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Okay but the Satomi aging thing is interesting, because she doesn't LOOK 112, yeah? Which, if we take your theory that they don't actually live significantly longer than humans, just are healthier/more active the whole time... That's interesting. Makes me think of Bilbo's comment in fellowship of the ring, when gandalf noticed he didn't look much older than when he got the ring ( bite?? XD) even though it had been fifty years... But Bilbo could FEEL that time.

2/2 so if that’s the case, (and it’s not that wolves DO age slower, but they also tend to get killed is the real reason why they don’t usually outlive humans)… Yeah, that’s an interesting idea and lends another dimension to Satomi who can maybe literally feel even her werewolf body running down, feel how much it takes to heal these days, feels her body healing All The Time just trying to keep up with all the free radicals etc built up in her body. Knowing she’s reaching the end…

Ok first off, 50 points and a cookie for the LOTR reference. That Bilbo line is such a great one for aging in general, and the parallel with Satomi, neither of them seeming old but being old and feeling old is so brilliant.

I love this idea of werewolf aging, because despite my headcanons there’s always been a slight catch in the back of my mind saying that if people tend to die due to their bodies breaking down (either by disease, the body’s failure to function normally anymore, the weakening of immune systems, etc) and werewolves’ bodies heal so they wouldn’t break down that same way, how would they die of natural causes?

And the perfect answer, of course, is that a deterioration of a werewolf’s healing ability would be their version of their body’s immune system breaking down, of their body failing to function correctly. Because werewolves evolved as predators, though, their bodies wouldn’t show this until long after they start feeling it. They’d still be able to move, to fight if necessary, and wouldn’t appear old or fragile because that would be a potentially fatal sign of weakness. They would have evolved in such a way to appear fairly young and strong –– and to be able to pull from that strength if necessary to defend themselves –– right up until practically the end, when their healing fully stops functioning and everything sort of catches up to them at once.

Surrounded by Dwarves: Imagine being Bilbo's twin/sister.

A/N: So I basically completely forgot that I had written this fic. It’s based on two Bilbo imagines I thought went well together, so I hope you enjoy~!

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You sling your bag over your other shoulder and tuck a lock of your (h/c) hair behind your ear as you walk up the path to Bag-End. As if being a barmaid wasn’t busy enough, the new kitchen attendant slipped and dropped an entire bin of dishes to the floor, and you had to be the one to clean it all up. You sigh. Well, at least it’s over with now, and you can return home and complain to your big brother about it all you wanted.

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