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Oh goodness, if you're drawing the incredibke events at the Grammys, could you maybe also do Jenna looking fantastic in her lovely dress? You're the absolute best perso ever!! (:

She looked so beautiful! <3 

707 trolls the RFA Halloween Party – Jumin x Zen

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Zen didn’t know where the tall gothic-looking mirror came from but damn if he didn’t look absolutely fantastic in his werewolf costume. He made a few sexy poses and considered making another selfie.

“You shouldn’t stand in front of mirrors during Halloween. If you’re not careful, demons will drag you into them.”

He sighed loudly as trust fund kid in his stupidly handsome (wait what?) vampire costume appeared to push his silly superstitions on to him. Who could’ve known that the businessman with a heart of ice believed in such ridiculous tales?

“Pfft, really? Hey demons! Come and get this handsome face, you bunch of losers!” Zen laughed at the mirror.

“Better to be safe than sorry.” Jumin crossed his arms, looking annoyed.

Zen turned around. Suddenly he felt something cold pull his arm. He saw a bloodied pale hand come from the mirror, trying to drag him towards it.

“AAACCKKK!!” As he let out his high-pitched scream, Jumin rushed forward to kick down the mirror and grabbed Zen in one go. Both of them held each other tight, adrenaline coursing through their veins as they were greeted with… laughter.

“Lolololol, you guys should see your faces!”

Behind the mirror, Saeyoung crawled out of a black curtain, waving at them. His clothes were all black save for his hand, which was painted a sickly white color with fake blood splattered on it. With the mirror now on its side, they could see it was a trick mirror.

“This isn’t funny, Saeyoung Choi!” Jumin yelled at the redhead.

“Au contraire, my friend!”

It was only then Zen realized Jumin was still holding him close to his chest, their hearts racing a million times a second. He pushed himself away, face and ears red and burning. Jumin looked away from him, not faring much better.

“You guys are so cute together!” Saeyoung winked and pranced away. Zen reminded himself to kill him later.

For the rest of the evening Jumin hovered around Zen, never leaving his sight no matter how many times the actor told him to piss off. Zen would later rant endlessly about it in the messenger but he’d never admit that he liked it.

SHE DRANK HER ALE AT THE BAR (or, “There’s literally nothing about this that isn’t absolutely delightful”)

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Voltron: Legendary Defender #1 (Lion Forge)

by Tim Hendrick, Rich Iverson and the Digital Art Chefs

Five giant robot lions that combine into one REALLY giant robot to fight aliens in space: an awesomely ridiculous concept that could only have come from the 80s. Voltron is back and looking absolutely fantastic the new Voltron: Legendary Defender animated series, created by much of the same incredible team that brought you Legend of Korra. Of course, as awesome as the robot is, the real draw of this story is the friendship between Hunk, Pidge, Lance, Keith, and Shiro, the new paladins of Voltron. And this week, from Lion Forge, the team stumbles into a new adventure in Voltron: Legendary Defenders #1. (For the continuty conscious, this issue takes place after episode 8.)

While Princess Allura recuperates from their latest face-off with the Glara Empire, Coran takes the paladins out for some rigorous training. Their plans are waylaid, however, when a stop at a dodgy bar leads to a run-in with someone who Coran owes a debt - one that’s overdue by about ten thousand years! While their training must be postponed, the new defenders of the universe will get plenty of hands-on experience as they fight to obtain a Yalexian pearl valuable enough to pay for their friend’s release.

Though this adventure stands apart from the main plot of the animated series, it seems there’s at least one juicy hint of backstory tucked in among the action that fans will be eager to add to their theories and discussions. Who knows what else may be revealed down the line? At the very least, if you blasted your way through 11 episodes of Legendary Defender and are now desperate for more, this 4-part series looks to be a fun bonus chapter to help tide you over until the next season. Which is… when exactly? I have an urgent need to mark my calendar.

Emily Forster is a Digital Editor and spends her free time thinking almost exclusively about various kinds of sentient space robots.

Take a look, everyone! And gaze upon the absolute cutest robotic secretary an Overlord could ever ask for! Such pristine outer shell…Such articulation! The absolute picture of cute fashion, at heights that few could ever hope to achieve! 

I give you R.e.x.! The Esteemed Secretary of  The Accursed Eldritch Overlord, Fatescar!

Doesn’t she look so good in that sundress, goodness me. Of course, she posed for the picture and asked me to post it so that everyone could see her! So here you are, folks! Be sure to leave kind words…

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Like seriously mad props to @bemyamatus for this mod. 

I got the color done tonight! It looks absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to see it once it heals. Kudos to Jessi Hawke here in Philly for being such an awesome tattoo chick, and love to my bae @princess-wasabi for designing it! <3

Hey I’m Keaton (he/him) I’m 29 and this is my favorite selfie I’ve ever taken. I’m trying to be brave enough to chop off my hair. I think I’d be happier with short hair, but I’m not out to my family or at work and I know cutting it all off would raise questions. Oh well, for now hats are my favorite things.
I’m always interested in new friends, so if anyone wants to chat I’m @onlymomcallsmedoctor I’m currently working on a political science degree, and I like star wars, and super heroes, and space, and cats.

Hey Keaton! You look absolutely fantastic here! And I understand you with the hair thing, just when you do feel brave enough go for it! You’ll look handsome as hell! Hope you’re having a good one you smart cookie you

America Boyfriend Headcanons! (#1) >V<

Name? Alfred F. Joooones!

Babe gives insane bear hugs! He will hug his s/o until their eyes are popping out and they can’t breath.

  • Of course he does feel bad if he has hugged his s/o too tight, and will immediately apologize; he’s just too happy to see them.

  • Of course if his s/o isn’t about that touchey touchey life, he’ll respect that and won’t do so. He does love the company of his s/o the best, even without words or touch.

He has absolutely no shame.

  •  Well, I mean, he loves to compliment his s/o. Loudly. He won’t care even if him and his s/o are out in public. Something along the lines of, “OH MY GOSH, S/O, S/O. YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICALLY AWESOME TODAY.”

  • He won’t care that he doesn’t look like a hero; if some movie is scary, he’s holding onto his s/o for dear f*ckin life.
             - Just pat him and tell him it’s okay.
  • He has no shame about kissing his s/o in public. Just pecks and cheek kisses, and maybe even some intense make-outs in the mix. He won’t push his s/o to kiss him in public if his s/o isn’t comfortable with it though.


  • He loves fast food, yes. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t try to surprise his s/o by taking them to a fancy smancy restaurant. 
              - He may just forget to tell them to, um, dress up for the occasion.

               - To be honest, he may not even care about it. Freaking go out to eat in basketball shorts for all he cares. He thinks his s/o looks awesome in anything.
    - Nah, just kidding. He will try to make it up to his s/o if the two of them end up showing up to a fancy restaurant in not-so-fancy-restaurant attire.
                - But his s/o rocks a mean pair of basketball shorts and flip-flops.

  • He’s not the best at baking. He can bake a mean apple pie though! Sometimes it just comes out as too much apple and not enough pie… 

  • He will help out with cooking. He doesn’t want to leave all of that to his s/o! He can cook a nice amount of items, sometimes he’ll even add his own spin to a recipe and sometimes that actually turns out great. Other times, no. 


  • He’s not the best at it. He’s not terribly messy though. Of course, he’s a mess. But he actually isn’t that bad. He does try to keep his space organized.

  • He won’t leave all of the cleaning to his s/o. He likes doing the dishes more though. “It’s like a small water fight! With yourself!” Or something along those lines. 

Freaking Video Games.

  •  His s/o is playing with him.

         - Unless they absolutely hate video games, he won’t force them. He will  whine about it though. “Who doooooesn’t like viiiiiideo gaaaaaames???? C’moooon, s/ooooo.” But he won’t force his s/o.

  • “Please, s/o, just watch me play if you don’t feel like it.”

        - If his s/o is the type of person that enjoys watching a person play a game, that’s perfect. Enjoy his reactions. Enjoy his achievements with him. I can assure that he will kiss his s/o at probably every level up. 


  • He may be all fun and games a lot of the time, but just say the word and he’s there. 

  • He will care fiercely. It would even give him a boost of even more energy to comfort his s/o. He’ll try to cheer them up by taking them to the movies, playing video games, doing fun stuff.

  • If that doesn’t work, he will pull his s/o in for a deep embrace.

         - No words have to be spoken. He can sit there hugging his s/o for days if it’ll help.

         - He’s just a puppy dog in a human body that wants to please.

         - He’ll let his s/o cry their eyes out if needed.

          - He’ll listen for days.

  • Once it’s all said and done, or even just over, he’ll suggest going out. “Suggest” being more so like: “Let’s go to (place place), s/o!”