and it makes me so upset but at the same time this is what his character is all about

Why was the MLP Season 6 finale so hated?

I know and at the same time I don’t.

I understand people disliked it mainly to
the shift of the mane 6 to the mane 4.
Especially with Trixie, I get perhaps her
being a main character for that time
was fanfiction written all over it. It seems
that were not about the mane six anymore,
twilight sparkle is passing the torch to starlight
and trixie to make create


To me, it didn’t matter so much, I mean,
NOTHING will ever top season 4, that is
all (except that movie coming out, OH MAN
I have NO CLUE what will happen there).

One of the reasons I wasn’t so upset about
the season six finale was, thorax. I don’t
know why, im so biased for him, something
about his character reminds me of
Grovyle from pokemon mystery dungeon
explorers of sky (one of the most underrated
game stories of ALL TIME). It’s unconscious,
perhaps something about his (random)
ascension made me happy.

That’s another thing, the changelings. I wasn’t
too upset about their “redesign”. They STILL
looked like bugs, which they were supposed to be
beforehand. Though, it was rather contrived.

What did you like and dislike? ^^