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does dysphoria never go away? u said u feel dysphoric and ur insecure abt ur masculinity (in the gym) and i feel like for me it's just flipped around (im trans and haven't medically transitioned). i feel like it'll never get better. i feel like i'll always be depressed

first, keep in mind i’m still pretty early in my transition! 6 months isn’t that long to let puberty do its thing, so things are still very much in flux.

anyways, my dysphoria is SO much better than it used to be. i don’t hate myself every time i hear myself speak, i don’t feel terrible every time i look in a mirror, etc. i can actually semi-ignore my dysphoria when i’m out and about instead of always feeling it, mostly because i know i mostly pass and so the knowledge that i don’t pass isn’t always in the back of my head. i still have quite a bit of dysphoria, primarily because i still have anatomy i don’t want that can only be corrected by surgery, but there are also other things (e.g. my face looking Too Feminine to me, not having facial hair, not being muscular enough, having curves, etc). at the gym, my dysphoria really reared its head because i saw all these guys who were perfect stereotypical microcosms of masculinity and i felt incomplete and insufficient in comparison. but that kind of stuff doesnt happen nearly as often as it used to.

from what i’ve heard from people who consider themselves extremely far in transition or post-transition, like 10+ years, they say that dysphoria isn’t really a thing in their day-to-day life, it only crops up occasionally, and they rarely think about being trans. so yeah, it will get better. it’ll take time, but it will get better :-)

Blog Improvements Poll Results

More Story Based-

I’m glad that so many of you guys wanted my blog to have more story based content, because the end of gen 2 and the beginning of gen 3 are going to be story based and filled with drama!

Better Captions-

Better captioning kinda goes along with a more story based legacy, so my captions will get more interesting soon.

Don’t Change Anything-

Thank you to the 9 people who love my blog just the way it is! While I’m not keeping everything the same, I’m not changing anything too drastically. I hope you’re alright with that.

More Posts a Day-

For the next week my queue is staying at 7 posts a day. 4 morgan legacy posts and 3 differences in the family tree. But after a week or so, my morgan legacy queue bumps up to 6-7 posts a day because I have things that I need to post before pets.

Stop Posting Differences in the Family Tree-

Since only 6 people wanted me to stop posting this gameplay, I’m going to keep it. It isn’t going to be very story based, it is just more casual gameplay for me to enjoy. So sorry to the people who don’t like it very much, because it’s staying, for now at least.

Less Posts a Day-

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be posting less. I know that when simmers post a lot, it is kind of hard to keep up with their gameplay, but it’s what I need to do right now. I’m going to start posting more because I’ve spent way too long on gen 2, and I need to be on gen 3 by the time Cats and Dogs releases. I’m not sure if that will happen, but I’m really going to try.

Stop Posting Morgan Legacy-

I’m so happy that only two people want me to stop posting about the Morgan family. I want to keep playing them as long as I can because I love them so much!

Less Story Based-

I know that story based gameplay can be a bit hard to follow, but I does make it much more interesting to look at. So, my legacy challenge isn’t going to be strictly story based, but I am going to add a few more storylines in.

boompowkablam  asked:

Broken has turned into a beautiful fic. Not that it wasn't in the beginning just wow.The internal conflicts are done great. Buckys fears and questions. Tonys understanding his baby steps to making bucky feel loved and at home. Everybody giving bucky the support he needs. Sam and tonys relationship cause sometimes tony is the one that needs to let go. The pacing is also great like bucky wasn't good over night. So I love this and im kind of bummed it going to be over soon. Thank you for making it.

Aw thank you! I was trying really really hard to keep the pacing right. Nothing is worse (in real life or in fics) than someone being traumatized one day and then suddenly people assume they better because they fall in love/move/get a different place in life.

Healing is an ongoing process and there are good days and bad days and sometimes you never actually ARE better you just are GETTING better and that’s what I’m trying to Show with Bucky.

Just because he trusts Tony doesn’t mean he’s ready for a full relationships. Just because he is feeling better about physical affection doesn’t mean he is over his assault/trauma or that he will ever be able to have (actual) sex again. Just because he isn’t having flashbacks right now doesn’t mean he WONT have flashbacks later on.

I think too many people try to heal themselves/push others to heal within an “acceptable” timeline and that’s more harmful than anything.

Sorry, I sort of rambled but this is a big deal to me and something I try to emphasize in my fics. Healing is a process not a checkmark on a list

anonymous asked:

I am so jealous of your writing skills!!!!!! ;A;

skjhdgflkjhdfgl omg thank you, anon! Honestly, my writing is very rusty rn because it’s been so long since I’ve written anything extensive but, practice makes perfect! Keep writing and you’ll just keep getting better and better at it! 

things to remember:
  • there will always be a tomorrow
  • nearly all problems are fixable
  • even your smallest achievements are something to be proud of
  • being alone can be exactly what you need sometimes
  • always get back up, no matter what it is that pushes you down
  • new opportunities will come along
  • you are not alone
  • you are valid
  • you are loved
  • and you are going to be okay.

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Post 2/? of the Louis & Harry Fic History series

Okay so I’m just back from seeing IT again and I know everyone talks about Eddie’s “I’M GONNA KILL YOU” after the leper spews on him (my sun™ is iconic) but can we also talk about Stan and how when IT comes at him as the woman from the painting he KNOCKS THAT BITCH OUT!!!!!!!!! He gets in such a good hit, I’ve honestly never been prouder,,,,, I love my brave son Stanley Uris