and it looks like shit


“And none of this information is foreboding or directly relevant to what’s about to happen in any way whatsoever.”

I’m guessing the princess in Shirasaki castle is Tomoyo predecessor, because she has the bell and the amazing headpiece going on. 

I also want to make an intelligible comment about Kuropapa’s smile but all that’s coming to mind is holy shit. 


Me: I dunno how I feel about Pedatorshipping. I mean it’s okay but I don’t really ship it-

*Yuri and Serena smile at each other for two seconds during the final episode*


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Here’s some lailvarez as part two of your gift!!! Im posting them separately cause I have a few headcanons I wanna share on lailvarez (i know it’s not evident on that it’s lailvarez but this is how i get out of drawing faces and it’s aesthetic) (ps i did not draw those flowers it’s a texture i canNot draw tht well)

  • Laila is an aesthetic hoe
  • Like Aesthetic Hoe
  • #doitfortheaesthetic
  • She loves roses and converse and converse with roses
  • She’s also T I N Y
  • Like
  • alvarez could pick her up in one hand
  • Come to think of it
  • I bet she’s done that too
  • Sara alvarez is a lipstick lesbian
  • Dont fight me on this
  • She has so many different lipstick colors
  • So many
  • Laila likes to do alvarez’s makeup
  • She does a decent job
  • For the most part laila doesnt wear too much makeup
  • But she was that girl in middle school who wore glitter eyeshadow
  • She still does on occasion
  • Laila and alvarez go stargazing all the time
  • Sometimes it’s a team thing
  • Sometimes just with jeremy
  • Sometimes by themselves
  • They’re the actual embodiment of the no homo bro memes
  • Even tho every knows they’re together and really fucking gay
  • “Bro,,the stars are beautiful but,,ur beautifuler bro”
  • “Bro” “bro”
  • they both say “no homo” and “that’s gay” v regularly
  • the moral of this story is that they’re in lov and i lov them

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I feel like everybody has done this game and I’m the last so I’ll just tag everyone who wants to do this

This fandom

We are all a bunch of shy fucking unicorns ok, with a couple of dickheads thrown in here and there but mostly we are all looking for approval and maybe it’s from the masses or maybe it’s from particular people (as is my case) but what it comes down to is that we all have some kind of insecurity about what we post and who cares and how many people like it or comment or whatever. And I’d just like to say that yes, I too am a shy unicorn even though I pretty much post whatever the fuck comes through my head at this point. So don’t feel bad if you don’t feel comfortable posting your thoughts, don’t feel bad if you are looking for approval, don’t feel bad if people disagree with you, because chances are that someone else feels the exact same way, but because we are all shy and unicorn-y, we don’t always make that known.

I look like shit as I’m ready for bed as you can see (sorry for bad quality pic lol).

If you hadn’t guessed my bias is bunny boi extreme (Doyoung).

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That feel when u know u did good when u made a drawing with an inverted colour scheme, and inverting that brings back almost all the correct colours :’D

This was honestly super fun to do though. Colour scheme was so bizarre since it was like, all colours I rarely use, but it was great practice!
Also posting both versions ‘cause both are awesome in their own way lol

Also my friend says she looks like Elsa in the first one (would’ve been had I not made her skin darker lmao), but my mom says she seems more Space-themed. I get Elf vibes from it, myself, so I guess it’s open to interpretation :D

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Why does an armoured butt have jiggle physics.

To be honest, I’m a little surprised that you decided to ask ME that question, since I’m in no way connected to bioware or have any insider insights into the mystery of their creative process. But I’m flattered you thought of me as someone who can maybe try to glimpse at the origin of this genius design decision, so I’ll try to crack it open (wink wink)

we know that bioware does extensive marketing research and always tries to pick up the most popular trends to give their gamers everything best the game industry has to offer. Just look at how Bethesda inspired them to get rid of the plot and add a lot of empty spaces. It’s also no secret that jiggly physics are a proud, time-tested tradition in video games. But usually it’s boob jiggle (for various examples, see “Dead or Alive” or other fighting games)

But bioware were not content to just take a ready solution, they decided to improve on it. We know that jiggle physics are sexy, right? But not everyone is attracted to boobs. If you just make boobs jiggly, you’re missing out on gay men and straight women - who make up a big chunk of bioware target audience. And bioware pride themselves on being progressive and inclusive, so limiting the jiggle just to boobs would be against their core believes. So in a stroke of genius bioware thought - what other part of humans is sexy, but more universal? What can anyone oogle, no matter their sexual preferences? And the answer is - BUTTS. Of course! No matter who you like - men, women, non-binary, bi-gender, a-gender, etc - they all gonna have a butt.

And lo and behold, the jingly butt was born. The fact that it is armored is consequential and should not be focused on. Think deeper. Look at the bigger goal of diversity that bioware is pioneering right there.

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I finally watched the preview for episode 19 and Barry looks rough. And it's been 7 years since iris died. He still looks like shit. It definitely broke him. I'm sad but really looking forward to this episode.

right??! it looks so good!! and yeah, iris’ death is something that he’ll never recover from “you’ll never get over this.” / “he truly broke you.” 

it’s close to a decade and barry is still a complete mess. i bet you anything he’s still trying to find a way to save her. haters should think about that before they ship him with any of their white faves. that boy is dead inside without iris.