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Don't you feel like Cas is getting smaller? I mean, I was sure before that he and Dean where almost the same heigh but Dean was a little taller than him, and last episode when I saw them standing in front of each Dean looked a lot more taller than Cas

That’s an interesting question. IRL, Misha is a strapping lad [183 cm], only 3 cm shorter than Jensen [186 cm] (and, well, much shorter than Jared [193 cm], but then again, isn’t everyone?), but the show has a habit of framing him so he looks a bit smaller than that.

Like, this is them IRL -

- and here is a normal shot from S12.

There are, of course, a number of reasons to cheat with how tall or short actors are, and some have to do with the general framing of the scene, not with the narrative itself. That said, you’re right - this SPN 12x19 thing was almost ridiculously out of proportion.

And the thing is, this is deliberate and meaningful, especially if we consider how carefully arranged other shots in this episode were - from Kelly’s face disappearing into the dark mirror (making her a identity-less baby bump) from Dean and Cas isolated inside that circle, Amanda Tapping has been super attentive and done a wonderful job. In this case, what is most apparent is the symmetry (two groups, isolated down the middle), the white light between Dean and Cas (which draws the attention of the viewer, is in the dead centre of the scene and also a perfect symbol of that distance forming between them), and the almost perfect descent in height of the characters themselves.

This creates a very neat visual effect and it messes with our psychology, because traditionally in Western visual arts the winners go left to right (it’s possible this has to do with our writing system, since in Etruscan art, it’s the opposite way around), as you can see on every Greek vase ever painted -

- but here, even though Cas has just defeated Dagon, we know something is not right and we know Sam and Dean are the ones being reasonable, so our brains instantly go, Wait, what? and this straight line from Sam to Kelly makes things even worse, because it’s a strong indication that there’s some kind of falling down and degeneration involved, and it makes Cas and Kelly look like they’re wrong BUT THEY’RE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE FRAME (*siren blaring*) and there’s an office inside your brain that’s busy busy busy trying to unscramble wtf is going on.

But - and here is where the magic happens - if you frame this shot in the ‘right’ way, the meaning changes and the thing becomes much less effective.

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You didn’t even say goodbye.

a lot of newer gifmakers worry too much about grain. if you’re previewing the gif in photoshop’s shitty preview it looks worse and it plays slower. use the preview in browser option or save then check it in the browser instead. also the only reason you see the dithering is cause you just spent like 5-10mins staring at it.

How big should you make your art?

I’ve noticed some digital artists out there who just kind of guess when choosing the dimensions of their artwork. Trying to understand ppi, dpi, print dimensions, and resolution can send you down a rabbit hole of complexity likely to break your brain.  

If you are creating an image only for the web, it is really up to you how big you want to make it. The only relevant dimensions are the pixels. Print size and pixels per inch are of no consequence. A 1920x1080 300ppi image will be the same as a 1920x1080 600ppi image. Your screen only cares about pixel dimensions.

If you plan to print your image, that is where things can get complicated.

Here is the simple version…

First you need to determine the maximum size that your work may be printed. Here are the most commonly used sizes for poster prints. 

Now you need to know the brand of printer that will be used. Typically it will be Epson, HP, or Canon.

For Epson printers…

  • Input the width and height. 
  • Input a resolution of 360 pixels per inch.

For Canon, HP, and most other printers…

  • Input the width and height. 
  • Input a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

So let’s say you are in photoshop and you want your art to be printed at 11" x 17" on an Epson printer. This is how you should create your document. 

If you do not know how your work will be printed, I recommend erring on the side of “too big.” If you end up having to enlarge your work, it could result in some quality loss. 

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remember bamzooki and the zooks you made on it. could they move? nope, they flailed around or ran off screen. there was no in-between. but they looked rad. your computer would lag even worse than when photoshop was open. this was in 2005, no bleeding edge shit here, best your computer could do was run petz 5. but you didn’t care you were 10, you wanted to create some weird looking fuckers with lsd inspired patterns and colours.

best of all was the tv show though. so real. so intense. 8 kids and a grown man screaming at a green screen, willing their zooks to do well. you hated them, you wanted to be on it.

this was 00s british kids tv, youtube it now.

A bit of an update:

Just wanted to check in since I’ve been MIA on here the last few days. Between family stuff, work, a house/pet sitting job, and trying to get my photoshop brushes organized (so I can actually sit down and paint an environment without going crazy) I just have not had time for digital art. I am trying to at least do a sketch or two in my sketchbook everyday, but unless I re-line those with ink or a darker pencil I can’t get a good shot to post (and re-lining them makes already bad sketches look 10x worse). So hopefully once this week is over I’ll be able to get back into a normal practice and posting schedule again. I’d like to start another portrait next week, but we’ll see what happens.

I also wanted to mention that this blog is inching towards 100 followers. That’s amazing! I can’t believe almost 100 people want to see my art. I think when I do hit 100 I may do a give away. I’m still mulling over the details, but it will probably be an OC portrait for one or two winners, or something along those lines.

"It's very difficult to explain to those who don't understand"

B: Awwww, look at our cute little tree, Kuroo. I love our tree!~

T: …I hate you both.

Remember that stupid sense of humor I was talking about? This is pretty much it. It only gets worse. It’s been years since I made an animated gif in photoshop and I’m surprised I remembered everything except for the last step lol Thank goodness for Google. I found a sort of sadistic satisfaction of ‘tormenting’ poor Tsukki and I’m not exactly sorry about it? SMILE AT LEAST A LITTLE, IT’S CHRISTMAS. MERR CHRISMAS. Seasons greetings from teams Nekoma, Karasuno and Fukurodani!

IN ADDITION!!!!!: I personally adopted a little headcanon that Christmas is Bokuto’s favorite. If you think he’s hyper the rest of the year, in December it’s worse lolol

Taken Care Of

Request:  Can you do a female reader x Melanie Martinez where (y/n) is getting hate from melanie’s fans. Love your blog and don’t feel pressured to do so.

A/n: I honestly love Melanie, so I couldn’t turn down this request. Anyways, hope you guys like it xx

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what type of whitewash and photoshop fuckery is this? literally made him look unhealthy and photoshopped his under eye circles... and this is why youngjae uses those damn filters on himself while doing lives (there's probably more behind it but still WHAT THE FUCK) twitter(.)com/BAP_SunFlower/status/860129353723543552

jfc before like fully reading this I thought you were going to refer to one of my gifs and I was like really terrified for a second D:


like its always Dae and Jae that get it the fucking worse, like they all get white washed by like 

how tf is this 

Cuter than this honey toasted crunch

I’m personally offended and ready asfuck to fight >:(