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Because I have a love of forest things  ❤

Las (m.) - Forest
Drzewo (n.) - Tree
Liść (m.) - Leaf
Kłoda (f.) - Log
Nasiono (n.) - Seed
Mech (m.) - Moss
Krzew (m.) - Bush
Kwiat (m.) - Flower
Orzech (m.) - Nut
Skała (f.) - Rock
Jezioro (n.) - Lake
Rzeka (f.) - River
Gleba (f.) - Soil
Natura (f.) - Nature

Jesień (f.) - Autumn

Wilk (m.) - Wolf
Lis (m.) - Fox
Jeleń (m.) - Deer
Wiewiórka (f.) - Squirrel
Sarna (f.) - Roe deer
Mysz (f.) - Mouse
Sowa (f.) - Owl
Kret (m.) - Mole
Żubr (m.) - Bison
Dzik (m.) - Boar
Pająk (m.) - Spider
Niedźwiedź (m.) - Bear
Królik (m.) - Rabbit
Ptak (m.) - Bird
Wąż (m.) - Snake
Jeż (m.) - Hedgehog

Wędrować/Powędrować - To hike

Ian: Why are you even with me right now?

Mickey: The fuck does that mean?

Ian: You heard what she said in there. Thirty fucking years Mick, thirty years of this bullshit!

Mickey: Lo… look Gallagher, it doesn’t fucking matter alright? Thirty days, thirty years, you got me, alright?

Ian: (Nods reluctantly with a sigh) Okay.

Mickey: (Repeats) You got me.


“I hesitated.”


So I wanted to give you all a little update on what’s been going on since I haven’t been too active recently.

- Kind of art blocked:
You know how it goes. You get this great stream of productivity theeeeeen NADA. So yeah I’ve been doodling here and there but nothing more than super rough sketches. I’ve got some cool mini prints on the way that are yoi themed. Hopefully I can power through those without them looking too horrific


ALRIGHT. So I’ve completed the design for my Victuuri keychains. Right now I’m just ordering the parts for them since this is my first time selling keychains. The shipping on the little phone straps alone is about 4-6 weeks so I’ve been holding off announcing this until a date that is closer to delivery.

I will be opening up preorders as soon as I’ve got the majority of the parts, and preorders will be open for about a month or so :)

So there you have it! You’ve made it to the end of my little announcement/catchup, and as a reward I shall show you the sample art of the keychains! I hope you guys like them ;w; ~<3

**note The writing on Victor’s jacket is backwards for printing purposes but will be flipped in final :)



!Looking for an Artist!

Alright I’ve been waiting to do this until I had some cash. I want to run my own Youtube channel but I can’t draw for shit. I’m looking for a graphic artist to produce a logo/brand for my channel. I will pay $23/hr or whatever you think is fair we can work to an agreement I know and understand that art supplies/time is not cheap and is valuable. Again I’m looking for two things a logo and a banner for my channel. Its a Let’s Play channel (shocker) with some skits. The art can be in whatever format that is most comfortable to you. Please message me whenever you can!

*EDIT* Currently talking to an artist and getting things sorted out. THANK YOU ART SIDE OF TUMBLR FOR THE QUICK REPLY!

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Yo, I actually wanna see what their dad looks like.

Mrs. Gold (Susan): Alright, he’s coming right now.
Emmet: Ah?
Edd: Okay, mother.

Mr. Gold (Ethan): Well if it isn’t my favorite boys. It’s been a while. Mostly a long time since I seen Emmet.
Edd: It has been.
Emmet: H…hi uncle Ethan.

Ethan: Oh um… Emmet. There’s something that me and your ‘aunt’ have to tell you.
Emmet: Huh?
Susan: Well…you see Emmet, Edward. You two…
Edd: Yes, mother?
Emmet: Wait-
Ethan & Susan: You two are actually brothers.

Edd: W…what?

Edd and Emmet’s faces suddenly were shocked about the news. Who knew that they were really brothers? Mr. and Mrs. Gold a bit ago called Edd’s home but told Tom everything and they decided to keep it a secret cause if Edd found out he would go to find Emmet but they wanted to take time since he was living in a orphanage at the time and had to work on the adoption papers without saying a word to Emmet, but he still will need to get his belongings from the orphanage. Now…it’s Tom turn to tell Edd’s parents that he loves their son.

Alright, let’s see.. another social media outlet to utilize how I see fit. Beautiful. It goes without saying, I’m sure you all know who I am.. where I’ve been.. what I do & what lineage I hail from. So, just to cut to the chase, I’ll save you a long and extensive introduction for one that’s far more easier to comprehend; Tumblr.. I have arrived.

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u right, the makeup WAS good, however there were other nominations that took way longer, and looked way better, and that's why people are upset

Alright, I’ll answer this once, since I’ve seen this in a lot of the reblogs.

I said nothing about the other nominees for hair and makeup in any of my posts about Suicide Squad.

If you think one of the other films had better makeup and deserved to win, that’s your prerogative.

But that is not the only reason, or even the primary reason I was seeing in the tags last night, that people were complaining about Suicide Squad winning.

The prevailing narrative was not “Another movie did it better” but “Suicide Squad did nothing at all to deserve this award”, hence all the comments about “all they did was dye Jared Leto’s hair” or “all they did was scribble on his face”. Even among those saying another film should have won, they largely fixated on criticizing the Joker makeup as if that were the only notable makeup design in the entire movie.

And whether or not you like the Joker design, that’s just unfair to the makeup artists who also gave us Croc, Diablo, and Enchantress.

So the post I believe you’re referring to was not saying “You can’t like the makeup design in another movie better”, it was saying “You have to be honest about the makeup design in this movie”, because a lot of people weren’t.


@mchanzo when you were saying Sombra would totally lock these two in an elevator so they’d confess… I had to draw it


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

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