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Hi ! Im sorry, my question is going to be very vague and I'll understand if you do not want to answer it. Here it is : I always have beginnings, or very basic concepts, but I never know how the story will go between the beginning and the end (when I have one...). Like, I've been writing for nearly ten years and I came up with hundred of idea but I only found what happens in the middle only two times. Can something help me ? Sorry again for this vague question but I'm like... Desesperate.

I think that this is probably a pretty common problem, and one that I deal with myself a lot of the time. It’s easy to start off with a great idea, it’s harder to persevere through the middle of it and get it done, right?

To me, it seems like there are a few different factors that can make it really difficult to get through the middle part of a story (aside from the difficulty in itself of just sitting down and writing the whole thing, of course), so I’ll go through a few of the main sticking points in writing that I’ve come up against.

I have a beginning, but then what?

Figuring out how to continue a story once you’ve gotten past the ‘brainwave’ section of the idea can be really hard. If the first part of the story came to you so naturally and easily, shouldn’t the rest of it just fall into place?

Well, not really. At this point you’ve probably got to look at what you have so far, look at where you want to get to in the end (if you know that) and figure out the most satisfying path to take to get there. The middle part of a story is often the hardest part, you have to expand on all the great little concepts that you’ve thrown together and you’ve got to figure out how to make them all make sense.

Sometimes brainstorming ideas will help get through this, just to figure out what could possibly happen:

  • What is the protagonist trying to achieve?
  • What is the antagonist trying to achieve?
  • What would be the simplest solution for these things?
  • What is the biggest mistake the protagonist could make?
  • What happens if the antagonist succeeds?
  • What outside forces does the protagonist have to contend with in addition to the events of the main plot?
  • What could tempt or force the protagonist away from achieving their goals?

Figure out the simplest path from start to end, and then throw a big old roadblock in your protagonist’s path. Make them question their own motives, their own goals, make them question whether they’re the hero that’s really needed here.

Essentially, lay out all the possible things that could happen, and then pick the ones that make the best story/ the highest drama.

Too many great possibilities?

While having too many ideas is often more of a ‘good’ problem to have, it can also wind up getting you stuck just as badly as not having ideas, because when you get right in there in the middle of the story and you realise that of the two or three or five GREAT concepts that you’ve got on your hands, only one or two of them can possibly fit in and have the story make sense, it can be heartbreaking to have to pick and choose.

If you’ve got too many ideas on hand, don’t stress. Pick the one or two that are the MOST exciting/ dramatic/ fun/ heartbreaking and go with them. Don’t throw away the other ideas – put them in a ‘for later’ folder and use them in the sequel, or in another story altogether.

It doesn’t feel ‘natural’, or I want the rest of the story to flow like the start did:

Sadly, most of the time there are going to be sections of every story that are difficult to just sit down and write. It’s going to feel like pulling teeth, but the only way is to figure out what you need to happen, and how you’re going to do it, and then sit there and type until it’s on the page. Maybe it won’t be pretty, it won’t be as fun as the start of the story was, but once it’s done it can be edited until it shines.

You can’t edit a blank page, and you can’t finish a story with only a beautiful opening.

Can’t think of what might happen next?

It happens, doesn’t it, you write out a fantastic starter and you’re just as excited as anyone to see where it goes and then it just … doesn’t. You’ve stalled out in your own story and it’s horrible.

Go back and look at your characters, at your world building, look at the direction that it was all going in before you stalled and work on fleshing things out – a lot of the time in this situation you’ve gotten ahead of yourself and the reason that you don’t know what happens next is that you’ve dived in headfirst without really getting familiar with what you’re creating. That’s okay, it just means you have to go back and do the work that you skipped in the beginning.

Other tips:

If you’re attempting to jump right into longform stories, like novels or full length scripts or comic scripts etc, and finding that you just can’t get through the whole thing, why not scale it back?

Try writing short stories, ten minute films, single page comics, to hone your craft and exercise yourself in being able to go through the beginning/ middle/ end stages of your form.

As well as that, the feeling of finishing something, even if it isn’t a ‘full’ length work, is very rewarding, and as well as the practice, it can give you the motivation to get back into the slog of working on a longer piece.

I hope that this helps, and please feel free to ask if you have a more specific question.

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White Wine Nights

Summary: In which, we expose Lin as a wine mom 

(I really couldn’t think of a better description, I apologize)

Author’s Note: yay, my collab with @hamilbye!!! yes, it did take us that long to decide to write together and yes, it only took us like three days to finish this. We put our amazing brains together and wrote this pretty quickly. 

I love love love working with you, Nat. It was the most fun. I also love love love you. You’re the best. AND you’re very talented. 

Words: 2,138 

Warnings: alcohol/drinking mentions, a curse word or two (I forget), fluff 

An audible sigh escaped you when you stepped off the elevator in your apartment building, taking a right turn to head down the long hallway. Your feet carried you, but protested heavily after the shift you had pulled at your dead-end waitressing job. You were sure you smelled of stale cigarettes and dirty dishes, but at least you had some cash in your pocket. As if that hadn’t been stressful enough, you hadn’t even seen your apartment in about 20 hours due to college classes and familial commitments. It was the week before Spring Break and hectic was the synonym for your life.

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I think the lady upstairs must have died. Someone was tearing out her carpets. I was making coffee and they were packing all her stuff onto a little platform that lowered itself toward the earth with the unbelievable balletic grace of a cotton candy cloud. From there, two men took it all and tossed into a dumpster. The dumpster had teeth. Its paint looked fresh. Their footsteps were loud and continued well into the afternoon. This isn’t even a poem. It’s just me in bed early on a Friday in which a few things came to an unexpected end.

everything about shiny hunting in pokemon sun and moon!

(note: this post got pretty long)

i’m sure there are already posts like this, but i’ve noticed that they tend to be pretty minimal in terms of tips outside of the very basics, so i’ve decided to make my own! shiny hunting is different in sun and moon with the recent implementation of SOS pokemon, but overall much easier than it used to be! it can take a lot of patience, as it’s all based on chance, but as long as you keep all this in mind it should be relatively easy (although time consuming). in my experience, you can end up with a shiny in as little as half an hour or as much as several hours, all depending on luck.


  • chaining! shiny pokemon have a little over a 1/4000 chance of appearing under normal circumstances, however since chaining was introduced in gen IV, people have discovered that encountering the same pokemon multiple times in a row exponentially increases the chance of encountering a shiny pokemon over time. EDIT: though no one currently has any details on the chances of encountering a shiny after 1-70 encounters, by the 70th encounter your chances are maximized, with a 1/1024 chance without a shiny charm and a 1/512 with one. this bonus applies until the chain reaches 255, as it is an 8-bit system, after which it will roll over and reset the chain. (in addition to raising the chance of encountering a shiny, pokemon that have been chained for tend to have better IVs, with up to 4 perfect IVs once a chain of 40 has been reached.)
  • adrenaline orbs! when used in battle, these cheap items make wild pokemon more likely to call SOS pokemon, which is the new method of chaining in gen VII. additionally, these can be used to use up a turn if necessary, as they will simply fail if one is already in use without expending any more of your supply.
  • false swipe or hold back! these moves both have the exact same effect: they reduce the HP of the target pokemon, but always leave it with at least 1 HP remaining. a pokemon with lower HP is more likely to call an SOS pokemon and succeed, so it’s a good idea to get the caller down to 1 HP.

status conditions

  • status moves! pokemon become unable to call for help when they are paralyzed or asleep, and in addition become easier to catch, so it is a good idea to have a pokemon that can inflict either condition on hand when shiny hunting. in addition, it’s really important to make sure that you don’t use any moves or abilities that could leave the pokemon you want with poison or a burn, as they may faint before you can catch them. always be wary of which moves and abilities have such secondary effects!
  • status condition immunity! if you’re going for a pokemon that has the ability to inflict a status condition (sleep, poison, paralysis, etc) it is a good idea to go hunting using a pokemon that would be immune to such a condition. for reference, fire-types are immune to burn, ice-types are immune to freezing, poison- and steel-types are immune to poison, electric-types and pokemon with the ability limber are immune to paralysis, pokemon with the abilities vital spirit, sweet veil, or insomnia are immune to sleep, pokemon with the ability own tempo are immune to confusion, and pokemon with the ability oblivious are immune to infatuation. EDIT: “powder” moves such as sleep powder, poison powder, or spore can be avoided by grass types, pokemon with the ability overcoat, or pokemon wearing safety goggles. they will not be protected from other means of acquiring status conditions, however.

useful abilities

  • immunity-providing abilities! abilities which provide immunity to basic status conditions are listed above under the ‘status condition immunity’ section.
  • synchronize! if you want a pokemon to have a specific nature, this ability means that wild pokemon encountered when a pokemon with this ability is active have a 50% chance to have the same nature as that of the pokemon with this ability.
  • cute charm! when a pokemon with this ability leads, there is a 66.7% (about 2/3) chance that pokemon encountered will be of the opposite gender of that pokemon regardless of what the normal gender ratio for the species is. this can be used if you want your shiny to be a specific gender, or especially in the case of pokemon which only evolve when of a specific gender, such as salandit.
  • shadow tag and arena trap! prevents wild pokemon from fleeing in case they have moves such as teleport.
  • cloud nine and air lock! eliminates effects of weather (rain, hail, sandstorm, etc), which can be bothersome in long term battles with pokemon that have abilities that summon them
  • damp! prevents pokemon from using self-destructing moves
  • unnerve! has the same effect as an adrenaline orb without having to use one. additionally prevents foes from using berries, though that generally wouldn’t happen anyway
  • corrosion! while not an ability you would want your own pokemon to have, as the signature ability of salandit/salazzle, it can be a huge pain since it allows them to poison even steel- and poison-types.

general tips/info

  • isle aplenny! this isn’t a necessity per se, but in my experience is extremely useful, so i highly recommend you look into using it. pp restoring items such as ethers or elixirs cannot be purchased in shops, however leppa berries can be found under certain berry trees and restore 10pp! isle aplenny allows you to multiply your supply in bulk. if you have it fully upgraded, you can get many berries at once, so after only a day or two you have enough to last you for several chains.
  • shiny charm! if your pokedex has reached 100% completion, you can get a shiny charm by speaking to the game director in the game freak building in heahea city. this doubles the chances of finding a shiny pokemon.
  • get to know the pokemon you are chaining for! make sure you take note of any abilities or moves which could complicate chaining in some way as well as which moves could be super effective, not effective, etc. against it or the pokemon you are using to chain. also, make sure you know of any special circumstances in which a pokemon you’re chaining for may appear, such as certain times of day or certain weather conditions.
  • odor sleuth and foresight! these moves allow ghost-type pokemon to be damaged by normal-type moves, which typically would have no effect. this allows hold back or false swipe to be used on a ghost-type. EDIT: this was actually misinformed, as i’m not certain that any pokemon that learn these moves can use false swipe or hold back, which leads me to the next (new) point.
  • soak! soak is a move that can turn any pokemon it is used on into a pure water-type, thus eliminating immunity to false swipe or hold back. it cannot be learned by anything that can learn either of those moves, however, so it would be necessary to switch to the main pokemon being used for chaining afterwards.
  • set a new caller every so often! inevitably the pokemon calling for help will run out of pp, and if you’ve used false swipe/hold back and gotten it to 1 HP, struggle’s recoil damage would knock it out, thus ending the chain if no ally pokemon is present to take its place. it is a good idea to pay attention to how long a single pokemon has been calling for help and eventually shift to a new caller by knocking the first one out when an ally from the same family is present.
  • SOS pokemon from different families cannot become callers! this is important to keep in mind if the pokemon you are chaining can call pokemon of other species. for example, when i was chaining pichu, they sometimes called happiny and pikachu as well. if i were to make pikachu the new caller, this would be fine, as pichu evolves into pikachu. if i were to knock out the pichu when a happiny were present, however, the chain would break, as pichu and happiny aren’t related.
  • do not use false swipe/hold back on a target that hasn’t been paralyzed or put to sleep! from experience, if you get your shiny down to 1 HP without preventing it from calling new pokemon, it will continue to successfully summon allies, which prevents you from catching it. if this continues on for a long time, you run the risk of letting the pokemon run out of pp and knock itself out using struggle.

that’s all i can think of right now but i hope this helps someone out! reblogs would be appreciated for spread of info to anyone interested in chaining and just because it took me a long time to write all this :V

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I know you said you don't usually do smut or nsfw fics but how about the events leading up to Genji and Mercy's first time? Not neccesarily the act itself, just when Genji got over any uncertainties about being intamite.

All right it’s 2 AM so I guess I’m doing this. I’m still hesitant on writing an actual fic for it, so you get meta. Well like… if it gets requested enough I might actually write it out *cough*or start a different blog for it*cough*, but since people seem to be curious as to when Genji and Mercy hooked up in my ficlet continuity, I’d place it between Confession and Fake Married??

As far as Genji’s intimacy issues go, I mean, I know a lot of people headcanon Genji as not being sexually active in his time with the original Overwatch/Blackwatch, but I don’t exactly share that headcanon?? Genji did grow more and more repulsed with his cyborg body over time, and this more or less killed his sex drive around the time he left Overwatch to wander the world in search of meaning, but before then he was like… just this tightly wound mess of rage and pain and vengeance, and I do think that he was willing to use sex as a means of release and distraction during his time with Overwatch/Blackwatch. He wasn’t hooking up with Mercy at this time because of Doctor-Patient whatnot, though he was developing a crush on her, which was increasingly at odds with his gradually growing self-loathing.  So like, the sex itself isn’t really the issue with Genji, it was the emotional connection that came with it. Like, when he was having sex with someone, he would just be trying his damnedest to just lose himself, to just forget who he was and become this force that was just happening to this other person. And then of course his cyborg-self-loathing reached its breaking point and he left overwatch and wandered until he met Zenyatta and blah blah character development I should probably skip ahead to his first time with Mercy. 

So like… in my fic continuity, there’s this event I refer to that I haven’t written out yet that I just call the “Volskaya Incident” which basically refers to when Mercy and Genji set out to recruit Zarya but the whole mission got really scary really fast when Talon showed up. Mercy got separated from the group and cornered by Reaper, and put up enough of a fight to knock his mask off and find out that Reaper was Gabe, which really messed her up and allowed Reaper an opening to pretty much kick her ass to the brink of death. She was saved by Zarya and Genji (Genji had been heavily delayed by Sombra), but was in really bad shape, so she was pretty much hospitalized for like a week, which like, considering the fact that her body is receiving a constant stream of biotics really says something about the shape she was in. But Genji kept her company in the infirmary as much as he could and it was like…well I mean they were able to open up with each other a lot more because it was made painfully clear how easily one could lose the other and they had spent years dragging their feet and chickening out so they just ended up bonding a lot, to the point where towards the end of Mercy’s stay in the infirmary, Genji would pretty much fall asleep spooning her on her infirmary bed. Eventually Mercy was discharged and Genji made sure she got back to her apartment on the Watchpoint safely and was going to leave but she asked him to stay and that was their first time, like, you know, together.

It was way more emotional than physical the first time. Genji was just being like, really careful with her because she had literally just gotten out of the infirmary. Like eventually they’d get more intense with each other, but the first few times they took things pretty slow.

Sanvers First Time

Prompt from @beatbot8 – “Alex and Maggie use a strap for the first time and Alex is convinced that she’ll hate it because she never liked sex with men, but Maggie makes her literally see stars.  Bonus points if Alex gives it a whirl, too”

You asked for it. I’d like to note that I get all the bonus points, because Alex does indeed give it a whirl.

Hope you enjoy ;)

Alex had never wanted anything like she wanted this, right now.

Her skin had never been on fire, not like this. And that included her unfortunate run-ins with laser guns, Infernian heat vision, and the occasional teenage incident with Kryptonian heat vision.

She’d never moved her body like this before, and god, she’d certainly never screamed like this.

Maggie hissed as Alex’s nails dug into her back, as another scream tore out of her throat, as her legs tightened on either side of Maggie’s hips.

“I’m sorry,” Alex gasped, terrified even through her haze of pure pleasure that she’d hurt Maggie’s back with her nails, ears with voice, hips with her inner thighs.

Maggie just smiled and ran her tongue across Alex’s upper lip. “Shh, babe, it’s all good, that uh…” She nipped at Alex’s neck. Alex moaned and ground her hips up into Maggie’s hand. Maggie swallowed her own groan and shifted her mouth to Alex’s ear. “That was a good sound I made.”

Alex shuddered at the husk in Maggie’s voice, the feel of her breath in her ear; the feeling of Maggie’s three fingers, stilled immediately when Alex apologized, but still buried deep inside of her.

She shifted to look into Maggie’s eyes. “So you like it when I scrape my nails down your back, do you?” Her voice was heady, her voice was low; her voice was confident and her voice was hopeful; her voice was nearly the end of the woman laying on top of her.

“Alex Danvers, I like everything you do.”

Alex blinked away the tears of relief, of bliss, of coming home, by kissing Maggie soundly, and – lost in the feeling of soft lips, hot breath, low moans and flirting tongues – started grinding her hips, again, up into Maggie’s hand, granting the permission she was waiting for to continue her fingers’ exploration of her soaked opening.

And dammit, there was not a surface of Alex’s body that Maggie neglected, her fingers curving into every spot inside her body that Alex never even knew existed, never knew could feel like that, like her entire body was writing, was floating, was fire itself, just because of the persistent ‘come hither’ motion of Maggie’s fingers inside her, the way Maggie’s eyes never once left Alex’s face, unless it was to kiss her mouth, her neck, breathing in Alex’s every response to her every motion so she could memorize exactly which movements, which spots, which angles, made Alex writhe the most, scratch her nails down her back the hardest, scream her name the loudest.

“Maggie. I… I want…” Alex breathed between kisses. Maggie flipped her hair off of her face so she could fully look at Alex again, her eyes hooded with desire, but waiting, expectant.

Alex bit her lip in hesitation.

“What do you want, Alex?” Maggie held her with her voice, and Alex braved her own desires.

“I want… I want more of you. I want…” Maggie bit her lip and breathed in deeply, but silently, using her every last ounce of restraint to make sure she let Alex get out her full thought, her full desire. They’d both started to lose count of how many times they’d done this, but Alex was still a bit bashful about articulating her needs.

She fell into Maggie’s eyes and trusted her enough to finish her thoughts, her bare chest still rising and falling heavily with need.

“I want more of you inside me.”

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Hi! I need a break from this whole finale mess. So could write an season 3 AU where Fitz goes to the monolith room but the stone is already liquid so he shoots the door and takes the shotgun with him to maveth. Your fics are so fun to read.

Hi @simmppaa! Thank you for the prompt!! This one actually seemed to write itself, so I hope you like how it turned out!

*Note: This fic disregards some of the more…triangular plots of Season 3A (just like I do lmao).




We need to say goodbye.

We need to say goodbye.

We need to say goodbye.

Coulson’s words continued to ring in Fitz’s head as he stalked out of the lab with purpose, heading straight for containment and that damn monolith. He couldn’t just say goodbye to Jemma, like she was just some…some person. She was Jemma, she was different – she was everything.

Fitz wasn’t giving up on her, no matter what Coulson said. There was one thing left to try, one last ditch effort, one desperate final attempt to find her. And if it didn’t work?

Well, he reasoned grimly as he grabbed a shotgun, either way it shook out, he’d still be with Jemma.

Once at the door of the storage room, Fitz tore down the caution tape without a second thought, kicking the door right open. He took two steps inside the room, then paused as he noticed the monolith just beginning to melt into its liquid form.

Perfect timing.

Leveling the shotgun, he blasted off the locks keeping the monolith contained, yanked open the door of the case, and not giving it another thought, Fitz jumped straight in.

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A Winter's Ball | Fred Weasley imagine

: hey, could you write a Fred Weasley imagine where the reader, who’s a ravenclaw, and him are best friends and she likes him, but he only realizes her back when he gets really jealous of her with some other boy, pleasee, i love your writing!

Happy early New year!

Thanks for requesting this was so much fun to do. I was grinning so much. Requests are open so if you have something you want me to write just drop a message c:

I was listening to Hamilton while writing and wrote Angelica instead of Angelina a few dozen times. And yeah, the imagine is named after a song from Hamilton.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x female reader

Warnings: None

Key: Y/n - your name

         H/c - hair colour

Words: 1248


The parchment in front of you was still as empty as it was when you had brought it out of your bookbag twelve minutes ago.

“You know that the essay won’t write itself if you just stare at it, right?” Your best friend, and long time crush, Fred said from beside you. His twin sniggered and you rolled your eyes.

“Yes, I am aware Fred. Thank you very much.” He put his hands up in a sign of surrender and scribbled something on his own parchment. “I’m just. I’m going to go and find a book about this.” You sighed and stood up, dragging a hand through your hair. It got tangled at the ends, a sure sign that you needed a haircut. The two boys nodded, continuing doing whatever they were doing, honestly, you were too scared to ask now.

You walked towards one of the seemingly endless rows of bookshelves, where you knew were some Transfiguration books.

The nearing of Christmas had made you very messy and it was all Fred’s fault. Becuase with Christmas came the Yule ball and you were sure he wasn’t going to ask you. He just didn’t see you as more than a friend.

You scanned the rows of books to find nothing helpful. Another row, and another and -bingo. A book that looked helpful. On the highest roll. Fred would be able to reach it but your short hands couldn’t. Fred again. You groaned and started banging your head on one of the shelves, muttering “stupid” over and over again.

“Uhh, are you alright Y/N?” Your head snapped up, a deer caught in headlights expression already in place. Sam, a Ravenclaw prefect in your year and thankfully your friend.

“Oh, Sam hey.” You greeted, leaning with your elbow on the bookshelf trying to play it cool. Judging by his amused stare you didn’t really pull it off. “It’s all fine.” You stepped away from the bookshelf. “I just can’t reach the top row.” You pointed dumbly to the book you wanted.

He chuckled and was next to you in a second. Sam easily reached the book and passed it to you. “Here you go.” You thanked him and smiled. “Um, I actually came to give you this.” He gave you a folded pink note with one hand and scratched his neck with the other. You took it from him and was about to speak when he interrupted you. “Talk to you later. Ihavetogonowbye.” And he was out faster than lightning.

“That was weird.” You mused. “And you are talking to yourself, ‘cause that’s not weird at all Y/N.” You rolled your eyes at your own silliness and returned to the table with the twins.

“And she’s back.” Fred smiled when you pulled your chair to sit down. “What took you so long?” He asked but you ignored his question like you usually did.

Your mind was preoccupied with the note. George noticed it sitting atop the book you, well more like Sam, had gotten. “What’s that?” The Gryffindor asked.

You shrugged and carefully took it, very much aware that your two friends were watching you. You cleared your throat and unfolded the pink paper before laying it down on the table. Your eyes scanned it a few times just to make sure what you read was actually true. “Y/N will you go to the Yule Ball with me?” Sam had signed it. The three of you stared at it for a couple of seconds until it wasn’t a note anymore. It had turned into a beautiful red rose. “Classy,” George muttered. Classy, indeed.

You stared at the rose with pink cheeks. Then you stood up from your chair so suddenly that the two Gryffindors jumped. You walked quickly towards where Sam was sitting with his back to you.

“Oh. Hey Y/N. Again.” The boy obviously cringed. “You know it’s an invite. Please don’t feel pressured…” You cut him off by leaning in and pecking him on the lips. “… to say yes.” He continued a few moments later, wide-eyed and seemingly breathless.

You nodded, chuckling. “Yeah. I’ll go with you.” Sam smiled.

(There were cheers and wolf whistles until madame Pince came in shushing and treating that she’ll kick them all away.)


You stood in front of your mirror. A part of your h/c hair was pulled up while the rest was left to cascade down. A thin layer of lipstick covered your lips and a coat of mascara on your lashes. You smoothed down the dress you had bought at the last Hogsmead trip.

You let out a breath and decided to head down since Sam was waiting for you. He was indeed at the bottom of the stairs.

“You look beautiful,” Sam said with a smile and offered you his elbow. “Like always.”

“Thank you.” You blushed and laced your arm through his. The two of you started chatting while walking towards the Great hall. Everyone down there was obviously excited.

The students watched with bated breath as the four Triwizard champions started dancing. “Is that Hermione with Viktor Krum?” A girl asked next to you and you turned around to greet Angelina. Your stomach fell when you saw she was hand in hand with Fred. You put on the best fake smile, though, and promised yourself that you were going to have fun, not bothered by your long time crush.

And you did have a pleasant evening. Apparently, Sam was hilarious and you had a lot in common. You haven’t had so much fun without the twins in ages. The two of you talked a lot and about everything.

At one point when your feet hurt from dancing and your throat was sore from laughing, Sam offered to get drinks. You agreed and stood next to the wall, leaning a bit on it. Not long after you saw Fred coming towards you.

“Having fun Freddie?” You asked him with a smile and fixed a strand of hair that had escaped your complicated hairstyle.

“Lots.” The boy replied before sighing. Your eyebrows furrowed in worry. “Y/n, we need to talk.”

You clasped your hands together and smiled weakly. “What do you want to talk about?” He thought about it for a moment and grabbed your hand just below your elbow. Then started dragging you towards the entrance. “Oi! Walking in heels is hard enough without your help!” You joked and cracked a smile from him.

FIanlly, you were out of the Great hall and he stopped, then turned towards you. “Fred, are you alright?”

He nodded. “Yeah.” Fred crossed his arms. “I’m not going to beat around the bush. Y/n, I like you.” Your face quickly reddened. “And I was stupid enough to only realise that when you are going out with another boy. But I just wanted you to know.”

You stood on the tip of your toes and quickly kissed him. Was that going to be your new habit or something?

Fred looked surprised. Pleasantly surprised but still, surprised. “Uhhh… What about Sam?” He coughed at one point to clear his throat.

“We are just friends. Realised, it’s better to be besties than something more.” You shrugged. “And Angelina?”

“Apparently she and Geroge like each other. I couldn’t be between my twin and his girl.” Fred explained and smirked down at you.

In turn, you smirked at him. “I like you too, by the way. And I figured it before…” He cut you off with a kiss before you could continue.

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K. I agree with everything you said thought I feel like you think that I say it about TLCstuck which I'm not. In fact TLCstuck is even better than the actual homestuck because the characters feel more profound and defined (seriously if I had to define "canon" Jake I would say: "John from Act 1-4 but more nerdy and uses archaic words) but here he feels like his own thing. The point is that I the part that most bothers me is the time-reallity powers that John gets because(I run out of characters)

a(Continuation) they are basically a Deus Ex Machina that serve to return everything to a status quo, making the flash itself and everything after that meaningless. That is just bad writing and a Hussie’s whim. 

First, with regards to the character writing in TLC: 

Thank u very much I work hard for my dear sunflower child Jake

Concerning John, to a certain extent? I would agree with you. On the one hand, John gaining the power of the juju is taking the implications of his God Tier title to their logical extreme: One who becomes Breath. One who becomes freedom, communication, the wind, change, and whatever else the Breath aspect is tied to. How much further can you take a character who can already turn into the breeze? You have them unchained from causality itself, free to do with the narrative whatever it is they so please.


In giving John the power to undo already-made decisions in the narrative, Hussie was walking a very fine line. On the one hand, this could be the characters’ ultimate “fuck you” to the authority railroading them to their fate. This is beyond Rose blowing up her second gate or Jade finding an exploit to become the most powerful person in the session and escape the Scratch, this is the ability to defy narrative itself. Once John gains this power, he is literally invisible to the narrative prompt. We cannot be John Egbert. We cannot find him.

 However, that ability is ultimately a lie. To buy into this, the reader has to suspend their disbelief and buy into the idea that these characters exist independent of the person writing them. Because John Egbert does not exist. He is a fictional character who can’t do anything under his own power because he isn’t real. So Andrew Hussie is now tasked with a character who can defy the narrative, but at the same time? Hussie has to maintain the rules that make a narrative work. Making John undo the wrong thing will cause all the dramatic weight of the narrative to evaporate, or make the reader ask themselves if this is all just for the author’s benefit. He was balancing on a tight rope made of razor wire. 

And then he slipped. And cut his legs off. 

Mother’s Basement is one of the YouTube channels that taught me a lot about film language (because I followed Lindsey Ellis’ advice, lol), and Geoff Thew has this wonderful video about how Sword Art Online did something similar. I think it’s hilarious that chunks of his main point, about a story breaking its own rules and taking all tension with it, can apply to this decision in Homestuck. And I have been dying for an opportunity to use this quote this way: 

“…when a show acts like death means something, and then does something that very transparently reveals that the writers aren’t willing to sacrifice potential plotlines, it’s like watching Mickey Mouse take his head off at Disneyland. It ruins the magic. There are rules against this kind of shit. If a character dies and is brought back, then you might as well write ‘and then they got on a bus for a couple of weeks!’ for all the fucking difference it makes.”

Obviously this isn’t a 1-to-1 comparison between Homestuck and SAO. These two narratives use death very differently - or rather, Homestuck has been very transparently revealing that Hussie was unwilling to sacrifice potential plotlines since the dreambubbles came along (or hell, maybe even since the notion of time travel itself came along), but the story adapted and evolved new dimensions because of those things. Death became more of a change of state that still had consequences. But if you substitute “death” for “decision resulting in drastic change in a character’s trajectory” the result is the same. Suddenly the consequences of the Game Over characters actions don’t mean anything. Suddenly the consequences of Vriska’s death don’t mean anything. In that one moment, Andrew Hussie revealed that he was willing to go back on ANYTHING in this story if it meant serving his ultimate end, and that no matter how big or pivotal the decision? He would find a way to undo it if it was convenient. And there’s rules against that kinda shit. Now nothing matters because it can be undone and there will be no consequences for it. And to add insult to injury, the suffering and sacrifices of the Game Over kids aren’t addressed in a way that justifies putting them or the audience through all of that. Geoff Thew again:

“Death in media isn’t interesting because ‘oh they’re dead, that’s sad, I’m sad!’ It’s interesting because it inherently changes the dynamics of a story. A character who was once a force in the narrative now isn’t. Any arc they might’ve been going through is cut abruptly short. And from this point forward, the writers can’t rely on their presence to move the story forward or prop up other characters.” 

Emphasis mine because does that sound familiar? Sound like any8ody we might know? 

There’s a section in B3 TH3 4C3 4TTORN3Y that I could have cut for time while building the flash, but chose not to do so because I think it speaks volumes:


There’s no purpose to putting the Game Over kids through that if you’re just going to sweep them away or never address what that plotline brought up. The Game Over kids are not killed so that they can start the level over and learn from their mistakes. The retcon characters have no memory of making those mistakes, so how can they learn? So retroactively, Game Over kind of does turn into a bunch of bullshit meant to shock the audience. And I don’t agree with taking the “Metanarrative Reading” wherein the reader themselves is compiling the characters’ “ultimate selves” because again, the narrative does not pivot to that theme with much grace. As a result, it sounds an awful lot like the story throwing its hands up in the air at the last minute and saying that it’s up to the reader to write conclusions for these characters. Unless that character is Dave.

So yeah. The point of that ramble is that ultimately, I agree with you! While I like how John’s retcon powers and Game Over fit into Homestuck as a whole and what they could’ve been, it ultimately does wind up being a snatch at pathos followed by a Deus Ex Machina. 

anonymous asked:

"Just because you don’t like something, the solution is not cancellation, it’s for you to find another hobby. " I love that you said this! I'm an OQer & this show has disappointed me plenty, but I never hoped for cancellation just because I was unhappy. I would not watch w/o Lana, so I understand why some won't watch w/o JMo, but hoping for a complete cancellation is saying that if the show does not please them then it should not exist at all because only their happiness matters. *smh*

Exactly. It’s really an old pet peeve of mine. Let it be about TV-series (especially with a fandom as divided as in OUAT’s case), or musical talent shows or the Eurovision Song Contest, it is one thing to dislike them or think they are trash, another thing entirely to claim that BECAUSE we don’t like them, they should be cancelled. 

In OUAT’s case, I could imagine a fair discussion about the future of the show, is it worth continuing, what are the pros, what are the cons. I can totally understand the feeling that the writing is underwhelming sometimes, and the characters are underutilized and it could be much better. But it is not the same as saying that just because my favourite character came to a good ending point (by the way, despite what fairytales tell us, I don’t think that a wedding in itself is a satisfying conclusion of a character arc, especially for a character as complex as Emma Swan used to be), let’s damn all other characters’ stories and cancel everything else. 

But in all fairness, loosing a favourite can cause a great amount of grief and fandom by nature tends to intensify it. Grief can come with anger and bargaining and maybe this is what we are dealing with. 

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do you have an ending planned for santi's story or is it going to keep sort of fleshing itself out over time? if you do have an ending, will you write another story after it's finished?

soooo the events of santi’s current/main arc, yes, i have them all planned out (and we’re kind of nearing the end, but it actually might only be halfway, idk, i’ll see how this summer goes) so yeah i have everything planned but i also go with the flow and let everything change and evolve over time as well. there really is no ending to his story, just his back story. i will continue doing casual things with all my characters after it’s done, probably not so much heavy storytelling (i don’t rly have plan tbh) anyway don’t worry they will never leave my blog because they are my bbys ;-; and then of course there’s gen 2 hehehe

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Hey sorry, just checked out the DVD campaign there, and I'm totally in! ^^ only thing is, the petition link won't work for me? :/ this might just be my iPad, but j wanted to let you know in case it was the link itself 🌸


And just checked and the short link seems to have stopped working. Here’s the petition link: However it seems it’s closed now.

But everyone, please continue the letter writing campaign! For those who don’t know, here are the details:

the dangers of switching from writing fanfic to original

my ego, flinging itself dramatically upon the floor: This novel is garbage. Nobody likes it. Nobody is interacting with it at all, so clearly it’s garbage. Don’t bother finishing it, just throw it out.

me, patiently: um… that’s because I haven’t shown it to anyone? I wanted to finish it first. No one can interact with it if it’s sitting on my hard drive.

my ego: … no, that doesn’t sound right. If it was any good people would be wailing about their feels. It’s garbage.

me: *sighs* *gently places ego in trash can* *continues writing*

It’s a tough thing to let go of all your control habits, especially when it comes to love. Love will drive you like you’re in a car doing 90 on the biggest interstate and before you know it, you’re doing 360’s across all lanes. I’ve loved a lot, but never like her. And in the midst of the 360 turns all I could think was “is this ever going to end?” You become overwhelmed and a million thoughts race through your head.. “How did this happen? When will it stop? Will I make it out alive? I hope she knows I never stopped loving her.” And as your thoughts start to race you’re smacked with the impact of the 90 mph vehicle hitting the rail guard like it was your hearts way of screaming to hold your shit together. You’ve been through a lot worse, and though you rest yourself easy, you can’t seem to grasp how at ease you feel with the pain of being broken-hearted. But that’s just it, life may never make sense, but you’ll always find you’re much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You’re much stronger than the impact of any heavy weighted vehicle merging itself into a solid mark of steel. You’re stronger than your hearts break, or the unrequited love that’s being carried so heavily on your chest. You’re stronger than it all. And although you love her, and continuously will, you learn to love from a distance. You learn to love in a way that keeps you from spinning but instead drives you straight ahead.
—  I haven’t stopped loving you, I’m just being careful not to crash.
Sam Winchester-Doll faces Part 4

Title: Doll faces Part 4

Pairings: Sam Winchester x child reader

Word count:1027

Request:Please do continue the doll face series! It’s so good, and beautiful, and lovely and I need more! Although, if you do not wish to, I understand. Happy writing!

Request:Can you continue doll face series with a part 4? It’s so good 💕

Request:More doll faces and wild

Links:Doll faces, Doll faces part 2Doll faces Part 3

You watched as the clock ticked away, seconds falling on your shoulder; seconds that could not be given back. Like a thief without a cause, just in it for the pleasure of watching their creation turn to chaos.

Everything was still and deadly silent. The only thing that could be heard was your breathing, the soft blow as your chest swallowed in on itself before puffing back out again.

You sat crossed legged on the floor, your eyes unmoving as you watched the clock. It wasn’t until the door creaked open that you were snapped out of your daze.

He came in like he was a young child entering a forbidden place and was scared of getting caught. His head was dipped low, body rigid yet ready to fight off any intruders if need be. He was an odd man. Always so gentle and kind yet his profession wasn’t the most caring one.

His smile was sweet, dripping with honey and his words flowed like he was always so sure of what he had to say. He was confident and empathetic. He was a little stubborn but he was patient.

The best? His eyes. Of course all this is in a platonic way but his eyes were always soft and welcoming, you knew the moment he looked at you that you could trust him with your deepest secret; you also knew that only a fool would do so.

As nice as he was, you couldn’t risk it.

You couldn’t let him in.

“Hey, bud’‘Sam smiled, entering the room and stepping over the invisible line his mind portrayed as forbidden land. ’'What you doing?’'He asked sweetly, his tone gentle but a trace of worry was detected.

You looked over at him, your eyes meeting his before falling back to the clock. Sam followed your gaze before looking at you with a concerned expression.

’'You’ve been in here a long time, why don’t you come out and get something to eat. Not much to do in here anyway,” Sam chuckled but there was no amusement behind his laugh.

He sighed, breath falling between his crackled lips as he came closer before kneeling down. “We’ll find your sister, I promise’'Sam nodded, his hand raising to show you he was about to comfort you. He was waiting for you to react, to give him the signal whether it was okay or not but you didn’t even spare him a glance.

Sam patted your shoulder gently before standing up. He grunted as he pushed his hands off his kneecaps, watching you for a while as the cogs in his head turned.

’'Okay, why don’t I bring your food in here’'Sam smiled, trying to make light of the situation. Always trying to find a positive.

It had been a few days and you had done nothing but sat inside and stared at the clock. It wasn’t so much about your sister and that made you feel bad.

You felt bad that you weren’t worried, that you didn’t seem to care. But for some reason all the emotion was draining out of you; you could feel it seeping out of your fingertips. You watched helplessly.

You were too young to understand what was happening, why you were feeling numb. You had always felt like you didn’t contain as much joy as kids should, you always felt sad and unhappy but now you didn’t even feel that, you just felt nothing.

It was like a giant black hole was now where your heart should have been. You wanted to cry, you tried and tried but nothing happened. You couldn’t. You didn’t want to eat, drink or even sleep.

Dean had been looking for Lily, he was close to finding her and Sam had helped of course but Sam was trying to help you as well. He was worried about you, they had both talked and Dean said it was Lily missing that did it but Sam had a better connection with you than Dean, Sam had tried talking to Dean but Dean strongly believed it was Lily’s disappearance.

Sometimes you would go into Sam’s room and he’d let you stay with him a night. He thought you were scared but it was so you could feel comfort again. You enjoyed being with Sam, his arms were big enough to fit around you and he was so warm and well…snug.

But now even that seemed not to matter.

The door opened again, a tray balancing in Sam’s hand as he entered. He put the tray beside you and turned around to collect the old one, sighing when he realised not a single speck had been touched.

”(Y/n), honey, please eat’'Sam whispered, sitting beside you. “You’re gonna hurt yourself if you don’t. It’s not good for you’'He muttered, his hand coming up to stroke back your messy, tangled locks.

’'It’s gone…”

It was silent but it was there. Sam jumped at the sound of your voice, he had never heard it before. He shook his head, getting over his shock as he cleared his thoughts.

“Sorry?’'He repeated, not being able to hear you the first time but he just knew you had talked.

’'It’s gone’'You repeated, your eyes wide open and staring into the void as he licked his lips. His fingertips trailed down to your forearm, rubbing soothing circles as he frowned.

His thick brows knitted together as he tried to think.

’'What’s gone, (Y/n)?’'He asked, his voice low so he wouldn’t over power yours. His eyes followed your exact movements, watching carefully as your hand trailed up your chest before hovering just underneath your collar bone.

’'My heart”

“Your heart?’'Sam whispered in confusion, his eyes falling over your hand before looking back up at you.

’'I can feel it but it’s not there…’'You whispered, your fingernails digging harshly into your chest. ’'I can feel it pulsing against my hand but…but I don’t understand-’'You whimpered.

’'Don’t understand what, (y/n)?’'Sam asked, shuffling closer as his face twisted with worry and concern, desperate to know what was troubling you.

’'How can I feel my heart beating when I feel like I’m dead?”

Ereri one shot

“What’s on your mind Levi?” Erwin said not looking up from his paperwork.
“Nothing.” Replied Levi as he also didn’t look up from his paper work. Erwin finished writing something and handed it to Levi to examine, Levi did the same.

“Obviously something’s bothering you.”
“And why do you make that assumption? It couldn’t possibly be from my facial expression.”
Erwin rolled his eyes, “your writing. Usually it’s jagged and slanted, when you’re bothered it’s less jagged less slanted and easier to read.”
Levi looked above his papers to glare at Erwin.
He continued to glare at Erwin until the commander looked at him
“What are you glaring at me for?” Erwin chuckled leaning back in his chair. Silence came from the short one.

“Sooner or later you’re going to have to tell me. I am the commander and if it starts effecting your fighting like it does your writing…” He let that sentence finish itself.

The corporal sighed and slammed down the papers crossing his legs while draping his arm behind the chair.
“It’s Eren.”
Erwin’s eyebrows rose a bit “having doubts?”
“No! I just don’t think he should be made to suffer what the rest of the legion suffers. He’s lost his sister and his best friend is in intensive care with chance of survival looking slim.” Levi didn’t make eye contact “yesterday he actually snapped at me. You of all people should know, that is an ultimate death sentence.”

Erwin nodded with a sigh, “he tired hitting me the other day.”
Levi motioned to Erwin in a “see what I mean” way.
A knock came from the door and both the men said come in simultaneously.

Farlan walked in, hands tucked behind his back.
“Levi, commander.”
“Farlan.” Yet again both men said simultaneously.
Farlan chuckled a bit, “it’s Eren. He’s locked himself away and won’t open the door. No one can get it open. He also kind of went on a destruction path. He made quite the mess”

“God damn it brat.” Levi murmured in annoyance, which made Farlan smile. Hanji soon burst through the open door

“Levi Levi! Eren won’t open the door and he blocked off the window and is worrying us now!” She said draping her arms around Levi’s small frame.
He shook her off then stood up “I’ll get him out.”

The look of fear Farlan gave once Levi said that made both Erwin and Hanji break into a fit of laughter.
Levi patted Farlans shoulder, “you’ll be my medic, hm, Farlan?”
“Levi. He’s a kid there’s no need for brute force.”
“Hm, Farlan?”
Farlan sighed, shoulders dropping “all right.”
“Good.” Levi walked out into the hallway cleared his throat and let out the most terrifying thing you’d ever hear in your life.
“ERRE FUCKING JAËGER” Levi’s voice was ten times louder in that moment than Erwin’s could’ve ever been, a bit deeper too.

Levi marched towards the room where Eren was locked in at.
“Oh god you told him about the mess.” Hanji said then slapping Farlans arm “Farlan! We agreed”
“I know we did but he had a right to know” Farlan ushered her to follow Levi. Erwin quickly followed to two comrades of Levi catching up with Levi.

The group of people trying to block the door off from Levi smiled innocently at the corporal,
“Move!” The crowed quickly disbanded from the door. Farlan flinched at his aggressive behavior, Hanji had fear struck into her heart and Erwin grimaced because he could never command the way Levi just did.

Levi banged on the door “Jaëger open this door or pray to the gods you survive my wrath” he growled loud enough for the boy inside to hear.
Seconds later the sound of the lock unlocking came and Levi walked into the room slamming the door behind him and locking it.
If it were possible, Farlan would’ve passed out from the images of Eren after Levi was done beating the shit out of him. Actually he did, Hanji nearly missed catching him. Erwin pulled out the papers to sign off that Eren died fighting Titans.

“He-Heichou I’m s-sorry I-I don’t know what c-came over me!” Eren squeaked.

Levi pointed to the bed “sit down”
Eren scrambled to the bed and Levi walked over to him.
“I’m not going to hurt you, I want to talk.” Levi said gently grabbing a chair and propping his legs on the bed, next to Eren.

Eren flinched a little but relaxed.
“What’s up with your weird violent outbreaks brat? You punch Erwin, snap at me, now your on destructive paths and locking yourself away. There’s probably more I just don’t want to know it.”
Eren didn’t make eye contact but his body was starting to shake, tears falling from his cheeks and Levi stood up and pulled Eren to his chest. Eren wrapped his arms around Levi’s waist.

“You gotta talk to someone, preferably me, when you’re having problems Jaëger.”
Levi laced his fingers through the cadets hair, trying to soothe his sobs “shh shh.”
A knock came from the door, then followed Farlans voice “Levi please don’t maim Eren”

“I’m not we’re having a civilized talk” he responded

“God I hope it’s not underground civilized talk…” Farlan murmured as Erwin finished the documents for Eren.
Hanji punched the commanders arm “Eren is going to be fine”

They all sat. Sasha are nervously and Connie was trying to get her to slow down before she choked. Jean was drumming his fingers nervously, Mike paced, Erwin signed documents, Hanji was silent, and Farlan was pacing the opposite direction of Mike.

Eren finally pulled away from Levi’s chest and wiped at his eyes “I-I’m sorry Heichou, I got your shirt dirty.” Levi brushed some of Erens hair back and kissed his forehead “shut up brat. Are you upset because Armin?”
Eren nodded “and Mikasa… I lost my family Levi…”
Heichou took a breath and gently made Eren look at him.
“About ten years ago I was in the exact situation, except, I didn’t have friends like you, all I had was Farlan and another girl named Isabel.
They were the only people I had, me being from the underground and all, once we were on an expedition, and this is top secret so if you say anything I’ll cut your tongue out, all three of us had a mission to kill Erwin, I broke off from Farlan and Isabel in the pouring rain. About half a mile away I stumbled upon a squad that was dead except one. He died shooting off a flair.
I raced back to both of them and stumbled upon a decapitated Isabel and, what I thought for sure, was a dead Farlan. Anyways moral of the story, you’ve got friends. Don’t brush them off. Jean may not really care but I’m sure Sasha would listen. Or Connie. I know Farlan will listen. He listens to everything.”

Eren smiled at Levi.
“What?” The corporal asked
“That’s the first time you’ve tried to comfort me with out hitting me..”
Levi rolled his eyes “that’s because I know the feeling brat. Armin will pull through okay? Just have faith in the little coconut.”

Eren nodded “yes sir.”
“Good. You can go clean the fucking kitchen you lil piece of shit.”
Eren grinned and nodded then headed to the door, Levi following.
Eren stopped and turned to Levi before quickly planting a kiss on Levi’s mouth and then exiting quickly. Levi blinked, regathering himself and looked at Farlan.
“Where’d the others go?”
“Erwin had paper work, Sasha started choking so Connie raced her to the infirmary and Hanji had to go with her, Mike went to help Erwin, and Jean went to check on Armin.”
Levi nodded “and you stayed?”
Farlan smiled “of course I did Levi. I’d never leave you. So. Eren kissed you.”

“How the hell did you-”

“Crack in the door.” The younger male smiled down at Levi, the corporal glared in return
“You say nothing.”
Farlan smiled more “my lips are sealed. Kind of like how Erens were se-”

Levi clamped his hand over Farlans mouth “finish that sentence and you won’t walk for a week.”
The cadet smiled on Levi’s hand then took it away.

“Okay okay. You can be really sweet when you want to. Come on. I’ll make you some tea.”
Levi sighed “the kitchen if filthy though.”
“Erens cleaning.”
“He’ll probably do a shitty job.”
Farlan laughed. “I’m sure he’ll do fine Levi. Come on.”

The End.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: The End

1.3k words, G rated

When confronted by the Dementors in the Voldemort timeline, Scorpius hears his mother asking him for help. That memory had to come from somewhere, and this is my version of that awful moment in Scorpius’s life. 

Beta’d, as always, by the wonderful @bounding-heart.

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