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It pains me to say it - but this is my cue to leave.

I’ve hung on for weeks and weeks and weeks with frustration, unhappiness and pure misery over a story I just … can’t connect with. This isn’t the show I fell in love with, that died after 3A, and hasn’t saved itself since. I love Red, but he has been the sole reason for my sticking around. I still love him. I’d hoped for better things - I continued to believe in a writing team obviously manic, unimaginative and uninspired. Not to mention lazy. 

And as much as I love Red - I can’t role-play this canon Red. I hate the story. It is absolutely unbelievable to me. Their story has worn thin, and all the time the writers haven’t a clue what they’re doing or where they’re going I can’t commit and follow. Not in canon. And so it’s time for me to go.

It’s been a blast being your Red. Thanks to all of you who followed and contributed.

It’s been fun.

Happily Ever After | Zen/Hyun Ryu x Reader

Rating: General
Word Count: 1,098
Genre: Angst | Drama(?)
Summary: Zen didn’t want it to end.
Author’s Comment: I have absolutely no idea where this came from. It just…kinda happened. I guess this would go into the reset theory but with a twist? I have no idea, hah. I kinda wanna write a continuation, buuut I don’t know.

Why must endings always be so sad? Even if the ending itself was a happy one, full of love and laughter, it always carried a sense of loneliness to it now that everything was over. A book. A journey. A relationship. A life. No matter what it was, everything always had a beginning and an end. If it weren’t for that, concepts and words like “eternity” and “forever” wouldn’t exist nor would they sound so enticing.

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Sam Winchester-Doll faces Part 4

Title: Doll faces Part 4

Pairings: Sam Winchester x child reader

Word count:1027

Request:Please do continue the doll face series! It’s so good, and beautiful, and lovely and I need more! Although, if you do not wish to, I understand. Happy writing!

Request:Can you continue doll face series with a part 4? It’s so good 💕

Request:More doll faces and wild

Links:Doll faces, Doll faces part 2Doll faces Part 3

You watched as the clock ticked away, seconds falling on your shoulder; seconds that could not be given back. Like a thief without a cause, just in it for the pleasure of watching their creation turn to chaos.

Everything was still and deadly silent. The only thing that could be heard was your breathing, the soft blow as your chest swallowed in on itself before puffing back out again.

You sat crossed legged on the floor, your eyes unmoving as you watched the clock. It wasn’t until the door creaked open that you were snapped out of your daze.

He came in like he was a young child entering a forbidden place and was scared of getting caught. His head was dipped low, body rigid yet ready to fight off any intruders if need be. He was an odd man. Always so gentle and kind yet his profession wasn’t the most caring one.

His smile was sweet, dripping with honey and his words flowed like he was always so sure of what he had to say. He was confident and empathetic. He was a little stubborn but he was patient.

The best? His eyes. Of course all this is in a platonic way but his eyes were always soft and welcoming, you knew the moment he looked at you that you could trust him with your deepest secret; you also knew that only a fool would do so.

As nice as he was, you couldn’t risk it.

You couldn’t let him in.

“Hey, bud’‘Sam smiled, entering the room and stepping over the invisible line his mind portrayed as forbidden land. ’'What you doing?’'He asked sweetly, his tone gentle but a trace of worry was detected.

You looked over at him, your eyes meeting his before falling back to the clock. Sam followed your gaze before looking at you with a concerned expression.

’'You’ve been in here a long time, why don’t you come out and get something to eat. Not much to do in here anyway,” Sam chuckled but there was no amusement behind his laugh.

He sighed, breath falling between his crackled lips as he came closer before kneeling down. “We’ll find your sister, I promise’'Sam nodded, his hand raising to show you he was about to comfort you. He was waiting for you to react, to give him the signal whether it was okay or not but you didn’t even spare him a glance.

Sam patted your shoulder gently before standing up. He grunted as he pushed his hands off his kneecaps, watching you for a while as the cogs in his head turned.

’'Okay, why don’t I bring your food in here’'Sam smiled, trying to make light of the situation. Always trying to find a positive.

It had been a few days and you had done nothing but sat inside and stared at the clock. It wasn’t so much about your sister and that made you feel bad.

You felt bad that you weren’t worried, that you didn’t seem to care. But for some reason all the emotion was draining out of you; you could feel it seeping out of your fingertips. You watched helplessly.

You were too young to understand what was happening, why you were feeling numb. You had always felt like you didn’t contain as much joy as kids should, you always felt sad and unhappy but now you didn’t even feel that, you just felt nothing.

It was like a giant black hole was now where your heart should have been. You wanted to cry, you tried and tried but nothing happened. You couldn’t. You didn’t want to eat, drink or even sleep.

Dean had been looking for Lily, he was close to finding her and Sam had helped of course but Sam was trying to help you as well. He was worried about you, they had both talked and Dean said it was Lily missing that did it but Sam had a better connection with you than Dean, Sam had tried talking to Dean but Dean strongly believed it was Lily’s disappearance.

Sometimes you would go into Sam’s room and he’d let you stay with him a night. He thought you were scared but it was so you could feel comfort again. You enjoyed being with Sam, his arms were big enough to fit around you and he was so warm and well…snug.

But now even that seemed not to matter.

The door opened again, a tray balancing in Sam’s hand as he entered. He put the tray beside you and turned around to collect the old one, sighing when he realised not a single speck had been touched.

”(Y/n), honey, please eat’'Sam whispered, sitting beside you. “You’re gonna hurt yourself if you don’t. It’s not good for you’'He muttered, his hand coming up to stroke back your messy, tangled locks.

’'It’s gone…”

It was silent but it was there. Sam jumped at the sound of your voice, he had never heard it before. He shook his head, getting over his shock as he cleared his thoughts.

“Sorry?’'He repeated, not being able to hear you the first time but he just knew you had talked.

’'It’s gone’'You repeated, your eyes wide open and staring into the void as he licked his lips. His fingertips trailed down to your forearm, rubbing soothing circles as he frowned.

His thick brows knitted together as he tried to think.

’'What’s gone, (Y/n)?’'He asked, his voice low so he wouldn’t over power yours. His eyes followed your exact movements, watching carefully as your hand trailed up your chest before hovering just underneath your collar bone.

’'My heart”

“Your heart?’'Sam whispered in confusion, his eyes falling over your hand before looking back up at you.

’'I can feel it but it’s not there…’'You whispered, your fingernails digging harshly into your chest. ’'I can feel it pulsing against my hand but…but I don’t understand-’'You whimpered.

’'Don’t understand what, (y/n)?’'Sam asked, shuffling closer as his face twisted with worry and concern, desperate to know what was troubling you.

’'How can I feel my heart beating when I feel like I’m dead?”

SoaD Progress Report

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so!

SoaD Ch. 48 has been given a final on-paper pass and just needs to be typed up for publication this weekend!

Meanwhile I continue to labor through a complete overhaul of Ch. 57. This is such an important chapter and I really, really want to get it right, thus the tardy overhaul and the fact that this one is taking three months by itself yeesh. 

I cycled through a few different sets of scenes trying to work the logistics out, and I’ve finally settled on the right ones (with some timely advice from the incomparable Cordria). Now I just have to finish writing out the next-to-last scene, do an overall POV-focused pass, another substantive edit to hopefully sort out the pacing, then see who I can wheedle into doing a final beta reading of it.

I haven’t been posting much in the way of WIP posts lately because I’m so far ahead of you readers that any snippets/trivia/edited pages are far too spoileriffic to publish. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Might make a post with work on this current arc once we’re past a certain spoiler tho. A spoiler I am very much looking forward too. Nehehe

The future of The Missing Children Incident

Since many of you are still waiting for the continuation of my FNAF story,

The Missing Children Incident

, which I haven’t updated almost for a year, I was thinking really hard what to do. As I’ve said, I planned to continue it, I only wanted to take a little break. But thinking more on it, I think I will not continue it, because of several reasons, which are:

  1. I was never really sure about the most of the second part. I had some scenes in my mind, but nothing about the thing between them. I thought that the story will “write itself” when I start it, just like the first part, but it didn’t happen.
  2. Because of the long break (while many things happened, some shockingly bad but also some really good), I feel a distance from the story, and also from writing in general.
  3. When Sister Location came out, and the lore revealed itself, it differed so much from my story, that I felt… strange about it.

But… I don’t want to leave it like this, after so many waiting. I have two scenes in mind which I think I could tell as standalone chapters. One is about the children, one about Barney and the phone guy. I think it would be a good way to say goodbye to this characters. I hope I can start them soon, but I can’t promise anything. Also I hope you will be happy with this solution

And maybe, but just maybe, I will start a different story about the Afton family. I really miss writing, and the tragic story of the family is really interesting!

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Mivel már rég nem folytattam Az eltűnt gyerekek esetét, és sokan vártátok, gondolkoztam rajta, mi legyen. Szerettem volna folytatni, de több ok miatt se sikerült, és szerintem nem is fogom, lezártnak tekintem.

Az okok a következők:

  1. Sose voltam benne biztos, hogyan is folytatódjon a sztori. Bizonyos jelenetek meg voltak a fejemben, de a köztük lévő részeket már akkor se tudtam, hogy írjam le, miről szóljanak.
  2. A hosszú szünet miatt teljesen kizökkentem mind az írásból, mind a sztorimból.
  3. Mikor kijött a Sister Location, és a lore jelentősen megváltozott, zavarni kezdett, hogy a sztorim mennyire nem követi az eredetit.

De így hagyni a sztorit csúnya lenne, és mivel két rész megvan a fejemben, úgy döntöttem, önálló sztoriként megírom őket. Az egyik a gyerekekről szöl, a másik Barney-ról és Scottról, és szerintem méltó búcsú lenne a karakterektől. Remélem, ez a megoldás elnyeri a tetszéseteket

És lehetséges, hogy írok majd egy Sister Location regényt is, az Afton családról, de ez még a jövő zenéje.

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rollflasher  asked:

Since some people are talking about Pontaff and P2017 I wondered something. Was it ever revealed why exactly Sega took the sitcom direction it has right now and how Pontaff got to write the games? He once revealed that he doesn't play Sonic and I guess the closest answer for the new direction was that the franchise was taking itself ''too seriously'', but I don't know why they didn't continue with the direction they had with Unleashed.

It’s not been revealed exactly why to my knowledge but a likely cause was the poor reception of the more serious-toned stories…even though the games after that era weren’t serious-toned to an obnoxious and uncharacteristic (Of the series) degree.

I’m guessing that as Pontaff were hired to write Madworld (Another SEGA game), SEGA got it into their heads oddly enough to hire them for Sonic.

It just strikes me as yet another very weird and, as shown by the quality of the Sonic series’ writing post-2010, a bad decision.

You and Calum had got into yet another bad argument resulting in you slamming your shared bedroom door and leaving him in the living room alone. You sob and sniffle and scream into your pillow in frustration while Calum remained quiet just outside the door. Your cries turned into whimpers because ultimately you weren’t mad, you were just disappointed. In Calum, in yourself, in the relationship itself; you hated how often the two of you had these fights. Just thinking about it made you continue your tears, genuinely scared that you might push Calum to the edge of leaving you. However, at the sound of a guitar strum you hush yourself to listen. You make out the song Calum is quietly singing to himself. “I saw my baby… Crying hard as babe could cry… What could I do?” He was singing David Bowie there in the living room, more accurately- your FAVORITE David Bowie song. You eased into a smile as you walked to the door to listen better. “My baby’s love had gone, and left my baby blueeeeee. Nobody knew-” just then you open the door to see Calum slouched in the couch with a guitar in his hands. Even from the door frame you were leaning against, you could see his irritated red eyes when they meet the bags under your watery pink ones. “Magic Dance, huh?” You ask him, referring to the song choice he made. “I didn’t want to pressure you to come out to me and I wasn’t going to force you… So I thought-” he’s cut off by the smile you give him from the door. Even though your face was a little puffy from all the crying, your hair an absolute mess, and your eyes almost completely shut from the powerful tears, Calum still thought you looked so effortlessly beautiful, in which caused him to change his train of thought “-damn. Baby I’m sorry, please come here.” He says setting down his instrument before looking back up at you with loving eyes and arms open for you to snuggle into for a sleepy cuddle session for the rest of the evening. 

That feeling when a chapter just works and the dialogue just writes itself and you manage to write so many words in one day and everything goes so well that you can’t help but look over your shoulder in fear that a writer’s block is trying to trick you or something.

I have actually started to cry. Bannon, bomb threats, graffiti, vandalism? It’s obvious. Those are things we’ve dealt with before.

But to see average people coming out of the woodworks? To see finally just how blatantly widespread and insidious antisemitism is. To see first hand how it creeps in and roots itself.

We cannot trust anyone. To see how quickly this has come about. To see the pain of other Jews pleading and spending energy writing thought out and researched articles. To have it all be flushed down the drain because we are overreacting because it’s just a joke.

It is a real threat against our lives. I don’t care about his appalled reaction. The simple fact that the phrase was there. That creeps into your head.

As you continue to fight with Jews who are telling you it’s not just a joke, that seed has been planted. It’s only a matter of time until you think that’s a good idea.

continued from xx for @blue-eyes-white-kaiba

     He couldn’t say that he was surprised. Kaiba’s intense dislike of anything even remotely related to fate was pretty well known among anyone who’d spent more than ten minutes with him (which was, in itself, quite an achievement – the CEO’s level of insufferable, egotistical behavior could be a trying exercise for the most patient of people).

          Even so…

     Yuugi glanced at Kaiba’s covered arm, then up (and up and up) at the man’s face: taciturn as ever, with a twist to his mouth as though he’d bitten into a particularly sour grape. The reaction was completely in line with what Yuugi had expected, and yet the shorter man was left with something suspiciously like a scowl on his face.

     “…do you really think I’d joke about something like this?” he wanted to know, somewhat put out by Kaiba’s (completely characteristic) response. Honestly… I knew he’d act like this. So why am I surprised?

          But the fact of the matter was that Yuugi had noticed the name on his wrist, in cheerfully elegant script – almost as though it was mocking him – and felt it his duty to at least tell Kaiba about it. Yuugi would want to know, if his name was on someone else’s wrist, even if it…was less than ideal in this situation. Not because it was Seto Kaiba, of all people, but because Kaiba barely tolerated Yuugi as it was. Was this some cosmic reminder that he wasn’t allowed to ever be happy, at least as far as relationships went?

     Well, no matter.

     “I kind of…can’t help but take it seriously?” Yuugi pointed out, brow furrowed in something very much like exasperation. “I mean, I get that you’re not okay with anyone deciding your future except you but, you know, this is…pretty important.”


I ruined my life once before and maybe it was just premature. Lately I’ve been feeling like the end, not like it’s coming but that I am the end itself. Coming from all directions and crashing losing parts of myself in the air and trapping bubbles in myself but unlike the water I don’t calm and settle. I continue in this state of force, lostness and instability becoming something I feel akin to. And I stay lost thinking maybe it’s time to ruin my life and embrace my end.


So I bought The Sims 3 and made Rick and Stan. The following occurred:
Cap 1: They immediately fall in love.

Cap 5: …. I can’t. I just can’t. Rick started a fire…. making SALAD. 

More to come as these two precious incapable perfect babies continue to be in love and light everything on fire.

Failed Picnic with Mukami Yuma

[ Edition: Yuma’s Birthday ]

Originally posted by chirusse

  • © 2016 Please, please, please do not repost it anywhere! Thank you!
  • Word Count: 3993
  • Themes: SFW

Half of your body draped over the vampire’s stomach whilst the other half continued to lay on his side, your head shuffled itself towards his chest a little more as your fingers started to curl. The two of you had simply laid there the whole day after he had finished tending his garden and just cuddled up as though you were two bears ready for hibernation; although if you hadn’t been half on top of him, he would probably have squashed your form into nothingness with how your height had differed to his own. Occasional circles drew onto his shirt slightly as you took another breath, perching your chin upon his chest as you look at him slightly. Eyes closed, brown hair messed and heavy breathes had breathed outwards, you untangled one of your hands from his shirt and brought to plop at his nose, waking him up if he had been asleep. Although with his ragged breathing and the ceased evident in his eyebrows, you were certain that he hadn’t been awake.
        “Yuma-kun,” the soft whispers of his name slipped passed your lips as another plop of your finger tip had touched his nose. “Wake up…” Your finger moved towards his two redden cheeks and then towards his forehead; although before your had managed to tap his nose once more, his fingers wrapped around yours as his eyes lazily glanced over to you. “It’s not nice to sleep on someone, you know,” the words whisper out softly as you pouted. “Hm… but I was wondering… Will you really not be celebrating your birthday tomorrow?”
        The lazy look written on his face didn’t faze you. You had asked him this question about multiple times, and the answer still remained the same. No. From how you had known them, birthdays were the day that you were suppose to be with family and friends where you share gifts and thanks for being there for them. It was a celebration where cake and lots of food were made in honour of that person -something you had a feeling that the big bear besides you would enjoy dearly- yet he continued to say no. From what you knew, the other Mukami brothers had done the same. Kou and Ruki did have a small gathering between the family, but you wouldn’t call it really a party as they shared food as though they were still eating dinner normally. Less bicker between brothers had been made, but it still had been the same; the experience had still been the same.
        Eyes closed, he released your wrist as his fingers pushed back his hair with a sigh. “How many fuckin’ times do I need to tell ya, Sow?” His eyes opened to glance back at you, his other arm adjusted around your waist to pull your body even closer than it already had been. “I’m not gonna celebrate my birthday. It isn’t even my real fuckin’ birthday… I don’t remember my actual birthday… None of us except for Ruki does… So there is no point in celebratin’ if it isn’t my real birthday, Sow,” Yuma explained once more with a sigh. The hand placed on your back slowly moved its way up underneath your shirt, his fingers slightly pinched along your skin as he had went. “Don’t ask about it-”

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