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“Mother Nature” Teamiplier Imagine requested by @littleblue5mcdork (feel better). *Warnings*: Swearing

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“Oh fuck.” I hunched over grabbing my stomach in pain as my body decided to shed the unborn babies from my uterus.

“What’s wrong now?” Ethan looked over at me from his phone with a concerned look.

“Mother Nature has come to visit, and she’s showing no mercy.” I groaned out.

“Geez, then go poop them.” He looked at me like I was dumb, and I scoffed.

“No dickhead, my period! I’m having really bad cramps.” I walked over to the couch and slowly sat down.

Ethan’s face began to turn a dark crimson shade, and he laughed nervously. He did the opposite of my previous action, and took off down the hallway calling for Amy and Kat.

I rolled my eyes with a slight smile on my face, but soon returned to my pained expression as I was hit with another wave of uneasiness.

“Hey Y/n, you okay?” Any came over and rested her hand on my slumped figure.

“How bad are the cramps?” Kat’s voice could be heard from the kitchen.

I let out a frustrated sigh, and took some deep breaths.

“It’s really fucking bad this time.” I cried out in despair.

Amy told me to lay down on the couch and relax my muscles before disappearing. I could hear her asking mark where his heating pad was, prompting him to interrogate her on why.

Ethan peeked his head around the corner eagerly and slowly approached me like I was an injured animal.

“Y/n, Do you need a belly rub?” He started to reach for my stomach, but I suddenly started laughing.

“No Ethan, I’m okay I promise. This happens, and I’m sure it might feel worse if you do that.” I patted his hand softly, and he made his way back to his previous seat.

Kat and Amy returned with Mark joining, and they started giving me things. Kat gave me some pain medication, Amy handed me the heating pad (ignoring marks protest), and they both brought pillows and blankets in case I fall asleep.

“You better not ruin my heating pad man, I need it.” Mark threatened me in a playful tone causing me to let out a dry chuckle.

Amy smacked him on the head, and they started to take their own seat. Tyler decided to finally join us, and he sat on the couch with me. I put my legs on his lap and situated myself to get in a comfortable position that didn’t flex my abdominal muscles.

“How about we play some jack box games to get the pain off your mind before the medicine kicks in?” He suggested.

We all nodded our heads in agreement; pulling out our phones as Mark set it up.

“Oh by the way, I ordered some Chinese take-out, so be prepared. I made sure it was a place that doesn’t cook with peanut oil, and got nothing with peanuts. *cough* Ethan.” Amy smiled over at the brunette boy.


We had been playing Trivia Murder Party, Quiplash, Drawful, and shoving our faces with Chinese food for about 2 hours now, and the food coma is starting to hit me.

“Did you guys know that you’re literally the best people on this Earth?” I chuckled at my own cheesy confession.

“Yes.” Everyone said almost at the same time.

We all busted in to a laughing fit, and continued to play our game.

Though my vision was starting to become blurry from the drowsiness, so I was forgetting to answer questions on time and clearly. I finally gave in to the feeling and let myself fall asleep.

The group looked at me and let out a sigh of relief.

“So what was wrong with her?” Tyler knitted his eyebrows together with confusion written all over his face.

“She started her period.” Kat replied.

“Already too much information.” Tyler’s face scrunched up and he became slightly uncomfortable.

“Can you guys take care of me like that when I start my period?” Ethan asked everyone with a pouting face.

You could tell they were holding in their laughter to the best of their ability.

“Someone has gotta tell him.” Mark broke the silence causing a chain reaction of laughter.

(A/n: sorry it’s kinda short, I tried though!)

what if

[Video: Dax the Jardine’s parrot laying on his back at the bottom of his cage. One foot is holding on to the bar at the bottom of the cage and the other is holding a piece of bamboo. He lays on his back transfixed by the twirling bamboo until suddenly he springs up and throws it.]

Dax what….what are you doing?