and it makes me wonder if people actually read them

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I love your smut and I love that you've written Daveed's speech the way he actually talks-he's not as posh as people usually write him and I adore the way he talks

I spent a lot of time trying to fix the way I write Daveed’s speech, like shit just ask @patron-saintof-sluts and @imaginebeinghamiltrash I did a ton of research and got them both to read it over for me to make sure it didn’t sound too forced

This is one of my more popular posts, so revisiting it with some food for thought: Blue didn’t just connect to Lance, she arguably connected to the entire team when the barrier drops- everyone sees that vision of Voltron. But this doesn’t make sense, because Lance and only Lance is Blue’s bonded paladin, and all of Blue’s behavior before and after obviously favors Lance.

This makes me wonder if the scene where Allura seems to be assigning the Lions isn’t actually what’s happening- after all, Allura makes it clear nobody can force those connections and she barely knows these people. Unless Allura has an incredible capacity to read people on short notice that we haven’t really seen otherwise in play, it would seem odd that she’d be so certain about it-

But, explicitly, Coran opens this scene by stating that Allura’s connected to the Lions.

The Lions are also connected to each other.

My thinking? The Lions didn’t look through Allura and choose their paladins then. They chose them before, in Blue’s cavern. Blue found these people, found one that she liked- but found paladins for the others, as well. Which would suggest Blue basically scouted the team out for the other Lions. So what Allura is demonstrating in the scene where she identifies them by name is how in tune she is with the Lions, and able to communicate with all of them without being bonded to a single one. Red’s cold response to Keith was thus pretty clearly trying to test him, because she had chosen him before he was anywhere near Sendak’s ship.

But it also suggests there’s a particular amount of trust in Blue- that all of the other Lions trusted Blue that when she basically telepathically ran up to them like “you’ve got to check this out, look at these guys, they’re exactly what we need” they all obliged- including Black who at that point was trying to walk off an incredible traumatic experience with her last bonded paladin.

And the whole idea that Blue scouted the team gets even more interesting if we consider the only person who knew all the other members of the team?

Was Blue’s paladin. Lance.

Hunk doesn’t seem familiar with Shiro and only knows Keith secondhand through Lance. Pidge doesn’t have any idea who Keith is and vice versa. Shiro doesn’t seem to have had personal experience with any member of the Garrison Trio except possibly Pidge to a degree via his familiarity with the Holts in general.

Lance knew Hunk, because Hunk was his friend. He knew Keith because he specifically wanted to compete with Keith. He knew Pidge because they were paired with the simulator and he wanted to know what Pidge’s deal was. He knew Shiro, because Shiro was his personal hero.

The idea that Blue sort of scouted the entire team is interesting because to a degree, so did Lance, and it would suggest Lance and Blue are alike in both their fascination for, and being a quick study of, other people. 

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i think what makes a lot of people enjoy reading your posts at least what makes them so enjoyable for me is your 'reading voice'. and that's quite a gift to have because the way your writing works it's that it's calm and clear it's not complicated but still going into detail i really admire that

omg really????? i’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time wondering how best to develop ‘a voice’ when i write (mostly for stuff i write not for this blog bc i feel like i’m always doing a shoddy imitation of writers i admire) so it’s actually really cool to hear that i sort of have that for things i post here!!!!! “calm and clear” omg :( :( :( what a nice thing to say. this is really very sweet thank you sooo much 

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I recently saw a video with dr Russell Barkley. He said that physical hyperactivity is so uncommon in adults with ADHD, that they associate with anxiety instead. I'm in my 20s and still have issues with feeling compelled to move and it does not seem to be associated with anxiousness. And I do also deal with the internalized hyperactivity as well. I was wondering what the experience of other, older ADHD people was?

Yeah, I’ve read similar things; it threw me at first when I saw Rick Green say there are only two types, and the types he listed were Inattentive and Combined! But then he explained that one of the common things he heard from experts when doing interviews for one of his videos was that Hyperactive type is actually really rare, especially in adults, and very few of them think it’s really a real type of ADHD and everyone is really just Inattentive or Combined. Which makes sense to me but… it’s weird.

Anyway, uncommon doesn’t mean never, it just means that most adult ADHDers don’t have hyperactivity as a symptom (beyond fidgeting constantly). Hyperactivity is always external, by the way; a lot of Inattentive ADHDers do talk about their minds racing a mile a minute, but while we might say that’s “internal hyperactivity,” it’s actually an inaccurate term and can’t be used to say that you have hyperactive symptoms. (I know, confusing.)

I have Combined ADHD but have always leaned more Inattentive, and my H/I symptoms tend more towards impulsive behaviours than actually getting up and moving around.


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I've read fanfictions before I actually watched aot. In the fanfictions, some characters were made out to be the enemy abd that made me dislike them since I didn't know how everything really worked. After watching the anime abd reading the blogs of mama, papa and yourself, it made me see those characters in a new light and I'm happy. Thank you. What makes me angry is how those people demonitized the characters.

Glad it helped you. Having your own opinion about the characters is a wonderful and important thing

Rush | Sungjin [Oneshot]

It starts like this: in a rush of color and motion.

Fluff Angst Flangst | ~5.2k words | @its-youngk (I’ll post the Brian version soon-ish)

Prompt: We’re strangers on the same train and you’ve been trying to untangle your headphones for fifteen minutes now and I just really really really can’t stand to see this anymore let me do that how the f*** did you manage to mess it up that bad (Bonus: BTW You’re cute) AU x

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Hi! I LOVE reading ur 100 re-caps! They always make me smile! And I was wondering what editing process you use to create beautiful art like such?

Hey there, thank you for your compliments ! 

My editing process is … well I don’t really have one because I know nothing about making actual good edits ? I don’t even have photoshop anymore on my computer, so basically I take screencaps of the episodes, sort them in the order I need for the recap, kinda like a storyboard, write some sort of script, then I open fucking Microsoft Paint and copy/paste my text on the pictures and … hope for the best ? SORRY I HAVE LITERALLY ZERO SKILLS. I AM A FRAUD.

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  • 203: Do I judge a book by its cover?

I wonder…is this meaning literally, or just talking about the expression? Oh well…I’ll answer both.

I do typically judge actual books by their covers. I even judge by their titles. If I’m not interested by the cover or title, I don’t read the book.

I do not judge people by how they appear on the surface though. I always try to get to know a person first before I make any judgements towards them.

karlacton replied to your postkarlacton replied to your post: queerluke replied…

Or was it, “Don’t interact with me if [thing]”; proceeds to interact with other people who [thing]”. Which makes me wonder how seriously people actually take it if you can’t even be bothered to filter people on your own.

I’ve seen that before, it’s shocking. “Don’t interact with me if you’re [this], unless you’re [list of mutuals they knew before byfs were cool or before they realised the issue at hand was In™]”.

honestly, byfs are only useful because if I get a new follower with one I can read it and work out within 10 seconds whether to block them or not. seriously, I get people following me who, in their byf, would ban me from following them. then they have “it’s alright if I follow you first!” like no, sorry, I’m not here for your blessing. if you don’t want me following your blog, why would you want to follow me? blocked, babe x

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Just wanted to say that I love your fics! The only thing I wish was different was that I could read them on mobile but that's tumblr's fault, not yours (the mobile app sucks a little lol) Anyway, just stopping by to say that I think you're awesome!

oh my gosh!!!  thank you, so much!!!!!  i am so glad you enjoy my lame little fics XD  this message made me so happy i can’t even express it, honestly!

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oh, and feel free to request a fic (or multiple XD) any time if there’s something you want from me but aren’t seeing!!!

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about the mobile issue, i’ve had a few anons in the past mention that, but i don’t use the mobile app, so i don’t know that i fully understand the problem.  is it because of the read more?  i wonder if i should stop using it, if that’s the case =/  my hesitation is that the last thing i want to do is trigger someone with my writing, and while i always put a clear warning at the beginning of my posts, i’m not sure that would be enough >.<

i actually want to cry right now , bless all of you beautiful people. ❤ i have some of the most wonderful followers that anyone could ask for , && you guys always know how to make me feel better whenever i’m feeling down tbh. i’m going to keep these in my inbox && read them whenever i’m feeling down in the future , because this is the motivation i need to really bring claire to life as much as i can. i just hope you guys are enjoying my threads as much as i do writing them , because this roleplaying experience is supposed to be fun for everyone. i love you guys.  ❤


We’re back and Mona has been driven crazy by her isolation pit so is rocking back and forth singing to herself. I love that because the actress Janel has an amazing voice the writers constantly get her to sing. I think we are all like Hanna in the choir room “Ok Mona we get it you can friggin’ sing.” Anyway she’s singing the popular lullaby “Hush little baby don’t say a word, Momma’s gonna buy you a mockingbird” and crying. Poor Mona. This kind of derails my Mona is shady and actually still on the A team theory I guess.

Theory: All this Mockingbird imagery (the cafe Ali was hiding out in New York was called Mockingbird Cafe, Ezra was teaching this book at Rosewood etc) makes me wonder whether we should be looking at the storyline of To Kill A Mockingbird for A’s motives. I’ve only read synopsises but from what I can tell the main character is thought of as a freak but he just wants friends and to protect the people he loves. Could Charles bringing the girls to the Dollhouse be his way of protecting them? Doesn’t really explain the torture I guess but this is possibly the only way I can imagine feeling sorry for Charles as Marlene has said so many times we will. 

Back to Ali. She’s arrived at her destination according to the satnav and low and behold the gas tank is empty. How many times must A have practiced that run to make sure the car conked out at exactly the right time? Forgetting she’s on a murder mystery drama and also that she’s ran away from the police she calls road side assistance but a man’s voice tells her to look in the trunk of her car. Creepy AF! Ali get’s out of the car and I’m like screaming NO YOU DUMB BITCH STAY IN THE CAR. It’s just like in horror films when they go investigate that noise they heard in the basement and you’re just watching like ‘you are going to die dumbass!’

Sidenote: The voice kind of sounds like it could be Bryon, Aria’s Dad. Chad Lowe who plays Byron directed this episode so perhaps he lent his voice to it or perhaps this is actually Charles’ voice not Bryon’s and the PLL writers are teasing us. OMG just had a realisation. The PLL writers are like the PLL fan’s very own A… they’ve literally been tormenting us for years (well you guys… I’ve only known this show existed since January).

Back to the hardy bros (honestly if you’re a true PLL fan and you don’t listen to Bros Watch PLL Too you need to sort your priorities out) aka Team Ezleb and they have a pretty funny exchange whilst catching up with Ali… Ezra’s driving too fast for Caleb’s liking. Ezra says “She’s still not moving?” Caleb replies “No she’s at a dead stop” Ezra comes back with “That’s a poor choice of words.” One liners on form tonight bravo Marlene.

Meanwhile Tanner is looking through a box full of Andrew Campbell’s confiscated possessions. She’s reading a very interesting diary entry which paints him as the culprit. He details his obsession with wanting to turn the girls on each other and fantasising about tormenting them. Now I’m torn about this because if it’s an A plant then snoozefest we’ve seen this happen a million times but if it’s real then woh maybe Andrew is A and that would be equally boring because he’s such an irrelevant 2D character. Also am I the only one who’s like ‘Do teenagers seriously keep paper diaries these days?’ I mean I know we’re supposedly in 2012 but still, pretty sure most teenagers use Twitter as their diary these days because the concept of privacy has been eroded away.

Anyway Toby busts in and says they have a lead on Andrew’s car which is around Tyler State Park (have your mind blown with this connection where Ali has broken down. Rosewood PD are on the case!

Ezra and Caleb pull up to Ali’s empty car. The trunk (we call it a boot in England) is open and her clothes are splayed out. “The signal stopped here” Caleb brings us up to speed. They find the welcome card Hanna was talking about. The girls voice from the dollhouse says “Put on the clothes and start walking. Leave everything else behind or they die.” Wow that escalated quickly - nothing says welcome more than a death threat. The messages are pretty cute in the card despite the fact A forced the Liars to write them. The boys run off into the woods after Ali basing their geographical decision on how Ali positioned her boots. Pretty smart!

We cut to Ali running through the trees part 3 (or maybe 4… I’ve lost count). Surprise surprise Charles has dressed her in the infamous yellow top. Sasha Pieterse who plays Ali must despise that top. Now 19, she’s been wearing the bluddy thing since she was 12. Charles definitely put in a bulk order for these bad boys - probably saw Ali and Bethany (and CeCe… shit 3 people in the same outfit just like in the Dollhouse) wearing it that night and Amazon Primed it so he could have his 100 yellow tops the next day then thought shit I need some girls to actually wear them. Guess I’ll go on a kidnapping spree then.

It’s midnight and the generator is down so the Liars spring into action and storm towards the playroom to look for a secret passage to A’s vault or ‘soul’ room. I’m still reluctant to say this A has a soul considering all the torture and the death threats and the kidnapping etc but we’ll roll with that name for now. Spencer tells them about the C.D toy she found in Ali’s room she says “Some of the toys were Ali’s and some were his” Aria adds “Feel like they grew up together.” 

Theory: Presumably Charles put those boxes in Ali’s room for the liars to unpack so why would he purposefully include some of his own? The same goes with the anagrams. Why aren’t the liars questioning who is giving them these clues and why? If A really is Charles then he obviously wants them to find out. Also if you took the show completely out of it’s social media vortex and watched it with no external information you would just think Spencer was barking up the wrong tree again because let’s face it when Spencer thinks someone is A they 100% are not. At this point the only reason I believe Charles is A is because Marlene King has gone on the record saying he is but she’s lied plenty in the past so why would this be any different?

The siren starts blaring as the generator kicks back in but Emily finds a vent for the Liars to crawl through. Let me get this straight. You’ve been tortured for a month straight, been gassed several times but you’re still willing to crawl through an air vent despite not knowing where it leads? Emily Fields you are a girl after my own heart. Who’s the weakest link now hey bitch?

(Spencer checking out Emily’s ass)

So they’re in the vault and Emily’s like “A does have a soul.” They watch the home video of Mrs D with a baby girl and two boys, possibly twins but more likely brothers and A is watching them. We get a bit self-referential when Spencer looks up to the camera and says “Game On Charles.” She steps back and burns the film reel by holding it down. Surely a tech genius like A has several digital back ups though right?

Getting no reaction from Charles because he’s too preoccupied with Ali being almost in his grasp, Aria says “Let’s torch this place.” So they start burning things like dolls and the crib. Smart move girls considering you’re locked in this room. A is clearly torn between going after Ali or saving his precious room but we see him get up from his desk so he’s clearly going for one of them.

Cut to Ali looking sheepish waiting to be kidnapped. She shits herself when a twig snaps (classic horror) but it’s just Caleb and Ezra. Sasha’s scared faces are on point in this episode. She manages to do loads of different faces to convey the same emotions in her scenes this episode so props to her - great actress.

Back in the vault the Liars are realising it probably wasn’t the smartest of moves to start a blazing fire in a small room with lots of flamable items. Aria suggests they find a blanket to put it out. Erm not sure what experience you’ve had at putting out fires Aria but let me tell you a blankets not going to cut it this time love. 

Emily suggests using the curtains but when they tug them down they come face to face with A. It’s pretty creepy. By the looks of things his control room is behind this window next to the vault. Also throwback to the silence of the lamb pit earlier with Mona, it looks like A is now wearing a bit of a hannibal lector mask under that hoodie.

In a last ditch attempt to get Charles to cave the liars start throwing everything into the fire. Aria gets sassy “Say goodbye to your soul” - for the last time Marlene we get it, you want us to see A’s human side well spoiler alert that’s not going to happen. 

It works, A caves and pushes his emergency fire button to activate sprinklers and unlock all the doors. I love the fact that this mass torturer follows health and safety regulations. What a responsible kidnapper he is. The girls make a break for it and go off to find Mona.

Back in the woods Ali hears the alarm so Team CAZRALI (I’m not letting it go) go and investigate where the smoke is coming from. 

The Liars find Mona in the hole and after some ugly crying and pleading the girls decide she’s probably been through enough without leaving her to burn to death. They grab a rope ladder and next thing we know they are running down the corridor towards a ladder which presumably leads to the exit. 

Sidenote: How on earth did Charles get Mona down there in the first place unless he held a gun to her head and forced her to climb down?

This next scene is possibly the most emotional scene in PLL history so here’s a link to watch it in all it’s glory

So the girls are banging on the exit door coughing and spluttering. The guys are trying to break it open. Caleb looks like he gives up so Ali gets in there and it flings open (girl power) and amongst all the smoke comes rushing out the scared Liars. It’s a beautiful shot of them each running to their OTP (controversial subject I know). Hanna runs to Caleb, Aria to Ezra and Emily to Alison - all hugging each other as if their lives depended on it (ironic). Ezra says to Aria “I thought I’d lost you” and Hanna says to Caleb “Don’t ever let me go” to which he replies “Never.” This genuinely had me in tears. 

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The police arrive and Spencer (who is holding poor Mona at the moment) leaps into Toby’s arms for a passionate kiss. She says “We know who it is. We have a name” and Toby replies with the creepiest line of the night “It’s Andrew babe. And we’re gonna get him.” Just take a second to let that sink in. In fact go watch it on repeat a few times and see if you agree that Toby calling Spencer babe is hands down the most disturbing thing about this episode!

Just when everyones all loved up and relieved a cop shouts “Hey there’s another girl down here.” A female cop (I guess to be sensitive to the situation) goes and finds the other blonde hostage and asks for her name. The girl hesitates looking like she might say Alison (or Bethany depending on who she’s been role playing) but she stutters “Sarah. I’m Sarah Harvey”

HOLY CRAP. If you remember Sarah Harvey is the girl that went missing the day after Ali. That means she’s been locked in the dollhouse for near enough 3 years right? So the press surrounding Dre Davis playing a character called Kimberley Brown was a B.S. way of throwing us off the scent. I don’t know whether I feel betrayed or impressed but either way I’m intrigued to see how Sara plays into all of this. Or is she just an innocent victim who was in the wrong place at the wrong time? I highly doubt it.

Sarah is carried out on a stretcher. Melodramatic much? She was tottering around serving meals an hour ago. Mona’s being checked over by the paramedics and the gang are reunited. They remind us who Sarah Harvey is because for most of you that random plot point was thrown in half way through Season 4 so no one would blame you if you were like who the fuck is this girl if she’s not Bethany Young?

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Emily then goes over to Ali and things are a little icy considering they basically just made out 5 minutes ago. Emily thanks Alison for saving their lives (no biggie) and Ali reaches for Emily’s hand. They’re about to have a moment which will break twitter and set the Emison fandom on fire when Emily says “Ali, who is Charles Dilaurentis?”

And that’s it. We are left with a blank-faced Ali who we know from the 6x02 promo has no idea who Charles Dilaurentis is. I don’t know about you guys but I’m seriously jazzed for this season and so-called Summer of Answers.

Let me know your thoughts & follow me on Twitter @thesweetestofa​ for a good old PLL debate.

Until next time little liars…

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Don't you want to hit ichiruki fans with a book like Jason Bourne did when they bash ichihime, ichihime edits and orihime?


Originally posted by dathatha

I’m just kidding, lol.

As much as they are being rude and annoying, I would never smack them with a book. Unless that’s how you get antis to understand Bleach isn’t about a romance shounen about only Ichigo and Rukia…then I’d reconsider smacking them with all the Bleach Volumes… (Lol, kidding again).

Every-time I see an anti bashing on Orihime to make her be this “Horrible selfish girl, that has never gotten development, only thinks about Ichigo, has an ugly body with big boobs, is a relevant fail that everyone considers useless” I wonder if they were just watching the anime, reading essays with biased hate, or skipping every scene with her and only noticing what they want.

I think the countless blogs dedicated to bash her are hilarious, just because of their ugly edits, unjustified arguments, and obsession to bring down a innocent fictional character.

Lol, to see people actually like them and agree with them just makes me question how blind are they with their hate toward her to agree with crap like that. 

Originally posted by sweeet-as-poison

For them bashing Ichihime, its obvious they have their opinion (even though most of their reasons are pretty stupid) . But there is a difference between ignoring the development between two characters, and instead explaining how their relationship is disgusting and gross; not to mention nothing compared to other pairings.

Nonetheless, I never see antis unless I’m using the search engine wrong through my cell or laptop. It’s much easier using #ichihime to see posts actually tagged instead of anything mentioned.

By the way who can hate the relationship between these two cute teenagers acting dorky being acquaintances to maturing into what we see now?

To bash an edit or even a fan-art, is something that I can’t understand (unless they are bashing others/a character, super low move lol). Someone put effort into making that, and it’s kind of revolting when you see someone’s hard effort be told they suck, are delusional, and etc.

I mean their way of expressing hate is unnecessary, unless they subconsciously see Ichihime as a threat or have that much anger toward the ship and fans.

Oh well what can you do?

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There are bottomlock idiots in the toplock tag claiming "Sherlock is a bottom! He is CODED as a bottom, this is CODING and SUBTEXT!", I may vomit. "He has feminine traits! Coding! Evidence! Never ever ever a top!" How does one even cope?

THAT IS SO DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! it reeks of bad heteronormativity and homophobia.  these people are saying that they ship Sherlock and John but only if Sherlock is like a woman to them!  they ship Sherlock as a bottom because it is easier for them to picture him as a woman and there for it is more hetero and safer.  it happens all the time and i hate it!

thejohnlockdendgame made a wonderful post about how homosexual relationships actually work.  i really want people to read it.  something i always try to make clear to people is that i have two head cannons.  i have my porn preference and i have what i think actually goes on.

this obsession with making one of the men in the relationship a woman really pisses me off.  if they are both stated to be men LET THEM BE FUCKING MEN!  neither one is taking on a woman’s role because there is no woman’s role between two men.  bottoming doesn’t make you submissive.  being a sub makes you submissive.  the two do not go together.  NOT ALL GAY MEN ARE IN Dom/sub relationships!

i also don’t know what it is about Sherlock that screams woman to people?  i really don’t.  just because people (myself included) see him as gay the next step IS NOT to see female traits in him.  that is the wrong, homophobic, i am jugging someone on stereotypes because i’m an asshole thing to do.  ok?

i am very angry now.  read the post below, get an understudying of how actual queer relationships and stop trying to hetero queer relationships! 

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and some choose to live the rest of their lives away from men - limiting contact with them, not entering romantic or sexual relationships with them, only have female friends, etc. - usually through radical feminism but not necessarily. Yet women who choose to "go their own way" are constantly shit on and you even said they're entitled so..What's with that? Also, divorce rates being at an all time high is a good thing because people don't have to be stuck in bad (and possibly abusive) situations.

allow me to copy your messages together. so you were asking:

You’re still not addressing what I’m actually saying, and it’s starting to make me wonder about your reading comprehension. Regardless, my point is the same as your’s but with the genders reversed - there are many, many women that have been traumatized by men and growing up in patriarchal societies (you know, with things like FGM, not being allowed to go to school, getting acid thrown on them, not being allowed to leave the house without a man, etc.) .. and some choose to live the rest of their lives away from men - limiting contact with them, not entering romantic or sexual relationships with them, only have female friends, etc. - usually through radical feminism but not necessarily. Yet women who choose to “go their own way” are constantly shit on and you even said they’re entitled so..What’s with that? Also, divorce rates being at an all time high is a good thing because people don’t have to be stuck in bad (and possibly abusive) situations.

1: ad hominems will serve only to discredit yourself.

2: yes, those are the hard patriarchies we’re heading towards, and I’m not in favor of it, which may contradict your victim mentality towards me. those hard patriarchies are the ones like we have in saudi-arabia (well that’s dissolving but that’s another story), and where women are literally second-class citizen. I’m more like the soft patriarch type, where you as a woman would have less rights, reflecting your less responsibilities (as I already wrote). the problem is, this will feminists make shriek patriarchy, because they don’t or can’t know the difference between the two. not my problem though. until like the 1950′s we had a soft patriarchy in western civilization, and then feminism came and society slided towards destruction. so that is why we have what we have today. because of sexual dimorphism, history repeats itself.

3: women can’t go their own way. they always do that by taking men’s tax money, by proxy of the government. hence women always vote for bigger government. if you are a woman, statistics show you will be a net tax consumer throughout your life. truly going your own way would mean you move to an uninhabited island and survive there without any external influence. but still, you would have to be able to defend yourself from outside occupying forces.

4: if you are in an abusive relationship, don’t stay there. I never said you should stay, stating otherwise is stating a lie about me. but the story always has two sides. you ending up in an abusive relationship is a direct consequence of your decision entering there, so stand up for that decision, admit you were wrong, and move along. you could say you “didn’t know”, but this is directly dismissing your responsibility in choosing to mate with a shitty partner.

5: you can ask me non-anonymously too. are you risking something?


Book: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)
Author: Mindy Kaling
Pages: 222
Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5


Mindy Kaling has lived many lives: the obedient child of immigrant professionals, a timid chubster afraid of her own bike, a Ben Affleck–impersonating Off-Broadway performer and playwright, and, finally, a comedy writer and actress prone to starting fights with her friends and coworkers with the sentence “Can I just say one last thing about this, and then I swear I’ll shut up about it?”
Perhaps you want to know what Mindy thinks makes a great best friend (someone who will fill your prescription in the middle of the night), or what makes a great guy (one who is aware of all elderly people in any room at any time and acts accordingly), or what is the perfect amount of fame (so famous you can never get convicted of murder in a court of law), or how to maintain a trim figure (you will not find that information in these pages). If so, you’ve come to the right book, mostly!
In Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Mindy invites readers on a tour of her life and her unscientific observations on romance, friendship, and Hollywood, with several conveniently placed stopping points for you to run errands and make phone calls. Mindy Kaling really is just a Girl Next Door—not so much literally anywhere in the continental United States, but definitely if you live in India or Sri Lanka.

My Thoughts:
“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it.” See, this is why I love Mindy Kaling, she just gets me. This book was hysterical. Like had-to-cross-my-legs-because-I-was-laughing-so-hard-I-was-afraid-I’d-pee-my-pants hysterical. I can thank tumblr for introducing me to Mindy. I had seen so many posts about The Mindy Project show and it’s unbelievable sass and cuteness that I was like, “I need this in my life.” From that moment on I was a fan of Mindy’s. She’s just really funny and sarcastic and boy crazy. Yet on the other side she’s actually pretty inspirational and inspiring.  I don’t agree with everything she says, and there were a few times during this book I was uncomfortable (note: I don’t enjoy reading non-fiction or biographies. I always wonder how the real life people/characters feel about what’s been said about them in these biographies. It feels so intrusive and it makes me feel a little bit bad in a way.) but there were other times when Mindy just gets me. She’s just a really relatable person in my opinion. Anywho back to the book. Some parts were kinda dull, like I said I’m not a big fan of biographies and I don’t watch The Office so those parts were kinda ehh, but other parts of the book were hysterical and witty and had me laughing out loud. My two top favorite parts of the books (where I literally had to read them out loud to my family because they were curious as to why I was laughing so hard. FYI I’m the type of person who can’t laugh and talk at the same time so it took like forever to get through it.)

  • When she gets kicked out of work and steals a huge case of bottled water. I’m still laughing at this. (This section actually had a really great message to it as well.)
  • Her fantasy workout where she dreams up revenge scenarios that get her through a workout. They are like out of control revenge situations that would never happen in a million years. For example she day dreams her husband (she’s not even married) slowly dies in her arms after being shot by some gang member and then she because a silent mute assassin. It’s hysterical and in full detail. (Not really a spoiler because this is a blend of multiple fantasies she has listed.)
  • Runner up moment was her eulogy.

While this book isn’t 100% perfect and flawless it was pretty great and made me laugh until I couldn’t breath. If your in the mood for something that will lift your spirits I would recommend this to you.

Most of posts about the Marauders makes me want to gourge my eyeballs out. I hate specially the tropes of cute-responsible!Remus (when he was actually the kind of man who would abandon his wife in wartime to chase adventures with a group of teenagers) and feminist!James (when he blackmailed and threatened a girl to go out with him). I makes me wonder how long most of those people don’t read the books. I was charmed to them for the gang of jerks they were, not because of cutesy bffs bullshit.



But yeah! I finally hit my followers goal and this is like my… third follow forever jc. Honestly, I think I just needed to use these Izayoi Seeing stuff which were just lying around my folder bUT STILL. I really love this PV and I’m so pumped for the anime of Mikagura School Suite so cheers! Also, if you haven’t listened to Izayoi Seeing, stop reading rn anD LISTEN TO IT IT’S GREAT. My graphic does not do it justice. Also ‘tis the season for follow forevers and pretty much everyone’s making them lmao

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My never-ending frustration with this fandom

Me: “Hm! I really want to see other people’s takes on Hanna! I wonder if i can find more fanart about it.”

*goes to deviantart, tumblr, google in general*


Fanart about Elsa or Elsa+Anna:

Fanart about Hans or Hans+Anna:

 Me after:

So, watching Mark read Circle of Magic, it’s clear that he thoroughly ships Lark/Rosethorn. Which is wonderful! But something that really tugs at me, makes me sad, is that whenever the two of them share a cute moment, he gets this look, a look that can only be described as frustration that he’s just reading too much into it, because these two women aren’t actually in love. 

But why shouldn’t they? If it was between a man and a woman, it would be read that way. The two share a house together, and on trips, sleep in the same tent. They’re raising four children together. Lark is one of the only people who can keep Rosethorn’s temper under control, call her ‘love’ and 'Rosie’. They’re described, multiple times, as hugging.

And of course, it’s eventually revealed, once publishing standards changed enough that a queer couple wasn’t considered so taboo, that they are, in fact, together. But Mark doesn’t allow himself to think, for even a moment, that this might be so.

And it’s sad. So sad that media has conditioned this to happen. 

At least it will be a beautiful thing when he discovers the truth