and it makes his eyes look even more impossible

Helping Hands (M)

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Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

✓  Genre: smut

✓  Words: 2.827

✓  Warnings: a little of voyeurism | dirty talk | Dom!Jungkook | Slight Dom!Reader.

✓  Requested: No

✓  A/N: my dirty dirty mind was working a lot this morning in physics class.

Also,I’m sorry for the ending, I could not think of a better one. But I hope you dirty minds and souls enjoy this smut.

✓  Remember: English is not my first language; if there’s any kind of errors please tell me and send me your thoughts so I can get better and better. Thanks!


צ “I interrupted your ‘alone time’,Jungkook. The least I can do is jerk you off right here”

It was a Saturday night and as always, I found myself chatting with my friends at their dorm.

Instead of playing videogames like we always do, we decided to watch a movie because we would rather relax than scream at each other the words:”YOU CHEATED”.

Jin was ordering four boxes of pizza when I noticed someone was missing.

Jeon Jungkook.

My crush. The Golden Maknae that was good at everything and even more at making my heart beat like I ran a marathon. The guy that was so out of my reach but I never lost hope. We were so alike that we could be best friends, however his shyness and my nervousness made the bond impossible.

“Where’s Jungkook?”, I asked Taehyung, that was right beside me looking at the screen of his cellphone.

He looked at me and smirked. I just rolled my eyes in response. Everyone has the same reaction every time I say his name. Everybody knew about my feelings for him but the golden boy was the only oblivious about it.

“He’s in his bedroom. He said he needed to do something really important”, he told me while looking back at his cellphone.

“Talking about him, can you go and call him, (Y/N)?”, Jin said while taking the plates and cups to put on the table.

Hesitating a little, I nodded and went upstairs to go to his bedroom but not before seeing everybody’s devilish smirks and stares, making me blush and roll my eyes at the same time.

I slowly walked in the hall and in 15 seconds I found myself staring at his room’s door. I breathed heavily and raised my fist to knock on his door but stopped midway when I heard him groan.

Confused, I frowned. 

“Is he in pain?”, I thought.

But this thought faded away when I heard a moan and my name spilling from his lips.

My mouth fell wide open and I couldn’t help but to feel aroused.

My curiosity took the best of me and I opened the door, leaving just a an ajar open. I watched him buck his hips into his hands making him gasp and groan louder.

“You’re such a good girl, (Y/N)!”, he moaned making me feel like I was close to a volcano.

“So,so good princess. Fuck!”

Maybe it was the heat that was exhaling from my body or the way he was moaning my name and imagining me there with him but I found the confident person in me and opened his door for real when he was, again, saying how much of a good little girl I was.

“Am I? I must be, I’m making you a mess and I’m not even touching you”, I said leaning against the door frame with a sly smirk while watching him cover himself with the eyes wide like a deer in headlights.

“(Y-Y-YN)”, he stuttered. 

“We’re gonna start watching the movies; finish the important thing you have to do”, I said grinning.”And come join us”, I finished my sentence closing the door going back downstairs.

“Where is this confidence coming from?”

“Where’s Jungkook?”, Namjoon asked when I reappeared in the kitchen.

“He’s on his way”, I answered,  not being able to contain the sly smirk that came on my lips again.

The boys frowned in confusion but I ignored them.

Jin was putting Coke in the cups for everybody when Jungkook showed up, not even giving me a glance.

“Hey, did you finish the important thing you were doing?”, Yoongi asked.

I looked at Jungkook and saw him gulp in nervousness.

“He did”, I grinned, seeing Jungkook look at me with wide eyes.

“Does he think I’m gonna tell?”, I laughed inside my head.

“What were you doing that was so important?”, Hoseok questioned.

 “I-I”, my crush stuttered.

“He was playing Overwatch”, I lied.”And he won”, I said jumping with a grin on my face.

The boys nodded, congratulating him while going to the living room.

“Congratulations, Kookie”, I said passing my left hand on his hard chest while passing past him.

The boys took the best seat in front of the TV, leaving just a two-seats sofa free. I knew that they didn’t do that just because of they wanted the best seats, they were doing on purpose so I could be close to Jungkook.

In any other day, I’d have rolled my eyes but not today.

I smiled sitting on the couch feeling Jungkook’s presence one second after I sat.

Jungkook looked around and noticed that the only available seat was next to me.

The room fell silent while everybody was waiting for Jungkook to make a move.

Slowly, he made his way towards the small sofa, sitting beside me.

“Okay,let’s start!, Jin said,pressing the play button of the remote.

The tension in the room seemed to fade as the movie started, catching everyone’s attention.

Well, everyone except me and Jungkook.

I could see his broad shoulders get tenser and tenser when I would make a move.

Thirty minutes passed and I couldn’t pay attention to the movie as the image of Jungkook masturbating because of me took place on my mind.

I took one of the blankets piled on a table close to the sofa that Jin left just in case if we would feel cold.

I put the blanket over me and Jungkook, making him jump in surprise and look at me startled.

I giggled and got close to him, whispering in his ear.

“Relax,Jungkook”, I murmured in the sexiest voice I could make.

“My plan is only starting”, I thought with a smirk.

I looked around discreetly and saw that everybody was too into the movie to notice if something happens. And even if they weren’t, they wouldn’t see anything because the sofa’s back was totally facing them.

I started in slow motion, rubbing my legs to show I was aroused. Gently moving to make my legs touch his. I pretended to fix my hair just to brush my fingers on his ar and shoulders. In a few more attempts I saw him squirm and I knew my plan was working.

I got closer to him and put my right hand on his thigh, rubbing it slowly and then grabbing his shaft, gently, through his pants, feeling it’s hardness.

“You’re so hard,Jungkookie”, I said looking at him with a smile.”Well, is no surprise since I interrupted you”, I chuckled darkly.

“Wh-wha-what are you doing?”, he asked with wide eyes, looking at me and then my hand.

“I interrupted you, Jungkook”, I repeated more firmly with a pout on my lips.”So I’m going to jerk you off right here”, I finished the sentence making him gulp.

With no warnings nor hesitation, I put my hands inside his boxers briefs, feeling his hard cock get in contact with my hand.

“Oh my God,Jungkook. You’re so big”, I said seeing in the corner of my eye his cocky smile.

But it soon disappeared when I started to move my hand up and down bis shaft, feeling how thick it is.I passed my thumb over the head of his cock, spreading out the pre cum all over the rest of his length, lubricating it.

A few minutes after, my movements started to make wet noises so I had to go a little slower, making Jungkook whine in complaints. 

“Ah”, Jungkook hissed.”Please don’t stop”

“I’d love to see you a mess,Jungkookie,but do you want them finding out?”,I said watching him bite his bottom lip.

“Let’s go upstairs”, he suggested,breathlessly, more like a command.

I nodded stopping my movements, making him whine at the loss of contact. I made a sign, indicating that he should go first.

He nodded and got up, hiding his erection with the movement of his hands in front of his crotch. 

“I’m really tired”, he faked an yawn. “I’ll go to bed”, he announced but no one really paid attention.

He made a sound with his lips while making a pout making me giggle quietly. He looked at me and smirked,winking at me before heading upstairs.

After 2 minutes, I faked an yawn too saying I was going to sleep.

“Tae, can I use your bed?”

“You can use any bed you want I guess, no one will sleep in their rooms tonight, well, except Jungkook”, he said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh, shut up! Seriously you guys don’t mind?”

“Yah, we’ll pass the whole night watching movies, now go to sleep and let us watch the movie, please?”, Yoongi said stuffing his mouth with popcorn.

“Okay. Goodnight,guys!”, I said making my way upstairs.

When I was almost knocking on Jungkook’s door, it suddenly opened and then Jungkook pushed me inside.

“You took way too long”, he looked at me seriously.

“I had to make a good excuse”, I shrugged my shoulders.

Jungkook hurriedly got closer, circling my waits with his strong arms. He buried his face on my neck, giving light kisses, going up to my jawline and then my lips.

The kiss started slow but soon started to get faster and passionate. The lust between us growing and growing.

“God, I waited so long for this”, he said taking off his shirt and throwing me on his bed.

“I dream so much about you and your gorgeous body”, he told me while looking into my eyes.

“Yeah?”, I stared intensely at his eyes, taking all my strength to not look at his abs.”What do you usually dream about?”

He smirked.”You sucking me off; me eating you out; fucking you so hard that the only thing you’ll be able to say and scream is my name. I dream about making you mine and just mine”, he listed making me moan.

“Make me yours, Jungkook”, I whispered maintaining the eye contact.

He grinned taking my shirt off, throwing on the floor. My bra soon followed.

Jungkook was going directly to the point. He kissed my right boob then started to suck my nipples, sometimes surrounding the areola with his tongue. He soon followed to my other boob, giving it the same treatment.

After he was done, he gave little pecks and licks on my abdomen, tummy, belly button until he got on the hem of my jeans.

He unbuttoned my jeans and forcefully pulled them down my legs.

“Man, he really is in a hurry. I most have worked him up pretty badly,huh?”

Jungkook stopped to look at me all spread out on his bed. He licked his lips like I was some kind of meal, making me more turned on with his stare.

“Jungkook!”,I whined catching his attention.”Please,fuck me!”

He smirked.”Soon baby, I wanna taste you first”, he winked at me, pulling my panties down.

He gave both my inner thighs little pecks, soon he was in front of my dripping core.

He took some of my substance on the tip of his index finger, smirking while doing it a few times. It was like he was playing with my juices like a little boy with his truck.

“You’re so wet,baby”, he grinned.”All wet and just for me,right, princess?”

“Yes,yes,please Jungkook”, I whined.”Do something”

He grinned, soon licking a long stripe up my folds, humming with a smile on his face.

“You have no idea how many times I imagined your taste on my tongue”, he hummed once again.

With no warnings, he started to devour my pussy, making me gasp and arch my back, earning a grin from him. He latched on to my clit, sucking in forcefully. He went down, plunging his tongue inside my leaking whole, massaging my clit with his thumb, making me moan louder.

He hummed in response.

“You like that,princess?”, he asked me then licking my whole with the tip of his tongue.

“Yes, Jungkook”, I moaned.”Please,keep going”

“Look at me,princess”, he commanded. I obeyed him, seeing him grin at me.

“That’s right,princess. Watch what I’m doing to you, to your tight little pussy”

With that, he plunged his two fingers inside of me, making me squeeze the sheets. His mouth came back to my clit, abusing it in the most delicious of ways.

His pace fastened and I felt that magical knot forming in my stomach. Sensing that I was close to cumming,he stopped making a whine come out of my lips.

“Don’t worry,princess. The fun is about to start”,he smirked and winked at me.

“W-wait! What about you? I want to play with you too”, I said with a pout.

He smiled and caressed my cheek.

“Other time,baby. My cock can’t wait any longer to be inside you”.

He took off his gray sweatpants and boxers, showing me perfect and toned body. My eyes traveled from his face,passing to his collarbones,chest,abs and finally his erect cock, that was dripping with pre cum,begging for attention.

While he was busy looking for a condom, I wrapped my hand around his shaft, pumping it slowly, making him tense and moan above me.

He shooed my hand, soon after, putting the condom hurriedly. He put both of his hands on each side of my head,giving a peck on my forehead making my heart melt.He slowly looked at my eyes and silently asked for permission that was hurriedly conceded it.

The romantic aura was soon gone when he inserted his dick inside of my pussy. He hissed loudly whilst I moaned his name in a high pitched voice. He slowly set the pace, fastening minute by minute.

I clawed his back,hissing at the amount of force he was using to fuck me.

“Yeah,you like that,princess?”, he asked me breathlessly.”Do you like when I pound into your tight little cunt like that?”

The amount of pleasure made impossible to answer to his dirty talk, so I just moaned instead. But Jungkook wasn’t very pleased with that.

“Answer me when I’m talking to you,princess”, he said giving me a hard slap on my right thigh, earning him a yelp from my lips.

“I’m gonna ask you one more time and you better answer,baby, or you’ll regret. Do you like when I pound into your tight little cunt,huh?”

“YES! Yes,Jungkook! Oh my God,please Jungkook!”,I replied him gripping his hair locks between my fingers.

“Good girl”,he praised me,going even faster,making my whole body bounce.One of his hands went down and grabbed one of my boobs, squeezing it gently even with his rough pace.

Just when I was about to feel that knot again,he stopped and pulled out of me.

He didn’t give me time to protest as he roughly turned me around. Instinctively, I lifted my butt earning a slap from Jungkook that made me moan in delight.

“I wish I could do this all day,but I’m desperate to milk you with my cum”

He started his violent thrusts again. He put one hand on my hip and the other on my waist,keeping me steady. The only sound that could be heard was skin slapping skin and our moans, that were getting louder and louder. Surely, the boys and the whole building was aware of what we were doing however we weren’t minding it.

“Fuck,you feel so good around me,baby”

“Yeah? You like when my pussy squeezes your cock?”, I asked with a smirk, trying to look behind me, seeing him with his head thrown back.

“Oh,fuck, I like it so much,princess”,he said looking at me.”You look so beautiful on all fours for me”

A few more thrusts and the knot on my stomach was just ready to explode.

“J-Jungkook! I’m close! I-I’m going to-”

“No,you’re not allowed to cum until I say so,baby”

“But ple-”

“I said no”,he said with the most dominating and sexiest voice ever,making me whimper and nod as a good girl.

I was trying my best not to cum and at the same time I was praying that he found his release soon, if not I’m damned.

“Oh,princess! I’m so going to cum!’”, he started to let out multiples ‘ah’s’, indicating that he was indeed close to his orgasm.

“Please,Jungkook! Let me cum!”, I pleaded.

He hovered me,pressing his chest against my back. The hand that was holding my hip traveled to my clit and started massaging it making my eyes roll.

“Cum for me,princess”,he commanded and it seemed that my body only needed his words because soon after I was clenching around his member,making him cum with me.

He gave a few final thrusts and then he pulled out of me. I fell on the bed feeling too tired to move,I heard shifting around so I presumed that he was getting rid of the condom.

I soon felt his presence beside me as the bed shifted with his weight. He gently pulled the white cover over us,bringing my body close to his,making me lay on his chest.

I was already drifting off to sleep but not before feeling Jungkook’s lips on my hair.


And hearing his final command,I felt asleep with the happiest and most genuine smile on my face.

                                               ©  2017, Starwarsrin 

                                                 All rights reserved.

Forelsket - Part 2

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff

Word Count - 3407

Warnings - Language

Forelsket -  (Norwegian) That overwhelming euphoric feeling you experience when you’re falling in love with someone

A/N - I’m so excited about this soulmate AU that I basically have been writing it non-stop so far. The feedback from you guys is what keeps me going, tbh. Your boyfriend Bucky or your soulmate Steve, who do you go for?

Forelsket Masterlist

You knew that bringing Steve back to your apartment probably wasn’t the best idea but you didn’t know what else to do. Being seen out in the open on campus wasn’t something that you could risk, which you should’ve considered before you kissed him.

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To Make You Feel My Love

It had been a month.

A month since the phone call, a month since his life had fallen apart.

A month since she had gone.

Sometimes he slept, and sometimes he didn’t. 

But he always, always, felt empty.

And maybe that would never change.

Maybe his world would stay the same forever – bleak and seemingly endless – because she was gone.

But Rhys couldn’t bring himself to care.

And maybe he never would.


He was so, so empty.

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say you’ll remember me

Originally posted by giantgyu

mingyu x reader fluff, angst, implied smut

6,445 words

a/n: i know some parts of this are so *stares right into the camera* obnoxiously cheesy but guess what? i like this and i just don’t care. i’m currently writing a horribly stupidly long hoseok fic, but i realized the writing had gotten a little stale n asked my bff for a prompt to write a “ficlet” (this was supposed to be 2k or less) and she gave me: mingyu, fluff and angst, wildest dreams by taylor swift (because my mingyu tag is “he’s so tall and handsome as hell”). so ta da, this is what u get

~ in which your young, dumb love will hurt you, will ruin you, has an expiration date…but is so, so worth it

    You never forgot to visit your hometown in the summertime. Of course, it was nice to see your family, but you could see them any time of the year, and saw them often in the fall and the winter. What made the long drive from the city worth it in the hundred degree weather, sun glaring down on the hood of your car and baking you inside of it, was the chance to see the seaside in all its glory. You’d been raised in a humble beach town and you’d seen it a thousand times, but you’d be happy to see it a thousand more. As a kid, you couldn’t say you’d appreciated it much. The town itself and the beach were a little dumpy, nothing to write home about.

    It was the memories you’d created there once upon a time that made it special. As you pulled into a spot in the tiny parking lot and cut the ignition, you could remember late nights in the backseat of a car a lot older and rustier than this one, making your own heat as you pressed your sweat-slicked body to another. You trudged out onto the sand and as it flattened beneath your sneakers, you remembered squishing it between your toes as you watched a certain young man wading in the shallow ocean waters. He’d splashed some little kids nearby, pretending to fall beneath the surface with the weight of their own splashes back at him, and you’d imagined how this scene would look many years from now with children who were the perfect mix of you and him. You’d been 17 then.

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Who Is He?

Part one here

Bev stops just before the pathways ending, grabbing Eddie’s shoulders and positioning him to stand behind one of the large trees. She puts a finger to her lips, and he nods slowly.

She returns the nod with a small, reassuring smile, turning on her heel and entering the clearing to the quarry. She makes her presence known by making as much noise as she can while she walks, her footsteps loud on the rocks.

Richie’s not hard to spot, and, judging by the way Richie doesn’t shift or tense whenever she approaches him, he knows it’s her.

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Dean x reader

Warnings: SMUT. As always. Oral sex, squirting, multiple orgasms, swearing, alcohol, a tiny bit of angst with a dash of fluff.

Side note: I’m sorry this took so long, I literally could not get passed the writers block. Hopefully you all enjoy!


You watched as Dean swayed side to side with the beautiful waitress he’d been flirting with all night. She tried ignoring his attempts at first, like the other ones always did, but those green eyes always got the best of them. You knew it wasn’t long before they headed out, back to Dean’s room and did things you’d only ever dreamed of.

Pining over the brooding, stubborn, broken hunter was never fun. Especially on nights like these. But you’d gotten so used to it, it barely hurt anymore.


You threw back your last shot and headed out, not wanting to see the way Dean cupped the waitresses ass as they stumbled out.

Walking out into the cool air, you realized just how much you’d drank. The motel was only across the road but it seemed miles away. You slowly made your way across, looking both ways like a small child without an adult. As you made your way up to the door, you realized Dean would be bringing the waitress back here for the night. You scolded yourself for not getting a separate room.

Miserable and drunk, you finally managed to get the door open, stumbling a bit before stabilizing yourself and turning on the light. You glanced at both beds, groaning at the lack of space between them. This was going to be a long night.

You shut the light and fell onto your bed. It wasn’t the most comfortable but you’d slept on worse.

It couldn’t have been more than an hour later when the sound of keys fumbling and the door opening woke you up. There was only one set of footsteps so you figured Dean had struck out with the waitress. Relief washed over you. Atleast you’d actually get some sleep tonight.

“You awake?”

You turned over, expecting to see Dean disheveled and confused from the alcohol, but to your surprise he seemed perfectly sober. Standing straight with a strangely serene look on his face.

“What’s up? Waitress wasn’t buying what you were selling?” You chuckled, hoping to break the odd tension that was suddenly between you two.

“I told her I had to wake up early. Gave her a fake number… I’m sure she’ll get over me in a little while.” He smirked.

“You… let her go?…. Are you ok?” You didn’t hide the concern in your voice. It wasn’t like Dean to turn away a perspective one night stand.

“I’m good, sweet heart. She was nice… I just wasn’t feeling it tonight.”

He was still standing, right at the end of his bed facing you straight on. His eyes were hooded, looking at you with an intensity that burned into your core. You sat up, realizing there was something more he wasn’t telling you.

“Dean, what’s going on?… is there something you wanted to talk about?” Your heart was starting to beat out of your chest. This was serious.

“How come you left?”

Ok… Not what you were expecting.

“Left? Where? The bar? I was just getting tired. Long day of driving can really tucker an old girl out.” Your nerves were starting to show, making stupid jokes to lighten the mood.

“Y/n….”, Dean’s voice dangerously low, eyes never leaving yours. “Why?”

You looked down, the uneven blanket on his bed catching your eye. You fidgeted with your fingers, not sure how to voice your reason.

Dean moved suddenly, taking 3 long steps forward and kneeling down in front of you so that he was eye level. Gently placing his finger under your chin, he lifted your face until there was nowhere to look but those bright green eyes.

Starting slow, in a barely audible whisper, you confessed…

“I can’t watch you with all those women. You’re not mine… but it still hurts.”

“Why does it hurt?” His expression guarded, unchanging.

“We’ve known eachother for what? 4 years now? We spend everyday together. We hunt together. You’re my best friend…. after a while… I started hoping…” your voice faded off, not sure how to finish.

Were you in love with Dean? Absolutely. Did he love you? Probably, but not the way you wanted. How can you confess your love to someone who could never love you back?

Tears clouded your vision, threatening to spill over and make you look even more pathetic. You tried to look anywhere but Dean, but his proximity was making it damn near impossible.

“Y/n… do you think I went home with those girls because I didn’t want you?”

His gentle tone pulled you from your embarrassment. Hesitantly, you brought your gaze back to his, seeing the kind smile and slight amusement in his eyes.

“I went with them because I didn’t think I was good enough for you.” He looked away, clearing his throat. “I still don’t think I am. But seeing you walking out of the bar, seeing the way you looked at me and that waitress… I knew I had to say something.”

You were both silent for what felt like forever, searching each others eyes.

Finally the tension was too much.

“So what are you saying?”

It was amazing what one question could unleash.

Dean’s lips were on yours in a second. The passion was unbelievable, but there was no rush. You melded together in a slow heat, his tongue gently massaging yours. His hands wrapped around your waste as he pushed against you, laying you both down on the bed. You stayed like that for a while, just enjoying the feel of his lips, the soft moans that escaped him, and the way his hands ran up and down your side, sending shivers through you.

You tugged on the hem of his shirt, raising it up and over his head. He lifted his arms to help you, and then brought them back to your side to continue they’re smooth back and forth motion. Your hands explored his chest and arms, marveling at the muscles underneath. Working your way down to his belt, you felt him tense under your touch.

Breaking the kiss, you gestured to his jeans as you began removing your shirt. Throwing it to the side, you heard Dean’s zipper come down. You looked over his beautiful 6 foot frame and your heart fluttered. This gorgeous being was almost naked, very obviously hard and waiting for you. You yanked down your jeans and removed your bra so you were both just in your underwear.

“You look amazing…”

Blushing at his words, you reached a hand out to him. He grabbed it instantly and you pulled him back down on top of you. Continuing your lazy kisses, you rolled over so that you were straddling Dean. You sat up and looked down at his boxers. Reaching under the hem, you pulled his cock out, stroking it gently and watched as Dean’s eyes shut, giving himself over to you.

Moving your panties to the side, you placed your wet pussy right over his dick and let him slide through your folds. He grazed your clit every time.

“I wanna taste you.” He practically begged.

Smiling, you scooted yourself up until your pussy was right over his face. He placed both hands on the underside of your thighs, flattened his tongue and licked one long, slow, line from your entrance up to your clit. You bit your lip to cover the moans that were threatening to escape.

“Taste so good, sweet heart..” he brought his tongue through your folds again, going around your clit but never actually touching it. His movements were slow, but deliberate. He circled your clit one way and then another, but never repeating the same pattern. You could feel yourself getting hot, a spring coiling inside that you knew was going to explode if he continued his pace.

Without warning, he flipped you on to your back, legs in the air and pinned you to the bed. There was no more amusement in his face. His eyes were focused, his jaw was tight and every muscle in his body was ready to pounce.

This wasn’t Dean. This was the Hunter.

He placed his mouth around your clit, continuing his circles but this time at a pace that would surely kill you. You couldn’t stop the moans this time.

He had your entire lower body pinned to the bed so you couldn’t move, making the pleasure so much more intense. You grabbed the sheets and practically screamed his name over and over.

“Dean! Oh fuck Dean, don’t stop! I’m gonna cum!” You cried.

Dean started to suck on your clit and that was the end. Your orgasm exploded. Your back arched off the bed and your cries were heard throughout the motel. It came in waves, almost never ending.

When it did finally subside, you laid back in the bed, trying to concentrate on your breathing. Dean stood up, gently massaging your thighs.

“That was beautiful, y/n. I could watch you cum like that forever.”

“It definitely felt like it was going to last forever.” You laughed.

Dean laid over top of you, gently kissing you, and running his cock through your sensitive folds once, twice, and one last time before gently pushing into your entrance. You moaned at the feeling, loving the pain of the stretch and the way it faded into a dull pleasure.

He entered you in one, agonizingly slow thrust. Giving you time to adjust to his size, he stayed still, peppering your neck and shoulders with kiss after kiss.

“Dean…move.” You growled, digging your nails into his shoulder blades.

Dean’s muscles tensed, stopping in the middle of planting a wet kiss just under your jawline. He lifted his head, looking you square in the eye.

“Yes ma'am.” He purred with a sly grin.

Lifting his hips and thrusting back into you, he created a friction so intense you knew it would consume you. His cock hit your sweet spot every time, causing the pressure in your core to build with every thrust. You’re nails dragged down Dean’s back, leaving long red marks and causing Dean to hiss at the pleasurable sting.

His eyes never left your face. He watched the way your eyes closed from the pleasure… the shape of your beautiful mouth as you moaned his name… the sweat that rolled down your cleavage. He wanted this image of you burned into his mind.

“Fuck, Dean. Don’t stop. Faster.. please go faster.”

He quickened his thrusts, setting a pace that could put any pornstar to shame. Your orgasm started slow, until Dean stood up, changing his angle and hitting spots you didn’t know you had.

Your second orgasm was nothing like the first. It hit you like a freight train. Your legs shook so violently you were sure you were having a seizure. The heat in your core expanded, spreading to every part of your body. Dean’s pace never slowed and the pressure never died. Just when you thought you couldn’t take it anymore, the pressure erupted. You felt yourself release like a waterfall all over Dean’s cock. Squirting wasn’t something you’d done before and your eyes went wide with surprise.

The look on Dean’s face was pure ecstasy. Being covered in your juices pushed him over the edge, his thrusts stuttered and he spilled into you. His release was fast but powerful. Three hard thrusts and he was finished. He collapsed on top of you. The only sound in the room was your heavy breathings.

You stayed locked in each other’s arms until you both fell asleep.

The next morning you woke up feeling sore… everywhere. The dull pain reminded you of last nights activities and you smiled.

“Mornin’, sweetheart.”

You opened your eyes and saw Dean staring at you, a gentle smile on his lips. Happiness radiated from him and you couldn’t help but smile back.


“You feeling ok?”

“I’m a little sore… but I’m not complaining.” You both laughed. “Last night was…” your voice trailed off, no words were good enough to describe the events that took place.

“Yea it was.” He grinned. “Starting to think I should get you jealous more often..”

Smacking his arm, you gave him the best disapproving look you could muster, but you were too happy to be irritated.

You sat in a comfortable silence, staring into Dean’s eyes and thanking whichever gods were listening. No matter what happens, you were his. And, finally, Dean Winchester was yours.

After The Fact

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Fat Gum (Brief)

Other Tags: Set immediately after the current arc, Hurt Kirishima (Physical and Emotional), Bakugou Doesn’t Know How To Handle Emotions, Hurt/Comfort

(A note: You know, the adults in this world are incredibly irresponsible. Letting fifteen year old newbie heroes-in-training participate in this kind of rescue, resulting in at least one of them getting beaten within an inch of his life…)

Read on Ao3 here

— — — —

They come back late at night. 

Two days. They’d been gone for two days: Uraraka, Tsuyu, Deku. A couple of upper classmen, too. Aizawa-sensei. 


The class did not know the details beyond this: their classmates were helping the pro heroes. They would not be updated any further. It was a murmur of excitement, some jealousy — “Man,” Kaminari laments, “Kirishima’s been getting all the fame, huh?” So much for having a weak, style-less quirk. Kirishima didn’t need flashy: he was strong as hell on his own. 

So was, apparently, Deku. Enough that they, fucking freshmen heroes in training, were chosen to go on a mission with pros. That should have been Bakugou. The upperclassmen make sense. Aizawa, too, and hell he can even respect Uraraka and Kirishima and Tsuyu being there cause, yeah, they’re pretty damn good at what they do.

But Deku. 

He doesn’t know what to think about Deku any longer. There’s this knee-jerk disgust and need to snarl and bite and tear into him and reduce him to bloody shreds because how the fuck is Deku there but not Bakugou. 

But that’s not what matters right now. 

A quarter before one in the morning, Bakugou gets out of bed. He knows that the teachers are alerted when the doors open past curfew, but hell if he’s going to let that stop him. Those fuckers are back — he knows because he saw them clambering out of a truck together, and he can recognize Deku’s obnoxious fucking hair from a mile away. 

No one comes to stop him, anyway. They must be too damn busy giving a hero’s welcome to bother with some kid sneaking out late at night. Bakugou sneers. He’d going to find out what’s going on if he has to beat it out of Kirishima. The asshole had his lips sealed tight up until he fucked off for the last two days. Didn’t even say a god damn word. 

Outside, it’s cold. The air is still. He should have brought a jacket, but it’s too late now, so Bakugou trudges onwards in nothing but his shoes and pajamas towards the front of the school. There are voices, low, impossible to make out their words, but enough to tell him the majority of the faculty is up. Something big had happened. 

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Reversed Roles

Hope you like this little story of no structure. And hope that you’re well. x

Plot: H and her have lost their minds.

Warnings: Sex, cursing words and angst. You’ll love it. Hopefully.

It marked the second week of Harry not speaking to me. For exactly fourteen days had he refused to utter as much as one word in my direction and by that point I felt silly. 
The need to hear him, get some kind of communication and contact with him was there, very much so. My heart ached, ears rang and with every move he made I hoped a sound from his throat would follow. But it never did. And maybe I should have caught on and known better.
Harry was cold to me when he used to be kind, like a flower that bloomed wonderfully in all its colours during the summer and then froze when the cooler months neared.
The immense pain that grew to live in my chest was nothing I believed I would ever manage to get accustomed to and frankly I did not want to either. 
I didn’t want to accept that where once there had been warmth, reigned now the harshest of winters.

“Kiss me.” 

It’d been a desperate plea, uttered with a voice so thin and fragile I hoped it wasn’t mine. My very last hope, the last bit of my strength lay in that simple phrase.
Harry didn’t turn around form where he was standing, feet apart and arms crossed over his chest as he faced me with only his back. The sight of his muscles tensing by my desperate wish was nothing other than imagined, my words didn’t even cause his body to somehow react. He halted so briefly I barely noticed so perhaps my brain tricked me and he hadn’t even done that, before he continued to stride towards the kitchen where I knew he would search for a burning liquid.

“Harry,” I cried, cheeks smeared with hot tears as all the weight I’d been carrying on my shoulders crushed down on me so hard it was difficult to keep my eyes from falling shut.
We might as well have stood worlds apart and been separated by oceans rather than the tiny space of our hallway.

That was it. He left me like that, empty of love and filled with a need I didn’t know where to extinguish.
But I knew I would need to try.


A gasp fell from my lips as the tall man before me began to move. His hands were settled on my waist in a tight grip, ensuring that I wouldn’t move away as he lead both of our bodies’ motions. Sweat damped my skin and made it sticky, but given our close proximity and the other many dancing bodies around us I didn’t find it in myself to feel embarrassed. 
The man didn’t seem to mind either. His own forehead was wet and his hair felt wet to my touch whenever my hands ran through it in order to find something I could hold onto. I didn’t care. I needed him. 
Kissing this stranger soothed the ache caused by Harry’s wordless rejection. 
Kissing this man had energy curse through the cells of my body I believed dead and kissing him brought me so much joy I felt myself smiling. 
He moaned, bit my lip, held me close and closer even when impossible. 

“Want me to take you home with me?” 

My head nodded without thinking twice about it. A big hand found mine and he pulled back, looking into my eyes once more to make sure I was certain with my decision before he began to slowly lead me out of the building.

I can’t specifically remember sleeping with him, only that it was easy. There was no alcohol or any other drug cursing through my veins that could have clouded my memory, and still I forgot.
Maybe because he told me his name when he wanted me to sigh it into his ear, perhaps because his scent was nothing but unfamiliar and finally I think it could have been because I crawled out of his bed before his eyes reopened.


“You fucked somebody else?”

Harry’s knuckles turned white when his hands tightened into fists. 
But my feet didn’t move back. Why would they?
It was him who stood in a place that wasn’t his and it was Harry who’s turn it was to leave.
Only the green of his eyes would manage to look so utterly lost whilst filled with hate and rage as they travelled up and down my figure where I stood by the door.

“You’re bearing his mark all over you.”

I smiled and stepped closer to where he seemed frozen to. “I missed your voice.”

“Are you insane?” Harry’s bottom lip quivered, “How could you do that to me?”

“Do what to you? Have fun? Have sex?” 

“Yes!” he yelled and as though struck by a lightning Harry stepped closer until he had me pushed up against the door. I groaned as the knob pressed into my back uncomfortably. “Yes to all of that! How dare you, Y/N?”

“I needed to feel something,” I whined, “And he did me good.”

With those words I knew I had him. Harry visibly gagged and released me as if my skin had caught on fire and burned his fingertips.
He stepped away and brought as much distance between us as he could before his own back knocked into the wall behind him.

“I- I c-can’t-” his throat closed and the words were lost with it. Desperately he searched for anything he could say or do that would make the last hours not be real and me not so far gone he couldn’t pull me back to him.

“You’re crazy for feeling lonely now,” I told him indifferently whilst touching the skin I could still feel another’s kiss on tenderly.

Harry shook his head against my nod. “Yes, you are.”

And with that it was my turn to leave him standing on his own, with no physical reaction given from my body. I didn’t shudder when I heard him sob and I didn’t feel like my heart could burst when he began to cry my name.
Finally, I suppose, winter had reached me, too.

Don’t know what this is tbh but I hope you liked it! It’s very similar to my other story called Cold on Your Fingertips so you may want to check that one out, too.

This is also what I came up with when thinking of my requests to the songs Cold by Maroon5 and Cold by Demi. I don’t want to copy any other story that was inspired by those songs so this is what I can come up with.

This is my Masterlist which I hope you will also enjoy very much. Love you! x

Imagine being in a relationship with your teacher Dean Winchester.

Originally posted by winsync

“Alright, and don’t forget that if the assignments are not ready and on my desk by the end of the week it’s an official- fail.” he said the word with such a pleased grin that wanted to make you giggle and feel terrified at the same time. He just loved messing with his students it was very much obvious.

You bit your lip to keep the grin from spreading on your face as you gathered your things. You took a look around you at the rest of the students as they all swarm out of the class as you were the only one that made your way to him “Uh proffesor can I ask you a few things about this part on norse mythology?” you asked tentatively as he held your gaze for a moment.

“Of course miss (Y/l/n).” he said, giving you a small smirk that had even the girls behind you giggling like schoolgirls as they exited.

“Goodbye Mr Winchester!” they all said in obnoxiously synchronized voices.

He didn’t even look up from the books you had laying on his desk and only waved a hand, mumbling a “Bye” to them.

“Is this the part that troubles you?” he asked pointing at a paragraph about Loki and you bit your lip, nodding as you tried not to get too carried away by how green his eyes looked under the sun light when he looked up at you through his eyelashes.

“Yeah” you mumbled, fidgeting with your hands as he was still bend over the book, reading it, as you took a look around you at the students still leaving; some taking their sweet time with it.

“You were amazing.” he breathed out and your head snapped to him, a frown setting on your face. You weren’t sure of what you heard or if he was talking to you in the first place. You didn’t say anything and he seemed to sense it.

“Last night.” he breathed out, his eyes roaming the book but he wasn’t obviously focused on it “You were amazing.” he said softly, peeking up at you with a small grin.

A smile started spreading on your lips and you parted your lips to speak but stopped yourself when more students passed behind you, saying goodbye to your professor, so you suppressed it and Dean looked back down at the book again. You bit your lip, hesitating before you spoke.

“No more so than you.” you whispered, eyes on the book too “Couldn’t stop thinking about all of it all the morning.” you confessed and saw a grin slowly spread on his face, this time he was unable to hide it.

“Bullshit” he mumbled, trying to brush it off but the boyish smile on his face told you otherwise.

You wanted to laugh at him but you bit your lip to keep yourself from doing so. Instead you cleared your throat, looking from the corner of your eye at the students that were still exiting, some having a chat amongst them which was starting to annoy you.

“It’s this part about him and Thor that I do not understand Mr Winchester.” you pointed at the book, him looking at you then following your gaze at the rest of the students that were still leaving.

“Oh it’s quiet easy, don’t worry I’ll explain.” he said with a small smile, words mostly void as the both of you were focusedon the students that were still there.

“Hey kids, if you don’t have something to ask then mind leaving? I’m trying to explain something here.” he pointed at the book and they nodded their heads as they walked towards the door which they luckily closed behind them.

Silence fell for only a few seconds, both you and Dean looking at the door for a while. IT had become a habit anymore, as much as the both of you wanted to jump right into each other’s arms you needed to be careful- Or at least you did. Because he didn’t even wait a split second anymore and walked around his desk and grabbed you, lifting you up in the air; eliciting a squeal from you.

“D-Dean!” you giggled as his only laughter warmed your heart.

“Gosh” he breathed out, voice rough “I love it when you call me by my first name.” he breathed out, hands around your waist now as he set you down; squeezing you.

“Really?” you smirked softly “Because I clearly remember someone that looked a lot like you teasing me and ordering me to call him professor and Mr Winchester all night just a week ago.” you said slyly and he scoffed, rolling his eyes.

He gave you a dark look as he grabbed your thighs and wrapped your legs around his waist, your own arms wrapping around his shoulders to steady yourself. Oh boy you knew that look so well.

You had seen it numerous times and every one of them it had your heart racing and your face heating up. The things this man could do to you with only one look was impossible to understand. But that was just a side of him. The other one you got to see more often was the gentle and playful one. He had such a bright smile and was always so soft with you that he didn’t have to try hard to win your heart over.

That along with the cheesy comments and jokes as well as cute pick up lines had you melting for him. It didn’t help at all that the looks he sent you during lesson had you biting your lip, or the small notes he’d pass to you along with your assignments were the cutest ones ever. He tried to be subtle about it but you were sure the looks you shared, him all flirtyand cute when he stuttered, and you all shy and unsure sometimes could give out everything Even if it had been hard for you at first, the guilt almost eating you up on the inside every day, he had made you see the bright side. He made you realize that what you two had was not wrong and you should enjoy it.

He was your professor yes but when it was just the two of you, you forgot all about it. He had tried so many times, when you weren’t hiding at least or trying to ran away because you spotted someone you knew in public, and you were mostly at his place he’d be the sweetest boyfriend. You teased him for being a softie and he pretended to hate it but you couldn’t love anything more than the fact that he’d get up early in the morning, despite his sleepiness, to cook breakfast and bring it to bed for you.

“What was that sweetheart?” he asked in a low gruff voice “Complaining?”

“N-no, no!” you rushed to say, your voice coming out as squeaky “I’m- I’m not Mr Winchester.” your eyes were wide as he made you sit on his desk.

“Really? Because it sounds an awful lot like that to me.” he let a small growl as his face got closer to yours.

“M-Mr-” you didn’t have time to utter another a feat of giggles and laughter left your lips when he decided to attack your sides with his fingers and the crook of your neck with butterfly kisses; his small scruff tickling you all the more.

“No, D-Dean!” you tried to keep yourself from screaming although your voice did raise slightly “P-please no, please!”

“Gosh” he breathed out in a rough voice, pulling away to look at you “I love this laugh so fucking much.” his eyes were glistening, laced with adoration that made your heart swell inside your chest.

“And I love it when you smile.” you confessed in a low voice and he grinned more, resting his forehead against yours.

“With you in my life-” his lips brushed past yours “It’s impossible not to baby.” he pressed butterfly kisses to them, making you sigh in content.

“Even during class?” you asked in between kisses and he hummed.

“All the time, princess. Especially when you wear tight black jeans like these.” he squeezed your thighs, making you grin softly.

“I was going to wear a skirt but-” you sighed as his lips moved to your jaw line and then neck “You left too many marks from, and even if its been three days they haven’t disappeared yet.”

“Mhm sorry about that.” he whispered and you smiled to yourself.

“Come on professor, we both know you’re not.” you whispered and he pulled away with a smile.

“You’re right- I’m not.” and he attacked your lips with his, kissing you hungrily as in the meantime with one swift movement he pushed away, throwing practically to the floor, everything that was on his desk; helping you in laying there.

“Gotta show those boys you’re not available.” he mumbled into your skin.

“I’m not some piece of meat.” you mumbled and he pulled away to look at you sincerely in the eyes.

“I know.” he rubbed your cheek with his thumb “They need to understand it though.”

You couldn’t help a small smile at his words, mostly because you knew he was being honest. Just because you couldn’t be open about your relationship didn’t mean Dean wasn’t possessive or wouldn’t defend you every chance he got. If anything, he used his power as a teacher most of the time to make any guy’s that looked at you like some possession life a living hell.

“I love it when you get possessive professor.” you smiled and he grinned more seductively as he pressed himself closer to you, making you gasp instantly.

“Wait-” you glanced at the door “What if someone walks in?”

“Nobody will, lessons are over for the day.” he mumbled and without another word dominated your lips with his, kissing you hungrily. It almost felt like the previous night had not happened because of how much you craved of each other.

But then again, that’s how it always was. Be it the fact that this was a forbidden relationship and you had to sneak out every time you wanted to be together or the fact that to you Dean was perfect in every possible way, and so were you to him, you could hardly stay away from him for a moment.

You couldn’t help a small moan as his hands roamed your body, squeezing everything he could get a hold of, and making you whimper beneath him as his hands practically left you a hot mess. You fisted the back of his white button-up shirt as his tie tickled you when it touched the exposed part of your chest.

“D-Dean” your voice trembled as his hot tongue teased your soft spot “Are we- really- in here- now?” you couldn’t form a proper sentence from how breathless he had you with those lips of his.

“Oh didn’t I make it obvious?” he pulled away, looking down at you and your, you were absolutely sure, deep red face. Shirt half unbuttoned and hair a mess already.

“This is my classroom, sweetheart, I think it should be only right for me to teach you a few things, right?” he grinned down at you and you bit your lip.

“Wh-what things?” he always had you so exited before he could do something really. Just like now, when he was only taking off his already lose tie and slowly undoing the first buttons of his white shirt.

“Oh you will see, baby. You will see.”

She Doesn’t Kiss | GD

I started writing this before I started my blog when I was just creeping from the outside on my personal acct. This is my first ever work regarding the DT fandom, and I wanted to add it to my masterlist since it means something to me. This is what started my want to write for this blog, and my reason for starting it. I hope you guys like it as the concept is a little out there.

WARNINGS: sexual content, cursing, mature themes

Originally posted by yesiamarebelliousflower

The subway bathroom was dingy and mucky water lay stagnant under her stilettos. That damned cheap dollar store makeup wouldn’t blend for shit, she eyed Alessa through the streaked mirror to see the blonde growing impatient for the same reason.

Two businesswomen came rushing through the doors in a hurry, everyone in Manhattan was, stopping dead in their tracks upon seeing two hookers standing nonchalantly at the sinks with makeup strewn careless across the counter. Her eyes met the pair who stared appalled down the revealing skirt and fishnet stockings. She turned with a roll of her hips and propped her ass against the counter, smirking haughtily to them. “I charge $200 for women if that’s what you were gonna ask.”

They scoffed before forgetting their original plan and fleeing from the restroom without so much as a glance back. Less was horse laughing, holding herself onto the counter to keep from falling into the puddles below her. “I almost believe they thought about it. Your ass looks right in that leather skirt.”

She turned back to Alessa, laughing sarcastically. “Better look right enough to get some cash tonight, we need a place to crash.”

Alessa began throwing the palettes of neutrals into her Louis Vuitton knock off, bitching silently to herself. “If I have to sleep another night on a park bench I’ll off myself.” Pulling the bag over her shoulder, she turned to her partner in crime, hands on her hips and popping that usual bright pink bubble gum she always took to chewing. “Where off to, Y/N?”

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anonymous asked:

5/6 for andreil pls!! You can combine or do them separately whatever floats ur boat <3

5: “Please don’t do this” (I’m doing them separately im weak, #6 should be out tmrw! also… a phrase with ‘please’ in it.. I’m using up all my dreaming/drunk/dying scenarios)

It’s common knowledge among foxes that waking Andrew is Neil’s job, unless you want to get a fist to the solar plexus. But it’s also true that Andrew is the only one who can extract Neil from his nightmares without scaring him back into the trunk of a car or an evermore bed.

It’s one of the “fun facts” for fox survival that Nicky recites to newcomers: don’t touch Neil when he’s sleeping unless you want to feel like you’ve just kicked a puppy. Don’t touch Andrew under any circumstances if you like your fingers attached to your hands. When in doubt, get whichever one is awake and let them do their voodoo. If they’re both asleep at the same time, you’re fucked. Take pictures.

Andrew never bothers to correct him. There’s nothing to correct, if Andrew’s being honest (and he always is).

Quietly learning to wake each other is the result of bruising trial and error, a hard-won trust that grew like moss over ruins.

It’s still almost impossible, sometimes. Most of the time. Approaching Neil when he’s whimpering and protecting his face with his hands makes Andrew feel even more like a monster than usual.

Neil whispered to him on the bus once that the split second of disorientation in Andrew’s eyes when he wakes makes Neil scared for him.

Andrew starts to recognize the sheepish look of foxes who need to ask their vice-captain something while his head is lolling around Andrew’s shoulder. He almost always wakes him, it’s a clear subclause in his ‘keep Neil out of harms way’ contract, and Andrew’s dutiful when it comes to deals.

There’s a knock on the door at half past three on a Monday morning, and Andrew startles awake in an empty room. He stews in slow annoyance as the front door opens and closes, muffled voices tripping into the bedroom. He gropes for the light switch in the dark, and Kevin flips it on for him, toothbrush sticking out of his mouth, eyebrows shaking hands across the stretch of his forehead.

They have a brief staring contest and then Matt clears his throat from behind them, knocking awkwardly on the door frame.

“Um… Andrew?”

Andrew looks at him blearily. He’s conscious of Matt’s eyes tracking his hair sticking out sideways, one of Neil’s soft nondescript shirts slouching on his chest.

“We need your expertise,” Matt says, grimacing. Andrew turns to retreat to his bed, unimpressed, but Matt huffs. “Neil’s having a nightmare. He fell asleep in our room.”

Andrew stops.

“He’s freaking out,” Matt continues, soft. He makes eye contact with a wild edge that says he’s refusing to let the blankness in Andrew’s gaze phase him.

Andrew pushes past Matt like he’s rolling his sleeves up, breaking out into the strangeness of the dorm at night. 

The door to the neighbouring room is open and Aaron’s standing just inside, arms crossed.

“He woke me up,” he says cooly as Andrew passes.

“Jesus weeps,” Matt snarks, hot on Andrew’s heels. He’s looking beyond the twins to where Neil is curled on the floor, trembling. Matt’s face pinches with concern. Dan’s sitting on the couch by Neil’s head in a jersey and bare legs, looking like she’s trying to help just by being nearby. The room has the suddenly bright feeling of a fire alarm going off at night, minds alert inside sleep dulled bodies.

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Outcast (High-School AU)// Mark Tuan

Originally posted by jordragon

Pairing: Mark x Reader (ft. Jackson, Jinyoung + Yugyeom)

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Oneshot

Summary//Request: Being the school outcast doesn’t bother you too much - except for the grief you receive from 4 boys in your class - little do you know, Mark has always had a thing for you.

This scenario contains slight mentions of bullying.

It’s not that you hated high-school – you just hated the people that were in it. Everyone had their group, their clique that they belonged to; the popular girls, the popular boys, the kids that were dedicated to studying, the alternative kids that seemed to own mostly black clothing and so on, so forth. However; you never really found yourself ‘fitting’ into any of these categories. You wouldn’t have said you were completely dedicated to your studies, but you did well in your classes and the teachers recognised it. You weren’t so much interested or outgoing when it came to sports – but you enjoyed gym nonetheless. With that being said, you excelled the most in visual and audible arts with music being your favourite subject bar none – allowing you to express your creativity in whichever way you saw fit.

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park woojin as your soulmate

imagine having woojin as ur soulmate where u have to stay within a certain distance of each other at all times

  • its kinda hard for u to tell wht ur soulmate key is
  • but once u find out it becomes Really obvious
  • everytime u try and move to certain places, its like theres an invisible wall stopping u
  • some days u cant even make it to ur mailbox, other days ure able to go as far as the next city
  • u figure tht u have to stay within a certain distance of ur soulmate
  • the only problem is u dont know what exactly the distance is

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I Just Want Someone To Look At Me - Peter Parker

Inspired by this tweet:


“An A-?! Can you believe it?! Just because I had some stupid migraine and read ‘e’ instead of ‘d’ and I couldn’t put my thoughts into a coherent paragraph! Ugh!” I groaned, slamming my locker shut after shoving the test paper in, making Peter jump at the sound. “This is unbelievable!”

“An A- isn’t that bad, Y/N,” Peter chuckled at my antics.

“It is for me!” I exclaimed. “I studied for this test! I was really excited and I was so sure I’d get an A!”

“You did get an A!” Peter laughed.

“An A minus, Peter. It’s not nearly the same,” I grumbled. “Thanks, though, for trying to make me feel better,” I chuckled, nudging him a bit as we walked.

“Peter! Y/N! This is terrible! I got a B in the Psych test!” Michelle ran to me and hugged me.

“I got an A-,” I muttered unhappily, making Peter chuckle.

“This is terrible! I’m barely floating here! I need help, please, Y/N,” Michelle looked at me.

“Michelle, you’re a smart girl,” I told her. “Grades don’t define you. It’s one subject; you’re great at all of the others,” I assured her, “A genius, I’d say. You getting a B in the Psych test is a service to us all. You being anymore of a genius would literally kill half the school population,” I told her.

“You think so?” She asked, making me nod.

“I know so. Now, don’t you have a bio test in, like, five minutes?” I asked, making her gasp and run off. I looked at Peter, my smile fading. “A stupid A-!” I screamed.

“Didn’t you just give a speech about how grades don’t define you?” Peter reminded.

“Grades don’t define you, Peter, or Michelle, or Ned, or anybody else. They do, however, define me,” I elaborated. “Stupid migraine. See, if I wasn’t sick, I’m sure I would have aced it!”

“You did ace it!”

“Not really I didn’t!” I sighed, exasperated. Peter eyed me before crossing his arms and furrowing his eyebrows. I rose an eyebrow at him.

“What’s this really about?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked, “It’s about how I got an A-.”

“No, no. Y/N, you can’t seriously be telling me that you’re upset over a stupid dash that follows an A. Why are you so upset?” He asked. I sighed, looking down and around before looking at him.

I just want someone to look at me the way President Donald Trump looks directly into the sun during an eclipse,” I admitted, making him laugh and myself smile before he settled.

“What on Earth do you mean?” He asked.

“You know, despite everybody saying that you shouldn’t, he does and he has this stupid grin on his face and he looks so pleased with himself about being able to defy people like that and look straight into an eclipse that only happens once every blue moon, you know?” I asked, looking into his eyes. “I want somebody to look at me like… like I’m rare and like I’m special… that I’m worth getting hurt for. That I’m worth it,” I told him before shaking my head and breaking my gaze away from him. “Not like people could look at me like I’m the sun, anyways. That stupid A- proves that I’m not bright enough to be any sort of star.” 

Peter opened his mouth to say something, but the bell rang, cutting him off. I shrugged and told him, “We should head to Chemistry.”

That day, I walked home alone, waltzing into the two bedroom apartment that I shared with my mum. I sighed, putting my bag on the couch before heading off to the kitchen. I thought about what I said to Peter, and I noticed that I may or may not have changed a few things about what I wanted.

See, I didn’t want just anybody to look at me the way Trump looked at the eclipse. I mean, if Trump looked at me like that, I’m pretty sure I’d slap him. If Flash looked at me like that, I’d slap him too, maybe even a bit harder so that I could slap him for making fun of Peter too while I was at it. 

I didn’t want anybody to look at me like that; I wanted Peter to look at me like that.

I sighed, thinking of the brown-eyed boy. I swear, he’d be the death of me. His looks, his smile, his impossible-not-to-get-lost-in brown eyes, but more importantly, his personality, that glorious brain of his, his kindness… God, to me, he was the sun, he was a supernova, he was the whole frickin’ galaxy. He was everything to me.

I closed my eyes, sighing. In a way, I felt like Eponine. If I just thought about it, and if I really concentrated, I could almost imagine his arms around me. I opened my eyes, shaking my head and ridding myself of all thoughts Peter. I took left over pizza from the fridge and heated it up.

I heard my phone ring and I picked it up without a second thought.


“Y/N?” Ned’s voice sounded. “I-I need help. Pe-Peter’s about to d-do something r-really stupid and I don’t know what to do.”

“What are you on about, Ned?” I asked, taking my heated pizza and taking a bite.

“He’s- god, I can’t explain it I… you just have to get here now-”

“Ned, I literally just heated up pizza-”

“Y/N!” Ned snapped, “This is a matter of life-or-death! You need to get here!” Ned told me. Now I could tell that he was panicking.

“O-Okay. I’m on my way,” I told him, making my way out the door, pizza in hand.

“Ned!” I yelled, “Open the door!” I banged my foot against the wood as a knock as I continued eating my pizza. Peter opened the door, making me raise an eyebrow. “Peter?”

“Y/N?” Peter murmured, just as confused.

“I… What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” he replied.

“Ned c-called me.”

“Ah, yes, finally!” Ned exclaimed, walking out from behind Peter. He opened the door wider, making Peter stumble to the side a bit. “Come in,” he told me. I blinked at him before looking at Peter then back at him.

“I…” I was about to protest, but seeing as I was already there, I decided that there was no harm in seeing whatever Ned was doing. “Okay,” I shrugged, walking in.

“Why are you holding a pizza?” Ned asked me.

“I-I heated up pizza and I was holding it when you called and I just-”

“Forgot to put it down?” Ned teased.

“I-” I glanced at Peter for a second. “Yeah. Besides, no use in wasting a perfectly good pizza. Anyways, what’s happening? You told me that Peter was about to do something stupid.”

“He was-” Ned began.

“Ned!” Peter exclaimed.

“You also told me it was life-or-death,” I added, finishing the last of my pizza.

“Unless you count watching all the Harry Potter movies life-or-death then he lied,” Peter told me. I glared at Ned, who chuckled nervously.

“So, you not only call me right after I get home and heat up some awesome pizza, stress me the fuck out, make me run around Queens with a burning hot oily pizza slice in my hand, fucking run, Ned! I ran here! I don’t even run in gym class! You also have a Harry Potter movie marathon without me?!” I exclaimed. Ned, seeing the error of his ways, paled looking at me.

“Yeah,” he choked out. “It seemed like such a good idea at the time.”

I nodded, “Yeah, Leeds, it must’ve,” I grumbled. “So, is this some elaborate prank, did you feel bad for not inviting me to your marathon, or is there another reason why you brought me because if it was the first one, I’m leaving.”

“Right!” Ned perked up, clasping his hands together. “Peter,” he walked to his best friend, putting his hand on Peter’s back. “This is Y/N,” he introduced. Peter and I eyed the boy.

“Ned?” Peter asked, “Are you okay?”


“Not high? Not ill? Not drunk?” I asked.

“Nope!” He grinned at me. Peter and I exchanged a glance before looking back at Ned, who rolled his eyes. “I’m not crazy. I know you two know each other, but I think it’s high-time you got to talking to each other.”

“We do talk to each other,” I told Ned.

“She was even talking to me at school about getting an A-, which is still a pretty good grade,” Peter added, looking at me. I huffed and rolled my eyes before he looked back at Ned.

“No, I don’t mean like that. Look,” he began, “I’m sick of you,” he pointed at me. I widened my eyes at him.

“Thanks, Ned. Way to make a girl feel special.”

“Talking to me about him,” he added, pointing at Peter. I widened my eyes as Peter looked at me. I felt my cheeks burn and I looked away. “And I’m sick of you,” he looked at Peter, “Talking to me about her!” Ned pointed at me. I looked up and looked at Peter, who had the same reaction I had. “I mean, Jesus, just talk to each other!” Ned exclaimed. “Peter, you know how to speak English, right?”

“Y-yeah?” Peter stuttered.

“Y/N, do you know how to speak English?”

“Don’t be silly, of course I do,” I told Ned. “Otherwise, it would make AP English a whole lot harder,” I chuckled for a moment before seeing Ned’s serious face, making my laughter die down.

“Good! So you don’t need me to be a messenger or middle man, so talk!” Ned urged. “I’ll go watch Harry Potter. See you!” Ned waved, walking to his room and slamming his door. Peter and I sighed.

“I’m… I’m gonna wash my hands. It’s all oily from the pizza,” I chuckled, walking to the kitchen and washing my hands. When I finished, I walked back out into the awkward silence.

“So, you talk about me?” Peter asked, making me blush furiously.

“I heard that you talk about me, too, Parker.”

“You said too.”

“So?” I raised an eyebrow.

“You’re not denying that you do,” Peter pointed out, making me look down.

“Yeah, well, I guess I’m not,” I said softly, leading into another silence.

“All good things, I hope?” Peter asked, making me look up at him briefly before looking away as I nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, definitely. I mean, you’re you. There isn’t a bad thing about you,” I told him as I finally looked at him, making him blush and chuckle for a moment before looking away. He looked back at me.

“Flash would disagree.”

“I hate to break it to you, Parker, but Thompson’s kind of a royal idiot,” I told him as though I were telling him bad news, making him laugh. I giggled at this before sighing. “How about you? I trust you say good things? I mean, I know I could be a bit loud and obnoxious, but-”

“They’re all good things, Y/N,” Peter assured me. I smiled at him, blushing for a moment. “I can’t even think of a single bad thing about you, actually,” he admitted, blushing furiously while doing so.

“Really?” I smiled.

“Yeah, I mean, so what if you’re loud and think getting A-’s are the same thing as getting F’s?” He chuckled, making me giggle. “I… Y/N, I want to tell you something. Well, I wanted to tell you earlier, but then the bell rang and you said we should go to class and walked away before-”

“Peter,” I interrupted, making him look at me wide-eyed. He chuckled, scratching the nape of his neck.

“Okay,” he continued, “What I wanted to say was that… well, do you ever think that maybe, just maybe, somebody does look at you like that and you never notice? Kind of like the way Flynn looks at Rapunzel in Tangled, you know? Do you think that maybe somebody does think that you’re kind and beautiful and…” He trailed off, looking away.

“What are you saying, Peter?” I asked, “What exactly are you saying?”

“I…” he paused, looking at me. “I didn’t want to tell you like this, you know. I wanted to… to do something big and romantic, but… Y/N, I look at you like that,” he told me softly, taking one of my hands and brushing it with my thumbs.

“I…” I murmured.

“Maybe you’re not the sun, Y/N,” he told me, “Maybe you don’t shine as bright and maybe I’ll never look at you like Trump looked at the eclipse,” he chuckled at that before looking at me. “But you’re the entire goddamn universe and you shine even brighter than our sun… and the way I look at you? I’ll never stop looking at you the way I think Tycho Brahe looked at the stars and I’ll look at you like that for longer.” My eyes softened and a small smile began to creep onto my face. I felt my heart melt as he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“Just kiss already!” Ned’s voice screamed from his room. Peter looked down, blushing furiously as I giggled, cupping his hand on my cheek and finally kissing him.

I never stopped looking at him like my galaxy. I never stopped thinking about him the way I already did. I loved him.

Purple Love Letter

Fandom: Blackpink
Ship: Jennie x Reader
Requested: Yes
(Hello! Can you do a long jennie fluff scenario from blackpink, where you’re a shy person who jennie the most popular girl has a crush on you but you’re scared of her when jennie tries to talk to you and jennie tried everything to make you notice her please and thank you (:)
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Barely a swear word

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“What did you just say?” Your eyes widened at your best friend who stood in front of you, clutching your books tighter to your chest.

She laughed at your expression, nodding towards something behind you. “She’s coming again.”

“W-what do you mean?” Your eyes widened impossibly more and you went to run away, but a hand rested your shoulder. You turned around and there stood Jennie.

“(Y/N),” she said your name with a fond voice, and the soft smile on her face that accompanied it made your heart beat faster. 

“H-hi, Jennie,” you stuttered, looking anywhere but at her. You noticed the two of you had caught the attention of many people in the hallway, all of them looking your way–or specifically in Jennie’s direction–and making you even more nervous.

“How are you today?” Her hand still rested on your shoulder, and it held all of your attention.

“I- I’m okay. I actually gotta go,” you motioned somewhere down the hall and escaped from her grip, skittering down the hallway where some eyes followed you, but most stayed on Jennie staring after you. 

You sighed deeply when you turned the corner, thankful to have the eyes off of you.  

“You know she likes you, right?”

“What are you talking about,” you said, looking up from your lunch. It was the next day, and your best friend looked as smug as ever, which was never a good thing.

“Jennie,” you clenched your teeth. “You know her, right? The most popular girl in school?”

“What about her?” You breathed deeply, looking back down at your lunch and taking another bite.

She likes you,” Your best friend annunciated each word slowly, but you shook your head.

“No, she doesn’t,” you laughed deprecatingly. “She would never like me.”

“Well she does. And you need to do something about that and not run away every time she comes near you.”

“I’m not good at talking to people. You know that.”

“She’s not people. She’s Jennie,” you rolled your eyes at your best friend’s words.


“Hey, guys!” A figure plopped down next to you on the bench and you knew who it was before you even looked up from your food. “How’s it going?”

Your best friend kicked you under the table, making you jump, and Jennie looked towards you with furrowed eyebrows. “Are you okay?”

You finally looked up and gasped at how pretty she looked. “Yeah! Yeah, I’m great!” You tried to smile, although you were sure it came out as a grimace. Jennie grinned at you anyways. “I actually have to go, um, meet with a teacher, so, bye.”

You hurried from the table, quickly gathering your lunch into your arms, and speedily walking out of the cafeteria. You sighed when the doors close behind you, leaning against the lockers next to you. Why couldn’t you just talk to her like a normal human being?

“What is this,” you said in a monotone voice, eyes trained on the purple envelope in your hands that had fallen out of your locker when you opened it.

“Looks like you’ve got an admirer,” your best friend smirked, and you smacked her lightly in the stomach.

Your hands fiddled with the envelope before struggling to open it. Inside was a red piece of paper with white writing. 


Considering we never get enough time to speak in person, I am writing you a letter. I hope I’m not coming on too strong, but I really like you. Maybe we could get coffee some time? Feel free to leave me a note yourself.


Your breath caught in your throat before a hysterical laugh left your lips. “She- she likes me,” you stared at the letter in your hands in admiration, and your best friend wrapped an arm around your shoulder, leaning into you.

“That’s what I’ve been saying,” she chuckled and read the letter over your shoulder. “Well, what are you gonna do about this?”

You took a deep breath before saying, “I’m gonna write her a letter.”

You didn’t write her a letter. A week later, and still every time you took out a piece of paper to start replying, your hands shook badly and you couldn’t even hold the pen straight. She hadn’t come up to you again, and when you saw her in the hallways, she looked away.

“Just write the damn letter, (Y/N),” your best friend sighed, irritated, leaning forward onto the table.

“I’ve tried,” you stressed, leaning forward, too. “But I just can’t do it!”

“I think-”

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” You widened your eyes when you heard the voice yell through the cafeteria. Although you weren’t surprised when you turned around, your eyes still widened as you saw Jennie standing on one of the lunch tables and waiting for everyone’s attention. (She had had everyone’s attention before she even started yelling.)

“What is she doing,” your friend mumbled for only you to hear, but you were to distracted by your heart beating too loudly in your ears to respond.

“Thank you for your attention,” she clapped her hands together and smiled, and you thought, God, she’s cute. “So, there’s this person who I like,” your heart beat harder and faster, and your friend gripped your shoulder as soon as the words left Jennie’s mouth. “And I think they know that I like them; well, I’ve been pretty obvious, so they must know.” She laughed at this, causing everyone else in the cafeteria to laugh as well. 

“Oh god,” you whispered, clenching your hands into fists on your legs. 

“I left this person a letter today–just now, actually, before I came here–and I need them to open it, and just- I told them to meet me somewhere. If they don’t come, I’ll understand. That’ll be my answer. I just- I need an answer.”

She looked at you for a split second, and your heart ached in your chest. You didn’t realize your fear was hurting her.

“So, thanks for your attention, everyone. Just- yeah, okay, bye.” She gave everyone one last smile before hopping off of the table and running out the cafeteria doors. 

The whole room was silent for a few seconds before chaos ensued. People began yelling, wondering who the mystery person was, and almost everyone ran out the doors and into the hallway to go check their lockers for a love letter. Your best friend and you locked eyes for a few seconds before doing the same, grabbing your bags and running. She ran with you to your locker, putting the combination in for you because of your shaking hands.

A purple envelope fell out. 

You scrambled to pick it up before anyone could see, and you opened it quickly to read the inside.


I’m sure you are going to be there to watch the scene in the cafeteria that I am about to make. Meet me on the roof of the school as soon as you read this. If you don’t come, I’ll understand, and I’ll back off. But I hope you do come.


You stared at the letter even after reading it multiple times, willing yourself to move, but not being able to.

“Hey, hey!” Your best friend shook your shoulders, finally taking your attention away from the letter when you looked up at her. “You need to go, now.”

“I,” you paused, looking back down at the letter. “I don’t know if I can.”

“Why not?” Your best friend asked in a desperate voice, almost yelling because of the commotion echoing through the school.

“What if she doesn’t like me when she gets to really know me?” Your voice sounded small to yourself, but she still heard you.

“She will, (Y/N). But you won’t find out if you don’t go to her right now. So go to her.”

You stayed still for a few seconds, finding the determination inside you, before running. You dodged the hoards of people in the hallways until you made it to the staircase leading up to the roof, and even then, you didn’t stop running. You were out of breath by the time you made it up to the roof, but the wind was still able to be knocked out of you when Jennie turned around and smiled when she saw you come through the doors.

“Hi,” you said, at a loss for words and at a loss for breath. 

“Hey,” she replied, still grinning at you. “So, you’re here.”

“I’m here,” you nodded, stepping closer to her. 

“So does that mean.. you want to try something?” She looked hesitant, a look you weren’t used to seeing on her.

“Yeah, I do,” she grinned even harder. “But, I need you to know that I’m an incredibly shy person and I’m not that good at talking to people and you might not like me when you really get to know-”

She interrupted you when you began to ramble. A blush painted your cheeks when she stepped forward and took your hand in hers. “I’m sure I’ll still like you,” she laughed quietly. “And I’m just excited to get to know you more.”

And as you looked down at your linked hands, you realized you were, too.

So this is my first Blackpink imagine and I’m actually pretty proud of it?? I hope you guys agree! I would love to hear feedback on this!! And if you’d like something written, requests are open, so feel free to ask :)


literati42  asked:

Request for the Batfam week: Would you write a story about Tim being adopted into the family in an Au where Jason didn't die, basically just a story about teenage Jason and young Tim getting to know each other

Sorry this is a few days late! It got a bit longer than planned… Hopefully it’s worth the wait :) This was actually so much fun to write that I might make the AU into a series at some point.

Jason creeps quietly down the hall, pausing at every corner to listen just in case Bruce or Alfred are still up. They shouldn’t be; it’s that murky part of the night where it’s too late for Batman but too early for the butler to be getting up to start the day. All occupants of the manner should be fast asleep, Jason included, but he’s careful to be quiet just in case.

He breathes a silent sigh of relief when he reaches the kitchen without being caught, making a beeline for the kettle without bothering to the turn lights on. There’s enough moonlight coming in through the windows above the sink to illuminate the corner of the bench where the kettle lives, but not much else. Jason pulls a mug out of the cupboard above his head and rifles through the teabags until he decides he wants English Breakfast not green tea. It’s only when he turns around to get the milk out of the fridge that he sees the figure sitting in the shadows of the kitchen table.

“Jesus Christ!” he yelps. “Why the fuc-dge are you sitting down here in the dark?!”

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Complicated (Dean x Reader + Sam x Reader)

Plot: Dean Winchester dies, leaving his brother and his girl alone. All the frustration and anger brings Y/N and Sam together in a way that is a lot more than friendly comfort. As Sam and the reader delve into a relationship, a surprise visitor comes knocking on the door, changing everything.

Warning: Angst, fluff, Dean dying, much smut, unprotected sex (wrap it) kinda cheating but not really, swearing

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Alone (Got7 Yugyeom)

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Genre: Fluff, Angst (?)

Request: Hello~! I love your got7 reactions. I was wondering if you could do a scenario of a Xmas date. Something like the struggle of picking something out or setting up a date I would love to see it with Mark, Jackson, and Yugyeom if done as a scenario lol. 

“I’m sorry (Y/n) I won’t be able to spend Christmas with you. I have work.” Yugyeom looked down sadly. You grabbed his cheeks and made him look at you. “It’s okay I understand. Being a kpop idol is a very demanding job. Make sure you do your best okay.” You smiled at him and gave him a peck on the lips. “Now go before you’re late and Jb starts getting annoyed.” Yugeyom gave you a kiss on the forehead and left.

You sighed sadly now realizing you might have to spend Christmas alone. You decided to call your friends to see if they had anything going on. You laid on your bed waiting for your friend to answer the phone. “Hello?” Your friend’s voice came through the phone. “(Y/f/n) let’s spend Christmas together.” “Together? What about Yugyeom?” “He has work.” You sighed waiting for the criticism you know your friend is going to give.

“Really he has work? Why can’t he take a day off? Is work more important to him than you?” You could tell your friend was getting angry and it didn’t help that she never really liked Yugyeom. “He’s a kpop idol. You know he doesn’t have a say when he has to work.” “That may be so but it sure doesn’t seem like he’s fighting it. Anyway, I’m going to spend Christmas with my family you can come with me if you want.”

“No, I don’t want to interrupt your family time. I know you don’t see them that often.” “Are you sure? I’m sure they won’t mind.” You smiled. (Y/f/n) was always worrying about you. “I’m sure. I’m tired anyway I’ll probably just sleep the whole night anyway.” She giggled “Okay just don’t forget to eat. I got to go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” You said your goodbyes and hung up. True to your word you soon fell asleep.


“Yugyeom what are you doing here?” Yugyeom turns and saw Jb walking towards him. “What do you mean? We are supposed to be working on our next album.” Jb looked at the younger boy suspiciously. “Yeah, but you have (Y/n). You should be spending Christmas with her.” Yugyeom felt his jaw dropped. He never expected his leader to say he shouldn’t be at work. “Don’t tell me you left her to be alone for the night. What’s wrong with you? You know you could’ve asked for today off. How is (Y/n) going to feel? She probably thinks this job is more important to you than her.” Jb hit Yugyeom on the head lightly. 

Yugyeom stared at the older boy and felt tears welling up in his eyes. “That’s not true though. She can’t believe that. Hyung what if she leaves me because of this?” Yugyeom can feel the fear rising up. (Y/n) can’t leave him. He loves her too much. Jb sighed while glancing at the younger boy. “Then go to her, you idiot. Make it right.”

With that Yugyeom raced out of the room and back to your house. He didn’t stop until he finally reached your door. He tried to catch his breath while he pounded his fist on your door. 

Hearing the pounding startled you awake. You were still half asleep and had no clue what was going on. You rubbed your eyes and got up off your bed. Your brain was able to register that someone was at the door. You staggered to the door trying the wake yourself up.

As soon as you open the door someone tackled you into a hug almost knocking you to the ground. That was enough to make you aware of your surroundings and think you were being attacked. You were about to beat this person off of you until you realized it was Yugyeom who looked like he was about to cry. 

“What’s wrong? Why are you here instead of at work?” You managed to pull him onto the couch even though it was hard to move with Yugyeom wrapping himself tightly around you. “I’m sorry I left you alone. I love you, you know. Nothing is more important to me than you.” Yugyeom hugged you even tighter. You try to pry him off you but found it was impossible. “Yugyeom I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I already told you I understand. I love you and I know you love me so we’ll make this work okay?”

Yugyeom loosened his grip on you and looked into your gentle eyes. He gave you a kiss on the lips. “Okay we will but from now on we are spending every holiday together.” You snorted at him. “Okay Yugyeom whatever you say.

captains orders

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steve rogers x reader

warnings: slight smut.

prompt: reader can’t follow her captains orders.

“i can’t believe how reckless you can be, y/n!” steve bellowed, his voice causing the agents passing by to jump, startled by how loud he was being. he didn’t pay them any mind as he stomped angrily behind you while you casually strolled to your room, suppressing the urge to roll your eyes. you threw your bag onto the floor by your bed, not bothering to look at the angry soldier stood in the middle of your bedroom. all you wanted was a shower and some sleep, but steve’s constant nagging was making that impossible.

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