and it looks like shit

i am 25, i am the heaviest i have ever been and for the first time in my life i absolutely adore myself to bits, but holy fuck you guys.

i fucking cried in the dressing room when my friends took me to a place that actually sold cute bras in my size.
i no longer feel like i should shrink myself down or that i have to hide what i eat from my family, because honestly fuck that noise and the people that make you feel that way. 

and listen; loving yourself is not a goal that you reach, it’s a journey and it’s a fight that doesn’t end. everyone struggles with this shit, and that’s ok! body positivity doesn’t mean you feeling awesome 24/7

shoutout to tumblr’s fat positivity gang and all of my amazing and supportive friends

we’ve all been knee-deep in Kabby high school teacher AU recently (to my great delight, as teacher AUs are a particular weakness of mine), and I cannot tell you how much I love @nicoleclowes science teacher Abby in glasses and labcoat


(( my god dusts this blog off let me apologize for my drawn and horrible absence i really don’t have many fair excuses to give other than the usual home school life work but i am doing replies!! i am.. thing! replies!

For the most part I might have to clear out my ask box though - things have piled up and it’s quite daunting. I’ll get to as much of it as i can (especially those memes ferp friends have already done in return)! ppplease forgive me as i just snail pace my way through it the best i’m able to manage.. 

it’s really nice to get back on here and see you all again! ))


Oh boy

me: I’m gonna go write!
my brain: haha remember “”mommy issues””
me: this doesn’t have anything to do with this cute pokemon thing–
my brain: hahhahaha you have mommy issues you’re a fucking weirdo girl you’ll never be enough for anyone because your mom didn’t treat you right and also you’re not outwardly gay enough haha you’re so ugly and a Fake Gay



the KH2 secret endings are still fucking amazing okay