and it involves an amount of crying that she did not nearly expect

Diamond in the Rough | 02

Summary: When you first meet Jeon Jungkook, business heir of Busan, you refuse to let things escalate to more than being friends. But you can’t help it when you fall for him, when you let yourself imagine a future with him by your side. Until the bliss comes crashing down when Jungkook reminds you that you, a worthless Daegu girl, can never be good enough for him, and the low that follows the high of loving him is worse than anything you could have imagined.
Word Count: 14.2k
Genre: angst
A/N: thank you guys for waiting! <3 and I hope you enjoy it!

Part 1

“I still can’t believe you’re leaving.”

“Yeah, well. Believe it, kid.”

“Kid,” you snort, untying your work shoes and kicking them into the corner of your room to be dealt with later. No classes and no work tomorrow meant sleeping in, and you couldn’t be more relieved. “You’re only three years older than me.”

“Still older,” Hoseok grins. He’s lying on your bed, his head and half of his upper body hanging off the mattress, still dressed in his sweaty clothes from dance practice, but you’re too exhausted to call him out on it. You weren’t sure when he’d gotten here, but Hana was already asleep when you got home, and Hoseok had been napping, clearly forgetting all about a shower. “I keep telling you to call me oppa.”

“In your fucking dreams, Hoseok.”

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Title: Avalanche

By: GreasyGyeom

Summary: It’s all over now. Yugyeom x Reader. Angst

Playlist: 170902

Part I

It has been three months — Twelve weeks — Ninety days — Two thousand one hundred and sixty bloody hours since you’ve seen him last.

The memory of him walking away is still vivid in your mind.

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genre ―  angst, light fluff, suggestive | ceo!au

pairing ―  yoongi | reader | taehyung

synopsis It all started with falling in love with right person at the wrong time.

words ―  2,974

― note : from my two year request batch

It was wrong―oh so wrong, for you to be here. It was a sin you were more than happy to repeat over and over again. That’s exactly what you did and it started out being just lust. You were addicted to him and a simple touch elicited pleasure.

When daytime rolled around he was your boss and you a mere employee. A swift glance from across the room had your heart fluttering. You felt like the others would know about your secret. It had you on edge but he reassured you time and time again that no one would ever find out.

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Autumn Dupont

It’ll get better.

This is a new beginning for you.

Though it may hurt now, ultimately, you will realize that it’s for the better.

Now is the time for your personal growth.

Some people believe that holding on and working on it is what makes you strong; sometimes it’s letting go that is the strongest act that one can do.

I’ve heard it all.

I have pages and pages of a marble notebook filled with the many different quotes and words of advice that I’ve been given in reference to divorce from Dr. Jill, my parents, Issac, and friends. Though I didn’t do it out right, I eventually laughed at every single one of them for loosely offering advice for a circumstance that none of them have gone through. Human beings tend to believe they’re expects on every situation when it has nothing to do with their life and livelihood. There’s an arrogance within that. It often comes into play when life is good on their end. For that reason, they can happily assess your incompetence or shambles of a life, to figure out where not to go wrong in their own, and finally to offer you a charade of advice. It’s always from their perspective; what they would and wouldn’t do if they were in your shoes. It’s rare to have someone step outside of themselves and actually view what’s happening to you from your eyes; to feel the pain and severity of the situation and finally, to understand the hardship. I’ve flipped through those pages endlessly, reading every single piece of advice I decided that a mental note was enough for, and none of it soothes me or has prepared me for what I am facing today. It hasn’t aided in the much needed closure I don’t believe I’m ever going to get. Instead, I’ve been left internally conflicted and confused because I’m not sure if what I’m feeling is the correct way to go about this. I’d love to have the divorce party, where my friends and I cheerfully toss back endless amounts of alcohol, dance to our favorite tunes, and verbally trash every single trait about my husband. If not that, I’d love to sign those papers and walk out of there in my high heels feeling liberated and confident in the decision that I personally made for the betterment of myself. I’ve imagined it all by letting it play out like some heavily directed alternate universe scene out of a dramatic sitcom but my reality is anything but that.

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A Kodiak Kind of Summer

pairing: nalu

summary: a small town bag boy whose adopted dad has hit the road and enlisted brother has yet to call. the girl who shows up barefoot with a camera and is stained by strawberries. her name is lucy, and natsu’s summer just took a spin

a/n: for my twin in every way but blood, @lonestorm. HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY, RY!!! I love you dearly and not just because we have so much in common, but because you’re by far one of the sweetest human beings i have ever met and you deserve the bestest of days today. here’s to 19, and another 364 days before we are officially no longer teenagers<3 

Natsu Dragneel was not the happy-go-lucky type by any means, but he blamed that partly on the soul-sucking job of working as a bagboy at the town’s only grocery store.

As he scanned a box of elbow-shaped macaroni, waiting for the beep that would tell him if the scanner decided to work that day or not, he could only shake his head. Up until this point he’d thought he already had his future planned out, and his to-do list didn’t involve asking ‘paper or plastic’.

When he had graduated this past spring he’d counted on hopping the first train leaving Magnolia–a tiny population town that, to him, was nothing more than a coffee stain on a laminated map coated in dry syrup at some two-star diner occupied by the occasional occupant.

Hell, it was no secret that he wanted to leave. He’d spent his entire senior year telling everyone he was finally getting out; gonna go off to college and make a new name for himself. Natsu didn’t even necessarily want to do anything remarkable, he just wanted out.

The boy knew his friends were sick of hearing his proclamations, but they understood his desire.

Ever since his brother had been deployed there wasn’t much to stick around for. His adoptive dad was still in touch, but had embarked on a year long road trip with some buddies from his old band days. The most Natsu ever heard from him was a postcard every few weeks with Igneel’s shitty scrawlings that barely passed as chicken scratch.

He’d left a few months after Natsu had turned eighteen and graduated, ruffling the boy’s hair while he slept one night before slipping out the front door in the early hours of the morning. He’d left some money, a fair amount, but not enough to support the boy for a full year–hence, the shitty job of bagging groceries for grouchy customers and pushing carts with bum wheels in the unforgiving summer heat.

Igneel’s leaving had really put a damper on the boy’s plans of getting the hell out, but Natsu didn’t hold it against him. The only thing the boy wished–other than for a train ticket–was that the man had waited just a few more months before high-tailing it out of there. Zeref, his brother, was coming back in six months and it’d be the first time in two years since Natsu had seen him.

For as long as Natsu could remember his older brother had shared his feelings for their small town, and while he wasn’t ever nearly as vocal as Natsu about it, he too had a very strong desire to leave the first chance he could. And for Zeref, the quickest way was to enlist.

Natsu wished he hadn’t.

It left his nerves on high every time the telephone rang or someone knocked on the door, causing the boy to expect the worst.

He missed his brother and, hell, he even missed his crazy adoptive dad.

Only thing worse about being left in a shitty town, was being left alone in a shitty town.

Not that Natsu was alone all the time; he had friends. A few being constant pains in his ass, sure, but friends nonetheless. Gray in particular was one icy bastard, but he’d been by Natsu’s side ever since the cursive handwriting days of elementary school, so the boy figured he was stuck with him for life–might as well enjoy a few days out of the numerous years with him.

It was one day in particular that sent the boy’s summer in a tailspin. One hot, humid and muggy day that would change his life forever.

One unforgiving July morning that his world would be turned upside down in the most anti-climatic sort of way.

It was a Tuesday when he saw her for the first time.

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Exo Scenario: “Don’t touch me.” with Sehun Pt 9 ~

So you guys may want to kill me after reading this week’s part, but I had this sort of last minute idea and I thought that it would work really well with the story line, and where they’re heading, plot-wise. Hope you like it (don’t hate me too much for torturing you all). And please let me know what you think of this week’s update :)

(Edit: You can find the other parts here Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10 ~)

You didn’t care what he said - didn’t care that he wanted to make things better with you. He - you couldn’t even bare to think his name - had wasted enough of your time, making you worry, making you cry, making you seek comfort from the others in his place. You didn’t like feeling weak and he had made you feel your weakest. And now all he wanted was to get back together with you - to act like nothing had ever happened in the first place.

He hadn’t even apologized. Not once…

Of course, all throughout the weekend, he didn’t stop messaging and calling you. You ignored his calls, but you couldn’t stop yourself from listening to his voicemails. And you knew even before you pressed the button to listen to them, that you wouldn’t like what he had to say.

Sitting in your bedroom on a Saturday night, you didn’t want to cry, but you did anyway.

That was when your best friend called, asking if you wanted to go out for drinks. She hadn’t seen you in weeks since you started working at SM, and she wanted to celebrate the new, steady job. Though you would have argued the “steady” part of it, you agreed to go out with her. 

It was on the way home from the bar, a little tipsy, that you saw the flash of the lights and the car speeding your way. 

You didn’t expect for the driver to come right at you. Perhaps you were a little too trusting of everyone around you, especially after the weeks you had been having lately. You wanted to be able to trust someone - anyone - and even with your best friend taking you out to drinks and dancing, you still felt that way. She hadn’t been much help, only talking about herself.

So, could you really blame yourself for believing that the car was going to stay on the road?

You weren’t really sure what happened next, especially as it happened so very fast. But it was all white lights and flashing signs, the stop sign getting knocked down and you getting hit, nearly going flying. You had seen plenty of videos of accidents in the past, but had never imagined yourself to be involved in one. Never had imagined yourself getting hit, or the driver taking off in the next second, leaving you there.

Half delusional and feeling a sticky wetness sliding down your face and neck, you groaned. Everything was blurry, fading even as you tried to blink past the haziness of what was going on around you. The stop sign had fallen at your feet, leaving one of your legs trapped beneath it. You didn’t have the strength to pull yourself up, and even if you did, you were pretty sure that your head had hit the concrete. You were lucky to be alive, let alone conscious.

Your first instinct - your body working on auto-pilot - was to call someone to help you. And obviously, in this state, your brain wasn’t working well enough to tell you not to do what you were going to do.

You tapped on Sehun’s name in your recent calls list, thankful that you were even able to slip your phone out of your pocket and unlock it.

Voice hoarse and the blood still dripping sickly down your face, you almost started crying again when he didn’t pick up the phone. So you left him a voicemail.

“Sehun-ah…” you weren’t sure what else to say, your brain working overtime just to keep you conscious, never mind sane. “I-I just got hit by a car. P-please help me.” and you didn’t even have enough will power to do much of anything else, the headache from the accident hitting you, along with the high from the alcohol - obviously not a good mix. 

You blacked out…

When you awoke, you didn’t know where you were. But you heard beeping noises, and with the bright, white lights above you, you assumed that you were in the hospital. You didn’t have much of a memory of what had happened, just the faint memory of white lights and then the splitting headache that still made you groan, your fingers going up to your head, your eyes closing in pain.

“Whoa, careful…” a familiar voice whispered, fingers wrapping gently around your wrist to bring your hand back down, away from your head. Opening your eyes and looking to the side, your memories rushed back to you, your headache only allowing a few flashes of what had happened - who you had called.

Your mind was working over time, debating whether or not to let the last month or so fall asleep, a monster waiting to be awoken again, or let it snarl and snap at him in this moment. You didn’t want to fight, were much too weak for that. You knew you had lost a lot of blood and you could feel the bruises all over your body, probably decorating your skin nicely. No amount of makeup would disguise the purple-blue bruises that now colored your chin and cheeks, or your shoulders. The others could be hidden beneath clothes. You groaned.

“Who did this to you?” Sehun whispered then, not waiting for you to say anything as his fingers ghosted over your skin. He was being gentle with you, ever so delicate as his eyes washed over you, anxious and worried for your safety. You felt like you hadn’t seen that expression, those beautiful eyes of his in years, when really it had only been a few weeks. 

When had his sweet, caring side become a stranger?

“I’m going to kill them.” Sehun murmured, almost too quiet for you to hear. And if you had been feeling better, you would have smiled and thanked him, but you just couldn’t right now. Instead, you shuddered at the intensity behind his voice. Your memories - if they served you right - told you that you should still be mad at him, but his sweet face and those lips that you loved told you otherwise. Screw your memories.

“Sehun-ah.” you murmured, just saying his name was painful, your throat dry and your voice still hoarse, though you weren’t sure why. His eyes darted up to yours and you felt the pain more vividly then, unsure of how to react to him right now.

“You don’t have to say anything.” he said then, and you just looked at him, waiting for what else he had to say. His presence there was enough for you. You could forget for today that you were angry with him, “Just listen to me.” and he almost looked like he was in pain when he added, “Please.”

You didn’t have the strength to nod, or to say anything, so you just continued to wait.

“I am so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen. And I know that you hate me. I would hate me, too. Actually, no - I do hate myself after what I’ve put you through these last weeks. I don’t deserve your forgiveness. But…” and your Sehun looked like he was on the verge of tears. You had only seen him cry when he was so completely overcome with emotions. You didn’t like seeing him cry, “But if you could just give me a chance. We can start from the beginning. We can pretend like we’re strangers, and I can prove myself to you all over again. I don’t care what SM says, about the no dating co-workers policy. You were mine far before you started working there, and I hope - if you give me the chance - you’ll be mine long after we both leave.”

His voice faded and you didn’t know how to respond to him. His eyes were watery with oncoming tears and you didn’t know what to say, what to do really, other than reach up slowly and wipe his tears away. His eyes blinked closed for a second, letting the tears fall as they must, and you felt a little like crying, too, seeing him so fragile there before you. You were sure that you had seemed like that over the last few weeks, certainly seemed like that now. Your fingers curled back and you retracted your hand from his face.

“Okay.” was all you said, too much on your mind, and your voice too weak to say much of anything else. You didn’t know how you could say all that was racing through your mind either, but he had come to you when you called, and he had waited until you woke, waiting here beside you for what could have been hours, maybe even a day. He had probably already been scolded by the company for being here. You didn’t care, and he certainly didn’t seem to, either.

Even with that one little word - just you saying “okay” - his face lit up like you hadn’t seen in ages. And he was starting to tear up again when he leaned forward, his shadow overtaking you as he leaned in and pressed his sweet lips gently to your forehead. 

The sensation made your eyes close and for a second the pain receded - just barely. When he pulled away, you were both teary-eyed and speechless. 

Sehun’s hand gripped yours in his and neither of you said a word as you just held onto him for support.

waverly-earp  asked:

skimmons + vampires

Also here on Ao3


When Skye jerks awake that day she knows that everything has changed. It’s not just because she’s in a hospital with police now trying to take her statement and hooked up to a blood pack; it’s that the blood pack looks appetizing and Skye feels…nothing.

She groans automatically as she remembers last night and getting attacked in the alleyway.

“They turned me didn’t they?”

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fic: What Would I Do (Without Your Smart Mouth)? (Olicity, 3/?, Teen)

OHP Prompt: College AU
Team: Queen Smoak
Words: 1,041

Part 1 Part 2

The rest of the evening went predictably.  One of Oliver’s buddies from when he’d been on the football team showed up not too long after the Dance Incident.  His name was John Diggle and he was also a legend around campus but this time because of his prowess on the field.  The man was built like a mountain but had the face of an angel.  And Sara took one look at him and Felicity was completely forgotten after that.  She mingled with a few people she knew from classes, but mostly kept to herself.  As the clock passed midnight, the inside of the apartment was stuffy and unbearable so she slipped out onto the patio to get some fresh air. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize until she was already out there that she wasn’t alone.  Oliver and Laurel were there, enmeshed in a heated conversation.  Felicity kept to the shadows at the edge of the patio, trying not to notice them or overhear what they were saying.  She just wanted some fresh air, that was all. 

“You’ve changed, Ollie.  Since you’re back, you’re not the same,” Laurel was saying, not bothering to check the volume of her voice. 

“I know that, Laurel.  But you keep expecting me to be the same as I was before.  I can’t go back,” he was saying in a low voice.  

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I realy like your writing and I would like to request a drabble if that is possible? Maybe where Ren says something harsh to Hux and that makes him cry for the first time in front of someone else. Thank you! P.s. You look realy beautiful!

You’re so sweet bless ur face

(This involves Hux with a terrible coping mechanism, drunk texting Kylo, moping and Kylo nearly bleeding to death and refusing Hux’s help. I hope it’s kinda what you want)

They aren’t speaking to each other when Kylo Ren departs from the Finalizer. Hux sees him off, saluting crisply as Ren storms past, not looking at his husband and that awful helmet of his. Ren says nothing as he boards. Takes off and leaves and the officers know he won’t check in, won’t supply any mission updates whatsoever and will merely send a message a few minutes before he is expected to land again. Hux leaves before Ren’s shuttle even takes off.

That same morning, everything had been very different. Ren had fucked him slow and deep when he woke and once again while Hux sat on the washroom counter. They held hands as they walked to the bridge. Because they wanted to. Because no one on this entire ship could stop them.

Then something went wrong. A fight. Regarding the mission—it almost always started like that. But things were said and accusations were made and now Hux regrets it all because he didn’t even get to kiss that bastard goodbye. (Ren did sock him in the jaw so at least he has that to remember his dear husband by.)

A harmless fight by our standards, honestly. He always treats any fight like it’s our first.


On the first day, Hux is fine. Bitter. A little lonely. But he has reports to write and emails to keep him company. He smokes and scowls to no one in particular, complains to an empty room. He jerks off by himself, replaying the previous morning in his mind.

“You like this, babe? Like the way I fuck you?”

“No one f-fucks me better.”

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