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If you haven’t read it, then check it out on and go check out @tsume-yuki here on tumblr because she posts chapter previews and other pretty fan arts from fans and everything about it is just UGH so good!

I’m not saying this as advertisement, by the way. I genuinely do love everything about this woman author and her writing. It just gives me life and the inspiration to draw. <333

Pretty Mess Chapter 1 (Biadore) - Chiona

After years of friendship, Roy begins to question his true feelings for Danny. A biadore fic set during / after all stars 2

A/N: Hello everyone! This is my first ever drag race fic and it’s already been posted on A03 and I really want it on here!! I hope you all enjoy xxx Although she didn’t start BETAing this until chapter 3, I’d like to thank my lovely BETA Nore, because I love her so much and I have no idea where this fic would be without her

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Why? - Yoongi Scenario

A/N: I guess this is a different story than most of them on here but I want to bring it out there, that eventhough you don’t like/love yourself right now. Know that there are people who do. That it hurts them also to see you like this. Don’t be ashamed of your imperfections because it’s made you in the person you are today. I can’t tell to much otherwise you don’t have to read the fic anymore hahaha. Anyways I love you all so much whatever you look like, your religion or sexuallity. We are all the same from the inside. 

PS: I haven’t checked the spelling yet because I want to sleep because its almost twelve here (yeah thats late for me :p but I guess sleeping will be difficult since my dad is snoring ugh) but I wanted to post it so there’s going to be slight changes in the morning.

Genre: Angst

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Dumbfounded, lost, hurt, disbelief and betrayed, Were the things you felt right this moment when those words left his mouth and reached your ears. Was he serious? You couldn’t help but scoff at your thought. Of course he wasn’t serious. It was all a game wasn’t it? For some reason they thought it would be funny and harmless. You knew how those guys were and everybody knew they were playful, heck they even made you laugh so hard, you couldn’t breathe anymore. But this? This you would have never expect from them. The giggles that filled the room earlier, was now replaced with silence. You closed your eyes, lifted your face towards the ceiling as your lips curled upwards into a little smile. 

Swallowing the lump in your throat after you took a deep breath, you lowered your head and looked him in the eyes with a smile. ‘’Real funny guys. To think that you all thought I would fall for this prank.’’ you laughed softly. Your eyes shifted towards your best friend who was standing in the corner of the room with his head hang low and with a frown. He could not look you in the eyes, eventhough you were sure he could feel your eyes burning on his face. Despite wanting to get out of there, you blinked away the tears and swallowed once again the big lump that formed in your throat. When you wanted to step further into the room, Yoongi stopped you by stepping infront of you as he held your arm with his hand. You could see how he looked at your lips and at your eyes, his face looking serious as if he was searching for something. Starting to grow uncomfortable with his intense stare and the silence in the room, you tried to pry away his hold on your arm so you could get away from his gaze. “You’re sure?” Yoongi asked you, his voice laced with concern. ‘’Yes why shouldn’t I be?’’ You answered him, tapping your fingers on his hand, giving him a sign to let go of your arm. Eventhough you had feelings on him, his touch made you squirm. Finding yourself disgusting you couldn’t help but feel that others found that aswell about you. ‘’Yoongi let her go please.’’ Hoseok stepped in as he stood behind you, slowly pulling you into his chest causing Yoongi’s hand to slid off your arm. 

After stepping into the comfort of your home and hearing the door close with a click, you released your tears, which were trying to break free since that question rolled of his tonque. You hated to cry, you did not want to cry, you wanted it to shrug it off, laugh and pretend in did not hurt you at all. Well that did not go as planned because here you were with your head against the kitchencabinet, clutching your stuffed friend and openly crying for an one sided love.

You never were going to tell Yoongi that you liked him. You wanted to like him in silence until that feeling would fade away, knowing that you would not stand a chance anyways. Yeah they liked you, as a friend but you were sure they never would see you as more than that but to be honest you were okay with that because how can you love someone if you don’t even love yourself? How were they going to love you if you weren’t going to believe anything they said? That relationship would be doomed right from the start.

The sudden vibration on your leg made you snap out of your thoughts. Fishing the source out of your pocket you saw Hoseok calling you. You quickly wiped away your tears, took a deep breath before you answered the call. “Hey Hobi” you softly greeted him as you were fumbling with the stuffed animal on your lap. “Hey y/n.” Your eyes widened when Yoongi’s voice greeted you on the other end of the line. “What the heck?” The three words slipped out of your mouth before you could swallow them. You were surprised and confused. Why was Yoongi calling you from Hoseok’s phone and not his own? He had your number, didn’t he? Realizing that you were once again lost in your thoughts, you focused back on the man on the other end of the line. He was qiuet, the only thing reminding you he was still on the phone was his soft breathing. ‘Can I help with something?’’ Knowing that he wasn’t going to talk soon, you decided to ask him a question hoping he would tell you what was wrong. ‘Cause there was definitely something not right. ‘’Y/n.. listen…’’ he breathed. ‘’About today.. I… I want to come over and talk to you.’’ his voice sounded stern and it made you all the more nervous. ‘’Come over? You don’t have to come over. I understood. It was all just an innocent joke. I’m okay really.’’

‘’Well that’s to bad because I am already right infront of your apartment’’

Your heart stopped, mouth hanging open as you almost dropped your phone. your reflexes were quick enough to snatch your phone before it could hit the ground. ‘’Just hurry up and open the door. I am not standing for fun here you know.’’ after that he ended the call and it left you with no other choice than to open the door. 

‘’I guess we can’t let him wait now can we?’’ you jokingly told your stuffed animal. ‘’And we can’t let him see you.’’ you quickly realized. Walking towards the door, you first put down your stuffed friend on your bed before facing Yoongi. 

You took a deep breath and fanned your eyes with your hand, in the hope it wouldn’t be so red so there was no way, yoongi could tell you cried. Hopefully. You slowly saw more and more of Yoongi, the further the door openend, and the further the door opened, the harder your heart began beating. 

There he stood. Tight black jeans hugging his legs. A white shirt half tugged into his jeans as the black leather jacket shield him from the cold. Unstyled black hair made him more appealing than ever. Overall it was a sight that made you hurt. Just looking at him hurt. Your heart slowly crumbling down. 

‘’please come in.’’ you told him with a little smile as you stepped aside to let him in. When you turned around after closing the door, you saw Yoongi plopping himself down on your couch as he put his feet on the table infront of it. 

How the heck? How did he get there so fast and so silently at that. ‘’Y/n hurry’’ Yoongi uttered while patting the space beside him. ‘’I’m coming, I am. But I have to put away your shoes because you just kicked them out. People can break something if they trip over it you know.’’ you muttered a bit annoyed while putting his shoes away. ‘’Well I was in a hurry if you hadn’t noticed.’’ Yoongi said irritated as he slammed his feet on the ground, sat up and crossed his arms over his chest.

The light blue sky was slowly fading away as pink oranges hues made their appearance, colouring the sky in soft tones as the night patiently waited to make her entrance. The sun ready to go to sleep as the moon and the stars watched over him. You have always loved the night. At night you felt calm. At night there was no one to judge you. At night everything seemed calm. Eventhough the sky was telling you to wait just a bit longer, you didn’t feel calm at all. 

With Yoongi so close to you, you became aware that he could see your imperfections perfectly. You could not look him in the eye so you looked right past him staring at the changing sky. “Please look at me.” Yoongi’s voice broke the bubble you were mentally sitting in, making you come back to reality. “Look at me while I am talking.” He sounded stern. Shifting your eyes to his, you couldn’t help but flinch but quickly composed yourself. 

“About this morning. I am sorry.” He apologized. “I already told you its o-” “Dammit y/n it’s not okay!” He raised his voice in anger. “I know you’re not okay! Please stop telling me, us you’re fine all the time because I know you’re not.” Yoongi was angry and you knew it. His eyes looked stern and his bodylanguage screamed frustration. Why? Why was he so angry about? Why does he care anyways? It was a joke wasn’t it? And if he knew you were not okay with it why did he went along with it? You got more and more angry when you thought about and so you finally responded.

 “What the heck?! What are you so angry about anyways? Who cares if I’m okay or not. Why do you care?! Huh?! ” you screamed back at him, fuming with anger

“I care because it’s hurting us also when you put that fucking smile on your face eventhough we know you’re hurting. And I want to apologize for this morning because it was a shitty move to do so knowing you like me.” Yoongi mumbled the last part, half swallowing his sentence, realizing what he said.

  Your heart stopped, your breathing stopped and your stomach turned around. What did he just say? “What?” You muttered as tears were slowly filling your eyes. Those words were the last thing that did your jar with feelings you’ve been trying so hard to keep in, finally spilled over. “You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re joking right?” You tried to laugh it off once again but the damage has been done. “This is a fucking sick joke. This is fucked up Yoongi!” You slapped his hands away when you felt the slight touch of his fingers. “Why do you tell me that you care when you fucking asked me that question this morning knowing that it would hurt me! Reminding me over and over again I don’t even deserve to be in your presence or reminding me that even having a fucking a crush on you is a sin!” 

You stood up from the couch and ran to the bathroom while trying to wipe away the tears which were blurring your vision and making you feel weak. Yoongi was totally blown away by your outburst that he could not even move as he stared into the direction you ran off too but when he saw you entering the room and hearing the door slam he came into action and spedwalk towards it. 

‘’Y/n please come on out. Let’s talk about this okay?” Yoongi was scared and worried when he noticed you locked the door. “You don’t understand Yoongi” you sobbed as you looked at your reflection. Bloodshot eyes staring back at you. The only thing you saw were those red spots and scars covering your face and staining your soul. They didn’t understand and they were never going to understand. You hated yourself for looking at yourself disgusted because if you thought about yourself like that how were others going to look at you.

 “you’re worrying me, please come out or let me in please.” Somewhere in the distance you heard someone pleading but it was too far away. 

 Many people don’t know that it’s an emotional battle you have to fight everyday. So many people want to be nice, advising how you should treat your skin or avoid types of food but they don’t know that you’ve tried everything and it still doesn’t work. You know they want to help you but you can’t help but feel the pain when they do. How some of those people think you don’t own a mirror and point out that you have ‘something’ on your face and everytime you break a little inside. Does Hoseok and Yoongi know you’re trying your best?

You try to cry silently, trying to hold your cries in but the pain is still flowing out that you can’t help but let out a heartbreaking cry. “Damn. Y/n you’re healthy and thats whats important. You will get over this. You will eventually love yourself and you will be satisfied when you look in the mirror. You will be fine. You will be okay!” You cry as you slam your fist against the mirror. 

Suddenly you feel arms flying around your waist, and see hands tightly clutching your shirt when you feel Yoongi’s head falling down on your shoulder. “Yoongi please..” you try to pry away his hands desperatly. “Please y/n.. don’t do this yourself.” He mumbles into your shoulder as he tightens his hold on you. “You’re beautiful. You’re stunning.” “Don’t lie to me Yoongi!” You whispered. “Youre so beautiful that my heart hurts everytime I see you. Your smile is so cute that even a man so cold would melt. You’re eyes.. I wish I could look into them all day because they are so mesmerizing, so mysterious but still can see the innocent child in you that I want to protect you from all the hurt in the world.” He rambeled on while his voice was breaking as a little whimper left his mouth. “ I could not even protect you from myself and I hate it so much. You’re beautiful y/n.. you really am and do you know why?”

Yoongi slowly turned your around and looked at your face. Well he tried but you held your head down. He sighed out of relief when he noticed you’re loud cries turned into sobs. Sotfly and carefully holding you against his chest he slid down the wall to sit on the bathroom floor. Yoongi pressed your face in his shirt covered chest and with the other hand rubbing up and down your back he continued.

  “You’re beautiful because youre too kind. You’re beautiful when you talk about something you’re really passionate about because you don’t see how you eyes began to twinkle or how your face lights up. You’re beautiful when you get exited over ice cream, you’re beautiful when you say hi and wave to animals you’re seeing while walking down the street. You’re beautiful when you stare at the moon. And the most beautiful you are is when you are 100% you. “ 

Yoongi’s heart calmed down and he smiled when he felt your warm breath on his shirt. Your weren’t crying anymore. You were listening to his heartbeat while holding him tightly in your arms.

 ’‘You should love your scars you know. Because it makes you into the person you are and you will be into the future. There was one thing I read onto the internet this afternoon and it made me think of you. You want to hear it?” Yoongi whispered in your hair, inhaling the scent of your soothing shampoo. He loved the way you smell. You didn’t smell like those women he mostly met, their perfume hitting you square in the face and could still smell it when they were 200 meters away. Your scent was soft. You could only smell it when you got close. Your scent was fresh but also warm and soothing. 

 He felt you nodding your head, wanting to hear what he read. 

“I suppose I love my scars, Because they have stayed with me longer than most people have.

It reminded me of you because you once told me that people left you when you didn’t kiss their feet anymore and began thinking and taking care of yourself. It’s not in a negative way because those scars actually have shown you who your real friends and family are. So please don’t look at yourself in that way anymore. Look at yourself as a warrior okay. This will pass eventually and you will look back and you can say that you’ve made it’' 

And that was the beginning of a new journey, a path with love, friendship and acceptance because Yoongi was right. Eventhough it seems its dark there is always a light shining, waiting for you to show you how amazing you are. You only have to find it yet so you should get off your ass and go out there because deep inside you know you can do it.  

Hey I’m NEW here

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Hey, Whump Community my name is Moonshine and this is my new whump blog.

I’m a something-year-old humanoid that has a real interest in the hurt/comfort of her favourite characters.

I have a long list of my favourite movies and tv series and I hope that I can share my love of some of these shows, characters and actors with other people through this blog.

To end my first post I just want to thank @whumpgalore and @fyeahvulnerablemen because these two blogs have inspired me so much to explore the genre of whump more and to create my own blog about it. 


As promised, here are my Royai fanfic recommendations. <3 A lot of people have been messaging me about this. Sorry, this took a while. Christmas and New Year came. HAHA!

I’m not really into fanfics, but because Royai, I just had to read. I’m sorry, but I’m kinda picky with fanfics, especially when it comes to my OTP for life. <3 I don’t like it when the characters get OOC or when there are OCs in fanfics. (Though, there are exceptions. :) ) I’ll be updating this constantly, so just keep checking this list. :) When I find a Royai fanfic I like, I’ll add it immediately to this list. <3 You can always go back to this, because I’ll be tagging it as “justroyai fanfic recs” :)

HERE GOES! (I’m not sure if I can write my comments for all fanfics, I might have to reread some of the fanfics again to be able to write my comments about it. I’ve read a lot of Royai fanfics. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. Trust me.)

I made a similiar post about some of my fave Royai fics/fanfic authors before, but for the benefit of those who haven’t seen/read that post..

1. MoonStarDutchess- She immediately became one of my all time fave Royai fanfic writers. I LOVE HOW SHE WRITES. ROY AND RIZA ARE SO IN CHARACTER. And omg she is an awesome smut writer. All of her Royai fanfics are worth reading, though some are crack fics, tho some of you might enjoy those. :) I also love her Royai + Royai children fanfics. They are absolutely adorable.

My fave Royai fics from MoonStarDutchess, in no particular order:

1. Best Kept Secret- This was actually the first Royai fic I read. And I COULDN’T STOP READING IT. It’s set in the FMA:Brotherhood timeline. Where Roy and Riza were secretly married throughout the whole series. JUST OMG. If you haven’t read this fic, you should go read it NAOOOO. It’s just perfection.

2. Vacuous Heart of Blood- This is an AU Royai fic. (I’m okay with AU Royai fanfics, it’s just that I don’t really prefer it.) BUT AGAIN, this is an exception. SDJSLKDJLSAK I won’t get much into details, but get this: Vampire Roy, Human Riza, fantasy + a whole lot 80s- early 90s feel.

3. How Could You Forget- This was a really good read. I love how it involves Madame Christmas and Roy’s ‘sisters’.

Summary: Roy is distracted by Maes and as a result, he forgets the date and a very special day for Riza and him. 

4. The Things Drunken Men Speak- Funny and sweet oneshot.

Summary: Riza goes to pick Roy up from the bar in what she deems as the typical Friday night. Little does she know that she will get a huge surprise from a drunken Roy. 

5. When One’s World Is Shaken- This is one of my all time fave Royai fanfic. I can’t put into words how beautifully this fic was written.

Summary: When Riza is assaulted the life she has with Roy is shaken. Can Roy help her through her struggle with all her self doubts?

6. Roy’s Teddy Bear- This was really fluff to the max. Cute oneshot.

Summary: When Roy takes a break in one of the nap rooms, Riza discovers a habit he has that she never knew about. 

7. The Trouble With Kissing Booths- A pre-Brotherhood Royai. In short, Young Royai. Back when Riza was still studying in the military academy. This was cute.

Summary: Roy gets jealous when Rebecca has his fiancee Riza run a kissing booth with her and Maria. Will their relationship withstand this seemingly insignificant matter?

8. Does Daddy Love Mommy?- One of my fave Royai + Royai kids fic. This was just so cute and just AHHHHHHH. <3 

Summary: When Roy and Riza’s kids are running an errand, one of Roy’s ex-girlfriends tells their children that Roy doesn’t love them or their mom. 

9. Mama and Papa’s PlaytimeI was thinking dirty when I read the title. You just know it.  Another cute Royai + Royai kids fanfic. 

Summary: Roy and Riza’s kids hear something that worries them coming from their parent’s bedroom and go to their great grandfather for help. 

10. True Reasons- So sweet and so very Royai. <3

Summary: After hearing some women in the locker room talk about Roy’s reason’s for wanting to marry her, Riza has doubts about Roy’s love for her. What will Roy do to erase these doubts from her mind? 


2. Antigone Rex- Another talented Royai fanfic writer. I swear. She keeps Royai so in character - So much that it hurts. *sobbing* 

My fave Royai fanfics from Antigone Rex, again, in no particular order:

1. Reverberations- One of the Royai fanfictions that has OC, but is an exceptional fic. This fanfic made me sleep in wee hours of the morning, because I couldn’t stop reading. This is a post- Brotherhood Royai fanfic. I also love how this also focuses on Roy’s relationship with his other subordinates, not just Riza. But the Royai fluff here is just to the max. ALSKJDKLDJFDF Plus, I love the fact that I learn new words from this fanfic. WOOO More words to add to my vocab. HAHAHA!

Summary: Post-Brotherhood Royai. In the wake of the Promised Day, Mustang and Hawkeye struggle to find normalcy. With a powerful new enemy and a growing Ishvalan Resistance looming at every turn, will they learn to understand one another before it is too late? 

2. The General’s Daughter- Oneshot. A very adorable and sweet oneshot. <3 I just love Overprotective!Roy. <3 

Summary: It’s only fitting that Amestris’ most infamous womanizer should have a beautiful daughter. Introducing Overprotective!Roy.

3. A Dusty Brown Bottle- OMG THIS FIC. Hilarious all-around. Drunk!Riza is the best. The best. Riza might seem to be a bit OOC here, but then again, she’s drunk, so yeah.

Summary:  Vanessa always knew what lay hidden in the dusty brown bottle, secreted on the top shelf behind the bar. 


3. hmmingbird- This girl is very talented. The way she writes, I feel like I’m reading poetry. 

My fave Royai fanfics from hmmingbird, again, in no particular order:

1.  Ruby Throat- Ruby Throat. How do I even begin to describe Ruby Throat? This is one of the fanfics that hurt so much, but it’s still so good. 

Summary: Love fell into his lap at the most inopportune moment. [Royai]

2. The Closed Circle- The ending was quite predictable, but nevertheless, this is one of my all time fave Royai fanfics. <3

Summary: In which Lieutenant Hawkeye drives Colonel Mustang to distraction, and he decides he’s had quite enough cold showers.

——————————– 4. Chuui- She says she’s a horrible writer. (According to her author bio) On the contrary, I don’t think so. I enjoy reading her Royai fanfics very much. <3 Her fics deserves a bit more love. <3 (By love, I mean, faves and follows.) My fave Royai fanfics from Chuui, again, in no particular order:

1. Not In The Mood- Hilarious. Just friggin hilarious. I just love seeing a very horny Roy and a not so interested in Roy’s advances Riza. KJSKJDSKD I really enjoyed reading this one. Summary: Riza Hawkeye was not in the mood, but that never stopped Roy Mustang from trying. 2. Anniversary- This was really cute and hilarious. I was grinning the whole time I was reading this fic. Definitely worth reading. Oneshot. Summary: Roy and Riza are in Resembool and Roy decides to take advantage of the fact that nobody knows who they are and introduces himself and his lieutenant as a married couple. 3. Not Quite Right- I was always so curious about Young!Royai. I love this fic. Hilarious and cute all around. Oneshot. Summary: Riza Hawkeye would be lying to herself if she said she didn’t have any interest in Roy Mustang, he was rather good-looking and she always had wondered what it would be like to…

——————————– 5. Silvery Mist- I stumbled upon this author’s bio by accident. And I’m glad I did. Love her fics. Royai are so in character. <3 My fave Royai fanfics from Silvery Mist, in no particular order:

1. Friday Night- This was hilarious. OMG. SJLKSAJKLSJD I just love it when Team Mustang is involved in a Royai fic. You just know that they ship Royai so hard. Poor Havoc tho. HAHA! Summary: Havoc and Breda decided to check out one of the local bars hoping to get lucky. Unfortunately, they get more than what they bargained for when one girl catches Havoc’s eyes.
2. A Not So Perfect Date- This was so funny. I love Roy here. He’s so in character. Especially when his lieutenant is out on a date. But not with him. He be like she’s MY lieutenant. No one can go out with her except for me. Summary: When Riza goes out on a date with another man, a jealous Roy sets out to make sure sparks don’t fly.   3. Stealing a kiss- Pure fluff. Oneshot. <3 Summary: Why do you like reading romance novels Riza? 4. Operation Miniskirt- This fic. This fic. It’s a mix of action, fluff and humor. KSJDKSLSL Yes, and this one of thos Roy + Miniskirts fanfics. :)) Summary: Riza is far from thrilled when she’s forced to go undercover as a prostitute during a sting operation to catch a serial killer.  5. Confession- This was absolutely beautiful. Enough said.  Summary: Riza always knew that she was an important part of the Colonel’s life but it wasn’t until after Maes Hughes’ death that she knew just how important she was.


6. Lady Norbert- She’s a really good writer. Not just for Royai fics- Like her HP fanfics, Legend of Zelda ones are good too. <3 Plus, she’s really nice too. :D Hello thaaar, ladynorbert! :)

Elemental Chess Trilogy: Just read it, and you’ll know why a lot of people like this trilogy. :D Usually, I don’t read fanfics with sequels, prequels or let alone a trilogy, but this is an exception. Now go read! :)

Prequel: Triumvirate

Volume 1: Flowers of Antimony

Volume 2: Brilliancy

Final Installment: The Game of Three Generals


UNSORTED: Royai fanfics from authors that I haven’t got to browse all their Royai stories yet. Or they are relatively new or they have only written one Royai fanfic. But nevertheless, I enjoyed all of them. :)

1. Hawkeye and the General- This is a good fanfic. It’s the type that makes me want to read more. But, I find Riza OOC in some parts this fic. Don’t know if others share the same sentiments, but still, good. :) This fic is ongoing, btw.

Summary: Ed and Winry’s wedding provides the perfect time for Riza Hawkeye and her commanding officer to sort out their complicated relationship. Or so everyone else thinks. But Riza knows she won’t be able to take control of her personal life until Roy reaches his ever-demanding goal, and she doesn’t think she’ll be able to hold out for much longer. And neither does he.

2. Embarrassed Meeting- Multichapter fic. I think the author intended for this to be a oneshot, but due to popular demand- she kept writing more and more chapters. (I’m glad she did!) This is a fic that makes you want more. I love this fic, because it’s sweet and hilarious mixed into one. 

Summary: Roy’s emergency meeting that ends with Riza in his arms.


Kelenloth- I found this author via Tumblr. Ohhh the things tumblr can do! Amazing really! And I do believe that this author deserves a whole lot more reviews. I love the way she writes!

1. This is Gonna Sting- Can I just say this fanfic is one of the best? I love authors who write fanfics about Roy/Riza POV. :) This is the author’s version of what happened in episode 19 of FMA: Brotherhood. I happen to stumble upon this fanfic when the author reblogged one of my headcanons from my Royai headcanons blog. She said that she wrote a fanfic about that particular headcanon. And here it is!

Summary:  "I cauterized the wound closed. I almost passed out a few times from the pain.“ This is the story of Roy closing and preventing wounds the only way he knows how. A short scene that occurs "offstage” in canon. Chapter 38-39/episode 19 Spoilers. Rated for in-canon violence and in-canon language. Second more Riza-centric chap. added with aftermath of Roy and Lust’s battle.

2. Her Name Is Elizabeth- “AHHHHHHHHH!” is all I can say after reading this fic. OMG This a very good read. And I really enjoyed this fic very much. I love fanfics that has “Elizabeth” in it. ;) 

Summary: Riza drives Roy home after the team’s New Year’s Eve celebration at his favorite bar in Central. Some very interesting people had been there, including what seemed to be every girl Roy had ever dated in Central, and that odd woman, Madame Christmas. Riza has question and Roy has a few tipsy answers. Currently a one-shot, may end up a two-shot. My thoughts on Chris and Elizabeth.

3. My Father’s Masterpiece- Ohhh i just love Young!Royai fanfics or fanfics about their past. It just gets me everytime.

Summary: "This is my father’s masterpiece. He entrusted it to me while you were away.“ That morning they had buried her father. That night was the start of the rest of their lives. - Young-ish Royai concerning Berthold’s death, Riza’s back, and the secrets there. Rated T for safety only.

Janieshi- I’ve read a couple of her Royai fics, and they are just so adorable. Haven’t read ALL of her Royai fics, but the ones i’ve read so far are enjoyable. <3

Espionage- A cute fic about Young!Royai. This is a multichaptered fic,

Summary: "He couldn’t quite find the right words to describe the feeling of foreboding that had curled up deep in his belly when he’d looked into his teacher’s eyes.” Pre-series character study of the relationship between Roy and Riza as young teens, spoilers for manga and anime.

Shot Down- Really cute oneshot fic. Set in Pre-Manga/Anime.

Summary: "There was evidently only one pretty blonde female officer in all of Eastern that frequented the range-but the magnificent Lieutenant Hawkeye proved to be wholly unapproachable.“ Pre-or-early series. Slight hints of Royai, naturally.

UNSORTED: Again, this are Royai fanfics from authors that I haven’t got to browse all their Royai stories yet. Or they are relatively new or they have only written one Royai fanfic. But nevertheless, I enjoyed all of them. :)

Awkward Position- This is a hilarious fic all throughout! <3 And I love it when Team Mustang is involved in a Royai fic, because my headcanon is that they all ship Royai. :))

Summary: Roy Mustang wakes up in a very awkward position after having to share a bed with Hawkeye and he needs to solve his problem before she wakes up. Royai.


esbethwrites- AHHHH she is one of my fave writers now. SKDJSLDJ I think she’s also new to the FMA/Royai fandom. I’m looking forward to fanfics that she’ll be writing. 

Distraction- OMG. THIS FIC IS THE BEST THING EVER. READ IT NOW. Again, I love fanfics that has "Elizabeth” in it. And I think this is one fanfic I can read over and over again. OHHH AND THE AUTHOR IS NEW TO THE ROYAI/FMA FANDOM. *throws confetti at esbethwrites* Welcome to our wonderful fandom! The one that ruined my life. *sobbing* Thank you for writing this wonderful fanfic. <3

Summary: With Lieutenant Hawkeye out on vacation, and Colonel Mustang stuck with a mountain of paperwork at the office, a seductive “Elizabeth” offers a distraction over the phone to help hasten the Colonel’s progress, but ends up halting it instead.

The Seven Deadly Sins- This fic is very interesting. Ongoing right now. I can’t wait for the updates.

Summary: The Devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for. (Royai prompts. Rating to change in the future).

hell-whim- An anon suggested that I should read Royai fanfics written by her. And wow, she is a fantastic writer. I have yet to read all her Royai fanfics, but thank you for suggesting, anon! She deserves a lot more reviews in some of her fics tho. 

Understanding- This fanfic is just giving me a lot of feels and it’s great feeling when you found out that you have a headcanon in a fanfiction form. KDSJFS Best feeling ever.

Summary: There are questions they both know the answer to, but which sometimes must still be asked. [Royai, 2009 anime]

Clandestine- A short and sweet oneshot. Also, the sequel to Understanding.

Summary: Mistakes like this are best made big, and all at once. [Royai, 2009 anime, sequel to Understanding]

Shimegami-chan- This author has written so many fanfics! Not just for the FMA/Royai fandom, but other fandoms as well. And all of them are really good. Again, I have yet to read all her fics. 

Lemon Tea- This is really cute. Nuff said. (Though, it doesn’t really fit the what is now canon for FMA) All the characters are in character and very well written. A good read!

Summary: One-shot. Private Roy Mustang has his eye on a certain female squadronmate. Private Hawkeye has no obvious weaknesses, save one…if Roy can use it to his advantage. Winner of Best Prose in the Anime North Fanfiction Contest.

Elizabeth- Hilarious fic. I just love it when “Elizabeth” and Team Mustang is involved in a Royai fic. 

Summary: One-shot. A note discovered in Roy Mustang’s office leads to an all-out investigation as the Colonel’s subordinates attempt to steal his new girlfriend.

UNSORTED: Again, this are Royai fanfics from authors that I haven’t got to browse all their Royai stories yet. Or they are relatively new or they have only written one Royai fanfic. But nevertheless, I enjoyed all of them. :)

It’s Wedding Day- OMG yaaaay! Royai wedding. <3

Summary: It’s Roy and Riza’s wedding day. Someone in the audience makes observations. Multiple pairings. Post-Brotherhood. Rated T because I’m paranoid.

That Idiot Colonel Wrote a Letter- FEELS EVERYWHERE. This fanfic. <3 Onshot.

Summary: As the promised day approaches Mustang writes a letter to express thoughts he wants Riza to know, should he perish during the war against the homunculi. Letter written for hawkseyeriza of tumblr. A/N: the first two lines are supposed to be crossed out, but doesn’t support that formatting. Also, the combination is the keypad format for “hawkseye”


Cafe Au Liet- I love her fics! She also adds a bit of Havocai to her fanfics. I’m not a Havocai shipper though. HAHA! But yes! Most of her fanfics are good. And she’s from the Phils too! Holla!

Just Get Them Together Already!- This is probably one of my favorite fics from this author. Very witty & naughty. Warning! Suggestive themes. And, did I mention that i just love it when Team Mustang is involved? BEST. BESTTTTT.

Summary: Mustang’s subordinates decide to take matters into their own hands, coming up with a plan to get the Colonel and his Lieutenant together. But they weren’t prepared for this. Royai.

Good Morning- Aww. This is so sweet & very realistic. I can imagine this happening. 

Summary: At this rate, they’ll never get to work on time. Light and fluffy Royai one shot for Royai day! May contain spoilers for 108.

Dangerous- Ahhh! Team Mustang + undercover missions fanfics are the best. 

Summary: Riza Hawkeye finds herself in a dangerous situation. Royai.

Takes Two To Tango- Oneshot. This is a short, funny & witty fic all around.

Summary: “Snipers are amazing at ballroom dancing.” “Is that from experience? Just how many have you danced with?” “Only one.” A short Royai One shot.

Inadequacy- I just love this fanfic so much. I wish she finished this fic. :( But yes, worth reading! :) And ahhh Young!Royai is the best thing ever.

Summary: Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye were made for each other. Funny how they don’t seem to know it themselves. My own take on how Royai came to be.



Babysitter Mishap- I’m usually not so fond of AU fics unless it’s really good. kdjsa;kd this is one of the exceptions. Again, this is worth reading. BUT, the author hasn’t updated for 1234567890 years already. :(( *sobbing* Ahhh, but this fic is just adorable and lovely in all ways. I just can’t.

Summary: Wealthy, young, sexy and the father of three lovable kids, needs a babysitter/bodyguard for them. But will his kids make life easy for Riza or make it a wild roller coaster ride? And what happens if this single father falls for her charming ways?

What You Make of a Family- ksajalkjdls ahhhh another one of my headcanons! Royai + Elysia. Adorable. <3 I wish this fic had a sequel. :(

Summary: Roy is called upon to babysit Elicia when Gracia has an emergency. It’s not his idea of a perfect weekend but he steps up to care of a little girl who is in need of a father figure and realizes what he’s missing in his life. Royai. Chapter 6 up.

Merry Little Christmas- Christmas Royai fanfic! Ahhh again, another one of those very realistic Royai fics. I love it. Bittersweet kinda fic. <3

Summary: Roy and Riza are alone working Christmas Eve but skipping out on work for a nightcap is a much better idea. Chapter 2 up, Roy and Riza face their feelings but it’s not so easy… RoyAi

Security- Oneshot. Very moving & well written.

Summary: Lieutenant Hawkeye has an unexpected visitor in the wake of Major Hughes death.

Someday- AWWW. This fic is so adorable. It gives me so much FEEEELS.

Summary: That morning, Roy held his newborn niece for the first time and imagined a new kind of future. Royai, Hughes/Gracia, and general fluffiness.


UPDATES from May 9, 2014:

taylortot- Some people can write, but can draw. Some people can draw, but not write. But this girl is both. She can write and draw. :) I was really surprised to see that all of her Royai fics are worth reading. And visit her art blog too. [X]

Reversal- OMG THIS FIC IS BRILLIANT. Genderbend fic? TEEHEEEEE! All Royai shippers will def enjoy this one!

Summary: A collection of one-shots set in an AU where Colonel Riza Hawkeye is the Flame Alchemist and Roy Mustang is her First Lieutenant. Not necessarily in chronological order. Rating may depend per chapter.

Can You Feel It- I just love this fic. Made me laugh so hard in the end. :))

Summary: Roy’s stubborn antics have led to both a sunburn and the day that Riza Hawkeye could not stop laughing.

Rumors- Lovely one-shot fic. I can actually see this happening. And, this is actually one of my headcanons.

Summary:  Of course there would be gossip. Mustang and his lieutenant were suspiciously close after all, but that didn’t mean it had to tear them apart. In fact, it brought them closer together. Literally. Royai. One-shot.

Safeguard- OMG I can’t stop reading this. Sorry to burst your bubble, but taylortot hasn’t updated this fic for a year. *sobbing* but yeees, this fic is still good!

Summary: After Roy is called to help catch a murderer, he becomes injured and loses his memory, including the secrets of Flame Alchemy. While hiding undercover in his delicate state, Riza takes it upon herself to reteach Mustang all that he’s forgotten, but some things will never be the same. Rated M as of Chapter 6. Sort of AU.

It’s Hot In Here- There’s only one word that perfectly describes how I feel about the weather here in my country and this fanfic. Hot. JFC.

Summary: The office is sweltering on a late Friday afternoon and for some reason, Roy can’t seem to keep his eyes off his lieutenant.

Chaos and Caramel Eyes- This is really cute. I’m always a sucker for fics that involve Royai and Team Mustang. <3

Summary: Riza has taken a short leave of absence from work and it results in a catastrophic office setting that has swallowed everything. Not to mention the hole it put in Roy’s poor heart. One-shot.

Looking for Trouble- AHHH Young!Royai. This fic is adorableeee. <3

Summary: He has been warned to stay away from Master Hawkeye’s daughter, and he thought that wouldn’t be a problem. He is there to learn alchemy, after all. But one glance of her in a pretty white dress is all it takes to have Roy Mustang breaking all the rules. T because Mustang is such a boy.

AlphaCentauri.42- I love how she writeeeees. She wrote 2 fics only. And both Royai. <3

The Alchemist’s Silicon and Gold- Ohhh yeah! This fic is brilliant. Kudos to the author! She must’ve done lots of research for this. Awesome and very unique.

Summary: In retrospect, Riza had to admit calling her superior “useless” wasn’t one of her more brilliant ideas.

Two Steps Forward- Exactly how I pictured Colonel Dork to proposes to Riza. <3

Summary: Kicking off the Royai Day Festival! Roy kept his back to her when he said, “I don’t want you to follow me anymore.”

UPDATES: 10/31/2014

TheRedHabanero- OH. MY. GOOD. LAWD. I just read some of her fanfics. And, all I can say is.. one of my fave authors! AHHHH I just love the way she writes Royai. SO BEAUTIFUL and so in character. If you haven’t read her fics yet. YOU SHOULD. NOW.

An Unconventional Proposal - The first fanfic I read from her. KSAJFKDLSAJFLDSJFLKDS OMG This made me feel all warm and fuzzy. TOO CUTE FOR LIFE. SAKFHKLD PLS READ THIS NOW.

Summary: Edward seeks advice on a certain topic. Roy shows him how it’s done. And naturally, Riza is dragged into it. -Royai, implied Edwin. Post-manga/Brotherhood.

About Time- Sweet cheesus. This is brilliant. And how I imagined everyone wanted it to happen. JKSAHDJKSA

Summary: Roy held his breath, heart thundering as he waited for her response. For her to kiss him or shoot him or yell at him for this sudden life-changing revelation at such an inappropriate time. Royai.

Cherish- love this. Very in character. 

Summary: Because he just can’t wait around for Amestris to finally 'allow’ them to be together. Haven’t they been through enough already? Don’t they deserve to be happy?

To Whatever End - Warning: Deathfic. BUT DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU FROM READING THISSSS. It’s so beautiful. *cries* buttttt yet so sad. HUHU. 

Summary: Riza Hawkeye would have followed him to whatever end. And up until her very end, she was his.


I have more good Royai fanfics, will update this post again soon. :) I know a lot of you want this already, so I will to post this now. :) If a fanfic you’ve read is good, maybe you can suggest it to me. :) Please don’t spam my asks with.. “if I’ve read this fanfic or that fanfic”. If it’s not in this list, I probably didn’t read it yet or it didn’t really catch my attention. :( OR I haven’t updated this list yet. :) I swear, I have read a lot of good Royai fanfics, it’s just that I really don’t have the time to update this list every now and then. Plus, I lost all my bookmarked Royai fanfics to add to this list recently.. so yeah. *sobbing* Might take me a while to find those fics. If I do, I’ll be sure to add it ASAP. cheesus, now my back hurts from all the typing. WOOO!

I’m so glad I found these fanfics. *sobbing*

External image

UPDATED: October 31, 2014

Enjoy! :)


Class Appreciation Week 2016 :  

Day 1: Favourite Character

  Miss Quill

Miss Quill’s become such an incredibly important character for me that I hardly know where to begin. So I’ll just take a deep breath and try to explain why she’s come to mean so much to me and we’ll see how it goes.

Already in the first episode I could sense she was exactly the kind of character I inevitably end up loving - both complex and morally grey. I did not know much about her, but I really liked what I saw. I enjoyed the sarcasm and sassiness and I truly appreciated the fact that she was portrayed as strong, but at the same time unafraid to cry and show that she’s in pain over the loss of her people. Right from the beginning it was obvious that she was a person who has deep and strong feelings and who is very loyal to the people she sees as hers. That impression only got reinforced as the show went on and I learned more about her. Miss Quill is indeed both impressively loyal and capable of extremely strong feelings that she tends to bottle up until she explodes. And seeing as both loyalty and the capacity to feel things strongly are very important to me, I could not help but love her.

But that’s not all. Again right in the beginning it’s established that she’s a slave. Despite the enormous effect this has on her, we don’t see her completely crushed by it. We see her keep fighting on and making the best out of the genuinely terrible situation she’s been put in, a situation in which someone else has all the control and which has stripped her of the ability to be that which she perceives as the true essence of herself - a soldier. She is shown to suffer because of this loss of control and self, but at the same time she is not shown to give up. Instead of throwing in the towel, she chooses to control what she can and keep on fighting in any way she can - from pestering Charlie, to being sarcastic or using dry humour in difficult situations. Not being able to use weapons, she improvises and ends up turning anything into a weapon. She is put into an impossibly hard situation, yet she adapts and finds ways to go on. She has no support, no one who cares for her, the person controlling her is not really aware of the amount of power he has over her life and what it’s doing to her, she has no way to deal with the pain of being a slave and of not being allowed to be who she really is as well as with the grief over the loss of her people and yet she goes on. As someone who’s been through a serious depression only six years ago, I cannot even begin to tell you how much it means to me to have a character like Miss Quill in my life. Someone with whose suffering I can identify, but at the same time who doesn’t let that suffering crush them and finds ways to keep on living through the pain, with the pain. Pretty much all Miss Quill said to Tanya in The Lost resonated so strongly with me that I cannot even articulate it properly. I can just say that I immensely appreciate the way Patrick Ness wrote all of that and that it moved me beyond belief.

Another aspect of Miss Quill that contributed greatly to my love for her is her profound loneliness. I cannot help it, when I see a character who is starved for attention and affection I always go into “Let me love you!” mode. I can’t stand for people to be left out or ignored. All the tiny (and not so tiny) pleas for attention on Miss Quill’s part over the first season did not fall on deaf ears as far as I’m concerned. They only made me love her even more, especially because of the way she moved on every time no one paid attention to what she was trying to say. I repeat, she’s an incredibly strong person and part of that is not being afraid to show what is often incorrectly perceived as weakness i.e. grief or loneliness. The fact that she does that and is still shown to be one of the strongest characters on this show means a lot. For me true strength is to not be afraid to show that which society labels as weakness. True strength is not always being stoic or unemotional or brave, it’s being strong through the pain or brave through the fear, something Miss Quill herself agrees with me on.

Miss Quill’s intelligent, inquisitive, tough and badass, but at the same time incredibly caring when you manage to earn her loyalty, she’s not conventionally good, but she has a very strong moral compass that she always follows and is loyal to the end. I could go on about her all day and I would still never be able to do her justice. That’s in fact part of why I love her so much - there are so many different sides to her, I could never possibly list them all. And Katherine Kelly’s portrayal of her is nothing short of perfection. I’ll stop here because this is long enough and just once again reiterate that I love this character so much it hurts. Also probably too much to ever be able to express how much or why in any sort of coherent manner.

Marissonshipping scenes that are important to me (long post, be warned)

TSME act II:

Alain spontaneously jumping to protect Mairin from Draco Meteor and getting injured in the process (cared about her well being more than his own)

TSME act III: 

Mairin first asking about Alain’s shoulder and then trying to stop Alain from going after Kyogre and Groudon (”But I don’t want anything to happen to you”) and Alain telling her to go home so she’d be safe

Keep reading

Just saw 2x17… and the ending? Killed me. Why?
*rubs hands with glee, preparing to let it frigging loose*

Ok so listen up.

You can see just how much Dean loves Sam because it’s killing Dean to see how much it hurts Sam to kill Madison - so much that he shucking sheds. A. Tear.

Do you realize how emotional that scene was?! (Yeah I know y'all do but I’m just ranting here lol… - and kudos to Jensen!!! omg even now he cried from his left eye and -wasn’t there a post about tears that begin from the right eye is equivalent to happiness whereas from the left it’s sadness and usually we see actors shedding tears starting from their right eyes but Jensen, all the time he does it from his left eye and there was an interview or something about how it’s easy for him because he actually thinks about Jared getting hurt and he can’t bear that thought hence the true tears which - omg kill me now)

And then. He fricking. Flinches. When we hear Sam shoot Madison.
Dean flinches. So bad. A guy, who was raised to become immune to the sounds of gunfire. Flinches. When he hears Sam killing a girl he really liked after Sarah and Jess

anonymous asked:

I used to hate being a Sagittarius, but now that I've seen your blog it makes me more confident, and makes me realise the strengths I actually have. I actually enjoy being the aggressive person I always was, and try to use those perks to brighten up my and other people's days. I'm still pretty clumsy and a bit shy around people I'm not close with, but I'm happy that you exist so that your posts can make me feel more positive and happy with who I am. Thanks! Love you! ❤️♐️❤️

I am so happy about you and I am really glad about you accepting yourself just the way you are, but I would suggest not being an “aggressive” person, because it can really hurt others. However, Sagittarius is one wonderful sign, you are priceless. Thank you so much for everything, I am really heartwarmed that I’ve made someone feel their real, true self concerning their zodiac sign. I AM HERE TO BREAK THE STEREOTYPES ABOUT THE ZODIAC SIGNS  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

No but okay. Re: Nygmobblepot in that episode.

I’m worried.

I mean I’m not giving up on them yet but

Where do they go from here? Okay assuming that Ed gets thawed out somehow, how are they supposed to get together after that? I mean, they have hurt each other so much that I sincerely doubt that even the “power of love” could smooth it out.

Idk you guys can reblog/reply to this with your speculations because I honestly have no idea how the hell they could end up canon.

@the-roci replied to your post: Been working on this for what feels like forever….

I sat on this until I had time to properly read it. Man, SO good. I love the crew acting as a unit, and it all seems so natural. You don’t get that with many fics. I love the the connections with all the characters - especially Alex not being able to lose a brother. The connection through it all is wonderful.

Thank you so much! I was really hoping I did Alex justice here because that was one of my favorite parts of S2 :)

@almostdefinitelydying replied to your post:

��������������������:flails: such a perfect ending! Especially the Lydia parallel and the difference and aAAAAAAAH ����������

Your flailing delights my soul, just so you know. ^^  Thanks for all your help on this bby.

@captainivyb replied to your post:

I loved this. The Roci family moments, Amos’ backstory and trying to protect others and getting hurt in the process, the difference between Lydia’s concern for his safety/their relationship and Prax’s. Mei’s stuffed animal, everything. Lots of hurt but lots of comfort to make up for it.

Thank you so much, I love hearing the parts people liked.  The contrast between Prax and Lydia was my favorite part to write.

@bduarte-us replied to your post

Love it! Especially the Nolden moments.

Thanks!  They really are adorable :D

@calllay replied to your post:

Wow, this is heartbreaking! So many Amos feels! I love the contrast of “I can’t lose you” vs “I don’t want to lose you”, that hit me as really striking and insightful.

Heeeeee, I just love the difference a little word change can make.

@nasturtian replied to your post


Ahahaha, my work here is done! XD  Thank you so much.

[Look at that art, so beautiful, so cute… in case you are like “Why the fuck is Emily Blunt there?” that’s my mun FC, pfft. THEY SHOULD BE IN A MOVIE TOGETHER, NO? Thanks to Amaye for the art!!]

Somehow, I’ve tricked 2,100+ of you into following me and I am absolutely fucking astonished???

This blog is a reboot of an old Steve blog I had once upon a time (I dunno if any of you remember ivehadenoughrest, but that was me, I kinda came here… secretly, pfft). I’ve been on this one for about a year, and have been RPing Steve for about 4. Way back when I first started in the RP community, I was playing Coulson because he was pretty much all I thought I could pull off. After the second or third viewing of The Avengers I thought, meh, why not give this spangled guy a try?

Now, this is the longest I’ve ever stuck with one character and if I’m honest, he’s probably consumed my life a little too much. Like, seriously, I live and breathe Steve Rogers. I go about my day wondering if certain things I do would make Steve Rogers proud. STEVE ROGERS ALL THE TIME, 24/7, IT’S SO SAD…

The non-obsessive positive that I’ve gotten out of being on here for soooo long (seriously, I remember when gifs and regular text were the way to go and certain aspects of play didn’t become such a heated debate/contest) is that I feel like because of my writing partners, I’ve really grown as a writer. I’m not nearly the best, never will be no matter how much I agonize over it and get jealous/admire other quality on my dash, but I live with it because IT’S SO MUCH FUN TO BE HERE. You all make me think, stretch my writing fingers, and just… make me feel special, you know?

Now, I’m poor as hell and can’t really afford to do a giveaway with cool swag, not to mention I have ZERO skill with photoshop (seriously, everything I have are commissioned pieces, I’m lazy af plus I feel like I’m helping someone’s cause, you know?), so this is quite simply… an appreciation post. I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be much of anything if I didn’t have such amazing followers and amazing, supportive writing partners.

I’m going to go against my very core here and make a little bias list (and okay the little turned into A LOT). I’ve always been against myself making these because I know I’ll inevitably leave someone out and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. JUST KNOW I (AND STEVE) LOVE YOU ALL. ALL OF YOU. LIKE A LOT. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE CHOSEN ME AND STUCK WITH MY MUSE. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY LITTLE HEART THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

And now, to the list!

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I'm just imagining Peridot doing her best to make the barn as safe for Lapis as possible when the two move in together, such as cushioning the areas she likes to recline in. Because we all know that post-redemption Peridot falls into the "Jerk with a Heart of Gold" archetype, and wouldn't want her barnmate hurting herself.


I don’t know why I’m posting this here, I guess it’s a spiritual thing kind of.
I love everyone and everything good so much. Like I just. Love. I fall in love with ideas, and basically anyone I meet who’s not a dick (and even some assholes too), I love colors, concepts, places, things. Everything. It’s good and bad. Good because it’s romantic story book kind and princess (sorry this is not a cohesive sentence haha) and bad because I get hurt SO easy.
I don’t know why I’m sharing this. Maybe some of you relate?

anonymous asked:

Hii! I love your blog, thank you for all your recs! I was wondering if you had any secret/forbidden relationship fics. kinda like romeo and juliet.. Thank you for your time c:

Originally posted by risenhunterfallenangel

I’m not sure about the Romeo and Juliet aspect of these fics, but there’s romance and it’s definitely forbidden/frowned upon.
Here’s also a few tags that you might wan’t to check out since they have at least a few fics with sort of forbidden romance in them!

Unrequited love
Prison AU
Celebrity AU

Anyway here’s the list of all the forbidden love fics that we could think of. I hope you’ll find something that interests you. - Admin A

Title: Nine Times We Met (And One Christmas We Parted)

Author: almaasi

Rating: Explicit

Words: 58,400 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: There’s no post like this without this amazing fic. This is one of those fics you hate when reading because it hurts so much to read it. But, since you asked, here it is. You know, Romeo and Juliet isn’t that nice story after all, it’s brutal and sad. So, pick up this one and brace yourself, because this is going to hurt your feels.

Summary: On the last day of school before Christmas vacation, Mr. Castiel Quinn discovers that one of his young students has smuggled male pornography into the classroom. Upon being told that the photos belong to the boy’s uncle, Castiel vows to himself that he will keep the other man’s preferences a secret. It’s 1947; a man experiencing attraction to another man or fantasising about his sexual touch are transgressive faults, which could potentially result in imprisonment - or worse. But then the uncle walks in. The photos are of him: Dean Winchester, a rogue with an empty pocket and a child to feed. Castiel doesn’t know it yet, but his life is never going to be the same again. Years pass between chance meetings, but even though they live their lives apart, Dean and Castiel’s story is proof that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

( Read here )

Title: Typecast

Author: mnwood

Rating: Explicit

Words: 75,142 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: Two actors meeting in a set, omega Dean and alpha Cas… Do I have to say more? Dean being an omega makes pretty much every story to be like Romeo and Juliet since there’s either Dean dealing with his omega issues, omegaphobic John or some other things that make Dean to lose his nerves. This one is a great example for that, so read it.  

Summary: Up-and-coming movie actor Castiel Novak knows he’ll never be taken seriously if all he ever plays is betas, and as an alpha he certainly doesn’t think it’s a wise career choice to play an omega. However, when he’s offered the omega role in a gay romance and learns that the much more famous (and his crush) Dean Winchester is playing the alpha, Cas decides maybe it’s time to take a risk. But when they meet on day one, Cas isn’t sure what to make of Dean’s scent.

( Read here )

Title: Somethin’ About Wild Horses

Author: missbipolar

Rating: Explicit

Words: 10,654 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Maybe this one isn’t that much like Romeo and Juliet, but… Well, they’re not supposed to be together and they sure as hell aren’t going to tell it to anyone :D

Summary: “Guys, please,” Gabriel says. “This video has been requested literally thousands of times, by both of your fans. All of our viewers know how much you two hate each other, and everyone wants to know how that will affect a scene. Personally, I think you could both learn a thing or two from one another. You’re gonna have to put the bad vibes on hold for, like, three days, okay? Just until we finish shooting the scene. And then, if you still wanna rip each other’s throats out, I’ll film that, too.”

(Read here)

Title: Right Place, Right Time

Author: the_new_thing

Rating: Explicit

Words: 18,873 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I think I have recced this before in one of our HS recs, but I can’t remember for sure (also too lazy to go and check). Anyway, this was pretty okay for me which is saying a lot about HS fics. So if you like drama and High school setting then this is a fic for you! Also forbidden love to the max with Dean lusting over his brother’s boyfriend and Sam having the hots for his boyfriend’s brother. Confused already?  :’D

Summary: When Sam brings his new boyfriend, Castiel, home to meet Dean, Dean is expecting the usual: to hate Castiel and to have to give him the “older brother” speech. What he discovers when he meets Cas is a hell of a lot different. Meanwhile, Sam struggles with maintaining a passing grade in chemistry, a relationship with his closest friend, and his confusing feelings regarding Cas’ older brother, Gabriel.

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Title: Forbidden

Author: the_new_thing

Rating: Mature

Words: 107,385 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: We can’t have a forbidden love type of a rec without at least one student x teacher fic in it. Boy I have so many of these that I could make a rec of their own… which I probably will, later on. Again this is not my favorite genre because of the amount of teenage drama, but who cares! Teacher student relationship is like one of the oldest settings on fanfic history!

Summary: With a past behind him, seventeen year old Castiel has escaped and is starting afresh in a new high school. He meets, Dean Winchester, his older and more mature teacher who knows right from wrong but sometimes temptation is just too much to overlook.

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Title: Promises Made, Promises Kept

Author: madam_lit_nerd

Rating: Mature

Words: 122,866 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I need to start reading fics that I actually enjoy… I feel like most of the fics I rec lately are barely passable (on my personal standards). But yeah, this is abo fic with omega Cas getting involved with an older alpha Dean.

Summary: Cas should have said no and let it end there. There wasn’t really any space in his life for rich, older alphas who may or may not have been dating someone else. But he found he couldn’t turn him down; he didn’t want to.

Dean couldn’t shake the feeling that he was about to jump headfirst into something that he wouldn’t be able to control. And for an alpha whose entire life was built on control, it was both exhilarating and terrifying.

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Title: Say a Prayer and Light a Candle

Author: tiptoe39

Rating: Explicit

Words: 56,996– Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This fic is amazing and I think it’s by far the closest to something you are looking for with Dean and Cas coming from different backgrounds faith-wise and having to hide their relationship. Simply amazing!

Summary:  Dean comes home with Castiel for the holiday. Only the holiday is Hanukkah, and Dean’s not Jewish. Which presents a problem.

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Title: Seduction

Author: justlittleoldunkillableme (AmbecaWatson)

Rating: Explicit

Words: 127,019 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I have to admit that I never got past chapter 20 something… But if you love forbidden relationships with teenage Cas and adult Dean then this is made for you.

Summary: Teen Cas has a crush on his best friend’s father and won’t rest until he has him for his very own. But he hadn’t anticipated the consequences that both of them have to face to keep their highly complex situation a secret and how it changes both of them as they dive headlong into a taboo relationship.

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Title: More or Less

Author: schmerzerling

Rating: Explicit

Words: 85,679 – Abandoned

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Kind of forbidden relationship since Dean and Cas live in a small religious town full of homophobic assholes. Too bad that this was abandoned ages ago, but there’s still enough to make it worth reading!

Summary: When Castiel Novak returns to his hometown to teach at Garrison High School in the wake of his mother’s death, he discovers that there is one thing nearly the entire religious population seems to agree upon: everyone hates the Winchesters. They hate Sam’s temper and John’s alcoholism and Dean’s interminable silence. Castiel is just getting a handle on the whole free will thing, but he’s beginning to suspect that he might feel a little bit differently, and the more he learns about the Winchesters, the more he understands that the entire town couldn’t hate Dean’s silence half as much as Dean himself hates his own words.

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alwaysdreamingofmiracles  asked:

Hello, new follower here. I love your the 100 posts so much, I pretty much agree with everything and its fascinating to read. About one part in particular I am curious: "do I think that Clarke did need to hear how much it hurt Bellamy that she left? 100%. Do I think it’s fascinating that Clarke was utterly blind-sided and speechless because of it? Yes." While watching that scene I was asking myself how come that Clarke is so surprised to see him broken and hurt? That by leaving the camp (cont)

cont he felt like all the responsibility was on his shoulders. Did she (and how) really think he was stronger or something and therefore can keep taking care of the camp? He pulled that lever with her and she acknowledges this in 3x05 so I have trouble understanding her surprise here…. Of course he would be haunted, same as she is…

Aw, thank you :D

The coolest thing about this question is that I do believe we will get Clarke’s thoughts on all of this. Bellarke still have a LOT to talk about, to argue about, to cry about - before they heal together. So I’m very hopeful that we will only have to spec about this for 3-4 episodes more, and then we’ll probably get an answer on the show.

But for now, my spec on this front has two parts.

Clarke doesn’t know that Bellamy needs her

I really do think that there is some weight to this. Apart from the S2 finale, when did Bellamy ever express to Clarke that he needed her? Yes, he broke down beside her in 1x08 and yes there were a number of times when she told him he was better than all that. But he never ASKED that of her. It was always something Clarke did/said because SHE needed HIM. 

As ever, it comes back to the ‘Clarke inspires Bellamy, Bellamy inspires the masses’ quote. What if Clarke simply has not realised how much Bellamy relies on her? What if she thinks her reliance on him is a one way street? In the S1 finale, the masses were willing to fight and DIE with Bellamy until he gave them the easy choice. Why would Bellamy need HER when he already has that power?

Because we know that Bellamy has a very low opinion of himself, I think it’s easy for us to get carried away crying over how he probably doesn’t believe anyone as awesome as Clarke could ever truly care/need him. HOWEVER, maybe it’s the other way around?

So what about 2x16, I hear you cry! What about that time When Bellamy said ‘please come inside’ and Clarke didn’t? Well…

‘Seeing their faces every day…’

When Bellamy asks her to please come inside, Clarke delivers this line (paraphrasing_ ‘Seeing their faces every day is only going to remind me of what I did to get them here.’

For a long time, I never even thought about that line as also including Bellamy but WOAH does it make me feel things when I do.

In the context of the first part of this spec, and Clarke not realising that Bellamy needs her, this is HUGE.

And I’m also going to pull 3x05 into this.

Because think of all the things Clarke did to GET BELLAMY HERE. She sent him into the mountain in the first place. We had Clarke EXPRESSLY state TWICE that letting the bomb drop on TonDC was to protect Bellamy as the inside man. We had Clarke assure Bellamy that she’d bring him an army, and then when she didn’t bring him an army he took her hand and pulled that lever with him - killing all those people that helped him, that trusted him.

Clarke KNOWS all of this, but she DOESN’T know that Bellamy needs her. So when she’s standing at Camp Jaha…she doesn’t think she can handle looking at BELLAMY every day. She doesn’t think she can bear that guilt of knowing what she made him do. And maybe she suspects he won’t want to see HER face every day because of what she made HIM do. And so maybe she thinks…do you know what, I’ll relieve us both of this pain. ‘I bear it so they don’t have to’ refers to Bellamy too. She will exile herself so that he doesn’t have to face her and all he has done.

Because she 100% believes that Bellamy will be okay without her, because he has the others.

Bellamy says please come inside, and he offers his forgiveness. He tries to share her burden - he is supportive as he has been since the mid point of S1. But he never says ‘Clarke, I need you.’ And I think that is a really important detail, and I suspect it was intentional. Because that scene was such a direct parallel to 1x08 that the ‘I need you’ is a glaring omission.

Of course, I could be WAY off…but until i see something that disproves all this - I’m sticking with it!

In summary it’s not so much that Clarke believes Bellamy is stronger than her, she simply doesn’t realise how essential she has become to him. And I just watched the 2x16 goodbye scene so many times…oh my god…

Excuse me…I have an OTP in my eye…

A "some thoughts on Kirigaya Hitsugi" post

Okay so here it is. First things first, DISCLAIMER:

  • I will be using references from canon sources (won’t link some cause too lazy to find) like the episode Q&A, quotes from the official guidebook, manga and anime.
  • All things typed here is the result of repeatedly asking/ reasoning why Hitsugi did what she did. It is my conclusion and my thoughts of Hitsugi’s character. If it resonates with your thoughts, bless you. If it doesn’t, bless you too because you spent the time to read this post.
  • If I repeated points, I’m sorry. I can occasionally get lost within my thoughts.
  • This will be a long post. Here goes…

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“I want to help. I can be hard to see. I can kill things that would hurt people.”

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anonymous asked:

Am I the only one that wants to see (SPOILER) Usagi defend Luna and fight for her after Endo throws her? It was really a great part of her development for me

This scene right here? 

You are not the only one because after he throws her and she transforms,  I want to here my fave line she says.

“How dare you use my lust against me and attempt to manipulate me by seduction.”

I love this line so much!  I already wrote like two post about this one scene. She wants to see if Mamo is ok since the last time she saw him it was when he got hurt trying to protecting her.Also the fact they found out they were Sere/Endy. This guy comes to the arcade who looks just like Mamo and she feels a pull for him. She knows she shouldn’t feel this way but she’s drawn to him badly. When she thinks it’s a impostor which she didn’t know it was him but under Metallia spell she says that because she feels betrayed. This guy lured her to believed that person she wanted and desired the most was him.That’s why she said that. That line pretty much sums up the whole Usagi/ Endo situation.  It’s so profound to me because I can’t see anime Usagi saying something like that. Yes It is broader line sexual which makes it so deep. Dark Seduction bitches! 

So yes I want to see her defending luna because I will get one of my fave lines from the manga.  

and her saying this line too. 

Calling Endo a brat? Impressive! lol 

dicapraeo-deactivated20160301  asked:

Basically can you just write one of your super amazing metas on the ep because I'm disappointed in what they did to Elena and very confused about the end and idk what to make of anything and I have finals next week and I shouldn't even be here but since I am, time would be well spent reading your stuff hehe!

Nisha i really really need an Overall opinion on the whole episode of you. I watched the Episode and i have mixed feelings & if id have to describe it with one word i would say tears. Okaaay feelin a lil uncomfortable here bc my face still looks like crumplyface (2.0) #thisseasonfinalefeels ugh i hate it. 😂 anyway i know i ask for a little metasomething which may take your time buuut i love you sooo much for it , thank you <3

Okay, so by a cruel twist of fate I am swamped at work, so this is the only post I can make until later tonight on here, but I do want to post this because I have so many thoughts swirling around rn lol.

Basically, I agree that the sleeping beauty storyline was a copout, for sure. But I gotta be honest, the only people really hurt by it are Elena and DE. Elena, because it reduces her to a literal plot device. And really, we should stop calling it the sleeping beauty storyline, because that’s not accurate. In Sleeping Beauty, when Aurora is cursed to her sleep, the fairies put a spell on everyone in the kingdom, and the whole place is suspended in time. But that isn’t the case here. Elena is the only one who is stuck, the only one who is left behind. The rest of the people in the story are still moving, and they will move forward, eventually.

And that’s why in the end, it’s actually worse for DE shippers. If they’d given DE a clean break here, they could say it was just a tragic end to a romance they loved, but that the narrative stayed true to their romance while it was canon. By keeping them hanging on, the writers are doing them a disservice, imo. Because Damon will progress at some point, there’s just too much protential even in Damon’s characterization alone for them to never put him in another romance again. On a show that thrives on angst, there’s just no way they won’t mine the possibilities in “I want to honor Elena, but I’m in love with someone else who’s much better for me.”

I mean, Damon is a character who has been written to obsessively fixate on one woman at a time, on a show that was built on the very concept that you can be in love with more than one person at once. There’s no way they won’t explore that at some point in the future, and they’ve basically set the stage for just that.

And given that Bonnie is his best friend (canon), and that Damon loves the shit out of her (also canon, lbr), and that he loves her in a way he’s never loved anyone else before… I can’t imagine anyone else bringing him to that crossroads (eventually).

I can even envision what angles they’ll use as the other characters tell them to go for it, since you know a ship on this show isn’t a ship until all the other characters are propping it:

According to Stefan, Elena was the one who showed him that Damon is worth loving. But Bonnie is/will be the one who shows that to Damon.

The future is bright, y’all. Better put on those shades.

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