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The leaves were fluttering down over the grave stone. Hunk kicked a bit at the ground and some moss flew into the air. “So… I know it took us a long time… and an urn can’t have been that comfortable a resting spot… But this one is better right?” The freshly dug grave didn’t respond to him. It was a mound of dark soil, still smelling of wet dust and not yet settle. “You said you liked it here. The new Olkari leader was honored by the request too. It is a really beautiful spot. You got… This tree. A view of the mountain and the city… And you know!” Hunk chuckled a little. “If any teens come up here at night you can totally haunt them!” A tear was slowly rolling down his cheek. He hadn’t been able to stop crying since they had lowered the urn into the ground. It had been so long since The life had gone out of Keith’s eyes. A loud crash, a quick shot. That had been all it had taken. Hunk had heard the noise and looked up just in time to see Keith’s body fly past him and tumbling over the vehicle before he fell onto the ground. “I’m glad Altean urns don’t open that easy. The way Allura drives the castle sometimes… I swear she wants to drive a roller coaster instead of a ship.” It had been a year and time moved so fast. They had sworn to give Keith a proper burial but it had taken them until now to do it.

Hunk was kneeling in front of the grave stone. Vines had grown around it but did not cover the carved stone. Pidge had said something about the Olkari imprinting a command to the plant life not to touch the stone unless they were in bloom. His hand was brushing down the headstone and he picked a little at the K carved into the surface. “We found him!” Hunk was grinning. “We found Shiro. He’s back, Keith. He’s home.” Hunk patted the rock in his excitement. “He’ll be up here soon. He just needs a little bit of time to let it all sink in. He… Isn’t exactly the same as when before he vanished. We are working on it though. Showing him as much love and respect as he really deserves. He is missing you though. I miss you…”

“It was just so… strange. After all these years you know?” Hunk sat with his back against the tree. It hadn’t changed much in ten years and neither had the gravestone. It was Hunk that had changed. He was worn and battle scared. He was sitting down since his leg was stiff and ached when he stood. A lot of what had been the scared and cautious yellow paladin had been stripped down and left a battle hardened young man. “I don’t really know why I thought of it. It just popped into my head I guess.” Keith’s grave had been decorated with smooth stones of all colours. Smoothed by oceans from countless planets, sharp crystals compressed on dense high gravity asteroids, fossils and seashells from the far reaches of the universe and jewels dug from the soil of crystalized stars. “I vividly remembered your shack from back on earth. I could see the furniture you had cobbled together, the wall of research and notes, even your little collection of books and movies from the shelf.” He paused and looked up at the setting sun. “I don’t know why I can remember it so clearly. We weren’t there for long and when we came back it was all covered in dust.”

the signs as Bob Ross things

Aries: “just really make it come alive”

Taurus: tons and tons of mountains. he loved painting those rascals

Gemini: let’s paint this tree a friend. i think everyone should have a friend, they are very important

Cancer: on our canvas, there is no hate or pain. there is only peace and happiness

Leo: perhaps we love painting because we can control the canvas and the world we are creating

Virgo: let it happen! in the time you’ve been sitting around worrying you could’ve finished the whole painting

Libra: “now look at that. in just a matter of a few minutes we have something beautiful”

Scorpio: for every highlight we have to have some shadow, some darkness

Sagittarius: “the Almighty ___”

Capricorn: “oh what the heck. let’s do this.”

Aquarius: trees and leaves and bushes hidin’ in your brush

Pisces: look at all the happy little clouds just playing in the sky

when te fiti has her heart, it’s assumed she can gift life to anything, right? well imagine this:

te fiti is really greatful after maui apologizes. she knows from past personal experience how stubborn he can be, so she does a little bit more for him than just fixing his fish hook for him

after he leaves moana to sail herself home he’s flying around when a small island he doesn’t recognize from the sky catches his attention. 

curious, he lands on it and looks around at this beautiful lush green island just blooming with plant life. it confuses him that he’s never seen this island before because he knows for sure he would’ve remembered pulling up something so beautiful until he stumbles upon this large boulder with famaliar looking carvings on it and it just hits him all at once

this was his island. 

Te Fiti took what used to be a pile of boulders and wiltering plants and restored it to the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

she didn’t just fix what he valued most

she took this place he was trapped on for a thousand years, this place he thought he hated, and she used it to give him a home.

Something he’s never really had before.

Star's Tree of Hope
Brian H. Kim
Star's Tree of Hope

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Baby.

That title “Tree of Hope” isn’t canon or anything, so don’t go reading into it. More like, “Brian needs to name this cue something, that tree looks hopeful… TREE OF HOPE, boom.”

The artwork and animation in this scene are so beautiful, I felt like I was just trying to keep up. I love that the scene doesn’t really resolve; we’re not sure what this new discovery means to Baby in the moment, or for Star in the long run. 

I also made sure to give this cue an Eastern bent. There’s something very classic anime about this scene – it feels Rintaro-y to me – so I wanted to push the instrumentation in that direction while still staying in the SVTFOE palette.

Thanks to the fans who have reached out to tell me how much they liked the music in this scene. Always nice to hear. :)

The moon signs as I see them.

Aries moon - very energetic, try to stay pretty active. Doesn’t always finish what they’ve started, takes a lot of naps. A bit childlike and always playing the Xbox.

Taurus moon - very stubborn, likes to pamper themselves. Loves to eat but aren’t overweight. Likes to take pictures of beautiful things, flowers, trees, or themselves.

Gemini moon - very talkative, when you try to dodge their question. They will not stop until you give them an answer. Has two groups of friends. Likes surprises.

Cancer moon - very weird, has a really pretty voice. Enjoys pretty clothing and likes dressing up. Knows a lot of people but only one or two they’ll actually talk to about things.

Leo moon - very proud, knows what they’re good at. Loves posing for pictures or taking selfies. Enjoys nice things, and are very generous with people they care about.

Virgo moon - very down to earth, grows their own vegetables. Likes to go biking, really enjoys traveling. Enjoys spending time with family and close friends.

Libra moon - very careful, loves talking. Once they start, they cannot stop. Won’t offend anyone, enjoys nature. Very good cook and loves to fish.

Scorpio moon - very secretive, doesn’t like it when everyone knows their business. Can control themselves very well, prefers to stay indoors. A bit silly sometimes and likes to have fun.

Sagittarius moon - very fun, likes the outside, doesn’t like being housebound. Needs their freedom, straightforward talkers. Has a lot of friends but only a few are very close.

Capricorn moon - very faithful, believes in higher power, higher education. Loves staying in bed all day but can have a lot of fun if they let themselves to do so.

Aquarius moon - very quirky, loves to be called quirky. Can be frustrating when given advice and does the exact opposite. Will respect your views on something as long as you respect theirs.

Pieces moon - very optimistic, can be a bit unrealistic sometimes. Loves water. Has a delicate voice. Loves animals and plants and has plants all over the place.


22/10/16 this was a really happy day, I travelled to meet my best friend at her uni and we went out for sushi at one of those rotating sushi bars, then she introduced me to some of her flat mates and we climbed over a wall to this derelict hotel and and climbed it’s 11 storeys and from the top we had the most beautiful view of the city. It was all hazy and beautiful as the trees were turning orange and red and the sun was beginning to set. It was the happiest I have been in a long, long time. X

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Think positively, and the negative forces in the world will not effect you. It really makes the world of a difference.
Photo by: Johannesburg Hoehn

I never really understood why people left marks on beautiful things - initials on trees, spray paint on walls - until I realized we do it to the hearts of people we love all the time.
—  maybe the marks we leave are what’s beautiful

“Ordinarily, I go to the woods alone, with not a single friend, for they are all smilers and talkers and therefore unsuitable. 

“I don’t really want to be witnessed talking to the catbirds or hugging the old black oak tree. I have my way of praying, as you no doubt have yours.

“Besides, when I am alone I can become invisible. I can sit on the top of a dune as motionless as an uprise of weeds, until the foxes run by unconcerned. I can hear the almost unhearable sound of the roses singing.

“If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love you very much.”

-Mary Oliver

Fall Is For Football

Summary: The reader finds a relic in the trunk of the Impala.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  817

Warnings: None, just fluff

Author’s Notes: Written for @the-mrs-deanwinchester ABC’s of Autumn Challenge. My prompt was F for Football. Thank you for letting me post this late. I really appreciate your understanding!

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Request:  I love your mafia!au’s could you possibly make one for chanyeol? (it’s a basic request because I’m not really that thoughtful in these things sorry!)

Genre: Mafia!AU / Angst / Fluff

Member: Chanyeol

Warnings: None


You sighed in exhaustion as you finished painting the mural on the wall of the nursery. It took weeks of work and finally it was done.  You took a few minutes to admire your finished work, absentmindedly rubbing the growing bump of your tummy gently as you did so. 

You hoped that your baby girl would like it as much as you did. A simple, yet beautiful design of a cherry blossom tree, the flowers you had painted with such a light pink, they almost looked white, contrasted beautifully with the pale lavender wall of the room. 

You had always loved cherry blossom trees as they signified the fragility and beauty of life. The little miracle that was growing inside your belly each day was the most beautiful thing in the world. You decided that even though you haven’t seen her for yourself yet, you knew that nothing could compare her beauty. 

Smiling, you gazed lovingly at your bump as you rubbed it gently, thinking about the father of the little bundle of joy. Chanyeol.

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It’s always freaky (in a good way) when you find out after knowing someone for a while that they like the exact same stuff that you do.  There’s this other mum whom I have been working with on the local community orchard and park for the last year and a bit but because of that all we ever have really talked about have been apple trees and our kids.  And then she came over to my house past weekend for some pizza and we were just talking about movies we were going to see and stuff and she says something along the lines of “oh yeah I am really looking forward to the live action beauty and the beast, it’s my favourite film ever” and I’m like “whhaattt”???  “Yeah…. I just love the Beast…”  “asdghghhgk”.   So I am rubbish with talking about these things so I just draw a picture of her as Belle.
But above all I love the fact that so many people I know who have a thing that they got into when they were kids/teenagers and it never ever goes away.  You don’t magically stop enjoying what you liked as a youngster when you become an “adult” and you will remember it always.  Older I get the more sorry I feel for the people who gave up things because they think it beneath themselves or too childish because these are the people I don’t ever remember seeing with that pure joyous smile of happiness on their faces when someone does or says something about their thing, that thing they like above all other things, that awesome thing.