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Okay but a cute Roadrat thing I think about waaaay to much. Roadie and Rat are walking through a town, and there's a parade. Now, all the tall people have gathered in the front (im short and this shit happens to me all the time) And rat wants to see, but is to small (bad hunch and all) So Roadie just picks him up and plops him on his shoulders, making Rat a vee happy man.


Children crying because there’s a fucking dirty ass skyscraper blocking their view hahahaha

Watching Rose looking at baby sour cream like his the most precious thing in the world makes me want to cry because she didn’t have the chance to look at steven the way she looked at baby sour cream.

She’s a part of steven, but I feel like she would’ve been just the most beautiful and sweetest mom.

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i saw that you reblogged that yoonmin post n bro, pls give me a rundown of your feelings abt them bc theyre my favourite fucking ship ever

i love love love yoonmin so much!!! i dont tend to read fan fics bc the way they’re written makes me feel a wee bit off (there’s nothing wrong with them! it’s just personal preference!). but in real life… oh man… it’s like a fan fic come to life. you can see how much yoongi adores jimin and clearly favors him over literally everyone else in bangtan to the point where it’s no joke. of course, he takes good care of the other members, but when yoongi looks at jimin, he’s literally heart eyes emoji. he has songs that he’s been writing just for jimin, wants to have their mini mini subunit (i cry when will this really happen), and since debut (and most likely before), yoongi has always been super protective of jimin, probably because he could tell, in a way, that jimin was still so young and fragile and unsure. jimin had a lot of self image issues at the beginning, and a great deal of uncertainties and fears, but you could always see yoongi right next to him, or nearby, watching over him, encouraging him, and pulling him up. yoongi pretends to be apathetic but nothing is more obvious than his enormous love for jimin. 

and from jimin’s point of view, i think he’s extremely loyal to yoongi, because of the fact that yoongi has protected him from the beginning, and has never really changed. yoonmin is one of those dynamics that i’ve seen consistently throughout the eras. i’ve been a fan since their debut, and i’ve seen the rise and fall of namjin, jihope, vhope, etc etc. but the most consistent pairing was always yoonmin. companies often encourage idols to interact with certain members because that pairing is popular, but i feel as though yoonmin interact because they want to, and are naturally pulled together. they’ve always been pretty subtle about it too, they’re obviously not doing it for attention or popularity, and i think that’s what makes them so sweet and pure. 

jimin loves yoongi with all his heart, you can see that in the way he clings to yoongi all the time– yoongi complains loudly but no one takes him seriously. he’s clingy with everyone and goes out of his way to help and love everyone (jimin is like that, he is the peacemaker and the heart of the group). but the only times when i’ve seen him truly… relax… is around yoongi. you can see his eyes shining with pure adoration, shoulders untense, and he goes back to being this cute little puppy wanting attention. jimin knows and appreciates everything yoongi does for him, and i believe that they’re very close because of this. in my mind, i see jimin as the person everyone goes to in order to share their burdens and fears. but jimin would go to yoongi, who is a father and older brother figure in every way. jimin trusts yoongi explicitly, and it really shows in their interactions. he really goes out of his way to compliment and take care of yoongi! 

i love yoonmin so much and it really hurts my soul whenever they interact. you can also scroll through my yoonmin tag (it’s not as thorough as i wish it was but there are some nice fan arts!). they are so precious and important and i’m always happy to know that they can rely on each other

i feel really sick to m ystomach. sometimes i worry that steven universe discourse is a Mistake, like not objectively o f course but i mean as an abuse survivor that lately whats been goin down has made me physically ill

BTS conforting you

Request: BTS seeing you crying and comforting you - Anon

hope you guys enjoy

Admin - Kirra-Jane


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he will give you lots of hugs and kisses just to make you feel better because he does not like seeing you upset.


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would constantly be saying i love you to reassure you that he loves you to pieces ‘I love you jagiya’


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He would kind of be the same as suga in a way except he would just be super, super cuddly as in like he won’t let go of you until you stop crying. he would constantly tell you he loves you as well.


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YO Y/N look at this isn’t it funny *causing you to stop crying and burst or laughing* see i told you i could make you laugh i hate seeing you like this


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if you were upset this little cinnamon roll would be upset. he would be so frustrated that he couldn't have stopped you from getting upset in the first place.


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“look at me jagiya aren’t I adorable” he would constantly just do a lot of aegyo just to cheer you up and stop you from crying.


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The poor baby would be so confused on why yu were crying i think he would just kind of sit there with you and hold you telling you it would be alright and that he was there for you.

I recognize that this might make me a bad person, and I’ve made my peace with that, but I really, really want to see Percy cry.

Even when talking about how his family died, even at his very lowest, we’ve really never seen him cry.  He struggles through it, he talks about things as though they happened to someone else, he does everything he can to keep an emotional distance.  But I feel like someday, at some point, he’s going to reach a point where he just can’t do that anymore.  Where he has no choice but to break down in the face of this latest horror.

I really, really, really want to see the moment when Percy finally cries.

  • Matt:There are certain games in my life that when I play them, it makes me feel like I want to cry. Not because I'm sad, but because it strikes this weird nostalgia cord that's the type of nostalgia that just makes you wish you could go back there. And you feel it again when you play those games.
  • Ryan:I feel like it's almost a sad thing because it’s like I know for a fact I enjoyed games more when I was a kid. And I still love them. I love them right now, but I know I had this other kind of amusement and adoration for them when I was younger and I think it’s because it's like all I did. It's like I would come home from school, and I would play video games or I'd play split screen video games with my friends and when you're younger, you don't have all this shit that you've been through or shit that you know that you're going to have to go through because you're not so fucking cynical.
  • SuperMegaCast Episode 12 “From Nostalgia to Trump”
Seventeen as Things I've Heard at Work
  • Seungcheol:"I can't stay very long, I'm booked today. Don't give me that look, it was funny!"
  • Jeonghan:"You know why I relate to him so much? Because he's completely in love with himself."
  • Joshua:"You think I'm kidding but I'm making you take out the Bible."
  • Jun:"If I just chucked a romantic poetry book at him, do you think that would get his attention?"
  • Wonwoo:"The main character is a girl with no emotions, just like me."
  • Woozi:"If you don't shut up, I'm going to beat you with a reference book."
  • Hoshi:"I may or may not have forgotten this was a library book and covered it in stickers."
  • DK:"I wasn't crying! I fell asleep while I was reading and now the page is covered in drool."
  • The8:"Would anyone notice if I snuck my dog in here?"
  • Mingyu:"I'm taking a nap. Give me the most comfortable book you have over there."
  • Seungkwan:"I'll bet you $5 that she'll clear my fines if I sing to her."
  • Vernon:"I was supposed to be checking out a horse care book, but I got distracted and now I'm checking out Curious George."
  • Dino:"Listen, I know I have a children's card, but I promise you I'm a grown man."

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Exatally, people need to stop complaining about stuff that they don’t understand and act other people that is trying their best and apologized! Actually I just want understand why all those white people are mad, like for me, an brazilian grandchild of an chilena woman that have the hispanic traditions fully integred to my life, all those  complaining makes no sence

Because we admins are horribly emotional people who cries over literally every good thing that happens to us, we’ve decided to fuck waiting and do this special thing now. What is this thing you might ask? Well, lovely members, this a post about how much your admins love you!

I swear I’m actually very eloquent, ok? You guys just make squeal and laugh and cry all at the same time. I was very nervous for our opening and stuff, and everyone just blew me away. Such amazing writing, so beautiful characters, such excitement! You took this thing Katie created and added to it with your own brilliance and innovation and it just brings me such joy. And then we got tons of apps just three days after the opening, like whaaaat? New members and second characters, I’m just so emotional over this. It’s been just a few days, but I’m loving everything I’ve seen so far and looking forward to creating more with you guys! We have so much planned and can’t wait to reveal it all. You should see our chat, wow, we are so happy to have so many people who want to share this with us! I will do replies on Cho tomorrow, promise, and give love to all new and old members I haven’t smothered yet. Come to me ducklings!

Much love, Charlie

Honestly like Charlie said you all are so amazing and we couldn’t have asked for better rpers here. Like you have no idea how happy we were to get every single one of your apps and just the anticipation of getting to talk and roleplay with all of you. While I’m at work I’m literally thinking I can’t wait to get home and get back to the dash. You have made this such a great experience for me as a mun and admin. I wish I could give all of you a hug or you know a smile if you don’t like hugging and say thank you. The creativeness and thought you put behind these characters just make me want to stalk all of them and see how they grow. I’m so excited to see where we all go and how great we can all work together to make this a very great experience for us all. You know like one of those rps that get’s talked about for months and years to come. Which I really feel like it could be just because I love you all already and I can’t get enough. I’m also so thankful that you took time out of your life to be here and apply, especially having more than one character or being a new member. I hope all of you are having as good of a time as I think you are. Also I cannot wait to see how much fun we’re all going to have as these events and task keep coming. Anyway, I’m going to finishing rping and doing replies but I hope I made a little sense?? Who knows, either way see you on the dash or you know in my inbox!

Love, Bea

Oh god this is gonna get really mushy but honestly I was super worried that no one would apply? because there are tons of idol rps these days and for a solid week we only had like….one or two applications, but after Charlie and Bea joined on everything exploded, and I could not be happier. This is better than I could have ever imagined it, and I want to sincerely thank you all for getting just as excited about this as I am. Hell, we got 15 apps just in the past three, days, and thats absolutely insane and it makes me so, so happy! you have all brought this rp to life and i love just scrolling through the dash and seeing everyone interact, or you guys coming to me with ideas or discographies you want planned out or whatever, and it’s the best feeling in the world. im probably younger than a huge chunk of you, but as mama admin, i feel like a super proud mother watching my baby (babies??) grow. I’m planning so many things for you guys in hopes of giving something back to you wonderful people. nEVER HESITATE to come hit up my inbox on Bidam/Seokyu/Sooyoung for plots or to chat or with ideas or anything. I love you guys so much, and thank you so much for making this rp a reality.

Love, Katie <3

Slurs are a war cry.

A slur isnt “picking on” someone.

A slur isn’t bullying.

A slur isn’t just “being mean” or “hate :(” or “ignorance.” 

A slur is violence. 

Calling someone a slur, a slur that has been the last words so many people have ever heard, is an act of violence. It’s a war cry. 

Its someone making the conscious decision to say “I am going to hurt this person in the worst way legally possible because I want them to know I can.”

When people call me nigger, they are trying to do something they cannot do any other way. They’re trying to “put me in my place.” They’re trying to “remind” me that I’m lesser because I’m black. They want me to get upset and that is the only way they can think of to do it. Because something I said or did as a black person bothered them so profusely, that the only way they can respond is by throwing a tantrum and shouting a slur that they think will “get” me. 

White people who defend racism do so because they do not care about its consequences. It is so much easier to say “Its just a joke.” “its just words” “dont respond to it!” than to go- “They are a violent individual that does not value other humans.” 

When someone calls me a nigger or a faggot I know that I have won, because it means they have no more cards left to play. So they’re trying to assassinate me by attacking me for who and what I am. “YEAH, WE’LL YOU’RE BLACK!! AND YOU LIKE MEN!!” 

And here is the thing. If someone declares war on me, I have every right to defend myself in the same capacity that I was attacked. If someone sets my house on fire and I burn their shit to the ground too, you have no place telling me I’m “just as bad.” You have no place telling me that my response to a declaration of war is unjustified simply because it makes you uncomfortable to see me fight back. 

So many of you will tell people of color and the lgbt community that our responses to these war cries are unacceptable: you dont get to do that. You dont intervene when the first punch is thrown. You only get involved when the victims retaliate. Because you empathize more with the aggressor than with the victims.

Where am I going with this? I’ll tell you.

Jeffree Star declared war on the black community when he made the decision to use slurs against people to be edgy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about @katblaque made a video about it here that is actually VERY kind to him yet still got flagged and removed last night [HMMM.] 

That is like someone throwing a bomb into the street because they were bored and wanted attention, and having everyone who wasn’t hit run up to the survivors and say “omg he didn’t mean it IT WAS JUST A JOKE! CALM DOWN!”

Slurs are a war cry, because they reinforce things that we use to justify violence against the groups they target. 

Until he understands and acknowledges what he did, I do not forgive or support Jeffree Star. And anyone who does, I consider to be a supporter of pain. You might not have thrown the bomb, but if you can ignore the people it hurt then that tells me you see no problem with the violence it inspires. 

This post is the most extreme stance I’ve ever taken, but you know what? As a black man, as a gay/bi man, I am tired of people making excuses for white men that throw bombs for fun. 

Peace & Blessings. 

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Look at this lil piece of shit. Why is he so rude? yoonmin(.)tumblr(.)com/post/148190179947/rude



Anonymous said: He should control that tougue tbh. taevhyung(.)tumblr(.)com/post/140421415543/okay-taehyung



Anonymous said: Seriously though, this boy makes me feel so many things. jinchims(.)tumblr(.)com/post/148151305368/daily-bangtan-with-goldseok-always-full-of



Anonymous said: And his red hair was love~moonsuns(.)tumblr(.)com/post/147761114351/227365-days-with-taehyung


aDLAJKSasdjalk!!!!! his red hair!!

Anonymous said: Okay, idk what this is suppossed to mean. What is he trying to tell us by being like this? hyunqs(.)tumblr(.)com/post/127126134415/btstwt-jjugul-kimtaehyung


oh my god asdghlk whY

Anonymous said: His smile is so precious though. <3 taevhyung(.)tumblr(.)com/post/146117689898/radiant



Anonymous said: This lil shit should allow me to dry his hair. taevhyung(.)tumblr(.)com/post/147808775758/taevhyung-your-smile-is-brighter-than-the-sun


yOu asdghklj

Anonymous said: Idk what to feel anymore. taevhyung(.)tumblr(.)com/post/145288016788/bare-faced-taehyung-is-such-a-blessing




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tell me more about the ryden lore

So like hopefully yknow Seattle lore?? When Ryan flew from New York to Seattle in the middle of the night just to see Brendon?? And how Ryan loved Seattle?? And how Ryan wanted to “settle in Seattle” (with Brendon we think)?? And how Ryan wrote northern downpour about Seattle with the lyrics “melt your headaches call it home” which is very important to him and makes Brendon cry?? And tonight Brendon said Seattle feels like home?? Well. Well. Lore. Added lore. Seattle is an important city. For us rydens.