and it happens to aaaall of you


In the Forgotten Realms relations between good and evil are well-known bard tales, but some are truly unheard of. One such tale began with a vampire lord who became interested in the busy mer-celestial circling his tainted coastlines. Sending her a simple bottled letter, they quietly corresponded in this manner for decades until he had gathered the audacity to ask her to abandon her holy duties for wifey ones. Wise in her years, she refused. Rather bluntly. Undeterred, he enhancted his own pendant to allow her to walk in the Material Planes, and bestowed it to her with the note: “Keep me close to you <3.” Although finding such measures incredibly childish for creatures their age, she trusts the lord enough to wear it twice a year, just for him. And for herself, too.

(SN: what happens when I listen to Disney piano tunes, ocean waves, and Anthony Hamliton aaaall day.)