and it kills me to know that even though he's come so far and lost so much by the end of the series

Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/03 (p10-11)

The second part of the episode commentary by Mitsurou Kubo! I have now fixed it with all the italic & bold parts as in the magazine (in the magazine they are actually bold & bolder). If you have any questions please send me a private message and I’ll reply when I have some time.

You can find the first commentary about episodes 1-6 here.

Just a note: when she quotes lines from the episodes I’m not using any of the “official” English translations, I’m translating them as I would translate them myself, so they might not be like you are used to hear them, but I think you will understand which lines they are anyway.

The translation is under the cut because it’s long.

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anonymous asked:

Why do most of the fan base hate Pontac and Graff writing so much?

I think the main point of consternation regarding P&G is that they simply don’t have any real touch for writing Sonic, both it’s characters and it’s tone and themes in general. The way they write the games….doesn’t make them feel like Sonic games to me…at least.

The humor isn’t Sonic-esque. It’s childish, unsubtle and generally unfunny. Much of the humor is akin to dangling your car keys in front of an infant to make it laugh. Some instances of comedy do hit the mark (Such as the “bonehead” line in SLW) but that’s the exception, not the norm.

The narratives are lacking themes that added weight and meaning to past stories. There’s no messages that enhance the story. And palpable attempts at such (SLW’s “Trust your best friend’s capabilities”) fell ass over head due to how badly executed they were.

Pontaff set-up plot points…then promptly ignore them, failing to give any due attention to them. Need I mention the odd “Yacker goes missing!” plot point in Colours that comes right out of nowhere, is hardly mentioned and then you see Yacker come out of nowhere without any harm done to him and no focus given to how he got away from his alleged predicament?

The bad writing in general even afflicts the main villain. Dr Eggman is a blowhard for the most part whose never taken seriously instead of being a proactive threat whose capability for destruction was respected and acknowledged (Need I mention Sonic’s line “You’ve turned into a big time villain doctor!” in SA2?).

The characters just don’t do anything interesting the majority of the time. For the most part, they stand around doing nothing and making idle chit chat.

That’s boring see?

Generations is terrible with this in particular with the four most promiment characters prattling on and standing around in most cutscenes and everyone else merely standing there in the cutscene in which Classic Eggman first appears and egging on the injured Sonic’s instead of, oh I don’t know, ganging up on the Eggmen themselves. The characters are inclined to being very active….so why the fuck do they loaf around doing next to nothing under P&G’s pens the majority of the time?

There’s just nothing about their writing of the series that indicates a good gain overall. Especially when compared to what we got before their tenure as writers. And no, when I say “What we got before”, I’m not referencing the likes of Shadow and ‘06.

I think one of my biggest criticisms personally is how they portray Sonic himself. As a massive Sonic aficionado, I could almost weep a bit at seeing what he’s become, the degree to which he’s been flanderized, how much he’s been derailed into carrying the tone first and foremost. It’s not as bad as his writing in the likes of Chronicles, ‘06 and Shadow (The first of which portrayed him completely OoC, the latter two of which treated him like total shit) but it’s absolutely nothing special either and is such a downgrade especially coming so soon after Black Knight, the game which is his most supreme portrayal in any Sonic media in my opinion.

I mean…

He rambles on and on obnoxiously instead of actually getting right to it.

Sonic is a man of action. He gets his hands dirty pretty much immediately instead of letting things such as injustices linger, a trait in-line with Naoto Oshima’s intention for him to be a guy who has a “Get it done now!” attitude. This has the additional effect of making his speech and actions have gravity because they’re carried out with speed and finesse.

Want some examples?

Look at him. He’s not standing by and making idle chit chat. He’s doing what he does best with such incredibly cool flair. And in most of these instances, he’s putting-across his cool factor without single word rolling off his tongue. His character has impact, this guy gets shit done. He doesn’t give a toss about what anyone else thinks about how he carries himself and what he does, he’s flashing that toothy grin with supreme confidence and he executes his actions with the utmost deftness. In other words, he’s acting like I expect SONIC THE HEDGEHOG to act.

Now compare to…this highly irritating intepretation.

See how the Sonic above the above image acted as if his awesomeness was obvious? This timeless trait of the character’s personality has been completely passed-over here, ignored in favor of this obnoxious braggart who acts akin to a child whose screaming for attention, asking for others to actively acknowedge what he does and even acting put-out when he’s caught in the act of boasting.

To me, a convincingly-written Sonic would not realistically do the latter if he was caught in “embarassing” behaviours simply because he wouldn’t care enough about what anyone said or thought about his actions to be adversely affected by it. Chances would be that he’d just laugh along with it instead of acting ike he’s ashamed of himself. That’s one of the likable things about Sonic to me at least - He’s capable of laughing at himself but ultimately has no regard for what people think of how he acts.

It degenerates Sonic’s character because it consumes him and deprives him of his edge, shunts him onto a role that doesn’t do him justice. In Colours, whenever he meets a robot, he goes on and fucking on about how he’s going to kick their asses and it falls completely flat because he’s getting no response and makes him look like a weirdo. It even gives me the impression that this Sonic seems to think deep down that he’s uncool and is insecure about it then goes about being an obnxious braggart to conceal it.

It also has the effect of screwing-over the story as well because more scene time in dedicated to these irritating shenanigans and LOL SO RANDUM “humor” than actually expanding on established plot points or making the story more varied. So not only are Pontac and Graff screwing-up Sonic’s writing, they’re  screwing-up the rest of the story in doing so. It’s such a vicious cycle.

You don’t see the interesting aspects of Sonic’s character anymore

In relation to the above, Long gone are the days when you saw Sonic exhibit either somewhat profound beliefs or a level of complexity such as his pragmatism in Black Knight, not caring if everyone considered him a bad guy for stopping Arthur’s tyranny by killing him and in addition his viewpoint that life would have no meaning if it went on forever, hence his opposition to Merlina even though her plan would’ve stopped the end of that world.

How about the revelation in Unleashed that it wasn’t just his sense of guilt regarding landing on top of Chip that compelled him to help him? He didn’t need a reason to want to help out his friend. Or his palpable upset/shame at Amy failing to recognise him in Werehog form?

This sense of….how do I explain it? This sense what makes Sonic such an intriguing character, the feeling of agency to his character, the drive that he had to do what he chooses to do without regrets is largely ignored in 2010+ Sonic, leaving a far flatter character who simply isn’t as interestingl. Sonic has lost alot of his heart. And it’s a crying shame.

So yeah, whilst P&G’s handling of the series isn’t Shadow, Chronicles or '06 bad to me, it’s nothing remotely remarkable either and is absolutely no standard that is ideal for the series and what it should abide by.

BS&T theory (how everything could link)

So BTS dropped the Japanese version of Blood Sweat and Tears and the visuals are amazing!! Like truly amazing!! But now my theory.. I’m going to break it down by parts so hear me out.

- okay so here is what I think and I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense.

So in this MV there is a lot of symbolism that connects all eras of the Boy Meets series. I think this is actually what happened before and after everything went wrong. For example, we see Jungkook being forced by Rap Mon to drink absinthe (a hallucinogen) and Suga is desperately trying to get him out of it. But fails as he falls down on to the floor and it covered by black smoke. Now I think the black smoke represents him being submerged in all evil as he has lost the right path and has fallen deeper into his evil self, hence why we first see him with wings. He is doing this as Suga is the hotel (the one in I need you) and Suga goes to where he is and tries to get him out of it but it’s too late. In the Korean version Jungkook is swinging and he licks of the remaining of the absinthe from his finger (absinthe is knowing for making you feel floaty and like you’re being swung around) hence why we see him do all the things he does in the Korean version. After he is forced by RM to drink he loses himself and Suga tries to get him out but gives up as he is way too deep to be saved. Thai ties to past eras as we see Jungkook and Suga fighting or being distance a lot. Suga does not agree with what Jungkook and RM are doing that they fight so much.
Now that was the Jungkook portion.

Okay so Jimin. Wow Jimin is a tough one and it requires a lot. So we know his downfall started with a lie (committing a sin represented by the apple) and this made him all craze and confused as he couldn’t handle it (Lie is basically his plot within the plot of this series). As he keep living this lie Suga comes in a attempts to save him after failing to do so with Jungkook. He covers Jimin (eyes) and tries to protect him from the harsh reality of his actions. (Guess why he is always being blindfolded). But in this MV Jimin actually wants to see the damage his lie actually made an he runs away from Suga. As he keeps trying to get himself out of this dark tunnel of lie he almost finds himself again, the one he used to be beige he commits the lie. But Suga once again covers his eyes and get him submerged back into their world of evil. This is why we see him biting into the apple. Also Suga does fail in protecting him again since his true evil self submerged back into their world.
In this world of evil him and Jungkook are submerged so far in that they try to hold back V and keep him there and they manage to by literally ‘drugging him’ with evil. (The whole sequence of V moving around is THEM already submerging him.

Now V, the fallen angel. We know that V killed someone and that was his sin (all because he was trying to protect the one he cared for the most) This led him to fall in a loop between being good and evil leading him to be completely evil. While in his evil state he dragged RM and Hope (hence why they are the ones introducing drugs to the other Young ones). And once he tries to get out Jimin and Jungkook hold him back while Hope stabs him in the heart leading him to fall back but making it worse as he was already deep and was just pretending to be an angel. Next we see Jin beating him up, that ends up with V stabbing him and than walking out and tracing the knife along to seek the other members. Why I think he is looking for the other members? Because you can see the malice in his face, he is so far gone that he completely lost himself and now wants to get rid of what “dragged him back in” but he was there already. Than we see him out of a window ready to jump again but as we in the Korean version he already jumped for his “salvation” and that’s why he puts his hands up as in “I got it” but his skies are still dark meaning he didn’t. V is still in that world even though he thinks he got out. He is still playing a pretense and it seems that he won’t get out any time soon.
V is under this mantle of lie and evil but it seems white (meaning it’s where he is meant to be)

Hope and RM. this two are even more complicated to explain. One this is for sure, they were dragged into their evil by V as he convinced them to let their evil side take it’s true form while using their bad aspect (Hope pills addiction) and RM and his lack of control. Hope actually does not drag in anyone, but RM drags Jungkook in and Hope keeps on showing them the ways into their evil. In the Korean MV hope shoots and arrow, him shooting V with the dart is within the same scene as the Korean MV. Hope, RM and V are completely gone but V is the one that is playing even more with all of the boys that now he is trying to get rid of them.
Hope and Jimin dance to Lie and Boy Meets Evil and that’s their plot in the storyline. Hope met evil through his pills and Jimin through his lie. Jimin was blinded of the effects of his lie by Suga while Hope had to deal with it by himself and dig himself even deeper. RM was dug into the world by being the one V went to first after he did his sin that led to RM confessing his sin and they started a whole loop of evil dragging everyone along with their inside demons.
Their demons have consumed them but RM is trying to look into himself again (hence all the reflective surfaces around the MV) and Hope is gone.

Jin and RM. yup RM pops back out. So the theory so far was Jin is dead, like he dies and there was turning back. But in this MV it makes it seem that the reason everyone believes this was because of V dragging them with him into evil. Him doing this is what actually kills Jin, he can’t handle seeing those younger than him falling but he does not know all of their dark pasts and when he does it leads him to his 'death’. When he did find out he tried to get them out but it was too late a V had already consumed them and why he is beating up V. He apologizes as he didn’t want to but had to, to get the evil out of him that ends with him stabbed. But Jin has a dark past by himself and he couldn’t deal with that either but seeing his friends so far gone rips his heart out and killing him on the inside. Now why did I mention RM? At the end of the Jap. MV they are together again and RM says “seems like we haven’t seen each other for a while” (DISCLAIMER I DO NOT SPEAK KOREAN BUT MY KOREAN FRIEND DID ME THE FAVOR OF TRANSLATING) and this is how Jin and RM are connected. Being the eldest they feel guilty that they couldn’t help the youngsters. RM actually followed them and even lead them into their demise while Jin attempted to, ended up dying and now he is trying to come back and save them.
(The more I say save them I think of Save Me.. cries) and the reason why they hadn’t seen much of each other was because they were dealing with the youngsters fall separately they lost each other and their oldest role. And RM being seduced by V led him to believe Jin was actually dead and when their see each other he is surprised because he genuinely thought he had left.
Also Jin is seen as their father figure, being the eldest and all, who killed their father? V. (I know this might be far off and if you don’t agree kys completely fine).

Now Suga. Out of all of them Suga is the one that seems to not have fallen. Even in the choreography he is the one being pushed down not going down at his own accord. He tried to help Jungkook when he let his evil take over, but he couldn’t. He tried to help Jimin and he succeeded at some point but blinding him of the truth about his lie did more harm than good as he never let him confront what he deserved. RM, Hope, V were so far gone that he didn’t try leading him to distance himself from Jungkook who was following RM (the leader) like a puppy following his every moves. Even at the last moment Suga is still trying to save Jungkook but it’s too late as he has been succumbed by darkness and he keeps trying to save Jimin by again covering his eyes of himself but he falls even deeper. Suga also had his own demons, but he somehow managed to keep them at bay and instead of letting them take over he confronted them and now it’s trying to help this who he thinks are still in hope of being saved but he is doing it wrongly. You can see him as a guarding angel but one who seems to lack experience while having the one that’s needed. Why he fought with Jungkook was because he saw all of them falling and when he tried to help he was pushed away and thought of as wrong but now he is what they need and he is trying to not let himself fall while helping them.

The last scene. Jin and RM meeting again. It looks like they are trying to go back and change it all. Him paying RM is sort of a bribe to stick by him instead of following V which RM seems to now do since he gives this smile…
and now whatever the future holds or the past.

One thing that I add here and not my Amino is that the second to last scene where all of Jin shatters. That’s him giving up his battle against suppressing V. In BS&T Korean version only his face shatters as he is slowly loosing against V, but now he lost. He let V succumb the others into darkness and their evil selves. They lost all innocence (the one they lost on Run and Fire) and the one they realized they were going to loose (I Need U) when they lost it already and were looking for something (Save Me) and BS&T falls in between in some separation of spheres. And this MV is a continuation yet manages to fall before the Korean version and it’s trippy as hell.

Now Spring Day and Not Today.. Not Today is them fighting back. Like that’s what the whole MV is about but Jungkook, being the youngest, finds himself holding onto what they are running away from their evil. As his young mind does not process it as the others he leads them to their fall again but this time it’s their death completely.

Spring Day is them already gone trying to find for answers. Why they are in different places? Because they all committed different scenes that their resting place is separated but the manage to find each other again on the train. The train that is taking them to genie resting place. (In some places it is believed that a train takes your soul to the place where you would be judged. Wether you live or die) and that place within is their tiny little resting place before resting completely. V is the one mostly near the rail road because he is ready to go as he knows the damage he did and now wants to give it all a rest. (Hence why his line is constantly 'MY best friend’ as he knows what his sin did to them). Why they are running? Even though they know what they did, they still are unable to grasp reality. We see them running every time or walking away. The run in Spring Day is their last run before they leave their world and go to be judged. (BS&T felt like Paradise but was Hell it’s the same concept).

(Also read the tags.. MY fan rant)

‘It’s Always Sunny’: Charlie Day goes behind the scenes of season 12

The gang just lost a member: In It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s 12th season finale, Dennis claims he’s had enough of everyone and is off to raise his young son in North Dakota, where he’s been living a double life.

“The bar is done,” he says as he turns off the lights at Paddy’s Pub. With that, he’s gone — for now.

“It opens up a lot of options for us,” Charlie Day, who created the FXX series with costars Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney, teases to EW. As does his own character’s story line with the Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), who Charlie has unprotected sex with after years of pining. While Day won’t reveal whether the Waitress is pregnant, he will talk about his lack of confidence in Charlie’s parenting skills.

“He would be a mess of a dad,” he laughs. “But he could certainly teach you a lot about how to cook strange foods and where to forage for the most coins.”

Between these developments and a few others from the season, some would say the gang is growing up. That’s far from true, though. “There’s just something about these people that is so hardwired that I can’t imagine them ever actually growing up,” Day says. “Look at Frank Reynolds. I mean, if that’s your father figure, then how are you ever expected to grow up?”

He’s got a point — plus, the characters’ inability to mature is part of what keeps fans coming back to the show over a decade in. “It’s really amazing to have some kid come up to me and say, ‘Hey, I started watching your show when I was 7 or 8 years old,‘” Day says. “It brings me so much joy. And I couldn’t be more proud of the show.”

Here, Day takes us through the biggest and best moments from the season — the finale and risky season premiere included.

The gang tries out a different race for a day in “The Gang Turns Black”

Day knew they were taking a big risk when they opened the season with an episode — a musical one, no less — where the white main characters wake up as black versions of themselves (played by black actors). The half-hour sees the fivesome experiencing life as a different race, and ends with Charlie, who turns into a young black boy, getting shot by a police officer.

“It’s a tragic moment in the episode, and then it’s even more tragic that the characters don’t learn their lesson at the end,” Day explains, “which is the frustration of society, that we keep repeating these mistakes and we don’t seem to be able to figure out how to learn our lessons.”

“I’m always proud of an episode where we’re able to say something that’s a little bit difficult to say, to have some humor, but to also have some point of view,” he continues. “In such a politically charged time in our country, I’m glad that we’re still able to have a show where we’re able to take a look at issues and point our fingers at injustices and that people get it — not everyone gets it, but I’m happy when they do.”

Sunny becomes a murder doc in “Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer”

Mac and Charlie compare murder documentaries to chips in this episode, which parodies both Netflix’s Making a Murderer and HBO’s The Jinx by investigating whether Dennis killed Maureen (Catherine Reitman). “You want more chips,” Charlie says, referring to feeling unsatisfied even after finishing a bag of Lays. “Murder is chips!”

They outlined the episode around this same time last year, right when Making a Murderer was at the height of its popularity after a December 2015 release. And although Day sometimes watches those kinds of movies and television, he said they wanted the episode to call out the weirdness of it. “We’re basically saying, we’re so obsessed in our culture with murder and violence that there’s a macabre okayness with all this,” he explains. “We’re making episodic entertainment out of the fact that someone’s been murdered, and there’s sort of no sensitivity to the family of the victims sometimes with these documentaries. I’m the same as everyone — I will get sucked up in them. But it’s a crazy thing in this society that we’re into.”

Mac comes out in “Hero or Hate Crime?”

The gang has been calling Mac gay for years, and he officially came out in this episode, where Frank saves his life by shouting “Look out, f—-t!” right before he’s almost crushed by a piano. Frank immediately deems himself a hero, while everyone maintains he’s a villain for using a slur — no matter the outcome. They all go on to have a conversation — with a lawyer present — about whether Frank committed a hate crime and who’s entitled to the lottery card Mac was picking up as the piano was falling. In the process, Mac explicitly says, “I’ve been gay forever, everybody knows it. I’m out!”

This reveal came to be after Mac briefly came out last season and then quickly went back on it. “I think there was a bit of fan disappointment with that,” Day admits. “There was a little social responsibility to say, hey, we’ve dragged on this joke of this guy being in the closet, and perhaps it does better societal good to actually have him come out. There was an awareness that it sends a better message to the world — for the people who pick up on the fact that 99 percent of our show is satire.”

Dee, Charlie, Frank, and Dennis tell Mac he’s gay, and then bring out a fitness bicycle to prove it. Not just any fitness bicycle, though: This one has a dildo topped with a fist attached so that each time the biker pedals, he also gets a nice, well… let’s just say Mac calls it the Ass Pounder 4000.

“There was a story going around about a man in Ireland or Scotland, I believe, who was found dead on one of those,” Day laughs. “And we were having a lot of conversations about it. And we didn’t want to say something horrible like, ‘This is what all gay people are doing,’ but we thought, ‘This is what the crazy, insane Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald is doing.'”

Cricket finds puppy love in “A Cricket’s Tale”

Cricket (played by David Hornsby, who wrote this episode and also co-produces the series) has his moment in this episode — it just doesn’t last too long: He falls in love with a woman and then realizes the woman is actually a golden retriever (don’t smoke PCP, kids!). And he realizes this after making out with her. “We thought it was time to give Cricket an episode, and we were breaking the story where he fell in love and the story wasn’t quite working,” Day recalls. “We couldn’t put our finger on why it wasn’t working, and I kind of half-jokingly, half-serious — I believe it was me — said, ‘What if she’s just a dog this whole time?'”

After initially thinking “we can’t do that,” they realized that, oh yeah, they could totally do that. All Hornsby had to do was pick out his canine kissing partner. “If he was going to have to make out with a dog, the golden retriever was the least offensive one,” Day laughs.

Dennis ditches Paddy’s Pub in “Dennis’ Double Life”

Out of all the main characters, it was Dennis who’s been living a double life. So why him? “There’s usually so much mystery with Dennis and what’s going on with him and we allude at times to sort of a psychotic other life that he has,” Day explains. “There was something interesting about giving him a moral Sophie’s choice.”

At firsts, he goes the predictable route, trying multiple times to get out of parenting — he pretends to be in a partnership with Mac and then acts like he’s been shot dead. Then after saying goodbye to his son and her mom, he has a change of heart watching the gang dance it out in the bar. “I think you could point to several choices or reasons over the history of the whole show that might lead him to making this choice,” Day says.

Then there’s Charlie’s long-awaited hookup with the Waitress, which Day says they made happen simply because they “decided it was time.” “It was time for something to give. For it to either end or to work — or for at least sex to happen,” he adds with a laugh.

Just Had to Tell the Truth

Member: V // BTS

Main Plot: They have to get the money before their family can suffer.

Short Summary: All he had to do was confess to her a little sooner, about everything, and the world would have been a happier place.

A/N: Please do imagine me summoning my list from hell and finally striking this piece of art off because yaaaassss! 

P.S. Let’s all thank @kawaii-hedgehog for the plot idea~!

Words: 2.6k

/ SeokJin // YoonGi // HoSeok // NamJoon // JiMin // TaeHyung // JeongGuk /

It was late at night when her best and childhood friend had returned home. What was worse was the fact that he came back all bruised and bloodied, already sporting a blue eye from someone’s fist. His lip had blood all over, though already drying and the chips falling off.

Her eyes widened and she flew over to stand by his side as he nearly stumbled to the floor, catching him mid-fall. “Tae, what on earth—?!” her mind could not process anything as her eyes had been flooding with tears that were threatening to fall and never stop. “What the hell happened to you?!” she yelled in hysterics, laying the poor man down on the couch after dragging him to the living room.

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Can we please just talk about our Warriors?

Manga spoilers!!!!!! So many!! You have been warned!!

Yeah I’m talking about Annie, Reiner and Bertoldt. They did shitty things, yeah whatever. Just think about what it would’ve been like to be the, tho??? They had like…the shittest lives imaginable??

From a young age they were taught that Eldians are evil and terrible people, and blinded by the Marleyan lies, they accepted their roles as the Titans and set off on their mission, hoping to be the hero they thought Marley needed. Keep in mind they had a couple years of relentless training, so they’d probably be around what, ten? Marleyans trained ten year olds to be murderers.

And yet, before even reaching the Walls, one of their best friends were taken from them and eaten in front of their eyes. These poor kids were probably around twelve, if you think about the thirteen year rule and the times when everything happened.

They knew they had some troubles they’d need to face, so despite the trauma that gave them, they kept moving onwards on their mission.

When they joined the 104th, Annie had the right idea. Stay distant and don’t grow attached to them. Reiner and Bert, trying to fit in, became friends with the cadets. That was one of their biggest mistakes, and they took Annie down with them. By befriending the enemy, they realised that not all Eldians are heartless monsters. In fact, barely any of them were. Instead of finding heartless monsters, they found hearts full to the brim with passion and longing. Longing for freedom.

But they couldn’t undo what they had done, and they couldn’t turn back on their mission. So Annie, who forced all that down and suppressed her emotions, continued on with her job while Reiner and Bert let their hearts take over and chose to join the Survey Corps instead of infiltrating the kingdom in the Military Police. You can argue that they just wanted to keep an eye on Eren, but that was probably just the excuse they made for themselves and for Annie. Annie knew what was up. But she didn’t let any of those emotions get to her.

She didn’t hesitate to do what she set out to do and complete her goals. Because after all, she had thirteen years to live and her father believed in her. She should’ve never befriended the 104th. She knew that. And she ended up in a crystal so she wouldn’t have to face them ever again until the time is right.

//Annie is the most mentally driven character and the most emotionally strong character I have ever seen in my life.//

She had such powerful control over her mind and heart to do that. She was //strong.// I honestly cannot begin to express my admiration towards Annie for what she did. Such strength to be able to bring herself to do it. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do; I’m applauding her for not letting anything get to her the way Reiner and Bert did. She was so strong and I love her so much. She deserves so much better and I hope when she finally emerges from that crystal, she escapes and lives. Even though she will die within a few years. Maybe she doesn’t pass on the power on purpose so that nobody else has to go through what she went through and the Female Titan is lost forever, and Annie dies peacefully in a forest or something. I really hope that’s what happens. She deserves the world for her accomplishments.

Enough about Annie; now Bertoldt. This boy had always been disclosed and shy; yet he still took up this impossibly difficult task. I don’t know why he did, but I bet he was in a similar situation as Annie. Blinded by Marley’s lies and hoped to be a hero.

He had one of the toughest tasks of all; to breach the first Wall. That marked such a dark day for humanity that was told as a tale everyone would know; a tale that would go down in history for all the wrong reasons. He knew what he was getting into. Can you just imagine the guilt he would’ve felt for doing that? That single kick marked at least what, 30% of humanity good as dead. That guilt, for a guy such as Bert, must’ve been unbearable. But he beared the unbearable.

Shy as he was, he fit into the 104th, and everyone loved him as much as he loved everyone. Bertoldt is a lover, not a fighter. He thought he was doing what was right and fighting monsters. But as he befriended all these Eldians, he realised who the real monsters were. Them.

Bert chose to follow his heart and go with the Survey Corps, manipulating himself into thinking it was the wiser course of action. But //he left Annie behind.// and as you would’ve saw, he loved Annie. I don’t blame him. She’s the strongest person in the whole series. Sure, Levi was emotionally strong enough to repress his emotions and face the amount of death he saw, but as bad as Levi’s life may have been, it doesn’t compare to the Warriors’. He was raised in a shithole and his closest friends died in front of him; but he got to fight for humanity and the chance to avenge them by beating the Titans. All the Warriors got was death and guilt and murder and the hope that their families back in Marley would be proud of them for being //murderers.// Bertoldt loved Annie. You could tell. He knew how strong she was, and he was envious of her strength, like anyone else would.

His bro Reiner told him to confess to Annie. I bet you he was planning to. But instead, he was killed for Armin’s sake…I love Armin don’t get me wrong, but imagine how that must’ve felt for him. Mixed emotions. Emotions of fear, relief, guilt, anger, helplessness….he didn’t want to die. He was tricked into doing his job. Manipulated, with no way out other than to finish it, so he wanted to live. But at the same time, he probably wanted death from all the guilt of the people he’d killed. Sadness that he never had the chance to tell Annie how he truly felt, know Annie would’ve been strong enough to do that much. But in the end, I think he was happy that he saved Armin. Relieved he could finally let go and not live in that hell anymore, and a much more worthy life lived.

Bertoldt deserved way better; he had a heart of gold and deserved the world.

And last but not least; Reiner. Reiner I think by far has the shittiest life and situation out of everyone in this fucking series of fucked up depressing shit. Just think about it. Annie sealed herself in a crystal for some sort of hibernation, and she was strong enough to actually go through with joining he MP. Bertoldt got the sweet release of death knowing his time was over and his hell was over too. But Reiner? Reiner saw two of his best friends get eaten and unable to do anything about it. He was thrown off by those thunder spears so he couldn’t do anything, that same helpless feeling of being unable to save someone like when he saw Marcel die. And now Bert. And seeing Annie crystallise. He saw all of that and kept going. Not because he wanted to, but because he literally had no choice at all. It was the only path for him to take.

I bet you all $20 that he now has severe PTSD. Also that Cushing guilt he cannot get rid of, as he has the curse of living. He’s probably counting the days left till sweet death comes. He had the power of the Armoured Titan and yet, his friends were taken from him one by one, and he was turned against the only friends he had left, that he knew full well he was going to betray from the start. He has nobody left in this world to be there for him. Except Zeke, but he didn’t grow up with and spend years with Zeke like he did with the 104th. They all went through so much together.

And now, all he can do is sit and watch as these young, misguided souls compete for his power, his burden, that one day will burden them just as bad or if not worse. And he can’t even rest yet; he continues fighting until his last hours, his last breath. He has kept living all these years without Annie, Bertoldt or Marcel, or any of the 104th except maybe Ymir. What happened to her again?? She kinda just disappeared with them? I swear to god if the Marleyans killed her in revenge for Marcel or to pass on her Titan, I will actually grow a riot because Ymir deserved the world just as much as all the other Titans.

Reiner must be so lonely, depressed, guilty and have no drive to keep going other than because he has to. I hope he dies quickly and painlessly and can get it done and over with, put him out of his misery.

And then Ymir, who literally was a normal human who did nothing wrong and is now faced with all this shit?? She wasn’t trained for this. She wasn’t promised to be a hero, she had no purpose. She just existed at the worst time and place and got so much shit for it. At least Ymir had the luxury to find love during her shithole of a life; thank god Historia exists. //Ymir did nothing wrong!!//

You know, when you put it like this, Eren, Mikasa and Armin’s lives seem like a stroll in he park. Heck, you can even argue that Levi’s life looked alright in comparison to these guys. I am a huge Levi fan so I’m not trying to hate on him, I love him to death and feel so sad for him but when people say he’s had it the hardest…I can object.

Once they had accepted the Titan powers, the Warriors were already marked for a shit life. They probably had around 9 years of peace as a child and that’s all they got before hell began.

This wasn’t meant to get this long oops. But I just felt the need to express my love for these characters, they don’t get enough of it in the canon and even in the fan base. Someone please just write a fanfic where they’re all happy and none of this happened, I need it pls.

To conclude this hell of a rant:


Fuck I forgot to talk about Zeke. Oh well, he had it easy and seemed to feel little remorse and I should sleep lmao. Tris out.

So, we don’t know if Fairy Tail is coming to an end or not - sure seems that way, with Zeref and Acnologia seemingly the last huge hurdles to overcome. But who knows? Maybe Mashima will throw us a curveball and there’ll be another arc with Ankhseram or something completely different.

Setting aside that possibility, FT is quite likely reaching its end. It’s been quite a ride with lots of bumps in the road; no series is perfect. Speaking for me personally, I only started tuning in for the better part of half a year now. You can tell me all your gripes about the series, and I’ll still tell you more than a few things I like about it. Even arcs like GMG.

Buuut this post isn’t about that. With the series coming to a close and shippers clamoring to support their ships, I figured I’d post a little something for Natza shippers who might be feeling down about Nalu and Jerza shippers POSSIBLY  'getting their way’. Just consider this a little reminder of some of the reasons you supported Natza in the first place. Out of respect to other shippers, I’ll try and tone down ‘anti-nalu’ and 'anti-jerza’ talk, but it might still come up in a few places. Kinda unavoidable…

First up, these two have history. And I don’t mean 'slaves trapped constructing a cultist tower’, I simply mean prior to the first chapter/episode, these two had seven years together, working and living together at Fairy Tail. That might not seem like much, since Erza became S-Class in X780 and kinda left Natsu and Gray in the dust, but they most certainly associated with one another. Igneel provided a base for Natsu’s education, but Erza built up on that. Natsu couldn’t read the job request flier he picked out on his own, and Erza made sure he could… Admittedly traumatizing him in the process. You want more than reluctant student and teacher? In a manga chapter we got not too long ago, we got flashbacks of Natsu, Gray, and Erza (as kids) doing stuff together; Erza breaking up fights, Erza teaching them hunting… and yes, even the times they bathed together. You might say, “Well… wait. That’s not Natza!” And I’ll agree. I’m simply pointing out that Natsu and Erza have history - seven years of it. It’s not a case of Natsu being 'scared’ of Erza for all that time; yes, he has those times where Erza intimidates him into behaving, but you know that little Pyro. He’s just gotta challenge Erza and catch up to her. Erza’s not someone unbeatable; she just really… really… strong. And of course Natsu admires that.

So now we’re to current events as the series officially begins. Admittedly, it takes a few episodes before Erza gets her debut, but she shows up, and we get our first impressions of the scarlet knight. She’s a tough disciplinarian, but she knows Natsu and Gray well enough to know they’re capable in their own right. Moreover, Natsu really shows determination here as he makes Erza promise to have a rematch with him after the mission. And that’s how they, Lucy, and Happy wind up going on their first conquest of a Dark Guild. Ah, but Erza comes with her own quirks, just like Natsu and Gray. She totes around a HUGE pile of luggage, and to make the train ride easier on Natsu, she… knocks… him… out. Still by far one of my favorite moments of the series. I can see why some might label Natza as a brotp with this kind of scene, but our time will come.

So they beat Eisenwald and Lullaby, and Natsu and Erza get their rematch. Whoo hoo. But their rematch gets broken up as the Council comes to arrest Erza for the destruction of the Guild Conference meeting hall in Clover Town (at least officially…).Of course Natsu won’t let that stand, and he makes quite a scene in the courtroom as he tries to save the redhead. … Well, instead of that slap on the wrist like they’d initially attended, the Council locks the two Fairy Tail mages in a cell for the night. Understandably, Erza is quite frustrated with Natsu’s lack of perception, but nonetheless, she thanks him for standing up for her.

As we’ll discover throughout the series, there are lots of instances where Natsu and Erza are concerned for one another; but moreover, there are plenty of instances where they strongly believe in one another as well. And it’s not just misplaced trust - they DO get the job done, such as when Natsu beats Gajeel and saves Lucy, and when Erza withstood a blast from the Jupiter Cannon for her Guild and still had the energy to take down Aria a short while later. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a basis for a healthy relationship right there. Worry and trust come in fair shares; as time goes on, these two become less and less worried for one another even in the face of overwhelming odds. They know the other can handle the situation and come out on top; the worry never goes away fully, just decreases in the face of mutual respect and trust.

And then we reach the epitome of our Natza ship… Nalu’s worst nightmare…The Tower of Heaven Arc. I am going to try and sidestep the icky love triangle that Mashima tries to make here - I’ll make it as simple as possible. This arc is where we learn about Erza’s past. Why she is the way she is, why she doesn’t get along with Councilman Siegrain, why she can find it hard to open up to people. Erza tries to keep her Fairy Tail family out of it, but they get dragged into it anyway. She mends bridges with her old friends, thanks to Simon; but on the flipside, Erza acts very much unlike herself here (at least from what we’ve seen up to this point). In this conflict, Erza is ready to throw her life away to protect both of her families. Despite being a seasoned warrior by this point, she can’t summon the same strength that she did when she tried to fight Jose Porla! And she’s in better shape than she was at that time! Perhaps some will argue that this is simply who Erza is - strip away her armor, and she’s a traumatized little girl with a *tragic* past. Ugh. Nope, nope, nope. By no means am I arguing that Erza can’t have her tender side; it’d be hard to like her character if she didn’t have such a side. What I am saying is that when Erza left the Tower of Heaven, she was alone and lost when she wandered to Fairy Tail. But in that time there, she acquired a new family, recovered the strength she once had when Grandpa Rob died and she inspired the slaves to keep on fighting. In fact, you could say she surpassed that strength - she became S-Class, didn’t she? Yet the moment her past comes back to haunt her, Erza horribly reverts; she goes into that fight with Jellal with a defeatist’s mindset. Thankfully, Natsu is up to the task of helping Erza bury her past. He fights Jellal, who is one of the Ten Wizard Saints, who took over the management of the Tower of Heaven, and who killed the mutual friend he and Erza once shared - the guy who made it possible for Erza to reconnect with her old family, Simon. He fights Jellal knowing most if not all of this, even when Erza desperately pleads with him to abandon the fight. Natsu can’t and won’t abandon her, though. In the end, Natsu makes a gutsy move of eating Etherion, and that gives him the strength to beat down Mr. Wizard Saint. Say what you will about that, how the fight 'should’ have gone, but I think it worked very well symbolically. Erza’s past warred with her present and future, and guess which came out on top? The scarlet knight picked herself up yet again and moved on with her life, despite lingering thoughts on Jellal and Simon. We can probably agree that Natsu had similar moments of getting worked up over villains hurting other friends - Lucy (present and Future), Yukino, etc. - but for me personally, I feel like there’s something fundamentally different in how those moments feel compared to the Tower of Heaven. For Lucy, Natsu saving her happens a little too often without Lucy doing the same as much for my tastes (in other words, those hero moments don’t feel as deep and meaningful to me). And for Yukino… well. I think anyone would get worked up over Yukino’s treatment by her Guild (especially her Master). I feel like Erza and the Tower of Heaven is different because Natsu connected with her more deeply than he ever had prior to this; he saw her pain, and wished for nothing more than to end her tears. He panicked after she sacrificed herself to stop the Tower from exploding. And in that dreamlike vision of the future brought about by Etherion, Natsu didn’t believe that Erza had died. Everyone else had given up, but not him. And whose arms does she wake up in, after realizing someone had saved her from being fully absorbed by Etherion? Natsu’s. He even makes her promise not to do such a suicidal move again. On Erza’s side, she recognizes his growth the moment he took down Jellal, and she tried to get him out of the Tower before it exploded. After seeing how affected Natsu would have been with her death, Erza cites that, “You don’t die for your friends. You live for them.” It was a pretty good shippy moment right there, but then the rest of their friends find them and rejoice that they’re all alive.

We can whine about it all we want, but when the Oracion Seis arc hit, that’s when the Jerza ship began to get a little more wind in its sail. After all, the man that brought Erza pain in the past returned, but he had… amnesia. You gotta be sympathetic to a guy like that, right? They had such a tragic past, and now Jellal can’t remember it. What a pity. … Okay, enough bashing. But it is a bit annoying for us Natza shippers; after the high that we got from ToH, we’re suddenly smashed back to earth with Jellal’s return. You can say that Natsu came to forgive Jellal in this arc, but that isn’t the case when you inspect the arc carefully. After all, what’s the first thing Natsu does when he first hears that Wendy revived Jellal? He’s intent on making sure Erza never has to see him again. Not out of jealousy - but out of sympathy for his friend. Natsu doesn’t want to see her cry again, but despite this, Erza finds the blue-haired mage anyway and comes to the dissatisfying conclusion that Jellal really can’t remember all of his past atrocities. Later, Jellal goes off to help Natsu fight Zero, and the Pyro tries to fight him off as well. Sure, Jellal ended up helping Natsu in the end, giving him something equally as potent as Etherion so that he may attain Dragon Force again, but that anger that Natsu holds hasn’t vanished. They’re tentative allies against a greater threat. And when the Rune Knights come to take Jellal and Oracion Seis away, Natsu doesn’t fight for Jellal’s freedom because he’s a swell guy that helped take down Zero; he does it for Erza, because the redhead is conflicted about resisting the Council’s authority. Despite his personal feelings about the blue-haired mage, he tries to resist for Erza’s sake so that the two can resolve their past. Of course, Erza tells him and the others to stand down in the end, and the Dragon Slayer grudgingly complies. Erza goes back to angsting about her past.  

I’m not gonna say my interpretation of events is the one, true way to look at the series. I AM saying this is how we Natza fans see the relationships between Natsu, Erza, Jellal, and Lucy. Some of you naysayers will argue Natsu and Erza are siblings; Jellal and Erza have such a tragic and *amazing* past together; Natsu brought Lucy to Fairy Tail and totally fell in love; you’re perfectly fine with believing in any of that. Just don’t shove your theories down our throats. From a Natza fan’s perspective, such as mine, Natsu brings out the best in Erza; he doesn’t make her think about her past every five minutes or force her to be the ever-shining beacon in their relationship. On the flipside, Erza doesn’t require saving all the time; she stands alongside Natsu, and is a pillar for him when he is sad or has doubts. Natza is mutual, and I think there’s something deeper there than sibling love. Heck, there are still Natza moments floating throughout the series, it’s just that whenever Jellal gets involved… yeah. You can tell what Mashima is likely pushing for, just not very convincingly. It’s fine if Erza becomes Jellal’s redemption, but it’s such a shame that a mutual, passionate relationship like Natza goes out the window in favor of giving Jellal a relationship to go with his redemption. Just look at all the various moments they have together…

So yeah! Criticize the Natza ship all you want, but you’ll never stomp us out completely. Even if Mashima cedes to you Nalu and Jerza fans, we’ll still have all these moments and more to look back on - canon, filler, omake, you name it. I think we have reason to be proud of our ship to the very end. We’re not a brotp or a fanon couple - if Nalu can be argued to be semi-canon, when it wasn’t in Mashima’s original plan, then I don’t see why we can’t make a case for it being at least semi-canon. I’ve certainly reflected long and hard on it over the past half year I’ve been into FT. I’m still going to be bummed if Mashima follows the crowd and forces Nalu and Jerza to happen, but I won’t falter in my love for this ship. I encourage other 'unpopular’ ships to do the same. I certainly don’t mind other ships with Natsu involved; Natza is just my OTP.

Thank You (to Lokis like You)

A quick thing I need to say in regards to the MCU and its Loki.

Thank you.

To Taiki Waititi, of course, brilliant madman that he is. Ragnarok looks like it’s going to be a fun ride. In a more general sense I need to thank the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole for taking a pretty huge step forward for Marvel and its comics by shedding a bright new spotlight on these heroes and villains and their antics, drawing in fresh eyes and fans who might never have given the series a second thought otherwise. I was one of the latter.

I had only some hazy idea of who those spandex clad folks were from the X-Men films and the X-Men Evolution cartoon. (I was enamored with every version of Nightcrawler for a spell, got the action figure and everything.) But while I still kept Professor X’s gifted youngsters in a corner of my heart, I never really threw myself into any of the Marvel universes. They were just another cool thing to smile over, maybe record an episode, maybe pick up a back issue or two once in a while. No big deal.

Then the other kids started showing up. A number of Hulks and Spider-Men. Captain America and Bucky. Iron Man and Nick Fury. Thor and Loki.

I saw them all with my father, half from personal interest—Nolanverse Batman and some re-watchings of Blade had psyched me up for more superheroes—and half from just having something to share with Dad. It was fun.

But the one he liked the least was the one that held my attention the most, even months after it left the theater.


It wasn’t a masterpiece. It’d become obvious later in the franchise’s run that the MCU just didn’t see the need to put as much effort into it as they did with breadwinners like Stark and Rogers cavorting around with their human stories and conspiracies and intrigue. We all know that hours of additional footage were shaved off both Thor and Thor: the Dark World—supposedly for time reasons, though both films were rather stubby compared to their neighbors. As a result the movies offered to the public were missing key character moments only to be found when digging in the Blu-rays and the storylines seemed choppier for it.

Even so. I was interested.

Why? Because my oblivious ass had no idea these guys existed. Not as comic book characters, not as gods of Norse myth, nothing. This was all brand new territory, watered down as it was. I’d only had Greek myths in my head—because they are the Classic Mythology and therefore Most Important, say the public schools and community colleges—and these gods seemed more like deities I’d feel safer standing in a room with. For what little time and space they got, the Asgardians gave a glimpse of something unique. Yet even with this in mind, I might have set them on the same, ‘oh that’s nice,’ shelf as every other fandom if not for the dude with the horns.

Yes, Loki ‘Glassy-eyed, Shakespearian archetype, “TELL ME!!1!,” ‘Guys seriously we need to blur out the crotch give him a damn courtesy flap in the next costume,’ #DaddyIssues’ Odin/Laufeyson.

The character that Hiddleston put out there drew me most because, well, he was kind of a sore thumb. Here were all these big bombastic warrior gods and giants and comic book flotsam, there was him all dark and scheming, prepped and ready for a villainous cackling spell, and…

And he doesn’t cackle. Oh, he gets a proper ‘I’m so smart look at my plan coming to fruition fuck yeah’ smirk here and there, but there’s next to nothing of the original recipe asshole god I would come to know and hate-love in the comics. The Loki that Hiddleston put together in the MCU for that first film was interesting because he wasn’t just the clear cut, ‘Mwa ha ha,’ bad guy.

When he looks away as Odin lavishes praise on Thor in the coronation, when he shuts down as Heimdall cuts into him on the Bifrost, when he goes bug-eyed at the sight of his blue skin in the giant fight, when he tells the Warriors Three that he let it slip to a guard and thus to Odin where they were going so they wouldn’t be lost/killed, when he confronts Odin about his origins, when he murders Laufey in a display of fealty, when he goes into a psychological meltdown as Thor—Thor, who should be K.O.’d on Midgard after the Destroyer, after he froze Heimdall to keep him from mucking with the Bifrost, who should not be there, in his way, always in his way, suddenly lecturing him for trying to wipe out the frost giants after only three measly days on the mortal dirt ball when Thor himself went there to wage war and swing his hammer—when he cries out to Odin Allfather that he’d done all of it for him, for all of them, look, look where his loyalty lies, he is not a monster like them, not like the frost giants, he is of Asgard, he is an Odinson, Father, look Father, all of this was for you

“No, Loki.”

And then he goes quiet again. Perfectly quiet.

His grip loosens.

“Loki, no.”

He lets go.

Thor screams and Loki is quiet, quiet, dropping into the Void, expecting death—I think he expected it later when the Dark World came around too, but that’s another ramble—not caring either way.

Then he shows up in the after credits scene, clearly mangled and burnt by something, with the first hints of the warped bastard from the comics showing in the smile.

That was a hell of a thing to see in what was otherwise a very hasty B+ movie. I cared more about his story than any of the thunderbolts and lightning and pseudo-romance flying around. So I put the name Loki in Google.

And holy shit have I gone far since.

Here were the comics, a sprawling evolution for the Villain, the Child, the Magpie, and the Storyteller, the last’s tale still unfolding, marching out of the mold labeled God of Evil by pioneer writers (and by the first Christians to slap the mantle of the Devil on him).

Here were the mythos, a vision of laughter and guile, myriad shapes and ultimate despair, strange children and legendary world-ending wrath.

Here were all these people who knew of all these Lokis, all these stories, all the stories they made from those stories, these excellent fans and friends.

Since first seeing that live action Loki—a character very much pruned down from his roots, made subtler, sadder, more prone to use blades than magic—I have come to put the comics’ God of Stories and the Norsemen’s God of Mischief both on the shelf reserved for Favorite Troublemaking Fucker(s). But I would be doing a disservice to the character and the god if I did not give thanks to the version that first opened the door to the Trickster and everything they’ve gotten their sneaky fingers into.

So, thank you to the Loki of the MCU.

Thank you to Tom Hiddleston for making the character more than the sneering cookie cutter villain put down in the script. Thank you for coddling the sour green meanie as you have, for being as much a geek for him as your own fans, for making him too marketable to kill off for good, as has not been the case for so many other MCU baddies. Thank you for being the gateway jerk god to all the other iterations of the jerk god.

Thank you.

(Now if you could just talk to the directors about getting a wig that doesn’t look like it’s not been washed in three days…)

Growing Love - Part 1: Spark

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Jensen Ackles, Sebastian Smith (OMC), Jared Padalecki

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (sorta), Sebastian x Reader (not for long)

Warnings: Smut, break up, jerk ex, hormones, pregnancy, pregnant woman having sex (is that a warning?), oral (female receiving), unsafe sex, all the pregnancy cliches, semi nsfw pic under the cut     

Wordcount: 4300ish

A/N: This is a real people fic but it is an AU Mini Series. Jensen is a photographer, Jared owns a bar and Misha is a doctor. It is my first time writing a real people fic in AU so lets hope I don’t fall on my face completely here.

I didn’t write this chronologically as I usually do. I wrote everything that the narrator tells us first and build the story around that. The narrator’s story can be read without the actual story and the actual story can be read without the narration. The narrator only actually tell us the things in cursive, the rest is Jensen’s PoV ;) Again let’s hope I land on my feet with this one.

It is written for @avasmommy224’s Birthday Challenge and Jenn is a total sweetheart who let me make a series out if this. The prompt is in part 2 and the acquired smut is in part one, I reused the prompt partially in Part 3.

Thanks to sweet, awesome @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me.



I am gonna tell you a story about love. Not all loves starts with fireworks and love at first sight. Some start in an entirely different place. With friendship and support followed by completely unforeseen events. This is a story about that kind of love. A love that blossomed over time. A love that that you know in your heart of hearts will last.

Let me start at the beginning. Y/N Y/L/N was a girl that had lost her parents at a young age, but never her dreams or will to succeed in life. She wanted to be an author, but she knew it was a risky occupation. Instead of chasing her dreams head on, she had decided to work her way through college. She became a journalist and got a steady job at the Austin Gazette. This was where she met Jensen Ackles.

Jensen came from a loving family, but wasn’t without dreams of his own. Jensen wanted to be a photographer. He wanted to tell stories just like Y/N, but unlike her, he wanted to capture people’s hearts through pictures. Building a career in photography was no less hard than becoming a successful author, so even though Jensen never put his dreams on hold, like Y/N had chosen to do, he was forced to work part time for the paper to make ends meet.

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Keith’s Pretty Galra Eyes

I noticed some unique moments where his pupils narrow like a cats, then I got curious to see if this was consistent, because if the animators have been doing something so subtle from the beginning that would be HARDCORE.  This…Is the documentation of my silly quest to see if that was intentional, or if this is all in my head.  It’s basically me RE-watching the series, Paying attention to Keith’s eyes, and screenshotting my observations.  Plus I get to capture some pretty Keith eyes in the mean time, so it’s a win win.  Shall we begin?

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Samurai Jack Review


This review contains spoilers. They will be highlighted in bold letters for readers convenience. If you have not seen this show yet or have yet to catch up on it, particularly the finale, skip over the bold lettered sections and come back to read them when you have.

My friends, the long awaited conclusion to the story of the Samurai who gotta get back, back to the past, has come to a close. The series concluded last weekend and much like the series as a whole, it did not disappoint. It had all of the heart, all the goofy humor, all the well choreographed action, all the calculated artistry and color that makes this series so great. But let’s take a step back a bit and take a look at the entire series, all 5 seasons, and see how the show holds up with all the sums of it’s parts. Before we do so, however, I feel obliged to claim minor bragging rights.

I CALLED THE ENDING!! … . sort of. Those who follow my blog know that before saturday came around I made a post predicting how the series would end (you can read the whole thing here: but in a nutshell, I predicted that Jack would give up, find allies with everybody in the lands he liberated, they would all go on all out war against Aku, Jack would have a showdown against corrupted Ashi, Ashi would liberate herself from Aku’s control and realize she has all of Aku’s powers including opening time portals, she would fling Jack into the past the moment he was flung into the future by Aku and kill him right there.

I was mostly right. Jack’s allies go on all out war? Check. Jack has a showdown with corrupted Ashi? Check. Ashi frees herself from Aku’s control? check. Ashi flings Jack into the past at the moment Aku flung him into the future to kill him? Check. Though my prediction had a FEW miscalculations, which we will get into in a bit, frankly I’m just so proud of myself that I came that close to predicting it spot on.

Okay, now that my bragging is out of the way, let’s tackle each aspect of the show, starting with Story.


One of the major strengths of Samurai Jack is it’s beautifully simple premise summed up nicely by the voice acting legend himself, Mako.

“Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape-shifting master of darkness, unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE EVIL. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future, where my evil is law. Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is AKU.”

I’ve said before many times that this premise is brilliant, because it’s so broad in it’s explanation and it’s setting is ripe for storytelling possibilities. The future is a distant mysterious place, and as such you can tell any story you want in it. A bunch of rave kids falling victim to mind controlling music? Go ahead. A strange homage to Alice in Wonderland? Go for it. A hilarious quest to quell the troubles of a flatulent dragon? Yes, even that. But on the flipside you can also tell stories more heavy in drama, culture and lore, and you can really up the emotional weight of the situation Jack is in. It’s a premise that’s practically destined to become a beloved television series, and so it has. 


To compliment this ever broad ever expanding world Tartakovsky has created we have a great likable protagonist who is just as much a curious fish out of water as we the audience are, so it’s very easy for us to project ourselves onto good ol’ Jack. But the best thing about Jack is that he’s motivated: He’s gonna get back to the past even if it takes him over 50 DAMN YEARS. Much like I said in my other and most popular blog post “Why Boyscout Characters are Underrated” It’s more important for a lead to be motivated then relatable, because that’s what ends up driving the story and the drama.

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*side note: ever since this show ended the most wonderful gifs have popped up, and it fills me with glee*

Being the stellar lead Jack is however, many would argue that the best part of this series is Aku, hands down. And I would agree with that. Aku. Is. AWESOME!! Easily one of the most entertaining antagonists in all of animation history. He’s the embodiment of evil and does some truly despicable shit, especially to Jack. So much of this series is just painful to watch because it’s Jack coming SOOO close to defeating Aku but Aku causes him to fall just short. He’s just so gleeful about ruining peoples lives and subjecting them to horrendous sadness and frustration. He is what every great character is tenfold …motivated (because again, motivated > relatable).

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That said, Aku gets to be really goofy in this too, which is a huge part of his charm (arguably the biggest part). He’s just so hammy and joyful about being so evil; I love it.

This show has a whole SLEW of great supporting characters though. The Scotsman is charmingly brash and loud and boastful, but a very loyal friend to Jack (admittedly after a rocky start). Scaramouche is a hilarious villain from the 5th season that relieved me when he came up in the first episode and proved to me that the 5th season hadn’t lost the silly charm of prior seasons. The characters from one shot episodes like the “Jump Good” guy, the British dogs, the rave kids, they’re all delightful and charming. Demongo was a great one time villain. But by far, the best supporting character …3 syllables . .  . SAH … MOO … RHAI

*Side-Note: One of the predictions I made about the finale was that Sah-Moo-Rhai would help in the fight against Aku and prove to be a competent swordsman. I was sadly wrong.*

Now all of these are well and good, but one of the most interesting and integral decisions made in season 5 was the introduction of Ashi to the Samurai lore. She is also very entertaining and, while her character growth isn’t as well developed and paced as say Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, She is still a solid and likable contribution to the shows final season that I welcome with open arms . .. even if many of the fans disagree with me on how things turned out. Yeeeah we should probably address that real quick.

Many people, certainly fans on Tumblr, were very disappointed with the revelation that Jack and Ashi had a romance. They felt it was incredibly forced, they felt a non-platonic relationship between a man and a woman in a show was beyond cliche, and they thought it stripped Ashi of her agency and her being her own character because in the end all she proved to be was a trophy for Jack, the male protagonist of the show, to win. They’ve even gone as far as boasted shit like “GET THIS HETERO-BULLSHIT OUT OF MY SIGHT!” (replace hetero with homo and suddenly it seems like a real asshole thing to say doesn’t it?). I suppose I agree with the sentiment that blossoming relationships between male and female leads in a show is a cliche as old as time. But there’s a reason why it is so … . it’s because heterosexual relationships THEMSELVES are as old as time. Cliches are a product of evident truths that mankind has known about to some degree ever since literature first began. fit and well toned people are attractive, love triangles are just oozing with drama, and capes, while a practically useless accessory, look FUCKING AWESOME. It can be nice to break these stereotypes every once in a while for variety, but it shouldn’t be necessary every time. And an audience that would LIKE to see Jack and Ashi together shouldn’t have to have their little ship ruined because you “can’t stand hetero-bullshit”, (as if the relationship would somehow be more tolerable and less contrived and forced if Ashi was a man and they were a gay couple) because surprise surprise the show creators aren’t just trying to entertain YOU and YOU alone. Just like how Legend of Korra fans shouldn’t be able to ruin Korrasami for you, you shouldn’t shit on anyone for liking Jashi. Whatever happened to “love is love” anyway? As for the point about Ashi being stripped of her agency, 1. She CHOSE to engage in a romantic relationship with Jack. She CHOSE to join his side after being proven wrong. She’s not stripped of agency just because she fucking loves a dude and is just as competent a fighter as him, okay? She even plays a major role in how Jack ends up defeating Aku. 2. She’s not even a prize for Jack in the end anyway, because she ceases to exist after all of that … we’ll get to that in a bit.


Much like the story itself, the design is beautiful in it’s simplicity. It’s composition and color choices are BREATHTAKING! Not a single black outline in sight, everything is angular with defined shapes so you can tell which character everyone is even in silhouette, and the scenery  . .OH MY GOODNESS the scenery. The colors compliment each other majestically, whether they need to blend together or create contrast. the imagery is awe-inspired; the show never lost it’s touch in terms of how everything is shown and communicated. This show is the literal definition of “every frame a painting”.

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The sound and directorial choices of this show are great too. Genndy bases this show heavily on the suspenseful and quiet epics of samurai movies (as you can probably tell) and to an extent westerns. The show really challenges kids to have patience and sit through to the well-worth-it pay off, and it makes for some edge-of-your-seat excitement complimented with spectacular action choreography and animation. This show has some of the most imaginative and dramatic fight scenes ever put in western animation. The first and second episodes of season 5 were perhaps some of the best fighting animation I’ve ever seen in anything EVER.

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But to be fair the fighting compliments the humor of the show at times too, and I ain’t complainin’

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Conclusion (+thoughts on the ending):

Overall, this is a very satisfying show that’s praised over and over for all the reasons listed above and rightfully so. Genndy Tartakovsky has created something beautiful and has easily cemented himself as one of the greats of American animation. What else can I say . .  . . OH! how about the ending??

So like I said above in one of the bold lettered spoiler sections of the review, I pretty much predicted what would happen. And setting aside my pride for a moment the ending is only …  .okay. Yes it’s a big climactic fight, yes it’s a good twist and surprisingly it ends on a pretty somber note, so it’s by no means a horrible ending and this turnout makes the most sense all things considered, it just feels a bit rushed is all really. I wish it was twice as long as it ended up being quite frankly but eh, what you gonna do? I WAS surprised by a twist they end up going with about Ashi not being able to be with Jack because she fades from existence after Aku is defeated …right on their wedding day. Fucking OUCH. Jesus, Jack goes through decades of torture in the future only to finally get a final fuck you by having to let go of the woman of his dreams? That’s just cruel man. For a while when she remained in the past I was thinking “wait . . shouldn’t she fade from existence by now? how is she still here? and now they’re getting married? are they seriously going with this ending? I mean it doesn’t make a lot of sense but–” and then she falls over in her wedding dress and I was like “OHHH FUCK YOU! THAT IS NOT COOL! THAT IS JUST MEAN! GIVE THIS DUDE A BREAK!” Needless to say that was the most trolly ending we could have gotten. I can’t help but feel like the non existent Aku is having his last laugh.

But yeah, Samurai Jack … it’s really good. Go watch it. Now. You fools. 

Okay, so can we please just talk about The Arcana Chronicles for a minute

I love this series as a whole and I just need to rant first off though, one of my favorite Characters, Tess.

Because I love her as a character, and generally speaking, I love her alliance more than I love Evie’s most of the time. She’s in cannon, a thick girl, something that I, as a big girl, love to bits because seeing just thin women in basically all media makes it a little hard to accept myself and often times knocks down my motivation to get into better shape. One thing Kresley Cole does amazingly is character building. Evie isn’t perfect. No one in the stories are perfect, something I love. Tess isn’t the Earth shaking goddess of the cosmos she could have been if Kresley Cole had written her as having complete control over her powers.

She’s just a kid. She’s just a girl with powers she can’t control, powers that could kill her and everyone around her if she lost control. She has a nervous habit, chewing her nails that even goes so far as to cause her cuticles to bleed, a nervous habit I share, as I also do this when I’m stressed. Despite not knowing how to use her powers, she still tries to contribute. She still wants to be helpful.

Also, can we talk about her relationship with Joules and Gabriel for a moment. Because, god, I love the friendship those three have. From what I see, Gabriel is like a protective older brother to her. He almost flipped his shit when Evie forced Tess to go back in time so far back her hair was falling out(Something me and my best friend both screamed at Evie about when we got to that part of the audio book). When Evie says she’s sorry about Tess’ death in Death’s car, even Joules, whose all but foaming at the mouth to get a crack at Death, quiets down for a minute at the mention of Tess. They genuinely cared about her. They miss her. It’s nice to see relationships like this, something that is often romanticized in most media. Another good Example is is Evie with Matthew, even if Matto is being a weird bean right now and I’m screaming at Kresley Cole not to do what I think she’s leading up to.

Also, another fucking thing, NO ONE IS PERFECT. I can’t say how much I love this, because believe me, I know how easy it is to accidentally make a Mary Sue, and Kresley Cole is sooooo good at not doing that. Evie doesn’t fucking know about her powers, she questions her own sanity even after the Flash happens. She has to slowly learn about her powers, and even then, they aren’t perfect, they’re wild and emotion based, not easy to control. She slowly gets better. She’s not the instant pro and sourcing or surviving like Jack was, it’s a learned skill, something she needed to work out. Every character has their own flaws, things that are fairly consistent and aren’t glossed over. Things that make them relatable. Evie has been sheltered her whole life, she doesn’t know how to shoot a gun or drive. Jackson isn’t good with emotions, sometimes he comes on too strong, he recognizes this and works on it. Matthew’s powers screwed up his mind, Selena doesn’t trust, she’s TOO hardened by her training, Finn is that one guy who’s a total fuckboy but trusts too easily and doesn’t mean any harm. Death was hardened by his long life, he doesn’t trust. Tess is a nervous wreck, Joules is angry and clearly struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression, Gabriel can’t fucking socialize to save his life because he was raised in a fucking CULT. I could go on, but I’ll move along.

Another thing Kresley Cole does beautifully, is balancing pacing and Character development. Because by the end of the 6th chapter, I was willing to die for Evie. My poor baby thought she was going insane and she couldn’t even confide in her best friend! But, by that chapter, we already were getting a pretty fucking good idea of the wonderful misery we were in for. We were in a world where girls could control plants, guys could see the future, and there were clearly things going on that neither we, as readers, or the main character herself  knew about, things that meant life or death. We knew exactly the type of shit storm we were walking into, and we were already too invested to care. THAT, boys and girls, is EXACTLY, how you capture an audience, how you have a captive audience that doesn’t want to be freed. Because I sure as hell didn’t want to be. By the end of the 1st book I was almost crying because the rest of the books hadn’t been released yet.

Also, Sol the sun card, one of the power house’s of the Arcana is Bi and Poly, something I absolutely love because  FUCK YES, YOU SEE THAT BABY, THAT’S MY BABY. He was in a relationship with a guy and a girl, and it’s portrayed as a healthy loving relationship. He’s clearly torn to bits over what happened to them, and it’s not treated as weird or wrong. It’s so fucking GOOD to see this kind of relationship normalized. It’s something I hope catches on

I had more, but my brain is being a bitch tit, so please, anyone who’s read the Arcana Chronicles, add as you see fit, this book needs ALL THE FANDOM. It’s one of those series where you know there are fangirls, but the fandom is a fucking ghost town.

Samurai Jack: Episode XCVIII spoilers (the one about the sword)

Holy shit it’s pyjama Jack! So much younger, unravaged by time, so less beardy.

One cute sheep thing is (probably) harmless. Two are creepy. Three or more suggests they are a higher intelligence that has been observing Jack but what are their motives and will they help him. Still cute though.

He jumped right into the time portal (no hesitations or anything, that is the action of a man who has seen too many time portals blown up before his eyes before). Made me think, momentarily, that he -would- make it back into the past, maybe there’d be some kind of twist to his story. But Aku……yeah.

Jack’s rage - he momentarily turned into Mad Jack there.

And he brain-stabbed the possessed sheep. Blood, there’s blood everywhere. Kinda love it.

The continuing tradition of Jack’s clothes being torn off in a fight. Also kinda love it.

Jack, Murderer of Sheep. Silencer of Lambs. This is the point at which he realises he’s failed his mission - the last time portal has been destroyed, he’s lost the sword, and he’s slaughtered innocents in his rage. This is where the sorrow beard begins to grow.

The hole is so deep that even on a giant parakeet, the descent requires them to pause for rest on the outcroppings of rock. That kind of setting alone would be worth devoting a whole episode to (but we’re at episode 7 out of 10, and we need to get the story along).

His face when he sees the cute sheep skull.

While Jack meditates, a dust cloud whips up from across the wasteland, and camera sharply zooms into Ashi’s eyes (ala…Samurai Jack).

Jack’s transcendental journey is one of those silent, simple, yet visually stunning sequences to add to the list of silent, simple, yet visually stunning sequences that make up a hefty portion of Samurai Jack. He walks down green hills. Sits in a raft under stars. Drifts past a single purple flower.

“Something about a squirrel.” Hahaaaa.

Ashi commits massive amounts of violence (the best of which is pushing a buncha dudes off the cliff and them getting impaled on the spears of their fellow dudes). She snaps a guy’s arm in half. Punches people to death. I wish she still had her chain and scythe though.

There’s a moment, in a far shot, when she’s surrounded by her enemies, that her silhouette returns to that when she was still in Daughter of Aku mode (with her hair up like a flame tip).

And then juxtaposing the action, violence, and the heat of those colors with the slow deliberateness and geometric serenity of Jack preparing tea far away in another world.

OH FUCK it’s Ashi’s mom. OHhHHhHHh.

So the fighting style of the Daughters were all patterned after hers. It’s a knife fight (well, knife-cute sheep skull horn fight) with a lot of sinuous leaping and dodging.

“You were the strongest but the most unfocused.” So I guess the mom’s going to call Ashi the strongest, or the weakest, or whatever, entirely based on what emotional reaction she wants to provoke. Still trying to manipulate Ashi, after all this time. Except now, it ends with having one of those arrows (the same arrows during the Daughters’ last trial during their training) through her spine. Was hoping we’d see at least a hint of her face. But if she’s for real dead at this point, that’s cool too.

Meanwhile, in the Spirit World, it becomes apparent that Jack’s greatest enemy has not been Aku, but his own rage. The same rage and frustration that has kept him alive (“YOU NEED ME—!”) has also blinded him from his purpose.

I actually like how that moment against the angry side of his personality hearkens back to the Mad Jack episode. It shows that Jack, for all his tranquility (most of the time, throughout the entirety of his series), is given to bouts of anger. And he can defeat it once—like when he beats Mad Jack—but it comes back. And it does threaten to overwhelm him. (This is not something I’ve ever really thought about, with regards to Jack’s character. It’s much easier to see him as a placid kind of warrior. The degree to which his personal anger cripples him is both surprising, and makes so much sense).

And Jack finds himself in the weird muted outer spacey place we see in the opening sequence, and meets Odin, Horus, and Rama (or whoever they are). The three cosmic beings that fought the Greater Eldritch Abomination from which Aku is just a shred of. Jack is a small part in what was a vaster, higher kind of war. But they give him his sword back. And his old look.

His old look. I didn’t get emotional seeing that, YOU got emotional seeing that.

He’s on the cliff, and he sheathes his sword, and he’s back. He’s baaaaack.

He goes over to Ashi, and you know what, I do sort of ship them. I think an attraction between them makes sense within the context of the narrative and it would be fun to explore. It’s in that moment when Jack’s calling to Ashi, and we see her face as she opens her eyes - you couuuld read the vaguest tinge of sexuality there, so that when her eyes open, she could be seeing him through the lens of ‘oh hey there handsome man’.

What prevents me from going full throttle on this ship is that there are sooo many ways they could have been positioned to further signify that “this relationship is meant to be a ship”. He could have been cradling her in his lap. She could have touched his face. These things did not happen. Which suggests to me that the preference of the makers is to keep the nature of their relationship open to interpretation.

Which is fine. They could conceivably be shipped / friends / allies / family figures. What’s important is that there are parallelisms between them (as warriors raised for a single purpose), and that she is someone who restored his hope, and he is someone who saved her from her upbringing. And now they’re going to go kill Aku.

Regardless of what the relationship is though, I’m hoping it comes into play if Jack finds another time portal (the Guardian episode has implied that he -will- find a way back to the past eventually). If he does have any sort of feelings for Ashi, there may be a moment, just the briefest, smallest, littlest bit of hesitation before he makes the jump.

(And then what? He’ll erase the events of the entire Samurai Jack series? We’ll see glimpses of everyone he’s met during his time in Aku’s world, and how they would be if Aku weren’t there? Would they even have come to exist at all? Like would Ashi and her sisters even been born? Or maybe time will diverge, and he’ll go on to become the king of an ancient kingdom while the future he left continues anyway?) Once again, I suppose we’ll find out.

[Bruce, Jason, & Damian Panels] The New 52′s “Convergence: Batman and Robin” (2015)

Writers have shown us time and time again that fatherhood does not come easy to one Bruce Wayne. It definitely wasn’t easy raising a Dick Grayson or a Tim Drake, let alone a Jason Todd or a Damian Wayne, even with Alfred Pennyworth around. (Not to mention his “daughters” and other less-troublesome “sons”). But we’ve gotta hand it to the ol’ Bat - he never stops trying.

This miniseries is aptly entitlted “Fathers & Sons”, and it’s easily becoming one of my favorites.

We’ve seen the pattern of resentment among the Robins that comes with feeling replaced. All the four (main) Batboys have gone through it at one point in their vigilante careers: Dick with Jason; Jason with Tim; Tim with Damian. And now, interestingly, Damian with Jason?

You’d think that the li’l former assassin would have gotten over his insecurities after having proven himself a more-than-capable Robin to both Bruce and Dick… Perhaps, it’s a testosterone thing? Or possessiveness over their father?

Whatever the reason, it paves the way for combination angst-and-fluff interactions that I absolutely adore!

A little backstory (and some spoilers):

“Convergence” was a company-wide DC Universe crossover event during the New 52 run focused on Braniac’s obsession with collecting cities from ended timelines and trapping them in domes on a planet outside of space and time. It has several spin-offs, including this two-issue one.

In a domed Gotham City, Batman and Robin rescue Poison Ivy from some rogues. She had been cultivating Robinson park in order to feed the citizens for free, and her colleagues basically saw it as bad for criminal business. When Killer Croc attacks Batman, Red Hood (with his assistant Duela Dent, a.k.a. Scarlet) shows up unexpectedly and saves him.

“Jason… Todd? Why’s he here?”

In the next set of panels, both Bruce and Damian question Jason’s sudden appearance - but probably for different reasons. Bruce seems genuinely curious but welcoming, while Damian’s more he’s-not-supposed-to-be-here.

More under the cut:

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A Sunset w/ Izaya Ch. 4: Get Rid of Izaya Orihara, Pt. 2

Evening - The royal suite of the Bunokura Grand Palace Hotel

“I guess it’s about time. I have a good feeling for today.”

Izaya says while looking over the city, fidgeting like a child. Looking at Izaya watching from his wheelchair at the window, Sozoro spoke in chastise.

“For Izaya-dono “a good feeling” for you would mean hell for other human beings.”

“In that manner of speaking, it would be a bit rude in the instance of a murderer who takes pleasure in killing.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Izaya faces Sozoro and starts talking of himself.

“For me, Sozoro-san. I like to see the sight of a human happy from the bottom of his heart when he wins the lottery. I really enjoy seeing that happiness when until that point that person just had a mediocre life and then suddenly changes to the extraordinary. However, I like seeing those with that ordinary life and those who ruin themselves with money both equally. It’s just I only occasionally get to see those times where one takes the path of their own self-destruction.”

“And of those occasions, I think you are quite the devil.”

“In that case, there is occasionally a time where one will be shown the way towards happiness, you know? Well, objectively speaking there is no way to measure happiness, so perhaps there are people who enjoy seeing others’ lives in ruin. I can respect those type of humans too. I can also accept a lot of perversion. If that is part of how humans behave.”

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wolf and rabbit (saeranxmc) prologue

Here it finally is! The first part of my Saeran x MC fic series. I worked really hard, so I sincerely hope you all like it. I apologize for the length. And I’m sorry if it’s not that great, my writing pants have been in the closet for quite awhile. I’ve had a few of my friends supporting me, so I was able to run the aforementioned writing pants through the wash and this is the final product. I plan on this being a relatively lengthy project.

So, thank you so much for taking the time to read and if you like it, please let me know and it would mean so much to me if you could reblog so others can see.

And with that, here you go! 

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A word for Kaname Kuran

I was on Youtube listening to OST’s from Vampire Knight when I came across all the hateful comments against Kaname. And this saddens me because Kaname is the very first character in my history of being an otaku to whom I grew very attached too, Makoto Tachibana from Free! being the second. 

I understand that he comes across as a jerk in the anime because he “tries to keep Zero away from Yuuki” when Zero “has had such a bad childhood” and is going to become a Level E and what not, I completely understand why people would hate Kaname from watching the anime. “Zero’s the victim and Kaname’s the bad guy” right? 


If that’s what you think then you don’t know shit about him. You finished both seasons of the anime? You still don’t know shit about him because the anime never showed half the person Kaname is. 

I know, in the anime, he was shown as nothing more than a Yuuki-obsessed, arrogant, overconfident, manipulative, superior pureblood vampire who planned out plot after plot to achieve his goals. Till some point in the manga, this held true, but beyond that, we see just how broken he is. Zero’s not the only one who has things hard. Kaname does as well. And Zero emo-ed throughout the whole series, anyone with eyes could see how troubled he was, regardless anime or manga; but Kaname dealt with his problems alone. He had such a hard time telling even Yuuki what he has to deal with. He planned out everything just so he could protect what he loved most, even if he has to be heartless and cruel at times. And just because he’s dealing with his problems, people hate him for it? “He could be a little nicer.” Would Kaname being nice to Zero be able to persuade Zero to do anything? Would “nice” get through emo Zero’s skull? 

You know, Kaname is so complex that it’s hard even for me to come to his defence. But I guess, it all only comes down to one word, one name: “Yuuki”. Yes, I know, his love for Yuuki appears selfish and possessive, but deep down, aren’t we all like that? We want to be with the person we love, we want the person we love to love us. It’s the most instinctive thing in our hearts. No matter how much we know that love is supposed to be for the happiness of the other, really really really deep down, you’d still feel the desire to be with that person. Kaname is just like that. But even so, he kept Yuuki human for as long as he could, ignoring his own desire. Sure he was also the one who turned Yuuki, but in the end, he also let her be with Zero. To some extent, I understand that Kaname is like me, having a bit of an inferiority complex even though we look like the most confident people in the world. He always thought that Yuuki was happier with Zero, he found it hard to believe if Yuuki was ever truly happy by his side. But even though he’s worried, he has his desire to keep Yuuki with him. So at times, his actions conflict one another. Do you know why? Because he’s in inner turmoil. Why are his actions inconsistent? Because his heart wavers. Does he really want Yuuki to leave him or does he want her by his side? 

Ah… How do I put this…?

Have you ever feel like you’re not worthy of someone but you want to have him or her with you anyway? In my case, I have an inferiority complex when it comes to friendships. I usually feel like a crap-ass friend because I tend to get very possessive and I frequently find myself thinking “you’re my friend, but you seem happier with her”, this sorta feeling, you get? Then I get really down, and I feel like, my friend should just dump me for a better one but at the same time, I want to continue being friends. Am I making sense? 

Anyway, Kaname is something like that. There is this conflict in the heart where you can’t decide whether to “push” or “pull”. Like with this friend of mine, for very frequent periods of time, I would act cold, and ignore her just to push her away, but then, later, I’d warm up just so we could continue being friends because at the end, I’m not ready to let her go yet. 

Saying Kaname is inconsistent… it’s not that his character was written poorly, but rather…it’s a human thing. Sometimes you feel like you’re ready to do something but when it really comes to it, you doubt yourself and you change your course of action. Why Kaname turned her? Because he was starting to believe that maybe he could spend eternity with her. But even then. Kaname never stopped thinking that Yuuki was better as a human. He believed strongly that Yuuki was better living life as a human, but having turned her isn’t something so easily undone. That’s why he had to use other ways to ensure Yuuki could live freely without having to worry about hunters and such. 

When I started watching the series, I believed that Yuuki would end up with Zero, because Kaname was very mysterious and in shoujo, somehow the emo but pitiful character would always end up getting the girl. I think a lot of people may have had the same impression that I had. But the manga developed beautifully. Kaname is one of those rare characters that a series would have, especially shoujo. Like I said, Kaname is very complex, it’s hard to understand him. But this is also why I love Kaname so much. Kaname’s history is the reason behind his character mould. And to fully understand him, you shouldn’t view him as the Night Class’ president, but instead, the Kuran ancestor. 

As the Kuran ancestor, Kaname was quite unlike the Kaname we know at the beginning of the series. He was kind, gentle, and he wanted peace. He wanted humans to be able to protect themselves from vampires, despite being a vampire himself, and worked hard to achieve this. However, having lost the Hooded Woman who gave him a name, who gave him the acceptance when everyone else turned against him, Kaname eventually lost his initial reason for killing as he killed more and more vampires with time. Feeling empty, he decided to let time erase his existence. But he couldn’t even sleep peacefully since Rido awakened him by sacrificing Yuuki’s real brother when he was still an infant. Despite all that, Yuuki took his finger and smiled. At that moment of time, it must have been the only thing to offer him comfort. 

Kaname must have spent his whole life feeling nothing but guilt. Feeling the remorse from not being able to protect the Hooded Woman, the guilt from having caused an innocent child to die, and then having to watch Juuri and Haruka die. Can you imagine? Spending eternity drowned in such guilt? Yuuki was the only thing he had left. Could Kaname possibly not have changed? When he only had Yuuki left. His sole purpose for living. Kaname was so desperate to protect her, change was inevitable. He can’t afford to make mistakes. Nobody was there to help him make it right if there were mistakes. It was an “all or nothing” risk. 

Kaname is far from being overpowered. Though he appears strong, there are things he cannot do, and he has his fears. Even the Kuran ancestor has lingering regrets, and the Kaname whom we know has planned everything since before the series even began, did it all out of fear that he would lose Yuuki. Kaname was fragile since the beginning, it was just clouded by how cold he was. 

The ending, for me, even though it stings my heart, I can’t help but feel like Kaname was finally able to truly let go. He learnt to not grasp onto Yuuki anymore, he learnt to let her go, he learnt to come to terms with the thought that Yuuki would be happy with Zero. 

And all that guilt. I feel like he was able to find his peace when he threw his heart into the furnace. I feel like he was able to do what he initially wanted to do, and lift his remorse of letting the hooded woman sacrifice herself before. I think he went into his slumber, content, knowing that there would be peace. He had achieved his primary dream of bringing peace, he gave Yuuki a happy, free life with Zero where her smile would never fade. The thought of bringing happiness to so many people must have comforted Kaname during his last moments. 

I can’t really label Kaname as “good” or “bad”, because at the end of the day, he’s “only human”. Maybe he’s a vampire, but his heart is still human, and as humans, we make mistakes. We fear. We regret. We change. I’m not saying “Don’t hate Kaname” but rather, don’t hate him for the wrong reasons. It’s hard to speak for him, and I can’t really put my attachment towards him into words either, but it has to be something about him…

maybe it’s his mysterious side,

maybe it’s the way he comes off as the ultimately strong character but really isn’t,

maybe it’s because he’s broken 

that I just have to love Kaname. 

On a side note, I am, in no way, anti-Zero. I may have repeatedly labelled him as emo and pitiful, but I don’t hate the guy. Really .__.

nero vanetti protection squad 2k16

nero is such a great character, and he is honestly one of the most understanding/empathetic (and arguably misunderstood) characters in the entire series?? and it makes me so sad when i see people hating on him because he’s evil/heartless. esp after rewatching ep12 the amount of sympathy he has toward avilio is honestly astounding and why so many people ship them. can we all just take a moment to remember that nero is 21. i think it’s easy to forget that when he’s animated like an adult male near his 30′s but he’s twenty-one. like holy shit. nero displays conduct that far belies his twenty-one years. let’s take a look at a few key moments in the final episode. 


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