and it i used the crazy color effect


More Grillster! Ref used for the skeleton hand and the pose (I forgot to add that earlier ahh I’m such a dumb.)

Yes he sleeps with the robe on; he feels strange whenever it’s not on him. Grillby was super fun to color, and since he’s Outertale Grillby it allowed me to go crazy with his colors and the space effects. Lighting killed me as usual.

Someone asked me if I RP my Gaster the other day, but I only write him with one person. I worry that he’s too uh.. flashy.. to be taken seriously by a lot of people ahaha;; and people chew up AU characters so much I’m kind of nervous to write him anywhere other than in familiar company. 

when you’re messing around with different effect layers in photoshop and you like the resulting colors better than the palette you just spent two hours “perfecting”……… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anyway, while i continue to color this ten-part fiesta, here are the above-referenced crazy colors that resulted from my inability to focus on one task at a time/playing with exclusion and difference layers

thought they were kinda nifty even though they’re not what i’m actually using so YEP! keep your eyes peeled for the real ten-part deal though, hopefully i’ll finish it by tomorrow evening~