and it just wanders about on our roof


Granted, I’m terrible with titles. Still, I thought it was about time I contributed something to the fanfiction section of the HSS-HWU fandom, so, here is a (rather lame) MC x Hunt fic. 

“I can’t actually believe we’re going on this trip!” Lisa bounced on the balls of her feet as you packed the last of your luggage and sank onto your bed, exhausted. “Think of all the things we can do! Skiing, enjoying the views, especially the views!”

“Hate to burst your bubble, Lisa, but you do realise we’re heading to Norway only to shoot the remainder of the film,” you said.

“But we’re way ahead of schedule,” Lisa said. “We should have some time to party and just enjoy ourselves!”

“Friendly reminder, Thomas Orson Hunt is our director.”

“Oh, screw him. Norway, here I come!”

You merely sighed and watched as Lisa enthused about the upcoming trip to Aria, who had just joined the two of you in your dorm, but your mind wandered as you stared out of the window, which overlooked a garden steeped in several inches of snow. Bare branches of trees dotted the view. In the distance, the roof of the administration building peeked slightly over the tops of movie star and fashionista dorms; the administration building, where Professor Hunt was at the moment, probably writing out a strict itinerary for the entire cast and crew for the entire duration of their Nordic trip.

Your mind flashed back to the dinner party at his house. Things were different between you and Thomas Hunt now, but with everything that had been going on, the two of you had never gotten the chance to talk alone, or pick up on where you both left off at the dinner. Making movies and completing school projects at the same time was no small feat and it took up almost all of Professor Hunt’s and your own attention and energy. You couldn’t help wondering if somehow, you might be able to get Thomas on his own on this trip. Perhaps as soon as production was over? Nah, he would probably want to come right back to continue working on the post-production part of it. Still…


“I’ve changed my mind about this place. It’s so cold!” Lisa said, through chattering teeth.

Zoe rolled her eyes. “Stop whining. Toughen up. And it wouldn’t be so cold if you would actually put on something warmer than that jacket. It’s so thin I can rip it to shreds in seconds.”

“Hey, it’s…”

“Now, if we’re all done chatting here, can we actually get to the hotel now? Or would you like to stay a while more in the cold?” Thomas scowled. “And Miss Valentine, don’t make me regret my decision to let you come with us.”

“Loosen up, Tommy,” you said, as the cast and crew began filing into a bus that would take them to the hotel. “Try to think of it as a holiday.”

“This is most definitely not a holiday,” Hunt snapped. “We will film the finishing scenes in the next few days, and then we’re leaving.”

You flopped onto a window seat, resting your head against the cool glass, which was a strange relief from the jetlag you had been experiencing. The sky was darkening and you watch as lights flickered to life in houses and shops the bus cruised by. A few moments later, someone sank onto the seat next to you. Glancing out of the corner of your eye, you glimpsed Thomas Hunt sitting back in his seat, eyes closed, breathing steadily. The rest of the bus was slowly quieting down as well, as most people dozed off while others silently took selfies and tweeted. You appreciated the tranquil moment during which you observed Thomas Hunt.

It wasn’t like you hadn’t seen much of him. In fact, you’d been working with him for almost the entire year. But it was rare to catch him in such a light, the strict and ambitious director and professor rarely showed any signs of weariness or exhaustion. You stared as shadows passed over his face, contemplating on how much had changed since the first day, when you were late to class. Who ever knew that in a matter of (rather short) time, you would be…

Well, you weren’t very sure yet what you could call the two of you, and you didn’t feel like assuming anything at the moment.

As if able to sense someone watching him, Thomas’s eyelids fluttered open. You quickly averted your gaze, but could feel the intensity of his glare on you, but it softened after only a few seconds. You turn to look at him, but he’d already turned away from you.

“Thomas…” You lightly touched his arm.

A strange look passed over his face as he turned to look at you. For a moment, his eyes flickered over the backs of your seats, at the half-asleep cast and crew.

“You should take a nap, _. It’s rather late and it’ll be some time before we reach the hotel, and as you know very well, I expect eveyone on set bright and early tomorrow morning.” He turned to face forwards.


You couldn’t help but feel a slight tinge of envy towards the tourists who laughed and talked among themselves, comparing pictures and exchanging recent experiences at breakfast in the hotel the following day. One sweeping glance over the members of the cast and crew told you that most of them looked half-dead and definitely not ready for a full day of shooting, save for some, like Zoe, who was the picture of health and strength as she wolfed down her breakfast.

Well, Zoe and Thomas Hunt, of course. The director constantly checked his watch and surveyed the cast and crew. As he stood up, you hurriedly drained the last of your coffee.

“Let’s get moving,” Hunt said, eliciting a quiet and collective groan from the cast and crew. As he was about to speak again, everyone shot to their feet. He meant well, but Thomas Hunt’s chidings were like lashes across one’s back.


The past few days had felt like a school trip, with Professor Hunt escorting the lot of you to various places in Narvik, Norway, and then back to the hotel at a fixed time late in the evening. Then again, the cast and crew were mostly made up of students from Hollywood U, mostly members from your entourage. The ones who weren’t, such as Chris and Zoe, well, they did have certain liberties the students didn’t.

Waking up early the following morning was compulsory for everyone, as their flight home would be around 9. But as it was just a flight and not a whole day of filming, you decided there was no harm in taking a walk. Besides, the Northern Lights could be seen from your hotel room window and you just had to see them.

You exited the hotel room which you’d been sharing with a member of your entourage and made your way down to the lobby. You were about to step out into the cold night when you noticed a familiar figure standing by the door.

“What are you doing here, Thomas?”

“I could ask you the same thing.”

You searched his face, but it betrayed no emotion. He didn’t seem to be angry at you, though. You shrugged. “Just out for a night stroll. You too?”

Hunt looked out onto the street. “I’ve seen them before, but the Northern Lights hardly ever bore me.”

“I would like to see them,” you said, casually. You were about to step out when you heard Thomas clear his throat.

“I would like to see them with you.”

You turned, the hint of a smile playing on your lips. Hunt looked a little embarrassed, as though he’d blurted that out without much thought. Probably had.

“I’m sorry?” you said, taking a slight step back.

Hunt swallowed, but looked you directly in the eye. “I said, I’d like to see the Northern Lights with you, now.” His tone wavered slightly, hovering slightly above the boundary line between regular speech and professor speech, as though it was trying to compensate for the mortification that had been wrought upon him by that slip of the tongue.

“Well then, what are you waiting for?” you said, smiling slightly.

Due to the chilly night, you seized the opportunity to stand close to Hunt as the two of you strolled along the streets in silence, before finally coming to a small park a short distance away. You pointed out some benches, and Hunt cast a wary glance around. So far, throughout the trip, you hadn’t bumped into crazy swarms of paparazzi. Zoe had joked the previous day that it could be attributed to the fact that there were only 18 to 19 thousand residents in Narvik, which was actually less than the number of students and faculty members at Hollywood U.

There weren’t many people in sight, except for several starstruck children, who had came out to gaze at the sky just like you. You wrap your jacket tighter around you; it was so cold you could see your breath. You move a little closer to Hunt, and he didn’t seem to mind.

“So…” you began.

“_, look,” Hunt said, pointing upwards.

You glanced up, and gasped a little at the strips of light overhead, like giant ribbons stretching out across the dark sky. For a few moments, you were rendered speechless, just observing the natural phenomenon that had been one of the main things on your own personal itinerary for this trip. When you’d finally recovered from your awe, you turned and found yourself looking straight into Hunt’s eyes.

It was brief; you both found yourselves leaning towards each other before he captured your lips with his. You caught a whiff of his cologne and his mouth tasted of honey from dessert. About half a minute later, he pulled away.

“We agreed this was to be discrete,” he said, firmly. But by the Northern lights, you could see the melancholy in his eyes.


Hunt checked his watch. “We should probably get back.”

“It’s so beautiful, let’s stay out for a while longer,” you said.

Hunt hesitated, but gave a brief, reluctant nod. You sat close together in silence for a while, enjoying the light show and each other’s company, both not wanting the moment to end.

(Might contain some geographical errors, sorry. And, really sorry about the POV and tense…)