and it just so happens to be an impulse gifset

Okay but before I do anything else I just want to point out that my day has been officially ruined by this cracky Destiel AU gifset because the first gif:

has a close up of Dean stroking his phone with his thumb after picking up to talk to Cas?? I just went and re-watched the actual scene to check (since, like, fake dialogue on the gifset, might have been anything happening there, but it was just Dean right when he was saying hello at the start of that conversation?) and now I feel really emotional about this. Like, just that he made even the tiniest impulsive movement to do that. I don’t know what I’m looking at here, just that it upsets me. :P

I dunno, this is the same episode Dean kisses the car and an episode after Dean cupped Cas’s face in his hands with an annoying amount of hair stroking and thumbs framing his face, so I’m resentfully feeling feels about small pointless gestures like Dean feeling the need to stroke his phone in greeting to picking up a call from Cas. 

Plus Cas has no idea Dean did that and Dean has no idea Cas said werepire and the amount of nonsense I’ve just listed in this post is making me grumpy that it’s made me emotional because how do you even explain all that. Why. Who let this happen. 

I just realised both Aaron and Robert have shared never before told secrets about their fathers and their past with each other now - the ones which they’ve kept hidden, bottled up, and left to fester and beat their inner self worth over for years - and the spilling out has been during those impulsive, eloquent conversations that just so happened to be the most revolutionary even if they weren’t supposed to happen. They both deserved so much better but now they have each other to put their damaged pieces back together and they’ll be okay in the end.