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Haikyuu!! Characters - School Projects
  • Kageyama: Hinata totally puts things like "Hinata is the best!" and "Hinata is the greatest partner!" all over his presentation whilst he isn't looking. The consequences include mass hits in the face with volleyballs.
  • Hinata: Literally uses all the animations on his slideshow and does the sound affects himself.
  • Noya: Will literally set something on fire - he just wants to watch the world burn.
  • Tanaka: makes a presentation on boobs
  • Daichi: How to take care of children. Step 1, scream.
  • Yamaguchi: He gets stage fright so he literally just starts talking to Tsuki without blinking jesus christ Yams stop it
  • Tsukishima: "all right you stupid fucks, this is the truth about dinosaurs. The Land Before Time? ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT."
  • Oikawa: "haha Iwa-chan get your eyes off me and onto the presentation" talk shit get hit. Oikawa is dead now. Rip.
  • Iwaizumi: "oIKAWA DID YOU SERIOUSLY PUT YOUR NUDES ON THE CASE STUDY SLIDE?!" bc you're supposed to study my ass, Iwa-chan. "YOUR ASS HAS NO VALUE, YOU PIECE OF SHIT."
  • Hanamaki: "and for our next meme we have.. oh shit waddup? Dat boi." cue Mattsun crying in the corner
  • Matsukawa: "I see that all of you really didn't want to watch this because.. you know, I'm a meme. Well, I say.. just DO IT!!111!!"
  • Kenma: "I really like sleeping. Here is my pillow. That is all. Bye."
  • Yaku: someone tell him to speak up I can't hear or see him
  • Bokuto: "okay, the Owl Numbers. 1 is 1 hoot, 2 is 2 hoots, 3 is screaming on the top of your lungs until you get a nosebleed. Repeat after me - eeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-"
  • Akaashi: "this is Bokuto-san's 4th mood. Make sure you have spare pyjamas and popcorn with you when this happens, otherwise you'll no longer have ears."
  • Ushijima: brings in some sort of cow and a bag of literal fertiliser and duMPS IT ALL OVER THE DESKS AND TRIES TO PLANT FUCKIN APPLE TREES WHILST STROKING THIS COW WHO'S CALLED DAISY IM CHYRHIGNI
  • Terushima: shows everyone the tattoo on his butt
[붐붐SERIES] Biker!Seungchul (PG)

Prompt: An injured Seungchul pays you a visit at the dead of night 
Word Count: 1,553
Genre: Slight romance
Warnings: Mentions of blood, mild cursing

A/N: Okay, biker Seungchul HAS. GOT. ME. SHOOKD. Like, how do you resist swooning over this kid with his piercings, black leather jacket and all?? I was so excited to write this, I did this in under two hours. 
The next member will most likely be JUNHUI, do look forward to that!

wooed <3

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“You’ve gotta be shitting me.”

Just as you are about to leave for your home, just as you are about to rest your weary body in your bed… When you’re fantasising about a warm bath in your favourite bath bomb after a piping hot meal…

All plans for the night ahead went crashing down the drain when you heard the roar of a motorcycle engine. It’s three in the morning, and your shop’s located deep within the alleyways.

There’s only one person who would come looking for you at such an ungodly hour.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, i love your fics and headcanons and i was wondering if you have any on what hidekane would be like adopting and raising a kid? They would be the best parents

Kaneki would be the biggest mother hen. He would fuss over his child to make sure they are alright. 

“Are you sure they’re warm enough? It’s pretty cold outside.” And proceeding to scramble to grab another jacket for his child. His child, already 8 years old and looking like a giant red marshmallow, yanks at Hide’s jacket. “Dad! I’m gonna suffocate!” Hide laughs and eases Kaneki’s down, telling him that their child is plenty warm.

“Do you think it’s too hot? What if they get a sunburn?!” Kaneki then gets sunscreen and rubs it all over his kid and gets a sunhat, and Kaneki tells them, “Don’t take it off unless you’re under shade!” And their kid turns red and whines, “But this hat looks so stupid! And it has flowers on it! Takao (Touka and Yoriko’s kid) is gonna make fun of me!” 

“Hey, that’s my hat.” Hide voices from a distance.
“A little teasing is better than damaged skin. Have fun.” And Kaneki kisses their cheek. Their kid pouts but gives Kaneki a kiss back and heads off to the park.

“Should I walk them there?” Kaneki questions, pulling at his bottom lip. 
“Let them have a bit of time to themselves.” Hide took Kaneki’s hand into his and pulled him onto his lap. Hide secured his arms around Kaneki’s firm waist, burying his head in Kaneki’s chest. “Besides, I want some alone time with you.”

Kaneki huffed and turned red, muttering a “pervert” under his breath but didn’t deny Hide.

There is a point where their kid is older and has had enough with Kaneki’s over-protectiveness. Kaneki can’t help but tear up and full-on cries when he is in his room alone. Hide sees this and is the one to ground their child; Kaneki couldn’t do it. Hide was so angry because Kaneki was over protective, but he gave their child freedom and love; he never controlled them or their actions or made them change whom they were.

“I’m really disappointed in you,” Hide bluntly told their child, “for what you told Papa.”

Their child’s face contorted into shame, sadness, and then anger. “Well, papa needs to leave me alone, and let me do my own thing.” 

“Are you talking about going off on a trip to Kyoto with Takao and Hiromi (Nishiki and Kimi’s kid) alone? Well that was never going to happen anyway. Their parents told them “no” too, and I was going to say “no” if Ken didn’t, so you can stop the blaming as of now.” Hide voice was firm and stance, resolute.


“I’m still talking. Your father worries a lot, I know, and it can be annoying. I get it. He does things that annoy me too, but I love him for it because it reminds me every day of how much he loves me.” Hide moved and sat next to his child and put his arms around them and pulled them into a half-hug. They didn’t refuse.

“Ken is someone with a lot of love and guilt. He has been through so much, and he has a hard time expressing how he feels sometimes. He told me once that he never wanted to be a parent,” their child moved away, worry laced on his face, “but then we got you and everything changed. He has never been as happy as he is now, raising you and loving you. He didn’t think he’d understand parental love until he held your ugly-ass,” their child giggled, “in his arms. He thought you were so beautiful. And he started to cry. He wondered, “How can anyone hit something so precious?” He really loves you, and maybe I’m trying to make you feel guilt. I don’t know, but I want you to understand that Ken does things out of love and not out of control, like you tend to think.”

Colder weather is here – and Hanzo is currently living in Jesse’s serape when they’re bumming around. Hanzo hates the cold and gets grumpy – Jesse loves to bother the archer by placing his metal arm in the freezer for ten minutes and then touching his boyfriend’s warm skin with it. Hanzo flips his shit while Jesse cackles.

Jesse and him fight over the serape all the time – he leant it Hanzo once, because the poor guy was shivering now he wears it like he owns the damn thing. ( secretly Hanzo loves how it smells like Jesse, and Jesse thinks that Hanzo looks so cute wearing it.)

I need you here with me / Carl Grimes (imagine)

Ten year old Carl was warm. He was a child, trusting and full of life and he knew joy. He put band-aids on your scraped knees and made you laugh when things got too serious. But life is unforgiving. Life took your best friend. His shell was still there with you, drifting around the prison, keeping watch, spending hours at the fence jamming a knife into the undead to pass the time. He wasn’t warm anymore. You weren’t sure if he remembered what joy felt like, his icy eyes just stared right through you now. You’d all lost people, some more recent than others, and the world had hardened everyone- you smiled less, weren’t quite as loud, constantly looked over your shoulder in fear. But Carl, he had changed so deeply you wondered if he even knew who you were sometimes. You needed him, he was your constant through this shit world since the beginning, and now he didn’t seem to need you anymore.

No one could have seen the attack coming, the prison was completely overrun in a matter of minutes, the damage irreversible. You didn’t breath until you saw Carl weaving through the herd, eyes locked on yours. You liked to tell yourself he had been looking for you, too.

Everyone hadn’t made it out. You’d suffered great losses, it was evident in your group’s faces. The car rides were silent, no one questioned the place Rick chose to stop for the night. He and Daryl wordlessly took watch, Maggie and Glenn clung to each other in the back of the car. You watched Carl break away from the group as per usual and your heart felt like it would fall out of your chest. Anger, sorrow, fear made your eyes wet but you furiously blinked away the awful tears and followed your friend. Carl had climbed into the bed of a truck, soundlessly staring up at the sky. It was dark, the only light given by the moon and the stars. You lifted yourself over the tailgate and planted yourself gently between his legs, his knees propped up on either side of you, and laid back against his firm chest. “What are you doing?”

“I just need you to hold me, just for a little while.” You spoke softly, needing him to understand. 

He didn’t touch you for a long time, the two of you counting and recounting the stars until his arms wrapped themselves tightly around your waist. He pulled you against his chest like the wind would blow you away, “I’m just so angry, at everything. I’m so sorry.”

You listened to his voice, quivering brokenly against your ear, like if he spoke too loudly you would run away. A tear slipped down your nose. “I was mad at you for a long time, Carl. You forgot about me, you lost so many people but you forgot you still had me.”

His hair tickled your cheek. “I just saw the way you were changing, slipping away. You weren’t yourself, that scared me. I never forgot. I just wanted to stop feeling, y'know? I was so tired of losing people, I couldn’t keep caring as much as I did about you. I didn’t forget about you, I couldn’t.”

“How do you think I felt, Carl? You were just.. gone. You disappeared and left behind someone cold. I miss you, I could have helped you be okay but instead you shut down.” His head rested in the crook of your neck, you kept your eyes firmly fixed on the sky. Your hands gripped his arms around you and you felt his heartbeat on your back, having so much to say yet you sat in silence once again. “I can’t do this by myself.”

“I won’t leave again. I’m here now, I will always be here.” You didn’t know if that was true, who knew how long any of you had. The prison was gone, there was barely enough weapons for everyone in the group to have any way to defend themselves, you weren’t even sure if anyone had been able to grab any food. But you’d been on the road before, you were survivors. And if Carl meant what he said, that he would be there, then you thought you might just be okay.


“You’re running on fumes, man.” Barry huffed, puckering his brow at Harrison’s hardened expression. “I mean, look at you. You can’t keep doing this to yourself, okay, you’ve gotta tell-”

“Don’t.” Harrison snapped through a rough whisper before glancing down to make sure you were still sound asleep, his thumb absently brushing over your shoulder as you nuzzled against his side. This wasn’t the first time Barry had caught Wells sitting in bed with you, especially since you’d developed a habit of asking him to stay with you while you slept because somehow, in the midst of this shit show, he made you feel safe and warm - made you feel like you weren’t being hunted by demonic speedster with an unquenchable thirst for chaos. “It’s better if she doesn’t know.”

At that, Barry frowned… “Why?”

“She’s better off without me.”

“Yeah…” Barry scoffed, tilting his head toward you. Turning away and heading for the cortex, he shot over his should, “Sure looks that way.”

Harrison pinched his brows together and huffed around a low rumble before feeling you stir at his side; the sensation of your fingers running over his knuckles causing him to subconsciously bend toward you… After his gaze fell back on you, he froze and pressed his spine into the headboard at the sharp and unwelcome realization that you were awake and staring up at him with large eyes. “How much did you hear?”

Gulping and shuttering your eyes toward his hands as he allowed you to continue playing with his fingers, you said, “Everything.”

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*Imagine Team Flash Protecting You from Zoom and Harrison Falling in Love with You during that Time*

Request: Hi! Love your blog :) could I request: the flash team are protecting you from Zoom and after spending time with you Harry falls in love with you. The scene being: him admitting it to Barry, Barry tries to convince him to tell you but Harry believes you’re better off without him.

Kissing Vernon Randomly

When you don’t read shit properly and do something wrong lol so sorry anon but I kind of made it a little drabble! But hopefully you still like it! 

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“What are you doing?” You asked Vernon when you go to sit beside him.

You sat really close to him as you hovered over, trying to see what he’s writing down.

He stopped writing for a minute and looked over at you with a warm smile.

“Just some raps.” He answered quite quietly as he tapped his pencil on the paper.

You could tell he was a bit shy about sharing this with you. You wanted to make him feel comfortable about his rapping/lyric writing skills so you read his rap which seemed pretty good.

“I like it.” You said after looking up from reading it with a big smile.

“Really?” He said a bit surprised. He liked having your opinion on his rap now that it seems good to you.

He was trying not to smile so big but you could tell he was really happy with the hint of pink from his cheeks.

“Can I help you out with it?” You asked him, just wanting to fix a few things and make it better for him.

He nodded, agreeing to the idea as you both worked on making it better.  

After a while, it seemed to be perfect and you got Vernon to rap it to you.

To you, his rapping skills were amazing. You loved watching him rap and seeing his process now on making it, you loved his passion more.

When he ended the rap with a little laugh at how cool it was. “This is great, thanks for helping babe.” He said while having his eyes on the paper.

He put the paper down on the table again. He picked his pencil up again to write and his back was a bit bent over as he hovered over the paper, so focused on writing.

You watched with a smile at how into it he was. It was cute the way he was acting. “Vernon.” You call.

“Hmm?” He answered as you caught him off guard. He looked to you and you kissed him.

“What was..that..?” Vernon asked, surprised that you kissed him.

You giggled and hugging him at the side, resting your head on his shoulder. “I did it just..because.” You said with a cute small smile when you lifted your head up to look at him.

He ran his fingers through your hair gently and held the back of your head when he came closer to place his soft lips on yours again.

When he pulled away you both genuinely smile at each other as his hand cups the side of your cheek, caressing it for a bit.

Vernon went back to writing but his hand holds yours when he continued.

Have a couple of post-season 7 sweet and smutty Caryl drabbles.

If there are spoilers in these, well.  I’m psychic, lol. 

17.  “Stop it!  It tickles!" 


e fighting’s over, that piece of shit Negan’s dead, and Daryl’s right where he’s fuckin’ supposed to be:  in Carol Peletier’s bed. 


Woman ain’t moved for the better part of an hour, looking peaceful and pretty on his pillows while the sun and the smoke rise outside.


All freckles and scars, sweetness and strength, she sleeps.  Barely stirs when he palms the warm weight of her breast, nuzzles her neck (she’d liked that when he wasballs deep, held him close), and he remembers a long-ago promise, smiles, descends. 


She comes alive beneath him, erupts.  Laughs.  “Stop it!  It tickles!” 

18.  "It’s okay to cry." 

When it finally happens, he’s a fuckin’ wreck.  Trembling, whimpering, clinging to her like she’ll disappear.  Likeshe’ll run.  But the way she moves?  The way she takes him inside her, deeper and deeper until all those damn clichés start to make sense?  Running’s the last thing on her mind. 

She’s slow and steady, sweet in his lap.  Her hands are gentle and giving, patient in his hair.  Her mouth is its own form of tender torture, loving

Ain’t a goddamn soul ever loved Daryl Dixon before.  Not like this.  His heart swells, aches, it…

“Shh.  It’s okay to cry…” 


Lexa crushing on Clarke is my thing right now.

It’s been personally very pain doing this alone. I feel like I’m constantly laughing and crying alone about it because she is such a warm cuddly little sweetheart deep inside this warrior princess exterior of hers.

Like, how cute was Lexa watching over sleeping Clarke.
She was probs all like…

“wow, this girl is so bad ass going after Pauna with that gun thingy, locking him up and fixing my arm after not leaving me to die. Now, she looks so calm and peaceful sleeping. So diff from the girl with so much fire in her eyes awhile ago. I was wrong. She wasn’t being weak. She’s always been so brave in handling all the shit coming her way and she’s just as young as me. She’s taking on so much shit for her people. Just like me… ”

Then that little twinge of jealousy Lexa (and I honestly) had when Clarke mentioned she trusted Baloney to get in MW. That Clarke seemed to single out this future genocide enthusiast from everyone else as someone she cared for.

I can’t stop thinking about how ridiculously cute Lexa’s thoughts on Clarke were when she first met her and then crushed on her then fell in love with her.

I can imagine the shy thoughts Lexa had of asking Clarke if she feels anything for her. Like, how can she try to slip that in their conversations. I can imagine the many times she tried making an excuse to get Clarke to stay a little longer with her. I can imagine her overthinking little things Clarke has mentioned to mean that she feels the same way. Like when Clarke said Lexa already changed her views on the grounders :) :) :) :)

I’m not sure if I’m grieving Lexa still and just trying to remember her through this or maybe I’m still in denial that she’s dead and holding on to my season 2 memories of her to distract from the horrible baiting done on season 3…

Bondy Rant (not even a rant just trying to express some love)

uggghhhh can I blabber about Bondy for a second because he is literally the light of my life right now. I’m a newly converted bondy girl and oh my jesus, I have been missing out like Bondy is blessed angel sent by god himself. Not only is he an phenomenal guitarist, he is downright hilarious and weird as shit which makes him so intriguing. Like his instagram is all over the place, its a strange jungle of everything and can we talk about his hashtags i.e. #decomposedbeachbody #cameltoenail #fatherinlawsoup #throwupthursday #brexitattiffanys seriously go check them out they’re unreal. And he is soo attractive, HIS EYES, the greatest blue to ever blue, HIS SMILE, I will die for his smile okay. His smile warms my little heart, clears cloudy skies, causes the flowers to bloom in the spring, it’s fact, HIS HANDS. I also love when Catb is performing and Bondy and Van just look at each with some kind of inside joke and they both laugh (fyi they are kinda of in love and no one can tell me otherwise) but THE LAUGH, THE JOY. Honestly the meaning of life. Anyway, he just seems like the best guy to be around, y’know to laugh with, talk about anything and everything, watch obscure films, listen to music of his picking because his taste is wayyy better than mine, cook/bake, create quirky videos, go scarf shopping, impromptu singing sessions, visit beaches, forests, hidden shops/diners, etc., honestly JUST DO EVERYTHING WITH BONDY! I genuinely love Johnny Bond to pieces, and sometimes I feel creepy or out of line feeling so deeply for a person I don’t know personally or completely unattainable who is basically loved by so many people that feel the exact same way as I do. But goddamnit I can’t help it and I love everything about Johnny Bond, from the hat on his tousled hair to the buckled boots on his feet. Bondy is an amazing individual and I wish him the best of everything!

Rukia looking at Ichigo with her wide and bright sapphire eyes and her cheeks flushed as she asks him “C…can we sleep together?”

And Ichigo just freezes up and flushes even redder while he gets all these thoughts like ‘holy shit what Rukia you sleep us but we haven’t Rukia Rukia wants to…?!’

“I guess sleeping over you is the best option… I would not like to sleep under, it would be too warm and you are much bigger than I am…but does it have to be a certain way, do we have to be perpendicular or parallel…?’

And now Ichigo is like 'hOly fuck is she talking about positions?!’

And while Ichigo has his thoughts on a more perverted track Rukia is thinking of snacks and movies and pillow forts looking so excited because she wants to do a 'sleepover’ and thinks it may also be literal in where she sleeps over Ichigo at the end of the movies and snacks and games.

Ichigo nearly flips his shit when Rukia suggests inviting others over and include his sisters–but then he realizes something else is going on and finds out what Rukia wants.

He grumpily tells her to just do the sleepover with his sisters and sulks even as Rukia adamantly demands he participate. He eventually does only because Rukia forces herself in his room to do everything she heard a sleepover does–his sisters are amused and certainly like to help out–.he draws the line at truth or dare or other stupid games like that.

At least no one finds out what he was thinking or why he’s so grumpy. He’ll never admit to anyone he was a bit… Disappointed. But the ways his sisters are sending him sly looks as Rukia tells them how 'your fool brother seemed inclined to sleeping together up until I wanted to invite others, even you two! So stingy!’ And the sisters stifle their giggles while Ichigo pretends to be busy with schoolwork even though his ears are reddened.

Throwback to March and Sarah’s first competing outing.

This was her showjumping warm up and she quite overwhelmed by the number of horses around. But when she wasn’t going backwards, sideways or half rearing, she went like this. She’s not going forward here, but she’s soft as and not cantering around like a giraffe, so huge win there. Once she got to go in and pop over some jumps she was much happier!!

Gotta get my shit together and get her doing stuff again. She may have been an utter psycho, but I had complete strangers complementing her and saying she looked like she’d be super once she learns to settle.

enchanterpentaghast asked for: bea/allie, franky finds out

“No fuckin’ way!” Franky exclaims loudly, her eyes wide and a shocked smile creeping across her lips; Bea shifts in her chair and looks warily around the visiting room but it’s quiet today -  the guard on duty is bored and disinterested, the nearest prisoner four tables away.

“No.  Fucking.  Way,” Franky breathes again, leaning her elbows on the table and looking quizzically at Bea, like she’s never seen her before, eyes alight with curiosity.  "Shit, Red, I can’t leave you alone for five minutes, can I?“ she teases, but she can see how much Bea cares about this woman - it’s written in warm, broad swathes of color across her cheeks.

Franky leans back in her chair, arms folded over her chest and her chin rising in that arrogant, self-satisfied way she has; it puts a genuine smile onto Bea’s face and she feels warm familiarity smooth a few of her rough edges.

"Well, the only thing I can really say is,” Franky pauses, then sighs dramatically even if her eyes are wickedly mischievous, “that makes it even more of a pity we never hooked up.”