and it has garlic sauce holy shit

ITT: Someone accuses another person of reaching, immediately starts reaching.

Holy shit my guy, ITALIAN FOOD. GREEK FOOD. FRENCH FOOD good lord the french will literally kill you for talking about them like this.

Seems to me like this person has confused “being white” with “being stereotypically american.”

Also I have so much seasoning in my apartment. At least 4 or 5 different blends (in addition to staples such as garlic, salt, and pepper, and others). AND HOT SAUCE. Don’t forget the hot sauce.

And of course, “cheap” food depends on where you go. You know what isn’t cheap? Sushi. Or are japanese not PoC today?

Some food is expensive. Some food is cheap. Some food is good. Some food is bad. None of this has anything to do with country or (ugh) race of origin.