and it looked worse on photoshop

B: Awwww, look at our cute little tree, Kuroo. I love our tree!~

T: …I hate you both.

Remember that stupid sense of humor I was talking about? This is pretty much it. It only gets worse. It’s been years since I made an animated gif in photoshop and I’m surprised I remembered everything except for the last step lol Thank goodness for Google. I found a sort of sadistic satisfaction of ‘tormenting’ poor Tsukki and I’m not exactly sorry about it? SMILE AT LEAST A LITTLE, IT’S CHRISTMAS. MERR CHRISMAS. Seasons greetings from teams Nekoma, Karasuno and Fukurodani!

IN ADDITION!!!!!: I personally adopted a little headcanon that Christmas is Bokuto’s favorite. If you think he’s hyper the rest of the year, in December it’s worse lolol

okay i’ll give you that. i’m not anti-anyone. but i’m glad i didn’t make that one photoshop i was gonna. the one with Adolph and Harry looking at each other all wubby. that would have been much worse! ~Taiga

How to clean manga in Photoshop

First of all, here’s a post that explains how to get Photoshop for free.

Because I love to color manga, I often buy manga and doujinshi to scan and color. Most of the time, I “scan” by taking pictures with my phone because it produces much higher-quality photos of individual panels/drawings than scanning an entire page would have produced.

The downside, though, is that the pictures I take initially end up looking much worse than scanned images. But after experimenting in Photoshop, I found a way to clean them up in seconds! So I decided to finally make a tutorial so others can do the same. Also, I’m pretty sure these concepts apply to all photo-editing software, not just Photoshop.

Step 1: Open the file

As you can see, the picture I took isn’t suitable for coloring. But we can change that!

(click “read more” to read the rest of this post, as it’s rather long)

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imagine if the condesce take over MS PAINT ADVENTURES intead of caliborn

Anon asked: “ imagine if the condesce take over MS PAINT ADVENTURES intead of caliborn “


Can you guys tell me if this image is too low quality? I’m using photoshop instead of my phone to make this but i think it looks worse lmao –Mod KV

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I feel dumb but whaddya mean by Disney makes the Disney covers worse?

The blu ray covers are normally the poster art and look great. Disney changes the art on the cover of the DVD versions to something lazy and boring looking with cheap photoshop

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hello love i thought maybe you'd be able to help me as your gifs are always so amazing💖 my problem is when i'm working in photoshop my gifs always look sharp and hd ( i never use a video less than 1080p) but the minute i upload on tumblr it suddenly looks so low quality? and it looks even worse on the mobile app. do you know why this might be happening and how to fix it? thank u so much 💛

hello! hmm did you sharpen your gifs? please check my reply here and also if you would like to try out another method to make hd gifs, please check here.

and also maybe your save for web settings are off, for a reference, this is my settings.

hope this helps!

Because @isaac-sebastian-brighton and I were talking of Ignis being blind once a few weeks ago and she pointed to me out in her super awesome photoshop

that he has weird scars around his eyes

and suddenly he has dark glasses when he’s older which he seems to have now too, along with his new cane, in the latest TGS trailer

wtfh happens in this game? Tabata said the ending will make us cry but by the looks of it, what could be worse than making Ignis blind, giving Gladio another scar, letting the boys sleep for 10 years of their lives and giving Prompto a goatee? What is worse than all that by the end? What??

Episode 4
(previous episodes here - this episode in better resolution here)

The morning after, I wasn’t feeling happier… I had hoped I would eventually wake up back in my real bed, but nope… Worse, my funds had dramatically dropped down!

My cereals looked as if a Photoshop palette had exploded on them…

Things were going from bad to worse. I had to pay bills! Holy cow, how could I have thought it would be funnier to double the bills with the MC Command Center?! It sure wouldn’t help to make me popular in town…
I really had to find a way to earn money, and possibly, without getting out of my comfort zone. Not that I wanted to spend my life here, but I knew that Sims had needs to fill, and I had to play the game if I wanted to get a chance to find back my real life!
I could craft objects for Sims! After all, it’s something that I was doing in real life! (not that it made me earning any money though, ahaha!)       

Wow… somehow, all of sudden, I almost came to regret Blender. Creating stuff wasn’t an easy business!

Too depressed to keep crafting, I put a bench outside to read a book about charisma. I was going to need it if I wanted to socialize with Sims!
I could easily greet any jogger running by. I knew for sure Sims 4 were quite obsessed about running. I regretted to not have thought to that earlier, I would have earnt time.

Indeed, it wasn’t long before I saw a first Sim running toward me, with a garbage bag in the hand. I recognized him. He was also one of the Roommates. I had changed his cool friends into nasty teens, and left him as the only adult of the household. That wasn’t going to help me.
He dropped conscienciously the garbage bag near my mailbox…


My contribution to @Skaylanphear’s comptetion for her fic Serendipitous Fate.

Drew Marinette, Adrien and the title out using GIMP and my graphics tablet. The Paris backdrop I found on the internet and faded. Graphics design meets photoshop.

Feels like something is missing, but anything I add makes it worse.

How I learned to start loving my body for real

There are some things in life that have come easy for me to love — my best friends, my family, my dog that is asking for kisses with his good looks. But there is one thing that has taken me a while to love and to celebrate: my body. Growing up with magazines full of Photoshop, filters to make everything and everyone appear “perfect” and a world full of plastic surgery, it was hard to love what I saw in my own mirror. The mean words spoken from other kids’ mouths calling me “fat” or other names that my memory chooses not to remember started to take over. I began to believe these hurtful comments, and even worse, I began thinking and saying them to myself.

I became obsessed with the size of my thighs, or whether or not I had arms like the celebrities I would see on the screen. I started to focus too much on how I could achieve this unattainable beauty ideal. These thoughts and obsessions became utterly exhausting. And one day I hit a point where I too tired to care how many calories one stupid french fry was or how many crunches I needed to get those perfect abs. I wanted to be free of these feelings.

So I decided to make amends with myself and my body. I put in the effort to learn to love myself again. It didn’t happen overnight. Hell, it didn’t happen in a couple of weeks. But after some time and a lot of self-care, I started a new kind of relationship with my body. I began to love parts of my body that I have never truly looked at before. I learned how to appreciate the things my body can do for me. Feeling more confident within myself and my being was a foreign feeling for me, but I was in love. And sure, like any relationship, I have times where I don’t feel my best or those obsessive thoughts try to make their way through. But at the end of the day, I am happier and healthier than I ever have been, because I learned to love my body in a whole new way.

Here are the ways that helped me along this journey.

Weight Is Just A Number

Age is just a number, and so is your weight. I used to get so overly focused on what the scale would say. If I went up one or two pounds, my thoughts would spiral. Why did I care so much? It’s natural for our bodies to fluctuate. I didn’t feel like I had gained any weight, but once I saw the number, my whole perception of my body changed. If you also struggle with obsessing over what the scale says, you might want to think about saying “goodbye” to it.

Appreciate Your Body For What It Can Do

Sometimes it is easy to forget what our bodies can actually do when we live in a society that is constantly scrutinizing our appearances. When we stop to think about how we breathe on our own without even thinking or how most of have two legs to walk with, we become more appreciative. Take notice of what your body can do. Not everyone is as fortunate enough to have a healthy body, so embrace what you have, while you have it.

Thou Shalt Not Compare

I know it’s hard not to compare yourself with how your peers look or the people we see in magazines, but trust me, nothing good comes from that. I am never going to look like the women I see in Victoria’s Secret catalogs, but that’s OK. Who says I even NEED to look like that? The less I started comparing myself to others and the more I started to focus on the parts of my body that I loved, the better off I was. Everybody is different and every body is different. Let’s embrace this.

Start Becoming Aware Of How You Think And Talk

We aren’t always consciously aware of our thoughts and the words we say about ourselves. When I would say, “I’m so fat” or “I want to just lose 5 more pounds” out loud to my friends, I wouldn’t even realize it. After a while, I sounded like a broken record—a record I wasn’t even aware I had bought. Once I started realizing my overwhelming thoughts and negative comments were taking over, I made a conscious effort to stop. Words are more powerful than we think, so make good use of them.

Dress To Impress…YOURSELF

One way I learned to love my body is when I learned to dress for me, myself and I. I stopped dressing for others and I wore what I found to be most comfortable. Whatever made me feel confident and my best is what I decided to put on everyday. So if that I meant I wore a tight dress or baggy sweatpants, all that mattered was that I was in charge of how I was dressing. Goodbye to the days where I believed those magazines that told me to “dress for my body.” I was dressing for myself from now on, and I never felt better.

I’m trying really hard to keep up my enthusiasm for the show but it’s so hard to look at their faces. All these gorgeous gifsets and edits from the new trailer, the interviews, the pics, I should appreciate them for the time people took to make them on photoshop…but I just can’t right now.

I feel betrayed, but it’s so much worse because THEY’RE LYING. Situation is being made harder by people on Twitter saying we’re turning our backs on them. I feel like they didn’t just turn their backs, I feel abandoned. It’s awful because we don’t know them, they don’t owe us, but they also do in a way now. For making us feel stupid and shaming us for loving them after they’ve done nothing but encourage it for two years, literally up until yesterday, with no warning. Without their fans they have no show, no awards, no recognition. Why would you do this to us asdfghjkl f*ck it I’m crying again

After several scans and much farting around in photoshop I finally have a digital image that looks somewhat like the original. My pastels don’t like to be photographed or scanned. Something about them that just reflects light in such a way as that it makes it virtually impossible to capture what is going on in real life. Also, black paper is the worse, I get these weird lines across the dark area when I scan dark Images, but all I had was black pastel paper, so…

So to reiterate: This was a request, Castiel from Supernatural, 12 x 16, pastel, 2016.

More info and a side by side comparison of photographing VS scanning art in my previous post.