!” 

I look at her with disbelief. Is she really saying that right now? 

“Actually, yes I do know what you’re going through Emily! I have it worse than you! Seeing his girlfriend walk around half naked after they have sex, seeing Spencer and her making out in front of me! Him talking about how much he loves her to me. So you can’t say you have it worse than me. You are in no place to say that!” She has a look of defeat on her face and I don’t feel bad whatsoever. She is not going to compare me and Spencer to her and me. 

“Whatever, I’m leaving. It was nice knowing you Y/n.” She storms off and I just stand there taking in what happened. 

I just lost one of my best friends. The one that was there for me when I didn’t have a friend my senior year. The one who ditched her friends to sit with me at lunch. 

I lost her. 

All the good memories are what’s going to be left of us. 

Before I know it, I hear the front door open and slam, hard. I really hurt her. I can just imagine if Spencer were to do what I just did to her, to me. 

I would be crushed. Forever damaged. 

I walk to the living room and look out the window, seeing her car being pulled out and driving off to wherever. 

I turn around and look down. 

“What was that about?” Spencer’s voice startled me causing me to jump.

I look up at his soft features. The concern in his eyes reminds me of the ones when I told him about Dylan. 

“We kind of got into a fight.” 

He looks at me with a Tell-Me-Something-I-Don’t-Know expression. 

I don’t know If I should tell him. Should I sugar coat it? 

No, fuck that.

“She told me that she likes me but I don’t feel the same.” I look down ashamed. I wish I can feel the same. 

His eyes have more concern. “Do you think she’ll be okay?” 

“I hope.”

He gives me a weak smile. 

I love how Spencer tries his best to make sure everyone around him is okay. One of the many he has to make me fall for him more. 

“Hey babe, what would you want for dinner tonight?” Jennifer yells from the kitchen before walking into the living area. “Oh, hey Y/n.” 

I give her a fake smile and walk to the couch. 

I like how she isn’t fazed by me. How she doesn’t have to worry about Spencer being around me because she knows that Spencer will never mess around with me behind her back. 

“So, babe what would you like for dinner?” She says seductively this time. 

I shoot up from the couch. “Okay, I know that was an innocent question but can you please not talk like that around me please.” 

“Or what?” Jennifer is totally testing me right now. 

What is going around here? Jennifer was nice to me and now all of a sudden she wants to be a little bitch. 

“Babe,” Spencer warns her prior to giving me an apologetic smile. 

I roll my eyes and head to my room. It’s only 11 am and so much has happened. 

That was just a filler I guess. But this is just the beginning. I have so much in store for Part 3 and I can’t be more excited! 

I wanted to add more but It’s getting a bit too long. So, I’ll just wait to add it to the third part. 


get to know me | 6 movies

Sucker Punch (2011)

      Everyone has an Angel. A Guardian who watches over us. We can’t know what form they’ll take. One day, old man. Next day, little girl. But don’t let appearances fool you; they can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they’re not here to fight our battles, but to whisper from our heart. Reminding that it’s us. It’s every one of us who holds power over the world we create.

let me remind you that this

is the last interaction between Emily and Alison for what’s believed to be five years. Not a kiss, but this. Marlene, why give us Emison and then give us some dull hugs and “I love you” that didn’t mean almost nothing. Like, bitch…we wanted to see them romantically reunited together, not in some sisterly way. UGH, and to think this Marlene bitch tweeted all those nice things about Emison, knowing that this is the last scene we’ll have of them FOR FIVE YEARS.

*sobbing on the floor*

look at alison tho looking like a grandma sending off her granddaughters to collage.

A few last tidbits from HVFF

@phieingelaere and I are sitting here in our hotel waiting to go to the airport with the convention hangover from hell. We had such an amazing weekend and got to spend some time with fandom friends. Thank you to @hoodiesandcomputers who brightened our stay in Chicago and our convention by her presence. It was also really fun to finally meet @befitandchase and @olicityalways after all these years. Hopefully our paths will cross again :)

1/Stephen worked all day Friday, got on a plane late Friday night, then slept for one hour apparently before coming to the con where he spent all day signing, doing photoshoots and panels, followed by the NP party. I love this man so much but I wished he would take better care of himself.

2/ We talked to David about Emily & conventions, and he’s aware that some people are a bit upset she doesn’t do domestic ones (don’t ask me how he knows). But he doesn’t know why she doesn’t do them. He did reiterate that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing the big ones. (friendly reminder that actors are not in any way obligated to do conventions)

3/ Colin Donnell and his wife Patti are #relationshipgoals. I did tell Colin he was a lucky guy to be married to her, which he agreed wholeheartedly (he probably thinks I’m in love with his wife, but let’s be honest, I am a little bit.)

4/ No guy on this planet loves his wife the way Neal McDonough loves his wife (whose name is Ruvé, BTW)

5/ Sophie and I are now Echo Kellum’s favorite belgians (I don’t think he knows many others, but it’s fine by me:)

6/ Thank you to David Ramsey, Robbie Amell and Katrina Law who kept calling us ‘The Sophie’s’ every time they saw us.

7/ David Ramsey gives the best hugs.

8/ Stephen is the biggest Felicity Smoak fanboy in the galaxy. Ask him anything, he will find a way to fit Felicity’s name into his answer. Even if you ask him about the weather.

9/A big thank you to most of the staff who made it really easier for us to interact a lot with the guests.

10/Charlotte Ross is like Mama Smoak : adorable, bubbly and super nice. Also her hair is made of magic.

11/ Paul Blackthorne’s best friend used to date Hayley Atwell a long time ago, and they remained very good friends since. He was all excited to know he would be at the same convention as her in June in the UK.

12/ Stephen Amell singing ‘Why don’t we do it’ is one of the HOTTEST thing I’ve ever seen.  

13/ I can’t believe I didn’t talk to Robbie Amell about the XFiles. I feel like I failed @mel-loves-all and @scu11y22. I’ll make it up to you girls when I see him in Paris in May :)

No Light, No Light

TITLE:  No Light, No Light


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance / angst

FIC SUMMARY: On a trip to Paris, Emily’s secret could destroy everything she has with Tom.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: *Contains mentions of non-consensual activities before sexual intercourse*  It’s not rape by oral or intercourse. 

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything and I think it’s because I feel like everyone is super busy with school and work. I’m pretty busy too–but I just choose not to do any of it which means it’ll bite me back in the ass very soon. I just don’t feel like writing when not as many people are reading anymore because it kind of skews the quality of the one shot or whatever the hell I’m writing. I don’t know. But I would love to hear what you think!

Inspired by Florence + The Machine: No light, no light.

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The new PLL characters - Who is evil?

They’ve brought in a bunch of new characters, so surely at least one of them has to be evil. Let’s see…


Why he might be evil:

  • He’s a pretentious artist.
  • He can do stuff with things, which would be a very handy A skill.
  • I love the idea that he set up the ‘A’ fireworks. (Why haven’t they talked to whoever was running the fireworks to see if they know anything useful? I hate the lack of curiosity the writers give the girls.)
  • He seems to have a suspicious interest in Alison. Which reminds me…
  • He works for Ezra.

Why he might not be evil:

  • He seems to be mostly there to create plot devices and get Spencer thinking about not going to college.

Verdict: Evil. All artists are evil. (jk jk)


Why she might be evil:

  • She seems to have something she’s not telling Emily, which on this show could be anything from starting up an old movie appreciation club to looking for storage space to hide dead bodies.
  • She likes cooking. So does Hannibal Lector. Does she also like the taste of human flesh?
  • She made Ezra a pie.
  • As far as we know, the pie wasn’t poisoned.
  • In fact she seems to think Ezra is OK. Case closed!
  • She doesn’t have much else to do.

Why she might not be evil:

  • She has the right sauce for Emily’s empanadas.
  • Seriously, if they introduce a new lesbian who’s also a WOC and she’s evil so soon after Shana… just no.

Verdict: Not evil, despite the suspicious failure to poison Ezra when she had the chance.


Why she might be evil:

  • People who turn up in Rosewood claiming to be close friends with someone who is dead don’t have a good track record on this show.
  • Will they go down the Nate route? Was Lesli stalking Mona? Will she kiss Hanna then try to murder her? I hope not, the Nate storyline was bad enough the first time around.

Why she might not be evil:

  • She wears glasses and looks kind of nerdy.

Verdict: Not evil. She wears glasses and looks kind of nerdy.

My 6x04 thought process

So these are some notes I took while watching, they really are just me rambling:

•I like how they started right away with answering what we couldn’t hear Mr.D telling Ali and Jason last week

 •15 months older than Jason…could this mean that Jason isn’t Peter’s son but instead Charles is???Could this be why Peter is/was so involved with the Radley situation and Mrs.D. It’s obvious there could be some mental health issues with Spencer, which means it could run on her side of the family.  It could also mean that Jason and Charles are both of Peter’s kids.

•"Charles is dead" hmm just like you Ali…ok. 

 •What was the point of bringing Sara into the show if all she’s going to do is shower?! 

 •Why is Tanner is still on the job? Maybe the girls wouldn’t have been kidnaped if it wasn’t for her 😒 

•Omg Caleb is just the best bf! How he worries about and makes sure her safety is number one 👌🏽👌🏽 

•Ezra better not tell Spencer to write or his hot dog story. Seriously he should stick to selling coffee and dating minors. 

•ok for real though he’s too pushy telling Spencer to go to the cops. Like do you ever just shut up Ezra?! 

•Emily, Caleb is more stable and speaks in one accent I’m pretty sure brining Caleb along is the best idea. Chill girl. 

•Ali’s hair though 👌🏽👌🏽 

•wow nice father Mr.D. Him saying that just makes me think that Charles isn’t at all dead. But it also makes me think that he was never the real father, he was never really attached to him. Like what father says that?! 

•wtf is Emily wearing?! Did she make one of her 500000 flannel shits into shorts?!  

•Seriously who isn’t dead or dying in the Ali’s family. I can’t keep up! 

 •Does this Aunt have anything to do with Bethany. Was that her daughter in Radley?? Maybe that’s why Bethany would call Mrs.D aunt Jessie. But idk lol! 

•yes Pam!! I’m sorry Emily you went through a lot so no you can’t help her. 

 •Go back to the roof Sara and stop being sketchy!!!

 •Lmaoooo love how that kid looks nothing like Jason!! That or puberty was on his side and now he’s hot! 

•Mrs.D probably lied to Mr.D about him not being dead. She was probably the only one who truly loved him but Mr.D felt he was more of a burden. But for real can someone just stay dead on this show?! 

 •why does that lighting of the house remind me of Ravenswood? Stop pushing that shit on us! 

•I’m loving that the girls are working with both Ali and Jason ❤️❤️ 

•Aria’s go to when things get tough is throwing shit around lol 

•oh hey Lorezo reject, you’ll probably only be around for two episodes bc Ezria are soulmates. I know it makes me sick too! 

•I really don’t like Emily being alone with Sara. I feel like Emily would be more safe walking by herself than with Sara at the moment *trust no bitch*

•Jason and Ali hugging *crying* 

•If Paige saw Emily and Sara in the pool she’d probably drown Sara! 


•I hate to say this but Ezra is right for once. But this is Spencer’s way of gaining control and it really does not surprise me that she is looking for relief from drugs. It would have actually annoyed if they didn’t give her that story line after the doll house. Once and addict always and addict and that’s an important aspect to her character.  

• If he’s alive (that’s IF), Charles trying to hurt her and having an obsession with her now makes sense.  Ali was this perfect kid to Mr.D and even Mrs.D. He may see something that is beautiful loved and treasured, but also someone who may have taken the love away from him that he felt he deserved. 

Over all this was an ok episode, obviously there wasn’t anything huge answered but it’s little things right now that are building up to the actual answers that we’ve been looking for!

2016 has actually been pretty good to me, but I’m excited to have a fresh start. Just the concept of a new year is refreshing. Since I’m older this is the first time I’ve really considered my New Years resolutions, but also reflected on the previous year. 2016 has been full of so many monumental things including:
• I qualified for state in cross country (division 1)
• I turned 15 (deep connection to the song included)
• I passed my permit test & got my license
• 1 year anniversary of my 1989 tour
• 1 year anniversary since Taylor followed
• Survived my 1st year in a new high school
• MET EMILY @columbusswift
So although 2016 was filled with many low points, I survived a bunch of rainstorms and can now reflect on all of the positives. You might wonder why I’m posting this, but I come to this account almost every day and I thought this could always remind me of what I want to accomplish in the new year.
p.s. no makeup bc also want to become confident in my own skin this year.
I hope all of you peeps can accomplish the same because you’re beautiful in every way. Love you lots -morgan

Bechloe fic “Sleeping beauty.”

anonymous asked:

Can you please make a one-shot from Becas pov in which she sees Chloe sleep for the very first time and she cannot believe how beautiful she is? Tons of fluff please, love ya I was kind of in a rush to get this finished so I’m sorry if there are a few mistakes :) If you want to request a one-shot/ship/headcanon - send me a prompt in my ask box! Warnings: none apply.

Beca’s pov

“I remember that it hurt, looking at her hurt.” Okay so I know that maybe using the starting line from “Stuck in love” is a little cringey, but in my defence it seems to work perfectly well in this context and no, I did not like the movie, I hate movies. Chloe made me watch it. On another note if you tell anyone how dorky I really can be, I swear to god I will harm you in ways that haven’t even been invented yet.

The Bella house was quiet. That might sound unusual at first, but there was a party at the Trebles so it’s really not that weird when you work out that they were there.  I’d decided to stay home and work on a new mix. Don’t get me wrong I do love parties, it’s just, Idk maybe being around my drunken Ex-Boyfriend (Jesse) doesn’t seem all that appealing to me. Chloe had tried to make me go and I honestly would have, I love spending time with Chloe, it’s just I wasn’t really in the mood. She had offered to stay behind with me, but after getting close to Chloe and getting to know her, a quick glance meant I could tell she was hoping I’d decline the offer.

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I mentioned earlier that I was going to share some of my favorite summer reads! Most bring me back to the time I read them over some past summer! I’ve enjoyed seeing the ones that you guys recommended as well!

1. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling  - I tend to read this series over again each summer or at least part of it! It’s engrained in my childhood and has been a huge part of my adult life too. It always brings me back to happier times! 

2. The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen- I read this first in highschool, but I think every Sarah Dessen book reminds me of summer. Very sweet, sometimes with a tinge of sadness,  and a healthy dose of romance.

3. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart - This one reminds me of summer because of the setting! Summer heavy and mysterious. People seem to either hate it or love it. I fall into the enjoyment category! 

4. Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple - This is a fun, quick, and quirky read, and I think it’s perfect for a nice beach read! 

5. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel - I’m not really sure why this reminded me of summer. I think it’s the traveling aspect of it all. That and I read it in Sarasota when I lived their briefly near the beach, so I connect it with the beach! 

6. The Stand by Stephen King - My favorite thing about summer is that it is the perfect chance to read long books, and this one is a great one for that! 

Keep letting me know your favorites! 

Happy reading everyone!