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my wife just pointed out that Rick O’Connell from The Mummy and Eliot Spencer from Leverage would be the ultimate mom friends together and now I want a movie of this, the two of them long-sufferingly trying to prevent their family/friends with no self-preservation instincts from getting themselves killed

Birthday under the Cherry Blossoms

Characters © to Myself and @raiynfox

Art by @fini-mun

This is something special to me. My gf, @raiynfox’s birthday is today and I wanted to get her something special, so who better to contact to bring an idea to life in art, then @fini-mun. It is such a lovely piece to show how much we love each other, cause I am nothing without this wonderful woman in my life. Happy birthday hun. I love you so much. I hope this birthday is awesome for you.

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So I've been following you for a while now and you've got me interested in witchcraft. My problem is idk where or how to start. The only thing that comes up when I search modern witch craft is Wicca and I'm not sure about it. Any pointers on how and where to start? Also, love your blog 😋

-pauses the Voltron content- OK TIME FOR A SHORT LESSON ON WITCHCRAFT!

First things first, modern witchcraft does not equal Wicca! Some people do count themselves as Wiccan today and try to hold others to their rules, or just do their thing, it’s a valid path, but not all modern magic is Wiccan. I’m not Wiccan, I’m something called eclectic. Eclectic witches are kind of all over the place, they do their own brand of magic.

Honestly? Tumblr search is awesome is you look up witchcraft. You’ll find posts on every type imaginable. Some blogs I would recommend if you’re unsure are 






and myself *wink wonk* @broomclosetedalix 

Start with those and find the pages on different types of witchcraft. Start small, make a few sigils, google up on crystals and different tools, have some tea. Tea is good. Tea is awesome, cause you can please whatever you think lives in your home (faeries, spirits) and make the house smell good and your hands warm, and it tastes good!

Make some moonwater would be the next step I took, I suppose. Leave water in jars out on the full moon (Jars are big in witchcraft too, heads up. it’s a running joke). 

Honestly though? Do what feels right. If it feels right and good to you, do it! (again, unless it’s murder) So good luck and my best wishes are with you!

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Your blog is sooo awesome!!! Thxs for all the good work! I'm looking for a lost fic: Stiles has kind of an orgy with several versions of Derek (seven maybe?) and there's also a young/de-aged Derek. It's very very smutty!

I think it’s this one. - Anastasia

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An Abundance of Dereks by antpower

(1/1 I 9,197 I Explicit I Sterek)

Something went wrong in the de-aging process and now Stiles is stuck Derek-sitting not just one but a whole pack of Dereks. He knows exactly what to do with them.

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So today I was with my friend and her new boyfriend and she casually mentioned that I was ace (she knows I dont mind people knowing) and he looked really confused so I explained it and he said "thats awesome!" gave me a high five it was such a pure moment

good for you!! i love hearing happy stories like this you just Made My Day

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Any advice for someone just getting In to learning about space, the stars, astronomy, astrology, cosmic magic?

blogs! all the blogs! i have so many favorite blogs that have to do with these subjects so here ya go! and my advice would just be to research as much as you can, blogs are a cool way to start ;)

space/astronomy: @fuckyeahcelestialthings, @deep-sky-astronomy, @officialastronomy

astrology: @starseedastrology, @astrolocherry

cosmic magic: @cosmic-witch (all the way, she’s the best, she will have everything you’re looking for!)

i hope this helps and have fun with these awesome topics!

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Firstly, thank you guys for your awesome work :) I'm looking for a modern AU fic where Bucky (I'm 90% sure it was Bucky and not Steve) thinks he is straight but when he realises he likes Steve, he tries having sex with guys before telling Steve how he feels. (I think this was only a small part but its my most prominent memory of this fic) Sorry if its vague and thanks in advance :D

the only thing I pulled that looks likely is Pulling Me Back by steveandbucky