and it looking like she had done something wrong

(more for elsewhere) The thing Karen hated the most was the uncertainty. Like that cute boy at the frat party who smiled at her, but something about his teeth was wrong and he looked… hungry. And she ended up going back to her dorm instead. Or that elevator, that some older girl reassured her was totally safe, but she had a weird gleam in her eyes, and the elevator made strange noises and didn’t always come when the button was pushed. When that new girl showed up out of nowhere, and claimed she was a transfer, but she looked too much like the painting Tom had done after he was taken. Maybe They couldn’t lie, but maybe they didn’t tell the whole truth, either. Not being quite sure was awful, because maybe that boy was nice, and maybe the elevator could let her skip 9 flights of stairs, and maybe that new girl deserved a friend. Or maybe not.


You were just changing into some comfortable clothes when someone walked in on you without knocking. You clutched your shirt to your chest and looked at Alec, who stood in the doorway. He looked at you for a moment with an unchanging expression, before he apologized and walked out.

“Izzy what did I ever do to your brother? He hates me. Always looking at me with that same expression on his face. He never laughs either or at least not when I’m around.” You asked your friend after you had trained together. She snorted and began to laugh.

“That’s not funny! Seriously have I done something wrong?” You asked.

“He doesn’t hate you, he likes you. It’s Alec we’re talking about. What did you expect? Did you really think he’d just tell you.”

“Well, that is what any normal person would do.” You said, sighing.

“Yes, but Alec is not normal.”

Later you went to his room and knocked on the door. He yelled to come in from the other side of the door.

“Do you have a moment?” You asked as you entered. He looked up at you and nodded.

“Sure, Y/N.”

You sat down awfully close to him on the bed. “Can you zip up my dress, please?” You asked him turning your back towards him.

“Uh…yes, sure..” He said a little irritated at your request. He did his best not to stare at you too much. When you turned around you had to suppress a smirk. Izzy was right, he was terrible at these things.

“Izzy told you didn’t she?” He asked when he saw you, trying not to smile.

“Told me what exactly?”

He rolled his eyes. “That I like you.”

“She might have.” You answered.

“I’m going to kill her…”

• the butterfly curse

nonnie requested: Can i request angst barry/reader fic in which she has a crush on him 4ever? when she has power to rewrite the past, she used it to get barry to love her. She changed it so many times cuz something always gone wrong kinda like butterfly effect. Pls?

A/N: Hello! Sorry for your wait. I had to look up and researched about the butterfly effect with all that stuff. Now, I’m not sure if this is correctly done for your taste but I hope you enjoy it. This goes from before his powers to when he does to other alternative versions of I made up of Barry. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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                    » Relationship(s): Barry Allen & Reader (unrequited love), Barry Allen/Iris West « 

You were once just an average person, no special gifts or talents besides being you and would live a normal life. Least that’s what you thought for a while until you met Barry whom was just a forensic scientist at the CCPD and let’s just say, the kind of clumsy and rambling man began to take over your life. You had a crush on him but you could never put yourself together to say how you felt to him as life would have until you began to have powers from being affected. You soon realized you had the power to rewrite the past and then you could have Barry Allen to yourself right?

So that’s exactly what you did and for the first time it did work, you had Barry to yourself. He didn’t get his superhero powers in this present as he was still normal Barry who babbled on and on. You two were happy together but that would only last for so long until he was involved in a hit and run. He, being the who got hit too hard and lost his life from it. But that’s okay right? You could just keep rewriting until you had your life perfect the way you wanted with your powers. This time, Barry was the Flash but not of the hero kind. He was a villain who had fun and enjoyment of the suffering of others as he’d think you were just a toy.

Not that Barry you wanted so you kept writing and changing everything with so many different versions of Barry. None of which turned out like your daydreams, you couldn’t handle it anymore as you decided to write the past one more time. You wrote it to where you read the newspapers of young Barry whom lost his mother of some blur and his father went to prison of murder for it. You cried softly as fate would have it that no matter how much you try, you will never have Barry. He wasn’t the one for you, no matter how many weddings you two had or the memories of him giving you silly gifts on your desk at the CCPD in other versions.

Or how his lips pressed up against yours, it never lasted for a good while. It was too much until you finally got the present day of before you got the powers. You were just Y/N L/N who was in love Bartholomew Allen but you two were not meant to be. No matter how much you try to write the perfect past, you couldn’t get the guy. Love is something that can make you feel amazing but it also can be most devastating disaster. And well, it wasn’t on your side for Barry as you saw him hold hands with Iris who was Joe’s daughter right?

They looked so…happy. As you wished and wished to be her with him instead of sitting at your desk, staring at how much in love they were. As you didn’t exist in the mind of Bartholomew Henry Allen in this timeline anymore besides a complete stranger.




Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Requested by anon: hi!! can i request a tomxreader where tom and reader are dating (like for 4 months or something) and she is also an actress and is in spiderman hoco and she’s always seeing zendaya flirting with tom (i love zendaya but please) and she get jealous and they have a huGE fight but ends with fluff. (is it too much?? Sorry

A/N: stuff in italics are the readers thoughts :)

zendaya is a queen and never in her life has she done something wrong and she probably will never do anything wrong but sometimes u gotta do it for the fic

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The sounds of the bustling film set filled your ears as you waited for Tom. People hurried about, the director calling specific actors and the crew rushing to get everything ready. It was quite the sight, one that you had grown fond of in the couple of weeks that you had already spent filming the new Spider-Man film.

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Timeline Story

Highschool: the girl sat down at her new desk, whispering prayers under her breath as more students walked in. Her stomach seemed to have butterflies running loose and the once large classroom was suddenly beginning to feel too small. Looking around the room to find something to distract herself with, her eyes met the gaze of the pair sitting across from her.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked the boy, feeling as if she had done something wrong.
“Nothing, I just think you’re beautiful”

Prom: The girl stood in the corner, her fingers playing with her dress. She smiled brightly as the boy held her hands in his and asked for a dance, his eyebrows raising as if to tease her. Looking as if she was deep in thought, the boy felt his heart speed up in its cage. Suddenly, she held his hand and brought him to the dance floor, her hands guiding his to her waist and slowly swaying to the music. A light blush colored her cheeks as she saw the look in his eyes.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked him softly.
“Nothing. I’m just really interested in you”

College: the girl laid in her bed, the world around her started draining of its color. The sheets wrinkled under fingers as the white ceiling of her room stared back at her. Dirty laundry decorated the floor and the smell of old takeout had captured the once fresh air. Finally coming to a conclusion, the girl got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, closing the white door behind her. Opening the medicine cabinet and grabbing a bottle, she filled her cupped hand with little beads of red and white. The girl was just about to take them when the boy came crashing through the door, shoving the happy pills out of her hands. Grabbing the bottle, he flushed down every little bead down the toilet. Once he had seen all the red and white disappear, the boy held the girl in his arms and brought her gently to her bed, tucking her in. No words were spoken between them and it was as if the empty look in her eyes was enough for him to know about the tears her eyes had spilled. The pain her heart had felt. Laying a water bottle on her side table, he crawled in bed with her. Turning around to cover him in the blankets as well, the girl noticed the boy staring at her.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked, her voice shaking and cracking.
“Nothing. I just really like you”

Wedding: The girl walked down the red carpet beneath her, her arms around her father’s. Legs shaking underneath, she climbed up the steps, now linking her hands with the love of her life’s. Catching his gaze on the other side of the veil, tears lines the rim of the boy’s eyes.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked him in a whisper, meeting his eyes with a look of adoration in her own.
“Nothing. I just really love you,” the boy whispered back, the wet droplets now streaming down his face.


A Mate’s Sin || What if Rhysand had taken her after finding out she was his mate? What if his impulses took control faster than his mind had?

“Mor. Mor. I did something bad,” I said, heaving. Her face had drained white and she looked like she may puke herself, but for all the wrong reasons. She didn’t know the sins I had committed yet, what treacheries I had done. She took a small step towards me, but she was still taking me in. She couldn’t believe it. Maybe even fearful. “Oh fuck, I did something really bad.”

“Fifty years…” She whispered. “Fifty years and-”

“I took her, I accidentally took her,” I said fast, my hands shaking. “Mor. Mor!” Finally, her eyes tore away and she looked at the girl in my arms, as if waking up from a dream. Obviously, Mor hadn’t seen her at all, she was too occupied staring at me to see what I had been carrying.

“Is she dead?” She asked in a too-soft voice, eyeing the wounds and starvation on not only her but me as well. I shook my head, feeling like I may puke now. “Who is she? Rhys, who the hell is she?! RHYS!” My lips were trembling.

“She’s my mate. My mate,” I said, loudly now. “And a lover. Tamlin’s lover. I…I think I stole her.”


He looked at the invitation himself, but it meant nothing to him. Was she sad she couldn’t make it or something? “Do you wanna talk about it…?”

“I–” She didn’t really, no. Especially not with him, not that he had done anything wrong. But she knew to tread carefully; she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Of course that was a major catch-22, really. Talking about it could just as well be more dangerous than rejecting his offer. But she could… try to skirt around the real issue. 

“Eheh. It just reminds me of how stupid I was. I should probably burn it.”

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((meanxballerina)) ☃


Bruce looked at the floor, more confused than anything. He didn’t understand why he was here, or for that matter how he had gotten here. He knew this wasn’t his father’s lab. Bruce surveyed the room nervously. It looked like someone had fallen, or that his father went on a drunken rampage. His eyes fell on the woman by the door. She looked shocked… had he done something wrong? Had he blacked out again?

“D-did I hurt you?” He asked nervously 

Forgive Me? - Marvel (Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver)

Anonymous said: 

Hi could you do a Pietro x reader fic where they tried to be more than best friends but he was too scared and he ended up hurting the reader but when he realises he made a mistake he can’t even get close enough to the reader as the rest of the guy avengers are like her big brothers? Then some kind of battle starts and they all have to go and ,I don’t know, something happens in the mission? Have fun with it 😊

They were surrounded, completely and utterly surrounded with not as much as a single escape. Pietro looked over at his best friend, knowing this would probably be the last time he would be able to look at her properly. At this moment it didn’t really matter to him that she hated him with all her being. After all he was the one who had done her wrong, and she had all the right in the world to be mad at him. Every freaking right. 

 «Drop your weapons.» A loud voice boomed, as the circle of Hydra agents grew closer to the avengers. 

 «If I could, I would.» Tony replied sarcastically, of course he had to say something witty. Shots were fired by their feet in return, and all of them stepped closer together. 

 «Alright, alright.» Tony held his hands up high, releasing his suit, so he stood there, without any protection what so ever, and was right now probably the most vulnerable of them. 

 «Y/N.» Pietro whispered at you, where you stood beside him, having dropped your gun to the ground already. He didn’t look at you, as he kept his gaze on the enemy.


 «I’m sorry.» He whispered quickly, as they were all grabbed by their forearms and led towards the huge buildings in front of them.

«Hey, lover boy, you know this whole feelings things works much better if you just tell her.» Tony chimed in where he plumped himself down beside Pietro on the couch. Pietro had been staring at Y/n for the past minute, seeing as you were discussing the norse mythology with Thor yet again, wanting to know the truth about every single one of the myths. 

«Tell her? No way. She’s my best friend. There is no way she could have feelings for me.» Pietro muttered silently back. 

«Well, if you don’t tell her soon, patriotism over there will tell her before you can.» Tony nodded his head towards Steve where he sat near where Y/n and Thor stood talking, having a dreamy look on his face as he looked at Y/n. Pietro’s blood grew angry at the sight. Even tough he hadn’t told you his feelings just yet, and even though you might not even return them, he felt more than protective over you. 

More than just a protective friend. 

«It’s not me you need to apologize to.» Y/n whispered back, giving Pietro a quick glance where he was being escorted with his hands bound on his back by one of the Hydra agents, beside her. Pietro glanced over at Steve, who still, despite his ability to heal quickly, had a huge bruise on his cheek. 

«So If I apologize to him, you will forgive me?» He whispered back to you again. 

 «Only if he does.» 

Pietro followed close behind Steve, as he walked down the corridor to the training area. After your talk with Thor earlier that day, Steve had pulled you aside, wanted to talk to you in private for a minute. Steve had flirted immensely as you two stood there talking, a scowling Pietro looking at the two of you from afar. Pietro stepped into the room right after Steve did, anger evident in his eyes. 

«Nothing is as good as a good round before bed, huh?» Cap said, knowing Pietro came in after him. 

«Yeah, nothing as good.» Pietro repeated as he came closer. 

«Well, gotta look good, since Y/n finally let me take her out tomorrow. Do you know if she likes me more than a friend. I figured you might know, since you are her best friend and all…» Steve had turned to Pietro, who tried his best to hold his composure. Steve continued to ramble on about you, and how he had planned your date tomorrow. In the end Pietro got enough. 

«Shut up!» He shouted, not able to contain his anger and jealously anymore. Pietro landed the punch on Steve’s cheek, knocking him over by the force and speed in it. 

As if waking up by a dream, Pietro looked at Steve laying on the floor, spitting blood, and a huge bruise forming on his cheek, seeing the impact of his actions. He knew right away that you were not gonna be happy about this, not the least. And you would probably ask question as to why he did it, as in her eyes he seemed to like Steve. 

Pietro had been right, you had been furious as you had walked in seconds later, rushing to Steve’s side. Quickly looking over to Pietro, demanding answers immediately. Pietro had only stared at you for a second, before storming off, locking himself in his room until they were all called out on this mission. 

The other avengers had heard about the incident by then as well, keeping close to Y/n at all times. Not letting Pietro even come close to her. 

Pietro knew, that if they didn’t survive this mission, Y/n would never know how he felt about her, never know how deeply his feelings went for her. And as it was looking right now, it didn’t seem like his confession would ever set place.

Part 2


Avery tried her hardest to focus on her work, but it was difficult when she felt like she was being watched all the time. She caught Jules looking at her from the other side of the lab several times during the day but what she couldn’t figure out was why. Did she have food on her face? Had she done something wrong? Oh god, was she wearing the wrong coloured coat?!

Exo Reaction to Finding Out Their Girlfriend Can’t Have Kids

Now I am really sorry if this doesn’t come out very good, I have a feeling a lot of the reactions are going to feel the same. But I got the sense you needed this, so that is why I am doing it. I hope it helps whatever personal struggle you’re going through. 


He wasn’t concerned with the fact that they couldn’t have kids biologically, they could always adopt. He was primarily concerned with how sad she looked and the expression on her face that hinted that she felt like she had done something wrong. 


“It’s okay Jagi,” he said as he held her close, trying to make her feel better with his cuddles. “We can always kidnap one of Kyungsoo’s kids.” 


“That doesn’t matter to me,” he told her with a smile as he hugged her tightly, wrapping her completely in his arms. “We can always adopt kids when we want them.” 


He smiled at her as he picked up their dog and began to pet it, kissing its head and smiling. “We can always get another dog until we want to think about adopting a baby.” 


“That’s fine Baobei,” he told her with a smile. He didn’t want kids yet anyway and if they were still together later on, they could always adopt. 


When she told him and looked like she was about to cry, he pushed aside what he felt and took her hands in his. He smiled gently at her as he rubbed his thumbs along the backs of her hand. “I love you just as much as before you told me.” 


“Do you want to have kids right now?” he asked her with widened eyes after she told him. She shook her head at him, frowning. 

“I thought you had the right to know,” she said awkwardly as she held onto her arm an downcasted her eyes away from his. 

Lay moved forwards and pulled her into a hug. “It’s okay, we can always adopt a baby when we want to have kids.” 


When he saw her tearing up, he gave her a smile and then pulled her into a hug. Having kids of their own wasn’t that important to him, but he wanted her to know he cared if it was important to her. 


“Does that mean I don’t have to wear a condom?” he asked her with a smirk as a laugh escaped him. His girlfriend deadpanned and then slapped his arm hard, rolling her eyes before walking away from him. He widened his eyes, realising he had genuinely upset her and then muttered a shitty apology. 


He smiled at her and tried to reassure her that he didn’t think any less of her because of what she had told him. “We can always go to a doctor and get a second opinion. If there is nothing to be done, we can adopt.” 


As she told him and began to cry, he teared up a little because he hated seeing her upset. He gathered her into a hug and held her close, whispering that it didn’t matter to him in her ear. 


After she had told him everything and just looked at him with eyes full of anticipation, he took her hand in his and smiled, trying to make her feel better by reassuring her that it changed nothing. “That is what adoption agencies are for…we can have a kid when we’re ready.”

Cry Baby.

She hadn’t realized how flusttered and eager had been until his lips broke apart from that divine osculation she had swam into, for a moment she wondered if she had done something wrong but the look in his eyes was far more encouraging than anything she could possibly think of. God, he was soon to become her favorite view in this whole wide world in case he wasn’t such, already, that gleam in his eyes seemed to be alluring her into misbehaving, outside the sky was fading from cyan to indigo, evening lingering at her threshold waiting for the right time to chime in; she didn’t buy the walking lie he happened to be – he might look like an angel when he’s alone, deep in thinking, but under those lights and flashing that grin she knew he was a demon. No angel would tempt her the way he did.

Happy birthday, was it? Well, very much indeed. His lips crashed against hers, not pressed but crashed, before she would utter any words of gratefulness, instead her lips curled in a distorted smirk as she couldn’t truly display a smile as devious or as kind in that situation. The simple touch of his hand on her waist set that portion of skin ablaze, even through the thin fabric of her shirt, by instict her fingers unlaced and travled upwards grasping on his hair gently, but pulling at it slightly as she took a small leap and managed to straddle him, feeling him so close was wreacking havoc within her, unaware of that sudden need of closeness she was now bearing, as unbearable as it was. Vanessa brought herself closer to him as she deepened kiss even more than he had, playfully delineating the path between his lips with the tip of her tongue as though she was asking for permission to explore him further than she already was.

Fire, fire, everything’s lit up – her mind told her, although with a baffling lack of words as sensations were playing with her, clouding her thinking painfully. But the warmth spreading across her skin was evident enough. Whatever sanity she had, he was wearing thin with a demonized ease.

This whole Marina Joyce thing is super weird. I had never heard of her but I just spent hours watching some of her videos. Idk if it’s abuse or drugs but something is def wrong. She just looks terrified. She has massive bruises on the backs of her arms. She is talking so fast and repeating herself constantly with shaky hands held in the air. In one video she talks about how she has been getting so many dislikes and is trying to convince her watchers to stop disliking her videos so much and she ends up saying something like “I haven’t done anything wrong. I don’t deserve this,” looking like she was about to cry. She is always looking at something or someone behind the camera. I’ve seen the rifle propped up in her room, which is weird because they are apparently banned in the UK. She also had a whole video about being vegan, so why would she ever need a gun like that since she def isn’t using it for hunting. I even made out the “help me” whisper in her newest video. Scary stuff. Hopefully it’s nothing and she’s okay :(

“Remember the first time I said goodbye to you?” she asked, unsmiling. “You knew you would see me again but it didn’t stop you from trying to make me stay. You held on to my arm, I thought you were going to tear my shirt. You were scared to watch me leave. You wouldn’t let me go.” She inhaled deeply, remembering how drunk he was that night, how the lies on his lips had tasted like vodka. “And the last time I said goodbye you wouldn’t even touch me. You did nothing to stop me from walking out of your life. You didn’t follow me. You couldn’t even look at me.” She thought of that vacant expression that had been stretched across his face when she had walked out of the door, how it made him look like a different person, filled to the brim with guilt for all the things he’d done wrong. But guilt was different from regret - and regret was something she could not find, not in his face and not in the words he spoke, no matter how she thought he had given her every piece of him. No matter how often she wished things went back to the way they had once been, she would always be the one to walk away and he would always be the one who kept his hands clenched at his sides, knuckles turned white, not brave enough to stop her.
—  no regrets
Barry Allen #2: I Did Something Right

The story of how Y/N and Barry Allen met and fell in love. Remember to like, request and follow!!!

Barry Allen has done a lot of things wrong in his life. So many, in fact, that counting them all off would take about a week. If there was, however, one thing he had done right in his miserable life, it was whatever had lead him Y/N.

They’d met at a book store downtown, called  Knocktyr’s. He was looking for something to get his mind off being a super hero, and she was looking for an escape from a horrible relationship.

They talked for hours, about books (her favourite was Peter Pan), about movies (she loved Lord of the Rings and about anything else that they talked about in the three hours that they first knew each other.

The next day, he went back to Knocktyr’s, hoping and praying that she’d be there again. This time she was sitting in the far back corner, with a worn copy of Charlotte’s Web hiding her face from his view.

“Y/N? It’s Barry. You remember we met yesterday?” He said as he sat across from her.

“Hi, Barry.” She said, without pulling the book away.

“Y/N…are you okay?” He asked.

“Fine.” Mumbled the girl in question from behind the book.
“Then put the book down.” He asked, trying not to sound too demanding.

And slowly you had but the book down, only to reveal what you had been trying to hide. A large bruise covered one whole side of your face, while the other was marred by a black eye. The y/e/c of you eyes stood out brightly against the contrast.

“Oh my god! What happened?” He asked, startled.

“My boyfriend happened.” She said matter-of-factly. She seemed to notice that Barry was about to say something, because she whispered, “I broke up with him, don’t worry.”

“Good.” Was all Barry could say. After having been raised his entire life to treat women with respect, he couldn’t imagine someone hitting you. “Did, did you live with him?”

You nodded. “I left right after and came here. No clue how I’ll get all of my stuff now.”

“I’ll go get it for you.” Barry spat out without thinking.

“You would do that? I barely know you.”

“Of course I would. Write down the address and what you need me to grab.” He smiled.  

“Well, there’s no point grabbing anything until I find out what hotel I’ll be staying at. Can’t exactly carry everything around with me.”

“You can stay with me.” Barry cursed himself. He was trying not to sound like a creeper, and so far it wasn’t working very well. He seemed too eager. “Really, I’ve got an extra bedroom in my loft.”

“You don’t even know me. I could be a murderer for all you know.” You smiled.

“I trust you. Besides, I need someone to watch Lord of the Rings with me.”

And that was the story of how you two started living together. There was a very awkward time where you guys slept together, but weren’t dating.

And then came the day where you figured out that Barry Allen was the Flash.

He’d come home injured, late one night, expecting you to be asleep in your room. But you’d waited up for him this time, worried that something had happened to him. You had been sitting on the couch when he sped in, in his red super suit and mask. You hadn’t been able to hold back a gasp. He panicked and ran when he heard you. But later came back to talk.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I wanted to tell you but…” He rambled.

“It’s fine, Barry. Besides, now I know. And you don’t have to keep anymore secrets from me.” He grinned. “Of course, you now also have no excuse to not make the coffee run in the morning.”

And the two of you had laughed it out.

It was now almost two years after that fateful day where you had met in a bookshop. Barry turned over in bed to see you sleeping on your stomach. He began to run his fingers down your bareback. You mumbled something in your sleep but remained otherwise undisturbed.

“Yeah,” He said, “I did something right.”

I’m honestly so disappointed that people feel they need to bring Taylor down because of what she is wearing and what she looks like. I understand that everyone is entitled to have an opinion but your opinion doesn’t need to be nasty. Just because someone changes their style or changes their hair doesn’t mean that they are a different person! You get so used to seeing someone one way and then they change their hair colour or change the style you are used but that doesn’t mean that the person has done something wrong, they are being themselves. If Taylor had this hair colour and style all along nobody would judge her as harshly.

Just because something isn’t what you are used to doesn’t mean it is wrong and doesn’t mean that people are entitled to be nasty or rude. If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face or if you wouldn’t say it to your friend don’t write it down and post it.

Things in life change, they don’t stay the same. Don’t judge people on their choices and don’t bring others down to make yourself feel better.

@lapxus wants some banter!

   That look in her eyes meant trouble. He can just feel it, she was staring at him and it made him nervous. Sebastian scratches his cheek and turns his head around to avoid eye-contact but it only lasts a few seconds before he is quick to turn it towards her again, squinting at the vampire.Babe, why are you looking at me like that?, had he done something wrong? She looked playful so maybe Tayakata was just messing with him for fun.