and it has the good white ones with the almond in the middle

“super rich kids” for omgcpoc week (a little late, but it’s early in the day yet! sorry @checkpleaseofcolor)

too many bottles of this wine we can’t pronounce

Nursey has a slight buzz going, and he’s laughing, and he feels warm all over. He can’t remember the last time he felt this happy– genuinely happy, without the false grin or the forced pleasantness he’s been made to perform all these years.

too many bowls of that green, no lucky charms

Sure, he’s a little crossfaded, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. Besides, he isn’t going anywhere: Bitty won’t let them stick a foot outside without forty different layers on, and he’s too lazy for all that. Instead, he burrows down a little deeper into the blanket he’s sharing with Chowder and Dex, stretched out all over them; his feet shoved under Chris’ bony ass and his head in Dex’s lap, nuzzled up against his stomach. Dex huffs, but allows it with a little smile, running his fingers through his hair.

the maids come around too much / parents ain’t around enough

“Y’all! Get in here, the food’s ready!” Bitty yells, and there’s grumbling and complaints, but ultimately, they all prepare to shift into the kitchen– whatever Bitty made smells delicious. Dex and Chowder shove him off the couch in a rush to get into the kitchen, and Nursey, is, unfortunately, so wrapped in the blanket that he ends up last in the kitchen–

And there are his friends around the Haus kitchen table, lights dim with a sweet potato pie on the table, candles stuck into it.

“Haaaappy Birrrrthday to–”

too many joy rides in daddy’s jaguar

Nursey is thrown back somehow uncannily to senior year. The year he’d spent his birthday with his kind sperm donor; Yosef Bahmani had demanded his “parental rights” and had told Yamaha in no uncertain terms that he “wanted to see his boy”. Amal hadn’t liked it, but they’d agreed to at least one or two visits every few years, and he was allowed to ask for this before he graduated.

He’d shown up to the apartment with a few things– a suitcase full of clothes, his backpack, an attitude. Yosef hadn’t appreciated the last of these items, but Derek could honestly care less about what he appreciated. Chill Nursey was already in effect, and the fuck who’d accidentally knocked up his mom at a party didn’t mean shit to him.

too many white lines and, white lies

He’d spent his whole birthday coked up after a shitty, awkward brunch that had made his stomach ache for Miz Lou’s cooking, the sugar crusted blueberry scones with almond milk she made every year for his breakfast if he wasn’t out or gone for the year, a dismissal heavy in his heart when Yosef mentioned “a business meeting” or some other nonsense. Grant, Jeremy, and Mitchell had all barged into his apartment at three, a big bag of weed and a little coke on each of them, and he snorted four lines before Jeremy and Mitchell could 

super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

Nursey thought someone had spiked his drink and he knew he would be throwing up all day tomorrow, but he was high as fuck, he was higher than a goddamn kite and his heart was pounding, his blood was rushing in his head, racing like a horse and he looped his arms around some dude who got handsy fast and he hoped didn’t give a fuck about him. He saw Grant’s flash go off, snapping a picture just as the dude pulled him flush with his hands over his ass He didn’t care. He didn’t care anymore, because after this year, he’d probably never see these fucking assholes again, and good goddamn riddance– he stuck his middle finger up at Grant and let the dude grind up against him and kiss him sloppily

real love (ain’t that somethin’ rare)

Nursey woke up naked in his bed, damned by his eastern-facing window, and ran to the bathroom, retching, clutching a sheet in his hands desperately. He’d almost missed the bowl– his whole body ached with the effort of not passing out.

“I think you should go home,” Yosef’s voice said from behind him, and Nursey wiped his mouth on his “father’s” white sheet.

“My fuckin’ pleasure, Daddy Warbucks,” he muttered.

i’m searchin’ for that real love (talkin’ bout real love)

Nursey could feel Yosef’s glare as he shooed Jacob out of the house. Good, he thought visciously. Let him see. It wasn’t as if he would see him after this year. Eighteen, and he was finally fucking free.

Before he left, Nursey flung the chair someone had left out on the curb at his father’s car– when he shouted from the window, Nursey ran for the L-train, not bothering to look back.

real love, yeah

Nursey’s not sure when he started crying, but he knows Chowder’s squeezing his shoulder and Dex is whispering “blow out the candles, Nurse,” and he does, he blows them hard, hiccupping, smiling, and when he’s done, he buries his face in Dex’s shoulder with shaking shoulders.

“Group hug!” Ransom shouts, and suddenly, he’s tumbling to the ground, laid out on the kitchen floor in hysterics. Everyone in the Haus is piled on top of him, even Jack, who he can hear chuckling quietly somewhere off to his right, and he feels warm in the best of ways. He peeks his head out and flash goes off– it’s Bitty, who somehow managed to escape from being wrestled into the pile. He’s crying too. It’s streaming down his face, but he’s laughing, a hand pressed to his mouth to hide his smile.

“The pie is gettin’ cold, y’all, and i’d bring sweet tea to the devil before lettin’ my frogs eat a lukewarm meal on a birthday.”

talkin’ bout real love

Nursey eats sweet potato pie sitting on the counter, squished between Dex and Chowder, his feet swinging. His head is leaned against Dex’s shoulder, ankles linked with Chowder’s, and he thinks this is the best birthday he’s ever had.

FTM Passing Tips #2

Please excuse my poor humor (;

(Short dude problems)
I am with you, brother. Here are some tips for my homies:

- Shirts and pants with vertical stripes make you appear taller. Just don’t stand next to tall titan people.

- Tighter pants makes your legs look thinner, therefore making you look taller.  

- Nothing wrong with being short. You could land some clothes in the boys department. I found my favorite Avengers shirt in that section. 

- Creepers/platform shoes are so rad, man. They add a few centimeters to your height and look hella punk rock.

- Jackets and coats that cover your bunbuns are comfy, but they make you look short. Maybe you can add a pair of creepers and a beanie and call yourself a tall punk rock homie.

- If you find a pair of pants that are too long, you can fold the bottoms up.

More tips:

- Make sure your shirt collar isn’t too loose around your neck. Tightening your bowtie or tie might help make your collar shirt appear more of a good fit on you. But be careful not to tighten it too much.

- CHEATING BOWTIE TRICK: I used to sew bows for my sisters to put in their hair, and I had some leftovers without bobby pins. I had an idea to use a string and tie the bow around my neck as a ghetto bowtie and it looked like a fine ass bowtie. Search up “bow no sew tutorial”. 

After making a bow, just pull a string that’s long enough to tie around your neck comfortably through that little middle loop and tuck the tied string ends under you collar shirt. Tadahhh $5 or less bowtie :D

- Longer vests hide them curvy hips, bruh.

- Trench coats are nice. Makes you feel like a badass fallen angel (;

- Fixing the seams of your clothes can help make a better fit for your body. You can even take old, baggy clothes and resew them as new ones.

- TWEEEEEED. Tweed is good. Makes you look like a polished gentleman. 

- Newsboy hats are pretty swell. Easy fix for a bad hair day. 

- Caps and snapbacks are cool too. 

- There are several makeup tutorials on making yourself look more masculine. Just Google “crossplay” or “ftm” makeup. The main tips are to contour your jawline, nose, cheekbones, neutralize the color of your lips a little with a dab of concealer, and fill in your eyebrows. 

- *Morgan Freeman’s voice* OLD SPICE.

- A pair of oxford and chukka shoes can take you far with most outfits. Yes, even in pjs and sweats. Just watch out for the fashion police. 

- Binders are awesome and will flatten your chest.
And don’t get a cheap $10 binder from China on Amazon if you plan to wear one daily. I bought one, but the material was not elastic. I rarely wear it. But it works fine if you’re cosplaying.

- Sport bras are a good substitute for binders. The ones designed to compress breasts are even better.

- Socks can get you a male yoohoo bulge. And it’ll keep your yoohoo warm during the cold winter! It’s like a sweater for your yoohoo! Oh my god, I’m never getting a date…

- Watches are great. But POCKETWATCHES, MMM YAS

- Polo shirts look good. Darker colored polos will help hide your chest.

- KNITTED SWEATERSasdfgljkklhsda;

- You can get a lot of male clothes from WalMart or Target. Don’t underestimate Walmart’s clothing selections. You can get work out gear, Hanes or Fruit of the Looms boxers, briefs, superhero t-shirts for less than $10, plain t-shirts, basically a whole wardrobe at these two stores. So instead of going to GAP and spending half of your rent on a few things, you can probably get a cartload of clothes and stop by for a dvd and some snacks at Walmart. 

- If you want to start a new wardrobe, buy simple and neutral-colored clothes first. It’s easier to mix and match black, white, gray, beige, and navy blue colored pants and shirts together than say, green, mahogany, red, and light blue. 

- Check out minimal fashion. It’s simple and uses basic colors for each outfit, usually black and white. 

- H & M has a wide variety of nice-looking clothes. I would say it has a better quality and designs compared to Forever 21.

- If you’re too lazy or shy to shop around at the mall, try online shopping. 

- If you’re buying cheap t-shirts or any other clothing on Ebay or Amazon, MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE REVIEWS. I ordered a design t-shirt from China a few months back but it has never been shipped to me.

- AND WATCH OUT FOR THE SIZES. Check your measurements. Asian clothings are mostly one size smaller. Not all sizes are universal. A small size for males can be a medium for females. I bought a coat online WHICH IS PRETTY RISKY that was a size small but ended up being too big for me. Ended up Christmas gifting it for my dad.

- Barbershops are better for male haircuts than hair salons, or so I’ve heard.


Thank you guys for all the notes on my 1st FTM tips post. I felt that I’ve done good and offered a helping hand to people. You guys take care (’ v ’)/


And here’s some more recent tips:

- Guys usually stick their chests outward and keep their shoulders back rather than hunch over. This posture would help boast your confidence.
- If you want to start working out but are afraid of working out in a public gym, find a work-out buddy to support you or exercise at home with free weights. USE YOUR SURROUNDINGS. TEXTBOOKS CAN BE USED AS FREE WEIGHTS. BENCHPRESS YOUR ELECTRIC GUITAR.
- Be careful when working out while wearing your binder. You may have to take longer breaks. If it helps, wear your binders a tad bit looser.
- Pick up dancing, martial arts, tennis, rock climbing, swimming, or any form of physical exercise to keep your body and brains healthy.
- When you’re coming up with a work-out plan, balance out cardio and weight-training days. You have to do cardio to help you tone your body.
- Some foods can help you lower your estrogen levels and increase your testosterone. Here are some: tuna, oysters, egg yolk, cabbage, asparagus, garlic, bananas, almonds.
- Lean your head back. Take a deep breath. Now exhale. You got this, man. Don’t worry. You look great.


Well, this is going to be a reeeeally long post… so, be prepared.
I’ve always loved Christmas: I love buying presents for my friends, love the shiny lights down the streets, the atmosphere, the ritual of decorating the Christmas tree and making the nativity scene (I used to  do that with my sister when we were living at my parent’s house), the fact that I can stay with all my family (and my doggy of course) and just enjoy the time together and have long conversation with my cousins or my grandma.

I’ve had a beautiful childhood and I decided to put some of my memories in this drawing.
It’s a little present for all of you, for your tireless support, for your kind words in chat or asks. I’m grateful for this full year, even if it has been a bit difficult and, sometimes, I was really scared.
I want to thank all the tumblr community and wish you all the happiness in the world.

If you are interested there’s an “explanation” of the drawing under the “read more” line, useful for those who aren’t Italian and want to know more about some of our Christmas food and traditions.

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Springtime RecipesStrawberry Macarons

These adorable little heart-shaped strawberry macarons are infused with strawberry flavour in every layer (no artificial flavouring)! So good, you wouldn’t want to share!


For Macaron Shells:

• ½ cup (10gr) freeze-dried sliced strawberries (yields about 3 tablespoons of powdered strawberries)
• 1 cup (100gr) almond flour
• ¾ cup (100gr) powdered sugar
• 2 large egg whites (about 70gr)
• ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
• ¼ cup (50gr) sugar
• ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
• Red gel food colouring

For Filling:

• 3 tablespoons (40gr) unsalted butter, softened
• ¾ cup (100gr) powdered sugar
• 2 teaspoons heavy (whipping) cream
• 1 tablespoon strawberry jam, plus additional 2 - 3 tablespoons for the filling
• ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
• 1/8 teaspoon salt


• Place the freeze-dried strawberries between two sheets of parchment paper. Using a rolling pin, crush the strawberries into a fine powder. (Alternatively, you can use pestle and mortar, or coffee grinder).

• In a medium bowl, sift together almond flour, powdered sugar, and powdered strawberries twice. Set aside.

• In a large mixing bowl with whisk attachment, beat the egg whites on medium speed until foamy. Add cream of tartar and continue to beat. Slowly add sugar one tablespoon at a time. Increase the speed to medium-high and beat until hard peaks form. Add vanilla extract and red food colouring. Beat on medium speed for one more minute.

• Sift the almond flour mixture over the whipped egg whites. Gently fold the mixture, running the spatula clockwise from the bottom, up around the sides and cut the batter in half. The batter will look very thick at first, but it will become thinner as you fold. Be careful not to over-mix it though. Every so often, test the batter to see if it has reached the correct consistency. To test the batter, drop a small amount of the batter and count to ten. If the edges of the ribbon are dissolved within about ten seconds, then the batter is ready. I repeat: do NOT mix again. If you still see edges, fold the batter a couple more times and test again. This step is so crucial, so please make sure to test often to ensure not over-mixing the batter.

• Transfer the batter into a pastry bag with a round tip.

• Place the template with hearts under the parchment paper on a baking sheet. Pipe the batter as if you’re drawing two hooks facing each other, tracing the template. You’ll get about 58 single shells on two baking sheets.

• Tap the baking sheets firmly on the counter a few times to get rid of any air bubbles. If you don’t release the air bubbles, they will expand during baking and crack the beautiful macaron shells.

• Let the macarons rest and dry for 15 - 30 minutes. On a humid day, it might take an hour or so. To see if it’s ready to be baked, lightly touch it. If the batter doesn’t stick to your finger, then it’s ready.

• Preheat the oven to 300°F (150°C).

• Bake the macarons for 18 - 20 minutes. To check the doneness, remove one macaron. If the bottom does not stick, they are done.

• Transfer to wire rack and allow to cool for 15 minutes. Then carefully remove from the baking sheets.

• While macarons are drying, prepare the strawberry buttercream. In a mixing bowl with whisk attachment, beat the butter until fluffy. Add powdered sugar, heavy cream, strawberry jam, vanilla extract and salt and beat until well combined.

• Transfer the buttercream into a pastry bag and fill the macarons, leaving a small hole in the middle. Using a small spoon, drop a small amount of strawberry jam into the hole. Cover with the other shell, and done!

• It’s best to serve the macarons the next day.

• Store the filled macarons in an airtight container inside the refrigerator for up to 5 days. You can also freeze the filled macarons in an airtight container for up to 5 months.

The Longest "I Love You" Ever

@wibblywobblytimeywimeygirl | AO3I had so much fun writing this fic! It’s not exactly a domestic AU, but it does have a lot of fluff with domestic elements so I hope you enjoy reading it! - @argento-capitani

Instead of leaving Beacon Hills with Braeden, Derek decides to stay around and keep to himself. Stiles somehow worms his way in and hatches a grand plan to give Derek the best Christmas ever.

December 2014

Stiles was looking at Derek as if he has just told a 3-year-old that Santa wasn’t real. Which, well…

“You don’t celebrate Christmas?” Stiles asked incredulously, crossing his arms and looking around at Derek’s woefully undecorated loft. He whipped his head to Derek, narrowing his eyes at him suspiciously. “Am I missing something? You’re not Jewish, are you? Can werewolves even be Jewish?”

Stiles had dropped by on behalf of Scott to invite Derek to the New Year’s Eve party their pack was throwing. Another attempt to make him feel welcomed and included.

Derek appreciated the sentiment, and although he and Scott were on good terms after what went down in La Iglesia, Scott’s pack made Derek feel old. A little envious too, if he was being honest.

Surrounding himself with fresh-faced high schoolers seemed like a good idea back when he was an alpha, and that didn’t turn out so well. Scott ended up doing the same thing, more or less, but he pulled it off. In fact, he did better than pull it off. He got himself a pack, a family. Something which Derek royally fucked up. Twice.

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Sometimes you choose what to write about; sometimes it chooses you. A recent issue of Sports Illustrated featured a fascinating article by Susanna Schrobsdorff about the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc, an all-female, off-road rally that’s held every year in the Moroccan desert. Women compete in teams of two, driving 4x4s, trucks, crossovers, quad bikes, or motorbikes. It’s not about speed: they have to get from checkpoint to checkpoint using only a map and a compass, and the winners are those who travel the fewest kilometers—that is, those who navigate best. So I was thinking about why someone might want to do this… and then I noticed that Schrobsdorff had written that the mechanics who travel along as part of the rally’s huge retinue of support personnel are all men. And I thought, Well, this certainly won’t do. My disclaimer here is that I did a lot of reading about the rally, but I’m sure I’ve got tons of details wrong. Also my French is about as bad as my other non-English languages. Anyway, this piece is proceeding kind of like Pilot, in that something seems to want to be said, but I’m not quite managing to say it.


Myka drinks from her late-afternoon-lukewarm water bottle and wishes she were asleep. Being the only woman among a fraternity of men who think they know more than she does is always exhausting. Being the only woman on a forty-person team of mechanics that’s supporting a nine-day, all-woman off-road rally in the Moroccan desert? There’s probably a word for how much heavier that is, but Myka doesn’t know it. It’s only three days in, and she’s slipping into a very familiar trough of wondering why she ever said she’d do this again, the parched back of her mind cursing the name of the Army buddy who first got her this gig six years ago.

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Perfect (Oneshot)

Okay, so I made this before the second season was released, so it’s obviously not accurate at all. But it was something I imagined at the time and I really wanted to write it. I just wasn’t sure if I should post it at all. It’s the story that goes with these two pictures:

Perfect. This was the impression Lance always had when he saw Keith. He didn’t want to admit it, he wasn’t even sure of it himself. But whenever he saw him at the Garrison, when he saw how he kept his good grades so effortlessly, he couldn’t help but admiring him. Whenever he heard his fellow classmates talking about him, saying how amazing he was, he couldn’t help but being jealous of him. Whenever he was compared to him, he couldn’t help but hate him. He was better in everything. No matter what he did, he always made it look so easy. While Lance spend a lot of his nights studying, worried if he might pass the next exam, Keith kept his cool demeanor. He never looked like he had any problems. In Lances eyes, he looked arrogant and distant. It made him want to just push him off his high horse. He didn’t want to admit that whenever he saw him, he saw a person he wanted to be. To him, Keith was perfection. But that wasn’t true.

It was shortly after the paladins had been separated after escaping from Zarkons main fleet. Everybody was scattered across the universe with no idea how to get back. Those who could drifted around space, trying to find the others. Those who couldn’t were left no choice but to wait where they had crashed. Keith was one of them. His lion was severely damaged after the fight with Zarkon and it would probably take a long time until he would be able to take flight again. Lance found it weird that he was thinking of him now. He wasn’t the only one he hadn’t found yet after all. Actually, he didn’t find anyone. He was just flying from galaxy to galaxy, only landing somewhere when he needed to rest, always hoping the sensor build in his lion picked up a signal of his friends.
Where was he? Was he save? Was he hurt? Did he eat enough?
The blue paladins thoughts spiraled between questions like these. Knowing Keith, he was probably alright. After all, he lived a year in a desert. He’d be able to survive on his own. On an unknown planet. In the middle of a war. Somewhere in the endless space of the universe. Where it might take them weeks, months, years to find him. If he was even alive.
The boy shook his head trying to get rid of that thought. He would definitely be alive. He had to. He had to. He had to.

Repeating those words like a mantra, Lance kept flying aimlessly until he heard an alarm ringing through the cockpit. The sudden noise startled him and he quickly turned his lion around to search for its source, until he finally realized the alarm came from his lion itself. Realizing that, he opened the screen of his radar and kept staring at it.
Red. His lion picked up Reds signal.
Unconsciously the corners of his mouth moved up and he let himself sink into his seat with the most relieved sigh he had in ages. Only then did he realize his heart was beating fast at finally finding one of his team alive. Or at least the whereabouts of one of the lions.
The paladin quickly cut off his thoughts before they trailed off somewhere he definitely didn’t want them to be and headed into the direction the radar was showing him.
The planet wasn’t that far away, it was still in the same solar system as Lance. He entered the planets atmosphere and lowered the speed of his lion so that he could scan the surface for any traces of the red lion. The planet was completely covered in sand and rocks. There didn’t seem to be any water around. Or any sign of life. The boy swallowed at the thought of how someone could survive in a place like this. Just as he wanted to speed up his eyes caught a glimpse of shining metal. He quickly turned around to take a closer look and let out a breathy laugh when he saw a red metallic paw stick out behind one of the many mountains. Without hesitation, he flew into its direction and landed right in front of the red lion. It was stretched out like a sleeping cat instead of sitting upright with a barrier around it like the lions are supposed to be, but it didn’t seem too damaged. It’s mouth was open, which must have meant that Keith was at least able to get out.
Once his lions paws touched the ground, Lance practically jumped out and started to call Keith’s name. But nothing came back. The paladin went closer to the lion, checking it’s mouth and calling his name again. No answer. He started to worry that he might have left his lion alone.
Lance waited a few more seconds before he decided to go around the lion to see if the red paladin was hiding somewhere in the shadow of the mountain. Several meters and a few more calls later, he saw a figure leaning against a rock with his legs hold closely to his chest, face buried between them, right next to the robots hind leg. He recognized him right away thanks to the white uniform sticking out from the shadows. It was Keith.
With a big smile on his face he ran towards him, throwing his helmet away and calling out to him again. Upon hearing his name, Keith pulled his legs closer to him. This wasn’t the reaction Lance hoped to see. He realized that something was off and his smile and the enthusiasm in his voice turned into genuine worry.

“Keith? Hey, what’s wrong? Not happy to see me?”
He tried to crack a small joke, but it didn’t work. His steps became slower until he was standing right in front of his fellow paladin.
“Go away.”
His voice was muffled, but Lance could hear the tremble in his voice. He ignored his words and crouched in front of him.
“What? Keith, are you okay?”
“I said go away!”
Just as he wanted to reach out to him, Keith slapped his hand away with enough force to make Lance tumble backwards. The blue paladin was ready to yell at him, but his words were stuck in his throat when he saw his friends exposed face.

The first thing he noticed were his eyes. Gleaming yellow and wide with fear. They were swollen and he could see small tears running down purple cheeks. Then the ears. Trembling wolf-like ears where small human ears were supposed to be.
And there were fangs. Almost adorably tiny, but still sharp.
The creature in front of him was not a human anymore, it was a galra.
Several seconds went by in which the paladin had to take another look, just to be sure the heat wasn’t playing tricks on him.

It definitely was Keith. Besides the inhuman features, he still had the same face. The same small nose, the same almond-shaped eyes, the same stupid mullet that looked good only on him. Seeing him curled up like this, trying to hide himself from the world made Lances gut twist and there was only one question on his mind now. What in the world has happened to him?
The paladin slowly went back on his knees and moved his hand forward to touch him, to make sure that what he saw was real. But before he could even reach his cheek, Keith slapped his hand away and tried to yell at him.
“Don’t! Just…go away, leave me!”
It was a pathetic excuse of a shout. His voice was cracking and barely recognizable from his usually confident voice. Never has he seen his sworn rival in a state like this. So vulnerable, so fragile, so weak. His heart pounded in his chest painfully and he felt tears welling up in his eyes. He moved his hand forward again and expected another defensive move, but he was too weak to resist Lance anymore. His hand cupped the red paladins gently and he felt soft fur on the edges of his jawline, just below his ears. Without giving it a second thought, he pulled his friend closer to him, earning him a surprised gasp from his friend, and wrapped his arms around him tightly. It took a few seconds until Keith finally returned the hug and cried into the crook of Lance’s neck.
“Look at what I have become.” he said between his sobs. “I’m a monster!”
The blue paladin shook his head in response.
“That’s not true, Keith. That’s not true. Look at me.”
He pulled away from their embrace and held his face with both of his hands close to him, forcing the paladin to look at him. He tried to keep his voice gentle and steady.
“You’re still Keith. No matter what you are. You’re still a valuable part of this team. You’re still the pilot of the red lion. You’re still my rival. I don’t care if you’re human, galra or whatever.”
He pressed his forehead against Keith’s and lowered his voice, speaking in a tone he never thought he would use for his rival.

“You’re still a precious friend to me.”

A few more seconds passed in which Keith realized that, despite of what he was now, Lance would always be there for him and his sobs became louder, his tears streaming down his cheeks again. The blue paladin wrapped his arms around the others neck and pulled him back into a tight hug. They stayed like this until Keith’s voice became hoarse.

That’s right. He was still the same. Whenever he saw how gracefully he was able to pilot his lion, he couldn’t help but admire him. Whenever he saw him fighting off enemies, protecting his allies without regards to his own health, he couldn’t help but wanting to be like him. Whenever he saw his bright smile, his fluid movements, him, he couldn’t help but seeing someone perfect. He knew he wasn’t. Nobody was perfect, Keith was no exception. The person he has always looked up to was now in his arms, crying his heart out, broken and weak.
And yet, despite – or maybe because of – these flaws, Lance couldn’t help but see Keith as someone perfect.

Magickal Uses for Dog Rose

Planetary Association: Venus

Element: Water

Gender: Red: Feminine, White: Masculine

Deity Association: Aongas Óg and Brigit

Rose is the accepted love scent. Rose buds are added to bath water to conjure a lover. Place some in a red cloth bag and pin it under your clothes. Rose hips worn as beads attract love.

True rose essential oil (known as Otto) and rose absolute are expensive but worth it, one drop has powerful properties. DO NOT use synthetics. Rose oil is used in formulas designed to attract love, confer peace, stimulate sexual appetites, and enhance beauty.

Add red rose petals to healing formulas and spells.

A tea of rosebuds drunk before sleep induces prophetic dreams. Rose petal and hips are used in healing spells and mixtures. Rose petals sprinkled around the house calm personal stress and household upheavals. Roses planted in the garden attract fairies and are said to grow best when stolen.

Burn as incense for : Healing; Health; Love; Luck; Creativity; Balance; Anointing; Divination; Clairvoyance; Protection; Psychic Awareness.

A chaplet of roses or a single rose on the altar is powerful additions when performing love rituals. A tea made from the buds, which is drunk before bed will bring prophetic dreams. To answer the question, “which one”, take the green leaves from a rose. Inscribe the name of each of your lover on the leaves. The leaf that stays green the longest is the right one. Use in healing rituals.

A cloth soaked in rosewater and placed on the temples will relieve headaches. Add to mixtures and potions for luck to add speed. Carry or place in the home for protection, peace and to calm personal stress. Planted in the garden they attract fairies. It is also said that stolen rosebushes grow the best.

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[SCENARIO] How the Vocal Team will Propose (JH/JS/WZ)

A continuation of one of our earlier scenarios (How the Hip Hop Team will Propose). We will also be doing one for the performance team as well, so we hope you look forward to it!

A/N: WHOO! And that wraps the Vocal Team up! We really tried our hardest to make each of them unique in their own way, so we hope you like them!


-Scooped ✌️
-junnie :> 


Originally posted by grown-man-woozi


I think we all know that the Vocal Team are definitely the shyer, less expressive ones (other than Seungkwan) in the group, so we can see them turning to simpler, but sweeter ways to propose to their significant others. True to themself, their proposal methods may be really cliche but it will definitely melt any girl’s heart.

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Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: everything happens for a reason i promise thjs will all make sense im sorru i hope this is ok



Chapter Nine

“How long have you been there?” Dan’s mutters defensively, not bothering to question why he’d even crossed the road to converse with who he supposedly ‘can’t stand’.

Maybe he hadn’t been planning on a conversation. Maybe if Dan hadn’t turned around, his walk into London would’ve resulted in the expected stabbing after all.

Phil hesitates, adding skip in his step in an attempt to catch up with Dan’s slightly quickened pace. “However long it was since you last looked over at me.” He raises an eyebrow.

“What did you think crossing the road was going to achieve, then?” Dan raises his own eyebrow, noticing how weird it is to actually be talking to Phil outside of the four restrictive walls of the ballroom.

Phil shrugs. “The mutual acknowledgement of eachother would’ve been awkward considering we’re going to the same place, Dan.” He huffs out a thoughtful chuckle. “And given you obviously weren’t up for any icebreaking, I guess it was my duty.”

“Icebreaking?” Dan frowns, although he can’t help but feel a little impressed at Phil’s use of vocabulary in such a casually constructed sentence; although he’d have probably had to swallow a shocking amount of dictionaries in order to achieve that. “It’s not as if we’re strangers.”

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[160402] Teen Top Red Point Live in NYC Fan Account

i really wanted make a good fan account of teen top concert but im still in post concert exhaustion/depression stage… so ill gonna bullet point things i remember…..

  • they came out for the rehearsal like ethereal beings. i saw ricky first and was in awe HE WAS STUNNING. 
  • they looked tired, but they are more beautiful and handsome in real life than in any pictures ive ever seen
  • changjo wore a white tee and black pants HE LOOK SO GOOD BOOTY AND BOOP AND ALL. he also had a nice middle part!! (i usually dont prefer changjo in middle parts but it was perfect length he looked so hot i was not okay)
  • cap wore expensive trash bag during rehearsal 
  • they performed im sorry and dont i for rehearsal and answer 3 question and were very confused bc organizers suck!!!!
  • during ‘don’t i’ rehearsal i saw changjo body roll on the ground i was so???/???/???!!?! is this real??/ is he real??/? it was SO HOT I REALLY WISH I WAS RECORDING 
  • chunstra happened!!! tlist literally FLAGGED chunji down to pick kettle for Q&A !!! After he saw us waving our hands and pointing at kestra HE PICKED HER WHEN HE WAS ABOUT TO PICK SOMEONE ON OPPOSITE SIDE OF CROWD SCREAMS #CHUNSTRAISREAL
  • they were walking on the balcony btw the rehearsal and the show… changjo looked down at us and saluted…i cry asjdhk
  • the mics were horrible and the sound went out during ah ah, they all were giggling/smiling and angels started singing along to make up for it and they picked up right where they left off perfectly… amazing they are amazing
  • uhhh my eyes were pretty much glued to ricky and changjo the entire night they perform so well they are so fun to watch!!!!!
  • i lost 75% of my voice to just ricky alone bc i wanted him to know i loved him and he deserves the world
  • i have to tell a thing about ricky… u could tell he was really tired, but my friend nao wore a cute ricky headband. her and i were literally screaming for him the whole night and i think it made him really happy and his energy got higher and higher throughout the night. he gave every performance and dance 200%. if the world was a perfect place everyone would be a ricky stan. 
  • during a talk ricky said he was enjoying the show bc of our energy and i was so :’) 
  • during ‘i wanna love’ ricky was on our side of the stage. so ofc i waved my light stick and called out his name… he saw and made small eye contact with me… THEN HE NODDED AND POINTED AT ME like “Yes Hello i see you”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i then proceeded to scream bloody murder and died lmao. my whole night was made with that one gesture. i love ricky so much words cannot describe. he had incredible fan service throughout the entire concert!
  • my fancam from when ricky pointing at me is on twitter here :’)
  • its also at 1:46 of this video if anyone cares at all :’)
  • ummm they are so in synch i swear to god in my  ‘warning sign’ fan cam ( they jump in perfect synchronization i shed tears
  • during ‘i wanna love’ ljoe made a heart (i think he thought it was the end of the song heh) but it wasn’t the end so he got a little embarrassed and started smiling/laughing and chunji saw it too and laughed at him… SO CUTE
  • ricky RIPPED HIS PANTS like 4 songs in and had to go change!!!!! GOD BLESS THOSE THIGHS!!!! 
  • ljoe said to us “you know you guys are still………. pretty!” (gross)
  • cap’s solo was really hot i literally just stood there like “is this really happening??” he covered action bronson’s ‘baby blue’ and said ‘bitch’ multiple times i loved it he is very charismatic when he raps!!!!! he wore a comfy oversized sweater and looked Good. after baby blue he took it off but there was tee shirt under so sad
  • changjo performed ‘i fancy u’ by crush and killed it and also killed me!!! it was literally the highlight of the concert. his voice was amazing he did high notes and all so perfectly… he did a little shoulder roll ;;;; and little bit of rapping it was so HOT HES THE BEST
  • idk which song it was but ricky took a fan’s phone and took selcas. he tried to give it back to her but he couldn’t reach past the barricade haha. chunji had to lend him a hand while he reached over and returned the phone… i love chunrick :’)
  • i teared up during ‘cry’ bc it was beautiful, teen top is so beautiful
  • i also cried bc they showed a VCR of their practice footage and with a message that said “thank you for your support we promise to come back and give you a better performance” “pls be happy til we meet again” then the tears hit me….bc they make me so happy i was very emotional
  • at the end niel said merry christmas to us…. and changjo said good morning…. so cute;;
  • i stood behind ricky during the photo session…i was so starstruck. he was literally perfect and so sweet. his face is baby face, but very handsome with flawless soft skin;;;; he literally turned around in his seat to say ‘hello’ i said ‘hi’ really nervously back at him then i looked at changjo who was sitting right beside him… changjo was so big and beautiful i love his face. he has such nice bone structure;; so handsome. then i was said “ricky i love you so much” then he looked at me like “oooo hehe thank you” KAJShdlksj
  • when we took the picture ricky wasn’t facing forward he was turned half way in this seat and im so nervous to see how the family photo turns out aslkdjhask
  • niel was first for hitouch which overwhelmed me, istg he is so beautiful…. tbh the first things i noticed was his LIPS and his pretty almond shaped eyes!!
  • then it was chunji who looked like a porcelain doll he was literally glowing i dont understand how one can be that beautiful
  • when i went to hi-five ljoe, he was so c*te…. he was smiling at me and i just froze and i think i told him i loved him bc im gross. his skin looked so smooth i couldnt look at him for long bc he was very attractive (i hate him)
  • caps tattoos were really hot thats all i remember lmao 
  • i really dont remember my hitouch with changjo or ricky at all and it makes me so sad its all a blur bc i was so nervous :( but i told them both i loved them i touched their hands a little longer bc i didnt wanna leave :(
  • all i remember was changjo’s hands were really big and soft
  • all of teen top’s hands were soft!!!
  • in conclusion i love teen top with every fiber of my being they deserve the world and more…. so polite, so sweet, amazing live performers… just…. AMAZING. if you ever get the chance to see these boys live 10/10 would highly recommend!!!!!! 
How to Make Princess Mononoke's Mask

Hello friends!  Today I’m going to show you how to make Princess Mononoke’s full mask.

So to make this mask you will need:

  • One bowl (yes, a bowl.  Like a soup or serving bowl.  I found a reddish bowl that was about 9 inches on sale for under a dollar at my local Target.  I just made sure that it was sized so that if worn it would just overlap the bottom of my chin (as seen in the picture of Mononoke above.))
  • 3-5 Slurpee lids (I say 3-5 lids because while you only need three, it’s always good to have extras in case something happens to any of them. Any type of beverage lid that is round and has a hole on top will work for this (such as starbucks lids, slurpee lids, or some milkshake lids)  I asked the snack counter (once again at Target) for some lids and they were happy to oblige.)
  • Spraypaint in Red and Almond (The Red spraypaint is only really necessary if your bowl is not already the desired color. For the eyes, any sort of light brownish color will work.  I got almond-colored paint because it was the closest color the craft store had)
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • 1-2 12"x18" Sheets of White Craft Foam (it’s inexpensive, so I usually buy an extra sheet in case something happens or I screw up the first)

Step one is to spraypaint the bowl and slurpee lids.  

After you have spraypainted both the lids and the bowl, you’re going to want to trim off the excess edges of the lids.  I used a small pair of scissors and trimmed all they way around the lid in a sort of spiral.  I also found it helpful to make small vertical cuts in some of the trickier parts to make it easier to cut pieces off. 

Once all of the outer edges are trimmed off, use some small scissors (regular scissors will work but small scissors are easier) and carefully trim off the inner lip of the hole in the middle to make it wider. 

Next take your bowl and your lids and start positioning the lids where you want them to be on the mask.

Once you have them in their desired positions, you’re going to want to trim around the parts of the lid that intersect with the curves of the bowl.  This is important because if you don’t trim it, the lids will be oval-shaped when glued down.  Once your lids are all trimmed, trace out where you positioned them on the mask (I suggest labeling them so you don’t lose track of which goes where).  Then bust out the black paint and go over the insides of your traced circles, leaving just about a centimeter of space from the outer edges. 

(Note:  The positions of these painted circles are not in the correct places. (I messed up and had to redo it after this step))  After the paint is dry, You’re going to want to glue the lids down.  To do this, hold the lid in the position you want it to be in, then take your hot glue gun and put the nozzle into the opening and sort of drizzle the hot glue around the edges where the lid meets the bowl.

This makes it so that none of the glue is visible from the outside, giving the eyes a much cleaner look.  So after you glue all three eyes down, your mask should look something like this:

(Ignore the lack of black paint inside the eyes…  Like I said, I screwed up the eyes and had to redo them)  So now you’re going to want to make the white lines that go above and below the eyes.

To make these, you’ll need the sheet of craft foam. I cut out two shapes (about ¾" to an inch long depending on the size of your mask) following this basic pattern:

Primarily going by sight to make sure that the curvature and size would fit between the lids.  After you’ve cut the pieces out, hot glue them down in small sections, and when you reach the edges, fold the foam over the rim of the bowl and glue them down.  As the final touches, paint four small triangles at the corners of the eyes and mod podge over the entire mask. (You can do multiple coats if you wish.) In the end, the mask should look like this:


Pretty Little Clown

Clowns have been hidden in scenes throughout Pretty Little Liars. The clowns always make me think of Boo Boo’s Ice Cream, whose logo was a clown.

In Season 5, the tracking symbol on Mona’s laptop lead the girls to Boo Boo’s Ice Cream Factory. A locked Aria and Spencer in a freezer. Emily eventually rescued them, but not before they left their fingerprints all over the factory.

We then see  A walking around the factory with a flashlight. 

Emily was obsessed with eating these Freeze-Dried Almonds, which were Boo Boo’s

A screw driver with the name Boo Boo’s Ice Cream was found in Mona’s house after her murder. It was shown being analyzed by the police in the picture below.

The name reminds me of Boo Radley, from To Kill a Mockingbird.  They have used names from this book before, i.e. Radley Sanitarium. Which made me think the ice cream place could be linked to him as well. So what does this mean?

For those of you haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird, Boo Radley is a man who lives in an old house in the neighborhood. He never comes out and no one has seen him for years. He has a horrible reputation in the community, due to rumors being spread about him. The children of the town view the house as ‘haunted’ and that Boo is a dangerous monster. In reality, he is just a lonely man that had been through some bad things in his life. He inevitably saves the two main characters in the book from someone trying to kill them. The children come to understand Boo’s choice of staying inside alone all the time, because the world and the people in it are vicious.

Makes me wonder if this is a clue about A’s identity. Is he/she a person that has secluded themselves from society due to something bad happening in their past?

It is kind of hard to see, but the logo for Boo Boo’s is a CLOWN. 

Clowns have been shown so many times on this show, usually linked to A.

When Ezra’s son Malcolm was kidnapped by A, Aria later finds him sitting eating an ice cream cone. 

There have been many clowns in A’s lair:

The Great Charlemagne was a clown.

And we can’t forget the infamous episode where the clown turns towards Aria.

And then in this weeks episode, I noticed a clown in Dr. Cochran’s room.

It looks like there may be a whiskey bottle in there. It is interesting to note that Dr Cochran’s daughter said the way to get in to see him would be to bring him whiskey, and we have seen A with whiskey bottles on multiple occasions.

We also know that whiskey is Ezra’s drink

And Mr. Hastings has been seen drinking it.

And Wren orders it for Spencer.

And all these bottles of whiskey were put on Jason’s front porch by A:

I have always thought that A is someone with a deformity, maybe they feel like a clown and that’s why they hide under masks and hoods, and feels like they cannot live in society like everyone else, so he/she tortures the girls for living a life he/she never could.  This could potentially link back to Boo Radley living in isolation.

I think all the clowns shown are a representation of the real CHARLES (I don’t think CeCe is Charles). He/she sees themselves as a freak.

This mask is similar to a clown, with the red and white face.

So is the Queen of Hearts costume (which we know is relevant because Mona was holding the QoH card in Radley) 

It’s possible that the Qoh is the real A, Mona’s leader.

Had to throw the next picture in, just because I would love it if Aria was A.

All the clowns made me think of the book IT by Steven King. 

IT by Stephen King is a novel about friendship and the magic of childhood. The novel centers around seven core characters, friends who bonded as children during a summer of darkness. Twenty-seven years later, they reunite to fulfill a promise made that terrible summer. Evil lives under their hometown and, for some reason they do not understand, these seven have been destined to bring an end to the terrible cycle of death and destruction. These friends fought It once before, but now It is back, and they must end the evil for good. 

  • PLL is also about friendship and being tortured by an unknown entity for years.

IT is a unknown mythical creature in the book, but he is usually shown as a CLOWN. When the group of friends were kids, they were tortured by IT and IT killed people in the town. The book begins with Mike, who is a head librarian, calling all his friends from that summer, and asking them to come back to town, Derry, to try to fight this evil that has started up again. The book goes back and forth from the friends returning in present day, and flashbacks from that summer IT tortured them as kids.

  • In PLL, five years have passed since CeCe was put in Welby, and no one has bothered them since. They have all moved out of Rosewood. But then Ali calls them all to come back, and the game starts again.

One of the characters, Stan, in the book is found dead in a BATH TUB before he can go back to Derry.

When the group of friends come together 27 years later to try to fight the evil that has been terrorizing Derry, hardly any of them can remember things from that summer. 

  •  The liars couldn’t remember parts of THAT night when Ali went missing but started to have flashbacks over time.

One of the friends, Ben, walks into a bar in Nebraska and drinks whiskey when he notices a scar on his belly he had forgotten he had. Ben is afraid to go back to Derry.

  • The first time we ever see Ezra, he is in a bar drinking whiskey
  • Remember the Scar on Ezra’s belly from being shot by Shana?
  • This also reminds me of the scar on Ali’s leg. I don’t believe the story she used as an explanation was true.

Eddie, a hypochondriac, is packing every drug in his medicine cabinet to bring to Derry. Mike’s call has left Eddie confused and scared, but he knows he must return to Derry.

Beverly is awakened in the middle of the night by Mike’s call. Beverly begins to pack while still on the phone. Tom, Beverly’s husband, beats her.

Bill is a popular novelist. Bill is in England when he gets the call. Bill tries to explain things to his wife, but cannot remember enough to explain why he needs to go back to Derry. Bill has begun to stutter, something he has not done since he was a child, and this frightens his wife, Audra.

  • Bill being a novelist of course makes me think of Ezra. Also his wife’s name is Audra, which is similar to Aria.
  • He lives in England and there is some sort of unexplained connection to France/London in PLL.

When they were kids, Ben, Eddie and Bill built a dam that was highly advanced for their age and experience thanks to Ben’s eye for construction. 

Mr. Nell, a local beat cop, tells the boys they have to dismantle the dam.

The friends start to have flashbacks from that summer (just like the PLL girls started having flashbacks of that night). Bill tells them that when looking through his brother Georgie’s photo album, he sees a picture wink at him. 

Eddie tells them a story about how he went to the train yards, as he often did, one weekend that summer. 

  • We have seen trains around Aria multiple times
  • It was on the Halloween train that she wrote her name on the window with the letter A like ‘A’ does.
  • Aria & Ezra played with the train set with Malcolm 
  • There is a train set in Charles playroom in the Dollhouse

Eddie said he was walking past a house on Neibolt Street, and saw a leper. A few days later, Eddie returned to the house and went under the porch to peek inside the cellar windows. A leper climbed out of the windows and began to chase him. Eddie knew there was something alien about the leper as he saw orange pom poms, like a clown would wear, on its clothes.

  • We know A used to hide under the DiLaruentis’ porch.
  • And that Jessica had a lair in a storm cellar.

Ben has a similar story. Ben was walking home from school late one winter day. When Ben was crossing the canal, he saw the mummy from a movie he had seen recently walking on the ice. The mummy was holding a bouquet of balloons that appeared to float against the wind. 

  • A red balloon was tied to the letter Charles sent Jason

When they were young, the boys were bullied by a kid named Henry Bowers. 

  • I think its interesting that the story surrounds a bully, since Ali was the school bully…

Days later, Bill tells Richie he wants to investigate the house on Neibolt Street. . Bill and Richie crawl under the porch and enter the cellar. Richie sees a werewolf come down the stairs. The werewolf chases the boys into the coal chute where Bill lifts Richie up to try to escape through the window. As Richie is trying to get the window open, he can hear Bill screaming at the werewolf and firing his father’s gun. Richie climbs out the window and reaches back to help Bill. Just as Bill is about to come out the window, the werewolf grabs his leg. Richie manages to get Bill out, but the werewolf is not far behind. 

  • This is similar to the Halloween episode where Ali plans the pretend attack on the girls in the house.

Richie blows sneezing power at the werewolf, which gives him and Bill enough time to reach Silver, Bill’s bike. The werewolf comes after Bill and Richie as Bill attempts to get the enormous bike moving. The werewolf manages to grab Richie once, but somehow the two boys make it to a populated area without being injured.

  • This reminds me of all the times A has tried to kill the girls and they have barely gotten away with their lives.
  • The mention of the bike makes me think of Ezra because they always show a bike in his apartment
    • From now on when your watching PLL, look for a bike in Ezra’s apartment; its always there
  • Watch this GIF carefully, you’ll see a bike in the left corner

Maybe this is silly, but seeing Ezra on a bike always makes me think of…

The Wicked Witch of the West! Anyway back to the story..

One of their friends, Beverly, is in her bathroom preparing for bed when she hears voices coming from the sink drain. Beverly bends over and speaks to the voice, thinking it must be a child playing in the building’s basement. Suddenly, blood erupts from the drain, splattering the bathroom. Beverly screams, bringing her father into the room. However, Beverly’s father cannot see the blood. The next morning, the blood is still there, but Beverly’s mother cannot see it either. When both her parents have gone to work, Beverly goes and finds Richie, Ben and Stan. Beverly takes them to her apartment and shows them the blood. They can see it. Richie, Ben and Stan help Beverly clean up the bathroom. Afterward, Richie, Ben, Stan and Beverly go to a Laundromat to clean the rags. While they are waiting, Stan tells them how he was bird watching in Memorial Park and was nearly attacked by two dead teenagers in the Standpipe.

  • This entire scene reminds me of a few things in PLL
  • The girls find Ian’s dead body hanging in the bell tower, but when they return he is gone.

  • Remember when Spencer was in the Dollhouse and she saw blood on her hands? In the coming attraction for tomorrows episode (8/23/16), it looks like A has sent Spencer video of herself in the Dollhouse and it doesn’t look like their is blood on her. Was she imagining it just like Beverley?

  • And then there was the blood incident in her bag… 

Mike takes the group of friends out to lunch and tells them that the murders have started again. In a message found near the body of the last victim, the words ‘come home’ are written over and over in the victim’s blood. 

  • Anytime the girls tried to leave Rosewood, A would threaten them

Everyone agrees that it has begun again even though they cannot really remember what it might be. The waitress comes in with fortune cookies for dessert. When they begin to crack open the cookies, strange things come out. Ben’s has teeth, Eddie’s a cricket, Richie’s an eyeball. However, they are the only ones who can see these things.

  • The teeth reminds me of the A note that said “Dead Girls Cant Smile”

After lunch, Mike suggests that everyone take a walk around Derry alone and then meet at the library after closing for another discussion. Ben goes to the library during his walk, a place where he spent a great deal of time as a child. He runs into the clown, Pennywise, there.

  • This makes me think of the BREW 

Eddie goes to the field where a group of kids always played ball when he was a child. Eddie is nearly killed by the walking corpse of an old acquaintance. 

Richie walks downtown to Bassey Park and is pounced upon by the giant statue of Paul Bunyan. Beverly returns to the apartment where she and her parents lived only to find Pennywise waiting for her in the form of an old woman. 

The group of friends call themselves The Losers Club. 

  • This reminds me of the group of people -lead by Mona and Melissa- that wanted to torture Ali because she bullied them in school. They were literally the ‘losers’ in school- The Loser Club.

A few days later, the Losers began planning and building a clubhouse in the Barrens. They had wanted to build a treehouse, but Ben came up with the idea of digging a clubhouse out of the soft ground, creating a place hidden from outsiders. 

  • A built a Dollhouse underground…

While Mike is cleaning up, Henry Bowers (the bully) enters the library and attacks him with a knife. Mike is mortally wounded, but manages to wound Bowers, as well. Bowers leaves the library and goes to the hotel where the Losers are staying. Bowers goes to Eddie’s room and attacks him. Eddie manages to fight back and gets the better of Bowers, stabbing him in the belly with a broken Perrier bottle. Eddie calls Bill, and he makes the decision that they must return to the underground tunnels immediately.

The friends eventually kill IT once and for all by working together. When everything is over, all of them begin to lose their memories of the event. 

Bill stays in Derry with his wife, who is in a catatonic state as a result of seeing IT. The story ends with Bill taking her for a ride on Silver (the bike). Somehow, this ride brings his wife- Audra (really similar to Aria) out of her catatonic state.

I know many of these connections are a stretch, but it has always been something I thought about when I see a clown on PLL, so I thought it would be fun to get it all down in a post.

Hope you all enjoyed! Thanks so much for reading :)

Sticky Sweet (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: Summer is mundane and boring, lacking the promises she dreamt up in anticipation. And then he comes and shatters her window.

Original Scan: ©

The first time she sees Taehyung is past armfuls of brown paper bags.

Her mother is telling her to be careful with her organic peaches and yelling as she runs into the house, “Y/N, if you bruise those little things, so help me, I will bruise you!”

Her mother’s a little intense about their produce to say the least. Which is why she’s treating the bags of fruits and vegetables like newborn babies when she pulls them from the back of her mother’s car.

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a rude awakening

the moment seokjin’s voice shatters through to yoongi’s lovely dreams of billion dollar mansions overlooking entire cities, brightly colored maseratis and bentleys strewn across expansive lawns, and nice shiny bling presented to him on red velvet cushions, yoongi can already tell that something is terribly wrong and has that sense of foreboding weighing heavily in the pit of his stomach.

oh my god, what the hell!

“ugh, what is he shouting about now?” namjoon groans, flipping over and burying his head under the pillow.

a muffled, unidentifiable sort of gibberish comes from somewhere in taehyung’s general area, and hoseok agrees with whatever taehyung had said (how hoseok even understood a single word is a matter beyond yoongi’s ability to comprehend).

“don’t know, don’t care,” yoongi replies, copying namjoon’s action and stuffing his own pillow over his face.

it’s way too early in the morning for anyone’s shit, so yoongi is just going to roll over and go back to sleep.

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Title: Snow

Pairing: Markson from GOT7

Warning: None (??)

Genre: Fluff



Person A frolicking happily through the snow—perhaps seeing it for the first time—as Person B watches, more content with relaxing/observing. Person B looks away for one second and Person A jumps into a bed of freshly fallen snow, only to discover that it’s at least four feet deep. Person B glances back up to find A flailing their arms, stuck waist-deep in snow. 

As much as Jackson groaned and buried his face on the pillow deep enough to run out of oxygen in a matter of minutes, he couldn’t make the nuisance stop. A bouncing weight on the mattress and a raspy yet high pitched noise disturbing him and his dreams. It took awfully long for the black haired to put the pieces together, blame it on the lack of sleep and finals. Now, with a frown on his face that made all his wrinkles stand out, and that’s a lot to say for a 21 year old college student, the person standing on the way from him and his dreamland was tapping his bare arms rather forcefully, moving him slightly with every push.

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Miraculous Ladybug - Love Square Week - Day 1: Senses

Hello, hello, hello!

This is my first time ever participating in a fandom week!

So, this is a bit exciting for me.

I also haven’t written in an incredibly long time, but I hope it isn’t too rusty.

Pairing(s): Marichat

Rating: General Audience

Warning(s): Food


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He was the grandson of a lowly mechanic, stuck with the “less”. She was the daughter of a wealthy mayor, looking for more. They should never have met, but on a scorching summer’s day, by chance, they did. 

A Hakona A/U fanfic.

This came to me spontaneously this morning and I just had to type it up. It’s a one-shot, but I’m open to continue it if you guys like it, so let me know :) Enjoy!

(Yes, the title is meant to have a double meaning :P)

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anonymous asked:

Just for giggles, can you give a personal appearance criticism for both Rukia and Orihime. Both their former and current appearances.

In my opinion Orihimes face has totally changed, while she was somewhat pretty and attractive before the time-skip, she consistently looks strange to me in the newer arcs.

As you can see, especially in the middle panel comparisons – her face has made some drastic changes and not for the better either – Orihime now has a much larger forehead, way smaller chin and much less full cheeks – her face used to be heart shaped and now is very, very round or almost oval, with often side dropping wide eyes….as opposed to her round very youthful former eyes.  She hardly resembles her old more attractive self. Her hair no longer compliments her face, as her overall face shape has been altered from Heart shape>Round, with bangs framing her very round face, making it appear even rounder. Which is rather unflattering.

As for Rukia; She’s always beautiful to me, this should come as no shocker.

Kubo has always taken care to remain consistent with her, she has always had round eyes when she’s happy or very sensual appearing cat like or almond eyes when she’s drawn in those come-hither poses (examples; Snow white cover as well as Ichigo’s Fullbring memory), she’s always had even lips, a round face, with a very well shaped narrow short chin, while her face and hair style has always been complimentary to one another.

In terms of who rocks their new style better, I don’t think its a competition; the winner is Rukia. She can go from innocent little kitten to temptress whose still got class in 0.4 seconds.

Orihime however…goes back and forth between desperately wanting attention to stripper who got randomly cast in a Quentin Tarantino martial arts film.

In all honestly, anyone who says they like Orihimes new outfit is kidding them-self, because they know the chances of her getting a new look before the end of the manga is slim, so they are trying to grin and bare it. Meanwhile we can honestly say Rukia looks good in anything she has done in the new arc. Sorry, but its the truth.