and it is just adorable

shark films i’ve seen:
sharktopus vs pteracuda
sharktopus vs whalewolf
sand sharks
shark tale

shark film i havent seen:

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Hi there! Sorry for the bother, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your art style and the lovely characters you created! I find that it's very rare to find someone who both equally enjoys TES and Dragon Age, so I'm just?? Bree looks beautiful both as an Altmer and human, oh my. And Bodran! Heck, I'm such Dunmer trash it isn't even funny. Anyways, I hope you're doing well and have a nice day! c:

Thank you! 

I love the Dunmer too! Definitely my favourite of the TES races. 

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Hello! This is my first ask ever but I honestly just wanted to say I adore the way you interact with your followers like they're your flesh and blood. The way everyone calls you "mama" and you call them "little seedlings" is too cute and it always makes my day <3

I’m getting so much praise with this load of asks, you kids spoil me! Thank you so much!

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Hello, I'd like to bring to your attention the amazingness that is the flemish giant bunny, a dog-sized domesticated rabbit. IT'S ADORABLE. Thank you

yeah i’m honestly just shook right now and want about 52 of these ??????

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I've grown less and less interested in Pokemon GO over time, but I'm still so invested in your Spark comics. I just love them so much. The adorable character designs, and the subtle hints at a larger story, as well as just how cute, funny, and charming the comics are. I hope you don't mind me gushing a bit, but I really just think they're fantastic, and by extension, so are you.

Thank youuuu ^////////^

I’m glad you like the cute and charming aspect of them x) Kid Spark is so fun to think up scenarios for hehe.

Here’s a quick sketch xD Thank you for being kind and awesome, Anon!

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Why do you ship rucas

I ship them because I love everything they represent & everything they are.

Because at first it was just this adorable crazy crush a sweet naive girl had on the cute new boy but over time not only did that develop into real feelings but it evolved into mutual respect and admiration.
Because Riley knows things about Lucas without him even having to tell her.
Because Lucas opens up to this girl he hardly knew and tells her something he’s never told anyone before.
Because Riley believes in him and tells him things like ‘be the hero I know you are’.
Because Lucas tells her to her face that he’d recognize her anywhere.
Because when their relationship seemed to be ending due to a sudden move, they’re still so sweet and wish the best for each other. 
Because he wants her to continue to be herself wherever she is and she wants him to follows his dreams.
Because Lucas’ favorite thing in the entire world is talking to her.
Because Riley has hope for them and really that’s all he’s ever wanted.
Because he knows her better than she ever knew.
Because she would jump into a literal bull pit to make sure he’s okay.
Because Lucas would break a counter and burst through her window when he finds out someone is hurting her.
Because Riley wasn’t afraid to ask him if he was worth it and Lucas wasn’t afraid to answer ‘yes’.
Because he literally became speechless at the sight of her on their first date.
Because she was bold and pulled his face into hers for their first kiss.
Because they knew better than to rush into a relationship before they were ready.
Because they didn’t allow anyone to tell them who they should be.
Because her eyes light up whenever he looks at her and his voice cracks when he tells her that she’s the one he wants.
Because he reaches out for her hand and gently caresses his thumb across her skin. 
Because for Lucas it’s always been Riley.

“I choose you and I really want you to choose me.”
“I do. I always did.”

Whenever Joker goes out under cover (as a regular civilian) he wears a scarf to cover his mouth and hide his teeth.

Now imagine he meets Bruce Wayne, they hit it off and start dating, both completely ignorant to who the other really is.

Joker goes out more as a regular person now that he has a boyfriend. During the day they date, and by night they fight, both careful not to reveal who they really are.

Bruce has seen the man without his scarf but it’s extremely rare and he speaks smaller, facing down to hide his mouth. Bruce just thinks he’s shy, and finds it adorable.

During an intimate moment together, Jokers scarf removed so they could share kisses, Bruce finally tells his boyfriend his biggest secret.. he’s Batman.

The Joker laughs like it was a bad joke, laughs so hard that Bruce sees his sharp pointed teeth and instantly recognizes the smile.

Joker slaps his hands over his mouth, realizing what Bruce had seen “… You’re not serious” he asks

And suddenly they realize who they have been seeing..

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RFA + V and Saeran with a crybaby MC. Like someone who cries over everything and just has a lot of emotions.

Yush, the crybaby is here to answer this! (Me.. Longcat.. I cry so easily.. Like today I cried a little because I didn’t wanna eat dinner with my bf, because he would miss his bus, and it would be my fault..)

Crybaby couple. This guy has a lot of feelings too, so you two will sob over all kinds of stuff.
He finds it super cute that you cry so easily though. He has more than once found you sobbing over how cute his one figurine was or something.

“holy moly, wat” He was so confused why you were crying over his soft hair..
Until he realizes.. Oh yea, you’re just feely..
Then he adores it so much. He will kiss away your tears, and call you cute little nicknames

She honestly doesn’t care much, but still finds it adorable.
The first many times she’s probably gonna be real confused

Opposites make great couples, they say.
Jumin doesn’t understand the first long while, but come to accept you’re a very emotional person. It actually amuses him to see all the faces you make, winkwonk

this guy, will cry if you do too.. And then we have two crying messes
Will also tease you endlessly

Taking so many pictures of you all the time, because so many great expressions to capture, holy moly
He loves every single expression of yours, and is known to give the best hugs to you all the time, because he cannot not do it.

Another guy who is completely opposite. While he doesn’t show it his nose is exploding on the inside.
Don’t make his heart go doki doki, why must he suffer?!?!
He loves it, and he loves you, but he will never get why you cry over lilo and stitch (BECAUSE THOSE MOVIES WERE GREAT, SAERAN, THAT’S WHY.)