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Here it is!

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But yea! Here it is! The jedi costume I made with my dad for my last day of high school (aka Penkkarit) a wee tradition in Finland! I still need to buy nice long boots for this costume.

I’m so proud of my dad! He is on sick leave at the moment and had so much spare time to create this costume with me! AND IT ONLY TOOK ABOUT 6 HOURS IN TOTAL HE’S SO AMAZING!

I like the robe the most. It’s big and the hood is amazing! Dad made nice shoulders on it too (sadly it can’t be seen on the pic) and the lightsaber is actually about +10 years old! Vintage ftw! 

Whaddaya think guys? :D


Hey guys! I’m back with WSHC point number 6! And this time it’s back at the good ol’ 1/8192 odds for the first time in what feels like forever! Actually, it’s been since October when I found my Buneary oops. SUMO have consumed me.

Anyhow! This little gal came after 18,140 random encounters on Leaf Green/Fire Red’s Route 10! It’s the thing I wanted most, honestly, since I promised my last job’s manager I would find one in his name since Sandslash is his fave. Only took me 3 years LMAO.

Anyhow, I wish y’all the best of luck in your hunts and I hope to be back again soon with a new shiny!

PLEASE READ: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago, during the early days. I’d only been on hormones for 4 months.

May 26th, 2016. The day I cleared out my FB, 10 years of lil memories. A bittersweet day for me. I knew that when I came out, people would beeline for my old photos to compare. The thought of that was very uncomfortable.


wow… it’s been 13 years. where do i even begin to say how proud i am of how far dbsk has come? as changmin once said (i paraphrase, since i can’t find the exact interview) that being together for 10 (and more) years was an accomplishment by itself, regardless of the number of fans they had or the number of awards they had won. that the fact that they could make people happy around the world was rewarding in itself, and their long journey was fulfilling in itself.

honestly, this gifset is not enough to encompass all that you have done. whether one considers the numbers above small or big, according to me, you have accomplished so much more than just your awards and milestones. i think you have shown your fans the true meaning of working hard and not giving up, no matter how many obstacles fall your way. from the start, you’ve had a tough journey and yet you’ve persevered. being broke, having sasaengs, having anti-fans, having practically no audience in a foreign country, being lonely in a foreign country, broadcasting at the weirdest timings, having an insane schedule, splitting up, dealing with more anti-fans, almost not returning as a duo, losing huge amounts of fans, amongst so many other things. and yet, all of you have come out stronger and better. 

even with those difficulties, you have strived to show the best of you to us, and there has hardly been a moment you have not made us proud. so, be it as five or two, thank you for carrying the name of ‘dong bang shin ki’ far and wide across the world. thank you being such a huge part of what k-pop is today, and thank you for giving your 110% all the time, even though you know you don’t have to. thank you for everything in the past 13 years, and here’s to many more to come. 

gifs are from: the latest tour, with: live tour 2015
compilation of statistics can be found here.

Times when Billie and Mike have taught us about friendship and love- Part 1

I’m really bored, okay?

1. When Billie was crying and Mike went with Billie to confort him

2. The fact that they have been friends since they were 10 years old 

3. Billie’s speech in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

“…Mike is my musical soulmate and I love you so much and we’ve been through everything together, and I thank you for everything – your friendship, your family. I love you.”

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4. Outlaws is a literally a love song Billie wrote to Mike

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5. At Woodstock ‘94 Billie took on a ward twice his size because he was hurting Mike ( taken from fucktrecool )  

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6. When Mike broke his bass at IHeartradio festival in 2012 to show that Billie wasn’t the only insane one

7. They are not afraid to show affection in public <3

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Extra?: When they do this when they’re playing Basket Case live (I just love when they do this)

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Things you probably didn’t know about hockey players (part 1)
  • Part of Jack Eichel’s right ear is plastic, he took a puck to the ear when he was 17.
  • Jack Eichel has always been an introvert and only cared about hockey his entire childhood. He loved skating alone in freezing weather since he was 5 years old; he never used to sleep over at his friends’, he rather came back home early to wake up really soon next morning to go skate; he started lifting and doing pushups when he was 10 years old; he used to spend his evenings improving his shooting and controlling puck in the basement instead of watching TV.

  • Connor McDavid’s parents had to lie about his age when he was 4 years old so he could play actual hockey (only 5y.o.+ kids could play).

  • Auston Matthews’ mother Emma helped her son celebrate his 18th birthday on Sept. 17 by preparing a favorite meal (tortilla soup) for him and his Zurich teammates.

  • Aaron Ekblad’s last name is Swedish, his great-grandfather moved from Sweden to Canada.

  • Thomas Vanek and Leon Draisaitl speak 4 languages: English, German, Czech and Slovak.

  • 4 Czech players: Jakub Voráček, Ondřej Pavelec, Jiří Tlustý and Jakub Kovář starred in ‘Babovřesky 2′ (Old Gossipton 2), a Czech comedy from 2014where they played quite important role through the entire storyline.

  • Evgeny Kuznetsov’s older brother Alexander died of “special circumstance” at event of celebrating May 1st in Chelyabinsk. At the funeral, Evgeny (12) said to the casket: “One day I’ll be a hockey star, earn much money and organize a big hockey tournament named after you.” 

  • Anže Kopitar’s daughter Neža was conceived at the night the Kings won their 2014 Stanley Cup on Friday the 13th and was born exactly 9 months later, also on Friday the 13th.

I can only imagine the pain Debbie Reynolds is going through with now. not only did she raise a fearless daughter, but she also blessed our childhoods with the iconic *grandmother* role in Halloweentown, as well as being a Hollywood icon. her and Carrie were just getting to a good place in their relationship,, there was even a time they went 10 years without talking to each other. Debbie even stated herself it took 30 years for Carrie to be happy with her. this woman was just starting to formulate a happy relationship with her daughter and it was all taken away. please keep Debbie in your prayers because I refuse to let 2016 take away our TV grandmother


all of my rare pair Hinata doujins I got in Japan for like ¥200 (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧



Hi, my name is Laura and this little nerd is my 10-year old cat, Yuffie.

Today, I took her to the vet, because I spotted a tumor in her belly. I thought she only had one, but it appears that she has TWO. Yuffie has had a tumor before and it was surgically removed and diagnosed as a cancerous tumor, which is why I’m having the two new tumors removed as well. The vet said that 80% of cats’ tumors are cancerous.

The surgery costs around 330EUR, and the surgery is next month. Now, here’s where you come in: I need your help to raise that money. I’ve been on a sick leave for about 5 years and my income is laughably small, so I can’t afford the surgery myself. no matter how much I wanted to pay it all by myself.

You can either donate any amount you want, buy stuff from my Etsy store or commission me. If you don’t know what my art looks like, my art instagram is lamppuart

Here are some info:

If you’re within the EU, you can send me money via bank transfer, if you don’t happen to have PayPal. 

People outside of EU will have to use PayPal. My PayPal is

If you want to commission me instead of “giving away free money”, email me. My email is the same as my PayPal email.

Here is a link to my Etsy Shop. There are postcards, Steven Universe and Supernatural stickers, and soon, high quality charms/keychains! All orders over 10EUR will get a small, free drawing/sketch! 

Last time when I needed money for my other cat, Tifa, a lot of people donated. Can you do the same now?

If you can’t donate, please reblog this for others to see! This is really important!


Merry Christmas, Dean

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Pairing: husband!Dean x wife!Reader
Word count: 715
Warnings: Swearing

If felt like an eternity before before Dean heard any indication that the phone was picked up. “Hello?” Came your sister’s voice.

“Hey, it’s Dean.” He sighed.

“You’ve got some real nerve, Winchester.” She hissed at him. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done to her? To your kids!”

His head fell, knowing that he’d been shit to them. “I can only imagine.” He admitted.

“No. You can’t.” She replied. “Your 10 year old daughter? Completely fine. Shows no sign that she’s not living at home anymore because Daddy was never there. Your youngest? Has to be held to sleep, crying.”

Swallowing, he took a deep breath. “I royally messed up. I need to see her. I need to see them. It’s killing me, Y/S/N. Please, I’m begging you, let me some see her.” Getting past her was vital in seeing you.

“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this.”

“You always were my favorite sister in law.” He teased, wincing at how awkward things were between them.

“Dean, I’m your only sister in law.” She deadpanned. “See you when you get here.”

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But to be completely honest we will never have another president like Obama. He is the only president I have known. He took office when I was 10 and now as an 18 year old in college all I can say is thank you. Thank you for being a president for EVERYONE in this country and for treating all of us with the utmost respect WE ALL deserve.

It Feels Right

Bucky x Reader

Reader has one of the highest IQs in history and meets the Winter Soldier. They work for HYDRA against their will, and HYDRA wants to make the Winter Soldier more compliant. It’s their job to do that, but the Reader chooses something different.

(A/N - its a long one sorry)


You stayed because you thought it would save her. You thought you could save both of you. They had your sister. And to keep her alive you worked.

They found out about you when you were 10. You sat next to one of their top scientists at a conference for physics. Once they learned just high your IQ was, they took your sister and the only way to save her was to work for them.

Hail HYDRA right?

It was almost 15 years after you started working for them that you met The Asset. The Winter Soldier.

“We want you to reprogram his brain to be compliant at all times.” They ordered you.

“I barely know neuroscience.”

“We’ll provide you with resources, in a week we want to see your progress.”

One week to learn neuroscience.

You sat in the cold grey room they kept you in. A desk was in the middle of the room and a computer sat in the middle of it. If you needed to use the internet someone had to over see what you were doing on it. In other words, it was a prison.

He, the winter soldier, your mission and experiment sat in a chair away from you. He looked blank and almost cationic. It was an uncomfortable environment, you didn’t know how to approach him.

“What’s your name.” You asked him on the second day he was in your “lab”. He shifted his eyes to look at you, not quite reaching your eyes though.


“James” you repeated softly. You saw he’s eyes twitch a little, he shifted a bit for the first time. He looked almost surprised to hear that name, like it was close to home, but at the same time nothing like home. That wasn’t the name he went by.

“What do you go by?” You ask him and this time his eyes are trained on the ground. He’s quiet, but you can tell he remembers the name, he just doesn’t want to say it, he can’t.

The rest of the day he was quiet and sat there as you continued to learn how to screw his mind up even more. The key was the limbic system, and to mess with the amygdala it would deeply effect his memories more than what they have done already. If you could also mess with his frontal lobe, you could change his instincts. The key to the brain was the proteins used and made, so if you could control those, then you can do anything. But controlling proteins meant DNA modification.

“James how old are you?” You ask him looking up from your book.

“What—What year is this?” He asks you. You tell him and watch as he sits in shock.


“And it’s Bucky” he says making you smile.

“Bucky I like it.”

“When did you recieve the serum?”

“46? No 45? I don’t know” His voice is low and horse. It sounds like he hasn’t talked in awhile to anyone. You walked to intercom close to the door of your cell.

“I’m requesting The Soldier’s file.”

“Request denied.”

“You want me to change his brain without any medical knowledge about him?!” You yell

“Request. Denied.”

“Well Bucky looks like you’re going to have to talk to me.” You say turning to face him.

“Tell me what you know about your serum?”


“What can you remember? Whats your oldest memory?” You ask studying him as he searches through the depths of his mind.

“There’s a small boy. He’s young, sandy blond hair. He’s got a black eye, and he’s talking to me but I can’t remember about what.”

“Whats he wearing.”

“Brown pants…suspenders? Tan shirt?”

“What’s his name.”

“I don’t know.”

“Think. Bucky, I can see you know who it is.”

“Why do you even care! You’re just going to erase me until I don’t even know my name! Let me have this! This memory is mine!! This is my brain! This is my life!” Bucky yelled. He got up from the chair and pushed it away so hard it hit the wall and broke. He started walking to you, and the doors opened sweeping in men holding guns. Their leader got a hold of Bucky and dragged him away from you to the opposite side of the room from you. They were about to electrocute him until you yelled.

“STOP! I SAID STOP!” You walked toward Bucky and pushed the restrainer away.

“You are not in the position to tell me what to do.” The man in charge said.

“I need in whole, and I need him healthy and conscious. In about a week he is going under brain surgery that you wanted. So I suggest you take your services somewhere else.” You say standing up to the man. He buzzes his taser as a scare tactic, but you could see the apprehension in his eyes.

“I guess your sister will hear about this incident. Next time you see her, ask her what it feels like to be tased, I’m sure she’ll know.” The man says walking past you.

The next day you start off hacking into the sound systems and video systems of you cell. You enter the first days video on a loop so all they would see is you and Bucky not talking. You turned off the sound so they would hear silence. You’ve done this before, but only to get on the internet and plan your escape.

“Sound and video is off. You’re free in here.” You tell Bucky who doesn’t quite trust you.

“Don’t trust me huh?”

“They have your sister?”

“No. No she died. They don’t know I know that. If I they knew I’d be dead. They killed her.”

“Why did they have her?”

“They wanted me to work for them. I’ve got one of the highest IQ’s in history, I’m their think tank. I only worked if they promised to take care of my sister.”

“Now do you want to tell me who was in that memory of yours?”

“His name was Steve. Steve Russell. No that sounds wrong. Steve Roland. Steve Rogers. His name was Steve Rogers” Bucky says with a hint of a smile on his face.

“Very American. You must be American, Bucky.”

“You must have been in the war too. A sniper. Steve Rogers, that name rings a bell. That was Captain America’s name. You must have been part of that crew, if you knew him as a kid you must have been really close.”

“I uhh…I guess so?”

“Did you have a girl back then?” You joked

“I think—I think I had multiple.” He said making you burst out laughing. You catch his eye and he gives you a light smile. Something in his eye catches your attention. Maybe it was the just the slightest light in his eyes that reminded you of how human he was. No matter how hard he tried to hide it, and no matter how hard HYDRA tried to destroy him, he was every bit as human as you.

“Bucky what’s your last name?”

“What does this have to do with my brain?”

“It doesn’t.”

“You just like to get to know your victims.” He said bitterly.

“This isn’t my choice. We don’t get to choose here, our lives just amount to how useful we are. You won’t be the only one who lost at the end of this.” You told him turning back to your work.

“You won’t remember what happened to you, but I will. I’ll have to live with what I did to you.” You tell him finally meeting his sad eyes, and you could tell he understood you.

A couple more days pass and you and Bucky have gotten closer, which is dangerous and stupid. But something just feels right with him. One day you came in late to work. You had bruises all over your body and a cut on your lip that made it hard to talk. Bucky waited until you turned off the sound and video before he talked to you.

“What happened?” He asked lightly touching a bruise on your cheek. He looks worried and you realize he’s done hiding from you.

“I…umm…told them I needed a time extension with you. I said I wouldn’t be
ready to change you by the end of this week.” You say stiffly looking at him.

“Why did you do that?” He said tilting his head a bit. He knew you already had all the answers you needed.

“Because I can’t do it to you. And I need time to figure out how to set you free. I need time to create a mission for you to—”

“What did you just say?” He says letting go of you.

“I can’t hurt you like they did Bucky. I can’t and I won’t. I’m going to work on setting you free.” You told him and he looked dumb founded.

Over the next couple days you worked on a pill that he could take to strengthen his limbic system to strengthen his memory and get his memories back. You didn’t have time to fix his response to his trigger words before the mission appeared. You created a false mission for him that would get him a chance to run.

You told HYDRA their soldier was ready. You wanted to show off him and the best way to do that through a mission. They agreed. The night before the mission you snuck into Bucky’s cell.

“Hey” he said sitting up on his bed.

“I have a couple last things for you.” You tell him sitting next to him.

“I have this, an American passport, it’s for you it’ll work of course. I have a Romanian passport. I have a couple people there that know me and will help you. They won’t hurt you. Romania is part of the EU, so you can travel with in the European nations. I also stole this. It’s the book with your information. This is your file, I stole, it’s got the words that trigger you. You take this and burn it and you’re free.” You tell him giving him the items. He looks at you like he’s about to cry.

“Remember your friend’s name is Steve Rogers, he lives in New York. I’m sure he’s looking for you. I wrote down a safe house in Romania for you to get your bearings.” You tell him showing him a paper inside the fake passport.

“Why did you do this for me?”

“You remind me of my sister. I was to scared to save her. I’m not scared anymore.”

“You know once they find out I’m gone, they’ll kill you.”

“I was dead the minute I stepped foot here.”

“Why didn’t you run? You could have.”

“Because I met you Bucky. I learned my died a month or two ago and I was planning on leaving that same day but I met you. They don’t own me any more. I didn’t leave, because I met you and realized you’re worth it.”

“I will never forget you (y/n).” He says touching your cheek. His hand gently caresses your cheek. Tears pooled at your eyes when you realized this was the last time you would be with him.

“I know. I won’t forget you either.” You tell him and he closes the distance between you to kiss you. He kisses you softly and sweetly like he’s scared to show his emotions.

“Meet me in Romania.” He tells you

“I will.” You tell him, and your promise is empty and unreal. You’ll be long dead by the time he’s gone.

“I shouldn’t have let you do this for me. Call it off until I can get you safely out with me.”

“This is my choice. This is the best opportunity we’ll have. Take it and run. Run like hell. I’ve lived my life fueling an organization that kills people, I want my last project to be saving someone. You have to live for me Bucky. You run for me.”

“Why did you do this for me?” He whispers kissing you deeper this time. He pulls you closer to his body you continues to kiss you. He brushes your hair out of your face, and he knows he’ll never see those same eyes staring back at him. He knows this will be the only time he gets to kiss you, and feel you, and be with you.

“The same reason that you keep on kissing me.” You tell him softly.

“It just feels right.”

Big Bang reactions to their s/o parents not supporting her idol career

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You became a rookie when you were only 10 years old and your parents never supported you. You trained more to make them proud, but they never cheered on you. He noticed you were talking to your mom again and she’s scolding you for choosing idol career instead of medical career. She was really disappointed on you and you hated being scolded for breaking the records with your songs and your amazing singing. He took phone from your hands and canceled the call. He hugged you and complimented your singing and your song writing. He told you not to be upset, even though your parents don’t support you, there are millions of fans supporting you.
“Don’t be like this, you know I support you the most and I want to give you all my skills for you to succeed”

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You were visiting your home with him and you told him they hated you being an idol. He thought it can’t be that bad, but when you came your parents constantly tried to convince you to stop working as an idol and come home to take over family company. You refused them over and over again and when you had enough you went out of the house and waited at the car to leave.When he came, he told you not to worry, because they will get used to it. You tried to tell him they won’t change their minds because of the company. After you came home he thought about this and he got a great idea about your parents’ company investing in your group and becoming more famous. He tried to convince them and after some while they agreed to do it and he couldn’t wait to tell you.
“You’ll see what I’ve done. They’ll be proud on you as they see how talented you are.”

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You were just at a concert and Taeyang was also there. All of the members’ parents were on this concert because it was your 1 year anniversary, but your parents didn’t even respond when you sent them tickets for VIP seats. When the concert was over you couldn’t wait to finally go and change the dress. You said to the members that you were going to the bathroom, but when you came there you locked yourself there and cried until you got a call from Taeyang, asking you where are you.You told him you were in here and he could hear you were crying. As he knocked on the door you opened the door and he hugged you and caressed your hair. He was telling you sweet things to make you feel better and then he wiped your tears and told you how pretty you are.
“They have no idea what they’re missing out on. They must be so ashamed.”

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Your group just won 3 awards in awards show and Daesung saw you walking with award in your hand, but he couldn’t see you smiling and being happy with other members. That concerned him a lot. He couldn’t stop thinking about it why were you so unhappy with your success. It confused him a lot, but to see you he had to wait at least 3 hours. He couldn’t wait that long so he texted you right when the awards show was over what’s wrong.You told him you are just thinking about how your parents won’t even send a congratulations message to her and that upset her. When you both finally got home he told you how special you are and that he can’t understand how can they not support you with all this success. Later, when you went to bed, he took your phone and messaged your parents that you got 3 awards and explaining to them why they should be proud. The next morning when you woke up ansd saw their message, congratulating you, you were very happy.
“I’m happy as long as you’re happy.”


You were out with him and some friends and they showed some videos that showed how popular you were and how supportive your fans are. You remembered how not supportive your parents are and suddenly you were in a bad mood and you wanted to leave. He didn’t understand why you just want to leave now and waited for you two to be alone and he asked what’s wrong.You told him about your parents and he understood then. He told your friends you were leaving.He bought food at McDonalds and you were talking about this all evening while watching movies. He listened to you and you cuddled together. He was very proud on your career and he was so disappointed that your parents didn’t support you.
“If I may say… I would like to show them how fucking awesome you are. Once we’re gonna make a concert for them so they will see how fucking talented you fucking are.”

Story time. When i was ten and was barely starting to roam the internet i came across this website called IMVU. Basically its like a 3D game where you make your own avatar and talk to people, but you had to be 18 (naturally i lied about my age). The twist is to get clothes and stuff for your avatar you use coins which you buy with real money. Well i met this guy on there (i remember him telling me he was 50) and he bought me all the things i could ever ask for . I even got him to buy my cousin and sister stuff. Me being a idiot 10 year old i couldn’t even recognize his sexual advances and only took them as friendly comments . Long story short i had a sugar daddy when i was ten and got more dick than i do now that i’m 18.


get to know me : (1/10 ship) ✭ Monica & Chandler (friends)

I wondered if I would ever find my prince, my soul mate. Then three years ago, at another wedding I turned to a friend for comfort. And in stead, I found everything that I’d ever been looking for my whole life. And now…here we are…with our future before us…and I only want to spend it with you, my prince, my soul mate, my friend.