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Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!

FT 541

So these are rough translations and kinda hard to read but Erza is saying
“No weapon in the world would work. Especially since the dragon cry no longer exists.”  

Dragon Cry……

That means that everything that happened in the movie actually happened which means every nalu moment in that IS VALID. 
I don’t mean to turn this into an annoying Nalu post (im pretty sure i say that in every post i make lol) but Dragon Cry shows a lot of how Natsu sees Lucy which we don’t normally get in the manga. A lot of people like to think Nalu is one sided because we always only get Lucy’s reaction to their moments, which I don’t agree that it’s one sided at all but I will say I wish we saw more of Natsu’s perspective…
BUT NOW with this in the Manga it makes me so happy it’s confirmed because in that film you see more of Natsu side of things. ***Spoiler from the movie*** Especially that pretty ass flashback Natsu has of her when he’s unconscious. oml

After having read FT 541,I am pretty damn,100% sure-hell,I bet your ass-that If Natsu would have been on Earthland now,he would have been pretty damn proud Of Lucy for having come up with such a plan(Kudos,Mashima-san).And it ain’t just my tingling nalu senses that are telling me that,yes,he wouldn’t have doubted her plan-not at all,not even for a second-because she is Lucy.He probably would have been like this hearts and all included:

On a side note:Lucy is beautiful #MoreLoveForLucy          #LucyBadassHeartfilia#readytokickyourass


What a nice thing to wake up to. Stay classy, Anon.

When I want to talk to other kpop stans on tumblr but then realise how awkward I am.

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Okay someone was asking about other fics related to YCPfE and I was wondering if you'd be willing to do a one-shot of phichit/yuuri during the heat they shared. I have a soft spot for best friend!Phichit helping out Yuuri and would love to see it come to life with your writing (and amazing smut writing ability). 💖

😁 It was one of the options back when I was asking people to vote for side stories. And once I’m finished Victor’s POV and rut, then I think I’d really like to do a small pre-YCPfE Phichit/Yuuri fic. 

If you ever think about any side stories you’d want to read, let me know. 


Notte Stellata || Yuzuru Hanyu 2016-2017

Unfailingly beautiful and calming—always a good fix for a stressful day. The Ina Bauer on the high note has given me so many goosebumps. Of his three programs this past season, I think I’ll miss this one the most. I hope he will perform this again someday.

I love Rhett and his beard but I hate that he’s insecure about his face. Maybe he’s mostly joking but when he reveals his face in the Buddy System S1 behind the scenes he just seemed…I dunno, embarrassed or vulnerable. And that sucks bc he is literally so handsome with or without his beard and even if he wasn’t, no one wants our rhett feeling down about his face.