and it just breaks your heart

it’s time for me to pack my things and move out of your heart. i wish this day wouldn’t have come, i would rather stay but the walls of your heart are trembling and i’d rather not shatter when it breaks. while i am searching for a new home i’ll just unpack in my own heart and stay there for a while because i haven’t had the time to focus on myself when i was with you.
—  my own heart is the best place to stay at. 2amfilm.
How to say goodbye

Before I say goodbye, I want to tell you that I will always love you, whether you are downstairs, across the street, in a different neighborhood, or in a different part of the world. And even though my heart is still breaking, I know that you will always fiercely and unconditionally love me. Those who you will meet will be lucky to have been in your presence, even just for a moment, just as I have been lucky enough to have known you for as long as I have. It has been a priviledge to know you, and an even greater priviledge to love and be loved by you. You will always be a part of my life, and I will always be a part of yours. Thank you for being the best person that you could be, and above all, the best person that anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for going above and beyond in what started as nothing and became a relationship that will far outlast our time together. Thank you for the memories, both the good and the bad, and thank you for the memories that are still to come. We are not finished; this is not the end for us, only a new and slightly painful beginning. And so now here it is, the moment we have dreaded and dreaded to wait for:
Goodbye, I love you, and I will see you soon.

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For your consideration: fuckbuddies/mutual pining au where Geno is absolutely in love with Soft Hockey Boy Sidney Crosby but Sid always says he's not looking to get into a serious relationship until After Hockey and Sid is in love with Geno but keeps thinking Geno might want to go back to Russia after hockey so he doesn't want to break his own heart. There's soft boning. And the rest of the pens think they're Dumb.

soft boning omg HA. Like, they think it’s a casual thing but mid-screw, Geno tells Sidney in Russian, “You’re so beautiful, I love you so much, there’s no one else I can imagine waking up to every morning, sweetheart. Your eyes are such a wonderful color” etc etc etc other sickening praise 

And Sidney just thinks about them having a family and Dad Geno running around with their three fake children on their imaginary lawn while Sidney is getting dicked halfway into next week. 

there are few things more painful
than a knife through the heart
but perhaps one of them is
suspense with no start

when you get stabbed in the back
and shot through the core
your knees buckle and break
and your soul falls through the floor

you beg for small mercies
a few pennies to spare
maybe simply a few words
a few given with such little care

a “hello” or “good bye”
a “good morning” or “good night”
a smile or a wave
a passing thought at night

maybe you try for some medium-sized mercies
the kind that’s followed by a small smile
something to remind you that people care
a reminder that you’re thought of once in a while

a five minute phone call at four
a few texts at two
a partner in a group project
a “this reminded me of you”

sometimes you hope for big mercies
the joy that comes once every blue moon
the kinds of things that are as rare as unicorns
unicorns that make you hum a tune

an invite to a party
a stroll through the mall
a trip into the city
a venture through them all

all these mercies add up
allowing heartfelt flowers to bloom
like a lit fireplace on a cold day
or a cup of hot chocolate in the dark winter gloom

and maybe that’s what friendship is
all the mercies given to lessen the pain
so perhaps that’s where to start
if you wish to build a friendship again

—  a few thoughts about friendship

Things I’ve Said While Sleep Deprived | Sentence Starters

  •  You need to put one ham upways and one ham sideways for maximum ham. 
  • How do I get away with the murder of his car, then?
  • I am going to physically harm you. Leave.
  • Why do you have three of them? You are breaking my heart. 
  • If I slash three of his tires he can’t get insurance. I read this somewhere. 
  •  Who needs love or children when you’ve got chicken nuggets? 
  • Click click motherfucker, why won’t the page load?
  •  Do you ever just look at someone and like… want them to break a couple of your bones? Maybe a few ribs? Just answer the question. 
  • Sometimes I see you and wonder how I got so lucky. You’re, like, so fucking beautiful and perfect and I want to kiss your face.
  • Look at this cat. She’s more beautiful than I’ll ever be.
  • I leave you alone for five minutes and you spend $300 on games.
  • If I hear that rooster noise one more time I’m gonna kill my neighbors.
  • Why do you scream? What purpose does it serve?
  • Why you have to be mad? Is only joke.
  • She likes to yell.
  • I love them more than I love my entire self.
  • It stares at me with those eyes.
  • I can’t tell if it’s creepy or cute. 
  • You can’t bone something if it bones you first. Survival of the fittest.
  • Move the vehicle before I pull out your teeth.
  • Choking me will only make me stronger.
For The Love Of Harry - Chapter 8

The warm sun beating down on your skin felt good. You breathed oxygen deeply into your lungs as you listen to the birds singing in the trees high above the garden. The sound of Harry strumming his guitar lightly from inside the house made you smile. Life was good again.

“Hello, babes,” you hear Alex say, his face suddenly appearing in front of you.

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You can’t just tell someone you love them and then backtrack! You can’t just tell someone that they play with the blood, and that they’re gonna be a great conductor and then just throw them in a shark tank way before they’re ready. And beyond that, you just can’t tell the orchestra that they’re your family and then just fucking leave them.


all taken from the national’s 2013 album.
anything in parentheses can be added to the original sentence.

  • don’t make me read your mind.
  • you should know better than that.
  • i should leave it alone but you’re not right.
  • can you turn the tv down?
  • i’m going through an awkward phase.
  • can i stay here? ( i can sleep on the floor. )
  • it’s a sign that someone loves me.
  • i have only two emotions – careful fear and dead devotion.
  • i’m not alone. ( i’ll never be. )
  • you keep a lot of secrets.
  • you’re fireproof.  it’s just the way you are.
  • nothing breaks your heart.
  • if i stay here, trouble will find me.
  • hey ___, sorry i hurt you, but they say love is a virtue don’t they?
  • i could walk out, but i won’t.
  • if you lose me, i’m gonna die.
  • let’s go wait out in the fields with the ones we love.
  • in my mind, i am in your arms.
  • you don’t think before you jump.
  • this is the last time.
  • just let me hear your voice. ( just let me listen. )
  • now i know what dying means.
  • i am not my rosy self.
  • if you’re dead in the mind, it’ll brighten the place.
  • there’s a science to walking through windows.
  • i’m having trouble inside my skin.
  • i’ll be a friend and a fuck-up.
  • i don’t need any help to be breakable, believe me.
  • i won’t need any help to be lonely when you leave me.
  • remember when you lost your shit and drove the car into the garden?
  • i need my girl.
  • i keep feeling smaller and smaller.
  • the surprise of the week is that i never heard the sound.
  • she wore blue velvet.
  • i didn’t ask for this pain. ( it just came over me. )
  • i love a storm, but i don’t love lightning.
  • i was coming back from what seemed like a ruin.
  • i’m so surprised you want to dance with me now.
  • you said it would be painless. ( it wasn’t that at all. )
  • there’s a lot i’ve not forgotten.
  • i don’t know why we had to lose the ones who took so little space.

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My friends are pressuring me to stay with my boyfriend because 'we look cute together' and 'I'll be the only single person in our friend group' and 'if you'll break up you'll loose your best friend' but I don't love him romantically and I don't think it's fair to him if I stay in this relationship. How do I explain this to my friends though? (thank you)

your gut is right. You know in your heart it isn’t right when you aren’t that into him. What’s that hp line - it takes just as much courage to stand to to your friends? break up with the boy first, without telling the friends. They will just try to talk you out of it, and their reasons for wanting you to stay together are superficial at best. Break it off with him, be as honest as you want but as kindly as you can, you know? Especially if it’s not anything in particular, but just that you aren’t feeling it. Saying “I don’t think it’s fair to you bc I don’t feel anything super romantic for you and want you deserve someone who does” is the truth, it’s fair, and it’s genuine. You don’t owe him an explanation beyond that. As for your friends, it’s time to put up a Boundary. Friends are great as a supportive sounding board, but toxic friendship dynamics are harder to pick out. Healthy friends will intimately respect your decision, even if they disagree. But this was ultimately your relationship, your decision, your gut. Tell them that. it’s ok to tell them the decision is not open to their criticism. It’s okay to tell them that they need to respect this decision and your right to make it. If they aren’t ok with that, if they press it, if they launch into you, redirect or end the conversation. If this is the first time you have to set up a boundary like this, it might be a messy process to figure it out. Just be genuine & honest about what you need from them in this. After all, it’s not fucking easy to break to with someone, even if it’s the right thing to do. If they continue, then it’s a bigger issue that your friends aren’t respecting the boundary you set, yeah?

Your Heartbreak Quote (Post-Breakup)

☼D A N I E L☼:
Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted to.

↠J O N A H↞:
Missing you comes in waves; tonight I’m drowning.

⍟Z A C H⍟:
I acted like it wasn’t a big deal, when it was really breaking me apart.

◇C O R B Y N◇:
Of course I loved him; you don’t give people you don’t love the power to destroy you.

☾J A C K☾:
That feeling you get in your stomach when your heart’s broken - it’s like all the butterflies just died.

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loooook. Based on your posts and your story 'A Mere Mortal, Nothing More' I feel like you really appreciate Isaac and Isaac needs more appreciation and love. Thank you.

I do! I appreciate the sweet little puppy and try my best to give him the appreciation and representation he deserves.

As much as I love him, I struggle to write him sometimes becasue his story just makes my heart break (probably becasue I can empathise with what it’s like to have an abusive dad), but more often than not I’m trying to fit him into stories, even if it’s in an AU that I can’t parallel his character with - like the Until Dawn AU I’m planning;while he might not have one of the roles, I’ll fit him in becasue he deserves the love.

Originally posted by lildoog-ish

Please, I encourage everyone to love and appreciate Isaac! He’s a lost little puppy who needs love!

To those who do appreciate him, thank you!

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So I'm up late on Tumblr (huuuuge surprise lmao) and I checked your bio and saw you have a webcomic! I was hooked from Chapter 1, but Chapter 2 was blowing my mind! (And breaking my heart lol) I'll definitely have to keep reading, but just thought I'd pop in and give you two thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻 I love your Overwatch comics, and I'm excited to check out your original work!!

I’m so glad you like it!!! It’s my pride and joy :’D The art and pacing gets better as you go on, heads up lol~ Thank you so much for reading!! <3

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Can I just rant a bit? Right now I'm in bed crying becuase I just hate my misophonia so much and I just wish it didn't exist and I break down whenever I think about the fact that I have to eat at the dinner table with my family every day for several years to come, I can't take it! I wish they'd just let me eat by myself! Why can't anyone take me seriously? My brother chews with his mouth open! All! The! Time! And if I tell him to stop HE DOES IT EVEN LOUDER HELP ME I CAN'T TAKE IT

I just posted an article from Forbes. Forbes is pretty respected by many, so maybe you could have them read it? The title doesn’t even mention Misophonia either, and its pretty attention getting. 

I hope your family eventually becomes more caring and considerate of you. This is such a common occurrence and it breaks my heart.

Deja Vu

Holding your warm hand thight,
not just a symbolic gesture,
so undescribable in this lecture
and so powerful emotion that excite.

The sun, a huge bright star
In the center of my universe, like you.
This amazing view, like a deja vu
Entering me like a deep scar.

Scars always stay, but you left,
This pain, breaking my heart.
My soul, empty, like a piece of art.
My spirit, theft and bereft.

My body missing and your hand in lack,
So unreachable for me.
Your hand free and me on my knee,
Begging you to come back.

Signs and Crushes

Aries: Pretty upfront about it, always on the lookout for someone and when they find that perfect someone they cling on. You’ll know if they like you by the measure of inside jokes you have, the amount of touching and eye contact. Pay attention next time their around. Give it some time and eventually they’ll tell you.

Taurus: Timid about it. They’re very fun people and love to just go with you anywhere. Very vexing and charming signs, so they might feel unattainable to you. In nature they doubt themselves, so they might feel the same about you. That being said, they most likely will go to their grave simply crushing on you. Maybe it’s best you make the first move with this sign.

Gemini: Like Taurus, this sign is timid about liking you. They want you to make the first move and tell them you like them. When it comes to crushes, this sign might do the most discreet things like tagging you in a post or remembering your pet’s name. Loves to laugh at memes with you. Wants to take you to new places but doesn’t know how to ask. Very gentle. Probably best you make the first move.

Cancer: Very lovey-dovey. Loves to compliment you in small ways and it might be pretty obvious they like you. Compliment them back, you’ll notice how they blush and smile. Very cute. You might also notice how they want to invite you in with their own friends. It is either-or with this sign when it comes to crushes. Depending on the person, you might want to tell them yourself.

Leo: A very fierce sign. They get what they want because of their strong demeanor. They’ll charm you into their lives and never let you go. When this sign likes you, they’ll be fairly shy at first, but pay attention to body language. Do they laugh a lot? Focus all of their attention on you? Once they’re comfortable with you, they don’t hold anything back.

Virgo: This sign needs to know that you mutually like them. They don’t go off on a limb and assume things. They don’t ask you on a date out of nowhere, even if they do suspect you like them back. They’re a logical sign, and they just need to know that the feelings are reciprocated. Therefore, it might not be that obvious that they have a crush on you. They want to get to know you better and understand your intentions. Once they do, they’ll open up to you and be very obvious when it comes to liking you.

Libra: A truly kind sign. Once you get close enough to them, they’re willing to do anything for that special someone. They love to brag about you to their friends and you might find yourself on their social media frequently. Eventually, they may come around to telling you how they truly feel.

Scorpio: Now you and I both know a Scorpio will tell you, your family, your neighbors, and your friends that they like you. They don’t hold much back. It takes a while to crack that hard shell of theirs, but once you do there is no going back. It might be overbearing at times, but Scorpio only has the best intentions at heart. You know they like you if they put you above anyone else.

Sagittarius: Very withdrawn when it comes to having crushes. They feel like they fail at love and so, when they do have a crush, they hold back completely. They love to laugh with you and adventure with you. Give them some time, and they’ll come around. Do not bombard them by confronting them instantly.

Capricorn: Similar to sagittarius, this sign is very withdrawn. They have a rather passive personality and will play it off as if you’re not much in their life. You might take notice to this. However, they think the world of you. Have some late-night mushy conversations with them and you’ll know they think the world of you. They’re a sweet sign, but they can break your heart in an instant.

Aquarius: This sign is bubbly when they like you. Very kind and smiley. They love the finer things in life and they aren’t afraid of showing you. Beautiful people both inside and out and you definitely don’t want to lose them. They make it obvious when they like you. It’s the little things in life that mean the most of them. So if they show you things like little places around town and beautiful, hidden scenery then you should just know.

Pisces: A reserved sign, or at least they try to be. When it comes to them liking you, honey, you’ll know. Compliments out the wazoo. Tries to make you laugh as much as possible. They always think about you, always. They worry for you, get excited for you, and will love you unconditionally. They have an obsessive personality and when they have a crush on you, all that obsession is pointed to you. They get so scared that they’ll mess up somehow. They make amazing lovers, but they will leave if something feels wrong.