and it killed me to make this


🔴 in another life 🔴

Shinji and Kaworu from Evangelion for throwback-thursday <3 the desperation i have felt over the years from wishing i could protect their happiness is IMMENSE. and i’m sure i’m not alone in that <3 <3 <3



I honestly don’t know how I feel about this

yoonji going on the unit makes me so sad, its a show for ‘failed idols’ and she literally debuted this year, she hasnt even had a comeback yet!! i mean, she trained for so many years, and this is what she gets? not even a proper chance? its like wm gave up on her already i mean, they should of given her a comeback at least… im still gonna support her and everything im just super disappointed in wm 


This season, every time Andy and I are in a scene together one of us starts tearing up like a baby. And it’s usually me first. And then he gets upset, ‘Look what you made me do.’ But that hug, everybody was crying. The whole group was choked up. It felt like we were back together, which is where the show’s at now, which I’m really excited about.”