and it has no sense in other language

If anyone reading this wants to learn a new language or get better at a language that you’re currently learning, I HIGHLY recommend this app called HelloTalk! It basically let’s you make a profile and then you get connected to people based on what language you want to learn. 

It’s also really rewarding in a sense because you also get to help them learn English. And everyone on there is usually really nice and I’ve even made a couple of good friends just because we talk so much (you can talk to them as much as or as little as you want it’s just like texting any other friend sort of except you’re both in it to learn a new language!) 

So yeah give it a try! I’ve been using it to learn French before I study abroad and it has helped me immensely. 

Jon Statistically Acts Way Different Around Daenerys And Sansa

I ran the scripts and selected the dialogues of three characters: Jon, Daenerys, and Sansa and did some analysis of their word counts and their most commonly used words and phrases. The results are actually really really interesting and I’ve reached a few conclusions and confirmed a few assumptions I had before I started.

First, a few basic charts…

This is the total word count of Jon and Daenerys respectively in season 7. I think an entire season is enough to extrapolate some conclusions in WHAT the characters said, HOW FREQUENTLY they spoke, and TO WHOM they spoke. Here are my conclusions, with supporting data.

1.) Jon Snow is really uncomfortable and quiet around Daenerys.

In scenes that Jon Snow and Daenerys shared - she completely dominated the “conversation”. She speaks almost twice as much (!) as Jon in the scenes they share but actually Jon has a fair amount more dialogue in the season as a whole. I only counted dialogue spoken to each other.

2.) Jon and Daenerys speak a different “language” when together.

The difference between Jon and Daenerys isn’t just about quantity of word usage. They are drastically different when it comes to what they talk about.

These are Jon Snow’s 25 most commonly used words for his scenes with Daenerys. He addresses her formally. He speaks mostly commonly about his people - the threat to the North - and his perceptions. How he senses the world. “See” “seen” “real” “know” “think”. There’s nothing about his family. North doesn’t even register. He does seem to speak about being burned. Neither Stark nor Targaryen register on Jon’s list.

These are Daenerys’ 25 most commonly used words for her scenes with Jon Snow. There’s all sorts of talk about her family. Her children. Her dragons. The North as a proper noun and north as a directional indicator both register on the list. “North” wasn’t even on Jon’s. She somehow used perpetuity enough for it register. She mentions Jon’s house by name and also hers. There’s kneeling. There’s “born” “last” “best”, words that all have to do with legacy. She speaks much more personally and philosophically to Jon than he does to her.

3.) While Daenerys’ rate of speech is basically the same regardless of whether Jon is there, Jon only uses way less words with Daenerys.

It’s not just that Jon is a silent, brooding type who refuses to open up to anybody. Despite spending most of the season with Daenerys, Jon actually speaks more than 3 times more frequently with characters other than Daenerys

Jon’s word bubble now contains language that infers that he thinks frequently about family, his father, the north, specific names of people, the Stark name. Now some of this surely is due to the audience he’s speaking with, but the passive/active voice and his word choices are extremely different.

On the other hand, Daenerys’ behavior changes very little when she is with Jon versus when she is with other characters. She spends the season about equally split between Jon and other characters. Her rate of speech doesn’t change very much and her word usage is also roughly identical.

4.) Jon is significantly more open with Sansa than Daenerys.

Despite spending two episodes with Sansa and 4+ episodes with Daenerys, the dialogue between Jon and Sansa is almost identical to that of Jon and Daenerys. His word usage also changes. He asks more questions with Sansa. He talks about “father” and the north and Winterfell. I only included scenes where Jon spoke directly to Sansa.

5.) When she’s not with him, Sansa talks about Jon and what Jon needs….a lot.

These are Sansa’s most commonly used words. Her most common words (other than know) are Jon and Winterfell. Those seem to be the two most important things to her. She also uses the names of other individuals. Arya, Cersei, Bran missed the cut by one word usage. She mentions family, the North, home, Lady. She is almost singularly focused on protecting her home for Jon. Her uses of “men” “need” and “trying” are almost always in reference to trying to get men they need “for Jon”. In almost every single instance. Her speaking patterns are very similar to Jon’s when Jon is not with Daenerys.

Main Conclusion: Even though Jon and Daenerys shared significantly more screentime than Jon and Sansa, the viewers got two entirely different versions of Jon Snow.

a.) Jon Snow with Daenerys: Jon Snow talks far less often. Asks almost no questions. Does not seek her opinion. He only seeks her help with the Night King. He doesn’t ask her about her family. He doesn’t tell her about his family. JON SNOW DOES NOT SUDDENLY STOP CARING ABOUT FAMILY WHEN HE GOES TO DRAGONSTONE.

b.) Jon Snow with Sansa: Jon talks with far more frequency. He asks her a lot of questions. He asks her opinions. He discusses family with her. Their father (*wink*). The North. The things he cares about. He doesn’t try to change the subject when a personal inquiry is made. 

c.) Jon’s conduct with Daenerys in their shared scenes is MOST SIMILAR TO HOW HE ACTED IN HIS ONLY SCENE WITH LITTLEFINGER. LF prodded Jon to try to get to know him. Jon gave him nothing. Jon told him to leave and that he had nothing to say to him. The only time Jon opened up is when LF brought up Sansa…in which Jon proceeded to chokeslam LF against the wall. I think we can see what subjects cause Jon to open up.

There’s no way this is an accident. Jon does not want to talk about his home, his family, or things he cares about with Daenerys though he is able to do all of that with Sansa and a litany of other characters during season 7. 

Daenerys is who she is though she tries to fight it. She cares about conquering, obedience from her subjects, and intimidating her enemies. She’s roughly equivalent to Achilles from the Illiad. She desires the fame, the feeling of being the focus. She does have a fondness for Jon, but she dominates their conversations in a way that prevents her from knowing ANYTHING about him other than his heroism and what other people tell her.

Of the three characters that I looked at; two use the same language (excepting Jon’s scenes with Daenerys) and desire the same things. Two talk about family. About home. About their people. Jon and Sansa. 

If compatibility of a potential King and Queen is important, and it seems pretty obvious that Jon Snow could only realistically end up with one of Daenerys or Sansa, then the pair that IS the most compatible and open with each other is pretty obvious… 

Writing Unique Dialogue

Post was suggested by @silverinkgoldenquill.

Writing dialogue seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate to write. It can be tricky to find the right balance between dialogue that could realistically come out of a person’s mouth and yet still making it readable. That’s one of the first key things to remember when it comes to dialogue: normal people don’t speak in a way that is very appropriate for reading, but you don’t want to make them sound like pretentious robots. Skip the like, uh, um, stuttering, and other parts of casual speech unless it’s appropriate to the character and the situation. Which brings me to the main part of this post.

How do you make dialogue unique for each character?

  • Listen to other people talk. Maybe you weren’t expecting this tip and maybe it sounds odd, but a writer is a people watcher. When you’re talking to your family or friends (or standing in line at the grocery store with a bunch of strangers) try to listen to some of the unique markers of their speech. Do they use a lot of idioms or common phrases? Do they speak quickly and to the point, or do they speak with a lot of detail? Do they stutter? Ramble? Swear? Again, you probably won’t write the dialogue exactly like it sounds out loud but you can pick up some ways that you can make it more realistic and unique.
  • Use dialogue to match and enhance the character. If your character is a professor they could sound more proper, maybe use less contractions and a higher vocabulary. To make it more personal decide if this character is more humble in their education or is unbearably pretentious. A teenager doesn’t usually speak like their parents and the parents don’t speak like the grandparents. An athlete doesn’t usually speak like a lawyer. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that their speech is higher or lower, but they have different nuances that reflect who they are and what they’ve experienced. Make their personalities come across in their dialogue by using sarcasm, making them very factual, vulgar, optimistic, childish or whatever else they are. On that note…
  • Keep in mind the character’s culture and history. (Before we go into this, I want to warn you to be wary of stereotyping). Speech has everything to do with culture. From a broad sense the country the character is from can hugely impact the dialogue, whether that’s because they are speaking in a language other than their first and occasionally make some mistakes and have an accent, or have different vocabulary from others (chips vs fries, zee vs zed). There’s also more local differences like city vs rural, class difference, educational background, upbringing, etc. Just remember not to go overboard. For example, if you’re trying to show the character has an accent DO NOT write everything they say phonetically because it will be incredibly annoying to read so choose carefully when and how to show it.

jock/nerd dnp is all well and good, but i propose other high school tropes for u to chose from:

  • debater dan/science olympiad phil. imagine the arguments. both of them spewing a thousand words a minute, phil trying to reason with dan but dan just trying to win
  • actor dan/techie phil. sawdusty kisses n dan skipping rehearsal in favor of watching phil build stuff, shamelessly admiring phil’s arms when he picks stuff up. phil threatening dan with the welding torch if he doesn’t shut up, but not really minding. also phil knows all of the best places backstage to make out. dan almost misses every cue that performance
  • student council phil/absentee dan. dan’s always skipping class, or hanging out in phil’s classes instead, and phil just rolls his eyes and lectures him but let’s dan come with him. dan’s done this for long enough that he knows the bare minimum of what he needs to do to get a passing grade, and he’s definitely smart enough to keep up with everything despite only attending classes three times a week
  • artist dan/writer phil. dan hates words, hates how they say one thing but mean another, and can’t string together an english or history essay for the life of him. he likes pictures much better, the raw honesty of pencil lines and clay that words seem to miss. phil on the other hand can’t draw a stick figure to save his life, preferring the composition of words over anything else. he helps dan pass seminar with a high b, and dan in turn writes and illustrates a poem for him. it totally doesn’t hang above phil’s desk
  • straight-a dan/bilingual phil: dan gets the highest marks of everyone in all of his classes, a good memory and impossible work ethic carrying him forward more than raw book-smarts. at least until it comes to french. he’s fucking useless at the language, almost failing, and that irks him to no end. phil isn’t very motivated by school because he’s not every good at it but he was raised in a french/english household and he has ap bio and with dan, so it ends with them teaching each other and somehow, school seems to come alive for phil when dan starts helping him with it and french starts making some goddamn sense for dan when phil’s high-pitched giggles and unpatronizing pronunciation corrections are helping him through it 
Top 6 Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Last summer, while I was supposed to be studying French intensively, I accidentally started studying Mandarin instead. These things happen! The best thing about Mandarin compared to some other languages I’ve studied (specifically Persian and Korean) is that there are a huge number of resources available to help learners, including a lot of very well-designed apps. After months of obsessively checking the iTunes store for the best apps and trying them out, these are my favorite six (plus a few more worth mentioning). They appear in ascending order from my least favorite to my most favorite.

Worth mentioning: A couple of apps not included on this list but worth mentioning are Pleco and Skritter. 

Pleco is a highly-regarded Chinese dictionary. I have it on my phone and do use it, but I left it off the list because I prefer another (#6 on this list). Since I’m still very much a beginner, a thorough dictionary isn’t quite so important to me right now. However, it seems like every advanced student of Mandarin recommends this app, so I had to include it.

Skritter is another app that’s highly regarded among serious students. I believe it focuses on helping with character recognition and writing. It has a subscription service that is a bit expensive, which is why I’ve never tried it; however, everyone seems to rave about it. If you’re a serious student, you should definitely look into it.

Also, I recommend downloading some Chinese-language apps designed for preschoolers. I found several of them online in the iTunes store, and a lot of them include short stories with simple words, practice with basic characters, etc. Using these apps gives you some immersive listening practice, which is fun. They can be kind of hit and miss, so I recommend downloading all you can find and seeing what you can figure out and what you like. They won’t replace any of the apps below, but they still serve a purpose.

6. WCC Dictionary This is the dictionary I use instead of Pleco. I like it primarily because of its beautiful design (something Pleco doesn’t really have). This app is mainly a dictionary, but it offers a lot more than that. For example, it has a character scanner (so you can look up words you find in books by taking a picture of the character). It also has a “story library” with a few simple books to read (with Pinyin, the characters, an English translation, and the ability to listen to the story being read). Characters are color coded if you use that as a device to help you with tones. It has a flashcard program with pre-created word lists, extensive example sentences, a section on radicals with example words, and stroke order animations. It also offers a “character of the day” and daily “homework” to motivate you to use what you learn. The dictionary itself is free, but there’s a lot of content that you have to pay to unlock, although there’s also a way to buy the content using “coins” that you earn through using the app.

5. Mindsnacks Mandarin A lot of you are already familiar with the Mindsnacks app because it’s offered for a lot of different languages (and a few school subjects like geography). This app uses games to teach Mandarin, mostly focusing on vocabulary (not grammar or sentence construction). It’s a bit limited, but it can be a really fun way to learn. After a while, the games start to feel repetitive and can get boring, but the app also has you move through levels (which allow you to unlock new games) and uses other incentives to keep you playing. The audio is an actual human, too, which is a big benefit since many apps and programs rely on Google Translate robot voices. This is a paid app, which could be a drawback.

4. FluentU This app is the reason I started learning Mandarin in the first place. I tried using it for French, but I felt like my French was too advanced to gain much from it. Even though there were advanced-level videos with vocabulary I didn’t know, FluentU doesn’t do a good job of adapting to your level and guessing which words will give you trouble. That’s perfectly fine for a beginner, though, since every word will probably give you trouble, which is why I used it for Mandarin. I think the makers of FluentU are Chinese speakers, and they seem to have focused more on Mandarin in their app. They have a built-in course you can follow, using videos they made themselves for teaching the language. The videos are pretty good, and you will feel like you’re learning a lot. There are also a lot of other videos if you want to branch out, including some catchy songs and clips from commercials or TV shows. The built-in flashcard system is a good way to review, but there’s no way to adjust their algorithms, so you might end up reviewing the same words way too often. I stopped using the program when I had 400+ words to review every day, and I just couldn’t keep up and continue advancing. This app is also very limited in the free version, and the paid subscription is VERY pricey, in my opinion, especially considering that there are other apps out there that offer more features. All of the videos are on YouTube anyway, so you can still use them to learn as you advance (or if you have a friend who can help you). I recommend this app if you want to pay for one month and use it to study intensively and advance quickly. That’s what I did, and I think it helped me out a lot.

3. ChineseSkill This is the first app that was designed to be a “Duolingo for Mandarin,” and it has a lot of great features. There’s the typical “tree” like in Duolingo, where you advance through different lessons one by one. It teaches character recognition, pronunciation, and grammar. The lessons can be really challenging for a beginner (sometimes too challenging, I thought), but it covers a lot of material. I’m not completely happy with the order in which lessons are taught (for example, there’s a lesson on shapes near the beginning that has you learn words like “triangle,” which seemed unimportant to me). The other drawback is there isn’t an easy way to review what you’ve learned (like on Duolingo when your gold-level lessons start to fade). It’s possible, but not super easy to access. Other interesting features include a tone game, a pinyin chart, a “survival kit” that’s like a travel phrasebook, and practice with stroke order. Also, this app is 100% free, which is amazing! I definitely recommend this app.

2. Social Language This app is really different from the others and is probably the most useful if you believe in speaking a language as soon as possible. I don’t think a lot of English speakers know about it because it seems to be marketed mostly to Chinese speakers. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I’ll try my best: basically, there’s a tree like you have for Duolingo, but the exercises are all to improve your speaking and pronunciation. You work through the lessons, and Chinese-speaking users rate and comment on your recordings. They can even leave voice messages to help you improve. You can do the same for them (in fact, you have to if you want to unlock higher levels). That alone makes the app worth downloading, but even better is that it includes a CHAT FEATURE that makes it very easy to interact with native speakers. You can see the profiles of hundreds of Chinese speakers who are online at any given time of day, and you can send a text or voice message to them and later add them to your friends’ list. What’s more,the ratio of Chinese to English speakers heavily favors English speakers. You will find hundreds of Chinese speakers eager to practice their English, and often you will be one of only a handful of English speakers on the app, meaning you have instant access to a chat partner any time of day or night. Have a question about your homework, something you read, or a phrase you don’t know how to pronounce? Instant, free tutoring is available 24/7 on this app, which is also FREE! I met some really nice people here without the pressure of a more formal language exchange. You can have a casual conversation any time you want, and it’s like text messaging so there’s less pressure if you’re shy about speaking Chinese. The only drawback is the same as with all language exchanges, which is that it’s sometimes difficult to balance the two languages. Also, I had problems with sending voice messages in chat, which can be frustrating. Overall, though, I’d say Social Language is a must-have.

1. HelloChinese This app didn’t exist last summer when I was looking for a Mandarin version of Duolingo, but I discovered it last week and fell in love with it. It actually has fewer features than ChineseSkill, but the pacing seems much better, and it focuses more heavily on pronunciation (though the speech recognition software isn’t perfect and you will sometimes need to skip a speaking question just to keep moving forward). It comes with some good grammar explanations and a really basic flashcard program for review. Honestly, I feel bad for rating it higher than ChineseSkill since ChineseSkill has been around longer and offers a lot more features, but I feel like HelloChinese just makes more sense and is easier to stick with than ChineseSkill. Like ChineseSkill, it’s also 100% free! I consider HelloChinese to be my “core” app for casual study, with the other apps acting as supplements. If you’re a more serious student, HelloChinese might not be your #1 pick, but it’s great for beginners who like the structure of an app like DuoLingo.

anonymous asked:

one of your peter drawings got me thinking...his earpiece is actually a hearing aid

How cool would that be tho.,,,,HOW COOL. yondu and the ravagers picking him up and in the mix of everything peter lost his aid- and the ravagers not understanding why he wont listen to them- not understanding why his hands are shaking and moving so frantically….yondu asks him if this is some sorta game of charades before remembering DUH he isnt listening to you- “what! Are you deaf boy?” And practically screams it at him before peter nods exasperated because YES THAT’S EXACTLY IT. and then peter sits and has a good cry and suddenly things make sense to the ravagers now.

i doubt any of them really know sign language before peter teaches them best he can…yondu is the only one really alright at it…the others are too sloppy and have an easier time just talking to him and having him either read their lips or when he’s wearing his hearing aid.

IM NOT SURE THE ACTUAL ORIGIN OF HIS MASK, but i like to imagine yondu steals it from somewhere and gives it to him “so you can understand what im sayin all the time boy” AND PETER IS SO HAPPY BC IT LOOKS SO AWESOME??? he loves it… eventually tho, all the ravagers become pretty decent at signing and they all use it to communicate quickly and subtly on missions.

HIS TEAM THO, omg his team…drax always wonders why he never takes the earpiece off and peter has to go through another explanation as to why and that he doesnt exactly hear as well as others. Rocket obnoxiously asks why he keeps flappin his hands around and making dumb faces whenever he cant think of something to say…gamora argues that he’s expressive and “that’s just how humans are”. Peter rolls his eyes and has to explain asl “sometimes i just talk with my hands…like when you gesture, but uh, with more purpose”- “that’s a language??? Well i guess ive heard weirder…well- you know what i mean” ….so the team sets out to learning sign language (imagine groot only ever signing “i am groot”) and rocket thinks it’s pointless “you always wear the piece anyway, so why we gotta learn a whole other language…” but does it anyway and the dumb smile on peter’s face is totally worth it when rocket insults him one day using asl…

things about s3 shiro that don’t quite sit right with me: a mini masterpost 

this is kind of a follow up to this post, but more focused on his actual behaviour / things he’s done this season that are kind of…. inconsistent with the s1/s2 shiro we’ve grown to know and love. this isn’t meant to be definitive proof or anything - this stuff is hard to pinpoint/articulate and individually they all seem practically negligible, but collectively they contribute to the overall “wrongness” of this season’s shiro and i just wanted to get it all in one place. 

(note: i’m going to refer to s1/s2 shiro as “shiro” and s3 shiro as “kuron” for simplicity). 

  • he’s rejected by the black lion. i know i already mentioned this in the other post but i want to lead with this because it’s the biggest red flag to me. it just doesn’t make sense for the black lion to reject her former paladin. and sure, blue rejected lance, but lance didn’t have a 2 season-long arc about bonding with his lion. after shiro’s colossal breakthrough with the black lion in s2, sweeping their bond under the rug is just regressive. which leads me to believe that the black lion has sensed that this isn’t really shiro.
  • not telling the paladins about project kuron. granted, he doesn’t have all the info here, but his flashbacks about it seem to be enough for him to piece together that he was a subject in a cloning experiment (especially since kuron literally translates to clone in his native language). shiro in general is an unreliable narrator, but even when he didn’t have all the information, he’d share what he did know when it was pertinent to the mission. so it’s strange to me that that kuron just…. doesn’t mention anything about this to the others, because the idea of the galra cloning an army of shiros sounds like something the paladins really should know about. 
  • his weird hyperfocus on voltron as a concept. idk how to phrase this one properly bc he does mention the team later, but when he’s first talking to the rebels he says “what happened to the lions” instead of “what happened to the paladins” which demonstrates that his primary focus is voltron itself, not the paladins. but i think what stands out to me the most is that scene where he’s chasing the team and cries out “voltron!” instead of keith’s name (i say keith mostly bc keith is the one he expected to lead the team in his absence, but it could’ve been anyone). idk, it just struck me as oddly impersonal and cemented his focus on voltron rather than the team. 
  • undermining keith’s leadership in front of the team. this one is a little more complicated. on one hand, shiro has been a strong proponent of keith’s leadership since season 2. on the other hand, i don’t actually find it strange that he would return and try to assume his leadership role. it’s also not inherently weird for him to disagree with keith. that said, kuron swaying the team against keith on multiple occasions in the span of one mission just doesn’t sit right with me. historically, shiro has trusted keith’s instincts during battle - and that’s because he knows strategizing on the spot is keith’s forte. so it was weird to see kuron oppose keith at literally every turn. not only that, but kuron’s instructions to the team were contradictory and left them scrambling. which like, again, i’m not saying shiro never screwed up or made the wrong call. but there’s a difference between messing up and blatantly ignoring someone repeatedly pointing out the flaws in your plan, especially when it’s someone you’ve historically trusted. and based on the s4 trailer, it looks like he’s still ignoring keith’s advice, so. 
    • i don’t want to get off topic and get into too much detail here, but i also think there’s an interesting contrast between how shiro reprimands keith in private (ex. after keith repeatedly snaps at the others in the leadup to the bom episode) but is supportive in front of the team (ex. hugging keith in front of everyone after the galra reveal) in s2 vs. how kuron undermines keith in front of everyone and is kind to him in private. the situations aren’t exactly comparable, but again, it’s an interesting contrast. 
  • nonchalantly telling keith to lower the shield and take a hit from a ship that literally destroyed the castle’s particle barrier in one blast. do i even have to explain this one? shiro has always been visibly distressed when anyone on his team has gotten hurt, so kuron being like  “just deal with it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” is a huge red flag.

there’s probably more that i’m missing, so please feel free to add to this! 

(sidenote: i intentionally left out the thing where he holds the rebels at gunpoint, because like. shiro was a gladiator champion. it’s highly likely he’s killed people before to survive, and it isn’t a stretch to assume that he’d do it again if he had to.)


pairing: lee jooheon | reader
genre: best friends to lovers au / fluff
word count: 6,312
description: three times (okay, four) you didn’t mean to say you were his girlfriend… and you certainly didn’t mean to like it so much the last time either. 
author’s note: this was an impulse write… thank @jungnoir. honestly just thank her for most of my on the spot pieces. also, thank this for the inspiration as well! also… also, i dedicate this piece to @yongceo <3 

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Incident #1:

“For the last time, Jooheon, you can’t just mix up bedroom and bathroom.” You pinch the bridge of your nose, releasing a deep sigh.

He exasperates, eyes going wide by a few centimeters and voice getting increasingly louder, “Why not?! What’s so bad about that?”

You stare him in disbelief before letting go of your suitcase so you can reach over with your free hand that isn’t preoccupied with a carry-on bag just to give him a proper smack on the arm.  

He releases a string of curses and whines that you hear only the half of as a flock of bodies pass between the two of you. As per usual, the airport is still busy as ever with people running all over the place alongside suitcases and other fellow people who might’ve forgotten the exact time of a flight or other notions of the sort. Somewhere in the mix, warbled music and announcements over flights intermingle causing most of the mess.

Traveling in itself is a pain so you can understand the pandemonium.

All things considered, one has to be prepared, well-equipped with their clothing and other toiletries, not to mention making sure they have all the other necessities such as monetary expenses and room and board. There’s a whole new aspect to flying somewhere and situating yourself away from home. And although you’re frustrated with Jooheon over his lack of understanding in the one damn language you’ll both need -English- you can be a little sympathetic with the guy.

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What is ACTUALLY happening in this scene in the DBS Anime & Manga? + Japanese Translation

So, I’ve been waiting for the Super manga to come out and see how they handle this scene because its counterpart is really controversial in the anime. We know from interviews that Toriyama gives Toei and Toyotaro a general draft, and they fill in the rest, although Toriyama appears to be more involved in the production of the manga with Toyotaro (and working on a comic with someone is a more intimate setting than, say, a massive studio) so I’ve been waiting to see how this plays out. It turns out the dialogue in the manga is different, and I had a buddy of mine who translates Japanese-to-English for the DBZ fandom all the time take a stab at it. Here’s what she sent me:


“Goku literally says that Trunks puts his mouth against Mai’s mouth  (“kuchi to kuchi kuttsukeru” = place mouths together), but his “yoku” is giving me trouble here, because it can either be translated as “nicely/skillfully/well” or “frequent/often”.  To me it seems like Goku is simply refering to it coming off as a natural thing for Trunks to do.

Vegeta then says: “You… don’t know about that?”
Goku: “Mh? About what?”
Vegeta: “(About) that kiss(ing)…”
Goku’s “attarimee daro” can either mean “Well, of course?!” or “It’s a common thing to do, right?!”
Vegeta: (not stating WHO he is talking about) “…aren’t you married?” or possibly even “…they aren’t married?” refering to Trunks and Mai (they are in the panel after all.)
Goku: “Huh? Has that something to do with this?”
Like… I honestly don’t know what the whole point of this conversation is.

Are they completely talking past each other? Is Vegeta an idiot? Maybe Vegeta is like: “Duh, Bakarotto, why you so surprised two people put their mouths against each other?! You damn hick. You don’t know about that?! That’s what they call a kiss.” and Goku: “Yeah, of course I do, because it is a common thing.” I don’t even think this is about the momma-birding and more about Vegeta thinking Goku’s dumb and Vegeta being being uptight or even prude, because he doesn’t wat to continue the conversation, dissmissing it with an “Enough!”.

So, what Western audiences may not know, is that Japanese is a very contextual language, and if two people are having a conversation and assuming they’re referring to the same subject, but they’re not, they may not even realize it and walk away with a complete misunderstanding–it doesn’t help that in Japanese, usually, the context is implied, so if two people aren’t on the same page, misunderstandings can occur often. In the anime AND the manga, the “joke” is that Goku and Vegeta misunderstand each other due to this aspect of the Japanese language.

For the anime, most English and Japanese fans who logically concluded that, even with Goku’s childhood, common sense must prevail, and that the idea that Goku has never kissed Chichi after 20+ years of marriage and fathering two children with her–or that Chichi never even taught him what a kiss was or continued to remain ignorant of it when exposed to TV or public outings, figured that Goku was referring to Trunks momma-birding Mai–while Vegeta thought he was referring to kissing.

In the manga, Goku balks at the idea of not knowing what a “kiss” is, because it’s a very common thing. Like, duh, Vegeta. Interestingly, Vegeta’s option for translation here, since Goku has already stated he knows what kissing is, is to wonder aloud “…Trunks and Mai aren’t married?” which might imply that Vegeta has a more conservative view on kissing, or is wondering aloud about, after seeing his son kiss Mai, if they’re married.

When Goku asks,  Huh? Has that something to do with this?” the most sensible interpretation after what’s just been said, would be that Goku doesn’t see how kissing is something that is necessarily exclusive to marriage, so he wonders why Vegeta would even pose the question.

Before this though, Goku describes the literal description of kissing and with some awe, the manner in which Trunks does it–he hasn’t seen Trunks do it before now (which dismisses the “frequently/often” translation option) so Goku’s probably mentioning the natural manner in which Trunks “puts his lips up against her’s”, and in front of company in such a public and casual display of affection–all of which seems to have surprised Goku. The most logical interpretation of Goku’s response here would probably imply that he just doesn’t kiss Chichi in public or do PDA really, and thus the casual way Trunks “kisses” Mai in front of him and Vegeta strikes him as a culture shock. (which fits with the manga–and in the anime he’s only physically affectionate when they’re 1) alone or 2) around close friends or family)

Something which constantly baffles me is why so many people sort Sansa into Ravenclaw and Arya into Slytherin - because canonically, personality wise, this should be the complete other way round. 

Sansa is cunning, ambitious, resourceful, determined

She survives King’s Landing by being completely out in the open, and therefore nobody suspects her of ever trying to do anything questionable - because she always has eyes on her (or so it is believed), and she so frequently states her love for Joffrey, everybody believes she is who she presents herself to be. That is cunning

She held the aspiration of wanting to be Queen, alongside Joffrey, thinking how this means she could finally put Arya in her place - and now is aspiring towards being Lady of the Vale, and it is implied, through Littlefinger, the end goal is to have her crowned as Queen in the North. That is ambitious

She knows the society that she is in, and knows the rules and regulations, and uses this to her advantage. She gets people on her side by being the epitome of a well behaved lady, and knows the value of her beauty and her behaviour. She then turns this on its head to make her the one in power, her the one in control, and it elevates her out of the diabolical situations she is forced into. She uses the system she has available, and she plays it. That is resourceful

She is constantly wanting to get home to Winterfell, and everything she does is to aid that in the long run. The Vale is a safe place for her, but she has not forgotten what she is there for. She is there to eventually get home to Winterfell. All of the previous actions stated, actions which are cunning, ambitious, and resourceful, are underpinned by unwavering determination to get home. 

Arya, on the other hand, is intelligent, witty, creative, accepting

She speaks several languages by the time we reach ADWD, is good at mathematics, has a vast knowledge of Westeros’ history and constantly wants to know more, not only understands the societal system she is in but also questions it, knows how to lie and manipulate situations to her advantage, has knowledge of plants and can tell direction from them, and is very intuitive, sensing that they should go far before Yoren sounds the alarm in ACOK. This shows deep intelligence

She gives as good as she gets, regardless of class - jibing with Jon right from the off, hitting Gendry and arguing with him (with no small dash of intellect), when Lommy is going on and on about yielding and they leave him to check the path ahead and he asks “What if the wolves come?” she wittily, to mock him, responds, “Yield.”, gets hit by a range of people for her inability to hold her tongue, because if Arya sees a situation she can be witty and sharp in, she generally always is. This shows she is witty

Arya is confronted with a huge range of situations to struggle through in the books - and she deals with them in a number of different ways. From talking her way out of a situation, to using Jaqen H’gar, to straight up killing people herself, to learning how to play the game of Faces, to gaining comfort through warging as Nymeria; Arya shows she has a huge breadth of creativity with facing these problems. 

She also speaks with everyone, and gets on with and makes friends with everyone, regardless of their class. In fact, class is rather irrelevant to Arya. She never refers to Jon as anything less than her brother; he is a bastard, and she knows this is a big deal in society, but to her it is not, because she is simply her brother, whom she loves. This shows she is accepting

Of course, there is overlap between the two (they are, after all, sisters) - Sansa is most certainly intelligent and at times creative in the way she survives King’s Landing and onwards. Arya is most certainly resourceful and determined on her path. Sansa however, is not particularly witty, and certainly doesn’t accept everyone in the same way Arya does; and Arya meanwhile is not ambitious, and is not particularly cunning either. She has the ability to be, but does not enjoy the game in the same way Sansa does, therefore I don’t feel it counts. 

TL;DR Arya is a Ravenclaw, and Sansa is a Slytherin, and there is more than enough evidence to confirm this.

Camp Camp PolyDad HCs

- Jasper and Daniel sleep with David in the middle

-The occasional nights when Max has nightmares he’ll sleep in the middle with David

- Nature Dad™, Ghost Dad™, and Cult Dad™

- Daniel teaches Max Latin and it’s scaring the other dads

- “That better not be a demon summoning incantation, Daniel.” “It’s only a level one demon, David.”

- Jasper has a surprisingly good fashion sense and always takes Max shopping.

- Daniel and David drop Max off at school and Jasper picks him up

- Max can brag about all three of his dads

- He’s been suspended for fighting because no one talks shit about his parents

- Max came out to them as Bi and David started crying

- “Stop fucking crying, Dad.” “W.. Watch your language..”

- Jasper bakes alot and fattens Max up (let’s be real, he needs it)

- David and Daniel taught Max that it’s okay to take medication, it doesn’t mean he’s messed up in any way

- When Max tried experimenting with makeup and dresses, he surprisingly went to Daniel for help

- Daniel can do some bomb eyeliner

Feel free to add more!



Summary:  Simon is eleven years old and he has no friends and no family. There’s a voice inside his head that only he can hear, speaking a language only he can understand. And it may sound crazy, but that’s the only thing that keeps Simon from going insane. (Even though everyone already thinks he’s completely mental.)

OR soulmate au in which you can communicate with your soulmate/s in a language only you understand

Word count: 2263

Rating: T

Tags: soulmates au, a bit of angst (sorry), fluff, enemies to friends to lovers

Also on AO3

For @bazinjeanstm HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!! Hope your day was wonderful :) (And hope you like this)

Thank you @eroticgropefest for being my amazing beta, idk what I’d do without you

Ari’s challenge: I sort of “made up” a language for this but if you pay close attention you can actually understand it. Can you crack the code? (Hint: it’s Spanish-based) (Translations are at the end.)

It starts the same way great things always do: casually.

Simon is having lunch–or what the people taking care of him consider lunch–with dozens of other children around him, all being as loud as children are supposed to be, some even louder, thinking about how much he wants them to just shut up, when Simon hears it for the first time.


Simon looks around him but no one is paying him any attention. Simon must have misheard. He decides to ignore it and finish his plate, even though a strange thought settles in the back of his mind: it kind of feels like the voice has come from… inside his head?

The second time, Simon’s snuck out of his dormitory and gone up to the roof again. He’s lying on the floor, looking at the night sky, when someone voices his thoughts.

Éuq cheno nat tanibo.”

It is not a voice belonging to any person Simon knows. In fact, it actually sounds like Simon’s voice. Except, he hasn’t said anything.

Simon brushes it off again and keeps contemplating the stars, a soft smile drawing on his face.

The third time he hears it, it strikes Simon that the language isn’t English.

Bessa euq se ed lama cióncaedu rarnoig a guienal euq et táes doblanha?

And it should be English.

Teve a al damier,” Simon replies, jokingly, inside his head.

It should be English because Simon doesn’t understand any other language, much less speak them.

But it clearly isn’t English. And Simon does understand it. (And speak it.)

It doesn’t make sense. But that doesn’t matter – most things don’t make sense to Simon, anyway.

Simon is eleven years old and he has no friends and no family. There’s a voice inside his head that only he can hear, speaking a language only he can understand. And it may sound crazy, but that’s the only thing that keeps Simon from going insane. (Even though everyone already thinks he’s completely mental.)

So, Simon keeps talking to the voice.

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Addewid (XV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,390

Genre: Fey!AU + Series

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by intokai

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anonymous asked:

Rebecca probably is going to dump another Pearl arc on us to cover pearls backstory. That's the only way "we know the least about her makes any sense"

godddd that’s so unnecessary though why

if you reallyyyy wanna do backstories, then consider:

-how the crystal gems found amethyst (how has it been 4 entire seasons and we still haven’t seen how she joined……)

-actual info about the gem war?? yknow for making such a big deal out of the war they never actually impart any info on it to us other than a lapis backstory that was too vague for my liking (and wasnt really about the war anyways) and centipeedle, but even then there was a language barrier in the way when she was telling her story why do the gems have a gem language and never reference it or try to teach steven or translate it or anything

-fusion backstories!! the first time sugilite was formed, opal was formed, sardonyx, alexandrite, etc., maybe a pre-steven smokey quartz and a rose/garnet fusion? the temple fusion? jfc

the sad part is though, i feel like they are going to scrap that all in favor of “pearl cries for eleven whole minutes for the umpteenth time” at 7:30 est only on cartoon network ™

Reasons you Should Watch “No Evil” By Betsy Lee

It’s strongly influenced by Aztec and Native American mythology, as well as some shoutouts to classic American folk legends, while also standing on its own. If you’re a huge ancient civilizations nerd, you might appreciate that Chalchiuhtlicue, Goddess of Oceans and Rivers, is represented by a waterbending lizard. If you’re not a big ancient civilizations nerd, you might still appreciate the fact there is a character who is a waterbending lizard.

That said, the bloopers where all the voice actors muck up pronouncing all the character’s Aztec names are a delight

The characters are all shown to be complex, and to have complex relationships with all the other characters, and even with themselves. They each have unique and well-established personalities and quirks.

The plot involves a dark spiritual entity (referred to as “The Ick”) which was defeated by four characters who each sacrificed something to seal it away. One character gave her life. The other three are monkeys who each gave up one of their senses- sight, hearing, and voice (haha, get it? See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil… anyway). The Ick has somehow managed to return after several years, which means the spiritual contract that sealed it away somehow was broken, so our main cast is trying to figure out what happened and why, while trying to protect others and themselves from being attacked by the entity.

—–Xochiquetzal, the monkey who gave up her voice, communicates exclusively in sign language, but don’t worry if you don’t understand it because the youtube captions have your back!! You won’t miss out on anything, promise——-

Overall it’s a great story with great characters and animation, and it’s all a hobby project which makes it that much more impressive and fun. Please support the animator and her friends who seem to have such a blast working on this together.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to bother you but can you maybe recommend a few sasunarusasu fics? I'm feel like I've read every fanfic out there and I'm desperate for something new. Thanks!

Okay, let’s do this~! (Long post ahead, also primarily SasuNaru as that’s what I read the most >_>)

10 SureFire Ways To Get Uzumaki Naruto Into Bed by Benq

View Sasuke’s 10 ways to get Naruto into bed.

Warnings: Language, Cracky, One-shot

(Cracky little fic that in the end, tells you that the best way is to ask for consent :D)

100 Roses by Flika

Naruto gets roses for Valentines Day.

Warnings: SasuNaru, mega fluff, one-shot

(Just a really sweet fic tbh)

A Banquet of Blood and Pleasure by VioletWylde

Normal, healthy relationships have problems like arguing over who did the dishes last. Normal, healthy relationships are lived in the light of day. Normal, healthy relationships are boring. Our relationship is neither normal nor healthy. It isn’t perfect. But I couldn’t live without it… in fact I would willingly die for it

Warnings: Vampire!Sasuke, Blood tw, Language, Lemons

(In case you wanted something bloody? “>_>)

A Bundle of Promises by Infinite Vibrance

It all started when Naruto opened his locker one day and found a dangling rose, and with that rose… came a promise.

Warnings: Highschool AU, Complete

(A sweet fic where SNS gets together. Also a side fic is available known as A Small Box)

A Fox And A Hound by darkalbino

Not even nature’s rivalry can come between affection, as orphaned fox Naruto and hunting dog Sasuke are about to discover…

Warnings: Fox&Hound!AU, Language, Some dark/mature themes

(I love SNS!Disney fics like a lot okay)

A Penny for Your Fortune by abskjg

Sasuke unwillingly visits a ‘fortune teller’ who describes his soul-mate to him.

Warnings: SasuNaru, one-shot

(Once again, mostly fluff)

A Thousand Generations by Fifi McFu

Sentenced to a thousand rebirths, Sasuke isn’t enjoying the life of a mortal one bit. That is, until he changes school and lays eyes on a remnant from the Old Times who doesn’t seem to remember him.

Warnings: AU, One-shot

(Highly recommended! Actually anything by this author is highly recommended including:

Fireflies, Dirrty, Hunt or Be Hunted, Rivalry, Here be Maerfolk, Piercings, Uniform)

All the Small Things by michelerene

Life in the ER is hectic. Lives hang in the balance, tempers rise and emotions abound. Dr. Uchiha and Dr. Uzumaki deal with the tensions at work every day. And then they go home and deal with their own relationship.

Warnings: Hospital AU, Dramatic at times

(Ppl have their controversies about this author’s work, from The Divine Glitch to The Demilitarized Zone. My first fic from them was For the Love of His Son which still remains one of my fav SN fics on top of one of my first. However, this is the fic that holds its place as my favorite fic from this author. *Note, all the fics mentioned are my recommended ones tho For the Love of His Son has mpreg*)

Beyond War by Om0cha

The Fourth Shinobi War has ceased but the world continues to search for Naruto Uzumaki. The one entrusted to keep him hidden from both sides can only wait for a day that never seems to come, for the day when he can finally remind him, breathe.

Warnings: Takes place in War Arc then fast forwards 10 years, AU, Dramatic as fuck, Incomplete

(If there was anyway to prolong the Naruto manga/war arc and make it enjoyable, Om0cha found it. Seriously, all my favorite lines from any fanfic come from this fic alone. So, yes highly recommended as well as in my top 3 SN fanfic.)

Blanket Love by Hakai-sama

Sasuke is jealous of Naruto’s baby blanket-but there’s more reason behind it than Sasuke sees.

Warnings: Blood tw

(I don’t have enough angst on this list.)

Bound by the Ring: Remake by acommonname

Uchiha Sasuke is a young Sales and Marketing Director in Hokage Corporations. Nominated by “Chakra Magazine” as the most eligible bachelor in their last issue. Sasuke was constantly met with aggressive husband-hunting women and occasional men day in and day out until he decided to wear a fake wedding ring on his finger to keep them at a distance. Everything was great until-

Warnings: Real World AU, Language, Liar Reveal Plot in some ways

(I immensely enjoy this fic as well as the old version)

Cell Phone Trouble by ladywolfTerri

Sasuke gets a cell phone and so much more.

Warnings: NaruSasu I believe?

(Silly oneshot that’s more for humor than anything else)

Censor by Om0cha

Writing a kinky movie script with Naruto as the kink is indisputably easier when Sasuke isn’t there.

Warnings: Crack and it’s lovely, Based off of Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison, One-shot.

(Drinking Game: How many kinks can you spot in this fic let alone the movie itself?)

Christmas Morning by LuvversLuvvie

Sasuke made sure Naruto would have the best Christmas in his life.

Warnings: All of the fluff

(Christmas fluff because why the hell not)

Cloud Cover by SecretSky

Naruto’s led a tough life, but with a fresh start at a new school, his natural optimism kicks in. Unfortunately, things are about to get far worse. Pulled into a world of drugs, abuse and crime, he must find a way to make it out alive or die trying. “Remember, Uzumaki,” he said to the mirror, “Your real life is with your friends. This…this is just a nightmare.”

Warnings: Drug Abuse tw, Sexual Abuse tw, Gun tw, Violence tw, Organization tw, Abuse in general tw, Naruto goes through some shit, Sasuke goes through shit, Complete, Highschool AU.

(Very highly recommended. I consider this fic to be more in detail about drugs/the effects than the Rommates Trilogy so watch out for that. This story focuses more on friendship rather than SN, but the sequel, Red Storm, is supposed to make up for that.)

Cohabitation by fool.0

Sasuke starts calling Naruto “The Misses” behind his back two months after moving in with him. It was, in retrospect, akin to ritual suicide.

Warnings: SasuNaru, AUish, Language, Naruto screams most of his dialogue


Crossing The Distance by Dana-Eliza

Naruto is addicted to the internet with the focus on Fanfiction. Here he finds an author with amazingly written works and after the first review was sent, their relationship blossoms. But will it survive when Naruto finds out Sasuke lives in another country?

Warnings: Real World AU, SNS, Dutch!Sasuke, Complete, Very long

(I think I stopped reading in the mid 20s because issues, but the story is still enjoyable)

Anything by TanukiRaccoon including:

What Happens In Tanzaku CityGotta Be SomebodyBlank CanvasHallelujahThe ABC’S Of LoveSix Bowls  (ESPECIALLY SIX BOWLS)

Anything by gweatherwax (FFN) *just a warning, near everything under her name has a lemon and she likes to experiment with strange shit). Including:

It’s all about the uke anywayThe EndEvil, Ugly Little Uchiha - A Sad Fairy TaleThe tale of the gutsy ninjasThere’s always room for Sasuke’s sausageHeatstroke

Good Morning by just-another-generic-emo-kid

Sasuke is sleepy and Naruto is definitely not.

Warnings: Fluff, One-Shot

(Fluff much?)

Hold Me Back by reign of tears

One last hurt.

Warnings: All of the angst. Also, Sai v Sasuke, Language.

(Hi fanfic that left me emotionally numb for several days and holds its place in my top five SNS fics).

How by theallpowerfullme

Sasuke obsessing over Naruto’s ass.

Warnings: Language, Kind of lemon

(Best oneshot ever, 10/10)

Hurt, Cope, Heal by can’

Sasuke’s a successful lawyer whose lover Naruto has just been through a trauma. Naruto is taking his time working through it, but Sasuke would prefer he just get over it. Together they must learn to deal with the past before it becomes their future.

Warnings: Dramatic, KakaIru, ShinoKiba 

(I find the chapters after 17 to be a bit more hastily written but I still recommend this in my top 20 SNS fanfics)

In Good Company by fool.0

This will sound a little ridiculous, no matter how Sasuke phrases it. “I see dead people” is embarrassingly tacky, and “I’m half-spirit” seems like something Sakura might say when she’s stoned sky high. So he settles for a shrug.

Warnings: Language, Sasuke’s POV, the story is not entirely on FFN

(It’s one of those ‘what if so and so character can see dead people and what if those people were the four Hokages?” kind of fics. The so and so person just happens to be Sasuke, of course.)

Life Swap by xLoveless19

Naruto’s marriage with Sai is deteriorating and he doesn’t know how to fix it, not to mention they’re in some serious debt. However a new reality TV show is looking for couples that are willing to swap lives with another couple. Naruto decides to enter to try winning the prize and save his marriage. But he might get more than what the original prize has to offer.

Warnings: SasuSaku (it’s not really prominent in the sense that they interact ‘romantically’) SaiNaruSai (same thing as the other), Language, Incomplete, Can be considered Sakura Bashing, and essentially a Wife Swap AU

(Highly recommended as well as top 20 SNS fanfics)

Liquid Passion by darkalbino

Stabbed and nearly drowning to your death at the bottom of a demon’s lake? It’s not even the last place you’d expect to find love.

Warnings: One-shot, Language, Voreish??? (Sasuke eats Naruto’s flesh, but Naruto isn’t ‘harmed’ by it as much as he gets turned on I suppose >_>)

(Cute and fluffy while having some drama here and there.)

Medium by Talilea

Naruto has had the ability since he was a little child. He can see things that are to come. But when a simple handshake throws into a world of violence who will protect him?

Warnings: Slight non-con, Violence, Gore, SasuNaru, Language, Incomplete, AU

(Some parts of it is drawling with explanation/exposition, but I like the concept very much)

The PR by LuvversLuvvie

Sasuke Uchiha is the youngest CEO of the widely popular and successful Uchiha Corp, and did someone say major hottie? Every newspaper, magazine, talk show, and news program wants an interview with the man who’s got it all, but you have to go through his PR if you want even a chance.

Warnings: Language, Sakura Bashing

(Cute, fluffy, dramatic, and in my top five SNS fanfics)

Ego Trip:

Hit and Run, In The Rain, Half Moon

I’ve been working on this for at least four hours and now I’m really tired and I want to add more (at least 30 more fics), but like I said, I’m tired. xD I hope these work for you, anon!

An In-Depth Explanation + Discussion of Morty Smith’s (Rick and Morty) Canon “Disability” - ADHD and Autism

In the popular Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and Morty, it is clearly and distinctly said that Morty Smith, the second half of the show’s two main characters, has a (context: learning) disability!

I ended up making a GIFset of evidence from throughout the shows current two season run supporting this statement, and bringing forth the speculation that said disability(s) is both ADHD and Autism!

I’ve gotten many question, comments, and criticism in the short time that the post has been up and have decided to answer them all here!

I’ll be explaining my post in-depth, GIF by GIF, with the episodes and context included, as well as citations to relevant articles/etc. to back them up/explain the symptoms (as well as ones not shown in the original post). 

It is rather long, so using “Ctrl + F” (Windows) or “Command + F” (Mac) to find the specific symptom/explanation you’re looking for is advised!

Explanation is under the cut!

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Does anyone else feel like the video for Young and Menace is a visual representation of Pete’s life as a child?????

His parents are divorced so the fighting makes sense.

The switch between the animal and human parents seems reminiscent of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side.

By extension the “weird language” in the video makes sense because no one could understand what he was going through when he was growing up, and of course THAT relates to the psych assessment line at the end. Pete has always had an interesting relationship with prescribed pills.

Is the rest of Mania gonna go through Pete’s life or will we get something from the other 3??????

narudad AU/headcanon

okay let’s quickly do the short version: naruto is traveling and exploring the world instead of being a hokage, the girl on the left is her daughter, the mother is a royalty from like the other side of the world and she’s not in the position to look after a daughter; the girl on the right (adopted daughter) is only quarter-blood uchiha but is able to use the sharingan, well, not fully yet but yeah. after a fuckton of wandering around naruto finally goes home for reasons and he’s bringin his girls yay

longer version under cut because i went frickin wild with it (it’s like, almost a fanfic tbh)

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