and it makes so much sense guys hear me out

Min Yoongi, Library Services

Author: @kpopfanfictrash as part of Bangtan University - a series of ongoing one shots with @eradikeats-writes

Creative Content Contributors: @daegusoftboys  (her moodboards for the series are perfection)

Pairing: Reader / Yoongi

Rating: NC-17 (Explicit Sex, Light Voyeurism) 

Word Count: 7,364

Summary: When you accept the the offered research position at Bangtan University, you are well aware of your partner’s prestige. The only problem is - so is he.

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You Didn’t Have to Lie!  [ A.A ] - Part 2

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Summary: Summary: Archie and you have just gotten into a massive fight which leaves the both of you very heartbroken. You see each other in the halls of the school but have never had the guts to confront one another since that night. 

Word Count: 1101

Warnings: Maybe just mild language?

A/N: Okay so totally I was not expecting such a positive response to the first part of thi (nor was I expecting so many peopele to ask for a second part) but I’m so glad that you guys because, frankly enough, I really enjoyed writing both parts! So here you go!

Also, I recommend reading part one first, if you haven’t, because it will make much more sense if you do. :)

Part One

“Leave me alone, Archie.”

“No,” Archie states, fiddling with the strap of his backpack with his left hand. “Please - just hear me out.”

You stood about a foot and a half away from the wall of the hallway, your shoulder inches away from the first in a long line of student lockers. Several textbooks were gripped tightly against your chest, your fingers aching as you clench them around the corners of them. Archie was standing in front of you. He wasn’t as close to you as he would usually be and you noticed the difficulty that he had keeping his distance.

“I don’t think there’s anything left to say, Andrews.” You sigh, actively avoiding eye contact with the redhead who left you a mess for days.

“There is-” He cuts himself off, running a hand through his tousled red locks before finishing his sentence with a sigh, “There is so much left for me to say. Things that I should have said before now–things I shouldn’t have waited so long to tell you.”

“Archie, listen,” You shake your head, attempting to move around his frame and leave but failing due to the size advantage he had over you. “You hurt me real bad. How do I know you aren’t back to put me through more pain? How do I know that you won’t yell at me again or–or remind me how bloody annoying you think I am?”

“I didn’t mean it like that and you know it!”

“Then what did you mean, huh?” You grit your teeth, pressing your back against the wall for support. You didn’t know if you could stand straight without the help; especially while having the conversation that you had been dreading for so long. The plain wall of the school’s hallway was the only thing stopping you from collapsing at Archie’s feet.

“I just–I’m sorry, Y/N,” Archie pushes out, placing a hand on the wall beside your head, blocking any way of exit for you. He didn’t like forcing you to stay, especially when he knew how uncomfortable you must be feeling. “And I know that it’s not enough just for me to say that but I-I can’t lose you. I couldn’t stand being without you–knowing that I had hurt you, even if it was just three days.”

“Why are you telling me this? Why are you trying to–”

“I’m not willing to give up on what we have here. I was stupid for saying the things I said and I didn’t mean any of it.” Archie looks at you with pleading eyes, his bottom lip between his white teeth. He looked beyond nervous and scared as hell. Because he was. He was so nervous that he could lose you just when he realised that he does love you and that he always did. “Please, Y/N, please.

“Please what?” You ignore the looks he gives you, deciding to just say whatever the hell comes to your mind. Despite having something prepared for the moment you would have to have this conversation, you still had no idea what to do or say. So, you just went by instinct. “You broke my heart, damn it!”

“I know I broke your heart and I hate that!” Archie was so close to letting tears fall but he knew that the busy hallway was not the place for him to make this any harder for anyone. “God, I hate it so much. I hate that I was so stupid! That I lied to you, that I hurt you, that I broke your heart. But, I can’t go on without us–without you.”

“You said you didn’t love me. Why are you doing this if you don’t love me, Archie? Is this some sort of sick joke to you?”

“I’m doing this because I do love you. I just–I was blind and naive and I didn’t want to accept for some stupid reason, that I fell in love with you. I understand that I messed up, I do, but I want us to work.” Archie’s eyes rest on the linoleum floor, not having the guts to look you in the eye.

“That’s not fair, Archie. You can’t–you can’t just say that to me and expect everything to be alright. Because I don’t believe you. For all I know, you’re not even telling the truth.”

“I am telling the truth, Y/N. I love you so much,” He lets a tear fall down his tinted cheeks, the both of you watching as it hits the dirty surface of his shoes. You’d never seen Archie cry despite him having been your shoulder to cry on time after time again. It made your heart break even more. “I can’t–I can’t do it without you. Any of it. I can barely breath without knowing that I have you and that you have me. I don’t know how to make you believe me but I’m not lying this time, I promise.”

“Archie…” You trail off, lifting a shaking hand to his cheek. You too, had let a few tears fall but you had quickly wiped them away with the sleeve on your other arm. The frustration you were feeling towards him washed away within seconds. 

You felt warmer than you had ever felt and the feeling in your stomach was one that could never be put into words. The more you heard Archie say that he loved you, the more you saw the look in his eyes, the more you felt yourself falling more in love with him than ever.

“I could tell you every passing second that I love you and it would never add up to how much I truly do. I love you more than every ‘I love you’ spoken, whispered or thought. I love you more and more with each breath I take and I will never ever stop loving you.”

“Oh, Archie,” You almost sob. Your heart swells as a small but hopeful smile forms on Archie’s lips. “I love you more than you could ever know.”

“Be mine again. Please.” He breathlessly whispers, placing his forehead

“You don’t even need to ask.”

And with that you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into what must have been the most passion and love filled kiss the two of you have ever shared. His hands grip your hips and your fingers fiddle with the small hairs on the back of his neck.

You both smile against each other’s lips, ignoring the looks that you were receiving from other students. Neither of you cared. The two of you were together and endlessly in love; then, now and until your hearts stopped beating.

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 

Emma is Regina's Savior

Hear me out guys this is makes so much sense 

 1. In the AU, we hear Rumple explain to Regina that the reason Emma became the Savior was to destroy the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen is Emma’s villain–she is what made Emma into the strong woman she is today. This is why Regina returns to her old evil tactics to try to wake Emma up… but I think his words held a double meaning.

 2. What’s SO FUCKING GREAT is that what actually brings back the savior in Emma is not the Evil Queen being evil, but Regina’s life being in danger (and of course her son’s purity. Swan-Mills family ftw).

 3. At the beginning of the episode Emma says that killing the Evil Queen is what she was born for. And she was right, but not in the way any of us expected. This show was never about Emma destroying the villain of Storybrooke, it was about her destroying Regina’s villain–her darkness! And, by doing so, saving her life.

 4. Now lets think back to 4a when Emma took on the darkness for Regina. Its a metaphor for the bigger picture. In the same way that Emma (being the Savior) saves Regina from the literal manifestation of darkness, it was fate for Emma to take on the responsibility of being the Savior at the beginning of the show–not to kill the villain as we might expect in a fairytale, but rather in order to save Regina from her own personal darkness and help her heal from it.

 5. In conclusion: this one scene revealed so much and flipped the entire show on its head. Emma is Storybrooke’s savior, for sure, but first and foremost she is Regina’s savior.

 BONUS: “You saved me” - Regina Mills to Emma Swan


Something a little off topic but also worth mentioning: this scene reveals a lot about the development of Emma’s relationships with her two different families: the Charmings and the Swan-Mills family. 

The first time Emma intentionally uses magic is when she selflessly protects Snow White in Season 2 “Queen of Hearts.” In the Wish!AU, Emma’s magic does not come back even as she watches her parents die… Instead, it’s Regina and Henry who cause her magic (and her memories, her identity) to come back. It’s quite symbolic of how her heart has shifted away from her parents, and towards her new family with Regina and Henry. :’)

Sidegirl - Sidemen Imagine

A week ago I received a message from one of my good friends, Josh. He told me that he and the rest of the Sidemen needed to speak with me. I have no idea what this is all about. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s something bad. Ever since receiving that text message I felt anxious. It doesn’t help that I needed to wait a full week to know what’s going on. However it’s finally time to head to the Sidemen house and see what they want to talk about.

I knock on the door and decide to sit down on the little chair by the door. I had the guys put that there for me. They always take so long to answer the door. Either they want to finish their recording, they want to put in their final touches on their video or they simply didn’t hear the bell. It doesn'matter what the reason is. Whenever I’m at this door I always end up waiting.

After half an hour Tobi finally opens the door. He looks at me with a sheepish smile on his face. He apologizes that I had to wait so long and explains that they were playing a game together. I just shake my head whilst I quietly laugh. I should’ve seen that one coming. I follow Tobi into the living room where I’m being greeted by the others.

We all talk for a bit. However Josh suddenly ends the conversation and he turns to look at me. The others follow his lead. When we were all talking to each other I forgot why I was even here, but in this very moment I can feel the anxious feeling creep up on me again. Josh clears his throat and starts to speak “We asked you to come here for a reason. You’ve been in so many video’s of ours and we feel like you’re one of us. We always said that nobody will ever become a new member of the Sidemen nor will anyone leave, but we decided to make an exception. Whenever you’re in our video’s the fans always love them that much more. They already love you, so we want you to become the 8th and final member of the Sidemen.”

You could hear a pin drop it’s so quiet. It’s never been so quiet with these guys. I go over what Josh said in my head. They all look at me with a curious look upon their faces. I’m at loss for words. I thought they were fed up with me, because it felt like they’ve been ignoring me the past week. Now it makes sense though. They didn’t want to accidently spill it. “Well” Simon breaks the silence and breaks me out f my train of thoughts as well. “I would love to be part of the Sidemen” I also explained to them what I was thinking just a few seconds ago. “We could never get sick of you, you’re one of us and that will never change."Ethan says whilst smiling at me.

It was stupid to have so much doubt and feel so anxiousness. I guess it’s just human nature though. I’m over the moon that they guys actually want me to be a part of their group. The next step is still pretty scary to me though ; telling the fans. I’m going to need all the luck in the world for this.


I"M OUT OF MY HIBERNATION (or hiverbernation ayy @sdmntrxsh)
Kind of…
I wanted to try and write something again, I have finished 2 more imagines that will go up in the next 2 days. I’m not going to go back to weekly posting an imagine. I’ll be trying Kay’s way of posting imagines, so I’ll post whenever I’ve written something. Thank you for reading <3 

Have a nice day x

Kiss Her Once For Me

Original request from a v lovely anon:  oh my gosh thank you so much!!! you’re seriously one of my favorite writers here. but but oh okay requests um… how about something with Sam Wilson? like maybe you’re really shy but you have a huge crush on him and you end up under the mistletoe together (totally not due to match-making by wanda and nat) and and… fluff?

A/N: I hope there’s enough fluff for you and I hope you enjoy it, darlin! It was a pleasure to write!! Also, this is my first Sam fic, so that’s v exciting! Happy holidays, guys!

Pairing: SamxReader

Word Count: 1496

Warnings: None

“You gonna go talk to her?” Steve asks, gesturing to (Y/N) with the bottle in his hand.

“Man, what makes you think she’d ever wanna talk to me?” Sam scoffs, trying to figure out where Steve was pointing. “She’s incredible and I’m just-”

“The coolest and most available guy in the tower.” Steve cuts in, smirking at his friend.

“Oh sure, says the man who’s been in a relationship since the damn forties. Gimme a break, man. You’re the last person anyone should be going to for relationship advice.”

“Thanks for that.” Steve rolls his eyes and takes a sip of his beer. “You can keep sulking here all night, but I’m going to go find Bucky and enjoy myself.”

“You do that Mr. Married Man.” Sam says, still searching for (Y/N) in the sea of people.

Steve shakes his head at his friend. “Just talk to her. You work together. It’s not like you don’t have anything in common.”

“Yeah sure, okay.”

Steve rolls his eyes one more time before pushing off of the bar and wandering off in search of his husband.

“Are you just gonna stare at him all night, or are you going to go talk to him?”

“Why does it matter, Nat?” I ask, letting my head fall back onto the back of my chair. “Outside of work, he and I have nothing in common.”

“Well that’s why you talk to people, (Y/N). So you can get to know them and find a common ground.”


Natasha sighs and rolls her eyes. “Come on. You like him, right?”

“Of course. He’s incredibly handsome, not to mention a super hero. Every woman here probably wants to grab a piece of that falcon ass.”

Natasha snorts, trying to suppress a laugh. “I think you guys would get along.”

“I wish that were true.” I frown and lift my head to find Sam again. “Something tells me a tactical advisor and an Avenger won’t have anything to talk about. I mean, he’s an Avenger!”

“So am I!” Nat cries, sounding almost offended regardless of the smile on her lips.

“Yeah, okay, but you’re the cool, relatable Avenger.”

“You really are something, (Y/N),”

You flash her a grin. “Thanks, Nat.”

“Why’re you starin’ at the tactical advisor, Stevie?” Bucky asks, gently squeezing Steve’s elbow.

“Sam likes her.” Steve squints at (Y/N) who’s grinning Natasha.

“Okay…?” His voice lifts at the end, turning the word into a question.

“I need to talk to Nat and see if we could possibly,” Steve pinches his thumb and forefinger together. “Fix them up.”

“Steve, do you really think it’s a good idea to meddle in their love lives?”

“I’m starting to think I’m the only one who’s tired of Sam’s bitching about not having a girlfriend.”

“Shit, you have a point.” Bucky turns his attention to the girl Steve had pointed out earlier. “You think Nat might have any ideas?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Steve says, taking his phone from his pocket and sending off a quick text to Natasha.

We need to get those two together. Any ideas?

Natasha looks up, eyes darting around the room before landing on Steve. He waves to her and she raises her eyebrows questioningly, pointing to her phone. Steve nods, hoping she’ll answer quickly.

She looks away and types out a message.

I might have something.

“I have to go find Steve,” Natasha announces, quickly rising from her seat beside me.

“What? And leave me alone at one of Stark’s ridiculous parties?”

“Sorry, (Y/N), it’s an emergency.”

“Okay, fine. Come back quickly though.”

She snorts and sashays over to where Steve is waiting standing next to Bucky.

I watch as the three of them put their heads together, talking quietly amongst themselves. Because of the angles of their heads, I can’t tell what they’re talking about.

“So you’re sure she likes him?” Steve asks.

“More sure than I’ve ever been, Steve. She mentioned his ass.”

“Sounds serious.” Bucky says sarcastically.

Natasha rolls her eyes. “Is Sam moping in the corner and whining about how she could never want to talk to him?”

“Yes,” Steve nods.

“So is (Y/N). We just have to figure out how to casually move them towards each other so they’re forced to interact.”

“How do we do that?”

“You guys seriously don’t know?” Bucky asks. Steve and Natasha just look at him quizzically. “It’s Christmas.”

“So?” Nat says.

“You’re telling me that you haven’t seen all of the mistletoe Tony’s got hung up around this place?”

“Shit, you’re right, Buck.” Steve says.

“He probably has some in the breast pocket of his sport coat. Just ask nicely.”

Steve nods. “I’ll go get the mistletoe. Nat, you get (Y/N) to meet Sam under  it.”

Natasha nods and heads back over to (Y/N) and Steve and Bucky head off in the opposite direction in search of Tony and the much needed mistletoe.

“Okay, explain this to me one more time.”

“We’ve already told you three times, Tony.” Steve says sounding frustrated.

“I know, I know. Just one more time. For posterity.”

Bucky rolls his eyes and grabs Steve’s wrist to keep him from punching Tony in the face. A growl rises up from Steve’s chest, but he resists the urge to punch Tony in the teeth.

“We need mistletoe so we can get (Y/N) and Sam together so Sam will stop bitching about not having a girlfriend.” Bucky explains. “You get that this time?”

“Yeah, I think so.” Tony says, reaching into the inside breast pocket of his jacket for a sprig of mistletoe and handing it to Bucky. “I just really like pissing off Spangles here.”

“Watch it, Tony. I might not be here to keep him from killing you next time.” Bucky snatches the mistletoe from Tony and leads Steve away. “Let’s go hang this up.”

“I swear I’m gonna deck ‘im one day and he’s just not gonna get up.” Steve mutters.

“I know, baby, I know.” Bucky pats him on the shoulder.

“Nat, where are we going?”

She shrugs. “Nowhere in particular, why?”

“We’ve been wandering around this floor of the tower for almost half an hour. You expect me to believe that you don’t have a plan?”

“Why would I have a plan?”

“You always have a plan, Romanoff. Always.”

“You’ve got me there,” She says, craning her neck as if she’s looking for something. When it seems she’s found what she’s looking for, she grabs me by the arm and pulls me along a ways before coming to an abrupt stop in front of someone.

“What the hell, Nat? Are you trying to make me crash into…” I trail off when my eyes are met by Sam Wilson’s. “Someone. Hi.”

“Hey,” He says, scratching the back of his neck.

“Fancy seeing you here, Wilson.” Natasha says, a smirk planted firmly on her face. I glare at her, regardless of the fact that she refuses to look at me. “I think I’ll be going now.”


“Have fun you two.” She wiggles her fingers at us before walking off into the throng of the party.

I growl at her back as she walks away and Sam laughs aloud. I turn back to him, surprised, my eyes wider than they should have been.

“She really is something, isn’t she?” He comments.

“Yeah,” I snort. “Something entirely too worried about other people’s love lives.”

“Love lives?” He asks, a blush creeping across his cheeks.

“Uh, yeah…” I answer, looking anywhere but at Sam specifically. I look up towards the ceiling, hoping for something that could help get me out of this situation. Instead, my heart sinks. “Shit.”

“What?” I cover my eyes and point upwards. His eyes widen when he sees the mistletoe. “Aw shit.”

“You really don’t have to. I think Nat’s just pranking us or something.”

“No, it’s okay.”


“Would you hate it if I kissed you?”

“On the contrary, I think I’d like it quite a bit.”

“Is that so?” He asks, quirking an eyebrow.

“Yes, yes it is.”

“Alright then,” He says, placing his hands on my hips and pulling me closer to him. I cover my mouth to stifle a laugh before gripping his biceps.

“No turning back now, Wilson.”

“Who said I wanted to?” He asks before leaning in and pressing his lips to mine. I smile against his lips before sliding my hands up his arms to wrap my arms around his neck and kissing him back.

“Those two make a lovely couple.” Tony grins at (Y/N) and Sam kissing a little ways off.

The flash on Natasha’s phone goes off and she snickers to herself. “She’s never going to hear the end of this.” She says, shaking her head and walking away.

“About damn time they came to their senses.” Steve mumbles as Bucky lets out a low whistle.

“I couldn’t agree more, Stevie.”

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TRISTAN - remember I'm thinking too

Note: So yeah, I kinda figured stuff out a little more. One imagine per week, I can’t really write much faster than that. I work hard to give you guys some good stories, I don’t want to upload something rushed or halfway: So I’m sorry about how very, very late this is. 
Love you guys…

“You meet at the movie theater”
Title: Held By Me

“Oh there!” you friend said pointing to some empty seats. You saw the two seats and headed towards them. That’s when you noticed the cute guy sitting in the next seat. You looked back at your friend, she grinned at you. When you reached the isle where the seats where you stood back waiting for your friend to go sit.
“You go first” she said.
“No, you go”
“Y/N go. I want you to sit with him,”
“No” you whispered.
“Y/N go and sit in that seat!” she said louder, and the guy turned  around and saw you. You blushed uncontrollably:
“Shut up! Why did you have to yell?” You said as you awkwardly walked through the isle.
“Because, you wouldn’t have gone if I didn’t”
“You got that right” you mumbled.

You sat it the chair and gave a glance to your side.
“Hey” he said and gave you a friendly smile. You awkwardly smiled back and looked over at your friend in an attempt to hide your face, she was chatting with her boyfriend who was laughing at you. You gave him an angry look.
The room darkened and you took a deep breath of relief. You sat back in your chair comfortably and waited for the movie to start.

Why must she have chosen to watch a horror movie? Every time a creepy face or scary sound came out you had to hold in your little screams to not embarrass yourself with the cute guy.
You tried your very best, but when a scary clown jumped out of nowhere you let a little shriek out.
Then the worst thing happened. You felt something move under your hand. Yo gave a little jump and you noticed you arm on the armrest, as you held (squeezed would describe it better) the cute guys hand. You felt immediate panic and pulled your hand away from his.
He noticed and looked over at you. You couldn’t imagine how stupid you must have looked.
“It’s alright” he whispered and reached for your hand once again. You froze.
Then you heard your friend and her boyfriend giggling behind you. You rolled your eyes and the cute guy smiled at you. 
Oh that smile.
You relaxed a little and tried to ignore the fact that he was holding your hand, you just kept on watching the movie.

A few minutes passed and you couldn’t help yourself, you gave a quick glance. 
That jawline… you thought.
He turned and looked at you. He caught you admiring him, and you thanked the universe that the cinema was dark so he couldn’t see you blushing.
He leaned in and whispered to you.
“My name is Tristan” 
You smiled and whispered back.
“My name is Y/N” 
“Pretty name” 
Again, thank god for the darkness in the room.
Suddenly you heard a loud shriek come from the speakers, and in matter of seconds, this awful horror movie had managed to ruin your moment.
You sighed. Way to go movie theatre…
He grinned and laid back in his chair, you did the same.

You felt your friend nudge you with her elbow.
“What?” you whispered and leaned over to her, making sure not to let go of Tristan’s hand.
“We’re gonna go” she said signalling to her boyfriend.
“What?! No you can’t leave me” You said ‘casually’ pointing at the beautiful boy next to you. 
Her boyfriend looked at you and then looked at your hand.
“Seems to me like you’ve got this” he said grinning as he got up and left.
“Bye” you friend whispered and gave you a thumbs up. “Good luck” 

“uhh” you said as you laid back in your seat. 

“Your friends bailed on you huh?” 
“What?- oh, yeah they did”
“I don’t blame them, this movie is pretty bad”
“Tell me about it…”

“Hey, you like ice cream?” he said. You smiled.
“I love ice cream”
“Well, I know a great place nearby, wanna get out of here?”
You grinned.
“Let’s go” you said as you both got up, never letting go of each other’s hands…

Note: I know I know, don’t judge me please. I swear there is a good excuse as to why I’ve been posting less often, I just can’t tell you. Yet.
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Hope you liked it anyway <3

anonymous asked:

I think you are super cool and ahhh your posts make me happy and you have a good sense of humor. I don't want to weird you out though,, I'm not thirsty for you lol i just want to be your friend

Aaw, that’s really sweet, thank you so much (’:
It makes me happy to hear my posts can cheer people up, as abnormal as they can be (’’:

I have one thing to say about the trailer and one theory

(The theory might not make much sense but hear me out) 

 Lotor says in the trailer, “if there’s no black lion, there’s no voltron.”

What if Lotor doesn’t want voltron? He just wants it out of the way? And he knows that if one of the lion’s are not present, the black lion can’t be piloted (like in the first season where they need to find all the lions to bring the Black Lion online). And so he decides instead of capturing it which has proven to be too difficult and a waste of time, he has to simply send one of the lions far enough away so that the Black lion goes offline. And that is why we see the blue lion falling offline into an abyss.

Didn’t Jeremy say something about Lance dying but not? Or something like that (please correct me if I’m wrong) but if so, what is it’s not that he dies but the team thinks he does. (which is why Keith has that face that is literally haunting me to my grave omg his eyes are so intense and my heart just </3)

What if that’s why Hunk says “We can’t form voltron.” is because the blue lion is missing and because of that the Black lion is powered down.

Here’s some slow burn klance/Lancelot bonuses if you want:

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Megamind Sentence Meme

❝ Here’s my day so far: went to jail, lost the girl of my dreams, and got my butt kicked pretty good. ❞
❝ How’d it all come to this, you ask? ❞
❝ I had a fairly standard childhood. ❞
❝ You’re a villain, and you’ll always be a villain. ❞
❝ His heart is an ocean that’s inside a bigger ocean. ❞
❝ I’d be watching you, like a dingo watches a human baby. ❞
❝ And I Iove you, random citizen! ❞
❝ Now, back to laughing! ❞
❝ Please talk slower. ❞
❝ You can’t trap justice. It’s an idea, a belief! ❞
❝ My spider bite is acting up! ❞
❝ Imagine the most horrible, terrifying, evil thing you can possibly think of, and multiply it.. by six! ❞
❝ Let’s just have fun with this. Come on. ❞
❝ It’s a vacuum, isn’t it? What’s your vacuum like? ❞
❝ Chicks don’t like bouncy houses, they like clowns! ❞
❝ I’m not allowed to insult guests directly. ❞
❝ It’s good that we have this time now. You know, before I destroy the place. ❞
❝ I’ve looked into the reset button.. the science is impossible. ❞
❝ I didn’t know you had.. feelings. Are you okay? ❞
❝ I hope no one’s seeing this! ❞
❝ This is a very wickedly bad idea for the greater good of bad! ❞
❝ Ollo? ❞
❝ You dim-witted creation of science! ❞
❝ "Exit" is the abbreviation for “exciting,” right? ❞
❝ I did my best, but he’s too fantastic! ❞
❝ I was just about to make my frontal assault to rescue you, but then like fifty ninjas tried to attack me, so I had to beat ‘em all up, and I did.. and they were all, like, crying and stuff. ❞
❝ Can’t wait. LOL. Smiley face. ❞
❝ You don’t get out much, do you? ❞
❝ It’s too bad that we didn’t go to the same school. ❞
❝ All you have to do is save her/him, and she’ll/he’ll be yours. ❞
❝ This is ________ , cautiously optimistic and pleasantly confused. ❞
❝ Oh, this is bad. This is bad. You’ve fallen in love with her/him. ❞
❝ Maybe I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore! ❞
❝ That doesn’t even make any sense! ❞
❝ What were you saying? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me saving your life. ❞
❝ Say I wasn’t so normal. ❞
❝ What about everything you just said? About judging a book by its cover? ❞
❝ Do you really think that I would ever be with you? ❞
❝ Being a hero is for losers! ❞
❝ All your gifts, all your powers, and you squander them for your own personal gain. ❞
❝ Look, I’m not sure where to go with that! ❞
❝ This isn’t how you play the game.. ❞
❝ Congratulations. Another one of your genius plans has backfired on you. ❞
❝ Well.. there is one place I know. ❞
❝ You know, I think there’s an apology in order for the other night. ❞
❝ That’s when I got the brilliant idea.. to fake my death. ❞
❝ If there’s bad, good will rise up against it. ❞
❝ I say we go back to the evil Iair, grab some ray guns, hold them sideways, and just go all gangsta on him/her. ❞
❝ You and I have some unfinished business. ❞
❝ The city needs you.. I need you. ❞
❝ Here it is, from the blackest part of my heart. I’m sorry. ❞
❝ We’re gonna die! ❞
❝ There is no Easter Bunny, there is no Tooth Fairy, and there is no Queen of England. ❞
❝ Please, let’s have a little respect for public transportation. ❞
❝ Hey! Remember that night that I dumped you? ❞
❝ You did the fool thing all by yourself. ❞
❝ There’s a benefit to losing.. you get to learn from your mistakes. ❞
❝ What can I say? Old habits die hard. ❞
❝ What a drama queen/king! ❞
❝ Sorry! He’s/she’s just not used to positive feedback! ❞
❝ Funny.. I guess destiny is not the path given to us, but the path we choose for ourselves. ❞

Frerard 2k15?

Hi, Maria! First of all, I hope you’re doing well and I hope you’ll be online soon (and that you haven’t abandoned us all omg). So, I have a tiny theory I wanted to share with you, in regards to Frerard!!!

I’ve looked online, and I haven’t seen anyone really do a theory (or at least not a Frerard one) on, “Drugstore Perfume.” However, I found some of the lyrics intriguing (and others were hard to understand).

There lyrics I find most interesting are these:

“If I wait around, maybe she might come back to say that, “I’m not sure you know my name, that’s fine.”

But take me with you this time

She says that 

she can’t change for love

And she explains how long she’s waited for She wanted 


Gone today I might just see you around It hurts,

 but I understand if you can’t find another reason not to stay

And while she’s walking away she says


she can’t change for love

And she explains how long she’s waited for She wanted 


And as these days go by Well they can’t change how long we’ve waited for A love that’s 


 [×2]“ [Anything in italics is my emphasis] •A while back, on November 28th, 2014 at a concert in Mexico, Gerard had performed, "Drugstore Perfume.” He was talking about it, and he said something along the lines of, “Does anyone often dream about leaving home? Having adventures, seeing new things? I used to want to leave home real bad, so I did, but you never forget the smell of drugstore perfume.” The song basically speaks of a troubled woman with a dark past, who wants to start over and “leave home,” a G said. At this concert (I’ve had no luck in finding the concert footage, but if one of your lovely followers could find it that’d be superb!) Gerard related the song to himself. We all know that Gerard has spoken about his issues with his gender identity, and he’s stated in the past that he’s always related more with the female gender as opposed to the male gender. So, being aware of this aspect, I can’t help but wonder if the woman whom he speaks of in Drugstore Perfume is instead a female representation of himself? But also, this (

) confirms my suspicions.  It’s obvious that Gerard writes about himself in an inexplicit manner, and uses other characters to sheild himself, in order to tell his feelings.  But also, remember Red and Blue?? The female characters who were in a gay relationship? That’s another example of Gerard masking his identity and telling his story with that of his characters. He used two female characters, and since we know he identifies more with women, do you think it’s safe to assume that he’s probably speaking of himself in Drugstore Perfume as well? I don’t get the vibe that Gerard is talking about Lyn-Z, or any other woman.  I definitely get some Frerard vibes from this song.

“But take me with you this time” -

I can’t tell who he’s talking about in this line, as it’s pretty vague (as is the entire song - the grammar isn’t fully there either).

“She can’t change for love” -

Gerard can’t change himself for his love of Frank? Maybe? I feel like he could be saying that he can’t change the identity we’ve all come to know (aka a possibly straight, married man who has a child)? Even for love? “It hurts, but I can understand why you can’t find a reason not to stay” - This reminds me of Frank’s lyrics from .Weighted. “I understand, why you couldn’t stand, another day standing in your own way.” Parallel, maybe?

“And she explains how long she’s waited for

She wanted more

And as these days go by

Well they can’t change how long we’ve waited for

A love that’s more [×2]” -

When I hear, “a love that’s more” it reminds me of other lyrics of Gerard’s and Frank’s, where they always hint at not being happy in their marriages, not being enough for their spouses, because of the fact that the person they're 

in love

with isn’t with them.. All I can think when I hear, “a love that’s more” (and since Gerard relates the song to himself) is “Well, why isn’t your current relationship not enough? Why does the person you’re speaking of no longer have any more reasons to stay?” I’m undecided if he’s talking about Lyn-Z not being enough, and not wanting to stay, or if he’s speaking of his and Frank’s relaysh? I think the latter option makes more sense though, considering what we know about Frerard.  So, Maria, I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions on this song/the lyrics/my observations!  *On a side note, have you noticed how much all of the guys have been talking about MCR lately? Please tell me you’ve noticed how much they’re all 


MCR, hanging out together, etc.?? Did you hear about Gerard and Ray hanging out? We obviously know that Mikey and Gerard are on good terms (they love each other so much omg), and it seems like Ray and Gerard are on good terms..And everybody is hanging out, speaking to each other regularly, except for..Who? 


That just further confirms that SOMETHING is still wrong with Gerard and Frank, as they’re not on speaking terms. All of the guys hang out with one another, but the pair we’ve yet to see this happen with is Frank and Gerard. 

When are they going to get their shit together? 

I miss my babies omg.

Love you! (: ♡


^^^^ THIS!!!

Preference #6, IM5 : He Gets Jealous


“You’re being stupid, Cole, the waiter is just being nice.” you say, rolling your eyes. Cole shakes his head.

“You’re stupid if you think boys are ever just being nice. He’s flirting with you. Right in front of me.” Cole says with irritation dripping from his voice.

“Stop being so paranoid, alright? I’m not gonna make out with the dude.” You reply. Cole breaks eye contact as the waiter in question walks back up to the table with our drinks. He’s handsome, dark brown hair that is slicked back from his face, eyebrows almost as powerful as Cole’s, strong jaw, pretty green eyes. But he wasn’t Cole. He gives you an alluring smirk as he reaches over to give you your lemonade. You look away sheepishly and catch the murderous glare of Cole, who had unfortunately noticed your exchange with the waiter.

“Actually, we have to go. ” Cole says quickly slapping a 20 on the table and getting up. The waiter looks up, surprised as Cole snatches you out of the booth. He drags you out of the restaurant, you stop walking and snatch your hand back.

“Cole, what the hell-”

He grabs you by the waist and pulls you to him, violently. He takes your face in both hands and kisses you, harshly, needily. At first you try and push him away. He was hurting you. But he seems to realize this. His grip on you softens. His lips more gentle. He pulls away, resting his forehead on yours. His thumb pad caresses your cheek.

“You’re mine.” he whispers. You smile.

“I’m yours.”


“Dana, Jesus Christ, will you let go of my waist?” You say as you try to pry his fingers off of you. You two were in a shopping mall and his hand was journeying dangerously close to your butt. However he doesn’t even hear you, but rather seems to be glaring at some cute boys in the corner. “Dana!” You say his name again. He is woken from his glare.

“Hm, what?” He says not really taking his eyes off the dudes in the corner. You tug at his hands.

“Let. Go. Of. Me.”


“No? It wasn’t exactly a question. Get the hell off me. In trying to look at clothes but you’ve got me in a death grip.” You snap at him. He rolls his eyes and bucks his head towards the guys in the corner who were looking your way.

“You see those dudes?” He says.

“Who? The ones you’ve been staring at the entire time we’ve been here? Nope. Don’t see em.”

“Don’t be a smart ass. Those guys were basically undressing you with their minds. And some other stuff too.” Stuff. You roll your eyes

“And how would you know that? Physic?” You say, mocking him. The cute guys were now looking away.

“Cause I did the same thing the first time I met you. And also I’m a dude.” He says matter-of-factly. You roll your eyes again.

“And here I was thinking you liked me for my personality, silly me.” You say now genuinely irritated. You try to pull away but Dana pulls you back, intertwining your fingers with his.

“Hey. It’s not like that. I like you for you. But in doing that I’m also gonna get a little jealous. Maybe over protective when I see guys looking at you like a piece of meat. Like those douches.”

You smile. “That’s cool, I guess.”


“You’re an idiot. No like really you’re a freaking dumbass. What is wrong with you?!” You shout as you storm out of the party. David follows close behind clutching his hand and cringing.

“Nothing’s wrong with me.” He says through strained breath. You whip around.

“You just punched a guy so hard he shattered his jaw and got us kicked out of the party. Now tell me again how nothing is wrong with you?” You seethe, eyebrow raised.

David groans. “ I had a reason.”

“Oh! You had a reason? Well that sets my mind at ease.” You snip sarcastically. David seemed to actually be intimidated by how angry you were.

“Look, baby, the guy was saying things about you while you were dancing okay? Gross things.” You roll your eyes.

“So you were like ‘I’m gonna punch this dude’ now it makes sense. ” you retort. David sighs seeing that he is getting nowhere.

“I’m your boyfriend. And hearing someone say those nasty things about you it just makes me so angry. I’m sorry I got us kicked out, but I love you too much to let someone disrespect you like that. Just don’t be mad at me.” He says still obviously in pain. You smile at him. He was defending your honor.  You hold his unbroken hand and gesture towards the car.

“C'mon, we’re going to the hospital. Even Spider-man isn’t invincible.”


“So who was that guy that was all over you in there?” Gabe said as you left your moms party. You had known this was coming but instead played dumb.

“Who?” You replied falsely. Of course you knew exactly who he was referring to. A family friend who you’d known your whole life, Jacob. And it was true, he had refused to leave your side except to get you food and beverages. It was sweet but in the back of your mind you knew Gabe was going to chastise you the minute you left. And oh look, you’d been right.

“Don’t play dumb, Y/N. I know you like the attention.” He says getting into the drivers side if his car.

“So now I’m an attention whore, thanks babe.” You say sarcastically. Of course you knew he wasn’t implying that. But twisting his words, you found, was the only way to win an argument. You see, unlike other guys, Gabe saw no reason to let the girl win in an argument in which she was wrong. And you were almost always wrong in his eyes.

“I didn’t say that….you’re not an attention whore.”

And now you’re winning .“So then what am I, Gabe? Please enlighten me.”

He rolls his eyes as he begins to pull onto the street. “Frustrating.”


“We were just talking. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” You say rolling your eyes.

“Oh nooooo. That was not talking. That was flirting. He was flirting and you were flirting right back, almost as if you didn’t have a dedicated boyfriend who is at your beck and call.” He retorted. Some guy had asked you for directions and then proceeded to engage you in a five minute conversation, you had just been being nice.

“I was being nice. Am I not allowed to speak to the male species? Is that a new rule?” You say, irritated.

“Me, your dad, the boys. Those are the males you can be nice to,” he says sounding a bit amused. He wraps his handaround yours And with that the argument was over. Arguments between you two hardly ever lasted a few minutes because of Will’s goofy disposition. You laugh.

“Good to know. ”

anonymous asked:

24 with Marichat please! (writing prompt thingy)

24. Slow Dancing (this REALLY ran away from me lol prepare for fluff and nonsense and dorks being dorks)

Marinette leaned against the balcony railing with a sigh, trying to ignore the anchor dragging her heart down to the floor.

The night was cold, no stars to be seen. The perfect backdrop to her own self-pity.

Her phone buzzed in the jacket she’d haphazardly thrown over her dress. She ignored it- not in the mood for chatting. She would allow herself to feel a sense of disappointment before picking herself up and dusting herself off. After all, it wasn’t the end of the world. These things happened.

She’d been so excited though! The gang had planned to go out dancing for the evening and Marinette had spent hours and hours getting ready. All week long she’d entertained rom-com like fantasies of Adrien spotting her, looking her very best, from across the dance floor. They’d flirt nervously, he’d ask her to dance, and that would be the start of their magical fairy tale romance. It would’ve been like a happy Taylor Swift song.

But, Marinette sighed, it was not meant to be. Adrien had called to say he’d been pulled into a last minute modelling shoot. He couldn’t make it and, although Marinette had still had a good time, she was crushed at yet another opportunity missed.

Looks like my love life is stuck in sad Taylor Swift song mode and it won’t get out any time soon. Might as well choose a Jagged Stone theme instead…

It was as she was musing on which song her love life currently resembled Swift-wise, that she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. A cold breeze whirled around the balcony and Marinette shivered, pulling her jacket tighter around her as a sense of unease coiled around her stomach. She frowned.

Then she heard it, the sounds of footsteps behind her, and reacted on instinct.

“Good evening Mari- OUCH!”

Her fist knocked straight into the intruder’s chin and he stumbled backwards with a cry- more of shock than of pain.

Marinette scowl quickly turned to a look of shock when she noticed who was standing next to her. She unclenched her fist, relaxing her fighting stance.

“Chat Noir?” she spluttered. “What are you doing here?”

Chat rubbed his chin with a pout, his ears drooping.

“I was out for a night prowl and saw you standing here by yourself,” he replied, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. This sparked Marinette’s curiosity, for he wasn’t exactly acting like his usual self. “I didn’t mean to startle you but may I say I’m impressed? You give a paw-some right hook! If I weren’t a superhero I could have been seriously hurt by that.”

Marinette smiled, relaxing further after he made the cat pun. Maybe she’d just imagined the look he’d given her before, the shy reserved one.

Adrien was on her mind too much. She needed to snap out of it and, although this was rather unconventional, her life was too. So Marinette was secretly rather happy for Chat’s company.

“May I ask what’s on your mind Princess? Your knight in shining armour is always ready to lend an ear or two,” he chirped, his voice loud and boastful again. Marinette was torn between fondly rolling her eyes and laughing. She settled on both and the proud beam which crossed his face caused her to feel lighter than she had all evening. Her partner was always there for her, whether he knew it or not.

She didn’t know what she was thinking when she decided to spill her guts to him, confess her frustrations. But something about talking with Chat, as her civilian self, was therapeutic. It was like talking to someone anonymous on the internet, a friendly face who would have no impact on her personal life because- well- she didn’t know him personally.

A small, painful tugging sensation settled in the pit of her stomach. Marinette quickly squashed the feeling flat. It wasn’t the time to muse on such things.

“I’m just so sick of things going wrong Chat,” she sighed, as she stared out at the skyline. She missed the sad look he gave her.

“What- what do you mean?” he asked and, even though his voice was low and she could hear that un-Chat-like shyness back in it, she was too wrapped up in her own feelings to pay it too much thought. She hung her head over the balcony, huffing and shrugging her shoulders.

“Sorry, I’m tired. So if I don’t make any sense you can ignore me,” she replied, the weight of her disappointments crushing her chest. “I was going to see the guy I like tonight, but he had to cancel at the last minute. I still had a good night with my friends don’t get me wrong,” she hastened to add, “but it would have been nice. To slow dance with him, to show him I’m not just a clumsy, useless idiot.”

Chat was silent for a while, which did little to soothe her anxieties. Perhaps she’d revealed too much? No. Impossible. There was no way he knew who she was talking about.

Eventually, he came to stand beside her at the balcony railing. Twisting his body to face away from the skyline, he rested his elbows and leaned backwards.

“I don’t think you’re an idiot,” he said seriously.

Marinette gave him a look.

“I’m serious!” he cried fixing her with a wide eyed stare which, for some reason, caused Marinette to blush and turn away. “Maybe you might be clumsy, but you’re not an idiot and you’re DEFINETELY not useless! Who was it that came up with the idea on how to get out of that box Evilliustator put us in? That was you! You saved us, so you can’t tell me you’re not smart. You’re definitely smarter than me, and I’m a superhero. You can’t disagree with superheroes because that means you’re the bad guy and I’d have to arrest you.”

He finished his speech with a cheeky wink in her direction and Marinette had to turn away. He was such a dork!

“Thanks. I guess?” she said, her tone not matching the goofy smile on her face.

“Also you look pretty.”

Her head snapped up to Chat Noir, eyes wide. But he refused to look at her. Even in the dark she could see the blush on his cheeks.


Marinette cringed at her own reaction to Chat’s very sincere compliment, yet she still found it hard to believe that she’d heard correctly. She was far too used to his silly flirtations.

“I- well- I said you look pretty.” Ok so she’d not imagined it. He’d definitely complimented her. “And umm, I think the guy you wanted to dance with? I bet he’s really torn up about it. He probably wanted to dance with you too.”

The last part of his speech was a welcome distraction to the other thing. Chat being all soft and non-flirty was something she simply could NOT fathom. This however? This she could actually respond to, at least somewhat coherently, even if it was with a snort of derision.

“I doubt it,” she shrugged, shaking her head, “nobody wants to slow dance with me. Maybe someday, someone will. At least I hope they will, I’m sure love is out there waiting for me but… I’m starting to believe that Adi- that the guy I like won’t ever see me that way.”

Quite suddenly, Marinette wanted to cry.


She slouched away from Chat’s soothing voice, the sympathy in it. At first she’d thought he’d be a welcome distraction, but talking to him was bringing up every deep rooted insecurity she had about her long-time crush.

“It’s ok, it’s fine,” she stammered, trying to make her voice sound positive and failing miserably. “Really. It’s fine. I just want him to be happy. Even if I’m not the one he wants to slow dance with.”

“But I do want to slow dance with you!”

Marinette’s heart stopped. Her lips drew into a thin line. Although it appeared, on the outside at least, that she was unresponsive, inside a storm raged. Her blood seemed to have been replaced by flames, which burned and tickled, teased and twisted within her. She couldn’t breathe.

Slowly, Marinette found the strength to glance over at him. Her fingers slid from the balcony railing to hang limply at her sides.

“Wh-what?” she choked. “You? You want to-”

Chat panicked, stumbling backwards and almost knocking over one of her potted plants as he did so.

“Ah look at the time!” he cried, voice dripping in almost hysterical levels of fake cheer. “It’s so late! We should both head to bed! Goodnight Princess- I mean goodnight Marinette- I’ll see you around!”

Marinette stared at him, unable to say another word as he turned tail and disappeared into the night.

Homeward Bound Part Five {Bucky Barnes x Reader}

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


A/N: I want to thank you guys for all the love I received for this fic. It literally makes me so happy getting feedback, and hearing that you guys like it. So thanks for being awesome! Feedback is much appreciated. 

Warnings: Violence, Sad Bucky, Sad Reader, Suicide, HYDRA’s just really evil in this chapter. You have been warned.

Sweat made my shirt cling to my frame, my heavy breath made my chest feel like an elephant was sitting on it. It was another nightmare. I calmed myself down but everytime I closed my eyes I saw glimpses, images that don’t quite make sense, but are terrifying just the same. I walked out my room and into the kitchen to make a pot of tea. I made myself comfortable on the couch, asked FRIDAY to turn on the lights, and read. 

Then I heard him. I heard his screams. I heard the pain in his voice, the fear hiding in the volume. I dropped my book and ran into his room. It had been a few a weeks since the whole nightmare/episode fiasco. I may have been left with all the bruises and scrapes but Bucky regressed further into depression and anxiety. If it was even possible he seemed to hate himself even more after what happened that night. He lost what little trust he had himself. But I fought for him every day, even when he didn’t, especially when he didn’t. 

“Bucky” I say as I walk into his room. He’s tossing and turning, his jaw clenched, his eyes shut so tight it looked painful. I walked over to him and it my hand in his hair. I ran my fingers through his locks trying to wake him up gently. “Bucky, sweetie wake up” My voice is stronger this time. His hands ball into fists and I take my other hand and push my fingers into his hand so that out fingers are entwined. He lets out another bloodcurdling scream. The nightmares were even worse than before. 

“Bucky!” I yell, loud enough for him to hear but not too loud as his screams. His eyes shot open, tears already in his eyes. His arms find their way around my torso and I’m left surprised. He lifted me up into his lap, my legs wraping around his torso my hands in his hair and back. 

“Hey, you’re okay” I say 

“Y/N” Even his voice is hoarse. “You shouldn’t be here” He pulled away but he didn’t let me go.

“Bucky you’re not going to hurt me. Stop pushing me away. And just let me be here for you” My hand caresses his cheek and he leans into my touch.

“Where’s Steve?”

“A mission. He actually should be back this morning” I reply. His arms tighten around me. “You wanna talk about it?” I ask. His blue eyes find mine and they look terrified. He shakes his head as if words were too much. Just then the teapot went off. 

“Nightmare?” He asks looking at me

“They’re a bit hard to shake. But they’re not so bad anymore” I tell him. I try to leave his embrace but he holds me there, I raise an eyebrow.

“Do you want to talk about it?” His words are steady now as if he had something to ground him. I let my forehead drop and meet his and he inhales sharply, but doesn’t move.

“I can never remember them” I let him know. “I just remember the feelings”. Now it’s my turn to be shaky. The tea pot was getting louder. This was the first time we’ve been alone since the incident. It was nice. Granted I could do without the nightmares, but this right here was good. 

“We should get the tea” he says, but makes no movement to leave. 

“yeah” My voice is all breath.One of his hands leaves my back and finds it’s way to my face. I feel a coldness on my cheek. He hesitates before tucking a strand of my Y/H/C behind my ear. Our eyes meet and it takes all I have not to kiss him right now. Despite the crazy I loved how we fit together, the way he was so gentle with me, the way he looked at me. I wanted this. I wanted him to want this. But that wasn’t an option. I didn’t want to move, but I shut my heart down and moved away from him, grabbing his metal hand in my sweaty palm leading him into the kitchen. I turned off the heat and pulled my hand free to grab some mugs. I turned around and he was standing right there, not letting me move.I look up, my heart racing dreaming of things that could never be.

“Y/N” His eyes are still glazed with the ghosts of his past, and his voice was still pained. It was strange how moments of fake scenarios are enough to break you down. “You make-I’m better with you” the words fall from his lips.

“So then what’s with all the pushing me away?” I raise an eyebrow, trying to be mad. 

“I can’t stand the fact that I hurt you once” His face is stony, but like always his eyes betray him. “I couldn’t bear it if I did a second time”

“It wasn’t you. I told you-” I begin, exasperation in every syllable.

“But it was me. And I hate that it was me” His voice is angry now, “But I need you” He seems confused about that last part, as if he didn’t realize that was the truth until now. “You make the em-” He stops abruptly and cocks his head to listen carefully. He hears footsteps walking toward us. He walks over to the knives and pulls a smaller one. He pushes me behind me.

“I can take care of myself you know” I say and I could have sworn I saw a smile on the idiots lips. The footsteps stop and Bucky tenses up.He waits for the right moment and jumps toward the mystery person.I hear laughter and I shake my head in confusion.

“And what were you planning to do with that?” I hear a voice with a familiar accent say. Pietro. I grin and run over to him. I envelop him in a hug.

“I missed you” I say as he picks me up and swings me around making me laugh. He puts me down, and I already feel better. “Where’s everybody else?” I ask,

“On their way up” was his answer. He looks at me, at the tea in the kitchen, at my pj’s. “Rough night”

“Something like that” I laugh nervously. Bucky leaned against the wall looking at the scene. I felt his eyes burn through me. Pietro’s hand was still at my waist, pulling me closer to him. Bucky glared at Pietro. boy if looks could kill. 

“What do you say to a movie?” He asks, a cocky grin on his face.

“You need your sleep mister” I told him with a laugh.

“Who says I won’t sleep during the movie?” He jokes and I roll my eyes.

“I think I got a movie buddy” I say nodding my head towards Bucky and he lights up a little. Pietro nods his head. He places a kiss at my temple and a lazy smile finds it’s way to my lips. 

“I don’t get a hug?” I hear a familiar voice. I look at Bucky and Steve breaking away from a hug. I run into Steve’s arms and give him a giant hug.What are you doing up” Steve’s voice chastises.

“We’re living on the wild side” I waggle my eyebrows at the super soldier earning a laugh from him. We break the hug and I move away from him. I beam at his laugh. Steve might seem like this golden boy, but truth was he painted himself gold every day. PTSD and Anxiety has plagued the soldier for a while. He was doing way better now, but it was always nice to make Roger’s laugh. 

“Well I’m going to bed” Bruce said. Wanda nodded and Pietro gave another kiss before speeding away.

“And Tony?” Steve asked.

“The guy could sleep through anything” I joke.

“He’s had a rough couple month with all the missions” Steve states and I nod. Bucky found his way to my side. I smile as his fingers find their way into mine.

“Leave the lovebirds alone Cap” Nat appears at Steve’s side. I give her a hug and her and Bucky share a nod. 

“I need to ask her first” Steve’s voice is low and serious.

“Cap?” I’m not going to lie i’m a little scared. I squeeze Bucky hand and he tightens his hold on my hand.

“I need you to come on a mission with me” Roger’s eyes peer into mine. 

“I walked away from that Rogers” I tell him.

“Tell her” Nat says. she walks over to me, her hand finding it’s way to my face.

“It’s in Siberia. It’s a HYDRA center” Steve said. My heart stops.

“You don’t have to go” Nat tells me quickly. I look at her. Her eyes are pleading with me not to go. She wants me safe. 

“I think I have too” I tell her in Russian.

“No, that’s ridiculous. We just need the layout, a map” She answers.

“It’ll be better if I’m there to guide you”

“You can do that from here” Her voice is steady but she isn’t.

“Nat, i’ll be okay” I tell her though I’m pretty sure i’m lying. But it doesn’t matter if I’m okay or not, this mission was getting done. I look over to Steve.

“When do we leave?” I ask in english. 

“In two days” I nod my head.

“Okay Cap, for old times sake right” A dangerous half smile finds it’s way onto my lips. 

“I’m sorry” Steve says pulling me in another embrace, “I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise” .

“Don’t worry I won’t be a hero” I tell him as a joke. 

“I’m going” Bucky’s husky voice suprised me.

“I don’t know it-”Steve began

“I’m going with her” Was his response. There was no fighting him

“Bucky, you don’t have to. I can handle my own.You don’t have to deal with this yet” I tell him

“Y/N I’m coming because I want to. Let me be there for you” Were his words

“I can’t believe you’re using what I said against me” I give a laugh. His arm circles around my waist, catches me off guard. I turn my head to look at him.

“What can I say I’m a fast learner” I roll my eyes.

“Bucky” Steve said. I had almost forgotten he was here. I blush. “I don’t think this is the best idea”

“I’m just as stubborn as you are Punk” Were bucky’s words. Steve lights up. Clearly Bucky just remembered something. “I’m coming”

“Anyone going to ask me what I think?” Nat asked.

“Nat, what do you think” I asked. She walked over to Bucky stood in front of him. She stared him down, reading him.

“You fuck this up and that’s it with me” Nat said curtly. 

“Y/N” Nat says

“Nat” I look at her. 


“There are other’s in there. Other’s we left. We’re going back for them” I tell them. She nods.

“I have your back” She tells me and saunters away into her room. Steve says goodnight and follows Nat down to hall to their rooms. I turn to face Bucky and He pulls me into another embrace and I hug him back tightly. If I were to let my heart think, it would tell me he feels like home. 

“Bet the tea’s gone cold” i say pulling away. “Set up netflix will you” I say. We watch shows and movies, cuddles up on the couch together. His arm wrapped around me protectively, he head on his chest. We found comfort in each other. We found safety in each other’s arms.

Time Lapse

Holy crap it’s cold” I complain. You would think I would be used to the cold after being with HYDRA but if anything I hate it even more. Sam rolls his eyes at me and Cap chuckles. I stick my tongue out at both of them. We were in the middle of an HYDRA base.

“Okay, Y/N we’re going to propel in, we’ll send a signal for you to follow us” Steve looked me in the eye. I knew he was worried about my being here.. He thought that being so close to wear I was tortured and experimented on I would break. What he didn’t know was that I was still broken and it’s pretty had to break something when it’s already broken.

“Okay, remember you’re going through a meeting room right now. You have to go down to the last door on the right and down that hall is where they keep the experiments. Once it’s clear for me to go in and talk to them, send the signal” I reminded them. They nodded.  Sam and Steve propelled in with ease as I waited for their signal. We were on a side of a mountain but there was enough room for me to lay down while I waited for their signal. I waited and waited, until it seemed like there was something wrong. I peered over some rocks. I looked through the windows that they had just broken. They were out matched. I saw falcon circling. Pietro sped in helping them , followed by Wanda. They were handling it, but by this rate they weren’t going to get to the other’s. So I made a call. 

I propelled in taking some guys down with me.

“Y/N! What are you doing here, I told you to wait” Steve yelled.

“Well I couldn’t let you boys have all the fun” I said as I landed a kick on my opponent. I felt arms close around me and I used his weight against him by flipping him over then landing a punch that knocked me out. Steve continued to fight as Falcon continued Steve’s half of the mission; get the plans. I threw a knife at a guy about to tackle Steve, he nodded at me and I smiled. There was a rush from fighting that you don’t get from anything else. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss the rush, but the truth was dealing with the aftermath of battles outweighed any type of high I got from fighting. Falcon swooped in and flew in the window that I had just broken. I saw files in his arm. 

“Where’s Bucky and Nat” I called. There was no answer but grunts and moans. “Cap?”. I couldn’t leave Cap without back up. Just then the lights went of. They got the generator. They came into the room soon after. Bucky fought his way to me. 

“I need you to cover me. Okay i’m going in right now” He grunts in acknowledgment. He opens his mouth as if to say something but think better of it. He fights a couple of guys and I make a dash for it. I throw my last knife at a guy running towards Nat. She sends me a smile and fights her way to the door. I kick and punch and run. I make it to the door. It’s locked. 

“Y/N” I turn and watch Steve use his shield to break the lock.

“Thanks” I say breathlessly. I run down the hall. I make it to the end. I open the last door with ease. And there they are. The people who would share my pain. They weren’t much, but then again none of us had anything. We didn’t always see each other but there was something comforting in going on missions with people like you, to talk through bars with people who share the same darkness. I looked into the the first cell. Familiar eyes greeted me. “Red Death” I said. He grunted. “It’s Y/N” I said hoping he remembered me. He saved my brother and I from many a beating. We owed him a lot. We looked out for each other here. When we remembered. 

I heard the click of a gun. “Don’t move” The voice was shaky. I knew that voice.

“Bryony” I turn around to face the blonde haired girl who won Seth’s heart. “Don’t do this. I’m here to help” I was speaking in Russian now.

“It’s too late” Her voice was confused and uncertain. She knew me but didn’t. I remember that feeling. It’s like a memory of a dream. “They’re all going to die right now.” My heart sinks. I came here to save them. To help them. Bryony looked differently. She looked weathered and beaten down. She looked like death. Her soft features turned hard. 

“No, Bryony talk to me” I say. I can feel the desperation in every nerve of my body. “Please, put down the gun and help me” She shook her head.

“Move” She ordered. I stood up leaving Red Death. I laughed as I recalled some of my first memories. His codename was ominous and scary but he used to be a kind hearted man. He used to steal toys for the little kids when he remembered, when he could trick HYDRA into not wiping him. 

“This isn’t funny” Bryony said her brown eyes cold and detached. She clenched her jaw. Seth loved her so much. We both did. Seth and her fit together perfectly. On the day of our escape she was put in cryo. There wasn’t time. It broke his heart, but we left. We ran. I wanted to make it right. 

“Bryony. It’s me” I say.

“I don’t care” her words had a deadly precision. She aimed the gun up at me I closed my eyes as I heard the gunshot. I expected pain, but not like this. I opened my eyes and saw Bryony’s body slumped on the floor. My heart broke. Shattered. I felt hot and cold and dead and on fire. I felt it all and it felt like hell. Maybe this was hell this cold inferno. Then I heard another gunshot. Then another. I screamed and I screamed. I pleaded at the top of my lungs. I cried and yelled for them to stop. There were 6 cells. There were five gunshots. I was sobbing, broken by what I just saw. I swallowed my cries and walked over to the last cell. There was someone new. A little girl.

“Hey there” I say softly. She looked so small. Her hands to small and delicate to be holding a gun. She was crying. I don’t think she understood it all. “Don’t shoot” I said. She nodded. I took out my gun, shoot the lock and opened the gate. She ran out. I took her and picked her up. “You’re going to be just fine” I whisper into her hair. I walked past the blood filled cells. Past Bryony. I have never hated HYDRA more than I do now. I ran down the hall, keeping my emotions in check. I walked out of the hall and into the room. 

“What took you so long?” Nat teased, kicking someone. SHe looked over at me and my tear stained face. “What happened” She punched someone as she looked at me. She eyed the little girl and then looked back at me. 

“We have what we came for. We need to go” I tell her. She nods her head giving the signal to leave. “I need you to take her”  I tell Nat. SHe doesn’t ask questions she takes the girl from me. 

“You can trust her” I tell her. She nods her head and holds on to Nat.

I stood in the middle of the fight, emotionless. I looked around and watched as the avengers slowly backed away. I felt a hand on mine.

“Come on” Bucky’s eyes searched mine. 

“Go” I tell him, I give him a kiss on the cheek and take off burying myself in the chaos. I fight and punch and kick and kill. Finally the rage inside me is too much.

I took out a bomb and threw it.

Steve however was swarmed by HYDRA personnel and would have to fight his way to the window. My heart stopped. I was sure I was going to be the last one. I mentally kicked myself. 

“Go Y/N!” he said. Steve had this hero complex that I both loved and hated about him. It made him a dangerous person to love but it also made him a person worth loving.

“Fuck you Steve, I’m not leaving without you” I yell, fighting my way to him. I knew what I had to do. I had to use my power. I didn’t want to, but I didn’t have a choice. I concentrated and focused on the moving molecules forcing them to slow down to almost a complete stop. I opened my eyes and saw a slow moving picture. I ran to Steve grabbed his arm and ran. I let time start again just as I felt my consciousness fade. I looked back and saw the red and black cloud of the explosion and I felt Steve catch me as I fell

I heard them and felt a smile grow on my chapped lips as I opened my eyes to see Steve, Sam, and Natasha, Pietro, Wanda, and Bucky.

“Where is she” I ask, “The little girl” . I look at Nat, desprate for answers. 

“She’s with her family. We relocated them” Nat tells me. I nodd.

“It seems like I can only get you guys together when I’m in the hospital” My voice was weak, but it made them smile.

“Well next time let’s try something a little less extreme” Natasha joked, sitting at the foot of my bed. I felt something rubbing my hand and I looked to see Steves hand in mine. He looked sad. I looked over to Pietro and he look worried, as did Wanda. I wish I could say something to make them not worry. Bucky hung back, watching me, worry in his face.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”I try to laugh but only end up coughing. Sam brings me a cup with water and I happily drink it. “How long have I been out?”

“About a day” Steve says squeezing my hand. HYDRA’s experiments rarely went perfectly. I was the closest thing the could get to stopping time, however they could never fix the physical effect it had on my body. Every time I used my power, it would drain my body forcing me to go to sleep in order to recuperate.

“Well that sounds about right” I nod, “I’m assuming you want an explanation”.

“You don’t have to talk about it” He says, but I knew he wanted some sort of answer.

“They experimented on me.” I began, “They pumped me with drugs and electrocuted me and put me on radiation and all this crap and somehow I was able to slow time. Thing is they never found me a something to channel when I force time to slow down. so every time I try and use my power it drains me” Steve looks at Natasha and Sam, they all look pensive and worried.

“It’s not a big deal, I’m fine” I say, trying to sound sure of myself. I would be fine eventually. Stopping time is no small feat and it takes it’s toll on my body. Even after resting I knew I would be weak.

“No one is “fine” after  waking up a day after you passed out in Russia at a HYDRA base the you blew up after stopping time” Steve smiled and I rolled my eyes.

“How is she feeling” asked a voice.

“Banner” I smile trying to sit up. I groan. I feel Steve’s hands at my shoulders pushing me down, a soft smile on his face.

“Take it easy” He walks toward me followed by Stark.

“I really wish you would stop getting yourself in here” Tony said

“And miss these reunions?” I joked. I gave a weak laugh but ended up coughing. Bucky was at my side with water. “Thank you” I grabbed and drank it. “I need to go home” I tell them “When I escaped we took some of this stuff, that helps with the repair process”

“Y/N you can’t go back” Tony said.

“I know you want me to move in, but that Seth bought us that apartment before he died, I can’t leave it”

“No Y/N, you can’t ever go back” Bucky said looking at me. Thats when it hit me. I had revealed myself to what was left of HYDRA. They know i’m alive. They know what I look like now. They are coming for me.

“HYDRA knows” I say softly and Natasha nods. “I guess it was only a matter of time” I can feel tears prickle in my eyes threatening to come out in waterfalls.”Can I get out of this bed at least” Banner nods his head and comes to my side taking out IV’s and any needles that were in me.

“Thanks Banner” I say.

“Let me make you breakfast” Clint said, entering the room

“I’de like that” I tried to get up, still incredibly weak. Bucky help me up, his arm around my waist. I couldn’t even enjoy the fact that Bucky Barnes was holding because I freaking out internally over the fact that now because of my own idiocy I had revealed myself to HYDRA making my friends death mean nothing. This life I was living was not the life he wanted for me.  Seth wanted me to be normal and be happy. Fighting people’s wars and finding assassins was never something that he wanted for me.

“You okay?” Nat asked, she walked on my other side. 

“Been better” I smile.

“I know” She says taking my hand and giving it a squeeze. “But you aren’t alone. You have all of us in your corner” I pull her into a hug and it takes her a moment before she hugs me back.

“Thank you” Sometimes words fall short of what you really feel. The words she uttered mean more to me than I can say. I’ve been alone for so long it feels nice to have people on my side again. “

We took the liberty of moving your stuff and getting your some new stuff” Tony said as he plopped down on the couch. 

“Okay, uuhh thanks I think” I begin “ You know what Clint, I’m not so hungry I think I’m just going to go lay down” He walks out the kitchen and looks at me. 

“Okay” His words are soft and they almost feel like a hug. Bucky walks me to my room. I sit down on my bed. 

“I think I need a moment Buck” I say. He nods and kisses my cheek.

“What was that for?”

“Figured id’e return the favor” he said recalling my kiss from battle. I blush. He walks away and closes the door. I let myself feel everything I’ve wanted to feel since I woke up and it comes at me in waves. I felt like I was drowning. I felt guilty and angry and sad and frustrated. I grabbed a pillow and threw it across the room, but that wasn’t enough so I grabbed more pillows, then stuffed animals, then a lamp. Then I felt bad for breaking a lamp I was 90% sure wasn’t mine. 

“Y/N” Steve opened the door ready to fight, but when he saw me he melted into a state of pity.

“Just go away” I said, surprised at how well I controlled my voice.

“No” was his response. He moved closer to me and I moved away from him.”Y/N please, talk to me” . I shook my head. He was standing close enough to touch now. I wanted him to leave me in to deal with all this on my own but another part of me wanted him to stay and hold me. I wanted my friend to be there for me. He reached our and wiped away the tears I didn’t know I had shed.

“We were on the run. HYDRA was always on our tail. This is the first place that has felt like home since everything happened. Seth died the last time they found us. He died saving me. He wanted me to be happy. And what do I do” My voice breaks and Steve pulls me into a warm embrace. I didn’t even know I needed a hug. “I fuck it up” tears stream down my face. “I messed it up, Steve. HYDRA will look for me. And Seth died for nothing.” I cry into his chest because I was short and he was tall. I cry and cry and he just hold me until i’ve cried everything out of my system. I’m not sure at what point we moved from standing in the middle of the room to laying down on the bed but when I finally pull away from his arms I notice i’ve wet his shirt and my pillow.

“He didn’t die for nothing” he tells me, his voice soft and good and true, “He died for you, and you meant everything to him. I’m sorry I got you in this mess, but I promise no one is going to hurt you” My eyes look into his and I can tell he means everything he says and i’m inclined to believe him.

“Thanks Rogers” I smile, “Sorry about your shirt”

“Get some rest Y/L/N” he says as he gets up and leaves. I close my eyes and sleep, but it’s not too long until the nightmares come rolling in.

This time it’s my turn to wake up screaming. I feel arms around me and I fight them, I feel a kiss on my cheek, and I cry. I open my eyes and see Bucky. 

“I’ve never been so happy to see you” i tell him, melting into him. This was different than it was with Steve. Bucky didn’t expect anything from me, he just let me be upset. Steve wanted me to tell him it was okay. That it wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t his. It was mine. This was on me.

“It’s okay doll” His arms are strong and I feel the fear fade.

“Don’t leave me” I cry.

“Wasn’t planning on it” He tells me. 

“I saw them die. all of them” I tell Bucky. I tell Bucky everything and he says nothing, but I can feel his rage. He was this rock for me in a sea of crazy. So I talk and talk and before I know it I think he knows me better than I know myself. He kisses my forehead.

“I feel so alone. Like there’s this weight on my chest and I can’t seem to hold it up anymore” I tell him, my sobs calming down.

“I’m sorry, doll” He breaths, “I wish I could make them pay for what they’ve done. But don’t think for a moment you’re alone, I’m here, Doll. I don’t say it enough but you mean so much to me. I’m going to be here for you”. And with that i’ve never felt safer. I bury my head in his chest and he draw me closer to him. 

Marriage Proposal ~Preference #3~


Taco Bell is your favorite place to eat, and you can’t eat your food without their mild sauce. So him being the cutest person on earth decided to do a simple but super cute thing and stick the packet of sauce through the ring and ask you simply “Will You Marry Me?”


You and Nash met at surfing lessons, so he decided to take you surfing all day, and when it was nearing sun set he asked if you were hungry. You be ing you replied with “Yes” so you both swam to shore and before you could grab your board he got down on one knee infront of you and proposed. 


Your favorite place to be in the entire world is the aquarium. So Taylor being Taylor would take you there and walk with you through it. Of course he would talk to the people ahead of time and plan everything out. When you get to the last tank he stops you and points to the diver coming down. When you look back he is down on one knee asking you to marry him.


Vintage jewelry is your thing. Matthew is the sweetest guy on earth so he decides to buy you a vintage necklace/ locket and place the proposal on the inside. When he hands it to you he tells you to open it. When you look at him he has a huge smile and the ring in his hand.

Jack J-

Jack loves you more than anything, and you know, so he knows you don’t need a huge gesture to show it. He just plans a cute little dinner on the beach. Right before they bring desert he smiles at you while messing with something in his pocket. He pulls out a small box and chuckles. And says “Y/N, you are the most beautiful person in the world. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" 

Jack G-

You’re afraid of heights, and Jack knows that of course. So to pick on you he takes you to the highest bridge around and takes you to the middle of it. He smiles at you while lowering to one knee and looks up at you and says "I know you are afraid right now. And I don’t ever want you to feel like this again. If you marry me I promise I will never let you feel like this again" 


Aaron loves you with all of his heart. He is always cheesy and loves to do simple things. So while on a walk one day he decides that it is time. You come to a bench and sit down for a while. He debates with himself and finally gets down on one knee and pulls the ring from his pocket. "Y/F/N You make me happier than any other man on earth. I love you more than life itself. Will you marry me?”


Camping is you guys thing. It has been sense the day you met at the camping grounds 3 year prior. He takes you on a weekend camping trip and makes sure to bring the things to make smores that you both love so much. On the second night while making smores Shawn pulls out the ring secretively and sticks it into the marshmallow and hands you the uncooked smore. You look at him curiously and look down. “Will you marry me?” you hear him say.


Cupcakes are your favorite sweet ever. So just to do a simple thing Carter goes to the bakery and grabs a cupcake for you. Before driving home he slips the ring into the icing and closes the box back. Once home he hands you the box and looks at you with a smile on his face. When you open it you immediately know what he is asking.


Jacob takes you to your favorite cover bands concert (who he is ‘friends’ with) and has talked to the band prior to performance. After the third song he gets down on one knee in front of you (front row seats) and you hear the song “Marry Me” start playing in the background. 


He takes you to the fountain that you first met. You sit and talk for a while until he feels ready. Unexpectedly he gets down on one knee and smiles up at you. He digs in his pocket and you know its coming. “Will you become my better half?" 


You grew up playing baseball. It was your favorite thing to do of all time. Sammy knew that and decided he would use that to his advantage. He takes you to the baseball field and leads you to the pitchers mound. In his hand the whole way he held a baseball. Once at the mound he looks at you and without getting on one knee holds the ball out to you. He opens it and you smile widely "Y/F/N Will you marry me?”


He had never watched Pokemon until he met you. It is the only show you would watch every time he was at your house. He comes over to your house and knocks on your door. When you open it he is holding a Pokeball. He snaps it open and smiles. “I choose you, but the question is.. Do you choose me?”


Take care of you // Liam Dunbar Imagine


Could I please request an imagine where the reader is Scott or Stiles’ younger sister, and her and Liam are dating and her older brother walks in on her making out… your wiring is amazing and ilysm!!! –Anonymous

Would you mind writing an imagine in which stiles is the reader’s sister and she gets abducted and then they go looking for her and Liam saves her and Then they get all cute and fluffy? You’re writing is fab! –Anonymous

Note: Thank you so so so much, whoever you guys are are! That made me really happy, I hope you enjoy this imagine as much or even more as the others! I love you too babes!! 

I got these two prompts together because they sounded similar to me. I just hope they live up to you guys’ expectations! (also I have never been kissed so writing the ending was a challenge for me! I hope it was okay, I do feel it’s lacking a little extra something you know)

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word Count: 2499 (Yeah I kinda went a little bit overboard with this one, I just felt like I had to develop the story a bit more. Sorry if it bothers you.)

♔ masterlist ♔

☼ request anything you’d like me to write! ☼

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Doctor Sweet Lips Part 3 - Requested (Calum)

Anonymous said: Part 3 to the doctor imagine with Cal?? I think it’s called Doctor sweet lips- I loved it and all your writing <3

Thank you so much!! Enjoy! 

If you haven’t read the first parts find them here:  Part 1 - Part 2

“Morning doctor”, Calum smiles to you. You walk through his door, he has just finished his breakfast.

“Morning Calum”, you smile to him. “How was your breaky?”

“Okay, not loving the food here”

“Then I have good news for you, you can leave”

“Really? You’re not playing me right?”

“Like I would do that”

“Yeah, you’re right”, he smiles big. “Happy to get out of here. When can I leave?”

“Your surgeon has to come and check you and then you can leave. He would come this morning, but you never know with doctors”, you wink.

“What is a couple of more hours, right?”

“The guys have things to do, so they sent me. Hope that’s alright?”

“Of course, you’re better company then the boys anyways”, he laughs.

“I doubt that”, you laugh too.

“Don’t doubt yourself like that. Yeah they talk a lot, but that doesn’t mean something comes out their mouths that makes sense”

“Hope they never hear you talk like that about them”

He shrugs. “They’re big boys, they can handle it”

“You would think that, but I know you all have little hearts”, you wink to Calum.

“I don’t care, they’ve been taking the piss out of me too much”

“Why?” you frown.

“First how I fell and then about how I acted after my operation. Mike has this video of me talking to them. I was so out of it telling them how much I loved them, I even cried!” you bite your lip trying not to laugh, cause Calum is clearly not happy with the shit he has been getting from the boys. “I hope I didn’t say anything embarrassing to you, I don’t remember a thing”, you feel your heart drop, but you keep your head high.

“Nope, nothing embarrassing”, you smile, pretending you’re not breaking inside. “I’m going to see if you can find that doctor so we can get you back”, you don’t wait for a responds. You need to get out of that room, away from Calum before tears get the chance to well. You had no idea how much you were already invested in Calum after what happened. You try not to focus on your feelings, you decide to put them away and chain them down.


“All set?” your hands are on the wheel, Calum is sitting next to you in the car.

“Yes”, he smiles to you.


“Not really”, he giggles.

“Maybe you should go sit in the back, you can keep your leg  up that way”

“It’s fine”, he rest his hand on your shoulder. “It’s not that far”

“If you say so”, you start the car and drive off.

“I was thinking earlier”, you hum letting him know you’re listening. “Are you sure I didn’t do anything embarrassing after my operation?”

“Why do you ask? You’ve already asked me that. You do remember that right?” your mind starts spinning, if he doesn’t remember that, you need to get back to the hospital.

“I do”, he laughs as he’s picked up on your panic. “I just have this thing”

“What thing?”

“I don’t know if I dreamed it or if it really happened”

“What is on your mind”

“This is embarrassing either way, I don’t know if I want to tell you”, he looks out of the window.

“Just tell me Calum, I promise I won’t laugh or think you’re weird”

“Did we kiss or something?” he keeps looking out of the window, you’re happy that he does that so he can’t see your face. You don’t know what to do. Do you say the truth? But what if he doesn’t feel the same way and it was a mistake. Or do you lie? But what if he does feel the same way and you will never know cause you were too scared to take a risk. All you want to do is stop the car and crash your lips on Calum’s. “It’s not a hard question (Y/N)?”

“We didn’t kiss”, you’re not lying, technically you didn’t kiss.

“Oh okay”, if you didn’t know better you would say he’s disappointed. “Guess I just had weird dreams. Well I did dream that Luke was pregnant, so”, he shrugs.

“I don’t think us kissing is so weird”

“You’re right, it’s not”, he smile to you. That smile means so much to you, it sparks your hope again. Hope that you would better lose all together. 


*A couple of months later*

“Calum?” you climb onto the tour bus. “Calum? Are you here?” you see nobody, so you walk through to the sleeping area. “Calum”, you sigh when you see him lying in his bunk. He takes off his headphones. “I’ve been calling and texting you. We had an appointment”, he shrugs and looks away. “What’s wrong?” you sit on the bunk across from him, hoping he will start talking.

“I’m just not feeling it today”

“And why aren’t you feeling it today?”

“A bit tired”, you know that’s not the truth. “That’s all”, he sees that you don’t believe him so he tries to convince you.

“You feel so much better after it. The endorphin and adrenaline will rush through your body and”

“Okay, okay”, you can see a little smile on his face. He has heard your pitch a thousand times before and clearly doesn’t need to hear it again.

“I want to see actions”, you smile to him. He shuffles out of bed and gives you a deadly stare what makes you laugh.

“Where do I go?” it surprises you how quick he’s out of the bus on his crutches.

“The gym”, you pick up your pace so you’re walking next to him. “Do you want to try to walk there without the crutches?”

“Why?” there is something in his voice that sounds snappy to you.

“Just to practice”, you shrug. “And you’re becoming way to fast with those things”, you add airy, laughing a bit.

He stops abruptly and stares you straight in the eyes. “Don’t you think I know that, it’s not by choice”

“I know that Cal, it was just me trying to be funny”, you start walking again, not wanting to give this more attention. You walk the rest of the way to the gym in silence. Calum stays just behind you. “Put the crutches down and stand next to the bar”, you tell Calum when you’re finally arrive in the gym. “Try to walk from one side to the other”, you see him struggling. He tries so hard, but after only a couple of steps he already needs to bar to support him. “Now come back”, you say to him when he reaches the end.

“It has no point (Y/N)”

“Practice always has a point Calum. Do it”, he takes a deep breath and starts again. The grimace on his face is real, he’s struggling, but he makes it a couple of steps further before he grabs onto the bar. “See, you just needed to warm up”, he ignores you and finishes his task. “Again”, his eyes flash to yours. If looks could kill, you would be laying on the ground without a pulse. “Calum. Again”, you say calm, but he doesn’t move. “Calum. Now”, you raise your voice. He growls but finally starts moving again. “Keep going, you can do it”, you encourage him. He is really struggling, but he doesn’t quite. You give him a moment to catch his breath when he finishes the exercise. “Let’s move to the leg curl”, you earn another deadly look from Calum. “Is there something you want to say?” you rest your hand on your hip.

“No”, he grunts. “Everything is rosy”, your ignore his sarcasm and wait for him to sit down.

“We’ll get started with the weight where you stopped last time”, you hear him snort as you are standing behind the machine. “Is there a problem?”, you ask sweetly.

“We’re not getting started, I’m starting”

“Fine, let me see what you can do”, you roll your eyes getting tired of his mood.

“Fucking hell!” he shouts. His leg barely gets off the ground.

“Again, you can do it”

“You motherfucker”, he tries, but doesn’t get much further.

“Don’t give up Calum”, you want to set the weights lower, but you know he’ll catch on to you immediately and he’ll be even more anger than he is now. “Come on Calum, go, go, go!”

“I can’t (Y/N), fuck!” he snaps, balling his fists.

“Yes you can. Go! Do it! Go, now!” you push him.

“Fuck you!” he yells, spitting out his words. “Fucking hell bitch, fuck you!” his outburst has taking you back. You have never heard him like this before. He’s not just angry, he’s ferocious, ready to rip everything apart. His eyes are cold as he’s looking to you, yet you can see the flames flare behind his pupils. You want to help him calm down, but you don’t know how. Everything you will do, will make him savage you.

Your eyes flash over his face, advoiding his eyes. You can’t look in them for any longer. “We’re done for today, the session is over”, you turn to the door and walk away, leaving him.


You’re in your hotel room. You’re sitting at the little desk. Your laptop before you, you’re trying to get some work done, but your mind keeps drifting away. You haven’t seen Calum the rest of the day. You locked yourself away in your office you always have backstage. After the show you rushed to your bus and waited for it to leave. It was only a drive of a couple of hours, before you arrived at the hotel you are all staying at tonight. A soft knock on your door makes your thoughts disappear. You sigh, not feeling up for company. But you get up and open the door. Calum shyly smiles at you, but it’s not a happy smile. His tall posture is lost, he’s hunched over. The frown on his forehead is deep. “Can I come in?” his voice is soft and begging. You walk back into your room, leaving the door open so Calum can follow you. And he does cause you hear him close the door. You sit down in your seat where you sat before, Calum sits down on the edge of your bed. You wait for him to talk, but it looks like he will never start talking. He’s looking down, shuffling his feet on the carpet. “I’m sorry”, he finally whispers. He looks up. “I’m really sorry for earlier”, he apologizes again. He looks up and his eyes meet yours. You see a little glisten. “I’m just so stressed out. This recovery is taking so long. I’m sick of sitting on stage. I’m so sick of sitting there while I play!” he takes a deep breath, taking control over his emotions again. “And it still hurts, it’s this shuddering feeling, all day every day. I hate it. I find the not being able to move on stage worse than not being able to walk. But it’s getting old, these crutches. “And then there is you and this whole situation with you is getting to me too”, he ruffles his hand through his hair.

You frown. “What do you mean? The situation with me? ” you ask.

“I want more”

“More what?”

“More from you, us”, your breath hitches. “I like you (Y/N). You like me, I can feel that. I’m done with this pretending there is nothing between us”, he stands up and comes to you. He bends over you, his forehead is resting on yours. “I want more off you”, you feel his warm breath on your skin. He presses his lips down on yours. Your lips start tingling, as much as you want to kiss him back, you can’t. You can’t cause it doesn’t feel right. You pull yourself back.

“No Cal”, he stands before you motionless, you maneuver past him, so you can walk through the car. You need to find a way to relieve your body from this sudden wave off stress. “You need to leave”, a tear drops down. You can’t believe you just said that. “It’s late, I want to sleep. Please go”, it’s like He is nailed to the floor. “Go Calum!” you yell. This feeling is getting the best of you, you’re freaking out.

“No”, he says soft, yet fern. “I’m not leaving”, he walks towards you. He cups your face in his palms. “Talk to me”, his eyes are filled with compassion.

“I want this, us, more. But I don’t know if I can. What about my job? I can lose it. I’m nothing without my job. I’m a doctor, I need to be a doctor”

“You don’t need this job, you will still be you. If you’re not a doctor here, you can be a doctor somewhere else”

“You’re right”, you smile.

“Does that mean you want to give this a shot?”

“I think so”, you bite your lip.

“We’re gonna come out as a couple?”

“Didn’t I just answer that question already”, you smirk.

“Don’t be a smartass”, he sticks out his tongue. “Nobody likes a smartass”

“Really? Thank god we found that out now and not after we told everybody about us”

“Again, don’t”, he laughs. He pulls you closer to him. His lips finally meet yours. Now it feels right, you feel like you’ve just made the best decision in your life.


whenthezeros submitted:

Being asian in a conservative vietnamese household growing up wasnt always easy. I remember being really young and just sitting in the bathroom questioning myself about gender and sexuality without really knowing it. gender and sexuality were rarely talked about in our house, and almost never in a good way. I remember sitting with my parents watching this special on a pregnant guy when i was somewhere in between 6-10 years old, i have a bad perception of time, so thats about as accurate as i can get with this. They were showing footage of him pre-op and my mom was like “i dont understand why hed do something like this (in reference to transitioning and all that). He was such a pretty girl.” Ever since then, ive felt really scared with coming out. when i did, i was just faced with a lot of the whole its a faze thing, which never feels good to hear. i havent talked to them abt my gender at all yet.

Being agender and amab, along with being ace, i get mistaken for a guy a lot. and theres this weird stigma around asian men having naturally low sex drives so theyre all ace, which doesnt make that much sense, and i just get misgendered a lot. Most of my friends have been pretty cool about it, although a few ask me “so, do you masturbate?” or “but would you have sex with [insert famous and attractive person] if they asked?” or some weird or invasive question, which i just try to brush off. ive really gotten tired of telling people that i dont need to find the right one or whatever and if im just not feeling explaining why saying that is bad ill just smile and pretend to be cool for now, but i try to educate all my friends on this stuff. its really hard when it gets piled ontop of being biromantic and peoples opinions on being bi, which just involves a lot if opposite end invasive questions i guess. Ever since being out, ive evolved into this huge activist, esp with race and lgbt+ related stuff, so im constantly tryna tell more people and raise awareness about being ace. i actually worked with a group of people on a presentation abt microaggressions against the lgbt+ community and i talked a lot about asexuality. and i guess thats my ace story so far

This is how Jason can be Charles

I’ve been saying this but now it is more clear. I think Jason was behind Charles’s death without realizing it, or is the one really behind trying to kill Alison as a child. And he can’t live with the guilt. So many people have been saying Aria has dissociative personality disorder, but maybe those clues were put there on purpose… And maybe they deliberately showed Aria questioning Jason about his blackouts and asking her parents about it. Sometimes with this disorder, people have so much guilt that they BECOME the person that has died at their hands… But they don’t know the person has died. There can be times the person is BOTH personas at once in their mind, which could explain why we have seen scenes with “Charles” seemingly watching Jason. Jason was Jason AND Charles at that moment.

Sometimes people with this disorder SEE a physical being of their other persona and are shocked to learn that it wasn’t real. Almost like an imaginary friend, which Jason was led to believe Charles ALWAYS WAS. We have thought his father was evil for this, but maybe he’s protecting Jason from a terrible, scary truth. I’ve been saying I believed Jason unknowingly took on a part of Charles’s persona. I’ve seen the clues towards Aria having this disorder and I admit they are compelling. BUT we could be missing WHY we are seeing these clues. The easy clue is that Aria has the disorder. The more complex, more satisfying clue is that we are seeing these clues in Aria because Aria has CONNECTED WITH JASON ABOUT THIS VERY SUBJECT numerous times.

Aria was the first person Jason told about blacking out the night of Ali’s disappearance. Maybe he was CHARLES that night. Aria also questioned Jason on his blackouts when they were planning Ali’s memorial; she hounded him and he noticed.

Jason mentioned that he missed Aria’s pink hair. Perhaps as CHARLES, in the dollhouse, he forced her to dye her hair pink again. I strongly believe Jason complimenting her pink hair was a clue. Maybe the reason I am convinced Peter knows about Charles and is his father is because TECHNICALLY he is. He didn’t father the original Charles, but Jason is his son and if Jason is Charles as well, then this Charles persona is his son. This would explain his willingness to make a deal of secrecy with Jessica knowing the risks it presented to his daughters.

On the Halloween train (sorry I am not going in chronological order because I am so excited about this idea), although we believe wilden was behind Aria being put in that box and Garret’s death, maybe it was Jason and I have a more convincing reason than I have for wilden… And my reasoning for wilden was good so hear me out.

LIKE I SAID, I believe the Aria dissociative personality disorder clues are really clues to lead us to Jason. We heard the guy who had Aria in the box say “you lied to me!” And something about that he shouldn’t have agreed to this. We heard the guy refuse to continue pushing. I think Jason was Jason AND Charles that night. It makes SO much sense. Even if Wilden was involved in some sort of coverup on the infamous Labor Day yellow shirt fake death night, if Jason was behind this as Charles, he has a lot more to lose and a lot more to hide… And the Charles persona in him might be the only part of him who realizes this. And substance abuse only makes these conditions worse. This is what I think is happening, and like I said I have been researching this condition. Also it’s a lot more believable than the transgender theories and the twin theories and all of the complexities.

Another Jason/ Aria connection (since the dissociative personality disorders seem to resonate with her) is those photographs he had of Aria in his shed. He seemed sincere when he said that he thought Ali had taken them and maybe that IS what he believed… Because maybe HE took the pictures but he doesn’t remember it because he took them as Charles, and he’s unaware he has the disorder. It’s common for guilt ridden people with this disorder to be unaware they suffer from it.

Another time, Jenna insisted she got a text from Jason to come to his house and Jason denied sending it. But Charles could have sent it! This is right in our faces. Also, maybe Jason is sober but the Charles in him still drinks and does drugs, explaining instances like when Spencer had to cover for him driving drunk.

He could have gone to aunt carol’s after the elevator incident as Jason AND Charles, because Charles remembered being welcomed there.

Recently there was another incident with Aria AND photographs in which she believed A appeared in. She also got an A message during that same time REGARDING THE PINK HAIR. This could be another Jason/Charles clue and I strongly believe it’s the most satisfying explanation. This makes SO much sense that I’m up here typing it at 2 in the morning. This would be amazing!

Take Care of You // Liam imagine

reposting bc I accidentally deleted it, ooopsss


Could I please request an imagine where the reader is Scott or Stiles’ younger sister, and her and Liam are dating and her older brother walks in on her making out… your wiring is amazing and ilysm!!! –Anonymous

Would you mind writing an imagine in which stiles is the reader’s sister and she gets abducted and then they go looking for her and Liam saves her and Then they get all cute and fluffy? You’re writing is fab! –Anonymous

Note: Thank you so so so much, whoever you guys are are! That made me really happy, I hope you enjoy this imagine as much or even more as the others! I love you too babes!! I got these two prompts together because they sounded similar to me. I just hope they live up to you guys’ expectations! (also I have never been kissed so writing the ending was a challenge for me! I hope it was okay)

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word Count: 2499 (Yeah I kinda went a little bit overboard with this one, I just felt like I had to develop the story a bit more. Sorry if it bothers you.)

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