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hey someone i barely talk to has been unloading all of his emotional baggage on me, constantly asks me “why don’t you love me?” and “why do you ignore me?” or similar things when i don’t reply to that kind of heavy questions, and is just always complaining to me that nobody likes him.  the last thing he’s sent me was a wall of text about how lonely he is and how he has no friends and how the teachers ask him why he’s always alone and whatever

so my question is, should i not reply to that either and let him continue dumping all of his emotional constipation on me or do you think it’s okay to tell him off

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okay, I love your writing and this isn’t me sending hate or being rude or anything but did you really have to include the passive-aggressive bts mention in your post? 😂 lol in no way is got7’s amount of nominations bts or bts’s fans fault nor should you be upset two months in advance that bts will most likely win that award... it’s not like they don’t deserve it, bc they do :/

I wasn’t being passive aggressive? I was only stating that more than likely BTS will win that category. Should I add that I think if BTS doesn’t win it, then EXO certainly will? My point was that GOT7 is nominated in a group with artists that are more popular, which means they will probably leave Mama with no award and on top of not winning at Mcountdown, I felt like I failed as an ahgase, especially for the first comeback where a title song was written by a member. Now, on to BTS. I have been a fan of the boys and their music for over three years and I literally cried when they got up on that stage and won at the BBMAs. I cried when they won album of the year at MAMA. Where in my original post did I shit on BTS? Where in that post did I say they don’t deserve to win? Why are you giving me grief when all I literally said was BTS were gonna win that category? Nowhere in that post did I say anything about not wanting BTS to win or that they don’t deserve it. You seriously took the time to lecture me for absolutely nothing and I am not here for that. I hope you can find something better to do with your time. Bye.

Ok since I didn’t saw anyone else here in tumblr doing it, i decided to create a Jonathan appreciation blog cause c'mon guys if it wasnt him half and most of the jojos wouldnt exist so he deserves it. Just warning that NONE OF THE FANART IS MINE UNLESS I SAY SO (ok this looked like I was angry lmao) and i do not no almost of the artists and if you know them it would be really nice to let me know of them. The same goes already to this pic and gifs i may post in the future. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this page!


Just some comments on the post from @playchoices today. I really appreciated that they made this statement. I also thought it was neat that they broke down a specific post to address concerns of the fandom.

First of all, I’m so happy to hear that ROE Newlyweds will be a mini-book. I know that the tumblr fan base isn’t overly fond of ROE but even though it’s frustrated me at times I’ve still enjoyed it overall. And in the end, it’s more content for us.

As far as not knowing what improvements have been made? Look at the first books and look at them now. There’s new music, a larger number of releases, obviously indicating more staff. But also, look at the mechanics and features. We have the closet, we have a new menu, we have the probability system in ES. I know I’m forgetting some, but the game has definitely improved, even since I started playing about a year ago!

As far as diamonds go, I think a good portion of us are understanding about it, even though we complain. It’s nice to hear that they’ve taken our feelings to heart and that they’re looking at other ways to get diamonds (I think they mentioned by watching ads).

I’m also really happy they told us that they won’t be changing the faces of anymore LIs. The James situation could’ve been handled better, but I understand that they were put in a tricky position.

I could say more, but I just wanna say… I’m so glad they see the memes. Especially Cetus. I love the post of Cetus with Becca’s hair. I’m also glad they like Jomes!!!

All in all, I wasn’t expecting this but I thought it very considerate that they’d clear the air about some of the fandom concerns (specifically the tumblr fandom, which appears to be the biggest internet community for choices)

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Oh dear, you're so lovely and wonderful and it makes me so sad to see you so down and lonely. I know it seems sometimes like you'll always be alone, but it's really not true. One day you're gonna meet someone and they're gonna love every ounce of everything about you. It takes time sometimes, but you will find that someone. You're amazing and deserve the best. ♡

I am…80% sure this is in response to a post I made the night before Hurricane Wank touched down in Pop land?

*crosses arms* I’m gonna go with yes, this is pre-Hurricane Wank.

Thank you, anon. *smiles a little awkwardly* it makes me sad to? That whole post was inspired by me deciding to dive headfirst into the Facebooks of all my old highschool chums that have kids now.

*knock on wood KNOCK ON WOOD* Dear fuck, I don’t want a kid right now. I want one eventually, but not now, but seeing all of that totally but me on the first train to Bummyville. Like, they’re all a happy little family with a brand new chubby baby and the partner that’s sticking it out with them and, yeah, it’s bookface so I know it isn’t really all rainbows and unicorns, but I was like, “Man, I want to go to the pumpkin patch with MY partner and child and take cute pictures *sobs*”

I’ll be in a serious relationship again one day. I’m figuring me out right now, you know? Yeah I’ll get sad about it, but until I have all my chickens in order (or whatever the saying is?) I can’t have someone else in this. But it *will* happen.

When I was hanging out with my friend last night (on a DATE I SHOULD SAY AH I WAS ON A DATE WITH A GIRL THAT’S SO FUN TO SAY) I brought it up to her over our second round of drinks.

My friend, she’s always been very sure (at least on the surface) about what she’s doing with her life. She goes headfirst into things and completes with aplomb. She’s smart, insanely gorgeous, and a sweet person.

She told me that for years she cried every night because she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life.

Needless to say, I was floored. I’m a very heart on my sleeve type of person, people know how I feel most of the time because I’m vocal about it, so it was crazy to slightly tipsy me (in my defense there was a very high alcohol content in my first drink, though I am also probably a light weight) that she had ever felt that way. I told her so. She laughed.

Then she told me something important. We’re the same age, she’s a few months older, but she’s wise. She said the most important lesson she’s learned is to take your time. Don’t push at things that aren’t ready to happen yet, let it grow organically. As long as you know where you want to go, you’ll get there.

I like that way of thinking.

After that I was immediately like, “I hope this isn’t weird, but we so need to kiss at least once before you take me home.”



Are we 아가새 working really hard for our guys..? Are we..?!!

Well, guess not.. We need to work extra hard for these angels, for godsake as they worked hard for this comeback. They deserve something in return atleast. Go and vote as many as you can, dear 아가새…

Link is provided on the previous post and twitter too!! Vote! Vote! Vote!


10 Alternative Titles for The Picture of Dorian Gray:

• 101 Times Lord Henry Should Have Shut His Cynical Whore Mouth
• I Kissed a Boy, and More Embarrassingly, My Own Portrait, and I Liked It
• I’m a Murderer, but Everything is Perspective
• Although I’m a Complete Wanker, I Am Infact a Victim of Suggestion Under the Influence of Another Complete Wanker
• Narcissism and Consequences
• If You’re Not Young and Pretty You May as Well Just Die
• Personalities Don’t Seem So Ugly When Surrounded With Beautiful Things
• Selling Your Soul for a Picture Probably Isn’t Worth It
• Being Philosophical and Being Intelligent are Not Always the Same Things
• It’s Okay to be Gay As Long As You Get Rid of the Body

Dicking Around


A few years back my mates and I were dressed up for Halloween and my cat furry roommate (good guy, furries are entertaining folks) was wearing his partial suit out with us. We were in Boston proper and all of us were on a budget at the time, so the only option for a late night drink and dinner open to us was a place called Dick’s Last Resort. 

If you’ve never been, the big draw at Dick’s is that they’re dicks to you.  The staff are sarcastic, they throw your menus and straws and shit at you, and they make you hats that say mean stuff. 

I don’t get it either. So anyways, we’ve got - I’ll call him Frank - the cat with us, and Frank’s 100% ready to go fuck with Dicks, so we head on in.

The waitress starts doing her bit, but the cat in the room has thrown off her game and she doesn’t really know how to handle Frank in Full Cat mode. 

He points out the drink he wants without speaking, with a paw, on the menu and she asks for an ID and starts saying ‘I swear to god your ID better have a big fuckkin’ cat on it or-“

She threw his licence back at us and walked away speechless. Didn’t talk to us the rest of the evening.

Anyways, I dug up this old photo today and thought it deserved to be preserved for posterity.  So here you go, the day Frank broke Dicks.

Edit: My roomie’s been getting linked this post like crazy! He also gave me permission to post his twitter. You should follow him because he’s hilarious and lovely.  @theSmudgiestCat

i’m sorry for all the blood i left on your lips / for loving you into ruin.

haha wow


im not just feeding myself with spoilers, im using them to have fun with ma lovely girls
not sorry

silly sketchy bonus:

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #60 (Daniel's birthday edition)
  • Phil: *puts up decorations and calls dan in*
  • Dan: omg Phil this is ama- *looks at the hanging on wall that says happy birthday aniel*
  • Dan: um Phil isn't there supposed to be a D in Daniel?
  • Phil: there's going to be
  • Dan:
  • Phil: ;)

my fairy tail meme; [1/?] characters → Lucy Heartfilia.

Every time I’ve needed saving, one of them has been there. Now it’s my turn. I can’t let them down! I don’t care how strong you are… You won’t beat me! Not until I’ve saved my friends!   (from episode 248, in dub)

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Can you do something where the Avengers come back thinking everything is going to just go back to the way it was. With them bullying Tony and blaming him for everything, but SURPRISE! Tony is now surrounded by a bunch of new Avengers recruits that love and care for him and in a relationship with Stephen Strange. And all of them are really protective of Tony especially The Cloak of Levitation.

ReRe likes. ReRe likes very much!! *cackles* And okay, to give Team Cap a break, maybe they don’t come back expecting things to be exactly the same. It’s just that the things that have changed aren’t the ones they’ve expected to and that’s why it takes them so completely by surprise.

For one, it’s not actually Tony they have the most arguments with. It’s just that when Tony makes a suggestion during a meeting, people speak up to back his side up or just calmly point out the risks without immediately discarding the general idea, and suddenly everyone is discussing the pros and cons of a plan that would’ve been blindly shot down a year ago. It’s a subtle shift, at first, but it really changes the dynamics of those meetings. Because Tony suddenly isn’t always on the defence, people are appreciating and defending his ideas and getting into arguments without him being any part in it–and that, frankly, should’ve been a huge freaking clue that something’s changed.

To Natasha, the most obvious change is how much less tense Tony is. He still doesn’t react too well to the old team, is always sharper and snippier with them, but as long as someone else is around, he doesn’t–sink into himself the way he used to. 

But even so, it takes a lot of hard, painful lessons for the old team to really understand how different things are now.

The first time Steve yells at Tony in the aftermath of a pretty bad battle is memorable. It’s also how the old newcomers learn that the thick cloak Tony’s been obsessively wearing ever since their arrival is less of a fashion statement and more of a magical item that does not react well to any perceived threat towards Tony. They manage to keep it from suffocating Steve, but only just.

(After that, the Cloak keeps making this really weird noise whenever Steve comes too close into its vicinity, which Steve swears sounds like a growl.)

The first time Clint makes a sharp comment regarding Tony’s tendency to put his own team mates into jail if it gives him an advantage is the day they learn about Spiderman’s ability to web someone’s mouth shut. They also learn that the sticky webs are damn painful to remove.

(Clint also has a tendency to be ‘caught’ by Spiderman’s webs during battle when he gets snippy over the comms. Which is actually pretty admirable, since technically Spiderman does keep him from breaking his neck by sticking him to a wall instead of letting him fall five stores down because Iron Man and Falcon are otherwise occupied.)

The first time Scott marches up to Tony and punches him in the face, Rhodey gets up on shaky legs to stands without help for the first time since his fall all those months ago, just to personally whack the man over the head with his crutches, then call security and have his ass banned from the Tower.

The first time Wanda lets her hands to glow red whilst glaring at Tony they all learn that whatever you do, you do not piss of Stephen Strange. Wanda wasn’t seen for seventy-four hours and ever since she resurfaced, she’s refused to even look into Tony’s direction. Nobody knows what happened, but everyone knows it was bad.

It’s the first time Steve grabs a hold of Tony’s hand to keep him from walking away though, that’s the most memorable of them all. That’s when they learn that as much as their new members want to protect Tony (and succeed to a certain degree), he doesn’t actually need it. Because not only is he completely capable of ranting at Steve until the guy looks about two inches tall, he’s also wearing repulsor wrist bands and clearly not afraid to use them.

(Because I couldn’t resist, I love others being protective of Tony but I love Tony appreciating but not being dependant on their protection even more)