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the troubles with tinder

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member; swipe right on kim mingyu
genre; jealous!mingyu
summary; the only guy you want and he’s like you should get tinder. he didn’t even swipe right on you.

Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left, and oh, who was that fine fellow? Swipe left. His bio was a piece of shit. 

In the world of Tinder, you didn’t know what to expect. The last few dates were a bit odd, to be honest. Sure, you knew what to expect. Horny people looking for a one night stand, and a constant person to fuck, that was definitely what Tinder was for. And yet, here you were, trying to find this one person to swipe right on. Swiping again and again, you tried to swipe left on everyone except one. The person who literally took your phone, downloaded Tinder, and said to find him. 

Honestly, you had no idea what to expect with Kim Mingyu. You two were in the park, lying on the grass, looking at the clouds. It was just normal between the two of you. After telling him that you were eternally single, he shook his head in denial, and snatched the iPhone from your grasps. 

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I CAN 100% RELATE TO THE COLLEGE CLASS STORY. I live on campus and was trying to find the theatre for my theatre class and I used maps, right? But the place it took me was literally just construction site and I was like "what the FUCK" (keep in mind I had like 15 minutes until class started and I had NO IDEA where I was, freshman life) so I asked one of the students and he was like "lmao I don't know either" so the two of us wandered in awkward silence to look for the fucking class. We made it.

College is just a mess like we are all just lost and confused and stressed and need help 😂


That scene started about 9:30 in the morning, and by 1 o'clock the unions at that time declared that we had to go to lunch, right in the middle of scene - right before my close-up. And Wyler came to me and he said, “I’m really sorry about this. You’re doing a fabulous job and I want you to hold on to this, if you possibly can. Why don’t you go back to your room and sort of, concentrate and re-read the script? I’m very, very sorry, we’ll start again in an hour.”

Well, I went to the commissary and had two cheeseburgers and a malted, and came back, sat down, and just started over again. I didn’t have the self-consciousness as an actor to find that that would be a difficult thing to do. So since I didn’t think it was going to be difficult, it wasn’t… Even after two cheeseburgers and a malt it didn’t strike me as something that was going to be, you know, difficult and soul-searching, and “how will we ever find it again?” It didn’t occur to me.

- Anthony Perkins on Friendly Persuasion, September 1992 (x)

They Took Her - Part 2

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Request//  Could you do a part 2 for They Took Her?

Warnings// Panic Attacks

A/N// Thank You To Everyone Who Requested For A Part 2, Hope You Enjoy.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Stiles P.O.V

“What do you mean they took her?” Scott Asked beginning to worry. 

“Y/N and I went to get ice cream and we were walking back home and the Dread Doctors came, they grabbed Y/N and me. I got knocked out and when I woke up she was gone, they took her. I’m sorry, We will get her back. I will get her back” You Cried, how could you let this happen, she must be terrified. Y/N doesn’t know anything about the supernatural and now she has been talking by the Dread Doctors, the ones who worship the supernatural. This was my mission to get her back.

“Right…right get all the pack to my house now!” Scott yelled half angry and half terrified. 

“Scott listen to me, you get the pack to your house, I need to do something first” I said

“What the hell is more important than getting my little cousin back, did you forget that the dread doctors, THE DREAD DOCTORS!, the took her!” Scott yelled eyes flashing red.

“Scott just calm down, what I need to do may help to get Y/N back, please Scott trust me” I tried to calm Scott down even though you felt the same.

“Right but try and get back as soon as you can” Scott told me and we both went your separate ways.

I got into your Jeep and sat on there for a minute or two just thinking. The thing you needed to do was to find Theo, he would know where the dread doctor’s would of took Y/N. I didn’t want to talk to him, but this was life or death. Literally. I started the ignition and drove to Theo’s house as fast as you could.


I woke up dazed and confused. The last thing you remember was that I were with Stiles walking home from getting ice cream the you heard this strange noise. Then all of a sudden I heard that same noise again. I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t get my words out, It was getting harder and harder to breath,It feels like the whole room I was in was shrinking, I couldn’t see straight my vision was going blurry. I was being trapped and there was no escape. 3 figures came towards you.

“G…GET…AWAY…FR…FROM…ME!” I yelled still panicking. It was like a nightmare. I wanted to wake up, but you knew that it was real, I was there. Everything was real. What were these things? I breathing slowed down, I don’t see much more till everything goes black.I passed out.

Stiles P.O.V

I were banging on Theo’s door, you were not bothered that it was late at night and I was waking up the neighbours.

“THEO….THEO!” I yelled, you weren’t going to stop until he opened the door.

“Oh my god, shut up” Theo swung open the door, rubbing his eyes, I didn’t care that you woke him up. I were so angry, you gathered up all your strength and pinned him up against the wall.

“WHERE HAVE THEY TOOK HER!” I shouted at the top of your lungs. Theo grabbed my shoulders and then pinned me up against the wall,getting more angry by the second

“What the hell are you on about Stiles, who took who?” Theo questioned

“The Dread Doctors, they took Y/N!” 

“Y/N? Who’s Y/N?” He questioned again.

“Scott’s little cousin, NOW WHERE HAVE THEY TOOK HER!” I shouted

“I don’t know, Why would I know?” Theo asked

“I know full well you know where they took her, just tell me. Please Theo” I said

“Why should I help you?” 

“Theo, please, just tell me, It’s Scott’s little cousin, she doesn’t no anything about the supernatural, she is going to be terrified, please Theo, I’m begging you. Please” Theo let go of you now.

“If I told you were she is what’s you plan”

“I don’t know, please just help me get her back” I begged

“Why is it so important for you to get her back?” Theo question

“I was the last person she was with before she took her, so please Theo, just tell me where she is” You kept begging, anything could be happening to her. Anything.

“Fine. But i’m coming with you, they will kill you” Theo told you which totally surprised me.

“Why do you want to come with me?” I asked

“Because I have seen the list of chimeras and Y/N’s name isn’t on it, they don’t want her for that” Theo explained, you didn’t ask anymore questions you raced to my Jeep and drove to the destination where Theo told me.

When I got to the place and got inside, the sight you saw, tore me apart. How could I let this happen? I wanted everything to be a dream, but it wasn’t. I saw Y/N tied down to a table.


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I took the AP US History exam today and it was much easier than I expected and I bet they put that document about that woman and the stolen typed writer just to make us laugh bc it had nothing to do with the DBQ, one of my friends said “ I don’t know” on a short answer question then proceeded to talk about white supremacy instead of Native Americans, and I find it funny how literally two minutes after they warned us not to discuss the test, everyone was discussing it.

reading this 1972 letter from john is making me angry at him all over again. He could be such an unmitigated fucking cunt sometimes. “Who shat all over us in public?” uh, you did, John, or were you too fucking whacked on heroin to remember? You drags the shit out of Paul for umpteen paragraphs and then “no hard feelings to you either.” Oh fuck you, John. And that bit, “two years is the usual time it takes you–right?” Like that was not necessary. Oh, my bff didn’t take this terrifying and literally mind-altering drug with me for two years even with me constantly bitching him out for it, my life is so hard! Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get the fuck over it, John.

Also I love how oblivious you are to your own bullshit hypocrisy. It’s totally okay for you to read into RAM and find hidden digs from Paul. But the minute Paul starts taking the most blatant “fuck you” written into song seriously, it’s all bluster and bluff and “don’t take it so literally.” Paul took “How Do You Sleep” literally because that’s how you meant it, you fucking small-minded fool. Stop acting like such a child and own up to your bullshit.