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This is Sophie, the love of my life. I’ve had her since she was six weeks old and she is now almost fifteen years old. Her hobbies include claiming the best chair in the house for herself, hollering incessantly for treats, laying on my fabric while I’m trying to quilt, and waking us up every morning at 4am for love and attention.

Me almost every night.
  • Me: *Looks at time* 10:30 pm.
  • Me: I have work early tomorrow, better go to sleep now.
  • Me: *snuggles up, finds right position and ready to sleep*
  • Mind: What about that OTP moment you just saw?
  • Me: *Opens eyes* Fuck, i need to read FF!

(A/N: I decided to make a cute little series with bts/seventeen as your boyfriend but a little more in depth. Like this one is about cuddling with your boyfriend Min Yoongi, if you would like more boyfriend scenarios/ imagines just request!)

(Pictures not mine)

GENRE: fluff.
PAIRING: Reader X Yoongi.

SUMMARY: You and your boyfriend Yoongi decide to enjoy a nice lazy day in.

        You let out a tired groan as you shifted your sleeping position to face away from your bright window. But, unfortunately failed to continue with your slumber because of the prominent sunlight shining through your light grey colored curtains. As you slowly sat up you noticed the side of your bed that had been empty for a couple months now, was filled. You pulled the covers down slightly to expose your newly dark haired boyfriend who had just come back from tour last night at almost 4am.

        A smile formed on your lips as you saw him in his peaceful state, wondering how he had gotten in because you had fallen asleep before he even could arrive in your apartment in Seoul.Questions aside, you were happy and at peace knowing your boyfriend was finally resting next to you. As you studied his flawless face with your eyes, you noticed a small smile perk up on his face. You tilted your head slightly as his flushed face turned to face you. “Good Morning,” He said in his deep, husky morning voice that you were so in love with. “Good morning love,” You responded with a bright smile prominent on your face.

      Yoongi shuffled his body closer to yours. “You’re warm.” He mumbled before tucking his head into your neck and chest area. You could tell he was was still half asleep while speaking to you but, you found it adorable. He had mumbled something against your skin but you couldn’t make out what he had been trying to say,with that you just let out a small chuckle and ran your fingers in between his hair.

      The color of his hair was his original color, the same color he had when you first met him, plain and black. You loved the color on him and continued to admire him as you toyed with the ends of his hair lightly. “I missed your sent (Y/N),” He mumbled once again. You broke out into a big bright smile before shaking your head slowly at his brainless comment. “Shh, go back to sleep love you’re talking nonsense,” you hummed before kissing his cheek and snaking an arm around his body to pull him closer to you. The two of you had been dating for over 2 years and moments like these were still very special to you. He was always working, or you were always studying so, those few cuddling sessions were always something you enjoyed, even though they were quite rare do to Yoongi’s lack of skinship. 

       You pulled away after a while to prepare something for breakfast knowing Yoongi would wake up hungry, but you were stopped by a sudden pull on your arm. When you looked down, yoongi had his pale hand wrapped around your wrist and his face dug into a pillow, “(Y/N) stay in bed for a couple more hours… please?,” He whispered. You questioned his sudden need for cuddles and kisses, it wasn’t like him to stop you from doing something but you sat back down anyway and caressed his hand when he began to speak. “I missed you a lot.” Your cheeks became a rose color due to his sweet words causing you to cuddle closer to his side to hide your flushed face. He moved his face closer to yours before planting a couple kissed on your cheeks and forehead. “Now let’s go back to sleep,” He stated while draping his arms around you and starting to snore.

A short little scenario/ imagine thingy i promised! Don’t be afraid to request things like this or anything in general my requests are always open.

Hope you enjoy!



I spent way too many hours on this way too late at night. I’m pretty sure I started the first picture at 11pm and now its almost 4am. Oh well, I love these characters too much then as I was drawing the first picture I wondered what it would be like for the two that stayed on their own planets to have had to of watched their moirail/big sister get launched off into space to who knows where.

Commissions are open, you can find information on my page, send me an ask or email at for additional information.

Hurt Me (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky/female Reader
Summary: Reader/Bucky have been going out for almost a year now. Reader is pregnant, but Bucky’s insecurities strain their relationship.
Warnings: angst
Author’s Note: My first fic! 

Masterlist here | Part 1 (previous) | Part 3 (next)

It  had been a few weeks and Bucky was still acting strangely. Meanwhile, you were still freaking out about how to handle the situation. Nat and Wanda were the only two other people who knew, and while they encouraged you to just get it over with and tell him, you couldn’t find the courage when your relationship was still so rocky.

You often went to his room, to find him not there. Wherever you texted him, he would take hours or sometimes days to reply. It had been almost a month of agony. Finally, you decided it was enough.

“Bucky,” you breathed, finally finding him in the training room at 4am.

“Doll, I thought you would be asleep now.” He didn’t turn to look at you, continuing to take his frustrations out on the punching bag.

“You’ve been asleep a lot lately,” he continued.

“And you’ve been avoiding me,” you said curtly.

He paused, looking uncomfortable.

“Is there something you need to tell me?” You demanded, narrowing your eyes.

He shook his head, turning to look at you. Bucky was quiet, still tense from the workout, breathing heavy.

"Then why have you been so distant?”

He refused to meet your gaze, until you cupped his face and brought it to your own.

“Bucky, please, talk to me.”

He finally relented, pulling you into a hug. He was gentle, more so than ever, as if he were afraid of breaking you. You could feel the moisture from his sweat, but right now all you cared about was that he was back…

“You would tell me if you needed anything, right? If anything was wrong?” Bucky stroked your hair.

“Of course,” you blinked. "What is this about?”

“Nothing. It’s silly.” He mumbled, since ”i saw you die in a dream" didn’t seem like a very sane thing to say.

You sighed. Even though the two of you had been dating for almost a year now, there were still parts of him you couldn’t reach. Sometimes after a particularly bad dream, or an incident on a mission that triggered a memory, he would retreat back into himself. He would be consumed by his past, thinking too much about The Winter Soldier. And even though you tried your best to reach him, sometimes the only thing you could do is leave him alone and let him sort himself out. When Bucky first joined the Avengers, Steve was one who first understood that, and Steve had spent many hours consoling you whenever you “lost” Bucky to his ghosts.

“Are you sure?” You breathed, searching his eyes.

He didn’t answer, instead pulling you into a kiss.

“Does that answer your question?”

You laughed, as he placed another trail of kisses along your neck.

“We do need to talk though,” you gasped, breath hitching as his hands began to roam down your body.

“Mmmm, another time,” he muttered, refusing to be interrupted.

“No, seriously Bucky. Ahh-” You tried to keep your composure as his hands reached under your shirt and tweaked an especially sensitive part of you, his lips never leaving your neck.

“I’m not sure if it can wait any longer,” You said.

“Me either, doll,” Bucky picked you up until you were straddling him.

“That’s not what I meant,” you laughed, leaning into his ear.

“Although, I might as well get it over with.” You hopped off of him, and captured his hands in yours.

“Bucky, I’m pregnant.”

“Y/N, I-I…” Suddenly pale, he stuttered, struggling to breathe…before bolting for the door.

Masterlist here | Part 1 (previous) | Part 3 (next)

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p>“Heya, Sam!”

He looks at you and blinks a couple of times, still a bit groggy from sleep. “Hi, Y/N. What you doing up, it’s like… 4am?”

“I know, I couldn’t sleep so I got up and decided to reorganize this library a bit. I’m almost done” You shrug and place the last book in its new place.“

"Um. Thanks, I guess.”

“ No problem… I was heading to the shooting range now, wanna come with?”

He combes his fingers through his head and answers. “But, we have no ammo, Dean was supposed to bring them yesterday but got stuck due to the blizzard.”

“Tis okay… We can think of something.”

He gives you a lost puppy look and you laugh. “Come on, Sam. I always say you’re the smartest of us three.” You stand in front of him, cross your arms and hooking the hem of your shirt pulling the piece of clothing over your head.

“So, stop being so naïve!”

dear you,

i remember when you meant nothing to me. i wasn’t aware of your existence. but now you’re the reason i have these awful bags under my eyes. i stay up until 4am thinking about you. its bizarre how a person could mean nothing to you but in a matter of hours, days, weeks, or months, they could mean everything to you. even if they drown your heart every time you look in their eyes. i promised myself i would never fall in love with you. but it was 4am and we were laughing way too hard. i felt happy for the first time in a long time. i opened my mouth. i almost said something. almost. the rest of my life might have turned out differently if i had. but i didn’t. but i continued to love you. and that’s how i knew it was real. because if you could love someone, and keep loving them, without being loved back, then it had to be real. it hurt too much to be anything else.

when i’m with you, i laugh harder. i feel more myself with you. there’s no place i’d rather be. and i’m a person who always wants to be somewhere else.

someone told me that if i love someone, i should tell them. even if i’m scared to. even if i don’t think its the right thing to do, or if i think it’ll cause problems. even if i’m scared that it will burn my life to the ground. i have to say it. and say it loud. and then i go from there.

i figured out what true love was. its wanting nothing but happiness for someone even if you’re not the reason. and i hope one day you find someone who makes flowers grow in even the saddest parts of you, even if its not me. 

but i want you to know that i think you’re a beautiful person. and i don’t mean your looks. you’re beautiful for the way you think. for the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about something you love. you’re beautiful for the way you make other people smile, even if you’re sad. you’re not beautiful for something as temporary as looks. you’re beautiful deep down to your soul. i fell in love with your words. i fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands.

but i think it might be time for me to let you go. and that’s so hard to do because some part of me will always love you for the rest of my life. but the daydreaming, the running in place, its not healthy. i would die for you and i’m trying to figure out whether you mean that much to me, or if i just mean that little to myself. maybe in five years or so we’ll bump into each other in a coffee shop or at the grocery store when we’re right for each other. but for now, i’m still trying to learn how to hold my own hand.