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Star Wars Atlas (2009)
→ Alderaan, Corellia, Coruscant, Dathomir, Felucia, Geonosis, Mandalore, Mustafar, Naboo, Tatooine
→ Interesting notes: Population, % of species, length of day/year, languages, size of planet

→ I found it helpful to note the populations especially–many planets only had a few million (or less! Tatooine only has 200,000 people living on it!), others have a few billion, Coruscant has a trillion.
→ While no longer strictly canon (as of April 25, 2014) it still gives a solid idea of how big a given planet is, how sparsely or densely populated it is, and what kind of species live there.  Especially helpful if you’re trying to figure out the background of a world when writing fic!
Scientists confirm that warm ocean water is melting the biggest glacier in East Antarctica
Scientists have now put together all the pieces to confirm that the enormous Totten glacier is losing mass rapidly, and the ocean is responsible.

These waters, the paper asserts, are causing the ice shelf to lose between 63 and 80 billion tons of its mass to the ocean per year, and to lose about 10 meters (32 feet) of thickness annually, a reduction that has been previously noted based on satellite measurements.

This matters because more of East Antarctica flows out towards the sea through the Totten glacier region than for any other glacier in the entirety of the East Antarctic ice sheet. Its entire “catchment,” or the region of ice that slowly flows outward through Totten glacier and its ice shelf, is larger than California. If all of this ice were to end up in the ocean somehow, seas would raise by about 11.5 feet.

“This ice shelf is thinning, and it’s thinning because the ocean is delivering warm water to the ice shelf, just like in West Antarctica,” said Don Blankenship, a glaciologist at the University of Texas at Austin and one of the study’s co-authors. Blankenship was not on the research vessel, but he and his colleagues helped the Australia-based researchers with understanding the contours of the seafloor so they could plan their field investigations into where warm and deep waters could penetrate.



My name is Matheus and probably I am the person who has submitted more times in that page ever (have been doing it since 2014 over and over again yayy).

The thing is that I always type, like, 6.023×1023 characters, insert pictures and a lot of random stuff on my submissions and they always have billions of “notes” BUT ALMOST NOBODY ACTUALLY CONTACTS ME!!!!!! 

SO PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE ON SENDING ME AN EMAIL IN CASE IT ONLY GOES THROUGH YOUR MIND SOMETHING SIMILAR TO “Oh, this guy seems kinda cool”. I probably will disappoint you (jk) (I certainly will disappoint you) (jk again) but at least give me a chance.

Anyways, lemme be more normal and present myself:

I’m a dude (straight, but nothing against any human being - unless they’re not awesome or have something against me for some reason haha). I’ll turn 18 Earth translations old in June 2 (so I’m precisely 155.732 hours at the moment I write this thing).

I was born and live in Brazil, so I obviously speak Portuguese and, even more obviously, English as well (one thing I had always found hardest to understand about humans is our habit of continually stating and repeating the very very obvious, as in “It’s raining”, or “You’re very short”, or even “You seem to have fallen down a thirty-foot well, are you all right?”).


Music. I actually play drums for almost 5 years, which is one thing I love to do to relieve my existential distress. I listen to everything, but jazz, progressive rock and ‘80s cheesy songs are what I REALLY enjoy listening to. My favorite band is Pink Floyd, no doubts about it, but other bands/artists I like are David Bowie, Vivaldi, Radiohead, a-ha, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Simon & Garfunkel, Keane, Metallica, Toto, Eric Clapton, Elvis, The Doors, The Smiths, Vampire Weekend, etc

Art. I love ANY type of poetry, and ANY visual art, specially the cinema. I watch everything that goes on the big screen. I’m the dude who actually knows all the movies indicated to the Oscar and if you mention a movie I probably will already have watched it at least twice. My favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher and Tarantino. 

Economics. That seems really boring but I started the University this year, and I really enjoy what I am studying haha

Photography. I know so little about actually capturing stuff, but I love editing pictures & videos. I used to “”“work”“” with video post-production, so I have quite some knowledge on Special FX hehe


Politicians & Related. It’s not that I don’t like studying politics or getting to know about it, but I just don’t give a *censored*about politicians or anything related to them. It’s just so pointless and egocentric to support any politician, idk. Perhaps I’m getting too old for that kind of stuff.

If I forgot to mention anything you can just search “Matheus” in that search box thingy and you’ll find my full biography other submissions.


Email/Instagram: mtdhorahora @ / @matheushora42

See you ;)

P.S.: All my pictures suck, so at least that’s the most recent one ~ that face of someone who is starring at the sun ~

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Really digging your everything related to my fave ship Supercorp! A random Supercorp question for you, how would Lena react if Kara dyed her hair a different color, like brown or a really neon blue?

I can’t really see Kara dying her hair a bright color (as cool as that would be) but what if it happened on accident? Like if Alex had an experiment at the DEO that went crazy and exploded all over Kara and the only side effect was that it turned her hair bright blue!

And Kara is a little embarrassed because like her hair! but then she shows up at Lena’s wearing a hat and Lena makes her take it off and whew, she did not know that Lena’s reaction would be like THAT or she would have died her hair a long time ago.

(Side note: I have this headcannon that Lena is secretly really punk but she has to keep it all buttoned up because even though she’s only 24 she’s the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company)

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I think it is interesting to note that the last time we see Kylo Ren before the destruction of the hosnian system, he's praying to Darth Vader to feel the dark side because he feels the pull to the light. He knows he has the power to stop this from happening but he doesn't. The force users can "feel" mass death and we know that Kylo certainly did. He watches helplessly from the bridge of his ship as BILLIONS of people are murdered knowing he just let it happen. He's the most interesting (1)

The most intriguing thing about Kylo Ren is how he is constantly trying to be a villain and failing at it. I think it’s particularly interesting how Kylo starts to lose his shit when Rey enters the picture and brings Han Solo with her. 

Kylo kidnaps her and everything goes downhill from that point until the end of the movie because her actions desestabilized him completely. The fact that this encounter happened right after the destruction of the Hosnian system is significant to me. The Force suffered a huge hit (mass destructions create ‘wounds’ in the Force), Kylo was probably feeling the loss of billions of people, and the Force brought him to a girl, a Force sensitive, right after this tragic moment. In my opinion, Rey represents hope to him as well, and that’s why he’s so drawn to her. 

And yes, in the lightsaber duel, Kylo is physically and emotionally injured. On top of that, he’s intrigued by Rey and in an act of desperation asks to teach her. His offer is a revelation to Rey, and she is able to tap the Force and defeat him. He lost because he was feeling too much (compassion, desperation, horror, pain), not because he was weak.

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Can I please have 2p italy father headcanons ? (Fem child pls) (thank you 💝)

Quick note, to the anon that sent me the France first kiss scenario I am working on that, but scenarios take a bit more time than Headcannons which is why I’m doing these first, But it is coming! Don’t worry!

  • That little girl is his princess like seriously!
  • he’s weak to her tears, she skinned her knee? how about a rolex?
  • he would give up everything for her
  • she has a billion bodyguards like omg! a four year old doesn’t need 20 bodyguards at preschool!
  • she is a sweetheart, but she doesn’t have too many friends because Italy thinks no one is good enough for his baby girl!
  • she likes fish, here have your own shark!
  • you like dogs? here’s a sled team!
  • now she isn’t a spoiled brat, he makes sure of that, she still has chores and only gets stuff if she has been good
  • seriously though, what four year old wants their own yacht, THINK ITALY THINK!
  • her room is set for a princess (which in his eyes she its)
  • When she is a teenager, he has 50 bodyguards on her at all times (they sit in the back of all her classes and scare the other students into behaving, the teachers love it)
  • he’s fine if she’s gay, straight, ace, a donkey! She’s still his little princess.
  • Will always call her princess, no matter how old she gets
  • on her wedding night, he gives her a golden tiara
  • When he becomes a grandpa, he’s so proud of his baby girl
  • “your mom would be so proud”

Hey everybody! This is a very in-depth tutorial on how I make my PNG’s. I’ll be starting all the way from selecting the photos, and explaining all the little extra steps I take to ensure as clean of a PNG as I can muster. I know there’s a billion and one different methods people use to make PNG’s, but this is mine, and I hope people find some use in it! This is sort of divided into two parts: How to work with an easy photo, and how to work with more difficult photos.

Note: I use Photoshop CS5

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Title: endlessly

Pairing: RoyalChaos

Rating: T

Summary: Anthony’s not exactly sure when he realized it, but the door was always open to him. He only has the one to himself, but there are a million, billion others he has the ability to walk through. Linearity doesn’t exist, but at the same time there are a million, billion lines all travelling parallel and perpendicular to each other. No one else knows, and he thinks he might be the sole person in the whole world, maybe even the universe, to know. What he doesn’t know is why he’s so special.

Notes: time traveler!chilled, offscreen physical abuse, onscreen verbal abuse, implied sexual abuse, offscreen deaths, i swear it isn’t as grim as this makes it seem okay it’s actually pretty happy

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One chart shows the huge amount of money Apple is spending to buy its own stock

Apple might not be a growth stock like Amazon or other tech giants, but investors can appreciate that the company tries hard to raise its stock price through stock buybacks. 

A chart from RBC analyst Amit Daryanani sent to clients on Friday underlines just how much money Apple is spending on its capital allocation program — about $6 billion per quarter over the past three years — powered by its $246 billion in cash on hand:

(RBC Capital Markets)

Apple also has a big dividend program. On average, it’s spending $2.9 billion per quarter to pay out dividends since 2012. Here’s the chart:


Daryanani and RBC Capital Markets believe that Apple may provide an update to its capital allocation programs during its next earnings call.

One possibility, according to the note, is that Apple could increase its dividend by 15% and raise its buyback program from $30 billion to $35 billion. However, this would depend on how it sees the possibility of bringing overseas cash back to the United States after a possible tax cut. 

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OK so I know I typed this up on my last blog (like 2 years ago) and it was my most popular post (at nearly a whopping 200 notes) but I feel like this is important so I’m typing it up again for you people.

So you know the Maurauder’s Map has that magic password? “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good?” Yeah. It doesn’t do anything. The Map runs on intention, not magic words.

Think about it - there’s no way that out of all the millions and billions of possible passwords for the map that Fred and George could figure out exactly the one correct combo. They don’t exactly have a computer running an algorithm to guess it the way you can run an algorithm to guess someone’s facebook password. They could try for years and never get it. That Map knew - without the words - that they were up to no good, because the Map is sentient.

No, the map runs on the intention that it’s gonna be used for something sneaky and tricky - the Map, like the Sorting Hat, is sentient. That’s why Filch couldn’t activate it (he’d never break the rules) and that’s how it knows to insult Snape. Do you honestly think that the Marauders were like “yeah let’s program in specific insults to dish in case Snape ever finds it?” Nah. They weren’t planning that far in advance. The Map decided to dish those insults itself.

Anyways, long story short, the Map was a tool that was intended for breaking the rules - but not in a shitty way. It was sentient and could tell who was using it and what for. It could tell when someone had the wrong intentions for wanting to open it. I don’t think that even if Harry had pronounced the words over it when he was caught with it that it would have opened - the Map (smart little beastie, that Map) knew that Snape was trying to force it and, well, it was having none of that.

anyways, there’s my one useful theory on the Map, the Marauders, magical sentience, and the unnoticed little aspects of this world. That’s one of only two useful things I have discovered (I feel like I’ve explained underground werewolves like fifty times and every time I bring up the underground werewolves someone is like NOT THE FUCKING UNDERGROUND WEREWOLVES AGAIIIIN)

Apple is opening two more R&D centers in China
Apple has announced that it will open two more R&D centers in China, one in Shanghai and one in Suzhou, joining the already planned Beijing and Shenzhen centers that have previously been announced, as noted by AppleInsider. Apple has committed to spending over 3.5 billion yuan (approximately $506.6 million) on research in China, with a focus on working with more local partners in the region to develop new technologies. As pointed out by Bloomberg, the timing is likely intentional, coming just before Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to speak at an economic forum in Beijing. Read more
Of Birthdays & Scribbled Promises

Words: 1621

Summary: Taehyun is not good at making birthday gifts.

Notes:  This 1621 words delirium was born at 2am on tumblr while I was looking at this picture. Don’t ask me how. Don’t ask me why. Just don’t ask me. Because I don’t know how my mind works and I’m not going to question my brain about it. I just know this is madness and it doesn’t probably make sense either. And I know Mino’s birthday has been like 3 billion years ago, but I didn’t even know I was going to write a birthday fic until like 2 hours ago, so don’t blame me. Blame the pic.

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Recently I read the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.  It is an intensive look at how devastating the effects of animal agriculture are on our environment, our health, and on our daily lives. While reading, I decided to take notes on some of the of the facts I found surprising. Please understand that on top of the 3 years Foer spent researching this book, he also had two independent fact-checkers verify the validity of his claims as well as has every single fact cited and sourced in the appendices.  

By The Numbers:

  • 450 billion animals a year are factory farmed.
  • 10 billion land animals are slaughtered in North America each year.
  • 50 billion birds are killed each year.
  • 1/3 of the land on earth is used for animal agriculture.
  • Animals agriculture is a 140 billion dollar a year industry.
  • Chickens lay 300 eggs per year.
  • KFC buys 1 billion chickens per year.
  • A cow is slaughtered at 12-14 months.
  • 99% of milk and egg production is factory farmed.
  • Each American eats 21,000 animals in their lifetime.


  • Meat eaters produce 7 times the greenhouse gasses than vegans do.
  • Meat on average travels 1500 miles.
  • According to the UN, Animal agriculture makes up 18% of all global warming. 40% greater than all transportation in the world combined
  • According to the EPA, animal excrement has polluted 25,000 miles of waterways in 22 states.
  • Land degradation due to factory farming has cost americans 26 billion dollars in property value.


  • A typical pig farm will produce 7.2 million lbs of shit annually, Chicken farm: 6.6 million lbs and a typical cattle feed lot: 334 million lbs.
  • All farmed animals in the U.S. produce 130 times more raw waste than the human population
  • In the U.S. animals produce 87,000 of shit per second.
  • People and pigs shit about the same amount. About 281 lbs. per year.

Production costs.

  • It takes between 6-26 calories of food to produce 1 calorie of animal flesh.
  • Animal agriculture uses 756 million tons of grain and corn per year, much more than enough to feed the 1.4 billion humans who are living in dire poverty.
  • 98% of the 255 million ton global soy crop is fed to animals.
  • Due to bycatch (the catching of untargeted animals while fishing), 26 lbs. of animals are killed to catch 1 lbs. of shrimp.
  • By 2050, the world’s livestock will consume as much food as 4 billion people.

The Human Factor

  • Studies show vegetarians and vegans meet or exceed their daily protein requirement.
  • Excess animal protein can lead to osteoporosis, kidney disease, calcium stones and some cancers.
  • Vegetarians have lower blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and lower BMI than meat eaters.
  • Children raised on the grounds of a typical hog farm have asthma rates exceeding 50% 
  • Due to the industrial expansion on factory farming, half a million independent hog farmers have gone out of business in the last 25 years.
  • Factory farm and slaughterhouse employees, which are made up  substantially of  immigrant labor, have an annual turn over rate of 150%
  • Cow slaughter workers have the highest work related injuries of an job at 27% annually.
  • Farmers are 4 times more likely to commit suicide.
  • 2 generations ago virtually all farms were family farms.
  • In 1950 one farm worker supplied 15.5 consumers. today its 1 to 140.
  • Vegetarianism will prevent deforestation, curb global warming, reduce pollution, save oil reserves, lessen the burden on rural america, improve public health, and help eliminate the  systematic animal abuse in world history.

Things to think about

  • Less than 1% of animal meat comes from family farms.
  • There isn’t enough non-factory farmed chickens in the country to feed the population of Staten Island and not enough Non-factory farmed pork to feed New York City.
  • Factory farming relies on their customers having a nostalgic  image of farming.
  • Thanksgiving day accounts for 18% of Turkey consumption.
  • Americans spend less percentage of their income on food than any civilization in history
  • In perspective terms, the genetic manipulation of chickens has increased its growth rate so much that it would be equivalent to a child weighing 300 lbs. by the age of 10 from only eating granola bars and vitamins.
  • Modern turkeys cant walk, jump or naturally reproduce.
  • 83% of poultry contains Campylobacter or Salmonella at time of sale.
  • In the U.S., consumers ingested 3 million lbs. of antibiotics each year. Farm animals were fed 24.6 million lbs. of antibiotics which only account for preventative use. 
  • Pigs have complex social hierarchies and social groups.


  • A person who regularly consumes animal products cannot call themselves an environmentalist without divorcing it from its meaning.
  • Every time you purchase an animal product you are farming by proxy.
  • Taste shouldn’t exempt ethics. A horny person has as much right to rape an animal as a hungry person has to kill and eat it.
  • If an equally more advanced creature started treating us like fish, what would our argument be to not being eaten?

But What About Dogs

  • Cows, pigs, chickens and many sea animals are as smart as dogs
  • 3-4 million cats and dogs are killed each year
  • if you let dogs unrestrictedly multiply and eat the unwanted dogs you have a high producing, low input method of animal protein production that puts the best farms to shame. 
  • Euthanized cats and dogs are sold farms to factory farms to feed livestock. 

Chris Evans signing an autograph for Black-ish actor Miles Brown at Disney’s D23 Expo in 2015. Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Chris Evans is not special.

This is less a devastating insult than a statement of fact.

On the face of it, there is ample evidence to contradict this: He is Captain America, the centrepiece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka what might be the biggest ongoing franchise in modern movie history – a web of connected universes that has made more than $8 billion worldwide since 2008. Phase 3 of MCU’s slate commenced with the release of Civil War, and fans are still packing out comic conventions to see him (and the rest of the cast, of course). Across platforms, the internet hosts (often long, rambling) odes to Chris Evans’ blessed, charmed existence.

And speaking of charm, the boy’s got it. If he were a fragrance, that would be the top note, pushing out all notes (raw sex appeal, attractive world-weariness, a dour but commanding hard shell) into a secondary tier. Because Chris Evans will never be considered the second coming of Brando. He is not the golden boy Robert Redford once was, he is not the louche, sexual being Warren Beatty was, nor does he have the intense brooding machismo of Pacino or De Niro. He does not have the sleek, urbane presence of Denzel Washington. He does not have the arrogance-adjacent megawatt star quality that made us sit up and take notice of Tom Cruise. That star system is largely a thing of the past and where there were once standalone giants – shimmering, glowing stars in the cinema firmament, even – we now have a slate of (largely interchangeable) nice white men. We live in the Age of the Many Chrises. Fifteen years ago, you could argue, Chris Evans would be enjoying a nice mid-level Hollywood career, churning out inoffensive rom-coms (Playing It Cool) and cult fare (Snowpiercer), topped off by the occasional sleeper hit. But times are different, and specialness is a bonus rather than a hard requirement.

It’s no accident that Chris Evans, now forever entwined with that symbol of American heroism, Captain America, rose to the top of the desirability pyramid. His arrival there is the result of a perfect confluence of events: his relative privacy, despite continent-spanning promotional duties; his thoughtful, not-quite-full-bro persona; and the perfect marriage of actor and role, chief among them. In an age when vulnerability is met not with derision but understanding, now is the perfect moment for a star like Chris Evans to become the canvas we need to project our desires onto.

- Chris Evans’ Version Of Masculinity Is What We Want Right Now

1. The U.S. is home to the largest population of incarcerated people. 

2. There are more correctional institutions than degree-granting institutions in the U.S. 

3. Prison demographics highlight racial inequity. Black and Latino people account for roughly only 30% of the U.S. population, but make up the majority of the prison population — 58%.

4. The civil liberties of incarcerated individuals are threatened.

5. Taxpayers invest an inordinate amount of money in prisons. The average cost per inmate for prisons was $31,286 in 2012. The report also notes the total cost of prisons to taxpayers was $39 billion in that year.

6. Crime pays — literally.  Two of the biggest private prison companies in the country made $3.3 billion in annual revenue in 2012.

7. Some private companies benefit from cheap prison labor. Whole Foods has reportedly paid incarcerated people in the Colorado prison system $1.50 per hour to farm tilapia

8. Abuse of undocumented people is a critical problem in U.S. federal detention centers.

How President Obama is now taking action to fix our criminal justice system.

Incomplete lists of would Cas know this?

A list of things that Cas would know how to do/know about upon becoming human due to simple observation of humans for millennia:

  • food goes in waste products come out
  • the wearing of clothes
  • the mechanics of sex.
  • and I mean all sex. Cas has probably seen a few billion people masturbating at one time or another. (Dean does not need to show him how)
  • basic affection
  • cooking
  • personal hygiene
  • cleaning
  • sickness
  • sleeping
  • tying shoelaces

Things Cas would know about but not necessarily understand upon becoming human:

  • blatant forms of sexism, racism, etc -ism.
  • buying birthday cards
  • matching socks
  • why some animals are treated better than other animals
  • basic fashion/socially acceptable clothing choices
  • why men don’t hit other men in the balls despite it being an effective method of stopping an opponent
  • phobias

Things Cas would not know about upon becoming human:

  • biting your tongue and then subsequently biting it again because it’s swollen
  • what a full bladder actually feels like
  • sitting on testicles incidents
  • emotions can make you physically sick
  • ingrown hairs
  • eye twitches
  • aches and pains due to weather changes
  • sometimes there is a button sewn to the tag of an article of clothing in case a button goes missing
  • eyestrain from excessive reading
  • zippers jam. a lot.
  • if Jimmy Novak had any allergies
  • unpleasant places to sweat: swalls, swass, swenis
  • subtle forms of sexism, racism, etc -isms. since it requires a certain awareness of cultural history
  • rheum
  • itching a totally different spot to stop that itch you can’t seem to scratch
  • seasonal affective disorder
  • drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth is a bad idea
  • how long does food stay good?
  • pain can sometimes disguise itself as cold
  • grinding your teeth at night and the ensuing headache
  • songs that get stuck in your head
  • chafing
  • the etiquette of who gets the last cookie?